Breaking the "tightening"

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Central Talent Work Conference, the country’s development relying on talents, national revitalization relying on talents, we must enhance the sense of urgency and accelerate the establishment of talent resources competitive advantage. In order to break the bottleneck of talents, Zhang Wei in the western inland area, insisted on hardware, reform, deepening the reform of talent development system mechanism, breaking the system of talent training, use, evaluation, service, support, incentives, etc. Authorization, loose, funny, and resolutely break the "tightening", "sinterletence" of the talents, and excite the experts to save the experts to sink to the rural line, with talent "venting service" to revitalize "Acceleration". Authorization is focusing on stimulating vitality. For a while, the problem of talents have been dying, and there are too many problems, some departments and units are accustomed to the management of the management of cadres, introduce the policy to the tube, talents, and constrain talents. The release of vitality.

Solving this problem, on the one hand, the administrative department should be decentralized as needed and actually, the administrative department should be put, and the employer can decide by the employer; on the other hand, to make people The subject gives full play to subjective initiative, establish effective self-constraints and external oversight mechanisms to ensure that the decentralized permissions are connected, and it is well used. In the past few years, Zhangye City launched in-depth development of talent policy "bigwork", and developed the reform of deepening talent development system, strengthening the introduction of talent training in the new era, encouraging guidance to flow to the grassroots level, accelerating the revolutionary documents of rural talents. In the province, the privileges will be the first to discharge the employer, the title review, open recruitment, position setting, limit external employment, etc. I have said it; in the assessment of the industry, the establishment of the industry, the division, the segmentation, and the species are evaluated, and "the judges do not use people, the people’s misating", and maximize talent vitality. Loose talent pain points. For a long time, talent evaluation has problems such as Wen, Words, only academic qualifications, and prizes, etc. The masses hope to be seriously detached and become a big pain. "The generals are not painful, and the pain is not passed." The pain must be trick, and the lower medicine is solved from the institutional mechanism. Zhang Wei’s actual situation in the country, deepening agricultural promotion agencies, and the researchers of research institutes, "venting service service" reform, and the municipal government to encourage agricultural science and technology talents to engage in agricultural industrial development services, allowing scientific and technological personnel in research institutes. Free flow between the seed enterprises, breaking your identity, academic qualifications, title, discipline, the subject group, etc. 61% of researchers achieved "two-way part-time", received good results, was rated as typical cases of national cultural talents development and scientific research results. Introduce the competition mechanism of the scientific and technological talent project, the introduction of the "Management Measures" and "Work Plan" of the unanmetric projects, and promote the pilot project of the major technical research in the city, and focus on solving the technical problem of the key industry "card neck".

Configure the focus industry urgently needed. The industry is an attractive carrier, only the coupling effect of "industrial collection talents, talent promotion development" around the industrial chain layout. Zhangye City is the agricultural market. The technical strength of agriculture has a relatively advantage. It is necessary to organize the strength of the industry through authorization. It is necessary to organize advantageous strength. According to the first line of the industry, let me tightening the fist and focus on the development of the industry. Provide strong talent support. Proposing the implementation of talents to help the country to revitalize the "Ten Industry Society Wancai" plans, surrounded by the top ten special pillar industries such as beef cattle, vegetables, integrate colleges, research institutes, industry sectors, and build 10 expert service groups to the countryside service, focus on support 120 people lead the farmers’ professional cooperatives, using five years of training to create 10,000 rural practical talents, promote the formation of high-end talents to put the pulse will diagnose, operate talents marketing operation, skill talent production management, "Joe Irrigation" rural industrial talent The pattern is rated as a case in the fifth national talent work in this year.

Take it with your heart.

Talent is used for this.

If ignored in "use" to work hard, it is only the introduction and ownership of talents on the side, which is both a lot of talents, which will also cause great talent waste. To give it to the platform, let talents have a chance to develop, develop hopes, use their teach to shake the revitalization of rural industries. To give the treatment, let the first-class talents create first-class performance and get a first-class remuneration.

To be giving policies, implement "babysitted services" for outstanding talents, and effectively solve the worries of talents. In this past few years, Zhangye City improved the practice of purely compete for financial resources, and finally prepared 100 preparations and establishing "talent preparation pool" to ensure the introduction of "fixed pills" prepared by talents.

