A quarter of Chengdu’s imports and exports over 170 billion yuan

Original title: Growth% in the first quarter of Chengdu’s imports and exports over 170 billion yuan drawing Shen Juanzai billion yuan, an increase of% – Yesterday, the Chengdu Customs released the latest data, the first quarter showed the import and export of Chengdu ‘achievements single".

Data show that Sichuan’s foreign trade situation this year to keep running continues to improve, Chengdu in the "leader" role in the province’s foreign trade operation, plays a "trunk" leading role. A quarter of total imports and exports 196.7 billion yuan in Sichuan, "continues to improve!" This is a significant signal in the first quarter of Sichuan foreign trade data passed out.

According to customs statistics, the total value of trade in goods in the first quarter Sichuan import and export 196.7 billion yuan, ranking first in the country the size of 8% growth a year earlier. What energy and kinetic energy? Statistics show that a quarter of exports amounted to Sichuan billion yuan, an increase of%, slightly higher than the growth rate of the same period% of the country’s overall growth. Foreign trade import and export operation from the specific situation, the current Sichuan import and export of major trading partners are growing, "along the way" sustained growth of foreign trade, as the two main characteristics of Sichuan’s foreign trade in the first quarter of this year.

  According to customs statistics, a quarter of Sichuan "along the way" along the national import and export one hundred million yuan, an increase of% as% of country’s total imports and exports of Sichuan.

  For specific categories, currently dominated by machinery and electronic products import and export of Sichuan. The first quarter, exports of electromechanical products in Sichuan billion yuan, an increase of 43%, as% of country’s total exports in Sichuan, where the laptop billion yuan, an increase of%; tablet billion yuan, an increase of%. Over the same period, Sichuan imported machinery and electronic products 77.7 billion yuan, an increase of% as% of country’s total foreign trade imports Sichuan. Chengdu, Sichuan’s foreign trade import and export accounted%% – which is supporting force share of foreign trade in Chengdu, Sichuan in foreign trade, but also in Sichuan’s foreign trade contribution to running out.

  Yesterday, the Chengdu Customs official says, from the first quarter foreign trade data, Sichuan, Chengdu remains a "leader" status, plays a "trunk" leading role. In the first quarter, import and export in Chengdu billion yuan, up% as% of total value of imports and exports of Sichuan. Sichuan import and export value ranked No. 2 to 4 were Mianyang (million), Yibin (million), Deyang (million). Statistics show that a quarter of Chengdu export billion yuan, up% as% of total exports in Sichuan; imports billion yuan, an increase of%, accounting for 90 percent of Sichuan’s gross foreign trade imports. The head of the Chengdu Customs analysts believe that, look at Chengdu’s foreign trade in the first quarter operating data, the main show has "all the way along the" sustained growth of foreign trade, import and export of private enterprises grew rapidly, the higher the proportion of processing trade and fast growth, with major continued growth in import and export trading partner, fully protected areas to maintain sustained growth in five major features and highlights. A quarter of Chengdu "along the way" along the national import and export one hundred million yuan, an increase of%, accounting for 30%, of which export value of the top three are Vietnam, Malaysia, Israel. Statistics also show that Chengdu’s major trading partners, imports and exports for the United States, the European Union and ASEAN, a quarter of the US Export-Import Chengdu billion yuan, an increase of%; EU yuan, an increase of%; ASEAN billion yuan, an increase of%. Of particular concern is that a quarter of foreign-invested enterprises import and export in Chengdu billion yuan, an increase of%; import and export of private enterprises billion yuan, an increase of%. In addition, export growth continued to maintain fully protected areas, Chengdu foreign trade in the first quarter run another highlight.

A quarter of Chengdu Hi-Tech Comprehensive Bonded Zone export billion yuan, an increase of%. (Chengdu Daily reporter Yang Fu) (Editor: Zhang Wei-Yi Hua, Luo Yu).

Academicians of Ningbo will increase the total number of two in total

  On November 18th, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering have announced the list of academicians in this year. There are 3 Ningbo scientists to be elected. Among them, Ma Wei Qiang, who was ranging, Li Jun was elected academician of the Mathematics Physics Department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; the scientists who have grown their growth but non-ranging scientists should be selected by Hanjie to be selected from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. Academician. At this point, the total number of academicians in the two hospitals have reached 120. It is worth mentioning that Ma Shuqiang’s brothers Ma Zhan is also academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a famous nuclear physicist.

