But then Qin Feng returned to the original state and said:“No no no,It’s not about money,It really depends on fate,Some people have an effect on this,It works quickly after use,But some people,Use it for nothing,No reaction at all。”

“Wow!Look at her face!”At this time someone in the crowd noticed,The face of the woman who Qin Feng gave before,There was a long scar before,Is recovering at a speed that the naked eye can see。
“three million,You sell me a bottle,Even if it doesn’t work,I won’t blame you。”Liu Huimin said eagerly。
“Three million is not a small number,Can you be the master?”Qin Feng deliberately loses his appetite。
“can,This is my money,I spend whatever I want。”
Indeed, Liu Huimin has a lot of pocket money,But I took out three million at once,If you let her do something else,I believe she will not agree,But for
Beautiful,Even if you spend more,She didn’t hesitate,This is a woman’s nature,Especially rich women。
“Ugh,alright!For your sincerity,I left this one for my sister,Sell it to you!”Qin Feng thought for a long time,Take out a small bottle that is different from before,I can’t bear to play around in my hand。
“Why is this not like before?”Obviously Liu Huimin also noticed this。
“I said it all,This is for my sister,For your own family,No charge,I don’t need to make packaging!”Qin Feng thought,This is not a little resurrection liquid at all,It’s just spring water from Qin Yan’s house。
If it’s not for myself, I’m using money now,Qin Feng really reluctant to give it to her。
(End of this chapter)