After reading this article, your care concept may be subverted.


After reading this article, your “health concept” may be subverted

Guide: Health, in fact, in the end, what matters is not the problem of the method, but the problem of the concept.

True health is a life attitude and a life attitude.

Only when you have mastered the way of health, and with a certain method of health, you can get health with one of them. This is the real health.

Health articles 1, the ancient naive theory of health and health is not as good as body-building, body-building, food and drink, and daily living.

It is better to raise a body than to raise a god, to raise a god, to work hard, and to hold a full ring.

It is better to raise your mind than to raise your heart, to raise your heart, to have less desire, and to be ignorant.

It is better to raise the heart than to raise the nature, to raise the nature, to raise the world, to grasp the yin and yang.

2, Sun Zhenren four less health songs in the mouth, less in the heart, less food in the abdomen, naturally sleep less, according to this four less, the gods are paralyzed.

In summary: if there are few words in the mouth, then the heart and temper will be raised; if there is less in the heart, then the heart and spleen and liver qi will be self-adjusting; if there is less food in the abdomen, the spleen and kidney will be balanced; if you sleep less, the essence of the five internal organs will be fine.The gas is stored in the gas; the five internal organs do not diarrhea, the six sputum compounds are common, and the people are yin and yang, and they are full of vitality, and naturally they are not far from the fairy family.

3, health is good, can not be abused today, a hobby, health, usually every time you encounter TV, radio broadcast health program, you must study carefully, detailed records.

Experts said: “During the morning, drinking water can clean up the stomach.” She will drink every morning regardless of her thirst.

Experts said: “I can hit the tree in the evening to make the muscles and muscles active,” and she will hit the tree regardless of suitability.

Experts said: “Every time you eat mung beans can cure all kinds of diseases,” she will eat every meal, no matter whether it is necessary or not. If it is piously executed, it will persist for several years, and finally it will be worse and worse, and it will be necessary to come to the clinic.

In fact, health is important in philosophy, not in concrete methods.

As the public, it is more important to learn this concept from the health program than to learn the method.

As the media, we should also focus on the concept of universal health care, supplemented by publicity methods, and we must repeatedly demonstrate its indications and contraindications while explaining the methods.

Remember: health is good, but it can’t be abused!

4, the concept of health in daily life, we can establish a concept: If you are not careful, you can not choose surgery, you can not choose to take the injection, you can not take the injection, can not take medicine, canDoctors do not have to look for their own conditioning and recovery.

The best doctor, neither a famous doctor nor an expert, is ourselves who are good at self-cultivation.

Health aspects: If you can exercise, you will not have to take treatment. If you can persist, you will not be able to do it.

Sitting still, standing piles, reading more, less internet, less eating, going to bed early, diligently changing, doing more good, always smiling, not angry.

5, the concept of the right is more important than the prescription of the children’s food folder has a sense of exogenous, and after the elimination of the drug to recover from the symptoms, but soon the symptoms are done again, knowing that the parents “if the child is safe, three points fortunes and cold”The child is rarely sick.

The stomach yang deficiency water drink inside the stop, and Wenwei Yanghua water drink after the reduction of all kinds of symptoms, but it is difficult to remove the roots, inquiries, knowing the vegetarian diet and cold drinks, after the reservation, the symptoms gradually linger.

The stagnation of dampness and dampness is good, and the body after the heat and dampness is gradually smooth, but the medicine can not stop, the prescription stops coffee and spicy, cold and cool products, the diet is light and gentle and easy to digest, it is not cool.

Those who have qi and yin and yin and yang are guilty of dysentery and dysentery. The prescriptions are slow and the prescriptions stop running at night and can’t stay up late, but they have not changed, but they are getting stronger.

The yin and yang in the virtual and cold table are complicated and complicated. All the trials are not effective. After ordering the Buddha or reading the good books, the symptoms are all reduced, and the effect of the service is obviously more than before.

.everything is too numerous to mention.

Therefore, sometimes it is more important to master a pair of ideas than to get a right one.

6, the idea and method to master ten good methods, it is better to learn a pair of ideas.

The good way is to tell us what we can do.