After the election of Ma Wei Qiang, two brothers became the second to brothers in Ningbo, the second brother, and Yang Fu.

  Ma Shuqiang was born in Yuyao, Ninghai, is now a member of the Ph.D. of Nanjing University Physics, the deputy director of the National Key Laboratory of Southern Solid Microstructure, and the deputy director of the Minjiang Jiangsu Provincial Committee, is a national outstanding young fund winner.

Ma Wei Qiang mainly engaged in the study of soft coagulation physics in physics and chemistry and life sciences, and made a fruitful in the field of polymer coagulation physics, colloidal crystallization, biofilm structure tissue and cell skeleton unbalanced self-organization. The results.

  Li Jun was born in Shanghai, born in Zhangzhou, graduated from the Mathematics Department of Fudan University in 1982. In 1984, he won his master’s degree in the Mathematics Research Institute of Fudan University. In 1989, he won his Ph.D. in Harvard University. Professor, Stanford University, Fudan University Mathematics Double Professor of the School of Science and the Chief Professor of Shanghai Mathematics Center. Li Jun’s research direction is the algebra, and he solves a series of basic problems of the vector juvenile spatial theory on the algebraic surface, and the results are written into the textbook and become the classic theorem in this field. In 2001, Li Jun won the highest prize of the World Chinese Mathemators – Chenxing Mathematics Bonus Award.

  It is the executive deputy director of the National Biochemical Technology Research Center, Hanjie is Ningbo Cixi, although born in Jiangsu, it is born in Ningbo, growing in Ningbo.

The main research direction of Hanjie is biological separation project, enzyme engineering. It has been developed by the new drugs for the treatment of multiple diseases such as myocardial ischemia, diabetes, and has been applied for 3 patents. He has won the national "eight-five" scientific and technological research major achievement award, the first prize of the National Science and Technology Science and Technology Progress, the second prize of the National Science and Technology Invention Award. "The first level of the first level of the inter-century discipline took the first level, Jiangsu Province" 333 High-level Talents Training Project "The first batch of young and middle-aged science and technology leaders.

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Creating a new scenario in Chongqing, the anniversary of the Chuangwen Sports, will start

  People’s Network Chongqing September 10 September 19 Fashion new consumer scene, accumulating tourists from about 16 million, continued to introduce more than 200 domestic, creating nearly 10,000 jobs in the upstream industrial chain.

  Han Xiaotong, deputy general manager of Chongqing Shengwen Inn, said that Chongqing Shengwen Inn is a heavyweight project that is integrated and established, and the group has poured a large number of resources, investing about 55 billion yuan, with a total construction area of ??about 5.5 million square meters. Its China Wenxi sector covers an area of ??about 700,000 square meters, investing about 12 billion yuan, in order to build a casual city, the city, the city of Entertainment, the holiday city. It is reported that Chongqing Rongwen Travel City has a number of advantageous feature labels, providing a new scenario and new experience for tourists from multiple levels. The first open mountain paradise, citizens are free to enter the park, and the night tour of the Bohike style, the different night scene lights and sets, etc., bring new experience to the Chongqing citizens.

  At the same time, there is also a commercial complex of three major indoor paradise, so that the public can also meet the fun of catering, shopping, playing, and truly realize a one-stop entertainment, creating multi-state, taking each other, mutual Ending new consumption patterns.

  Located on the island of Lake Heart Island, let the amusement come back and fare to rush, play card, tired, get to the hotel, Xi Mei Lake around, the whole family parent-child private holiday, play and leisure integration, Different conversions in various consumer scenarios and experiences in the same large cultural complex.

  Han Xiaodong said that Chongqing Shengwen Travel City will participate in the construction of Chongqing "International Consumer Center City", innovate consumer scenarios, and create a pan-banking ecotropic circle, and promote new consumption, promoting the city consumption upgrade. (Hu Hong, Yu Jie) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

107-year-old horse knowledge new "Ma Ko Tour West Nanlian Dabu Note" published

  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, November 15 (Reporter Gao Jian, Zhang Chaoqun) On the 13th, 107-year-old horse knead the new "Ma Koh Western South China Unica Note" published in Chengdu. This horse learned from the Southwest China Union’s memories of Jiao.

