Anhui pilot launches charging facilities

It is expected to relieve the construction of the community charging pile construction. It is difficult for the current recharged pile construction of the current society. Anhui has begun to carry out the charging facility in some residential area.

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Housing and Construction Department that will accelerate the renovation of the old cell transformation in the future, especially the community built before the end of 2000, the future is expected to explore the charging facility to build a shared cointer.

The charging facility is improving into the old community renovation and improves charging facilities. It is an important part of the new infrastructure construction. The construction of the old community charging pile involves the vast people’s personal interests. The old community accelerates the layout of charging piles, and it is also important to accelerate the development of charging infrastructure industry in Anhui Province.

In recent years, Anhui adheres to planning and leading, clarifying the new residential community in principle should be equipped with a charge pile or reserved charging facility interface at a total of 10% of the total number of cell parking spaces. At the same time, the electric bicycle and automotive charging facilities are included in the scope of improvement of old-class cells, vigorously advance.

This year, Anhui Province has developed the relevant technical guidance, which has already proposed higher technical requirements for the installation of charging piles in the old community, requiring all parties to combine the actual situation of the community, in accordance with the principle of safety and coordination, and the resolution of the community Parking and underground parking space configuration or reserved electric vehicle charging pile.

At present, the provincial power grid enterprises are strengthening the connection between the planning and charging infrastructure construction plan, ensuring coordination.

Accelerate the transformation of distribution networks in low power supply capacity, and provide convenient training services to ensure accessible access grids to fully meet the operational needs of charging infrastructure.

In the residential area, the charging facility industry camp reporter learned that it is difficult for the current charging pile construction of the current community. Anhui Electric Power Company, the national power grid, has launched the charging facility to create a privilege work in the residential area.

The State Grid is responsible for forming a team of charging piles in residential area, strengthen communication cooperation with government authorities, community properties and mainstream new energy vehicles suppliers, and establishing a car to charging pile discount application, charging pile installation and power generation The operation of the charging pile maintains a dragon service mechanism.

Under the leadership, the paid service standards for installing and installing the charging and operation, the appropriate amount of the initial cost and operational fees of charging piles, solve the difficulty of charging piles in the residential area, the problem, to meet the residential car Charging needs. At present, the company’s promotional pilot project has progressed smoothly, and under the active cooperation of the land construction department and the actual cooperation of the property company, it is expected to complete the pilot construction operation in the second half of the year.

Online monitoring of charging facilities, "one network" in accordance with the plan, in the future, Anhui will continue to promote the installation of charging piles in the old community transformation.

Especially for the renovation of old cells built in 2000, fully solicited resident opinion, and install charging piles more reasonably. The province’s housing urban construction department will plan a renovation task in advance, and will determine the annual task to copy communication, water supply, gas pipe network, etc. Charge piles provide favorable conditions.

Encourage local districts to break space segmentation, demolition of obstacles such as nearly or connected in the casing area, expand public space, and explore the rechargeable condominium in the cell.

Regulate the management behavior of community property enterprises, safeguards electricity safety in the community, serving community residents, and provides services such as installation of charging piles and maintenance in accordance with regulations and contract conventions.

Anhui has built a provincial charging infrastructure information platform, integrating the relevant largest data of main charging facilities such as electricity companies, Hefei charging, and special electricity.

In accordance with the principle of "appropriate, moderately advanced, intelligent efficient", the next step should accelerate the overall planning of the provincial charging infrastructure layout, relying on the provincial information platform to build a municipal account, strengthen online monitoring and management of charging infrastructure, and form a province A network. (Reporter Wu Qi) (Editor: Guan Fei, Li Vu) Sharing let more people see.

Adhere to the service local economy revitalization Jilin bank multiple indicators continue to

  In 2021, it was the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", based on the new development stage, my country’s economy highlights powerful vitality and toughness, rapid recovery rebound.

In the environment where the economy and stability recovery, the business situation of the banking industry is also consistent with the trend of entity and steadily rebound. Jilin Bank recently announced the annual report of 2021, as of the end (merged diameter) One percentage point is up to% … As a local legal bank, Multiple business indicators in Jilin bank continue to be good, because the bank continues to promote its own development and the same frequency resonance of the entity economy.

