British officials to visit China to seek "stability"

[] Britain’s new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ended his trip to China. British Foreign Office stressed that this visit is important for the first time after Hunt became foreign minister to visit international activities, even before he is scheduled to travel to France and Vienna, extraordinary significance.

  Hunter’s visit the main purpose is to seek cooperation in China-Britain bilateral trade, financial services, regional and international issues such as, generally speaking, is to increase the stability of the cooperation with the world’s second largest economy, hedge "off Europe" to Britain instability brought about.

Hunter from the Minister of Health was promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs itself is because his predecessor, Boris Johnson because of incompatibility with the Prime Minister’s views on "de-European" problem suddenly resigned. British Foreign Office had said before the visit Hunt, Britain and China have played an important role on the international stage, in the "off Europe" and will be the occasion of the economy more "export-oriented", the UK is committed to deepening and China for 21 century global comprehensive strategic partnership. The British government on the one hand and the EU should strive to negotiate, we must also focus on the long term, to create objective of "globalization Britain" in their eyes to go beyond the EU to embrace the world, which brings huge opportunities for UK-China cooperation. According to the schedule given by the official, Hunter’s trip is mainly to attend the ninth China-UK strategic dialogue. Hunter participation in high-level exchange mechanism chaired the meeting in Britain in the humanities Ren Weisheng minister had, this is the first time he played a key role in the Sino-British strategic dialogue. During the dialogue, Hunt held talks with senior Chinese officials, which is an important part of follow-up talks around June this year, China decided to lift the ban on British beef imports. The Chinese measures to expand imports of openness and widely welcomed by all sectors of the UK, British beef producers have called the "landmark" decision, the media is expected in the next five years the British beef trade will more than 2 billion yuan. China is the world’s second largest importer of beef, beef is the world’s fastest growing market, with beef as the representative of Chinese trade and economic opportunities attracted select the "off Europe" in the UK. Not long ago, Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming when talking about the British side to be held in China, "China International Import Expo" attitude towards the said Britain reacted "very enthusiastic, positive," enterprises are very active, involved in high-end manufacturing , automotive, medical equipment manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, travel services, as well as electronics, clothing, apparel and so on.

This fully demonstrates the Chinese market more attractive to UK businesses.

  It is worth noting that Hunter is "Chinese law", he understand China, China’s rising consumer to know who is destined to change the world, know the importance of English in the British trade development. Hunter’s visit, relations between Britain and repeatedly referred to the "golden age", the Chinese side also called for the "golden age" fineness is greater, more highlights, go more stable. But the "golden age" of the cast depends on the two sides meet each other halfway and work together is not easy.

Just before Hunt’s visit, the British government issued "national security and investment," the White Paper, aimed at tightening the review of large-scale overseas acquisitions, public opinion worried this will affect Chinese investment in Britain.

Chinese officials said at the meeting with Hunter "I hope the British side to provide a good institutional guarantee for UK companies to invest in China", it is perhaps for this purpose. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Beijing from seven aspects and strengthening epidemic prevention and control measures

  CCTV News: The risk of epidemic risk and prevention and control in Beijing continued to increase, in this, Beijing has adjusted and strengthened the capital prevention and control measures.

  In order to better scientifically and effective prevention and control of the epidemic, the capital strictly entered the Beijing Management linkage coordination mechanism to adjust and strengthen the capital prevention measures in seven aspects.

  One is to minimize out the Beijing activities. In the near future, it is not necessary to leave Beijing.

  Second, continue to adhere to the restrictions of people in the pastoral district to return to the Beijing policy. There are 1 case and the above-year-old new crown virus infected county (city, district, flag) and 14 days of the county travel history personnel strict restrictions on the return to Beijing, implement epidemic prevention requirements, and "Beijing Health Bao" is not green code.

  The third is that all enterprises strictly inspect "Beijing Health Bao".

  The fourth is to strengthen the management of Beijing.

Suspend cross-provincial tourism and strengthen epidemic prevention management in the team team. Continue to suspend the entry tourism business.