The right idea is to tell us how to do it and what not to do.

Many times, how to do and not do anything is more important than what you can do.

Health is like this, so is life.

7, summer diet should be light and gentle digestible for Jiajing Yun: “Heavenly treasure, only this one red day; people’s big treasure, only this is true.

“The summer is hot, the yang is out, the body is sweating, and the yang is empty.”

At this time, you must manually adjust the photo, you must not drink cold and cold.

Otherwise, Zhongyang will be injured and his drink will be difficult to drink.

If you eat more spicy and mustard products, you will become a syndrome of cold and damp heat, light abdominal pain and diarrhea, and severe dysentery.Be careful, be careful.

8, why is it true that health care every day to eat and not to rehabilitate health, or to be cautious and too healthy every day, are not good.

Life is quiet and bleak, and people who do not take health care as a child’s play, and do not take health as a priority, can truly understand health.

9, it is not advisable to drink more water after a cold. Many people think that it is good to have a cold and drink more water. In fact, this view is wrong.

As early as more than a thousand years ago, the medical saint Zhang Zhongjing had expanded this question: “Whenever you get sick, you will be thirsty for drinking water until May and 6th. You can’t drink too much, and you can’t drink too much.”


With the heat in the stomach is small, it can’t be eliminated, and it is even more ill.

By the end of the seven or eight days, those who are thirsty for drinking water should still rely on it, and they are often insufficiency, and they should not be too arrogant: they can drink a bucket and five liters.

If you drink and have a full stomach, urinary is not good. If you are breathing, you can’t do it.

Anyone who gets sick and can drink water is the disease of want.

It does not know the sick, but the sick and drinking water self-healing, the small thirsty is strong and drink, because it is a disaster, not countable.

“The theory of typhoid fever and typhoid fever” means that you have a seasonal cold and other diseases. If you are not thirsty, don’t drink water.

Even if you are thirsty, you should not drink too much, because the heat in the stomach is still too small, you can only digest the water, and you may also cause the drinking water to be wet due to excessive drinking, which leads to various new alternatives.

Even if you are very thirsty, you can not arbitrarily drink, but should be based on the disease and discretion, and only drink half full at a time.

If you have a stomach swell after drinking water, your urine will not flow smoothly, or you will pant and dry up, you will not be able to drink any more water.

Although some diseases want to drink water is a sign of survival, but can not think that drinking water can heal.

If you drink a lot of water if you are a little bit thirsty, it is easy to cause more troubles. I hope everyone can pay attention.

10, in the middle of the king of foreigners like to ask after seeing the disease: life is in motion, how should I exercise this disease?

Chinese people like to ask after seeing the disease: medicine supplement is better than food supplement, what can I usually eat?

In fact, they all do something right and do something different: some deficiency syndromes need to be calmed and conditioned, so it is not suitable for grayscale movement.

Some of the evidence is active and bloody, so you can’t overwhelm it.

Eat yin, move Yang, balance yin and yang, talent health.

“Too too” and “not too good” are bad, and “China” is the king.

11, labor health “Historical Records, Hua Wei Chuan” contains Hua Ruyan: “The human body wants to work, but improperly makes the ear, shakes the valley gas to eliminate, blood circulation, disease can not be born, such as the immortality of the Juhu pivot.

“The meaning is: the human body proves that it is more labor, but not too excessive.

After a moderate labor movement, the body’s food and water will be digested and absorbed, and the blood circulation will be smoother, so it is not easy to get sick.

Just like the door shaft, often turning, it will not decay and rust.

According to this theory, Fahrenheit imitates tigers, deer, bears, donkeys, and birds, and creates the “Five Birds Play” and awards accompanying disciple Wu Pu.

Wu Pu complied with the implementation, more than ninety years old and clever, the teeth are strong.

We modern people, not only sit for a long time, do not work, and when there is a minor illness, they hope for drugs.

Question: How can I not get sick?

It’s too much to say, move it!

12, the feet are quiet and some people say: the foot is the second heart of the human body, when the feet are busy, the heart will calm down.

So, can we reverse it: those who are too busy with their illnesses are mostly idle?