  The driver’s three major business system construction operations continuously releases as economic operations gradually restore the normal state, bank operating pressure is relieved.

According to the data released by the China Banking Association, in the first half of this year, commercial banks achieve net profit trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

  Jilin Bank has shown that the performance report in 2021, during the reporting period (merged caliber), the bank achieved business income billions; achieving net profit billions, increase billions of dollars, growth%.

The net profit growth of nearly 20% is relatively eye-catching in the industry.

  The improvement of the net profit growth in Jilin Bank, and the construction of the three major business system is unified, and the operational vitality is not uncommon. At present, the value of retail business is more embarrassed, and has become an important starter of the commercial bank to climb the growth of growth in the new development situation.

Jilin Bank focuses on "Jilin First Retail Bank", practicing new logic, and has achieved remarkable results for retail revolutions.

  As of the end of June, Jilin Bank’s personal client AUM increased to 100 million yuan, an increase of billion yuan in early year, an increase of%; as a ranking of retail business, personal customer expansion and promotion, as of the end of June, Jilin bank personal customers reached 10,000 households, more In addition to the beginning of the year; personal savings deposit balance reached 100 million yuan, growing hundreds of millions of dollars in the year, increased in Jilin Province, the incremental lead; financial management has exceeded 50 billion yuan, increased by 100 million yuan, more than 2020 Level; personal loan balance reached 100 million yuan, increased from 100 million yuan, increased%; credit card transformation achieved effectiveness, new effective issuance of thousands of cards, more than 10,000 times more than year-on-year; "" increased to issue cards, more than 10,000 yuan year-on-year Growth 243%; online marketing opens better situation, new mobile banking trial operation, mobile banking registration users reach 10,000 households, net in the beginning of the year; build a citizen life eco circle, Changchun Citizen APP registration users reach 720,000, Realize new breakthroughs in marketing and service customers in terms of internet.

  In the company’s business, the highlights of the integrated company financial reform are frequent. Among them, "Hundreds of President Camps" special marketing activities have made new breakthroughs; improve the list of white-list customer marketing management mechanisms, sign an account in a number of well-known enterprises in the province; the integrated financing service capacity has been newly improved, strengthens investment bank bond underwriting, broadening Key enterprises direct channel, successfully distributed, underwrite the medium-term ticket business 1.5 billion yuan; institutional customer marketing has made new progress, establishing cooperative relationships with colleges and medical institutions in many provincial-level colleges and medical institutions, and the average daily increment of the institution reached 100 million yuan; Declaring the new situation, in the first half of the year, the size of the trip to billion yuan, adding 100 million yuan in the early years; the development of the transaction bank has achieved new effectiveness, funding, multi-level books, and silver enterprises, etc., the bank cash management platform The contracting customers reached 231; the medical chain financing business officially landed, and the credit amount reached 1.6 million yuan. Actively practice the concept of sustainable development, based on the construction of ecological strong provinces in Jilin Province, based on the direction of Green Finance in Jilin, will support and develop green finance as a full-line strategic key, sign the United Nations "responsible bank Principles (PRB, PrinciplesForResPonsibleBanking), joining the United Nations Environment Planning Financial Initiative (UNEPFI), and became the Bank of the Northeast China to sign the "Responsible Bank Principles". In terms of data management business, Jilin Bank reform has achieved remarkable results.

With the continuous improvement of industry system and the steady growth of resident wealth, the profound changes in customer needs, the net value of bank financial management business is accelerated. As of the end of June, the size of Jilin Bank’s financial management has grown steadily, holding all kinds of wealth management assets billion, growing hundreds of millions of dollars, increased by the year; the number of customers has greatly improved, the number of wealth management products has reached 10,000 households, increasing thousands of households, an increase in the year % Product innovation achieves breakthroughs, launching innovation achieves breakthroughs, increasing 10,000 households from the beginning, and the product system is more perfect.

  Do not forget the quality of the entity, the quality of the entity assets has continued to improve this year. my country’s economy continues to stabilize, stabilized, and financial institutions also put the service entity in a more prominent position. As a member of the service entity economy, in the reporting period, Jilin Bank insisted on serving local economic revolutions, and the root foundation continued to consolidate.

  In order to support the development needs of industry layout during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Jilin Bank prioritizes the needs of key industrial funds in the "14th Five-Year Plan", focusing on the three trillion-level industries.