  According to reports, the horse is 104 years old, and 107 years old completed the "Malaysian Diba Oracle Notes", the book was published by Sichuan People’s Publishing House. A total of 3 volumes, in addition to demonstrating the charm of Oracle from different angles, and still rarely reproduce Luo Changpei, Tang Lan, and Wen Wen Multi-southwestern Union ‘s Language Text Master’ s Fun Peaceful lectures.

  Ma Zhi Ma Qianmu, contemporary famous writer, calligraphy home, is now the honorary chairman of the Ninth Bureau of Sichuan Writers Association, with literary works such as "Qingjiang Zhuang Song" and "Night Tan Ten". More than 80 years ago, as the Malaysia of the underground party members, in Southwest China, graduated from the Southwest China University of China.

  "Ancient Chinese characters are very professional, but I think this book is written for the public. In addition to missing the Southwest China University and Luo Changpei, Tang Lan, Wen, Wang Li, Chen Meng family and other masters, I also hope to popularize Oracle.

"Ma Ko said.

  Ma Juan is 105 years old, complete the "Night Tan Run", and then announced the pen, but now complete the new "Ma Zhi West Nanlian Oracle Notes".

  "105 years old," Night Tan Renewal "published, he said that it is a pen. I am afraid it is can’t be blocked. Sure enough, the 107-year-old horse and a new book.

Because youth’s memory is burned like fire.

Underground work, the revolution is his youth.

Southwest China, Oracle is also his youth. "Alai wrote in the recommended language. Tie Coicheng said that" Ma Zhi Si Nanlian Dabang Oracle Notes "witnessed the author’s traditional Chinese characters and its carrier, the traditional life of the big, and more witnessed a revolutionary writer. Such as stone, unshirkable cultural confidence.

Shijiazhuang City held the implementation of the provincial government decision-making deployment to accelerate the provincial construction and high quality development press conference

  The city held the implementation of the provincial government’s decision-making deployment to accelerate the construction of the provincial capital and the high-quality development press conference, Maujun attended the July 3, and the city held the provincial government decision-making deployment and accelerated the construction of the provincial capital and the high-quality development press conference. In Shijiazhuang City, the deployment of the implementation of Hebei Province promoted the construction and development work conferences, and the provincial party government issued the "Opinions on Supporting the Construction of the Provincial Association" for the provision of the provincial capital.

Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Ma Yujun attended the press conference and launched the main release.

  Ma Yuxi pointed out that in the festive days of celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Hebei Daily issued the "Provincial Party Administration on vigorously supporting the construction of the provincial capital and the high-quality development", which is a major decision made by the strategy. It is the Shijiazhuang economy. In important moments in the history of social development, the provincial government has fully reflected the concerns and love of Shijiazhuang. It provides a historic opportunity for the provincial capital to accelerate construction and development. It officially opened the construction of modernization and internationally beautiful provincial capital. It will surely develop the wings of the soled, green development and high quality development of Shijiazhuang "14th Five-Year Plan" and even the future. In this regard, the city has been encouraged, and the sense of exciting, and it is also a pressure and has spur.

  Ma Yujun pointed out that the "provincial government" provincial government issued a total of 10 aspects of the provincial capital and high quality development, covering political, economic, industrial, urban construction, ecological environment, reform and opening up, people’s livelihood guarantee, institutional mechanism and The responsibility is the implementation of the company, which is called on the city’s proposal to compensate in the city. It is the mobilization order to speed up the construction of the provincial capital and the high-quality development.

The introduction of "Opinions" is unified to unify the idea, consenscing the consensus, clear the work of the effort, indicate the direction of the forward, depicting the development blueprint, which is conducive to the city to accelerate the intensive and competitive modern industrial system, comprehensive Enhance the core competitiveness; help to improve economic export degree, expand global visibility and influence; help to optimize the development environment, inspire endogenous power and vitality; conducive to the improvement of urban function, completely solve the closure highway to urban development .

