As a Tathagata Buddha with only three steps,Facing such an evil emperor,Have to be cautious。

“What a pity!”Emperor Yequan shook his head,As if still talking。
But abrupt,He directly used his fierce reputation‘Secrets of Night Spring’。
I saw his pale skin,Abruptly expand in all directions,Like a huge cloth bag,The mouth of the cloth bag produces monstrous suction and envelopes the Buddha。Look inside the huge white cloth bag,Can only see darkness。
The huge white cloth bag flew quickly,The cloth bag mouth envelopes the Tathagata,At the same time, an ugly huge face suddenly appeared in the mouth of the bag,That is the face of Emperor Yequan,That face with open mouth,The teeth in the mouth are like endless blade purgatory,Bite directly towards the Tathagata,I want to chew and eat the Tathagata。
Amitabha!”Face such an attack,Tathagata did not keep any hands,His hands folded,Then take a palm shot。
Of means‘Complex’,He is the weakest among the three realms,Even if you are now the Three-step Taoist,The means are still very few。
But means‘less’Which means‘fine’!
That is the continuous sublimation of a simple palm。
In the realm of true gods,The palm of the Buddha is a big world。
Now three steps,The palm of the Buddha,Close to one territory。
“boom~”The palm of his hand collided with the secret technique of Emperor Yequan,Tathagata took three steps back,The bag failed to swallow him and chew,Bombarded again。
“Snapped~”Another palm,Tathagata once again opens the distance with this secret technique。
Tathagata,It’s all in one palm of attack, defense, suppression!

Liu Ying glanced at Wang Youcai secretly,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“Du Xiaohong from Baishui Town。It’s nominally to ask for payment,I think I’m here to seduce you,She is the same as Ma Hongfang”

Wang Youcai heard Liu Ying suddenly mentioned Ma Hongfang,He couldn’t help but breathe out:“You don’t care about my business,and also,I tell you,Ma Hongfang is dead,Don’t mention her anymore”
“what!You mean Ma Hongfang is dead?She is so young,How could you die?It’s a pity“When Liu Ying heard Wang Youcai said that Ma Hongfang was dead,She suddenly felt very sorry。After all, this is a woman she knows。
Chief Wang Youcai asked in a breath:“How is Wang Xiaomei doing?Can i help you?If she is lazy,You can directly find Tianwa”
“Her!Work hard。But I found,She may not be here for long”Liu Ying said,A weird smile。
Wang Youcai’s face changed and roared:“Just say something,Fart。What is God doing secretly?She did a good job,Why not do it?”
“Damn!You are so rude。I said she quit,Not the reason here,Because he is pregnant,The response has been huge in the past two days,Vomit when you see oily”Liu Ying said,Wang Youcai gave Wang Youcai a hard look。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Bastard stuff is pretty capable,So tired during the day,I don’t do anything wrong at night!Planted really fast”
“how?Envy?Hurry up!Don’t let Chunni sit idle”Liu Ying is joking,One turned and left。
Wang Youcai just remembered,I have been out of home for several days。I didn’t make a phone call home,Is he too sorry for Yao Chunni for doing this??
Hey!Coincidentally。He just thought of here,The phone on the desk rang。He didn’t even look,Grab the phone:“Hey!”With a。
“Manager Wang!There is another list of a thousand young saplings,Tight,You have to arrange it”Hu Huiru’s a little worried voice came through the phone。
Wang Youcai was upset when he heard it,He froze for a moment and said:“President Hu!This is a good thing,But it’s not good to have all urgent orders”
“I know your workload is heavy recently,But am I not to cater to customers?!such,Hold on,Within two days,And then let everyone rest for one or two days。You can also go home and have a look”Hu Huiru said with a smile on the phone。
Wang Youcai sneered:“Not President Hu,We can’t just know to dig。There is now a vacant lot,If you don’t make good use of this spring to transplant or plant seeds,Will there be saplings to be dug this time next year?”
Tian Wa said this to Wang Youcai。Nowadays,Wang Youcai just told Hu Huiru。or,She thought the sapling would never be dug out。
“Yes indeed!What you said is very important。Don’t worry,I will ask them to airlift the seedlings in the near future,And let the special car take you there。But what about this thousand little trees??I am waiting for your answer”Hu Huiru immediately changed her tone during the call。

