Abe government economic policy has not reached the end of the problem

Original title: Abe government’s economic policy has not reached August 28th, Japan Prime Minister Abe once again announced the resignation by health.

In addition to creating the longest record of Japan’s prime minister, there seems to have not left political heritage.

The Abe Government has implemented the "collective self-defense rights" by changing the explanation of the Constitution, and still has a political and legal community.

Abe has claimed that it is necessary to solve the problem of North Korea kidnapping Japanese, Japan, Northern Fourth Isle, but there is no progress, which makes it "extremely painful". During the Abe’s ruling period, although the second 71 month economy in the history of the war, the Economic Policy of the Abe Government has not reached the end. The reporter listened many times, and the "economic" "Development Economic Government" and other slogans, but many of them are not the governance schedule, but the choice of the two hospitals. Therefore, multiple criticized Abe only pays attention to the economy when they are elections. From the data, "Abe Economics" results "Abe Economics" success or failure, a group of data.

At the fourth quarter of 2012, the Japanese GDP calculated as 498 trillion yen annually, and although the "2020 600 trillion yen" is achieved today, the highest peak is 539 trillion in the third quarter of 2019. Yen, the average annual increase of%. Japan’s economic potential growth rate has developed from the percentage of governance to the current%.

The Nikkei Average share price index rose from 10230 yen to 22880 yen.

The yen is depreciated from the yen to the US dollar to the yen. After two taxes, consumption tax increased from 5% to 10%. The substantive salary index is lowered. The full unemployment rate is reduced to%.

The number of jobs for each job seeker is rising from rising, and the employment status is greatly improved.

Many of Japan will be discounted in the execution, even a sluggle slogan.

10 years ago, Japan has developed "IT Strategic Report", which has been proposed to realize e-government within 3 years, but today’s e-government penetration rate is less than 10%, called "e-government developing countries". Abe’s goal of the 2020 GDP reached 600 trillion yen is no honor. The main policy of valued long-term policies and multilateral cooperation "Abe Economics" is the "three arrows", that is, bold financial policies, motor fiscal policies, and evokes to grow people’s growth strategies.

Abe’s pre-financial province official Humida, THOTO, THOTO, THE THO, THOT, President of the Japanese Central Bank, proposed that the amount of currency increased by 2 years and 2%, and the inflation rate reached 2%, completely got rid of the economy of the economy.

To this end, the Japanese government and the central bank have published joint statements in the United States, proposed to strengthen policy coordination in achieving economic sustainable growth. According to this, fiscal policy is to encourage industrial development and effective demand, and the government increases financial investment in financial investment in science and technology research, industrial manufacturing, and pension. In order to support enterprise development, continuously reduce legal tax, enhance corporate competitiveness, and improve business environment. At the same time, promoting the employment of the elderly, women, make up for the lack of labor in Japan’s aging aging.

In terms of specific operation, the Japanese Central Bank adopts a large number of acquisition of national debt to market. At present, the central bank holds a national debt balance of 500 trillion yen, accounting for 40% of the national debt. At the same time, in large quotes of stock market trust funds.

In particular, from January 2016, the central bank launched the negative rate policy, so that more funds flowed to the market and pulled the stock price.

At present, the Japanese central bank and pension institutions have become the largest shareholder of 192 large companies in the Tokyo Securities Market. "Abe Economics" improves the business environment, and the actual tax rate of legal person tax is reduced from 37% to%, and the promotion of technology development and tax cuts has promoted the development of export industries based on large enterprises. The company’s profits have a high innovation. In 2019, corporate profits are equivalent to completion of 2012. This long-term policy has contributed to the above economic effect.

Abe’s government actively promotes international multilateral economic cooperation and reflects Japan’s demand for global economic liberalization.

These include Japanese, US, Singapore and other countries’ transfanta partnership agreements (TPP). After exiting in the United States, Japan’s leading other 11 countries re-signed a comprehensive and progress across the Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) under the premier of the agreement, which has promoted the agreement in December 2018. In February 2019, the Japanese European Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) took into effect, and the first round of economic and trade agreements were completed. As of November last year, Japan’s bilateral multilateral self-trade agreement has reached 17, in order to deal with the UK, the Economic and Trade Agreement, Japan and the Economic and Trade Agreement has basically laid the foundation. In addition, Japanese participation in regional comprehensive economic partnership agreements (RCEP) are also expected End the negotiation within the year.