  The fifth is a strict conference forum epidemic prevention requirement. Beijing Marathon was held.

  Sixth is to prevent and control in public places.

Press 75% Los over the open park scenic spot, the theater, museum and other indoor and outdoor cultural entertainment venues. The community chess room, Mahjong Hall and other places are suspended.

  Seven is strictly implemented "Quartet Responsibility". The legal responsibility will be investigated for the history of refusal to cooperate with epidemic prevention management, intentionally concealing the history, the history of contact.

Dedicated to love mutual progress

After dinner, wash the bowl, a look at the table, and the villagers of Sanyuan Village, Yongfeng Town, Tianchang City, Anhui Province, rushed to collect the profit, and rushed to the village representative Zhou An Genist.

Entering the hospital, the three-five leap surrounded, the villagers have left the "Farmhouse Falling Story".

Wang Yifen is the headback, which is fresh and look forward to. "Today, please come, just want to listen to everyone’s opinions on the cultivat life in the village.

"Zhou An politics just fell, Wang Yifen took the lead in speaking," I think the village is good, it is lack of healthy trails.

"Then, the villagers, you said, I have given a lot of ideas. In March this year, the 2 Venue Pilot" Farm Festival "will be selected by the new era civilization practice in Yongfeng Town.

"In the past, the volunteers were on the door to go to the door. It may be delayed in the countryside." Zhou An Zheng introduced, now every village group opened a "story", "everyone," We have to do. "In recent years, the new era civilization practice centers have been guided by mass needs, carefully design volunteer service projects, promoting the refinement, specialization of volunteer services, and explores the effective path of Chinese characteristic volunteer services, especially civilized practical volunteers.

The urgency needs, the project is high quality, a pencil, fine draw; .

More than a year ago, Xu Guohui came to a good home and found his job. The good home is a volunteer service base in the new era civilization in Jiudai District, and has a civilized practice volunteer service project "round dream factory" established for the employment of disabled people.

Good home not only provides free accommodation, transfer, training, employment, etc., but also regularly organizes volunteers to "send teaches to the countryside" in the township streets in Jiutai District. Where is the masses, where volunteer is delivered.

The new era civilized practice centers focus on the needs of the masses, distinctive, high-quality volunteer service projects, gather strength, and serve the masses.

The civilized practice station next to the three-grain primary school in Shikashi Town, Bolu County, Guangdong Province, is lively. It turned out that in order to facilitate the parents who can’t take school in time, the practice station has arranged a teacher to guard, responsible for care, and guiding students to complete the operation.

"It is just a slightly smaller force for us, but it solves many parents’ problems." Sanjiacun Primary School Teacher Huang Chunjiao voluntarily registered, and took a week in civilized practice station every day. "The villagers have more demand for agricultural technology. We sent agricultural technicians to send technology to the countryside; there are many children in the village, open weekend public welfare class, etc. The old man in the bed is in the bed, organize doctors and volunteers to each village. …… "Chen Yutian, deputy director of the Bolo County Civilization Work Affairs Center, Bolo County New Times Civilization Practice Center provides the required services to villagers in accordance with the standards of layered classification. At present, there are more than 1,400 real-name registered volunteers and more than 1,400 volunteer service teams have been carried out in more than 1,400 volunteer service teams. Boluo County also refines 105 boutique service projects and vigorously enhance civilized practice volunteer service project brand level.

Fine docking, specialized service road is clean, green trees are shaded, and only 10 minutes from home – Wang Yifen did not expect that she made a suggestion after the "Farm Festival of the Farmhouse", the village built a 3 Killer healthy trail. Today, Wang Yufen has always loved to take a walk, eliminating food.

Not only the "Farmhouse Falling Story". In recent years, Tianchang City’s New Times Civilization Practice Center provides Internet intelligence management platforms, mobile app, WeChat public account, telephone exchange, and face-to-face reflection and other ways, all civilization practice, station also takes place through poverty alleviation condolences, grassroots research, etc. Inquiry, send the needs of the masses to the smart management system after summarizing the needs of the masses. At present, Tianchang City Civilization Practice Smart Management System The average of the "order" is 340.