  Ma Yujun said that at present, Shijiazhuang is standing in the new historical starting point. In the face of the strong support of the provincial government provincial government, we only have the "dry" word in the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, "Real" word is the first, "into" the word as, take advantage of, take advantage of the situation, From the effort, the idea and action will be unified to the provincial government decision-making deployment, unified to the municipal government work arrangements, and resolutely transform the deep care of the provincial government and the provincial government to accelerate the specific action, burying, hard work Enduring, attacking hard, performing duties, striving to promote Shijiazhuang innovation, green development, high quality development, accelerating construction modernization, internationalizing the beautiful provincial capital city, and make a good building modern economy strong province, beautiful Hebei drain soldiers, Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government and the people of the city handed a qualified answer. Li Keliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government Party Group, took the press conference and released.

(Chief reporter Liu Wei reporter Liu Jiaxin).

Two years have released more than 60 policy commercial housing pre-sale fund supervision

  The pre-sale system of commercial housing has increased the construction of real estate development and a lot of risks.

Therefore, strict regulatory measures are necessary, pre-sale fund supervision should be more stringent and fine.

This will prompt enterprises to further enhance operational capabilities, which is conducive to real estate enterprises to work toward health management and credit.

  Since a while, many cities have increased the supervision of pre-sale funds in commercial housing. Since only in November, there has been a notice or approach to strengthen pre-sale fund supervision of commercial housing pre-sale funds in Chengdu and Beijing. According to the statistics of the shell research, nearly two years is the peak period of pre-sale fund supervision related policies, 2020 to mid-October 2021, the major cities in the country issued more than 60 policies. The pre-sale fund supervision of commercial housing is because my country’s pre-sale system is generally implemented in commercial housing sales, that is, sales. Real estate development companies will be built but have not yet completed or will be intended to build a deposit or prepayment by buyers, and has purchased homes in the future. Pre-sale system for commercial housing can be simply understood to pay first, and then collect house. The real estate industry is a fund-intensive industry. The pre-sale system of commercial housing plans to support the rapid development of the real estate market, effectively expanding the source of funds for real estate development enterprises, increasing the construction of real estate development.

At the same time, the pre-sale system also brings a lot of risks. The biggest concern for the purchase period is to give the purchase price to the developer, the developer’s fund chain breaks, running, and the buyers can not get the room, and may even face the two empty rooms. In the real situation, the factory is unable to deliver, or developers arrears from builders, suppliers, often have a big relationship with pre-sale funds. On the one hand, in the case where supervision is not in place, some deposits and down payment may not be included in the fund supervision account; on the other hand, there is a lot of cases of housing enterprises to use pre-sale funds.

Construction funds for specific projects are used by developers in the capital larger trache in the company, and become part of their cash flow. Once the company has a dilemma, financial tightening and other conditions, the overall fund chain of the developer will be tight, and there will be difficulties in paying the difficulties of engineering funds, and the delivery or even rotten.

  Therefore, it is necessary to implement the pre-sale system of commercial housing and strict regulatory measures.

The real estate administrative department will be supervised and manage pre-sale funds, and the pre-sale fund will be deposited in a special account. According to the project progress, it is possible to reduce the risk of the real estate development project.

At the same time, strengthen pre-sale fund supervision will regulate the rational use of housing and enterprises, which is conducive to housing and enterprises, and is also conducive to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of housing consumers, and promoting the smooth development of the market and stabilize the expectations. The monitoring data of the relevant agency indicates that the pre-sale fund supervision of commercial housing will greatly decrease the number of civil disputes related to pre-sale contracts.

  In order to better protect the rights and interests of buyers, avoid the occurrence of the location of the property, pre-sale fund supervision should be more stringent and fine.

From the recent pre-sale fund supervision measures, many cities are working in this direction.

For example, Beijing’s recent "Beijing Municipal Commercial Housing Pre-sale Fund Management Measures (2021 Edition Draft for Comment)" will move the time starting point of pre-sale fund supervision.

In the past, pre-sale funds were not included in the regulation from the net sign. According to the new advender opinion, adjust to the first supervision, it can avoid transferring pre-sale funds to the developer account, and then transfer to the fund supervision account process The funds have been misappropriated. The summary of the opinion has also improved the amount of fund supervision, requiring key regulatory funds to not less than 5,000 per square meter, which is much higher than before.

