Phoenix Media (601928): Stable dividends to increase performance

Phoenix Media (601928): Stable dividends to increase performance

Key Investment Events: The company announced its 2018 annual report and achieved revenue of 117 in 2018.

900 million (+6.

7%), to achieve net profit of return to mother 13.

200 million (+13.

6%) and realized non-net profit of RMB 100,000 (+29).


At the same time, the company announced the first quarter report of 2019, and achieved revenue of 23 in Q1 2019.

500 million (+14.

9%), achieving net profit attributable to mother 3.

200 million (+20.

9%), realizing non-net profit attributable to mothers2.

700 million (+34.

5%), the company’s performance exceeded market expectations.

The company’s annual report 南宁桑拿 performance achieved double-digit growth.

The reasons for the substantial increase in the company’s net profit attributable to mothers are as follows: 1) The main business is stable and achieved revenue of 117 in 2018.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 1.

9 units; 2) Better cost control, realizing interest income in 20182.

1 million U.S. dollars, under the strategy of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, the selling expenses and management expenses were basically the same as in 2017;

Affected by the cost of inventory paper, the company ‘s gross margins for teaching and publishing of textbooks are under short-term pressure, and may improve in 2019.

Affected by the higher cost of the company’s previous inventory paper, in 2018, the company’s teaching materials publishing gross margin fell4.

9 grades, the gross profit 杭州桑拿 margin grade of the textbook is 10.

7 units.

It is expected that with the rolling purchase and the company’s stock paper prices stabilizing, the company’s teaching materials, teaching and publishing, and gross profit margins will increase.

Monetary funds on the account exceeded 9 billion, and the proportion of dividends to the company’s net profit attributable to mothers increased by 24.

9 up to 57.


By the end of 2018, the company had monetary funds 91.

400 million, sufficient monetary funds.

In terms of dividends, in 2018 the company plans to pay 3 yuan (including tax) for every 10 shares and a cash dividend of 7.

6 trillion, accounting for 57 of the company’s net profit attributable to its mother.

6%, an increase of 24 per year.

9 units.

The new format began to materialize, and the New Democratic Party took office.

As of April 26, 2019, the number of members of the company’s subject network has reached nearly 26.3 million, covering more than 90% of the nation’s top 100 primary and secondary schools. In 2018, PhoenixEase (the subject network) achieved revenue1.

30,000 yuan, an increase of 36% in ten years, and a net profit of 12.44 million yuan, turning losses into profits for the first time.

At the same time, the company announced in mid-April 2019 that it would hire Mr. Tong Jiangtao as the general manager of the company (the general manager is the deputy general manager of the company), or it would bring new development to the company.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.
The company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.
57 yuan, 0.

63 yuan, 0.

67 yuan.

Based on 1) The company’s book currency funds at the end of 2018 were 91.

400 million, imaginable space; 2) the company’s dividend rate has increased significantly, 3) backed by education, a large population province, the company’s teaching materials and auxiliary business has a solid foundation and maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: The new business development benefit may not be as good as expected, and the original paper price will rise.

Baofeng Energy (600989): Plugged into the pearl coal faucet

Baofeng Energy (600989): Plugged into the pearl coal faucet

After more than ten years of development, Baofeng Energy, a leader in coal chemical industry, has been located in Ningdong Coalfield, the country’s sixth largest 100 million-ton coal base.

Since its establishment in 2005, the company has relied on local coal resources to continuously extend its industrial chain. At present, coking (coal to coke), conversion (coal and coke oven gas to methanol, methanol to methanol) and fine chemicals (all aspects of comprehensive utilization)) By-products C3, C4 and other products) Three major industrial chains.

Become an integrated, centralized coal chemical leader.

The company’s annual revenue has exceeded 10 billion yuan, and its profitability performance is outstanding.

At the same time, the company’s projects under construction include a coke gasification billet project invested in an IPO and a 300-inch raw coal capacity, and future growth is expected.

  Coal-to-olefins: 武汉夜网论坛 Better demand, integration, and differentiated development are the core advantages. Coal-based alternatives use coal as raw materials to produce ethylene and propylene. The core process is coal → synthesis gas → methanol → block.

The proportion of coal in primary primary energy is much higher than the global average, and impurities are a necessity for downstream industries. Therefore, with the maturity of related technologies, the domestic coal-based alternative production capacity has grown rapidly, exceeding 1,400 tons in 18 years.
In 2018, the external dependency of polyethylene and polyethylene was 49%, and the import dependency of polypropylene was 14%. The demand for transistor products is strong, and the emerging route variable devices still have good prospects.

From the perspective of CTO economics, through the 南宁桑拿 analysis and calculation of historical data, we judge that the oil distribution is above $ 70 / barrel, and coal-based oxides will have a cost advantage over the petroleum route.

At the same time, for a long time in the CTO industry chain, coal mining and coal-to-methanol substitution have replaced most of the profits, which means that the self-sufficiency of upstream raw materials is the core competitiveness of CTO production enterprises.