Through a series of innovative ways, the extent of volunteering projects, the level of specialization is continuously improved. At the new era civilization practice center, the power is more accurate, and more than the "appetite" of the people.

In Jiangsu Yixing Yicheng Street Talks, "China Good People" Wang Jun took the team to the new era civilization practice station in the community, massage for cleaning and security personnel.

Wang Jun is a blind masseur, which has helped more than 100 blind jobs. Not long ago, Trusting Community staff submitted a service demand through the "Rhododendron Open – Yixing New Times Civilization Practice Center", hoping to make an appointment of massage services for community cleaning and security personnel.

The New Times Civilization Practice Center is the first time with volunteers. After a long time, Wang Jun team will pick up.

"The public can submit personalized service needs in the online platform of the New Times Civilization Practice Center. Volunteers will also form a list of demand for grassroots masses through regular visits, distribution tables, etc. The New Times Civilization Practice Center passed the two channels underline, and more than 120 people demand will be collected every month. "The center staff will reflect the comparison of content for screening, collecting volunteer service projects to each town, departments and social organizations and filed publicity, and finally form a ‘service menu’." By mobilizing the power of all parties, Yixing City Civilization Practice Volunteer The service is further done. City Power Supply Company creates various township power supply to create a new era civilization practice point, establish an "aging group electricity model", so that the elderly people have been helplessly help; Jiangsu Way Yixing Branch uses cable TV households, open The new era civilization practice virtual channel, allowing the masses to participate in the event, get the service; Yixing Poly Grand Theater held the "People’s Great Stage Art You Come" theme activities, let more people board the elegance art stage Harvest spiritual food.

The mechanism is more perfect, the effect is more effective, and the East Island Liujia Village, Wanglian Street, Rongcheng City, Shandong Province, and a laughter.

More than 10 volunteers of the "Beautiful Cook" volunteer service team were sitting together, making love cuisine for the village. "Can you make some contributions to the elderly, we also feel glorious!" Liu Yifen, volunteers. "This is the hard work of the rural credit system construction." Liu Junjun, secretary of the party branch of the East Island Liujiacun, said that two years ago, the village has established a "beautiful kitchen" volunteer service team, more than 50 villagers rushed to sign up , "Village stipulates that every 4 hours of volunteering can get credit plus 1 point, and the credit score exceeds 5 points. You can get a bonus and free use of agricultural machinery. award.

"Volunteer Service Institutionalization and Credit System Construction complement each other, is a major feature of Rongcheng City to carry out new era civilization practices.

Rong became 26 civilized practices such as the participation of the masses in theoretical preaching, charity and rescue, and the old dismisions, etc. Conversion ", etc., allows volunteer services and credit systems to resonance.

Rongcheng also organized more than 900 civilized practical volunteer service projects for three consecutive years. The more than 200 "partners projects" were discovered by love, and they raised more than 5 million yuan, and the village has active. , Long-lasting support for a long time for civilized practice.

At present, there are more than 1,300 civilized practices volunteer service teams, registered volunteers, and launch more than 2,000 civilized practices in the month. In order to make the volunteer service more last, the new era civilization practice center in Jiutai District promotes volunteer service to rank root, excavation and discovery living in rural areas, rooting the backbone, installment, and grading of the farmer to carry out civilized practice farmers’ backbone training course. At present, more than 2,000 peasant backbone has been trained in the region, providing native motivation for civilized practice.

In order to encourage more people to participate in civilized practice volunteer service, normalization is a good job of serving the masses, Boluo County has held 3 public welfare ventures in 2017, ran out 25, 15, 51 high-quality projects, accumulated Invest in funds of 4.6 million yuan. While the volunteer service project is more refined, the volunteers have also got a gift for the pride, with more pride, sense of honor, better in the countryside, and take the root. (The reporter "Li Jia Ding Hong Qiu Ting Yao Xueqing Wang Pei).

