Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Depreciated Non-Profit Growth Exceeds Expectations Tesla Shanghai Plant Starts Zero-Volume Steam

Sanhua Intelligent Control (002050) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Depreciated Non-Profit Growth Exceeds Expectations Tesla Shanghai Plant Starts Zero-Volume Steam

The revenue in the third quarter was in line with expectations.

The company disclosed that it achieved operating income in the first three quarters of 201986.

2.1 billion, an annual increase of 4.

3%, net profit attributable 无锡桑拿网 to mother 10.

56 ppm, a 10-year increase3.

22%, achieving net operating cash flow of 11.

27 ppm, an increase of 101 in ten years.

14%; of which, in the third quarter, the operating income was 27.

9 ‰, an increase of 4 in ten years.

29%, net profit attributable to mothers3.

63 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

91%, net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers increased by 17.

91%, exceeding market expectations, mainly due to the company’s foreign exchange hedging exceeded in the third quarter.

Traditional business grew steadily.

In terms of traditional refrigeration business, from January to August, the company’s three core products of traditional refrigeration business, namely electronic expansion valves, termination valves and four-way valves, achieved sales growth of 6 respectively.

93%, 4.

55%夜来香体验网 and 1.

77%, because the company’s main traditional products use cost-plus pricing mechanism, since the third quarter of the Yangtze River nonferrous copper, the average price of aluminum fell by 4 respectively.

67% and 1.

95%, the company’s traditional refrigeration business revenue growth under pressure.

However, with the upgrading of the industrial structure, the company’s supplier of high-value-added products such as air-conditioning components, micro-channel heat exchangers and electronic expansion valves still achieved steady growth.

We expect the company’s main refrigeration business to achieve a small increase in average revenue and profit in the first three quarters.

Looking forward to the fourth quarter, the date of the official implementation of new energy efficiency standards for air conditioners is approaching. Host companies will start the destocking cycle of the old energy efficiency standards and gradually enable the supply chain of new energy efficiency standards at the production end to promote the acceleration of electronic expansion valves.Penetration and popularity.

New energy auto zero business contributed elasticity.

As the company’s core driving business, the auto zero business has a growth rate of about 20% in the third and third quarters, and the growth rate of 10% from the previous quarter is accelerating. It is mainly due to the rapid volume of new energy vehicle orders.After the report, the company won another US $ 1 billion GM order, which was benefited from the company’s traditional car orders that gradually stopped falling in the third quarter and warmed up. Revenue growth turned positive; we counted the company’s large auto zero orders announced in the past three years and gradually approached55 billion US dollars, taking into account scattered orders that have not yet been announced, the company’s new-energy vehicles have redundant orders on hand to ensure the rapid growth of zero-gas revenue in the future; conversion, the company as a core supplier of Tesla thermal management componentsTesla’s Shanghai plant started trial production, and mass production is expected before the end of the year, with short-term event catalysis.

Gross profit margins have picked up quarter by quarter and profitability has continued to improve.

The company ‘s gross profit margin increased in the short term in the third quarter.

06 to 29.

64%, maintaining the improvement trend in the second quarter. We analyze the increase in the proportion of high-margin business in the product structure (electronic expansion valves, commercial refrigeration, new energy vehicles, etc.). The depreciation of the RMB exchange rate increases the profitability of export sales.; In the third quarter, the expense-side sales expense rate and the management expense rate only decreased significantly, falling by 1.

4 and 0.

23 pct, and the increase in R & D expense ratio increased slightly by 0 during the same period.

79 pct, indicating that the company’s fee control is outstanding.

Profit forecast and investment rating.

We maintain the company’s 2019-2021 return to net profit forecast to 14.

3.6 billion, 16.

8.8 billion and 20.

430,000 yuan, an annual increase of 11.
1%, 17.
5% and 21%, the corresponding EPS is 0.

52 yuan, 0.

61 yuan and 0.

74 yuan, corresponding to a dynamic market surplus reduction of 28 times, 24 times and 20 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Zhejiang Longsheng (600352) Annual Report 2018 Comments: Intermediates and Dyestuffs Continue to Prosper

Zhejiang Longsheng (600352) Annual Report 2018 Comments: Intermediates and Dyestuffs Continue to Prosper

Investment Highlights Event: Zhejiang Longsheng released its 2018 annual report, which is expected to achieve operating income of 190.