The data shows that the Loan size of Jilin Bank’s loan reached 100 million yuan in the first half of the year, and it is net millions of yuan from the beginning of the year. Deep farmland, grow with the entity economy, is the persistence of Jilin Bank.

Combing in the first half of the loan vanity, it is not difficult to find that the focus of the work is always around the local economic development.

Specifically, the row helps agricultural industries, supports key areas and key projects such as animal husbandry mortgages, agricultural product processing; help build the city of automobiles, focusing on the construction of automobile industry development zones; helps to create a cultural capital, focus around Travel industry planning, providing financial support for industrial construction such as Changbai Mountain resource development, ice and snow tourism; key support for medical enterprises, design loans, bills, internal insurance external debt, international business, supply chain finance, etc. Integrated financial schemes.

  In addition to the support of credit, in order to implement the overall deployment of the provincial government departments, Jilin Bank and the provincial government departments and the provincial direct department signed a strategic cooperation agreement, connect the financial needs of all levels of government departments, and help local economic development. Actively promote the special bond projects of China and South Korea – Changrong, China and South Korea – Shuangxing and other places, the scale of debt reached 100 million yuan, which is more closely integrated with local economic integration. At the same time, Jilin Bank’s Puhui Financial Business broaden new ideas, to create a small-grade company’s intimate bank as a purpose, fully support "real small", launch "live mortgage", "Xingnong Sunshine Loan" and other targeted, application Sexual small and micro-product system, the "two increase" loans than the balance of billion yuan, increase billions of dollars from the beginning of the year, accumulating the "small loan" standard small micro-loan loan billion.

  At the same time as the service entity economy, Jilin Bank is also active and actively throughout the business. This is consistent with the direction of regulatory policy. As of the end (merged diameter), the bad loans of Jilin Bank’s bad loans, increase billions of dollars in the beginning of the year; non-performing loan rate%, lower than the year. In contrast, the data shows that the bank’s banking supervision department shows that as of the end of June 2021, the urban commercial non-expensive rate is%; according to the data of the Jilin Silver Insurance Department, as of the end of June, the Banking financial institution in Jilin Province is%.

  BOC Association, it is estimated that the interior of the industry is intended in the second half of the year, and the regional differences will be more obvious. These have proposed higher requirements for commercial bank risk identification capacity, management level, management technology, etc.. In order to prevent, resolve the financial risks, the Jilin Bank has done a lot of work.

Including the management of loan access, strengthening loans, and postpartum management, and gradually touching the risks of the bank, one households, the number of bottoms, timely correcting insurance; credit management capacity continues to enhance, credit institutional mechanism innovation and upgrading. Promote the reform of expert collective credit decision-making system, implement differentiated credit management authorizations; "Intercontrol Compliance Year" "System Construction Year" "Process Norm" activities are fully launched, and the cultural atmosphere of compliance is created in this line. Note: In addition to marking the merged caliber, Jilin Bank related data is the parent company caliber.

Editor in charge: Kang Shiqi.

Averaged in Guyuan reduced more than 20 million tons into the yellow mud

On October 27, Zhuangzhuang Village, Baoyang Town, Pengyang County returned to the forest, and the cadres and the masses waved the iron shovel, and the autumn replantation completion project was implemented. Guyuan City has implemented the construction of the southern water source, the construction of village greening and the construction of the courtyard economion, the construction of eco-economic forestry, has completed more than 560,000 mu of land greening projects.

Over the years, the people of Guyuan cadres will take a generation, and a blueprint is painted in the end.

Focusing on the Six-Pile Mountain Ecosystem, implementing the creation of Liupan Mountain National Forest Park and the Shanshui Lin Tianhu’s Ecological Protection Repair Project, "Sanbei" protective forest engineering, natural forest protection project, water source conservation forest project, retreat land, 400 mm precipitation line Green afforestation project, forest grass industry demonstration project, etc., continuously strengthen soil and water conservation, water conservation, water quality improvement ability. With the focus of Qingshui River, the Hulu River, Yuhe, Yuhe, Ruhe Wuhe River Basin, coordinate the integrated governance of Mountain Waterland Tima Lake, implementation of soil erosion of soil erosion in small watershed and returning to forests, and the sludge dam default Strengthening, sloping cultivation, etc. Adhere to the main line of guaranteeing and maintaining ecological function, constructing the ecological space pattern of "two-screen Sichuan" maintained by Liupshan Soil and Water Conservation Ecological Corridor, built into the mountains and small rivers as the main line, small river is the network, Beautiful ecological corridor.