7 Medische instellingen in Dongcheng Suspend Business

Originele titel: Dongcheng 7 Medical Institutions Suspend Business News (Reporter Sun LEQI Correspondent Lu Jing Ting) Dongcheng Endo Conservering Office voltooide het volledige dekkingstoezicht en inspectie van 286 sociale kantoor kleine medische instellingen in het hele district, en ontdekte dat er een epidemische preventie was en controleprobleem in de inspectie. De medische instellingen worden beschreven, en de administratieve straf en opdracht om het bedrijfsleven op te schorten.

  Om de medische instelling aan te sporen om de preventie en controle van de epidemie te voorkomen, consolideert u het onderwerp van de epidemiepreventie en -controle van de medische instelling, de Dongcheng-district Wei Prefare-afdeling mobiliseert dringend 40 werkgroepen en 3 professionele afdelingen en de sociale school van 286 Kleine medische instellingen in het hele distributiecontrole van het districtsdekking.

De belangrijkste problemen die in de inspectie zijn gevonden, zijn: 11-type symptomen zoals hoog-risicogebieden worden niet in de tijd bijgewerkt; 10 soorten symptomen zoals koorts en droge hoest zijn niet ingevuld zoals vereist; het personeel is niet perfect gezond; desinfectie Records; Medische schoonheidsinstellingen hebben uitgewone maskers.

  Dongcheng District East Guide is geconcentreerd op de verantwoordelijke persoon van 17 medische instellingen in het bestaan ??van epidemische preventie en controle, en 8 medische instellingen prominent, de East 50 medische instellingen hebben administratieve straffen, en de Peking Pingxin Turki Interpretatieafdeling, Peking Yong’an Medische keten 7 medische instellingen zoals de Oost-48 Chinese geneeskundekliniek werden gelanceerd volgens de wet, besteld om het bedrijfsleven op te schorten.

Tijdens de schorsing van het bedrijfsleven moet de medische instelling de vrijstelling van de epidemische preventie en -controle herstellen. Nadat de supervisor wordt herzien, kan het worden geopend nadat de supervisor wordt herzien. Het is niet toegestaan ??om de diagnose zonder beoordeling te openen.

Vervolgens zal Dongcheng District East Guide Station "Terugkijk" Supervisie-inspectie voor medische instellingen die in de vorige inspecties zijn gevonden, en de medische instellingen die weigeren om te verhelpen, zullen worden behandeld, en er is een ernstige kwetsbaarheid voor de preventie en controle van de epidemie . Krijg het. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

2021 Board of Non-Legacy "Cloud" Exchange-activiteiten gehouden in Zhangzhou, Fujian

  Tentoonstellingsactiviteiten hebben het gordijn in de palmpoppen geopend, gebracht door het Cangzhou Bag Puppet Inheritance Center.

 Zhang Jinchuan Foto, Nieuw netwerk, 16 december (Reporter Zhang Jinchuan) Kus Fu Taiyuan – 2021 Two-Shore "Cloud" Exchange-activiteiten in Zhangzhou, Fujian op de 16e. De niet-erfenis van de twee zijden van de Straat heeft zijn "hand van de hand" laten zien en bleef dan de culturele liefde tussen de twee kanten, veel van de Taiwan Agricultural, Taiwan-scènes, en het multi-platform live Broadcast trok ook het online horloge van twee strekkende netizen aan.

  Zhangzhou City Coophilus (芗 芗) Inheritance Center bracht de "台" van de Kamata. Zhang Jinchuan fotografeerde "10 verwijst naar de interpretatie van de wereld, en de handpalm wordt ondersteund."

Tentoonstellingsactiviteiten hebben het gordijn in de palmpoppen geopend, gebracht door het Cangzhou Bag Puppet Inheritance Center. Vervolgens bracht Zhangzhou City Coophilus (芗 芗) overervingscentrum het "台", vrolijk en levendig ritme, gemakkelijk te begrijpen, en won het warme applaus. Vervolgens toont het nummer "18e fase", de mooie en prachtige zangkamer reproduceert de klassieke charme van "Liangshanbo en Zhu Yingtai" selectie "18e fase." De prachtige show "da beroemde fu", het zuidelijke woord "Lu Xing" en andere prachtige programma’s zijn gespeeld en de non-legacy-erfen tonen hun eigen huizen en interageren van tijd tot tijd met het publiek, ontbranden de sfeer.