Relying on the establishment of a one-stop talent service window in key parks, implementing the whole process, "Service Express" system, allowing people to enjoy policy dividends without leaving home. In the province, the province has established a special talent title review channel, which is eligible for 5,443 rural talents and corporate talents. Carry out the city’s talent talents, introduce an excellent talent, create an expert studio, lead a talent team, carry out a technical topic, serve a industry, driving a "six one" event of a industrial development, Implement differentiated assessment and dynamic management exit mechanisms, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the role of talents.

(The author is the Standing Committee of Zhangye City Committee of Gansu Province, the Minister of Organizations) (Editor: Wang Hao, Wu Nan).

College student physique testing and diploma directly linked, it is time to really

In the survey, please wait.

If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page "Physical test hook diploma", it is time to real grid, if you are the big new life of this "double first class", your middle and long run, pull up, sit-up Sitting, standing long jump, sorry, 4 years later, you will not get a diploma! This is not a joke.

The university issued "the most strict sports school rules" is Yunnan University. The school began in the fall of 2021, and the physical fitness test and diploma were directly hooked.

  In the past two days, the news of Yunnan University issued "the most strict sports school rules" caused attention. According to reports, the new sporting regulations of the school, all grades of undergraduate were opened in sports must be repaired, and the four years of total 200 hours.

The content of the sports class exam in the semester is divided into "sports skills + physical test + usual results", if the total score is not good, even if you have achieved good results, you can’t get the cloud big diploma.

  "Physical test link diploma" is not the first initiative of Yunnan University.

In 2007, the Ministry of Education has proposed this requirement. In 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the "basic standards" of higher education institutions ", clearly stipulates that" the "National Student Physical Health Standard" management system is established, and the student test score is included in the student file. Evaluation, the important basis of the evaluation. When graduating, the student test results can not reach 50 units. " However, this provision has not been fully implemented, some universities are worried that if strict implementation, it will lead to a considerable number of college students can’t graduate, so they often have only eyes, or use physical examination instead of physical test . Despite the continuous improvement of social living standards, the continued decline of college students is not struggling. In September this year, the Ministry of Education issued the 8th National Student Physical Quality and Health Survey. Compared with 2014, there are many indicators of the national 19 to 22-year-old college students in 2019, and men and women have different degrees of decline in different degrees of decline in men and women. Representing the 800m of girls with endurance quality and 800 meters of the girls fell second, seconds.

  The root cause of college students’ physical health level continues to decline is the life of life and poor life. On the one hand, the courses in the primary and secondary schools have been heavy, health awareness has not been formulated, causing students to form a long-lasting behavioral habit, lacking awareness of health care for physical exercise.

Unhealthy lifestyle that is insufficient, insufficient sleep, irregularity, and dietary unreasonable, affecting students’ physical fitness, affecting physical and mental health.

At the same time, the development of the Internet has made many college students into the virtual world, and there are very few time to go outdoors.

As the Dean of Yunnan University, Wang Zongping said: "Now college students need to enhance their physical fitness, they are willing to play games in the dormitory, and they are not willing to go out.

"Enhance students ‘physical fitness, contain continuous decline trends, in addition to strengthening publicity, more need to be transferred to the system, stimulate students to strengthen exercise, develop good habits. The status quo of college students’ group mass, shelving" physical test hook diploma "The implementation of the rules seem to be love for college students, the fact is a kind of harm.

Over time, it has formed a vicious circle, and colleges and universities are increasingly daring to be realized, college students are increasingly paying attention to physical health. Yunnan University is worth promoting, it is time to really grid.

"Physical test link diploma" is not a flood beast. As long as you open the sports class, make full use of the good sports classroom main position, plus the active cooperation between students, actively exercise, students’ physical fit can be effectively improved, realize the "small goal" of the graduation certificate. There are college teachers’ direct words, "99% of students can pass after exercise." The standard acquisition certificate is only one aspect. More importantly, through this "good fortification" to help college students develop exercise habits, they will benefit for life.