7.6 billion, an annual increase of 26.

32%; realized operating profit of 50.

880,000 yuan, an increase of 49 in ten years.

39%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

110,000 yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.

20%, press the latest 32.

Based on the total equity of 5.3 billion shares, the company realized diluted earnings.

26 yuan, budget operating cash flow is 0.

33 yuan.

Among them, the fourth quarter achieved operating income of 45.

09 million yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

07%; realized operating profit 9.

570,000 yuan, an increase of 8 in ten years.

89%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

33 ppm, a 55-year increase.

04%; quarterly 四川耍耍网 EPS is 0.

29 yuan.

  Maintain “Buy” rating.

Zhejiang Longsheng’s 2018 performance achieved long-term growth, and its annual profit reached a record high. This was mainly due to the rise in volume and price of intermediate products, continued significant growth in profits, and the price of dyes also fluctuated.

  Zhejiang Longsheng, as a leading dye company in the world, relies on leading environmental technology processing capabilities to establish a comprehensive dye integrated industrial chain, and through the acquisition of DyStar and the development of other special chemicals, the company is gradually moving towards “world-class specialProduct production service providers “.

In the context of increasingly stringent environmental protection, the dye industry has maintained a high level of prosperity, and the company’s competitive advantage has gradually improved.

The company’s m-phenylenediamine and resorcinol intermediate business are in an oligopoly. Recent incidents in other companies in the industry have exacerbated supply tensions, and earnings growth has further increased.

The company acquired a large amount of high-quality land in the core area of Shanghai. At present, land resources in the core areas of first-tier cities are becoming increasingly scarce, and there is huge room for appreciation of related assets.

Based on the latest equity, we adjusted the EPS for 2019-2020 to 1.

83, 1.

85 yuan, and dating 2021 EPS is 1.

The profit forecast of 88 yuan, maintain the “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminder: the competition in the dye and intermediate industry is intensifying, the risk of environmental protection accidents, and the progress of real estate projects is less than expected.

DragonSoft Technology: Leading coal mining company

DragonSoft Technology: Leading coal mining company
Key points of investment: Advanced autonomous geographic information system provider.The company’s self-developed “Longsoft Professional Geographic Information System” is a long-term development platform that serves the 深圳桑拿网 coal, oil and gas and other energy industries, as well as various government and enterprise units, and provides professional solutions such as smart mines, smart security supervision, and intelligent emergency response.In the field of intelligent mining of the coal industry, the company is located on the top of the industry, and there are already 82 mining groups or companies and their subordinate units using the company’s products;The company’s products are used by 40 large coal groups. Proposed to raise funds about 2.5.5 billion yuan.The raised funds will be invested in a project for the production of big data cloud service platforms for safe production of mines. 10,000 yuan, supplemented by 75 million yuan of working capital, raising a total of about 2 funds.5.5 billion. Revenue grew steadily, and gross profit margin was higher than the average level of comparable listed companies.From 2016 to 2018, the company’s operating income was 7933.49 thousand, 10726.90,000, 12547.740,000; net profit attributable to mothers was 3.02 million and 2160 respectively.190,000, 3114.730,000; gross profit margins are 60.02%, 54.2%, 53.07%, both higher than the average gross profit margin of comparable listed companies; the company’s R & D expenses were 1009.210,000, 1048.430,000, 1158.510,000; R & D expenses accounted for 12.72%, 9.77%, 9.twenty three%. Independent research and development of core technologies, and strive to become an intelligent mining service provider with independent intellectual property rights.The company’s core technology is the research and development achievements accumulated by the company through continuous independent innovation, which is an important reflection of the company’s market competition.In 2016-2018, the company’s core technology project income accounted for 99% of operating income.55%, 91.11% and 93.At 74%, the nine core technologies have transitioned to company-type products, and strive to become an international first-class intelligent mining industrial software development and service provider with independent intellectual property rights. It is recommended to use PEG or PE estimation.The company chooses the listing criteria: the expected market value is not less than RMB 10 million, the net profit conversion in the last two years is positive and gradually the net profit is not less than RMB 50 million, or the expected market value is not less than RMB 1 billion, and the net profit in the latest yearIt is positive and the operating income is not less than RMB 10,000. risk warning.The risk of high customer concentration and the risk of technology upgrade inheritance.