13, analysis of the reasons for protecting the “sub-health” of yang workers: 1, work, life pressure is too large, can not be dispatched, easy to cause yang.

2, office summer air conditioning, winter heating, easy to hurt yang.

3, long-term confrontation with the computer, general movement, yang does not rise.

4, the day is hot and cold, and the cold is still single, not heavy.

5, consult spicy spicy greasy, snack fruit, polytoxicity and yang.

6, dinner is mostly at night, the sun is difficult to enter the yin, damaging yang.7, sleep all night, do not take a lunch break, damage the Yin and Yang.

. by the cloud: “Yang Qi, if the sky and the day, lose their place is not long life.

“The yang is injured, the light is small, the serious is serious, and even the death, can you care?”

14, “wearing a hat” and “wearing wool pants” “Lingshu·Meridian articles” contains: hand, foot Sanyang Jing are all on the head, the foot three Yin Jing are walking on the legs and feet.

The yang is easy to heat, and the yin is easy to cold. Therefore, “the cold starts from the foot and the heat rises from the head.”

After the winter, the weather is getting colder, the hat can not be worn, but the pants can not be worn.

It’s true that you don’t wear a hat for warmth.

The winter that is not for the purpose of wearing wool pants is to “play hooligans.”

Everyone feels it.

15, stand collar wind-proof wind pool, Fengfu is a wind-proof point, located in the back of the hair straight up an inch.

Above the sorghum, the wind can be reached; the wind and evil attack, the first to bear the brunt.

Therefore, when the ancients go out, they must wear a collar jacket. In addition to the aesthetic considerations, it is more important to avoid the cold.

It can be seen that the handsome pigeons who put the T-shirt collars up in the subway are very familiar with health, and they laugh at them again.

16, the elderly health sun drying, do housework, do not worry, read Buddha vegetarian, the elderly to health, this year’s holiday is really no need to receive gifts.

17, “Warm women” develop more wearing pants, eat less fruit, do not stay up late, “warm women” to develop the three necessary conditions, who warms who knows.

18, “warm man” secret tricks have friends asked: “warm men” to develop a secret trick?

Stealing that Donghan·Cui Wei’s “Motto” is good, you can refer to it.

19, the universal secret recipe eat less, sleep more, normal heart, modern people health and disease prevention, the common secret of getting sick and getting sick, I don’t tell him the average person.

20, the usual heart is calm, and the breath is smooth.

The blood is fine, and the feet are strong.

Shenwang is winning the evil, and it is the balance between yin and yang.

The balance of yin and yang is already sick and can be cured.

It can be seen that “normal heart” is the top priority for health care.

21, the nature of the law and the discovery of daily life: all the female friends who are not good enough, life is not happy, most of them have the characteristics of “outer and soft inside”.

Outside, it is easy to get hurt, but the inner softness can’t be resolved.

In the long run, it will inevitably cause damage to the body and even pain.

At this time, the power of acupuncture is often difficult to catch, and it is best to combine the method of chemistry.

Mr. Wang Fengyi’s “words and deeds”, “Jia Yan Lu” and “Chemical Talks” can be read frequently and works very well.

22, what else is sick?

Going against the sky.

It is not difficult to maintain health, let it be natural.

Clinical evidence 1. The basis of beauty is that a woman who is healthy is not only coming to see a doctor because of a uterine bleeding. After she has stopped her bleeding, her face has improved a lot.

After taking the soup for a week, there was a sense of radiance.

I was curious to ask me: The beauty effect of the soup is so good, can you lose weight?

In fact, regardless of beauty or weight loss, Chinese medicine practitioners change their externalities by regulating the body.

“There must be outside the world,” the inside is healthy, there is no reason outside to be beautiful.

It can be seen that the first essential of beauty is not good-looking or healthy.

2, guiding the effect of exercise a few months ago, a couple came to the clinic, the same illness, more than a few months.

Today, I want to ask for a child, so the two come again.

When you enter the door, you will see your husband and wife, and his wife’s glory is different.Inquiring about it, I know that my wife has been practicing yoga for three months, and that the husband is also practicing the infuriating law sometimes.

The guiding movement is also effective.