As of February this year, the trade volume in the framework of the self-trade agreement accounted for the total trade. The new government will continue to face the old topic Japan’s self-owner party will push the new president in mid-September, and then the Congress will elect the new prime minister.

The new government will still face new and old topics in Japanese economic development.

First, in the spread of new coronal pneumonia, how to do anti-vloarns and maintain the basic operation of the economy, become a top priority.

In the second quarter, Japan’s GDP decreased, and "second wave of epidemic" in July, how to lead the Japanese economy to the first test for the new prime minister. Second, the government has continued to issue trees over the years, which has caused Japanese fiscal burden, and the long-term government bonds owned by the central and local governments have increased from 93. Trill NR $ 118.6 billion, which is equivalent to 207% of GDP.

Originally planned 2025 basic balance is difficult to fulfill, long-term deficit finance is difficult to support the government.

Third, although a series of economic countermeasures have been implemented in recent years, Japanese economic boom has rebounded, but the potential growth rate is less than 1%, how to improve the potential growth rate, need big knife to implement reform.

Fourth, due to the increase in corporate profits, there is no way to increase workers’ revenue, and the growth of consumption growth will turn a lot of profits to internal storage. In addition, the government increases the consumption tax and a variety of social security self-payment ratios, so that residents can support the revenue, resulting in a few domestic consumer markets that account for GDP60%.

The fifth is to promote the development of the national economic and social development, and also focus on reducing the impact of natural disasters on large cities. The Japanese government has proposed "local innovation concept", guiding Tokyo and surrounding people to radiate.

However, today’s Tokyo population has increased in 24 consecutive years. Sixth, Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has not been completed in nearly 10 years, and the reactive reappearance program has not been completed, and the scrap treatment has become a long-term project that requires several generations.

Seven, as the young ages continue to continuity, how to achieve the sustainable development of social security systems, and the Japan needs a comprehensive consideration from the multi-angle of political and economic and social.

In short, new and old topics require new ways. What new policies will be launched in Japan’s new government, people will wait and see. (Editor: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).

China Men’s Square 12 strong Ren to the United Arab Emirates to fight Oman, Australia team

  Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, November 1 (Reporter Xiao Shizhen, Zhu Wei) China Football Association announced on the 1st, China Men’s Skills will once again go to the UAE, Participate in November 11th, the two World Cup qualifiers with Oman and Australia team. The top 12 competition is home.

  On October 12, the Chinese team’s starting players took a photo before the game.

Xinhua News Agency (Ali Khamji) "" China’s national men’s football team will start early on November 7, Beijing, once again traveled to the UAE, and strive to complete the preparations and competition tasks.

"Chinese Football Association said.

  Affected by factors such as new crown epidemics, the Chinese team’s top 12 race in the previous game was held in West Asia.

From January to October this year, the Chinese team conducted a nearly one month training in Sharjah, and on October 7th, the Vietnamese team was defeated in Sharjah 3: 2. In June of this year, the Chinese team’s World Preliminaries 40 strong competitions also held in Sharjah, and the Chinese team got three consecutive victories.

  This issue of the 12th Race, the Chinese team and Japan, Australia, Saudi, Oman and Vietnamese team were in group B.

According to the rules, the first two of the team will directly advance to the 2022 Qatar World Cup, and the third will receive the qualifications of the addition. At present, the Saudi team has been running around 12 points. The Australian team will be ranked second, and the Aman team and the Japanese team are 6 points. The Chinese team will be 3 points 3 points. 3 points. Fifth, Vietnamese team The 0 partial group bottom. The Chinese team wants to keep the World Cup wandering hope, and the two games in November are extremely critical.

Editor in charge: Cixin.

Argentina Olympic Committee said firm support to host Beijing Winter Olympics

People’s Network Rio de Janeiro November 17 (Reporter Wu Jie) Mugia, the Chairman of the Argentine Olympic Committee, said in meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to the Argentine, said that the Argentine Olympic Committee firmly supported the Chinese Winter Olympics, and his own participated in 2008 The Beijing Summer Olympic Games left a very deep impression. Ambassador Zou Shao said that the "Epidemic Prevention Manual" issued by the Beijing Winter Olympics Committee provides a comprehensive epidemic prevention guidance for the contestants and the team officials.