Changdian Technology (600584): The packaging and testing leader is ready to go

Changdian Technology (600584): The packaging and testing 都市夜网 leader is ready to go
Leading company in China’s packaging and testing industry, the board of directors changes, injecting new vitality for development.Changdian Technology is the third largest packaging and testing company in the world, with the largest market share in the country.Its main business is packaging and testing of integrated circuits and discrete devices, covering major global semiconductor markets, and it is continuously approaching international leaders in advanced packaging technology. In April 2019, the company’s seventh Board of Directors was re-elected, and there were differences in personnel.And two of the non-independent directors are from SMIC. In addition, SMIC, the company’s second largest shareholder, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMIC.The scale factor promotes the coordinated development of the company 四川耍耍网 and SMIC.In addition, due to the resignation of the CEO in September 2019, the company welcomes the former NXP Global Senior Vice President and President of Greater China. Nearly 30 years of rich experience in integrated circuits will once again enhance the company’s strength. The packaging and testing industry has a bright future, and the domestic market has unlimited potential.With the advent of the 5G era, the reception of mobile terminals is a huge test, and the refinement and modularization of RF front-ends have brought huge market demand for the packaging and testing industry.Similarly, the demand for functions, specifications, and small size of the Internet of Things also requires advanced packaging technologies such as SiP and Fan-out to be rapidly applied.It is estimated that from 2018 to 2024, the annual compound growth in revenue of advanced packaging technology will reach 8%, and the revenue of advanced packaging technology in 2024 will reach nearly $ 50 billion. As a leading domestic packaging and testing company, the company is expected to continue to benefit. Industry funds help companies speed up integration and are expected to usher in a turning point in performance.From 2009 to 2017, the annual compound intensity of revenue was 33.5%, 2018 revenue 238.600 million, unchanged from the previous year.In 2015, Xingke Jinpeng’s merger and acquisition and non-public equity raising in 2018, the industrial fund became the company’s largest shareholder, holding 19% of the shares. The joining of Xingke Jinpeng has successfully expanded the scale of the company, and the company’s global market share has increased significantly from 3.9% to 10%, reaching 13% in 2018.At present, 85% of the world’s top 20 semiconductor companies are corporate customers.Due to the interaction of the acquisition of Xingke Jinpeng on the company’s operating cash flow, and because of poor global smartphone sales, some customers controlled inventory to delay orders, and the company’s performance in the first half of 2019 continued the distorted situation in 2018, achieving revenue 91.5 ‰, a decrease of 19 per year.1%, net profit attributable to mother -2.600 million.As the global foundry leader TSMC returns to growth and the downstream 5G deployment ahead of schedule brings demand growth, the company’s 19H2 is expected to usher in an inflection point in performance. Estimates and ratings.We mainly refer to the PB and PS estimation methods to estimate the company. No matter from the historical forecast level or with reference to companies in the same industry, the current level of the company’s PB and PS is at a relatively relative level. We are optimistic about the company’s growth space as an internal packaging and testing leader.Covered for the first time and given an “overweight” rating. Risk reminder: 5G commercialization process is less than expected risk; risk of Xingke Jinpeng integration progress is not up to expectations; risk of raising projects put into production is less than expected risk; downstream demand is not up to expected risk; valuation risk

Taoli Bakery (603866) Company Dynamics Review: Forecast Performance Exceeds Expectation Significantly National Expansion

Taoli Bakery (603866) Company Dynamics Review: Forecast Performance Exceeds Expectation Significantly National Expansion

Core opinion: Taoli Bread released the 19th half-year performance report, and it is expected to achieve a total operating income of 25 in 1H19.

6 trillion, an increase of 18 in ten years.

1%; net profit attributable to mother 3.

04 trillion, an increase of 15 in ten years.

5%; budget benefit 0.

46 yuan.

It is expected to achieve a total operating income of 14 in 2Q19.

2 trillion, an increase of 20 in ten years.

2%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

8.2 billion, an increase of 17 a year.

8%; budget benefit 0.

2 yuan.

Key points of investment: 2Q19 revenue, net profit growth slightly exceeded expectations.

Quarterly revenue in the second quarter of 19 increased by 20.

2%, net profit increased by 17 in ten years.

8%, revenue and net profit growth were slightly higher than expected.

Exploit new markets, intensive cultivation of old markets, and steady growth in revenue.