After several generations of people, green becomes a heavy base color.

As of the end of 2020, the total land area of ??Guyuan City reached 6.68 million mu, accounting for% in the city’s land area; forest coverage reached 1%, forest grass covers 73%; the total area of ??wetland is 10,000 hectares, national focus protection wild animals The protection rate reached 96%.

Through biological measures such as planting, planting, Guyuan City accumulates the area square kilometers, the degree of governance reaches%, the potential of soil loss is fundamentally improved, and the average annual reduction of more than 20 million tons, annual average increase production of 100 million kilograms , Basically reach the comprehensive protection function of "flooding without mountains, sediments, heavy rains", and realize the goal of "mountain change green, ground, water, and smooth".

At the same time, the blue sky, clear water, and the pure land defense, "13th Five" have reached more than 97%, and the number of environmental air quality in Guyuan City has reached more than 97%, and the atmospheric environment has been ran in the region for 5 consecutive years; in addition to the water quality of Qingshui River, The water quality of the river, the Hulu River, Yuhe, Ru River is a class II.

In recent years, Guyuan City adheres to ecological priority, green development, and in-depth development of ecological system, ecological environment, ecological space, ecological economy, ecological life, ecological culture, etc., promoting mountain green and people, ecological protection and high quality development Organic binding. Recently, Guyuan City successfully selected the fifth batch of national ecological civilization construction demonstration zones. (Reporter 剡文) (Editor: 梦 婕, 容) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Russian single-day new confirmed new crown infection case has exceeded 36,000

People’s Network Moscow October 21st (Li Mingqi Zhang Cui) According to the data released on the 21st, the Russian New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Command, the past 24-hour Russian new diagnosis of new crown virus infection was more than 10,000, reaching 36339 cases, new death1036 cases were the highest value since the outbreak of the epidemic.Up to now, there are 8131164 cases of new crown infections, and 22,7389 cases of death, accumulated 709,1607 cases.In order to prevent the epidemic from further spreading, the Russian Ministry of Education is developing related documents, suggesting that primary and secondary schools have a comprehensive cessation of teaching work from October 30th to November 7th, including distance teaching.

A few days ago, Putin has announced all Russian paid leave from October 30th to November 7th.The Chief Executive of the new necrosic infection rate can evaluate the local epidemic situation and start holiday from October 23.Not only that, in the case of necessary, the holiday can also be extended again after November 7.(Editor: Li Mingqi, Quarter) Sharing let more people see.

De pro-partij vertelt het verhaal van het ontvangen van Nixon die 50 jaar geleden Shanghai bezoekt.

  ▲ Op 23 februari, de originele Shanghai Acrobatic Group Actor Zhou Yiangtie (het dragen van een hoed) het delen van het verhaal van de Nixon en een rij acrobatiek.

Xinhua News Agency, Wu Yu, Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Wu Yu, Xu Xiaoying, Di Chun "Toen de wind erg groot was, opende de gast het raam, de luchtstroom zal de deur naar"咔咔 ‘geluid’.

Nadat onze ober ontdekte, vouwde hij het papier zorgvuldig in een strip, aangesloten op de deur, ruis. "Ter gelegenheid van de 50e verjaardag van China en de Verenigde Staten, heeft de 85-jarige Hesson het Xinhua News Agency-verslaggever verteld aan de nieuwe Delegatie van China. In februari 1972 bezoekt de Amerikaanse president Nixon China. Beide partijen, de eerste Gezamenlijke communique tussen China en de Verenigde Staten, de "Shanghai online".

  Hij verhuisde een oude medewerker van Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel. In 1972 was hij verantwoordelijk voor Nixon-paar dat Room Management and Catering Work tijdens Shanghai te bezoeken.