Yao Junli smiled and said:“Of course there is。My uncle’s wife grew up in this village,Lu Hao can be considered a maiden family。I used to come to this village when I was young,So I met a lot of people”

“Oh!That’s it,What i said?”Xia Jian suddenly realized。Only then did he understand the relationship between Yao Junli and Lu Hao。Of course,Auntie’s in-laws,Basically no relatives anymore,It’s just that if the two families keep in touch,But relatives。
Lu Hao and other people in the village have gone,That’s why I told Xia Jian:“President Xia!I’m afraid this matter is a bit unclear。Two days ago,I think the leader has called me,Tell me what price you offer,What price others can pay。In a word,I can’t give you this place”
“I think,I didn’t see anyone anyway,Why not chop first and play later,Raw rice for mature rice。It’s no use even to blame。I didn’t expect them to come this afternoon”
Xia Jian glanced at Lu Hao,Think about it:“It seems you can’t help me with this,After all you are the head of this village”
“Then what you mean is still saved?”Lu Hao asked softly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“You can only move a dead horse as a live horse。I have to find a very influential person in the village,Lead the villagers now,Clean up all the weeds in which wasteland,Which big pit can be seen clearly when standing on the road”
“Also let people see the leadership,Just talk about this big hole,Do you understand what i mean?”
Lu Hao nodded and said:“I can’t come forward on this matter,You two should understand the truth。I think it’s better for President Yao to visit He Yumei’s house in person!When she came out,The probability of success can be greatly improved”
“You said let me find He Yumei?I had a fight before I got together,I haven’t had much contact for these years,Go find her now,I don’t know if she ignores me?”Yao Junli said a little worried。
Xia Jian quickly said:“Try it!Otherwise this matter really hangs up。It’s eleven o’clock,Let everyone not rest at noon,When they come,Should be able to do this well”
“This thing works。Although He Yumei is a woman,,But the prestige is extremely high in Zhanghelu Village,Who has something big or small,As long as she goes out,Must be flat,So this is none other than her”Lu Hao said anxiously。
Yao Junli pulled Xia Jian and said:“Let’s go!Let’s try,Big deal was kicked out by her”

“Can you prepare goods for us right away?I’ll let China transfer the money to you quickly“Xia Jian smiled and said to Jack。

Jack shook his head and said:“No way!No money,We will not prepare goods,This is the premise of cooperation“This old guy finished,People stand up,Look like going to work。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“ How about I let my company give you a turnaround point temporarily?“
“no need!Still use Alice’s money,And Ruth,Lend me all her money,We return to our country and then liquidate,Doesn’t this save a lot of trouble??“Xia Jian smiled and said to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Or you are smart,I will call them both now“Wang Lin said,Took the phone and walked out of Jack’s office。This is Wang Lin,She started,Never leaked。
“how about it?You should not speak Chinese in front of me,It’s kind of rude to me“Jack said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“I’ll send you the money right away,All dollars。And can you swipe your card here?“Xia Jian knows,Alice’s money is all four hundred thousand dollar bills,And Ruth’s money should be all on the bank card。
“Hi!You really underestimated us,I am a big farm,Have everything“Jack sent it when he heard that he had money,People are immediately happy。
Soon,Wang Lin came in,She nodded at Xia Jian and said:“Delivered in 20 minutes“
Wang Lin is speaking English this time,She just wanted to listen to Jack。Jack sees this business is about to close,He happily made coffee for Xia Jian and Wang Lin。
Twenty minutes later,Alice brought her four hundred thousand and came with Ruth。The one with the ribbon is a bank card,She took out her bank card without saying a word,It seems that Wang Lin has made it clear to her on the phone。
Once the funds are in Jack’s account,He immediately called the warehouse,Ready to ship to Xia Jian。This is the American,Business is always so smart,As the saying goes。
Once Xia Jian’s business is finished,Everyone discusses how to leave here。
“SMWe can no longer use city transportation,If i guess right,Tompu must have sent someone to guard the airport,Railway station and coach station“Xia Jian whispered。
Ruth was anxious:“Then we can’t stay here forever?“
“Ask Jack to send us to the neighboring city,So we are out of Tompu’s control,And then toNYcity。Such a route,I must kill him Tom Mupu,He would never think“Xia Jian whispered。