In the second quarter of 19th, the company’s revenue accelerated growth: (1) Continued intensive cultivation in mature markets, and further improved channel coverage and daily distribution rate in mature markets. At present, some cities have reached two distributions per day.

Mature markets continue to maintain a stable growth trend. For example, after the adjustment of the southwest region, the products sold well; (2) Vigorously explore channels in new markets, expand the number of terminals, and cultivate consumers. At present, new market development has begun to bear fruit, and 2Q19 has intensified.Market activity has grown rapidly.

Looking forward to the future, the daily distribution rate of small terminals in some regions of the mature market is currently lowered to further improve the space; the expansion of new market capacity is further improved, and sales terminals are continuously expanded, and there is still greater development potential in the future.

It is estimated that the revenue growth rate in 19 years will be about 15-20%.

The slower growth rate of net profit was mainly due to expenses.

The gross profit margin in the second quarter of 19 or the same period before was slightly improved: (1) the price of raw materials and flour was basically flat, and the company continued to upgrade its product structure; (2) the capacity and channel layout were gradually improved.

The growth rate of net profit in 2Q19 was lower than the growth rate of revenue mainly because the company was still in a period of horse racing, and Taoli increased its investment in new markets.

Looking forward, through Dali’s entry into the short-term guarantee bread market and Tao Li’s expansion into new markets, the company still needs to spend expenses to cultivate consumers and build sales and distribution teams. It is expected that expenses will remain high.

It is estimated that the growth rate of net profit in 19 years will be about 15-17%.

The company’s barriers are solid, and the national strategy is advancing steadily.

Tao Li’s issue of convertible bonds has been reviewed and approved by the issuance committee of the Securities and Futures Commission. In the future, factories can be further built to improve the production capacity layout. The company established Xinjiang Taoli Bread Co., Ltd. to increase capital to 天津夜网 Shandong Taoli Bread Co., Ltd. and promote further development of new markets.

The company has significant scale advantages and sophisticated operation modes: channels are exclusive and stable, and they have strong control over the channels; logistics are efficient, and their operating capabilities are relatively comparable.

Taoli has rich experience in short-term guarantee bread operation and expansion in other places. The core competitive advantage is solid. In the future, the production capacity and channel layout will be further improved. It can steadily promote nationalization and continue stable growth.

Profit forecast and investment advice: EPS are expected to be 1 in 19-21.


38, 1.

68 yuan, an increase of 17 a year.

4%, 20.

8%, 21.

3%, the PE corresponding to the latest closing price is 33, 27, 22 times.

The short-term insurance leader 杭州桑拿网 Taoli has significant scale advantages, strong channel penetration, and efficient logistics. It is still in the golden period under national expansion and maintains a “recommended” rating. Risk warning: Nationalization is not up to expectations, risks of rising raw material prices, food safety incidents.

TCM teaches you 4 ways to observe your tongue to judge your health!

TCM teaches you 4 ways to observe your tongue to judge your health!

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to hearing and cutting. You can use the color of the tongue and the tongue coating to trim whether your body is suffering from certain diseases. In fact, there are many health codes hidden on the tongue. Let ‘s take a closer look.

  How to grind health from the tongue?

  1. Look at the shape of the tongue. When the tongue swells, the edges will always rub against the teeth. Some people will be accompanied by chills, drooling, cold hands and feet, indicating problems with blood vessel function.

It usually occurs in people who live irregularly, smoke and drink heavily, and eat more foods that have a spleen and dampness, such as hawthorn, yam, and Poria.

  2. Look at the white and thick tongue fur: The white thick tongue fur is the white thick layer on the tongue fur. Gently scraping will have greasy mucus, which indicates indigestion or poor spleen and stomach, often accompanied by stomach pain and diarrheaWait, this group of people can choose ginger, barley and yam together to make soup.

  Tongue coating yellow and thick: Tongue coating is yellowish and thick and greasy, indicating that there is moisture in the body, which easily occurs in people who absorb wine.

This group of people can choose foods that have functions of clearing and dissolving the table, such as honeysuckle mint or cucumber.

  3, look at the color of the tongue coating: red tongue tip: red tongue tip indicates a strong heart fire, usually occurs in people who live irregularly accompanied by tongue pain, irritability, yellow urine and so on.