  Coke industry: Supply-side reforms support the industry boom. Coke, as both a traditional overcapacity industry and a heavily polluting industry, is subject to severe policy restrictions on the supply side. As a result, coke prices have increased since 16 years and remain relatively high.

At present, the coke industry’s capacity reduction is still underway. For example, according to the planning of the provinces, the coke capacity reduction target for 2019 will total another about 2,000 tons, which will give the industry a certain level of support.

  The core advantages of Baofeng Energy Merger The company has excellent profit margins and ROE performance, and outperforms its peers. Its main advantages are as follows: 1) Located in Ningdong, Ningxia, it is one of the four major coal chemical industry demonstration zones in China.Can fully enjoy the advantages of the local industry, railway transportation conditions and low-cost hydropower facilities; 2) It has an industrial chain that is vertically integrated from coal production to vertical height, and eats the profits of the entire industrial chain into the body, so related businesses have shown relativeObvious advantages; 3) The company’s equipment capital expenditure is smaller than its peers, reducing annual depreciation, reducing raw material costs, labor costs, and excellent cost control capabilities.

  Investment proposals are expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019 and 202037.

30 billion, 46.

570,000 yuan, corresponding to EPS 0.

51, 0.

64 yuan, corresponding to PE 24, 19 times, giving an “overweight” rating.

Delisting efforts to strengthen the ST sector to reproduce the limit of the tide and cap removal concept stocks rise against the trend

Delisting efforts to strengthen the ST sector to reproduce the limit of the tide and cap removal concept stocks rise against the trend
In the early morning today, due to the negative factors, the stock gap opened lower in real terms. The Shanghai Composite Index fluctuated slightly around the 2900-point overall mark, and the trading volume continued to maintain the volume state, indicating that the market wait-and-see atmosphere prevailed slightly.  At noon, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.99%, Shenzhen Component Index fell 1.21%, GEM Index fell 1.66%.The disk, ST and financial sectors were among the top losers. The concept stocks with the cap removed went against the market, and the strong stocks in the early period were highly differentiated.  The chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Yi Huiman, said last week that it is necessary to explore innovative ways of delisting and realize various forms of delisting channels. For enterprises that seriously disrupt the market order and touch the delisting standards, resolutely withdraw from the market to the end.  On the evening of May 10, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange released LeTV (rights), Qianshan Yaji (rights), * ST Longli (rights), * ST Kaidi (rights), Jinya Technology (rights), and * ST QueenAnnouncement on the suspension of listing of 7 companies including Taiwan (right protection), * ST Germany, etc. The number and intensity of the announcements are unprecedented.  Affected by the above news, the ST concept stocks reappeared in the early morning. * ST Wealth Control (protection of rights), ST Tianrun (protection of rights), * ST Renzhi (protection of rights), ST Yinyi and other 30 stocks fell.Among them, * ST Huaye has fallen for seven consecutive words since being capped by the star. Today, the number of orders after the limit may still exceed 700,000 hands, and it has been reported to 1.94 yuan is a record low.  Last Friday * ST Huaye announced that as of April 2019, the company gradually provided a total of 90 guarantees.90,000 yuan, accounting for 3973 of the company’s audited net assets in 2018.68%, of which the overdue guarantee budget exceeds 4.1 billion yuan.The company announced in another announcement on the same day that its net assets at the end of 20182.2.8 billion yuan, 2018 net profit was -64.380,000 yuan, the budget amount reached 2813 net assets.96%.  * ST Tiansheng was capped by a star in less than 2 years after listing.As the company’s 2018 financial report was issued by Beijing Xinghua Certified Public Accountants (Special General Partnership), an audit report could not be expressed, the former chairman of the company, Liu Qun, was eventually monitored by the Chongqing Public Security Bureau for suspected occupation and occupation., And several other former executives were criminalized by public security organs for suspected crimes. Accountants can obtain detailed information on the case and cannot determine the object of occupation, when, how, and the amount of occupation.  Recently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued an annual report inquiry letter asking the company to explain: (1) the specific impact of the above matters on your company’s financial status and operating conditions, as well as the proposed countermeasures, and fully remind the relevant risks; (2) please combine with the companyInternal control self-evaluation report, detailing whether the company’s internal control system and its implementation are effective, and whether there are important or significant deficiencies; (3) Since 2018, the directors and senior management of your company have undergone major changes. Please indicate more than one director, highThe impact of changes in 杭州桑拿网 management on your company’s daily operations and the measures the company has taken and intends to take to ensure the stability of the management team and core employees.  Today, ST Tianrun, * ST Renzhi, * ST Divine City (protection of rights), * ST Colin, etc. are committed to also set a new record low, * ST Rich Control, ST Yinyi, * ST high rise (protection of rights), etc. or a historical lowHovering around the point.  Corresponding to the sharp drop in the ST sector, today, the concept stocks that took off their hats and picked up the star, strengthened, Lanhai Investment, the friendly group daily limit, petrochemical oil services, Jinling Mining, Anyuan Coal and other intraday daily limit, Datang Telecom,Kazakhstan air-conditioning and other gainers ranked first.  Since the cancellation of the delisting risk warning on May 7, the Friendship Group has continued to close the sun, and has continued to rise and stop in the past two trading days, which has been a new high for one and a half years.Youhao Group’s 2018 performance turned losses into profits, and it made a profit of 40.66 million yuan in the first quarter of 2019, which was more than the vertical net profit of 37.29 million yuan in 2018.  Bulk transaction information shows that Shanghai Yixin Reuters has bought Friendship Group 5 times in a row since April last year.The last time I bought 350,000 shares for Friday.  Hatting stocks such as Lanhai Investment and Petrochemical Oil Services have also received the attention of the main funds in recent days, all showing a clear net inflow.