He is not a good impression on extinction,After all, when I was a child, my parents were,There is a selection of extinction,After that, I got out of the butterfly valley to kill Ji Xiaofu.——Although not familiar,But when Ji Xiaofu is the only couple in Zhang Cuishan to die.,A big disciple who apologized to Zhang Wuji。

Not long ago,He also got extracted three palms……Anything is not good to impress。
However, there is no more affection.,Instead, I feel that I am fine and throw it too much.。
Chu Deirens simply explained a few words,After that, Zhang Wuji is more worried.。
Previously in the bright top,He has already recognized Zhou Zirui,Zhou Yuli may also recognize him,However, the situation at the time,The two naturally have no narration。
“That……Is it not too fierce??”Zhang Wuji is worried。
“Not,I will go to Xiaoyao this time.。”
“what?Chu Da Ge has also been sent a penalty?”Zhang Wuji shocked。
Chu Da Ge is so good,Actually“Penalize”?Sure enough is the island!
“Do not,I am picking up a good order,It is the initiative,As for the hometown of Heroes Island……I don’t want to disclose Zhang Zhenren.,After you see the teacher,Can ask yourself。”Chu Deirers don’t know,Zhang Wuyi can’t go to Heroes Island。
According to Zhang Wuji, the protagonist……
Specifically, Zhang Zhen people are judged.!
After that, the Chu Deiren has not been resting.,I will start with the people of Tianying.,Ready to go to Emei……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 655 Crane
Chu Deiren came to Emei all the way,I found it on the road,Already gradually lively。
After all, it is not before.,Various gangs from all walks of rivers and lakes are in the Western Region,At this time, return to Central Soil,Most of them are all walking of Sichuan。
When I listened to the death teacher, I was too dead.,Jianghu people who are crane,Number count……
Although I have previously extinct,Ironically, everyone is fear of death.、Is the same as the magic,But everyone is an adult rivers and lakes.,How can I revenge??
“Hey!Diki teacher is too good,How do you say death??”
“Yes,Extinction teacher is too……Cough,But the people of the Heroes is too overbearing.。”
“Can’t do it.,I have to give the extinction……Teacher too,Upper column。”
“good,Dienie Tai Chi,We can’t lose a gift。”
“Just, you are not saying that there is a new wine in Leshan.,We gave the destruction of the teacher.,Drink a few more cups!”
“It is extremely extreme……”
Many people on the way are talking about this matter.……
It is because of a large number of rivers and lakes,Before the western region,At this time, the road is passing through the Sichuan,So the extinct hang is very lively。
Chu Deirers and Yin Yinwang、When Zhang Wuji came to Emei,Just in the mountain, I met Wu Xian, such as Song Yuanqiao.,There are also a little one of the disciples.。
Both sides respectively,Chu Deirers also found,Wudang and Tianying’s relationship,Mitigate many,Especially now Zhang Wuji is also。
Originally, Song Yuanqiao and others,I hope that I will bring Zhang to go back to Wusang.,But Yin Tian is not allowed,I don’t want to Zhang Wuji to the Skywear.,After all, Yin Tian is Zhang Wuji.,At that time, it was in the Western Region.,I don’t want to go, I am in Chukawa.,Direct return to Wu Dang does not say。

people,not worth it!