  Taiwan Jiayi Changyi Pavilion Chinese Supreme Troupe Yan Liangfiliang video verstuurde zegeningen.

 Zhang Jinchuan Photo Activity Site, de Puppet Player en Taiwan’s Puppet-spelers uit Taiwan Chiayi Changyi Pacific Paddings, de zanger van de Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer Singer. De "Yuxi Yingfeng "en andere prachtige programma’s, het winnen van de scène.

  Taiwan Chiayi Changyi Pavilion in de Tunnel Troupe Bag Puppet Show "Fire Rose Dream".

 Zhang Jinchuan-foto van Taiwan Jiayi Changyi Pacific Paddown-troupe zei dat dit jaar geen tegenhangers van het gezicht en het vasteland had gezet, laat hem spijt voelen. "De wortels van het pakket van Taiwan spelen op het vasteland, ik hoop in de toekomst te communiceren met meer two-zeestraatpakketten." Bujchow houten drama "grote beroemde regering".

 Zhang Jinchuan Passenger Introductie, be?nvloed door de epidemie, de organisator heeft de locatie van het belangrijkste voorouderlijke woning, Taiwan Business Investment Intensive District – Fujian, Zhangzhou, geselecteerd en gebruikmakend van de lijn van de online-regel, via de live uitzending van de uitzending Prachtige niet-erfenis uitvoering. Fu Taiwan Nursery Rhyme "台 对".

 Lin Xinghua, de Executive Deputy Director van Fujian-uitzendingen en televisiegroepsroep, Fujian-uitzending en televisiegroepsroep, zei: "Kissing en Taiwan en de Activiteiten van Geng-culturele tentoonstelling niet-GENG, het merk van twee gestrande folk branded Gehouden 7e, de voetafdrukken zijn verspreid over Taiwan Taoyuan, Hsiji, Miaoli, Chiayi, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Yunlin en Fujian Pingtan, Xiamen. In de afgelopen jaren heeft de Groep actief onderzocht, en de zegening overerving overerving overerving, de tak van de twee kanten van de niet-legacy passanten, door de streaming van het media-leven en heeft tegelijkertijd miljoenen Netizens geoogst op hetzelfde moment . "Het succes van het evenement, wat aangeeft dat de sterke wens om de uitwisselingen tussen de twee zijden van het land te versterken, is dat de epidemie en andere interferentiefactoren niet kunnen worden geblokkeerd." De "18e fase". Hij Jincai, de secretaris van Zhangzhou City Culture en Tourism Bureau nodigde Taiwan-landgenoten uit om het rijke en kleurrijke culturele erfenis op het vasteland te ervaren.

Hij zei dat hindernissen ons niet kunnen schudden, we zullen de vaste overtuigingen van Cross-Strait Exchange-samenwerking blijven verdiepen. Cross-Strait-landgenoten moeten doorgaan met de hand in hand, hart, gemoedsrust, eenheid, gezamenlijk erven en China’s gezamenlijk Uitstekende traditionele cultuur, om de integratie-ontwikkeling van de integratie van de cross-strait-integratie te verdiepen, continu-motivatie.

  Taiwan Singer zingt het zuidelijke nummer "Raw".

 Zhang Jinchuan fotografeerde de "Lu Xing" -prestaties. Zhang Jinchuan is gemeld dat het evenement wordt georganiseerd door Fujian-uitzending en technologiegroep, Fujian-uitzending en technologiegroep, Fujian-radio- en televisiebureau, Fujian Provincial Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, Southeast Broadcasting Corporation, Zhangzhou Cultuur en Tourism Bureau. (Einde) Hua’an Gaoshan Dance.

 Zhang Jinchuan foto.