It is necessary to have a child after the date of the meal.

3, stent expansion is not as good as Wentong’s now more patients with heart stents.

I saw one this morning, and I spent six and spent hundreds of thousands. In the end, I still couldn’t do it. I had to come to Chinese medicine.

In fact, the cardiovascular system is like the canal used for watering in rural areas. The water in the winter canal is blocked by ice. The old expansion is not the way.

How to do?

Bake it with fire, or wait until the spring and the day, and naturally the ice will melt.

Chinese medicine talks about “the combination of heaven and man”, otherwise it would be useful if it was built into a bird’s nest.

In fact, in addition to the freezing of the canal, the factors causing poor water circulation are: silt deposition, debris accumulation, low water volume and insufficient power.

For these causes, Chinese medicine or silt, or noisy, or hydration, or afterburning, until the cause is removed, the disease is self-healing.

Is it more humane than Western medicine to treat thrombolysis (replacement of drainage water), expansion of crown (expansion of canal wall), bypass (establishment of branch canal), and heart transplantation (and other channels)?

4, the disease, not the enemy, is the disease of all the friends, from a fever to a cough, to cancer, in a sense, for us, it is actually a good thing.

Why do you say that?

Because it is these diseases that remind us or warn us that we must have certain problems in our diet or self-cultivation.

By recognizing and correcting these problems, the disease can be alleviated and even healed.

It is a last resort to use drugs or acupuncture to help your body recover.

In this sense, disease is not our incompetent enemy, but a friend on the same front as us.

What is the best way to treat a disease as a friend?

5, the heart is dangerous, seeing a disease today, more than a dozen kinds of diseases, nearly 100 medical records, its scattered, its ambition, its intentions, its fans, the party to go, and return and askWhere there are more than seven times, it is also difficult to cure.

Chinese medicine believes: the husband of the heart, the official of the monarch.

If the heart is both chaotic, then the symptoms will be up, and the medicine will not work.

It is also a doctor, and so is it: If the heart is not strong, why should you save the dead?

Teacher Shi: “How much love is, how high the medical skills can be.

“I don’t want to bully.”

I am willing to share with all the kings.

6, the limbs are not many patients with the development of the disease, the severity of the disease, and how much they are in daily life and the mood is directly related: the more trivial, the worse the mood, the more likely the disease is aggravated, and vice versa.
“Nei Jing” speaks “spiritual internal defense”, and “Diamond Sutra” says “should not live without”, it is not unreasonable.

Do things: Look at it before you do it, enjoy it when you do it, and let it go after you do it.

7, the body is easy to see, the heart disease is difficult to pass through the cloud: “The heart, the official of the monarch, is the Lord of the internal organs.

The main Ming is down, so that the health is the life; if the Lord is unclear, the twelve officials are in danger, and then the health is embarrassing.

“Seeing the evidence, men and women, who are safe and not sick, are in all likelihood; those who are sick and not sick, have nothing to lose.

Therefore, if you want to cure your body, you should cure your heart first.

The rule of the heart is lighter and lighter, and the lighter one is self-healing; on the other hand, it is lightly doped and re-implanted into dead sputum.

The method of treating the mind, the Confucianism and the Buddhism, the Western religions, such as Taiji, standing piles, sit-in and chess and calligraphy, etc., are also available.

8, the rule of the six peaches, “Historical Records, Almonds and Peach”, listed six patients who are not easy to treat: First, arrogant and indulgent and not reasonable.

Second, people who know money and despise their lives.

Third, people who are too picky about living and eating can’t be satisfied.

Fourth, the body yin and yang are separated and the visceral disorder.

Fifth, the body is weak and can not take the drug.Sixth, only believe in ghosts and gods and not believe in doctors.

If there is one of them, it will be difficult to treat.

These are all worth pondering.

9, the heart of gratitude and less illness in the past few years, the biggest gain is not to learn a few “secret methods”, nor how many “secret recipes”, or understand a truth.

That is: people who are often grateful are not easy to get sick, and even if they are sick, they are more likely to heal.

Thanks to the patients and friends for letting me realize this simple and true truth.