2 trillion Yu balance treasure-sister article-how attractive is the fund portfolio?

2 trillion Yu’ebao “sisters” come to the fund portfolio attractive?

China Fund’s financial management circle is “Hi!”

Alipay enlargement: 2 trillion Yu’ebao “sister article” is coming, how attractive is it?

  China Fund News reporter Ling Yun Are you still buying surplus treasure?

There are more than 600 million people in use across the country. Recently, Alipay has 杭州桑拿网 quietly launched a certain remaining treasure ‘s sister product “Good Balance”, and the latest announced yield over the past year is over 3%, even approaching 3.


  As soon as Alipay fired, the attention of the Internet wealth management market was very high!

  So what are the characteristics of Yingjia?

Why are there some advantages to traditional “babies” that are not worth buying?

Let’s take a look with Fund Jun.

  Alipay launched a “good balance” yield is significantly higher than the currency funds recently in Alipay’s “Yuebao” page, there has been a main “flexible access” wealth management products, showing the increase in earnings in the past year.


  This product was launched by E Fund Fund in cooperation with Alipay. It is called “E Fund has a good balance”, and its risk level is “Low Risk”. It starts at 100 yuan.

The product page shows at least three characteristics: 1. Stable returns, generally higher than the cargo base; 2. Strict control of risks, which may lead to probability; 3. Flexible access, buy and sell at any time.

  In addition to E Fund’s good earnings, this series of products launched by Alipay also include 3 products: Huaxia Fund’s “Huaxia Currency Enhancement”, CCB Fund’s “CCB Currency Enhancement” and Huitianfu Fund’s “Huitianfutiantianli”.
  There is a certain difference in the yields of the four products, and the current highest surplus, Jia, has increased by 3 in the past year.

68%, the lowest one yields 3.


However, overall, the yields are above 3%. Compared to less than 3% of “baby” products, they are definitely attractive.

  What’s the secret of the new product?

  So, what is the relationship between Yingjia and Yingbao, which have similar names?

Judging from the naming of some products, a series of products such as Jiayujiao are currency enhancement, that is, to enhance income on the basis of currency funds, and this part of the enhanced income mainly replaces the debt base.

  Take Yujiao as an example, it is not a pure currency fund like Yu’ebao, but a fund portfolio that includes 65% of the money fund (CCB Cash Gain Currency) and 35% of the bond fund.Base also includes 20% of Yifangda Anyue Ultra Short Bond Bond C and 15% of Yifangda Anyui Short Bond Bond C.

  Several other funds in the same series also consist of cargo-based and debt-based, with a ratio of 7: 3.

  It is the debt base in the portfolio that contributes its excess returns over the cargo base.

However, joining the debt-based operation has also caused the fund portfolio to lose some of the conveniences only found in the pure-goods base: 1. Monetary funds such as the minimum purchase amount and Yu’e Bao can also be purchased for one cent; funds such as good balances can be purchased from the point of purchaseAt least 100 yuan.

  2, real-time refund, Yu’e Bao has a 2-hour fast credit function, with a daily limit of 10,000; good balance only has ordinary credit function, that is, refund before 15:00 on the same day, and credit before 24:00 the next day.

  3. Holding period. For monetary funds such as Yu’ebao, because the refund fee for the purchase is 0, they can be redeemed at any time, and can even be used directly for online payment;There are requirements for holding days, and boots lead to shorter holding time of the combination.

If the short-term revival redemption occurs, the actual return on hand may even be negative after offsetting the redemption rate.

  For example, when the two debt bases in the good balance are held for 7 consecutive days, the selling fee is exchanged for 1.

5%; of which the short-term debt fund has a selling rate of 0 when the holding period is between 7 and 30 days.

In other words, if you want to redeem the zero rate, you must hold it for at least 30 days.

  (Selling rate of the super short-term debt fund in Yujia) (Selling rate of the short-term debt fund in Yujia) Since the enhanced income of the portfolio mainly comes from the debt base, this part of the income will also fluctuate with the yield of the debt base.Once the debt base performs poorly, it may also drag down the overall return of the portfolio.