Shanxi Province special cleanup remediation industry association Chamber of Commerce

  Original title: Our province’s special cleaning and remediation industry association Chamber of Commerce is in recent years, and the province carries out the industry association chamber of charge and remediation work, July 20 to October 30, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and other departmentsSome provincial industry associations will conduct a checkup.The inspection mainly takes a report, check the information, and financial audit, and conduct key inspections, internal governance, establishment, business activities, etc., resolutely stop and investigate and investigate and deal with the violation of the industry associations., Standardize and guide the legal and reasonable reasonable charge of the industry association, accelerate and improve the financial regulatory mechanism of the industry associations, and further reduce the economic associations of the industry associations, reducing the market subject burden, optimizing the business environment.(Gao Jianhua).

Survey of satisfaction with education duties in the provincial people’s government

In order to widely understand the social opinion, objective, just, scientific and evaluate the provincial people’s governments to perform education duties, the Office of the State Council’s Education Supervision, the Office of the State Council, conduct satisfactory surveys and collect problems in the Zhejiang People’s Government to fulfill the education responsibilities. Clues and opinionssuggestion.

Scan the Chinese education supervision WeChat public number QR code, select "Concerns"Provide reporting clues.The filler can choose the corresponding questionnaire according to their respective identity (social people, teachers and students).

The investigation time is from September 1 to October 20, 2021.

(China Education Supervision WeChat Public No. Qi).

The national population is less ethnic, and the poverty of the poverty of the country.

On July 18th, the national population of the country is universally poverty, and the Guangkang Site Promotion will be held in Haidong City, Qinghai Province.The Vice Chairman of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference, director of the National Civil Affairs and Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Battel has fully affirmed the results and experience of supporting the growing national development of the population, emphasizing the "unforgettable, remembering the mission", and comprehensively implement the party’s 19th National Spirit and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the spirit of the spirit, all the best,On the way, solve the problem of "two unfamiliar three guarantees", connect to the poverty and rural revitalization strategy, closely around the new era of the national work, prepare the "fourteenth five"National Work Special Plan, ensuring full construction of well-off, and a nation cannot be less.

The meeting was hosted by the National Civil Affairs Commission.21 related ministries, 20 provinces and districts and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the National Civil Affairs Commission, attended the meeting.

Qiu Baochang: Strengthening diligence and saving awareness and propaganda

People’s Network Beijing September 24th, who knows the Chinese food, the particle grains are hard.

Diligence and thrift, cherish the food is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.

However, with the development of the economy, the material is abundant, the people’s living standards are generally improved, and food waste, especially the waste of the catering link is shocking, returning to the initial heart, saving, and the paper food and drink are willing.

Recently, the "consumption insight" series of "consumption insights" series of "consumption insights" in the Chinese Consumer Association jointly planned, focusing on "waste on the tip".

China Consumers Association experts, Beijing Huijia Law Firm, Qiu Baochang, said, to oppose food waste, and promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, cultivate and practice socialist core values, and accelerate construction resource-saving environment-friendly society Important measures.

Email food and savage, and punish the behavior that caused catering waste.

Qiu Baochang believes that now the residents’ living standards have increased, and food production has grown year, but it is necessary to live in danger.

"No matter how food reserves, always oppose the laying, respecting farmers working hard.

"" Make sure food security, one is quality, the other is the amount.

Quality refers to the standard to meet food safety to ensure consumers’ food safety. The amount refers to the need to meet the consumer’s consumer’s consumption. Qiu Baochang said: "People take food for the day, if there is no food safety, other issues may be difficult to solve. "Diligence and saving, anti-waste, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Introduction to Qiu Baochang, Article 5 of Consumer Rights Protection Law clearly stipulates that the state advocates civilization, health, saving resources and protects the environment, against waste.

"From the legal level, the principled provisions of the catering waste are required, but all principled provisions, the binding is not strong." Qiu Baochang believes that society should work together to form a good social atmosphere.

