The health of the music and soldiers "escort" – Remember the Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Center Health Center Health Management Center Expert Jianliang

[Character Business Card] Jianliang, in September 1986, admission, chief physician, the general member of the Medical Imaging Technical Professional Committee, China Medical Equipment Association CT Engineering Technical Professional Committee of the 4th Standing Committee, Radiation Diagnostic Equipment Quality and Safety Control Member, Zhejiang Provincial Administrative Unit Cadre Workers Health Physical Education Mask Control Expert, Anhui Medical University, Jiangxi Medical College Part-time Professor.

"Where is the" healthy soft rib "of the special service and soldiers? How to use the national physical fitness monitoring results?" Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Center, the Jianliang, a district of the health management department, as the head of the National Health Management Specialist Center, and strive to build the "Health Camp" of the Force for many years. , Use benevolent medical skills to "escort" for the majority of officers and men. Part of the medical road: Jianliang Jianliang, who is born in the healthy needs of the officers and soldiers, is born in the military family, the impact of the military’s father, Yu Jianliang and my brother, my brother from Xiaoli Zhi Zhi, join the army.

After the college entrance examination, he did not hesitate to choose military schools, and he asked his father as an excellent military. This is a red inherit of the blood, and is also a kind of torped home country.

In the strict basic training and professional study of military schools, Jianliang clained his career positioning of his own military doctor. He has completed the internship at the Ninth Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, and started working in the first seven hospitals in the People’s Liberation Army. Jianliang is doing business research. After nearly 20 years of clinical accumulation and academic research, Yu Jianliang gradually grown into an expert, was introduced by the Hangzhou Nursing Center in Nanjing Military Region as a talent, and was assessed by the main Nanjing Military Region as "excellent middle and young science and technology talents."

It is very important to achieve these results.

Once, Jianliang found a small shadow in a Shanghai medical examination. He believes that there is a lesion risk, reminding the patient to make further inspections. This patient has not been lesion to a chest hospital in Shanghai, and there is no lesion and argues to argue in the phone.

However, Jianliang is still a heart-flatter and persuasion to find a review of authoritative hospitals. Perhaps it is the sincerity of Jianliang, who once again arrived at a tumor hospital in Shanghai, confirming that there was a tumor in the lower right lung. This patient specializes in Jianliang to send a banner, praising the team expert "Fire Ophsy Gold".

Surgery is a strong military: the battle of the Weiqian elements should continue to be sorry, "as the war, battle.

"Yu Jianliang became the Director of the Department of Medical Imaging Science, Hangzhou Special Service Center, and began to host the Health Management Specialist Center in September 2019.

He felt that a kilogram is burden on the shoulder, and he felt unlimited power.

"Jianliang led the examination of the department of the department to analyze the typical case. "The cover has a very good job, it will wait very to be very people." Yu Jianliang deeply understood the importance of talents for the development of the department. Cai Da graduated from the military medical university, as a selection of youth backbone selected in the nursing zone, is assigned to the Jianliang Department of learning.

According to the professional and personal advantages of Cai Da and the personal advantage, he sent him to the station of Shao Yifu Hospital. During the Cai Da prepared for the postgraduate study, he took the scattered time to answer him questions.

After the return, Cai Da’s comprehensive quality has greatly improved, and it is possible to propose targeted treatment programs for the diagnosis and treatment of different types of diseases, and gradually grow into a nature of aviation physiological training in nursing zone.

With the support of Jianliang, more and more young military doctors like Cai Da grow rapidly on the training advantage platform of medical talents. Recently, some young military doctors were responsible for the health management of the whole army and the air-based navigator, and fully played the radiation of medical talents.

Superb skills serve. Once, Yu Jianliang participated in the brothers’ unit consultation, and a pilot was verified by the "MR" machine as an abnormal cerebral vascular, and the doctor was imaging according to the film as a cerebrovascular tumor. This conclusion means that the pilot will bid farewell to the blue sky.

It is recommended to further diagnosis in accordance with the attitude of highly responsible for the fighting power of the troops.

So I did the "MR" again to scan for this pilot, and finally diagnosed as a fat tunoma, the pilot’s battle flight occupation continued. Jianliang carefully guarantees academician. Jianliang knows that health care is to ensure fighting power, as a military doctor, should strive to use the professional knowledge you have learned, better serve the majority of officers and men, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Weiqin security capabilities.