  Volgens de doorzettingsvermogen, de Amerikaanse gasten die in de buurt van Jinjiang Hotel ontvangen, waren dicht bij 300 en de president, de vrouw van de president en andere belangrijke gasten, het servicepersoneel trad "passagier aan, thee aan, handdoek aan", voor het Amerikaanse beveiligingspersoneel, Zal ook het initiatief de laatste kop warme thee of koffie nemen, "het gezicht van het oorspronkelijke bord onthult een glimlach, en neem zelfs het initiatief om hallo te zeggen."

  Xia Yongfang, 81 jaar oud dit jaar, is de assistent voor de directeur van Buitenlandse Zakenkantoor van de regering van de Municipe-volk van de Shanghai. Het nam deel aan de Shanghai-Shanghai-ontvangstwerkzaamheden van de Amerikaanse delegatie 50 jaar geleden. Volgens haar herinneringen, in januari 1972, de plaatsvervangend affectie van de nationale veiligheidszaken van de VS, en de eerste groep was het bezoeken van de president van Nixon. De relevante afdelingen vroegen dringend Shanghai een ouderwetend voedselbedrijf om in twee dagen 9 soorten snoepjes te rijden, met een prachtig geschenkdoospakket en geef elk lid van de zwarte bruidegom.

  "China 50 jaar geleden, het is nog steeds niet gemakkelijk om deze snoepjes in batches te produceren. Bij ontvangst van de candy geschenkdoos, zijn sommige Amerikaanse gasten blij om te springen. Ze zeggen dat het enthousiasme en de warmte van China.

"Xia Yongfang zei. 50 jaar geleden, toen het" pre-station "en Nixon Nixon bezochten, werden acrobatische uitvoeringen in Shanghai bekeken.

Zhou Liang Tie, die dit jaar 72 was, was een originele Shanghai Acrobatic Group-acteur. Twee twee keer een Chinese traditionele "kleine krijgskunsten" voor Amerikaanse gasten. Volgens Zhou Yiandti, bij het uitvoeren van acrobatiek voor Nixon, "alle goden, volledig, aandacht aan de reactie van het Amerikaanse publiek."

Later wist hij alleen dat de nationale veiligheidszaken van de VS President SEILITION ASSISTANT Kissinger op die tijd enorm werd gewaardeerd en zei tegen het personeel van de Chinese receptie. "Als je naar de Verenigde Staten kunt gaan, moet je sensationeel zijn."

  50 jaar geleden was er een 12-jarige Shanghai primaire schoolgong deelgenomen aan de ontvangstwerk van de Amerikaanse delegatie. Hij is lid van het paleis van het Zhongfu Girl, en diende later als de Executive Vice-president van Fudan University, Guoyong Hao, Dean van het Medische Shanghai Medical College. "Om Nixon-president te ontvangen mevrouw Juvenile Palace, heb ik de namen, geografische locatie en politieke, commerci?le, industri?le industri?le centra in de Verenigde Staten van tevoren gevonden, stil, zelfverzekerd voor ons gasten.

Guiyonghao vertelde verslaggevers. "In die tijd waren er veel belangengroepen, en de studenten van de Chorus Group zongen een Amerikaanse folk" Turkije in het gras. "

Na de Nixon President Mad waren de ogen rood. Guiyong Hao is bijzonder gedenkwaardig over deze scène. In de jaren negentig, Guoyonghao als een bezoek Scholar, ging hij drie en een half jaar naar de Verenigde Staten.

Na het terugkeren naar China, diende hij als de decaan van het Pediatrische Hospital van de Universiteit Fudan, Gu Yonghao promootte het ziekenhuis en het Amerikaanse ziekenhuis van Philadelphia, opgericht "zuster ziekenhuis". In de afgelopen 20 jaar heeft hij 10 batches ontvangen en hebben meer dan 70 Verenigde Staten China bezocht. Tegenwoordig dient Guoyonghao als vice-president van Shanghai Europe en Amerika, verantwoordelijk voor privédiplomatie. Terugkijkend op het werk van de receptie in 50 jaar geleden, zei Guoyong Hao dat deze ervaring een enorme impact heeft gehad op zijn eigen leven, "het land is in de familieleden van het volk, de mensen zijn in die tijd in de waarheid van het hart, in mijn hart spruit.

"Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai 24 februari, Elektriciteitseditor: Zhang Meixia.

Thousands of billions of large data industry ecology will rise in the field of aerial information.