We have confidence in the common participation and support of the Olympic family members, including Argentina, fully realize the goals of "simple, safe and wonderful".

Muga President said I fully identified and supported the idea and epidemic prevention policy of Beijing Winter Olympics, and I look forward to promoting the unity and cooperation of the people of all countries in the world, and finally defeat new crown pneumonia, and injected new motivation for global recovery and prosperity. .

Ambassador Zou Shao said that Argentina has many high-quality ice and snow sports resources, welcoming the promotion of China.

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, Zhong A will usher in the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic diplomatic relations. I sincerely wish the Argentine delegation to achieve good results, and add more than the friendship between the two countries. (Editor: Su Tongxiang, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

Beware of "credit card stolen brush" Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau prompts "three major attention"

People’s Network Beijing September 22 On September 22, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued a risk prompt, consumers need to be able to guard against credit cards.

When consumers dinner at night, I suddenly received ten text messages sent by the bank, showing each amount of 5,000 yuan consumption record, and the total brush is 50,000 yuan.

Dingmou immediately opened the wallet and found that the credit card was still around, but the card forgotten the card in the cashier before recalling the card before recalling.

After Ding Mou, immediately dial a call for the card issuance and dial the alarm phone under the guidance of the bank staff, and communicate with the bank staff and police comrades.

The credit card is an important financial instrument, which is convenient, satisfied with payment, consumption, and staging, etc. in daily life, but it has been used by some criminals. There is a safety hazard. The credit card is stolen. It is usually two situations: one is a criminal card or disabled. This situation is much because the cardholder lost the credit card and leaked the password; the other is a criminal copy forged credit card, and steals the password, stealing the brush on the ground or line, the case in the case is this situation.

In order to safeguard consumers’ property safety, the Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau suggests consumers, prevent credit cards and stolen brushes, and three aspects should be paid: First, keep it safe. Custure credit cards and corresponding documents, keep the information on credit card, and password, keep the mobile phone number reserved when the card is kept. Don’t use the credit card to use or inform others password, apply for mobile banking or online banking, you must be vigilant when you operate transactions, and pay attention to account changes in time.

The second is the standard payment.

Go to a regular merchant for credit card, pay attention to there is undoubted equipment around you, pay attention to keep your secure distance from others to prevent the password from being peeked.

Improve the vigilance of phishing websites, insecure links, fraudulent calls, do not enter passwords in an unsafe environment to avoid information disclosure.

The third is to open SMS reminders.

Try to open the credit card SMS notification function and pay attention to it, keep the funds change, improve the reaction rate, prevent loss of loss.

Beijing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau suggests that once the credit card is stolen, consumers should keep in mind three measures: one is to freeze or report in time. I found that the credit card was stolen. The first time called the issuer bank official customer service phone, informing the abnormal transaction, freezing the account or the lost card in time.

If you involve a third-party payment platform, please contact the control money immediately. Second, immediately report to the public security organ. Retain the case receipt.

Details the stolen brush, the certificate of credit card is still kept by himself, and the consumption of theft is not. Some payment agencies need cardholders to provide a case-requested a certificate of proof as a denying transaction.

The third is fixed evidence.

Immediately go to the near-ATM or POS to make a credit card transaction, prove that the card is not lost, and the fixed electronic evidence caulsted that the person card is not separated.

If the card has been frozen or lost, the credit card will not succeed. When the ATM machine transaction, the card may be swallowed, please don’t panic, follow-up processing according to the bank’s relevant regulations.

(Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Chengdu strengthens air pollution prevention and control with scientific and technological means

As the temperature is gradually rising in summer, high temperature and high radiation can easily throw ozone pollution. To this end, Chengdu uses atmospheric environment with a three-dimensional navigation observation vehicle to strengthen air pollution prevention and control. Recently, the atmospheric environment Stereo observation car passed by a company, a company, a company, a corporate, and found that VOC was seriously exceeded.

After the on-site verification, the company violated the inception of open-air spray paint, and the observation vehicle staff will report this situation to the Chengdu Ecological Environment Bureau.