  In summary, although Yu’ebao has a “running underperform” profit margin, it still has advantages in change management, redemption at any time, etc. According to this, good balance is more suitable for higher yield requirements, and the funds can be short-term.Idle investor.

  Can the fund portfolio cope with declining returns?

  At present, like the good balance, the “goods base + debt base” is packaged into a single product for sale, which is rare on the three-party financial management platform, but similar fund assortments are not rare in practice.

  For example, there is a portfolio area “Niu Jibao” on the public fund platform of Good Buy Wealth. By matching different types of funds and adjusting the ratio, it has formed multiple fund combinations such as conservative, stable, balanced, and growth.And therefore customer needs for different risk tolerances.

  For example, the wealth management platform “Slow and Slow” launched a fund portfolio “Stable Happiness” in cooperation with Bank of Communications Schroder in 2017. Through the “Seven to Three Matching Ratio” of multiple bond funds and hybrid funds, it has been nearly a yearAchieved annualized returns of more than 7%.

  Regardless of whether it is Alipay or other three-party platforms, the purpose of merging fund portfolios is to obtain relatively high and stable returns while diversifying risks and controlling retracement itself.  Fundamentally, the “breakthrough just realized” under the new rules of asset management has brought challenges to bank wealth management products. At the same time, the relaxed market environment has also allowed the yield of “baby” products to continue to decline.

  The monitoring data released by Rong 360 Big Data Research Institute shows that by August 2019, the expected return on bank wealth management products has fallen for 18 consecutive months, and the average expected return on bank wealth management has increased by 4 in August.


Two or three years ago, the yield of Yubao could reach this level.

  Bank financial management yields kept falling, and “baby” product yields continued to decline.

Since the annualized yield of Yu’ebao on the 7th in 2018 broke “3”, it means that it has gone down all the way, and once replaced 2 this year.

Below 5%, it has picked up recently. The current 7-year annualized yield of Yu’ebao is about 2.


  The continued decline in yields has also led to a reduction in scale.

The data shows that at the end of the second quarter of 2019, the total size of the 78 “baby” money funds was 4.

44 trillion, down 5 from the end of the first quarter.


  According to Rong 360 Big Data Research Institute, since 2017, the overall growth rate of “baby” has shown a clear trend, and the growth rate in the second quarter of 2019 is the second negative growth after the fourth quarter of 2018.

The reason for the decrease is enough to reduce the continuous decline in yields and significantly reduce the attractiveness to investors; the replacement lies in the increase of T + 0 wealth management products by banks, 合肥夜网 and other short-term wealth management debt-based alternatives, forming a diversion.

  In May 2018, Alipay made a change to the currency fund, and in addition to the remaining treasure, it successively received currency funds of other fund companies for users to choose from.

Today, Alipay has once again made changes to the monetary fund and launched a cargo-based + debt-based enhanced version.

Whether such an attempt will be recognized by the market will also require investors to answer the answer.

Hytera (002583): Significant results of refined management significantly improved cash flow

Hytera (002583): Significant results of refined management significantly improved cash flow

Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved operating income of US $ 2.7 billion in the first half of the year, a continuous decline of 11%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 21.7 million yuan, an increase of 176%; in line with expectations.

The settlement effect has led to year-on-year declines in revenue, the best level of cash flow in history, and a decrease of 11% in the first half of the year. This was mainly due to the same period last year when revenue 淡水桑拿网 was recognized as a high point, the impact was affected, and some OEM customers’ business substitution dropped.

In the first half of the year, the comprehensive gross profit margin was 43%, which fell slightly to zero in ten years.

6 points.

The deduction of non-net profit has improved, and non-recurring gains and losses have increased by approximately 98.8 million yuan each year, mainly due to the increase in business-related government subsidies.

Cash flow improved significantly, with operating cash flow reaching 5.

9 billion U.S. dollars, once turned sharply, reaching the best level in history.

The Company continued to promote refined management, and the cost level continued to improve. The company continued to promote refined management, and the cost management and control effect was remarkable.

In the first 杭州桑拿网 half of the year, the company’s sales expenses, management expenses and financial expenses decreased by 13 respectively.

44%, 4.

29%, 5.

50%, R & D expenses remained flat.

We believe that with the company’s business growing steadily and continuously increasing its expense management and control, the gap between revenue and expenses will help bring about continuous improvement in profits and cash flow.

Continue to get orders overseas, large project orders create history. During the same period, the integration of the new high company and its subsidiary Cypress has achieved significant results, and the European market has gradually improved.One of the core suppliers.

In addition, emerging markets such as Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East have continued to make breakthroughs. The first half of the year has announced major orders such as the Philippines, Brazil, and Peru.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has gradually announced that the big single explosion has exceeded RMB 900 million, a record high over the same period.

Maintaining a “Buy” rating We continue to be optimistic about the company’s ability to expand overseas markets, as well as the continued decline in expense ratios brought about by refined management, and the long-term growth brought about by new product lines.