Interferometers are widely used in a variety of high spatial resolution imaging techniques to break through the resolution limit under limited lens finite aperture.

Recently, ZHANG Xin Qiang, senior engineer Xie Xiuping, and Associate Researchers, and Associate Researchers, and Association of Pan Jianwei.Results of the diffraction limit 40 times Verify that the color erase strength interference technology has high spatial resolution imaging capabilities, expanding the application range of intensity interference techniques.

The application scenario of quantum technology is not only here.

Entering Jinan Quantum Technology Research Institute in the core area of ??Jinan High-tech Zone, visitors will be immersed in the application scenarios related to quantum technology, and there is no exception to the quantum technology industrialization.

In the beginning of this year, in the fourteen five planning project released by Jinan High-tech Zone, the quantum technology industry was listed as the first place in the strategic emerging industrial cluster of Jinan High-tech Zone.

Looking forward to the future of the 30th anniversary of the construction area, Jinan High-tech Zone is striving to create more and more similar scenes. According to the data, the current, Jinan High-tech Zone not only formed electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, modern service industry four major industries, but also strategic emerging industries represented by large data, quantum technology, artificial intelligence, empty information, etc. Strong rise. They solve real pain points and inspire new needs through a scene scene, and the scene is also constantly updating iteration, and finally completing the scene revolution.

A hundred billion-level large data industry ecology will rise as a coal and oil in the industrial era, will become new resources. Who has data, who has the future. These in the fields of the big data are all distinguished from the Jinan High-tech Zone Enterprise. In 2013, Jinan Wom Template Calculation Center was established and became the birthplace of the world’s first government cloud. Massive data complementing the powerful algorithm of urban AI, so that Jinan is running at high speed, it is normal. Only deep accumulation and precipitation, the fire of the emerging industry can form the trend of the original. Jinan High-tech Zone has always insisted on the strength of the emerging industries. Today, Jinan has formed a large data gathering area centered on Qilu Software Park in Jinan High-tech Zone, gathering more than 2,000 companies, and the entire industry accounts for 65% of Jinan City, and the industrial gather is obvious.

The company’s products are applied in nearly 20 fields such as intelligent government, transportation, and energy.

At the same time, a large data industry ecology is formed from data acquisition, storage, cleaning, and analysis to the transaction. When the emerging industry is developing, the single breakthrough is a matter of chapter. In the field of quantum technology, a fierce competition is starting.

Grab the development opportunities of quantum technology, Jinan High-tech Zone has pressed the quick key.

At present, the area has gathered in Jinan Quantum Technology Research Institute, Shandong Quantum Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., which has reserves a series of convertible scientific achievements.

According to the plan, the quantum information industry will reach 100 billion-level scale. At the end of the aerial information field, the great achievements were at 11:20 am on April 27, Qilu Satellite No. 1 and No. 4 were ignited by the Taiyuan Satellite launch center. This is the first high-resolution commercial remote sensing satellite in Shandong, which is also an innovative remote sensing application project with Tianji Internet + remote sensing small satellite model in China.

In the same platform system, the high-resolution radar satellite and optical satellite are simultaneously layout, and the domestic commercial field is also the first time.

On the day of launch, Shandong Industrial Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Major Research Institute) Resolve the upper and depth of the pipe network.

Qilu 4 is a high-resolution optical satellite, and observation accuracy has reached the highest domestic civilian. At a high altitude of 500 kilometers from the ground, two satellites can clearly see a tree on the ground, a car.

While Qilu satellite launched, the Shandong Academy in Jinan High-tech Zone is also in the layout satellite navigation project, and has carried out the construction of low-track satellite navigation enhancement system with partners.

The satellite navigation enhancement system has been included in the national Beidou integrated PNT plan.

The information infrastructure is moving from the foundation to the heaven, which has triggered a new round of information industry technology change in the air information industry as the core.