  It is foreseeable that all places have increased pre-sale fund supervision, which will enable companies to further enhance operational capabilities, which is conducive to real estate enterprises to work towards healthy operations and credit. Some cities implemented the differential pre-sale fund supervision policies of the enterprise credit rating, strengthen the competitive advantage of the robust housing enterprise.

Qinghai: Mining red resources, promoting theme education, walking well

[I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind] Qinghai: excavate the red resources, promote the theme education to walk deeply, work 2020, March 31, 08:44 Source: Since the theme education, Qinghai Province is based on local red resources, excavation of typical Deeds, with the people around you, learn from the red gene, and inspire the party members and cadres to love the party patriotic enthusiasm, promote the theme education work to be deeply effective.

"Beautiful gold and silver beach grassland is the birthplace of ‘two bombels’, our ‘two bombing a star’ spiritual propaganda group has accumulated nearly 271 promotions, and 250,000 cadres listened to our report.

"The Standing Committee of the State Committee of the Sea Beibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, said Wang Yongchang, said.

The spirit of "two bombs," the great spirit of New China, the theme education activities, the organization of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee has fully excavated and uses "Two Biomen" and other Qinghai. Spiritual resources, excavated the "Father of Qinghai-Tibet Road" Mu Shengzhong, "The Personsman Governor" and other bunches of the party’s sexual education resources such as Qinghai characteristics, led "" "two bombing a star" spiritual light "" The father of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway – General Mu Shengzhong, "The" Spirit of the Master "" The Master "" The Spirit "" The Spirit "" The Spirit "" Spirit "" Cocoa Sili Reserve Passion "" stick to "spirit" 5 Scenario party class, guide the majority of party members and cadres to learn the revolutionary ancestors to party loyalty, stick to the initial political character and public servant feelings for the people, selfless dedication, and use this as a reference to the gap, grasp the rectification. Up to now, there have been a total of 589, a total of 589, a total of 234 doctoral service groups, a total of 19 batch of doctoral service groups selected by the group, listened to the "" Two-Biographic "Spirit Yongliang"

According to Lin Yuancang, the executive deputy director of the Qinghai Provincial Talent Office, the spirit of "two bombs and one star" has become the first lesson for each batch of dating cadres and doctoral service groups to Qinghai.

"It can be said that this series is the first class of the ’boutique party course of red genes, but also become the first lesson of Qinghai Cadres, but also become a member of the party members into the party, college students carry forward the spiritual practice lesson." Qinghai Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Organizational Minister Wang Yuyan Introduction, during the development of the theme education activities, Qinghai has widened the history of learning, learning new Chinese history, talking about red stories, remembering the revolutionary martyrs activities, guiding party members and cadres from revolutionary traditions to enjoy the lofty feelings from the revolutionary tradition, draw forward strength from the red gene.

For example, the first "Theory + Practice", the "Theory + Practice", the "Red Banma", the "Red Banma", the "Red Banma", the "Son of the Grassland", the original drama of Qin Chao "布龙", the original drama " Songs, etc., in the integration of red resources and red stories into the subject education activities, publicize revolutionary culture, talk about the story of party history, greatly improved red cultural influence.

During the development of theme education activities, Qinghai Province turned the enthusiasm of party members and cadres to love the party patriotism to promote the specific actions of reform and development, but not only a large number of outstanding communist party members, but also formed in the province, in the province, but also formed in the province, but also formed in the province, but also formed in the province, but also in the province, but also formed a large number of outstanding Communists. Red Resources + Education Base + Typical "Trinity Trinity Theme Education Mode, Red Gene, Red Element has been fully integrated into the theme education in the province. On April 14 this year, it is the 10th anniversary of the Yushu Earthquake. Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture actively applies unique spiritual wealth, education party members, incentive cadres, and spur teams. Since October last year, Yushu State continuously held the "Yushu Earthquake Disaster Relief" Scenario Party Class Tour Performance, with the theme of "Square Party, Ming Dang, Newspaper Party" as the theme of the theme of Eucalyptus Earthquake Relief and the magnificent reconstruction The miracle, the tour performance lasted for 8 days, 7 games (times), more than 3,000 grassroots party members and cadres participated in activities.

The Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Dedieha City has built a "public caravan", watching red shadow, singing red songs, talking about party courses, using farmers and herdsmen to listen, listening to the new words to listen to the party’s theoretical policies, and promote the theme education The event landed root roots and flowers. Hai Dong City, Qihua County Mining and Using Unique West Road Red Army Red Cultural Resources, the existing red education practice base is upgraded, set up a red patriotism education center, letting red education has become the theme education of the county A bright business card.

Guolui Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Banma County rely on the "Red Army Ditch" national patriotic education demonstration base, with red culture as the main line, grasping red background, inheriting red genes, innovation, building training, participation, experience, etc., Guide the majority of herdsmen to see the party, and go with the party.

Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Shazha County, long-term engagement, party members and cadres who were proficient in Tibetan Chinese bilingual established the "Red Flag Propaganda Group", move the theme education to the field, and sent to the grassroots party members.

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Report: China-Enterprises have actively contributed to the German economy to continue to enhance social responsibility

China News Agency, December 13 (Reporter Peng Dawei) a survey report released on the 13th of the China Chamber of Commerce showed that Chinese companies operating in Germany have undertaken a growing social responsibility, and they have made German economies in the employment. Positive contribution.

The German Chinese Chamber of Commerce is China’s first overseas chamber of commerce in Europe.

The latest research report released by the German Chinese Chamber of Commerce shows that in terms of creating and maintaining employment, the local employee of Germany is 93%, with only 7% of the preparatory employees.

About 350 members of the German Chamber of Commerce have created 50,000 jobs in the local area.

In planning, 73% of China companies have been added to Germany in the next 3-5 years. Despite the influence of new crown epidemics, there are still 13% of Chinese companies in Germany investment in Dependent Program, and 27% of China’s investment scale and planning quota are flat. In terms of corporate social responsibility, 93% of China companies have included social responsibility into the corporate program, 73% of companies have completed corporate social responsibility projects in Germany, and 87% of companies will complete corporate social responsibility projects in Germany. Duan Duan Duan Director of the German Chamber of Commerce introduced the reporters of China, promoting sustainable business behavior is one of the primary tasks of the Chamber of Commerce, including the basic principles that effectively implement the United Nations Global Contracts, and pursue more accommodation Sex and sustainable economic vision.

It is reported that a large number of parent companies in Germany, Bawu Iron and Steel, Wu Mine, and China Mobile have signed a UN global contract. In the past three years, the number of Chinese enterprises in the new joining contract has grown rapidly. As of November 9 this year, the number of Chinese companies in new enterprises will exceed German companies for the first time.

Duan Wei said that the investigation report once again highlights the importance of Chinese companies in the German market, as well as contributions to the economic relationship between China Germany.

He said that only more in-depth global cooperation can respond to the global environmental crisis, population growth, counter-terrorism and poverty. All countries can benefit from this prosperous growth.

"China, India or Africa provides a better business opportunity for companies. In contrast, it will destroy these business opportunities.

"Editor: Zhang Qingjin.

Public officials should take the lead in preventing "waste on the tip"

Recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Food Symposium", a single list, a clear provisions of the United Nations. The people take food for the day.

"Program" focuses on the full chain of multi-link, which is equivalent to increasing the "intangible field" of food effective supply, and has opened an important way for further protection of national food security. Among them, the program proposes, "Party and government organs at all levels, state-owned enterprises and institutions must implement the central provisions of the central government and their implementation of the spirit, and effectively strengthen business activities of official reception, conference, training. According to health, save requirements, scientific reasonable Arrange the number of meals, in principle, a buffet is implemented. It is strictly forbidden to organize the banquet or eat a big drink in the name, training. "Tightening" Thoughts ".

All regions must attach great importance to the dangers of food waste, and take more powerful initiatives in action.

Public officials must tighten the string of "overtight days" from their minds, put hard and simplicity, diligence and saving, to practice the party’s grinding stone, start from itself, starting from small things, strict implementation Measures for items; it is necessary to make a wasteful, saved atmosphere in the whole society, and make people return to dining table and civilization with Chongde. Take a "money bag".