China astronaut ruimtelijk leven verwelkomt "nieuw seizoen": Qi Zhi-bende gebruikt zijn hoofddekking om de spiegel te stelen

Originele titel: China Astronaut Ruimteven Leven Guided in "Nieuwe Seizoen": Qi Zhi Gang’s Head Cover Shampoo Stealeing Mirror China Maned Space Project Office 2e Externe aankondiging van 3 Astronauten in Shenzhou Third Space Washing Yan Zhihong droeg een hoofdbedekking, Wang Yaping Liggen Afbeelding van de schorpioen greep met succes de spiegel. In de video stond Qi Zhi-bende voor het eerst op en opende de dag van "full" vol. Na het dragen van een ge?ntegreerd ontwerp, nadat de spiegel de baard schraapt, haalde hij ook het "vrije water" shampoo "artefact" uit aan het ruimtestation. Eerder gebruikte Qi Zhi-bende een video van hoe zijn hoofd in de ruimte ondiepe video te schudden.

Deze keer demonstreerde hij persoonlijk "in het ruimtestation en voldoet aan de vaardigheden om zijn hoofd te schudden en het bevredigen van de mensen. Op dit moment zijn Wang Yaping en Ye Guangfu ook op de foto verschenen. Na Wang Yaping stond hij een "Gods vaardigheid" op de schorpioen. Hij verliet het slaapgebied en begon zijn tanden te poetsen. Hij was nog steeds erg opvallend. Ye Guangfu is bezig met de mobiele telefoon. Shenzhou No. 13 Astronauten zullen een halve jaar in de ruimte blijven, gecombineerd met werk en rust, het amateurleven van de astronauten is ook kleurrijk. Qi Zhihong bracht een peninktpapier uit de grond, maar downloadde ook de film- en televisie-drama en nummers van tevoren, ik kan een kijkje nemen op de tijd van ge?rriteerdheid, luisterde naar het, ik was getalenteerd door de Netizens om het nieuwe te poetsen " Hoogte "; Ye Guangfu en Wang Yaping gaan naar het instrument.

Wang Yiping onthulde de Chinese cultuur in het interview met de media. Sommige mensen zeggen dat "dit nummer alleen maar zou moeten zijn." In het dagelijkse dieet bereidde het grondpersoneel een speciaal recept op basis van de persoonlijke voorkeur van de astronaut, zoals de stoofpot van het noordoosten, voor de Wang Yaping van Shandong, bereidde de tonijn, Kelp en andere zeeproducten, bereid uit Sichuan’s Ye Guangfu Bamboe-scheuten , laat de astronauten hun geboortestadingen in het ruimtestation eten. Space "Business Tax" gedurende een half jaar, astronauten zullen een nieuw jaar in de ruimte hebben, het grondpersoneel bereidt het voorste festival van tevoren op, inclusief varkensvlees koolstoffen, inktvisvulling, dumplings, zegeningen, coupletten, Chinese knopen, vakantie kostuums, enz.; Wang Yaping ook zorgvuldig voorbereide mysterieuze geschenken voor twee kameraden.

(Zhongxin Nieuws Reporter Ma Shuai) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

20 villages and towns in Hebei were selected for the 10th batch of national "one village one product" demonstration village town

  3 Town (hometown) was selected for 2020 national rural specializes in 10 billion towns. 3 villages were selected for 2020 national rural specialty industries Yilian Village, and the agricultural rural department announced the 10th batch of national "one village one product" demonstration village and 2020. The list of billion yuan villages in the national rural specialty industry. The 20 villages and towns in our province were selected for the 10th batch of national "one village one product" demonstration village, 3 towns (townships) were selected for more than 10 billion yuan towns in the country’s national village, 3 villages were selected for 2020 national villages.

  Our province is selected for the tenth of the national "one village one product" to demonstrate the town of Zhongyi County, Zhonghan Township, Gaochun County (fresh peach), Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County, Qi Daohe Township, Qi Road, Zhichengzi Village (chestnut), Longjia shop Town, Changli (Powder), Yangjiayuan, Yucheng Street, Zhangzhou City (Peanut), Qiu Cheng Town, Qiu County (sweet potato), Huatai Town (late autumn Yellow Pear), Xingtai City Xinshu District Liquid Town (Apple), Inner Hill Dongshihe Village, Liulin Town, Xingtai City, Xingtai City, South Heti District, Jia Schun, Tang Village (tomato), Tianhengqiao Town, Fuping County (edible fungi), Dingxing County Yingyu Town Longhua Village子 镇 镇 镇 峪 村 (), Xinglong County Lanqiying Town (Chestnut) Municipal Anzone Dongguang Town, Niu Yok Village (grape), Yongqing County, Huiqi Town Mun Village Township (Peach).