Currently, the current Jinan High-tech Zone has set a large number of technological strengths in the field of aerial information. Here are national strategic scientific and technological strength, new R & D institutions, leading companies and high-tech enterprises that use Beidou Satellite Systems to build intelligent transport industrial parks. The reporter learned that Jinan High-tech Entrepreneurship Service Center is bringing together related companies, implementing five programs, to introduce a group of companies, form a fund, build a base, set up a association, hold a forum, in smart city, wisdom Ocean, smart forestry and other fields support the first trial of satellite Internet of Things, accelerate the application and development of Satellite Internet of Things industry in Shandong, and build commercial space industry clusters. The AI ??Industrial Try Area wants to make smart cleaning machines, security robots, Ai plant protection robots, AI hand hanging machine, AI magic mirror & hellip; & hellip; in Jinan High-tech Zone Artificial Intelligence Building, more than 20 artificial intelligent products under different application scenarios Exhibition strength.

When looking for a new hero of the new product of AI, the reporter discovered a long chain. At present, Jinan High-tech Zone Artificial Intelligent Building has introduced more than 20 high-tech projects and enterprises including the ARM Intelligent Federation Association Innovation Center, Xinsong Robot, Huawei Cloud Joint Innovation Center, involving more than 200 industrial chain upstream enterprises.

They involve basic support, industry applications, etc., is a more complete AI industry chain. At the same time, an artificial intelligent industrial ecological environment in which a new incubation, resource aggregation, and educational research transformation is formed. The reporter learned that the current, Jinan High-tech Zone is relying on Qilu Software Planning and construction of artificial intelligence industry base, initially constructing strong support, highlighting, intelligent application advanced artificial intelligence development pattern, in order to continue to grasp the major development of artificial intelligence Opportunity, will also implement industrial ecological shaping plans and artificial intelligent industrial model construction plans, with artificial intelligent buildings to build artificial intelligent island. (Reporter Wang Yanbin Correspondent Ma Tingting) Responsible Editor: KJ005.

Shandong is introduced to support the revolutionary development opinion of Yimeng Revolutionary Old District

  In order to implement the State Council’s "Opinions on the Revolutionary Development of the Revolutionary Old Areas of the New Era", support the revolutionary development of the new era of Yimeng Revolution, so that the people’s lives in the old district are more beautiful. Recently, the Shandong Provincial Government issued the "Regional Support for the New Era" The implementation of the development "(hereinafter referred to as" program ").

  "Program" focuses on the short plate weakness of the Yimeng Revolution, and raises the seven parts of the 25 policy initiatives. The first part fully implements a rural revitalization strategy, proposing to promote the modernization of agricultural modernization, building beautiful and livable villages, promoting urban and rural integration development, deepening agricultural rural reforms, and consolidating the expansion of the poverty and the effectiveness of the rural revitalization. The second part accelerate the new and old kinetic energy conversion, put forward the improvement of innovation and development capabilities, cultivate strength, and accelerate the development of "four new" economies, expanded to external openings.

  The third part promotes the green low-carbon development in the old area, puts forward specific initiatives such as ecological protection and repair, development specialties. The fourth part promotes the cultural revitalization of the old district, and puts forward specific initiatives such as the inheritance of red culture, strengthen the protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics.

  The fifth part enhances the well-being of the people’s livelihood in the old district, puts forward the strengthening of public service security, prioritizing education, and enhancing public health prevention and treatment, accelerating specific initiatives such as radio and television and sports.

  The sixth part improves infrastructure network, proposes to accelerate the construction of integrated transportation systems, increasing water conservancy construction, and improve energy security levels, and building new infrastructure. Part 7 improve policy support system, proposes specific policies such as fiscal policies, financial policies, land policies, talent policies.

  According to reports, the "program" highlights the status of the old district, strengthens the tilt support of the counties (cities, districts) of the old district, and strengthening the policy integration, focusing on pain points, difficulties, blocking points, and proposing financial, finance, Series of land, talents and other support policies.

  In terms of protection measures, the "program" proposes to establish a provincial department to help the old district counties (cities, districts) work mechanisms, strengthen the two-way communication of cadres; the relevant units of the provincial government strengthens the overall support and guidance of the old districts in the implementation of the planning and preparation Preparation of Yimeng Revolutionary Old District (City, County) Revitalization Development Plan, to strive for more major matters and major projects into national related plans; various cities strengthen organizational leadership, clarify the division of responsibility, and fully implement various tasks.

The adjacent county is a collaboration area of ??the Yimeng Revolution, actively integrating and accelerating integration.