I am also grateful for the selfless help of my loved ones and friends over the years.

thank you all!

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Solitude (edited by Wang Yulong)

Within the church,There is a knight who is wearing a helmet full of armed knights.,At the same time, there are two carains that have two equivalent dressings from the corner.。

at the same time,Han Jiang observed,The position of the big bishop is on both sides,Each has an old man holding a fire medicine gun。
this era,The gunpowder gun is already very powerful weapon.。
People who can make or improve fire drug guns,It can be a matter of course for the bishop.。
However, the people who are not afraid of the laser weapon of Hanjiang.,I didn’t put the gunpowder gun in my eyes.。
This kind of weapon may be a general person,Like Tianlei,It is only a little bit slight in the eyes of Hanjiang.。
Calian is not said,Directly shouting your mind,The person who has just claimed to be a family of Caslan is attacked.。
Han Jiang took out the long gun from the space,Ignoring two red bishops,Down two big knights。
“Carian,do not forget,You are the people of Kaslan!”The big knight of the Caslanna is a little later.,After all, it is not dare andSLevel female martial arts,Even if he is still not。
“Do you remember the home training of Kaslan?,How much can the Cavaliers reflect on you??”
“Do you have not seen the current situation of people’s lives in the city?,Didn’t see the figure of them struggling under black dead diseases,Don’t block me。”
Han Jiang smiled,Easily block two big knights,At the same time, two gunpowder guns。
in this era,The improvement of fire medicine guns is indeed more advanced than other regions.,No alternative but to take the Hanjiang。
Fidel Lanna who claimed to be family elders are playing cards lotus retreat,He has retreated from the next Archbishop of that tall chair。
Building collapsed become frequent in recent voice from far up to,Eleanor had to chase behind the place not far from the church。
“Judah’s vows,I would like to borrow!”
Card Ephraim recipe for a long beat back the big knight,Jump leaps high into the air。
Were hung in the church on top of Judah pledge cards seem to be able to understand the words of Ephraim,Exude a golden light,It began to quiver tied chains,Ring ring the bell sounded the voice of。
Judah pledge card after being taken into the hands of Ephraim,The convergence of all the forces,It becomes like an ordinary cross,But it exudes a dangerous atmosphere。
Hanjiang also felt this change,This is the Hanjiang River in the hands of Teresa never seen changes。
He could clearly feel,Skyfire saint of this world are cut and vows Judah mimicry。
So Teresa did not fully grasp the usage of Judah,No wonder her when nothing like himself。
“You know Judah has several uses it?”
If you can put the card lotus……
Han Jiang shakes his head,He was not sure can put the card back to the real world lotus。
Lotus wants to take away the card,You can only look at how the world’s next evolution。
Then look at,It is already breaking the side door of the church and the ceiling of Eleanor and lotus card battle。
“It is black and white Yuan?”After seeing Eleanor Hanjiang their weapons slightly surprised a moment。
Stuart did not know Shani pedigree in the end is out of the study Otto,Or a descent on a genetic throwback era in Eleanor body。
Anyway Hanjiang more inclined to the latter view,After all, Shani Stuart if it is out of the study,It will not be the fate of one of three families。
He is more willing to believe,The blood that can perfectly manipulate the cracking of cracks is Mei.。
“bass!”Golden iron cable is shot from the open cross in the open cross to the hormonics。
Eleano is holding the Monument Blackwood White Blossoms Before,But those golden iron rons have changed trajectory,There is a large half of her behind her.。

“That old thing is too deceived too much.。”