  The province is selected for 2020 national native industries to billions of towns: Zhengzhang Town, Qingxian City, Qing County, Zhengzhang Town, Qiyang County, Wang Tongyue.

  The province was selected for 2020 national country specialty industrial billion villages: Ningjin County Sujiazhuang Town, Ningjin County, Houjiazhuang Township, Inner Hiku County, Ximazhuang Village, Muraun Township, Shenzhou City. (Reporter Hao Dongwei).

Traffic investment exerts "stabilizer" role in some areas to achieve high-speed growth

People’s Network Beijing October 28 (Wang Zi) Today, the Ministry of Transport held a press conference in October, introduced the economic operation of transportation transportation in the third quarter of 2020. Wu Chungeng, Director of the Ministry of Transport, said that the main transportation of transportation in the first three quarters of this year, "first drop, rise, tend to normal", and do "six stable" work, implement "six guarantees" "The task, especially in terrestrial investment, steady employment, has played an important first engineering role. Specifically, this year’s economic operation in the first three quarters of the transportation is presented in the following characteristics: First, traffic investment has played an important "stabilizer" role. Despite the influence of new coronal pneumonia, the investment in transportation fixed asset investment in the first three quarters of this year maintained a high level operation.

The traffic fixed asset investment in the first three quarters is trillion, and the year-on-year increase.

This growth rate is not easy to get in the influence of the epidemic. At the same time, this growth rate is the highest level in the same period in the past three years. In the first three quarters of 2018, the increase is%, and the growth in the first three quarters in 2019 is%.

Among the completed trillion yuan investment, the road waterway completed the investment probably trillion, accounting for the total target tasks of the year, completed%, completed the annual target task in advance. Invest in high-level operations, to do a good job of "six stable" work, implement the "Six Bao" mission played an important support. Second, the whole society is growing for five consecutive months.

The whole society in the first three quarters is declined, and the decline in the same period last year, but this ratio is already small.

From the perspective of moonlight, it has achieved a good situation that the cargo volume has been negative, and in the past five months. In the third quarter, the amount of freight volume reached%, gradually, and basically returned to the level of normal growth.

The third is that some areas have realized high-speed growth. There are three highlights in the third quarter of the third quarter, and the three areas present high-speed growth trend. The postal express delivery industry, completed the traffic volume billion in the first three quarters, increased year-on-year; China-European class has opened 8756 columns, an increase of 46% year-on-year, and the increase is faster; container iron wire transportation volume reaches a widaking box, a year-on-year growth.

It can be said that postal express, China-Europe class becomes a typical case of cross-critically ventilation and challenge, and accelerating development.

The fourth is the high-speed rail, civil aviation and other fields present a rapid recovery.

In terms of civil aviation, the domestic route passenger traffic has returned to 98% in the third quarter, and the plane has not felt that the plane is not good to buy.

In terms of railways, at the end of the third quarter, the traveler’s passenger delivery returned to 80%.

In a sentence, "the traffic is a barometer of the economy". From the metrology of the first three quarters, the indicators of transportation development are good, and the operational trend is stable.

To a certain extent, the traffic front has become a bright landscape in the economic operation. In the first three quarters of traffic development indicators and stable operational trends, on the one hand, the good operational situation of my country’s macroeconomic economy was also firmly confident in the completion of the year-round development.

(Editor: Wang Zi, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Contribute to the development of the motherland and hometown

Original title: For the development of the motherland and hometown, the strength of China, China Xinjiang and Kazakhstan Xinjiang Queang and International Student representative video exchange will be held in Urumqi.

The video exchange will be held by Xinjiang Overseas Association and the Chinese Embassy in Kazakhstan. The Chairman of the Autonomous Region CPPCC Chairman Nurlanda is not full of gold and Chinese resident ambassador to attend the meeting and speaking. In Kazakhstan’s Xinjiang Queen and International Student Representatives and the loved ones in Xinjiang gathered together, the love of the thoughts, and ride the development of Xinjiang.