Maintain 19?
The 21-year EPS forecast is 0.



64 yuan, corresponding PE is 28X / 21X / 16X, it is estimated to be at a low level, optimistic about the improvement in performance on the estimated lifting effect, maintain a “buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Gradual changes in revenue recognition, domestic market demand exceeds expectations, overseas expansion exceeds expectations

You belong to a new type of sensitive skin_1

You belong to some type of sensitive skin

One: hereditary, contact, and environmentally irritating sensitive skin.

hzh {display: none; }  特征:皮肤紧绷,发痒,有刺痛感;干燥,粗糙;易出现红斑;是有过敏倾向或已经出现过敏症状的皮肤。  Judgment: When the skin directly contacts allergens such as pollen, sunlight, dust, powder, metal, alcohol and certain ingredients in cosmetics, a stress reaction will occur.

It is related to the individual’s specific constitution, and responds obviously to changes in seasons and the environment.

  2: Redness and sensitive skin characteristics: thin skin and dilated capillaries.

  Judgment: Under the influence of the following factors, such as: heat, sun exposure, hot drinks, spicy foods, emotional and after the exercise, the skin will become hot and red reactions.

  3: Dehydration and sensitive skin characteristics: dry and desquamated skin, water and oil imbalance; in severe cases, fine lines on the skin surface (dehydration lines) are obvious, and the skin is easy to relax and age.

  Judgment: After using moisturizing skin care products, there is a short-term tingling sensation.

In particular, people who often work in indoor dry environments and people with irregular diets are more likely to have a potential tendency to be sensitive rather than skin conditions.

Don’t make the taboo of Chinese herbal slimming tea


Don’t make the taboo of Chinese herbal slimming tea

The slim waist is not in a firm grip, and the weak willows help the wind to drag the lotus-this realm is almost desired by all women. Today, with the “Hanfang” leading the trend, Chinese herbal medicine is more favored by women.Women who have pursued beauty throughout their lives have been rushing, so more and more self-made weight-loss herbal teas have emerged endlessly. As everyone knows, medicines are divided into warm and cold, and the same medicine is eaten by different people.He wins.


Weight loss misunderstanding A-Rhubarb Name: Rhubarb[sexual taste]tastes bitter, sexual cold.

  [Function]Xiere Tongchang, cooling blood detoxification, Zhuyu Tongmeng.

  [Application](1) It is used for dry stool, stagnant diarrhea, and constipation due to heat, yellow fur, and so on.

  (2) It is used for fiery hyperthermia, forced blood overflow, red eyes and severe pain, heat and sores.

  (3) For postpartum stasis and abdominal pain, stasis and blood stagnation, menstrual dysfunction, and bruises, stasis and pain.

  [Should be avoided]Take care if you have no evidence, blood deficiency, qi weakness, spleen and stomach deficiency, no real heat, stagnation, stasis, prenatal and postpartum.

  Internet rumors of consumption methods: rhubarb + honeysuckle, boiling water for tea, multiple times a day, can lose weight.

  Use rhubarb to lose weight, mainly with its laxative effect, but its strong diarrhea, coupled with the nature of cold, so cold people are no different than pouring oil on the fire.

Furthermore, although rhubarb has a laxative effect, it is a medicine that converges. It is easy to form after taking it for a long time. Over time, it will not show up.

  Rhubarb contains anthraquinone components that are hepatotoxic and can cause liver damage.

Clinically, there have been reports of hepatitis B patients’ deaths due to taking rhubarb-containing traditional Chinese medicine, resulting in sepsis and various organ failures.

The rhubarb-containing anthraquinone component also has nephrotoxicity. In animal experiments, it can cause swelling and degeneration of renal tubular epithelial cells in rats.

  (2) Myth of Weight Loss-Cassia Seed Name: Cassia Seed, Grass Cassia[Sexual Taste]Bitter, slightly cold

  [Function]Clear liver, eyesight, laxative.

  [Application](1) For redness, swelling and pain, shame and tears.

  (2) Laxative effect, can treat dry stool.

  Internet rumors of edible methods: Cassia seed + green tea, boiled water, drink several times until the taste is light, can lose weight.

  This tea does have the functions of clearing heat and calming the liver, lowering blood pressure and lowering blood pressure, moistening intestines, purging the eyes, and improving eyesight, but then it is prone to abdominal distension, diarrhea and dizziness and nausea in the early stage. For a long time, it will definitely cause irregular menstruation and irregular menstruation, And then make the endometrium abnormal.

In addition, after all, it is a laxative, which is bad for the body and can damage the body’s righteousness.


Weight Loss Misunderstanding C-Aloe (Poisonous) Name: Aloe[Function]The method of consumption of heat and purging fire network: raw food, tea replacement, various brands of aloe capsules, detoxification and laxative.

  Aloe has significant defecation effects, but should be used with caution for those with weak constitution or spleen and stomach.