By vigorously promoting the beauty and morality, create an ambulance atmosphere of the Food Festival, and vigorously promote the concept of glorious, waste, and strive to create a social power saving and opposing waste.

The conservation concept becomes an internalization, externalization, and practical behavior. Email the food and savage, in addition to positive publicity, the act of repeatedly do not change and causing waste, should give legal training and punishment, according to relevant laws and regulations, the behavior that caused catering waste is penalized accordingly.

“Since this,That’s more, you can’t stand by.,A small life,A big life。”Tang San Tibetan Minds a Buddha No.,Purplexia fairy that is unconscious。

Liao Wenjie saw a frown,Not blocked,There are some small entangles before,I feel that I will throw Zixia to the Niu Deyu.,In case the old cow feels a chicken, you can take a light day.,Does he become an Ouyang crazy?。
He is pure love God god!
at the moment,Tang San Tibet is willing to shoot,Just take my mind for him,By default, Zixia Fairy。
What later,Guan Yin also said,Follow him,Don’t be afraid that the script has collapsed.。
Think of this,Liao Wenjie,Various opinion,Behind the merits,He raised his hand and put it at your feet.,Change into a lotus table。
Tang San Tibet hooded,Great shock:“Liao Show,You are so messy,Guanyin sister will be angry。”
“Your Guanyin sister said,I am happy.。”
Liao Wenji mouth,哼 子 观 观 观 道 道:“The poor pass is very clear,Monkey is your apprentice,What do you think, what should I do??”
“Wukong is only a born naughty,Nature is not bad,The world misunderstood him,Only because of his five senses,Nothing is willing to understand his three views。”
Tang Sanzang:“I am getting along with him.,See him every day.,Bullying,Also forced Xiaobai Long Women’s Wear,I found that he is actually a child.……”
Liao Wenjie shouted directly,Very no sign:“Be,So far,Besides, I am standing on the monkey.。”
“Liao Show,you understood?”
“understood,I will understand when I was young.,Monkey falls to this point today,Do you have a unbacked responsibility。”Liao Wenjie vomiting。
“Yes,I blame me for taught it.。”
Tang Sanzang is annoyed:“If I don’t mean I only say three times a day, I have said three times.,Too little to his homework,Wukong will not be more arrogant,If it is not his arrogance,I will not grab it to the King of the Niu Devil.,Will not be by Guanyinjie……”
MD,Why do I want to give him a chance?!
Liao Wenjie wakes up in time,A hairdressing boxing,Lotus in the foot,Fly around Tang Sanzang and Zi Xia Fairy to the monkey。
Desert edge,Firewood。
Supreme treasure, a face, to hold the purple Youth Sword,Because he is not close to the woman’s clinical rejection,Didn’t give Zi Xia tasted the sweetness of the sweetness,The latter ran down。
Zixia ran no relationship,Moonlight treasure box is not bad,No moonlight box,He can’t leave this world.,Save the heart, Bai Jingjing, is not talking about。
Supreme treasure dark swear,If you give another chance again,He guarantees that no one will make a gentleman,No matter what Zixia wants to do,He is lying in place,Let it be。
“I should so early.,I blame my love but my mind.!”
To respect the treasure regret,Fall behind,A little small grievance,Biting the teeth when you are bitten by the dog。
Again,Zixia Fairy is Pan Shi Jimei,That is, Bai Jingjing Master,All,He is filial to respect the elder.。
distance,Shashi is shocked,Rising big dust,Air roll,Blowing fire, suddenly。
Supreme treasure faintly saw a white light drop from the sky,Lift purple 青 宝,All the way is close to,Silent prayer,Ask the old man to see him handsome,Ten million is Zixia crash.。
The situation is not much,Although Zixia did not crash,But people are indeed present。
Liantai descended from the sky,Liao Wenjie who turned into the way to grab the monkey from the sand,Staying it nowhere to escape。
“Sun Wukong,You are born for your sister and the sister of the Niu Devil.,Actually, make your Master Tang San Tibet.,I still have a demon ghost to eat Tang Yan meat together.。Not only that,you……”