Successful delivery of new energy pure electric city bus

It is understood that the new energy car in China is a successful application of the world’s leading rail transit electrical transmission and control technology in the city’s modern transportation equipment.The delivery model is a new energy bus T11 platform, the highway TEG6110Bev06 pure electric city passenger car.

With the latest research and development of the 12-in-one control assembly, equipped with independently developed "Yun Zhitong" vehicle operation management system, with "intelligent high-speed rail" calculation, analysis, learning, and diagnostic capabilities, via mobile APP or computer client,Multi-vehicle monitoring and active driving safety protection, providing users with super capabilities "big housekeepers"."Safety Control System" is equipped with a medium-car intellectual control technology, from the actual use scenario from the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle.The whole car skeleton structure has been fully upgraded, and the main carrier structure of the frame is high-strength steel. The whole vehicle weights up 800 kg, and the average energy consumption is far a leading industry level.

The waters have become good, and the porpoise is back.

  Tumble, nod, spray, 10 tits, when you jump out of the river, sometimes sneak into the water … There is a Yangtze River porpoise named "Water Giant Panda", and recently frequently appeared in Nanchang, Minjiang. "The return of the porpoise, gave the Natural Natural Rehabilitation Work in Nanchang City.

The relevant person in charge of the Poyang Lake Fisheries Bureau of Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province said.

  "Will n’t I have a rare animal such as elk, peach and water in the Nangchang ‘sea and green, and marked that the ecological environment quality of Jiangxi Province and Nanchang City has been further improved.

Sang Diongh, Dean of the Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, said. Nanchang water system is developed, and the water area accounts for nearly 30% area.

Since January last year, the Yangtze River is fully arrested in Jiangxi section and the Poyang Lake region; from May last year, the provision of all-round arrest in the Lijiang and Fuhe Nanxiao … The returning task is heavy, the arbitraries are wide, and the self-pressurization of Jiangxi Province. Provincial Agricultural Rural House and other relevant departments and Nanchang City work together to refine measures. Nanchang City New District issued 26 measures to implement accurate help of returning fishermen’s transition, Xihu District focused on building a returned regional environment, ecology, resources continued to long-term mechanism, Qingyun Zone strictly controlled the ban on fishing acquisition Market, flowing to the dining table … Jiangxi completed the return of the arrest of the prohibition in advance, realizing the disposal rate of fishing boats, fishermen’s refrigeration rate, age-age fishermen’s participation rate, labor capabilities and employment will fishermen employment rate 4 100%. Nanchang City strengthened the protection of rivers and shorelines such as Poyang Lake, Lijiang River, adhered to the repair of the waters, from January to October this year, and the water quality rate of the section of the Qingjiang, Fuhe Nanchang section reached 100%. Governing the water kung fu in the water, more on the shore, in the sky.

Nanchang City has a comprehensive rectification of water and water and gas environment in Nanchang City, and the total value of the unit production is 5 years aggregated.

Carry out the whole city’s solid waste pollution control, clean up, realize the closed-loop supervision of industrial solid waste; establish visualization, intelligent monitoring system, and retrospectively retrospective; strengthen the control of pollution of rural environment, and contaminated farmland safety utilization rate of more than 93%, The safety utilization rate of pollution blocks is more than 90%.

  Nanchang City continues to enhance the fineness of the gas management, scientific level, control and ozone synergistic control, and implement the "one park and one strategy" for the volatile organic governance of the Nanchang Economic Development Zone, High-tech Zone, Lijiang New District and other key parks. Key industries such as oil storage and marketing have implemented points to direct directors, emission reduction, tubes, dust, bans, cured smoke multi-pruning … This year, the average concentration of the city decreased year-on-year, ozone concentration decreased year-on-year %, The number of air quality is more than the number of days. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

this matter,Tuco knows。

So he was very worried!
In case it fails,Forget it in his life。
If you don’t have surgery,He can live happily for a while。
Tangled ah!
Fang Yu is here,Tuke is a little calmer。
“Is it troublesome?”Suo Mu asked。
“Just cut a knife on the back of your neck……But also very accurate。There are too many nerves in this place……”Fang Yu explained。
“No wonder,You let me eat and drink……I was really lucky!”
Tuco finished,Burst into tears。
Feeling wronged like a two hundred catties child!
of course,Suo Mu and Fang Yu both looked at his chubby appearance。
More than two hundred catties!