Those who vomit after eating fresh leaves of aloe vera, or cause retinal abdominal pain and diarrhea should also be banned.

Aloe vera is a medicine for clearing away heat and detoxification. It is more convenient for strong constitutions (ie, empirical type), but for weak constitutions (ie, deficiency type), the effect may be unsatisfactory. Only by understanding the adaptability can it be better played.effect.

Pregnant and menstrual women should avoid taking aloe vera.

  Too much aloe vera has good nutrition and moisturizing effect on human skin, less irritation, comfortable after use, rough skin, wrinkles, scars, freckles, acne and so on.

However, fresh aloe vera juice contains a certain amount of calcium oxalate and a variety of plant proteins.

In some patients, the skin is particularly sensitive. After topical application of fresh aloe vera leaves, the skin may feel itchy or have small red rash spots, which are generally not too severe and can fade in half a day.

If you have skin allergies, you can replace the fresh aloe leaf juice with cold water and use it. Those with severe allergies should stop using it immediately.

If you find a small rash spot or feel itchy, you can rinse it with warm water. Do not scratch it with your fingers to avoid scratching the skin and causing a new infection.

  Taking laxatives often can cause drug-induced constipation.

This is because habituation with laxatives will reduce the sensitivity of rectal reflexes. In the future, even feces enter the prevention, which will not cause nerve impulses that cause defecation reflexes, which will cause constipation.

Therefore, if you do not understand the pharmacology, you should never take it casually.

It’s a medicine that is divided into three parts. Remember to follow your doctor’s advice.

Looking at health through teeth

Looking at health through teeth

TCM visits involve all aspects of the human body. Almost everything from head to toe can help doctors diagnose patients with diseases. Speaking of the most intuitive teeth, TCM believes that “tooth is the bone,” and it is an important part of the human body.Can traditional Chinese medicine understand certain physical problems by looking at the teeth?

If the teeth are thin or the roots are exposed, the kidney-qi-losing teeth may have the closest relationship with the kidneys. Therefore, if a person’s teeth are not well developed, the kidneys are usually not good.

For example, adult teeth are sparse, tooth roots are exposed or bleeding with pale gums, tooth yellowing, blood sugar and muscle atrophy are mostly problems of kidney qi deficiency. At the same time, we should be alert to hypertension.

Gum redness, gastritis, or fatigue TCM believes that gums are associated with ulcers.

If there is simple swelling of the gums, it is mostly caused by gastritis, which may also be related to gastritis; if the swelling is accompanied by loose teeth and strong bad breath, it is mostly periodontal disease.

The cause of this disease is not only the lack of calcium supplements or the uncleanness of toothbrushes, but also the reduction of immunity caused by excessive fatigue.

Yoga exercises specializing in obese limbs

Yoga exercises specializing in obese limbs

These problems can be completely flexed through yoga to achieve complete relaxation, thereby creating uniform lines and beautifully shaped limbs.

  Always listen to the MM who wants to lose weight. Don’t think that you are obese because of the muscle relaxation of your arm!

This view is very wrong.

Many women think that their arms, especially their upper arms, are loose. In fact, this is not fatness, but exercise of arm muscles.

  And a large number of office women working in the military civilian work all day in a chair. In order to show the best manners, they still sit with their legs bent from time to time, which slows down the blood circulation in the legs and the muscles of the tibia and hind legs.The longer, the stiffer and more tense, the leg muscles will lose their elasticity gradually. No matter you are sitting, you will always feel tired and fatigued. More importantly, it will affect the shape of the legs and buttocks, resulting in bloated and obese lower body.
  Action 1: Create an exquisite jade arm in a mountain style. Action 2: Anterior fracture of anterior compression: Exercise the lines of the big arm, and exercise the entire front side of the body.

  Mountain style: Disperse the misfortunes in the big arm area and stretch the extra meat in the big part of the big arm.

  Train long legs with beautiful legs: exercise the back of thighs and hips.

  Side angle bending: outside the thigh and waist, the curve of the ribs will be more perfect.

Eight kinds of embarrassment in bed in sexual life

Eight kinds of embarrassment in bed in sexual life

In the face of sex, it is inevitable that there will be some abnormalities, occasionally embarrassing, and even show the inexplicable ideology.

Li Jundong, a sex expert, wants men and women to easily experience the “sexual tri-state” and avoid stagnation!

In fact, everyone has more or less perversion, but only to a different extent.

Metamorphosis is easy to flash, and it is difficult to prevent.

Abnormality has no solution, but you can definitely avoid it!

The following “bed state”, please pay attention not to lose state: First, boast a lot but break the power to talk about a love regardless of men and women, boasting to show off nothing.

A-level women want to add a look, if you don’t want to open the knife, add a magic bra, and use the dumpling padding method, it is a good way to upgrade to the sea Mimi.

In the 21st century, the bra has become a top technology product, breast cancer fraud group!