The presence of reddish tongue coating indicates blood stasis in the body, and the elderly tongue is very dark with high blood lipids. You should go to the hospital to see the coronary arteries in time to see if a replacement occurs.

This group of people can drink calendula tea or grass root tea.

  Whitening of the tongue coating: The whitening of the tongue coating indicates the deficiency of qi and yin deficiency and qi and blood. It usually occurs in women during menstrual period. You can choose red date black chicken soup or angelica stewed chicken soup to relieve it.

  4. Tongue is stiff and inflexible: Under normal circumstances, the tongue can flex and retract freely. Once the tongue is hard and inflexible, sometimes it always bites the tongue when eating, which indicates the precursor of stroke, especially for the three high populations., Go to the hospital for examination in time.

  Tongue tremor drooling: If you find that your tongue is tremoring and drooling, it reminds Parkinson.

Especially the three high-ranking people, when they find this problem, they should go to the hospital in time and eat more celery, black fungus or hawthorn to reduce blood lipids.

  Tips: You can grind your body’s condition through your tongue. When you wake up every morning, you can open your tongue and look at the mirror, and go to the hospital for treatment in case of problems.

Pay attention to the lightness of the diet. Avoid spicy and irritating foods. Do not eat foods that are too hot, which will directly hurt the tongue and oral mucosa. When brushing your teeth, gently brush your tongue with a toothbrush.

Newcomers in the workplace

Newcomers in the workplace

Newcomers in the workplace, you must not do this, otherwise it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the workplace.

  1. Be consistent with your boss whether you are there or not 2. Do not chat with colleagues 3 during working hours 3. Use a positive attitude to face your work with a good mood 4 Do not covet the company’s property 5Stick to your loyalty to the current service company6, be good at controlling your emotions, don’t bring bad emotions into your work7, and don’t perfuse any suggestions or reports to your boss.

Rigorous, responsible, and attentive is the style of work that every boss likes.

  8. Don’t disappear as soon as you get off work. Be responsible for everything you do.

And let your leader know what you are doing.

  9. Don’t see credit for yourself.

  10. Never be an answering worm without thought.

Six things women need to know before going to bed

Six things women need to know before going to bed

After a day of fatigue, it is time to go to bed and rest, but you have thought about what you should do before going to bed. At least you should know that these six things must be done. If you don’t, you will regret it. If you sayYou don’t necessarily know these steps, so let’s take a look together . one, brushing your teeth, washing your face, and brushing your teeth before going to bed are more important than morning cleaning, not to remove oral cavity deposits, and are good for protecting your teeth and also help you fall asleep; watching TVAfterwards, wash your face and rub your body to protect the skin and make sleep comfortable and easy.

  Second, combing the hair, ancient medical scientists have identified the complications of the acupuncture points on the head. By combing, massage, stimulation can be performed, and the liver can be calmed, the wind can be quenched, the pain can be relieved, the pain can be relieved.

Sooner or later, use two fingers to comb the scalp to redness and fever, which can unblock the blood flow in the head, improve the brain’s thinking and memory ability, promote hair root nutrition, protect hair, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep early.

  Third, take a walk for 10-20 minutes calmly, this will make the blood circulate to the body surface, the skin can be “live” maintenance after falling asleep.

When you lie down, you don’t read books and newspapers, you don’t think about problems, you reduce your brain activity, and you go to sleep faster.

  Fourth, open the window to ventilate the bedroom to keep the indoor air fresh, when the wind is strong or cold, you can open it for a while and close it before going to bed, resulting in a sweet sleep.

But be careful not to cover your head while sleeping.

  Fifth, washing (kneading) feet Chinese medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five internal organs.

If you can develop washing your feet with warm water (40-50 ℃), massaging your feet and toes every day before going to bed, you can gradually promote the operation of qi and blood, relax your muscles, and restore the balance of yin and yang.

  Six, drink a cup of milk with honey According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan to promote sleep.

Drinking a glass of honeyed milk 1 hour before bed can help sleep.

Honey helps keep your blood sugar balanced throughout the night, which prevents you from waking up early.

5 Coups to Resist Disease and Cold in Autumn and Winter

5 Coups to Resist Disease and Cold in Autumn and Winter

Autumn and winter are relatively cold, so our bodies are more easily affected, and sometimes there are diseases.

Let’s take a look at 5 tips for preventing cold and disease in autumn and winter.