“official?It’s official,Who told you I’m an official person?”Qin Feng looked skinless at this time。
And when Yao Gui was so angry that his face changed,Another group of people came out,Heroicbī)people,Bring the breath of a superior。Even when he comes out, he brings his ownBgmof。
Qin Feng guessed at a glance,This should be the so-called Patriarch of Medicine Family?
It’s just more shocking,The few people who followed the pharmacist,With a submachine gun in his hand。
“amount.Underestimate you!”Qin Feng is a little helpless,I thought these ancient tribes would not be equipped with these things before!But I think it’s normal。
After all, their pharmacists are going to join the WTO to help Zhang’s family,It’s no surprise that this firearm is fully equipped。
At this time, the Patriarch finally spoke,“Me,I don’t know why the little brother went to our pharmacy to make trouble?”
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Nine Ancient Gunfight
Facing the question of medicine dust,Qin Feng gave no face,Hand pull,Just pull Agay in front of you,It’s not obvious that the bomb is tied to the body,Qin Feng simply took off his coat。
Yell after doing all this,“come,Hurt each other!”
Yaochen swallowed,I greeted Qin Feng’s family a long time ago。no way,It was Qin Feng’s actions that made him so angry that he was about to vomit blood。
This year,Who would have thought that someone would like to tie a bomb on himself??
“If you detonate, we will all die together,Aren’t you afraid of death?”Yaochen Fury Road。
“Hehe,The lives of your ancients are much more expensive than ours。Whether it detonates or not depends on how you choose!”Qin Feng’s hippie smiley said。

Although Liu Neng is now,Still looks very suspicious,But even if it is suspicious,I can’t understand why Xiao Fan suddenly persuaded Lin Yuner and Liu Chunlan to change their minds.,But as long as the money arrives in my account after a while,Then everything is easy to say, right??

Only when the money is in your account is it true,Everything else is fake。
Liu Neng noticed that everyone was silent,So he smiled and came to Xiao Fan’s side,And then said to him:“Xiao Fan,Grandpa doesn’t believe you,I just want to confirm with you again,The investment you just mentioned must be true,Not teasing grandpa,is not it?”
Xiao Fan smiled,To Liu Neng:“Grandpa,Look at what you said,Yoona said just now,Let me represent him,If you don’t believe me,So Yuna, the chairman of the Lin Group,You should believe it。”
Liu Neng looked at Lin Yoona who was sitting next to Xiao Fan,Look left and right,I didn’t see half of Lin Yoona’s unwillingness on Lin Yoona.,The stone in my heart that has been hanging in the air,Also disappeared immediately。
He glanced at Wang Dahua and Liu Guangguang triumphantly,These two people are also very excited at this moment。
The two held each other’s hand excitedly,Especially Liu Guangming,In addition to excitement, there is a hint of regret。
Looks like Xiao Fan agreed so well,The two million I made just now seems to be less。
I blame this Lin Yoona,I’m joking with myself when I’m idle,Blame her,This stinky girl,See how you can fix her when you look back,Let’s make you comfortable for a while,In a while,After the money is in my account,Let’s take care of everything else。
Lin Yuner looks at Liu Guangjing,Relying on her years of experience as the chairman,For Liu Guangguang’s thoughts at this moment,Lin Yuner estimated that it was only able to come out seven to eight points。
Although I don’t know what Xiao Fan is going to do,But as far as she has always understood Xiao Fan,Xiao Fan would never let his family’s money be stolen by the Liu family so easily。
“Xiao Fan,Do you need to discuss with Yoona again?,This investment,How much do you plan to invest,Although at least two million is enough,But since it is a 100% money-making project,I suggest you guys,It’s better to vote more,After all, such a good opportunity is not common,right?”Liu Neng can see Xiao Fan and they agree,and so,A reserve price of two million,I suddenly became unbalanced in my heart。
so,He didn’t give up on one of his actions,In Liu Neng’s opinion anyway,Even if Xiao Fan disagrees,There are at least two million,But seeing their family promised so happy,At this moment,In case I’m happy, Liu Cun has a lot more,Maybe it’s,dont you agree?

Curse。“What dog thing,You can say this?”