Focusing on the effect of the high support, the little tits instantly become a big breast girl, letting you think that you have reached the best Boba, and the bed inspection is in the dark.

The bra of the “two forces accomplice” has become a public enemy of men who are unwilling to be fooled.

This year, women are happy to shake their bags on the chest, and also motivate manufacturers to develop male magic underwear, so that men can become more powerful and powerful!

  However, the illusion of making a big package can only be regarded as an alternative “masturbation”. When a man and a woman love an intimate relationship, they must replace the camouflage.

Xiao Yannan still has to face the reality, the “unexpected” woman put herself up for a long time, when the time to pull out the dumplings, remove the silicone “self-acquisition of milk” action, add self-deception.

  Second, after drinking vomiting and vomiting, I admit that I can be courageous after drinking, but don’t believe that relying on alcohol can help, and drinking too much before intimate relationship is very easy to create “tragedy”!

There is one example: Brian, a colleague of Lan Jiaotou, is a gentleman. He has volunteered to escort the female friends who have already drunk.

Unexpectedly, the drunken lady mutated into a beast, grabbed him like a fire, and violently pulled down his crotch and pulled out his guy, saying that he wanted to blow up his fire.

He just wanted to enjoy this sudden happiness, suddenly “vomiting”, his words are all her vomit!

It turned out that Brian’s behemoth was holding her throat and vomiting for her in disguise.

Remember, in addition to drinking and not driving, be sure to add one more: “Do not blow the horn after drinking.

“Three, bad breath, body odor, body odor, sweat odor, foot odor and other stinky odors, odor, body odor, body odor is even more scary!

The mouth is as stinking as a morgue, so people can’t breathe.

People who smoke and inhale alcohol are prone to odor, oral hygiene is not good, and the sputum that does not brush your teeth before making love is even more annoying.

Especially after eating the onion ginger and garlic, the mouth can be said to be stinky to the highest point!

The use of oral spray to cover the bad breath has a limited effect, and thoroughly brushing the teeth to highlight the freshness can be cut into the focus; found that the root of the smell can be the right medicine.

A small amount of urine, sweat and other body fluids in the genital area, such as not good to wash down the left 揉 right 揉 揉 keep clean, intimate contact is really sweet and sour bitter and salty “five flavors mixed” people can not compliment, some people’s private parts taste like custard, Natto and salted fish, stinking like “three moms stinky pot” that makes you want to dry up!

Unless you are sure that the other person likes “smell”, you should deodorize yourself before you make love.

  Fourth, bald sex makes hair fall and affects the man’s self-respect.

Women voted for men’s “five bad”: bald and poor, ugly, “bald” ranked first.

In real life, men find that the blows of their baldness seem to be higher than the pain index of being stolen by the company or being abused by their girlfriends; the secret of hiding baldness is revealed by cruelty, and it is better to die than to die!

My old colleague Xiao Tang is so handsome that he is forced to attack Tom Cruise, but his true face is a bald man with a wig and a low self-esteem.

A few days ago, he made a new girlfriend on the Internet with the nickname of Tom Cruise’s “Little Soup Soup”. The two of them loved each other and went to Weige for Valentine’s Day. They were ready to have a sweet honey and kiss, but they didn’t expect to play.His entire dark-button wig was accidentally uprooted by her!

His girlfriend is taking a closer look, my mother!

She couldn’t help but laugh, Xiaotang Tang instantly became Su Shichang, and he was hurt on the spot.

The soup with serious hair loss problems was so anxious to ask people to ask for remedies to save baldness. A kind person told him that he could wash his hair with salt. He also washed it down and lived like a pickled head every day!

Later, the scalp was red and swollen, and he had to go to the hospital for help. His ignorance was stung by a dermatologist.

In fact, if the head shape is good, with the desire to cover it, it is better to be shaved and shaved to be a bald man.

  Five, premature ejaculation people are very sad men erect ejaculation is the climax of the tip, the pleasure is in the moment of ejaculation; but women have to do the foreplay to reach the climax.

In order to climax with a woman, men have to learn to control ejaculation.Initially the initial sexual experience is always too fast to believe in, super!

If someone screams that he has the potential to “head” for the first time, maybe he is really talented, but it may be that he is jealous of you!

The earliest men were trained from the accumulated experience of “sudden horror” into “slow lang”.

The psychological factors of premature ejaculation may be environmental stress, or it may be excessively concerned about the performance and heart pressure, if again, again and again, the “Fast Gunman” drama code, beware of premature ejaculation into a habit.

  Some drug-selling stations say that masturbation in Taiwanese Rap can lead to premature ejaculation, and there is actually no absolute connection.

I have heard of adults intimidating children and said: playing “lazy cars” will rot, and now growing up is not a hero!

Continuous ejaculation is awkward, don’t always want to “shoot” when making love, digital figures also help to distract attention from ejaculation.

When you feel a quick shot, you must skillfully pull out, temporarily buffer the thorns, breathe and adjust your breathing, do a few Kegel exercises, and wait until there is no more ejaculation impulse to continue.