Hu Xiang, staff member Hu Xiang, the staff of Chengdu Ring, said that VOC is an important precondition of ozone, and excessive emissions will cause ozone step by step, affecting air quality. Through VOC navigation monitoring, the distribution of key regions VOC and odor gas can be found, emission law, enrichment of environmental air quality monitoring, and enhance environmental air quality abnormal point reasons for investigation and emergency emergency monitoring capabilities. According to Hu Xiang, atmospheric environmental stereo observation vehicles have been monitored to VOC, and the 3D aerosol container radar is also equipped with a real-time navigation monitoring of aerosol and particulate matter. (Queen) (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Gao Hongxia).

They are "guarding God" on our grassland.

At the moment, it is a session of the cashmere. On August 24th, the Bayanni Border Management Detachment Bayou Dhamen Border Police Station Party Service Team came to her herders’ unenia to help Urren to call camel hair.

After nearly two days of joint efforts, more than 60 people camel’s camel’s camel’s laundry, collected 260 kilograms of camel hair, and the unen said excited: "Fortunately, everyone will help me, if it is delayed, camel hair After fell, more than 10,000 yuan will be drifted.

"I have implemented practical activities for the masses" practice, Bayan, Dhamen Border Police Station, Bayan, Dhamen Border Police Station, adhering to the "people-centered" concept, urgency, thinking about the masses, At the same time, it is insisted on whether the people are serving it. On the roadside, the party membership team learned that the animal husbandry is damaged in the previous time, and it will not drive a car. The home is difficult. The police immediately drive more than 20 kilometers, help her from nearby Pull back to drink water.

Unloading the water bucket, the police who did not drink a glass of water did not stop, and embarked on the road to the country to serve the people. In the beginning of the year, the border herders have been subject to telecom fraud, in order to reduce the property loss of herders, on August 8th to August 15th, the police station will understand the masses, prevent telecom fraud, and organize the police to go deep into the jurisdiction. Fraud promotion activities.

The civilian police use vivid cases to list the types and forms of telecom fraud, and focus on the most common "brush single fraud" "Internet loan fraud" "Putting Public Examination" and Preventive measure.

At the same time, tell the masses to obey the law, do not sell, borrow, sell mobile cards, bank cards, WeChat, and eliminate the use of criminals, participate in telecommunications network fraud. If you find the related clues of telecommunications network fraud, you must actively report it to the public security organ.

"They are the patron of our grassland.

"The herdsmen praise.

(Hao Jianxiong) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The health of the music and soldiers "escort" – Remember the Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Center Health Center Health Management Center Expert Jianliang

[Character Business Card] Jianliang, in September 1986, admission, chief physician, the general member of the Medical Imaging Technical Professional Committee, China Medical Equipment Association CT Engineering Technical Professional Committee of the 4th Standing Committee, Radiation Diagnostic Equipment Quality and Safety Control Member, Zhejiang Provincial Administrative Unit Cadre Workers Health Physical Education Mask Control Expert, Anhui Medical University, Jiangxi Medical College Part-time Professor.

"Where is the" healthy soft rib "of the special service and soldiers? How to use the national physical fitness monitoring results?" Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Center, the Jianliang, a district of the health management department, as the head of the National Health Management Specialist Center, and strive to build the "Health Camp" of the Force for many years. , Use benevolent medical skills to "escort" for the majority of officers and men. Part of the medical road: Jianliang Jianliang, who is born in the healthy needs of the officers and soldiers, is born in the military family, the impact of the military’s father, Yu Jianliang and my brother, my brother from Xiaoli Zhi Zhi, join the army.

After the college entrance examination, he did not hesitate to choose military schools, and he asked his father as an excellent military. This is a red inherit of the blood, and is also a kind of torped home country.

In the strict basic training and professional study of military schools, Jianliang clained his career positioning of his own military doctor. He has completed the internship at the Ninth Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, and started working in the first seven hospitals in the People’s Liberation Army. Jianliang is doing business research. After nearly 20 years of clinical accumulation and academic research, Yu Jianliang gradually grown into an expert, was introduced by the Hangzhou Nursing Center in Nanjing Military Region as a talent, and was assessed by the main Nanjing Military Region as "excellent middle and young science and technology talents."

