Xia Jian weighed the 20,000 yuan in his hand and said:“Captain Zhang!This is 20,000 yuan。Let’s hang out here from now on,You have to cover us”

Zhang Donglin smiled:“Easy to say!Easy to say!I have the final say on this place。As the saying goes, a strong dragon can hardly crush a local snake,I admit it this time”Xia Jian was a little angry。
Zhang Donglin snatched the banknotes in Xia Jian’s hands,I shook it in my hand and said:“Easy to say,As long as you don’t take the initiative to cause trouble,I promise you guys are safe here,You can go now”Zhang Donglin said,Quickly put the banknotes into his pocket。
The corners of Xia Jian’s mouth just moved,Opened the door and strode away。After Longdong GroupSTWhen the branch office building,Xia Jian couldn’t help but stop。He raised his head and took a good look at this five-story office building。
“President Xia!Where do we go next?”Bai Li quickly followed,Asked quietly。
Xia Jian thought for a moment and said:“Find a place to have a meal first,Find a place nearby。Zhang Yong went to drive,The car is a little broken but it’s quite convenient to drive”
Zhang Yong responded,Just walk away,Bai Libian and Xia Jian went to find a place to eat nearby。This place has just started to develop,So there is no business circle。Nothing is matched,They looked for a long time just to eat,Finally saw two restaurants at the intersection of a small village。
But when I walked in,Xia Jian felt like he wanted to come out。But passed this village,There really is no such shop。Xia Jian sat down a little helplessly,So Bai Li called Zhang Yong。
At this moment,Two young people with dyed yellow hair also came in,Sat diagonally across from Xia Jian。
First2188chapter incite defection
“Oh shit!I’ve been so busy all day,To earn this little money,Which Huang Qiang do you see。Except for coming to the construction site twice a day,The rest of the time,Either drinking or playing with women,You say how smart people live”Two yellow hairs,Suddenly a person said something injustice。
One of the yellow hairs took a peek at the shop,Then lowered his voice and cursed:“He Huang Qiang is a fart,At best, it is Wu Xiong’s dog”
Although the voices of these two people are a bit small,But Xia Jian still knew it clearly。It seems that they didn’t come here for nothing,At least he knew the relationship between Huang Qiang and Wu Xiong。
Logically,Xia Jianhe Baili’s advanced hotel,The boss should serve them both first,But the boss didn’t ask,I served the cooked noodles directly to these two yellow hairs。
Bai Li has a look,A little dissatisfied,But Xia Jian whispered to her:“Not in a hurry,Anyway, Zhang Yong hasn’t come yet。Let’s sit here,Can listen to them”
Bai Li,Only then did Xiajian nodded silently。When two yellow hairs eat noodles,Did not serve,But everybody ate a piece of garlic,Eat very well。