Nurlanda is not full of money, saying that Xinjiang is an indisparable part of China since ancient times. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, all ethnic groups in Xinjiang jointly united and prosperous, and Xinjiang’s economic and social development and people’s livelihood improvements have achieved unprecedented achievements. In recent years, the United States and Western anti-China will take into account the facts of the people of all nationalities in Xinjiang, spread all kinds of Chinese lies. I hope to give full play to the role of the bridge bond in Harbin, the Chinese story, Xinjiang story, and actively participate in the construction of the core area of ??the Silk Road, contribute wisdom and strength for the development of the motherland and hometown. Ambassador Zhang Wei said that since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Xinjiang’s various undertakings have been fully improved. In the past five years, there has not been rapidly in the rapid development, and the rapid development of Zhongha relations and Xinjiang prosperity and stability. Many major cooperation between China and Harbin Starting from Xinjiang, it is also inseparable from Xinjiang to participate. I hope that in Harvest Chinese people always pass positive energy, dare to destroy the respective development of Haazao, destroying the development of evil forces in Zhongha relations, and constantly contributing to the development of Zhongha relations and Xinjiang.

"In the past few years, the Urumqi infrastructure is more complete, and the tourism is booming. It is a prosperous and harmonious scene everywhere." … Video Exchange Conference Meet ", listen to my mother’s hometown changes, excitement. He said, I must study hard, tell the Chinese story, Xinjiang story, let the students understand the true and beautiful Xinjiang, and contribute to their hometown after graduation.

Umar Ai Aeek, the Chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation of Hacathkistan, excitedly said that the loved ones in Xinjiang met with video, and the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session was held, so that in Harvest Chinese Excited.

The motherland is strong, Xinjiang is thriving, let everyone firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the people of all ethnic people are struggling, and Xinjiang will be more beautiful tomorrow. Video communication will invite Fu Yunxian village cadres to introduce the production and life of the herdsmen. The inheritance of the Akkena Titz introduced the inheritance of ethnic minorities. Religious faculty introduced the freedom of religion. The rights are respective and protected. The relevant experts introduced the state’s cultivation of minority people to refute the lie in the facts.

Vice President of the Political Consultative Conference of the Autonomous Region, Tu, Swood, etc. (Zhang Yanfang) (Editor: Chen Xinhui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.

Shi Yuankai: Integrate the concept of transforming medicine into the medical innovation system

March 11, 2021 13:01 Source: Shi Yuankai, Vice President of Tumor Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

Chen Chen photo, Beijing, March 11 (Reporter Du Yanfei) Recently, the 2021 National Second Session "Healthy Chinese" Series Round Table Forum was held in Beijing by the Health China Action Promotion Committee Office. In the special forum of the theme "to promote local medical innovation, help healthy China", Shi Yuankai, deputy dean of the Cancer Hospital of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that the starting point and the foothold of life scientific research are inseparable from clinical, and will integrate medical concept into medical innovation. The system can better use innovative achievements to the people.

Shi Yuankai said in the forum, the problem that life science needs to be solved can be explained as "treating people." The acquisition and drug research and development of the "treatment of the disease" knowledge is inseparable from the clinical. In this process, it is necessary to implement the concept of transforming medicine, in order to better apply new research results in clinical, eventually benefit patients.

According to Shi Yuankai, the country has established a number of clinical medicine research centers, and its purpose is to promote the development of medical technology in my country and accelerate the clinical transformation and popularization of medical scientific and technological achievements. "Some large hospitals in China have already have the characteristics of research hospitals, and they are the top medical center in China, and they are also clinical research and transformation research centers.

"Shi Yuankai believes that these research results based on Chinese people’s data in China’s local research center are more guiding for the clinical treatment of Chinese people.

Shi Yuankai also emphasized that in recent years, China’s drug research has gradually stepped into international roads in the field of clinical practice, and many domestic drugs are listed globally.

"In the world’s drug research and development system, China’s clinical research plays an increasingly important role." Shi Yuankai said.

The first "Colombian people see China" short video contest successfully held

Contest poster. The Chinese Embassy in Columbia is available to the People’s Network Rio de Janeiro November 16th (Reporter Wu Jie) Local time November 15th night, the first Huawei Cup "Colombian people watch China" short video contest ended successfully.

Former Colombia President Sanpel, the brother’s TV station Taiwanese, the Chinese Embassy in Columbia, Xu Wei, etc., attended the online awards ceremony and delivered speeches. Xu Wei Dynasty said that the video of the players short, but reflects the deep affection of the people in the brothers, is the messengers of China’s cultural exchanges, hoping to work together, and write a new Chinese chapter of the friendship between China. Former Santell, the president said that everyone uses simple words, real pictures, and touching stories, vividly reproduces the development of China’s various fields to Colombia and the world, reflecting the great achievements of the Communist Party of China to build a unremitting struggle.