It is very important to achieve these results.

Once, Jianliang found a small shadow in a Shanghai medical examination. He believes that there is a lesion risk, reminding the patient to make further inspections. This patient has not been lesion to a chest hospital in Shanghai, and there is no lesion and argues to argue in the phone.

However, Jianliang is still a heart-flatter and persuasion to find a review of authoritative hospitals. Perhaps it is the sincerity of Jianliang, who once again arrived at a tumor hospital in Shanghai, confirming that there was a tumor in the lower right lung. This patient specializes in Jianliang to send a banner, praising the team expert "Fire Ophsy Gold".

Surgery is a strong military: the battle of the Weiqian elements should continue to be sorry, "as the war, battle.

"Yu Jianliang became the Director of the Department of Medical Imaging Science, Hangzhou Special Service Center, and began to host the Health Management Specialist Center in September 2019.

He felt that a kilogram is burden on the shoulder, and he felt unlimited power.

"Jianliang led the examination of the department of the department to analyze the typical case. "The cover has a very good job, it will wait very to be very people." Yu Jianliang deeply understood the importance of talents for the development of the department. Cai Da graduated from the military medical university, as a selection of youth backbone selected in the nursing zone, is assigned to the Jianliang Department of learning.

According to the professional and personal advantages of Cai Da and the personal advantage, he sent him to the station of Shao Yifu Hospital. During the Cai Da prepared for the postgraduate study, he took the scattered time to answer him questions.

After the return, Cai Da’s comprehensive quality has greatly improved, and it is possible to propose targeted treatment programs for the diagnosis and treatment of different types of diseases, and gradually grow into a nature of aviation physiological training in nursing zone.

With the support of Jianliang, more and more young military doctors like Cai Da grow rapidly on the training advantage platform of medical talents. Recently, some young military doctors were responsible for the health management of the whole army and the air-based navigator, and fully played the radiation of medical talents.

Superb skills serve. Once, Yu Jianliang participated in the brothers’ unit consultation, and a pilot was verified by the "MR" machine as an abnormal cerebral vascular, and the doctor was imaging according to the film as a cerebrovascular tumor. This conclusion means that the pilot will bid farewell to the blue sky.

It is recommended to further diagnosis in accordance with the attitude of highly responsible for the fighting power of the troops.

So I did the "MR" again to scan for this pilot, and finally diagnosed as a fat tunoma, the pilot’s battle flight occupation continued. Jianliang carefully guarantees academician. Jianliang knows that health care is to ensure fighting power, as a military doctor, should strive to use the professional knowledge you have learned, better serve the majority of officers and men, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Weiqin security capabilities.

The country is revitalizing the development, listening to how to say Henan fellow

Heart: Looking forward to the rural education revitalization attracts outstanding talents to roof in recent years, some rural high-quality students flow to the city, some parents are not enough to village education confidence. It is recommended to strengthen the revitalization of rural education, consider the priority to solve the housing of rural teachers, and appropriately relax quota restrictions in the evaluation of the title, enhance the salary treatment, attracting outstanding talents to root the countryside.

Sound Sound: Strengthening high-tech agricultural technology support to promote rural agricultural rejuvenation, the development of high-tech or high-yield high-quality agriculture is tilting, so far earned more money from land, continuously strengthening the residual labor skills technology training of rural areas, so that the remaining labor Learn a skill. Three heart: Let the charging pile into the countryside to promote the village tourism to revitalize Damei, have many rural beauty.

@ 河南 老乡, what is your suggestion for the development of Henan Province, look forward to? Welcome to the People’s Network "Leading Message Board" message, let us share a beautiful life picture! (Liu Shu included Yang Xiaonan’s finishing).

Ruisi, Zhejiang: What are the "new 360 lines" of the digital economy?

  The analysis pointed out that "take-away rider can also be evaluated", release a distinctive signal: Just struggle, everyone can release themselves in the "equal stage" of the work, and achieve self. When more workers become the "craftsmen" and hipster, high-quality development has strong skills.

  Many netizens bluntly, from this time to take this brother, I saw this city of Hangzhou, the package capacity and human emotions of Hangzhou. In fact, Hangzhou has always been the land of "playing workers" yearning.