The public payment is the public, one point can not mess around; publicity is the people, one is unable to use.

Party and government organs at all levels must strict public awards, public payment and other management, and earnestly eliminate all kinds of violations of violations of discipline, luxury and waste.

Financial, auditing and other departments strengthen the budget management of official reception funds, reasonably limited the total reception fee budget, and include all the business reception costs into budget management, separately, and tighten the "valve" spent on the source, so that the official reception return real.

Gaojun "accounting smell". Party and government organs at all levels should strengthen the important content of strengthening efforts, oppose waste education into the construction of the style, integrating into the construction of cadres and daily management. The discipline inspection and supervision authorities must perform well-supervised duties, focus on the public reception problem, accompanied by super standard reception, public funds, private funds, high-consumption and entertainment activities, etc. , Severe punishment, in the circulation, will not palliative for the wind. "Wind is in the upper, and the shape is in the shape". It is integrated with the wind and drink and the wind that oppose the happiness and extravagance. Renovation of the wind, develop a virtue, party and government organs, and party members and cadres demonstrates to take the lead in convincing, appeal, only to form a diligence and thrift, hard work, and hard work style, can produce huge demonstration effects.


Full set of viruses,Autofein series

ChestCT:Double lung texture increase,Interstitial change。Upper abdomenCT:Fatty liver。
“CRPandPCTHave some high,It seems more like a bacterial infection。”Ma Dabao facing this subconscious。
At this time, there is only Ma Baibo and Zhou Ye in the office.,Others have not come yet。
Zhou Ye also knows that he is some complained before this horse.,Take advantage of no one now,He wants to alleviate the enemy of the sword between the two people.。
“Big boy,I have a suggestion,You can draw a blood culture,Maybe it will be good.。”Zhou Ye is half jokingly reminded。
Yes,This patient will have a different effect.。
Blood culture can also detect infected bacteria,For patient treatment,Have a certain effect。
Ma Baobo listened to Zhou Niwu’s suggestion,Not only didn’t grateful,Instead, cold miners:“Are you taught me??Have you done a license??”
Zhou Jiwu said so,There is also a bit uncomfortable in my heart.。
Blame me?
Good heart as a liver lung。
Qianlong’s inside is also checked.10Minute,I am tired that I’m looking at the Yuli standing behind.。
He suddenly hurts the horse.
I have encountered this patient who can be oscillated.。
Qianlong is like learning the meaning of cross talk,Always interact with Ma Baobang。
Ma Baobo no matter where the hand is put,Qianlong will look very itchy,While shouting:“Itch”
“Cooperate with,I will check it immediately.,I will check the muscle strength.。”
“it is good,what,How can I have no strength?,I am not no musical strength.。”
After the Ma Baobang checks all the projects,Long Shu,I know that I can’t pick up this order.。
Isn’t his face??Luck!
Ask all the medical history,Everyone will return to the doctor’s office.。
“Big wave,Check and inspect,Waiting for this result,We will continue to discuss the condition。”Chen Riyuan sits on a chair,The case of opening the money dragon refreshed the doctor,I finally didn’t take a doctor。
He wants to leave a doctor to leave this opportunity to Horse Baobo,For small doctors, the most learning is to open a doctor.。
Ma Baobang was originally died of money,I have to hear a doctor now.,Mercure moments are much more。
Since the last male patient, I asked the menstruation history.,He once became a laughter of the department。
Now the opportunity is coming!The chance to turn over, just in front of you
How can he not cherish it?。
“it is good,director,I think the Qianlong may still consider the newGPneumonia complications,I have a lot of new presentations.GPatients with pneumonia also have abdominal pain such as a typical manifestation”
“I will give him an antibiotics and protective gas.,Then make a sputum culture。”
Ma Baobang is skilled in the doctor。
This is the first patient he accepts.,Before, every day is symptomatic support,This time I finally handled a patient.。
“Big wave,A snow shame。”Yu Shiya smiled and said on the side of Ma Baibo.。
Ma Baobo listened to this,The face is green.。
“Let you be old,I don’t allow me to 怼 you.?Falling the stone, this collar is still what you learn?。”Yu Shiya smiled very brilliant,I am proud to look at the horse big wave。
Under this situation,He is really unable to have no mouth.。