Several middle-aged,The next period is looking at the summer。
Welcome a complex gaze,Summer laughs,“Allocate……”
Just said two words,His mobile phone suddenly burst into。
“Feel sorry,I took a call.。”
Summer apologies,Tap the phone from your pocket,Just see the above number,Wrinkle。
He nodded again to everyone apologize.,Standing up and walking out,At the same time。
“summer,problem occurs。” Take a touch,Pair of leaves。
Summer heart,Hurry,“what happened?”
“Just now, I will take the fragrance.,After eating back,The ground of the ward door,A letter appeared。”Toned,Time to think about summer,Ye is gentle,“There is a woman’s photo,Photo is written behind,Let you go to the ancient dock alone in the eleventh point,If you call the police,Give a woman on the photo,correct,Photo on the woman named Guo Lijuan
Summer head is awkward。
Next second,He accelerates speech speed,“Fragrance has not seen photos.?”
“no。I am open from one person outside.。”
The leaves are gentle, so that the summer is loose.,Be talk,Leaf gentle speed,“This is a trap,No exact location,Use the woman to threaten you,If I judge the correct words,The eight super masters of the martial arts will wait for you there.。”
She can think of,Summer can naturally think。
And think more。
He has calm down,“knew,This matter is given to me.,correct,Don’t let the fragrance observe。”
“it is good,but……Need me to shoot??”
“Not necessarily。”
Say,Summer hanging up the phone,The spin is all overped.。
Soon connected,Do not wait for each other,Summer,“Maji,Who is the boss of the madman,Give me your contact,be quick。”
The phone is not asking more thanks.,Practicely hang up the phone。
About five minutes,I received a message in the summer.。
Open the information to see an eye,He immediately dialed a number。
No one responded。
Until time。
Continue to call in summer。
Second time,Remain so far。
Third time,Foot enough for more than ten seconds,Sound,Into the phone。
Turn out, a cold and hoarse voice,“I do not care who you are,I am very curious.,How did you know this number?。”
“I am also very curious,Who gives you courage,Dare to send people to experience the task。”
Summer voice is plain,Just say,But contain unlimited killing,“Look,The fanciety of the military group has not existed it.。”

Gof Sword laughed,“You have never practiced the soul,So the soul structure is relatively loose,Now practice secret surgery,Improve speed is fast,However, it will gradually slow down.。”

Toned,Also,“You are in peace of mind here,The Temple in the 5th Temple is at least for nearly three years to open.,I just know that there is a close road.,Just half a month can be reached,I will take you together.。”
Summer suddenly stunned。
It is this short sentence,The amount of information is too big.。
Summer mind,The next consciousness has emerged three words。
Apologist!It is said that there is no before entering the five mountains.,There is a frequent communication,There are various inductive in various。
After entering the mountainous mountain,Have an atmosphere to add,No need to deliberately,Lingbao,Zi Baotou。
and many more。
This thought is a life,Summer will be denied。
A thousand years ago,He knows that the five-bedroom will evolve。
Must abandon the wooden pole,Can get a bigger chance。
Now I don’t know the exact time of the Temple.,More I know a close road?
Various signs,Go Jian has already exceeded the category of people。
Various ideas,It’s just a moment。
Summer is not greedy,Although it is slightly curious,But only this is。
Now,He shook his head,Laugh,“It’s easy to enter the five-bedroom mountain.,I still don’t want to go back.,I want to search for the treasure everywhere.,It is said that there are many things in the five-bedroom mountains.……Uh。”
Not finished,Stop。
What did you think in summer?,Laugh,“Brother,I know how to repay your kindness.。
Do you have a mother?,I can give you a refineries.。”
NS3890chapter More and more doubts
“All things?”
Gobian is also slightly,Eye close up,“You will also refine?”
Summer response,He is extremely rare to reveal a single excitement,Flooding on the ground。
“Yes,You practice is the fire system,Such a good condition,How can I not learn?,Oops,How do I forget this?。
Brother,You are a lot of refinerists?”
Summer did not answer,Wrist shake,A big bow appeared in the palm of the palm。
Big bow,Make a kind of hard and fierce,It flows on the gloss,Vigify a sharp breath。
甫 甫 出,Surrounded by Hawran。
The nearby rays seem to be invested within the bow.。
“You used this bow to shoot people.。”
Gogjian took a hard bow,Reach out,Eyesight,Hawran expansion,Gaze。

Party building leading aggregation for the whole people to participate in helping the city

Compact the main responsibility, strengthen party building leadership to implement the spirit of creating a national civilized city work deployment conference, focus on the establishment of various tasks of the national civilized city, and promote the normal and long -term work of the creation of work.