  First, insist on washing your face in cold water: it can strengthen the body’s cold resistance and disease resistance, thereby preventing colds and colds.

  Second, the bedside often put citrus or peppermint oil: citrus is warm in nature, and the strong odor emitted can eliminate the virus.

Putting citrus on the bedside can prevent upper respiratory tract diseases; eating a few petals of oranges before going to bed can relieve phlegm and cough.

Use a small bottle of peppermint oil, place it on the pillow, and cover it with a leaky bottle stopper to let the peppermint gas slowly radiate. It also has a headache and nasal congestion.

  Third, often drink jujube and ginger soup: 10 jujubes, 5 slices of ginger tea, taken once a night, can enhance the body’s cold resistance, reduce the effects of colds and other diseases.

  Fourth, the night lying mulberry pillow: winter mulberry leaves and autumn chrysanthemums can clear their heads and cure colds.

Using it as a pillow core can make people fresh, sleep well, and can also implant a cold.

  Fifth, drink plain water: Dry weather in winter, the body is prone to lack of water, often drink plain water, not only can ensure the body’s needs, eliminate diuresis, detoxification, eliminate waste.

Delicious nutritious grains and more healthy eating

Delicious nutritious grains and more healthy eating

The corn with the thick grain and the fragrant corn, the golden millet porridge, and the fragrant edamame have become the new darlings on the table. After eating the white rice noodles, the coarse grains that are considered to be more nutritious have begun to be favored.

Experts believe that whole grains are the basis of daily diet and the root cause of disease prevention.

Therefore, to understand some simple health knowledge, eating healthy physique with whole grains is also responsible for your own body.

  It is more healthy to eat coarse grains. We know that the nutritional value of different varieties of food is not the same. Among them, coarse grains are rich in nutrients.

Such as oat protein, protein; millet contains tryptophan, carotene; beans specific quality protein; sorghum oxide fatty acids and rich iron; potato contains carotene and vitamin C.

  Coarse grains also have certain medicinal properties.

If corn is recognized as the world’s “golden crop”, its cellulose is 4 times higher than fine rice and fine flour?
10 times.

Cellulose can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, eliminate the pathogenic factors of colorectal cancer, reduce plasma absorption, and prevent coronary heart disease.

Mung bean is sweet and cold, has diuretic swelling, neutralizes detoxification and cools thirst; buckwheat contains “chlorophyll” and “rutin” which are not found in other grains.

Vitamin B1 and B2 in buckwheat are more than wheat, and niacin is 3?
4 times.

Niacin and “rutin” contained in buckwheat are all drugs for the treatment of hypertension.

Regular consumption of buckwheat also has a certain effect on diabetes.

  Fresh coarse rice is better for healthy routines than refined rice. The more refined the food is, the more vitamins, protein, and cellulose are lost.

Although the precipitated fiber in the coarse grain can not be digested and utilized by the human body, it can pass the intestinal gas, clean up the waste, and promote the food waste to be excreted as soon as possible.

  Coarse grains also have the effect of losing weight. For example, corn is rich in a large amount of magnesium. Magnesium can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of body waste, which is very beneficial for weight loss.

When the corn is mature, the spiked corn must have a diuretic effect and is also beneficial for weight loss.

You can use corn soup as a tea, or corn into corn cakes, tortillas, etc.

The puffed popcorn is very bulky, and can eliminate the person’s drought after eating, but the trace amount after eating is very low, which is a green food for weight loss.

  Baby should cultivate a good habit of eating whole grains and fruits and vegetables from an early age. The so-called coarse grains refer to cereals other than fine white rice, rich and powerful powder or standard powder.

After 4-6 months of supplementation, children can consider eating coarse grains.

  8 benefits of eating coarse grains of fruits and vegetables.

Control the baby’s obesity plasma fiber can absorb several times or even several times more water in the gastrointestinal tract, increase the volume and weight of the accumulation by several tens of times, and form a gelatinous substance in the body to produce satiety.Reduced eating, which is good for controlling weight.


Prevention of pediatric diabetes plasma fiber can slow down the rate of absorption of sugar in the body, can avoid hyperglycemia after meals, improve the body’s tolerance to sugar, and help blood sugar stability.

  Plasma fiber inhibition inhibits the secretion of thickening factors and enhances the full function of the body.