According to statistics, Hangzhou has raised the first, nearly three years of net incoming rate in 2019, and the net inflow rate of Internet talents maintains the country’s first, and the most attractive ten in the eyes of foreign talents. Big city.

  For Hangzhou, "Digital Economy First City", how to deepen the digital Zhejiang construction, cultivate new models of new states, so that more "workers" will stay, become one of the future development of Hangzhou.

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Government Office issued the "Zhejiang Province Digital Ending Promotion of New Art Mode Development Action Plan (2020-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as "plan"), requiring in-depth implementation of digital economic "No. 1 Engineering", etc. In 2022, the digital empowerment has a significant social efficiency, and the accumulation will drive the formation of more than 1 million new employment opportunities.

  But there are also public opinion worry, and new state is still in the initial stage, there are some potential risks and uncertainties. For government departments, it is also difficult to encourage innovation.

Therefore, the "plan" clearly has a new model, set a new model, set a certain observation period, reserved the development space; for the safety of the people’s lives and property, there is a large potential risk, which may cause serious adverse consequences New models of new states should strictly supervise; for illegal operation, touching the legal regulations, resolutely banned according to law, and strive to escort the development of new states. "The fish is not stopped, the profous is returned; the birds are unrecognized, Lin Bao goes". Seeing new opportunities from disappearing professions, finding new directions in the new industry, we can better adapt to the development trend of the times, ride in the new trend in the times.

Xia Jian weighed the 20,000 yuan in his hand and said:“Captain Zhang!This is 20,000 yuan。Let’s hang out here from now on,You have to cover us”

Zhang Donglin smiled:“Easy to say!Easy to say!I have the final say on this place。As the saying goes, a strong dragon can hardly crush a local snake,I admit it this time”Xia Jian was a little angry。
Zhang Donglin snatched the banknotes in Xia Jian’s hands,I shook it in my hand and said:“Easy to say,As long as you don’t take the initiative to cause trouble,I promise you guys are safe here,You can go now”Zhang Donglin said,Quickly put the banknotes into his pocket。
The corners of Xia Jian’s mouth just moved,Opened the door and strode away。After Longdong GroupSTWhen the branch office building,Xia Jian couldn’t help but stop。He raised his head and took a good look at this five-story office building。
“President Xia!Where do we go next?”Bai Li quickly followed,Asked quietly。
Xia Jian thought for a moment and said:“Find a place to have a meal first,Find a place nearby。Zhang Yong went to drive,The car is a little broken but it’s quite convenient to drive”
Zhang Yong responded,Just walk away,Bai Libian and Xia Jian went to find a place to eat nearby。This place has just started to develop,So there is no business circle。Nothing is matched,They looked for a long time just to eat,Finally saw two restaurants at the intersection of a small village。
But when I walked in,Xia Jian felt like he wanted to come out。But passed this village,There really is no such shop。Xia Jian sat down a little helplessly,So Bai Li called Zhang Yong。
At this moment,Two young people with dyed yellow hair also came in,Sat diagonally across from Xia Jian。
First2188chapter incite defection
“Oh shit!I’ve been so busy all day,To earn this little money,Which Huang Qiang do you see。Except for coming to the construction site twice a day,The rest of the time,Either drinking or playing with women,You say how smart people live”Two yellow hairs,Suddenly a person said something injustice。
One of the yellow hairs took a peek at the shop,Then lowered his voice and cursed:“He Huang Qiang is a fart,At best, it is Wu Xiong’s dog”
Although the voices of these two people are a bit small,But Xia Jian still knew it clearly。It seems that they didn’t come here for nothing,At least he knew the relationship between Huang Qiang and Wu Xiong。
Logically,Xia Jianhe Baili’s advanced hotel,The boss should serve them both first,But the boss didn’t ask,I served the cooked noodles directly to these two yellow hairs。
Bai Li has a look,A little dissatisfied,But Xia Jian whispered to her:“Not in a hurry,Anyway, Zhang Yong hasn’t come yet。Let’s sit here,Can listen to them”
Bai Li,Only then did Xiajian nodded silently。When two yellow hairs eat noodles,Did not serve,But everybody ate a piece of garlic,Eat very well。