Garcia Templeholders believe that the short video contest provides a multicolored cultural exchange platform for the people of the brothers. The players tell the story of China’s touching story, making the audience an eye, opened another new window to understand China and cognition China.

According to the Chinese Embassy Culture, Zhu Xiaoyan, Zhu Xiaoyan, which is strong, 30 judges, including the former ministers, the university principal, the public, the public, and the civil art world. After fierce competition, the founder of the dance studio, Estrida, Cruise ship crew Karlus, Engineers Games got crown, sub-and quarterly.

Elena, the leader in the Queen of Columbia, Dians and partner in the Huami, 13-year-old, middle brother, cross-border marriage, a child, 14-year-old students, Rui Sheng, 5-year-old children, Zhang Yi people, won the best popularity, best creation , Optimal clip, best subject, best performance, etc.

The winner of the champion, Estrada has studied life in China for five years, not only to feel the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, but also dumped by China’s rich music dance, she studses the Chinese national dance, teaching Chinese people Lama dance in Erssa. After returning to Colombia, she continued the exchange of music dance in her dance studio. The contest was held by the Chinese Embassy in Columbia, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese and Foreign Language Cooperation Center, the Chinese Bridge Club Bogota Station, CCTV Visual Channel, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and other units.

The historical name of the historic city of the award ceremony was popular with the audience. Briefhoter Video.

(Editor: Su Tongxiang, Chang Hong) Sharing let more people see.

Six departments: new three types of special children can receive special children – policy direct hit

[Abstract] On November 16th, the National Development Reform Commission and other 6 departments jointly announced the "Notice on Further Improvement of Social Assistance and Safeguard Standards and Route Mechanism", decided to further expand the price subsidy linkage mechanism guarantee, will orphan, fact Non-raising children, HIV infection with children, such as children, including new inclusion mechanisms.

As prices rose, the price subsidy linkage mechanism also welcomes improvement.

On November 16th, 6 departments of the National Development and Reform Commission jointly announced the "Notice on Further Improvement of Social Assistance and Safeguards Standards and Hook Hook", decided to further expand the price subsidy linkage mechanism guarantee, will orphan, the truth, no one Special children’s populations such as children, HIV infection, new increasing inclusion mechanisms. New three types of special children can receive price subsidies This time the further improvement of price subsidy linkage mechanism, in the current urban and rural low-cost object, special difficult personnel, receive unemployment insurance personnel, enjoy the four types of difficulties such as the national regular pension subsidy, etc. The newly increasing group of orphans, the facts, and other special children’s groups such as children, HIV-infected children, add increasingly included in the price subsidy linkage mechanism.

All localities can further expand the protection range according to the local actual situation. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that in the principle of "doing efforts, strength", the orphans, the facts, unmanned children, HIV-infected children, etc. Growing up talents, fully feel the warmth of socialist families, it is necessary, financial resources can be affected. Shorten the price subsidy issuance time limit according to the notice, satisfy any of the following conditions to start the price subsidy linkage mechanism: 1. Resident consumption price index (CPI) single month increases by%.

Place the price index (SCPI) with the basic living cost of the urban low-income residents can continue to be used, and the CPI will be given a reasonable set of thresholds in the same year. The food price of the food price reached 6% year-on-year. The further improvement of the price subsidy linkage mechanism will be further shortened to the price index within 20 working days by the relevant price index.

The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that the shortened price subsidy issuance has basically had conditions. After years of practice, there are more experienced pricing subsidies, especially with the widespread use of informationization, and the work efficiency is significantly improved, and some places have been issued in place in place. In order to make difficult people get the price subsidy soon, further enhance the difficulties gain, shorten the issuance time, improve the payment efficiency, and feasible. (Reporter Li Jinlei).

People’s Network launched the "classic literary" series of integration media columns to show classic beauty

It is worth mentioning that in the "classic literary" series of integrated media columns, it also demonstrates the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd.Video Program "The Era" – Party History in Art Works.From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song.Next, the "classic literary" series of integrated media columns will continue to show multi-form, multi-angle original planning in the field of literary fields, launch more depth, temperature-rich media products, and classic literary works, and revisit the classics with the majority of netizensLiterary works, "Yunyou" literary scene, sharing a wonderful literary feast.

(Editor: Wang Lianxiang, Gao Lei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.