  Sixth, the tidal blows are not the result of the loss of control of the woman’s G point due to excitement and expansion, often through the stimulus can reach the tide of the realm, there is one said.

Women’s eruption in the joy of sex, the Japanese language is called “flush”, many men hope to experience it.

My friend A Chao, who is an AV male Kato Eagle as a sex instructor, he hopes that he can go to the tide to reach people!

A Chao is extremely obsessed with the tide of women, and every girlfriend is always looking forward to personally experience the tidal taste of the outbreak (but no woman has promised to let him do this)!

Last month, on Valentine’s Day, he took a lot of money to buy a new bag of Hermes to his new horse, and finally got the experience ticket.

  ”I can say that my girlfriend finally let me use my fingers to work.

I didn’t expect that it wasn’t long before I got rid of it. I really thought it was a source of living water. I think I am a genius!

“However, it was not long before I was happy. The thick urine smell made A Chao feel that something was wrong.”

His girlfriend blushes that she is “a fake tidal blow, really urinating.”

“I see you look forward to it, don’t want to sweep you up.”

Some people do suspect that tidal blows are female urinary incontinence.

Whether she is blowing or not, if you are sleeping on a top Simmons mattress, make love or don’t forget to prepare for flood prevention.

  Seven, do you have a noisy experience and you have a sudden fart experience when making love?

When I experienced sex, the other party suddenly slammed into the sky and thundered me.

  ”I have had a super anal experience.

It was a man I liked very much. He asked me for anal sex. I want to please him, don’t talk about anal sex, and I am willing to punch!

“Ma face Kelly said: “I didn’t expect that I had a bad stomach that day. His fried rice action had a great stimulation to my stomach.”

“He was intoxicated, but she pulled a bed full of stools and made him stunned on the spot.”

  Some people especially like anal sex (perhaps a miner in their previous life, so they pay special attention to the development of mysterious gold tunnels).

A netizen told me that he loves “anal fists” (this is not one of the twenty-four filial piety “for the pro-testing feces”?

According to the physiological structure, the anus is covered with about half of the nerve endings in the pelvic area. It is easy to arouse sexual desire after touching. People who pick the active offensive will also feel irritated. It is no wonder that many people “know that the anus has convulsions and prefers to squat.”.
However, the anus is a “big hall”, shocking trepidation, excessive chrysanthemum and rectal germs, “kiss flower” or “flower arrangement” have to be clean; professional enema and rinseLiquid can help clean up the portal.

  Eight, A film action do not mess A film non-teaching film, but there are too many whimsical men in real life to take A film as a standard.

Gigi said that she had had the experience of being sprayed with semen. So far, I still have a lingering fear: “On his birthday, after cutting the cake, he made a wish to ask me to give him a blowjob. That is the last thing I like to do.

I was very uncomfortable that day. I thought that since the day was inconvenient, it was his birthday to say how good it was. I was so reluctant to reach his wish.

“Gigi didn’t expect him to ejaculate in her mouth without any psychological preparation!”

When she couldn’t get back to him, he fluently pulled the words out of her mouth, licked a few times on her (slap in the face), and ejaculated on her body.

He was obviously overjoyed, but she felt that she was being humiliated.

She was so angry that she rushed to the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, her mouth full of smell, her face full of wolverines.

  Both “mouth burst” and “beauty shot” are in Japanese. Those who have seen Japanese A films must know that this is the way men ejaculate at high tide.

“Mouth explosion” as the name suggests is “intraoral explosion”, ejaculation in the mouth of the other party through oral sex.

The man wants the other person to swear by the mouth, and the climax shoots the semen into the woman’s mouth.”Beauty” means “face ejaculation”, which is a casing that shoots semen in the other side.

  ”Breakout” and “Blood Shoot” are mostly women who succumb to or highlight the male-oriented AV world. The ideology of men’s respect for women is such that when men watch A films, they produce a thrilling projection effect.

  In the face of sex, we sometimes have some abnormal behaviors, even accidentally taking some embarrassment, or holding an ideology on sex, inadvertently stepping on the other side of the mine.

  Some things in sex always happen naturally; it is difficult to explain this desire.

Learn more about a person from a sexual attitude. Sexual love is the enjoyment of each other. It is considerate and caring. It must be in a state of pleasure and relaxation, from tolerance, tolerance, and advancement to enjoyment.

  Like a person, barely cooperate with each other’s quirks and preferences, eager for the other side to echo their own ideas; love itself is not only a morbid state, but may even be a perverted behavior.

There are various embarrassments in the process, and even want to express your own ideology. It is not easy to find someone who can talk about love and sweet love.

The love of love is staggered like ice is turned into water, and the water evaporates into water vapor. The love is fortunate and unfortunate. In the possession and loss, the traces of walking will be like the love ing that May Day sang:”In the future, a certain day of the month, some time, some time, some time, somebody, somewhere, somewhere, forever, will not forget.”