I heard Qin Feng’s words,Angry Xiao Hei rushed to Qin Feng again。
The latter has already been prepared,When you see Xiao Hei moving。
However, Qin Feng placed the submachine gun and sniper rifle in the inner courtyard when he came here.,Just brought a pistol。
But this time,Qin Feng discovered that Xiao Hei was able to completely avoid his bullet trail。
“Humph,What about modern industrial equipment?Firearms have a certain trajectory,Which is the trajectory of the shooting。Old men like us have long been able to take a serpentine pace based on the direction you swing the gun.。You want to hit me!”
Elder Xiaohei just finished speaking,Then he already came to Qin Feng and slapped out again。
Qin Feng was photographed flying again,He doesn’t want to get up now。Because he felt that his internal organs were about to shatter with a palm。
Let this attack come again,Qin Feng felt that he could only go to see King Yan。
At this moment he wants to escape,But it’s hard to get up。
Subsequently,I don’t know why,His ears started to ring in his ears again。
“I go,It’s really negative,Will it continue to become negative after another??”Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain about his own body function。
I always feel like I have discovered something extraordinary。
and so,At the moment when Elder Xiaohei wants to make up,Qin Feng made a relatively rolling motion。It happened to avoid the opponent’s attack because of this action。
Qin Feng stood up trembling again。
“Old thief,I warn you,If you come again,I will let you see God!”Qin Feng said with a serious face。
However, Elder Xiaohei doesn’t agree at all,“Haha,Just because you want to kill me?come,I want to see if young people today have this ability to speak big words。Let me see if your catty is enough!”

Now he has nothing to do,Just look at Qin Feng,“There is really no way to live together peacefully?”

“Why can’t it do??Didn’t I say,Pay,Then you take it back!”Qin Feng smiled。
Taishizi’s slumped mouth,“The company does not have so much liquid cash。”
“You just don’t want to give,People don’t want。What do you say so magnificently??”Qin Feng directly exposed the other party’s lies。
Taishi Ziyi did not panic or change his mind.。Everyone is smart,Although you can see it through,But Qin Feng’s failure to follow the rules is basically clear in the industry。
So he has nothing to fuss about。
“We have always been sincere to you。Actually falling out, it’s not good for us。”Tai Shi Ziyi’s face is realistic。
“I didn’t mean to be your enemy。Obviously you were sent here,He said he was going to deal with me or something。of course,After all,I am sure that I will unite with the Killer League。If you feel ashamed of it,Then you can continue to find someone to deal with us。But if you use some tricks that are not on the table against the people below,I’m going to make a big move!”
“Big move?”
“Yes indeed,I asked Yinsang to do you guys!”Qin Feng took it for granted。
Tai Shi Ziyi was a little speechless。
“Ok,Tell you the truth。We have different voices inside,Actually, I don’t care,What is more important than making money these days?But the forest is bigger and there are any birds,The old school is thinking about maintaining the glory of the mountain gate。I don’t want to care anyway,Just don’t anger。”Taishi Ziyi is underpinned,I don’t want to go around with Qin Feng。
“Okay,You give me a list。I will help you clean up the hidden dangers?”Qin Feng said jokingly。
After all, he knew that this kind of thing could not happen。
Because if he did,What is the difference with a betrayal organization?Although he Taishi Ziyi has achieved the position of elder,But it doesn’t mean that the guards will not trouble him because of him。
of course,If the guards have to attack the elders, there must be several captains and even the person in charge must sign in person.。
After all, the elders are already the highest personnel of their priesthood。

Xia Chenglong smiled:“You let me go。”

He is not a fool,Letting go at this time is equivalent to giving up all previous efforts。
“Bang bang bang!”
The other hand took a few greetings,The two sides have been entangled,Temporarily undivided。
“Hold on?”
“You let me go?”
The Great Sovereign’s face is hideous,Seeing other people blocking the other person,I can only grit my teeth at this moment。
“We let go!”
“it is good!”
This sound is too loud,So that everyone else stopped,Xia Chenglong also backed down,Standing together again。
Very sudden,After the two let go at the same time,Take the initiative to attack with the other hand,Caused them to break the box。
Box cracked,Everyone looked there curiously,What kind of thing is it,Make these guys so desperate。
Yes,The box is empty,There is nothing inside,What did they just do?