The problem of constipation is to eat only the baby who is not eating thick in the daily diet. Because of the crop plant fiber, it is easy to cause constipation.

Therefore, let the baby eat a small amount of food with a lot of fiber every day, can stimulate the peristalsis in series, accelerate the discharge of defecation, and relieve the pain caused by constipation.


It is conducive to reducing the incidence of cancer in children with cancer and is closely related to poor eating habits.

Bingham et al., a nutritionist at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, have analyzed and studied that the more starchy foods are eaten, the lower the incidence of colorectal cancer.


Protecting the cardiovascular system If the baby is often given some coarse grains, the plant fiber can combine with the internal bile acid to lower the concentration of blood cholesterol, prevent atherosclerosis and protect the cardiovascular function.


Preventing osteoporosis from eating too much meat and sweets will make the body fluid change from weakly alkaline to weakly acidic.

In order to maintain the acid-base balance of the human body environment, a large amount of calcium will be consumed, resulting in osteoporosis of the bone due to decalcification.

Therefore, often eat coarse grains, fruits and vegetables, and reconstituted bones.
Good for the bodybuilding baby, such as eating meat and sweets, produce a lot of toxins in the process of digestion and decomposition of the gastrointestinal tract, eroding the skin.

If you eat some coarse-grain vegetables, it can cause toxin replacement, which is good for the bodybuilding of the skin.


Maintaining healthy teeth often eats whole grains, which can promote the development of baby’s masticatory muscles and gums, and can remove the dirt inside the teeth to clean the mouth, prevent dental caries and maintain periodontal health.

  Look at the healthy color of coarse grains. Millet millet contains starch that is easily digested, which is easily digested and absorbed by the human body. Modern medicine has found that the tryptophan contained in it promotes a sleepy serotonin to promote bed.Serotonin is secreted, so millet is also a good sleeping food.

Millet is cool and the patient is very suitable for eating.

  Trace: 367 kcal per 100 grams of nutrients: starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2, E, carotene and so on.

  Taboo: Washing too many times or rubbing hard, a little bit of nutrients in the outer layer of millet.

It is best not to eat rice with almonds, it will cause vomiting and diarrhea.

  Barley barley contains a large amount of supplemental fiber, in addition to stimulating gastrointestinal motility, to achieve a laxative effect, such as overeating and drinking water to serve barley noodles.

Barley can reduce blood cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other diseases; barley can be calcium, which is conducive to children’s growth and development.

  Trace: 367 kcal per 100 grams of nutrients: protein, precipitated fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, thiamine, niacin and so on.

  Taboo: After the barley is cooked, the nature is warm, and people with internal heat are not suitable for regular consumption.

  Corn and corn contain a special anticancer substance, glutathione, which can be combined with various carcinogens to form carcinogenicity when it enters the human body. Its trace element magnesium also has the effect of inhibiting growth and tumor.
The role of organizational development.

In addition, corn vitamins and vitamins, regular food can promote gastrointestinal motility and accelerate the excretion of toxic substances.

  Trace: 66 kcal per 100 grams of nutrients: protein, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, magnesium, carotene, vitamin E and so on.

  Contraindications: Avoid excessive use at one time, which can easily lead to bloating in the stomach; moldy corn can not eat.

  Sesame and sesame seeds, especially black sesame seeds, are highly desirable and excellent cosmetic products.

First of all, the rich vitamin E contained in it can inhibit the activity of free radicals in the body, and can achieve anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects.

In fact, sesame contributes to bone growth by metabolizing minerals such as calcium and magnesium, while other nutrients can beautify the skin.

  Trace: white sesame seeds 591 kcal per 100 grams; black sesame seeds per gram 545 kcal nutrients: protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, D, E, B1, B2, lecithin, palmitic acid, etc.

  Taboo: chronic enteritis, intestinal diarrhea, toothache, skin disease, vaginal discharge.

  Red beans improve iron quality, make the color ruddy, and ingest more red beans to supplement blood, promote blood circulation, and also supplement menstrual nutrition to soothe dysmenorrhea.

Modern medicine has found that red beans can promote heart activation and diuresis.

  Trace: 332 kcal per 100 grams of nutrients: protein, traces, sugar, vitamin B group, potassium, iron, phosphorus and so on.

  Taboo: Red beans have a diuretic effect, so people with more urine should avoid eating.