The Creation City Office of Golmud established a leading group, responsible for the film, fully relying on the "district head system" of the city -level leadership, in -depth epidemic prevention and control units, creating the on -site scheduling of the national civilized cities, The epidemic prevention and control "two do not correct, two promote." At the same time, relying on the "four -level and three linkage" urban grass -roots party building mechanisms, in accordance with the requirements of "grid management, group service", the "multi -grid one" of grass -roots party building, city creation work, and urban comprehensive management will be carried out. Create the publicity of the national civilized city, promote the implementation of the responsibility system for the construction of the joint construction and grid -based management, and effectively improve the level of refined management. Create a propaganda position, create a good atmosphere of Golmud City to create a national civilized city work as an important starting point, give full play to the leading role of party building, continuously improve various mechanisms, and use all -round publicity methods The strong atmosphere.

At the same time, relying on the "Red Post" party and mass live broadcast room and the new era civilization practice office (station), the anchor said on online activities such as the creation of the city, the moral model preaching, and the knowledge of the city’s knowledge, so that the majority of residents could feel the creation of the city New weather and new changes brought by work. In addition, through field inspection of key sections such as Chaidama Road and Bayi Road, we carefully sorted out the problems such as private parties, disorderly vehicles, damaged roads, and "five packages in front of the door".

As of now, all units in the city have carried out more than 90 publicity activities for cities. Party members volunteers have issued more than 1,500 propaganda materials through households, visited stores along the street, and distributed publicity materials in the concentrated area of ??the abortion, and organized more than 80 environmental health remediation activities. Give full play to demonstration and guidance, lead the role of civilized fashion to give full play to the role of the grass -roots party branch fighting forts and party members’ pioneers, and deepen the expansion of "I do practical things for the masses".

The Tibet Road Street Party Working Committee jointly established a co -construction unit and the party branches set up a volunteer service team of 22 191 people to jointly carry out the national civilized city creation activities 4 times and participated in more than 200 party members; Service teams, organize more than 50 volunteer activities such as environmental improvement and city propaganda to ensure the efficient operation of the city’s linkage mechanism; Kunlun Road Street relies on the new era civilization practice station to form 8 youths, towels, respect for the elderly, law and order, etc. More than 30 volunteer service teams have innovated volunteer service activities such as "Red Saturday" and "Everyone Participate in the Creation City", and lead the city’s residents to add motivation to the work of the city with practical actions.

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4 new cases of confirmed cases in Chaoyang District, Beijing were announced in Beijing

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, March 8th (Dong Zhaorui) Today, Beijing held a press conference of the 285th press conference of the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia. According to Yang Beibei, deputy head of Chaoyang District, Beijing, 9:50 on March 1 -March 8th, at 12:00 on March 8th, live in the South District of Douzhuang Township, Douzhuang Township, Chaoyang District, 10:00 on March 4th to March 4th At 20:30 a day, at the Honeym and Children’s Child Education Growth Center (District B, No. 101, Yaojiayuan Road, Chaoyang District), at 15:00 on March 6th to 20:00 on March 6th to March 6th Another City Campus of R & F) On March 6th to 20:30 on March 6th at more than more convenience stores (close to hope education, Dalu store North Road store), please meet or receive or receive the trajectory of the above activities. The personnel of the health treasure pop -up window immediately proactively reported to the community (village), work units, residential hotels, or calling the Chaoyang Disease Control Department hotline 87789709.

In terms of the prevention and control of the epidemic, Yang Beibei introduced that the second was to quickly conduct a flow investigation.

At the first time, the relevant information related to the external area was passed to the outer area. At the same time, personnel involved in the confidentiality and sub -dense connections involved in Chaoyang District have been implemented. The third is to quickly launch nucleic acid sampling detection. Carry out personnel nucleic acid testing and environmental testing of the infected communities and activity areas. At present, 3,174 people have been sampled, and 1700 people have been sampled, all of which are negative, and the remaining test results are waiting. The fourth is to ensure the service guarantee. Chaoyang District has established 59 WeChat liaison groups in the southern district of Douzhuang Township Vanke Qingqing Homeland. solve. Coordinate the three supply companies in the jurisdiction, provide material distribution guarantees for the necessities of residents, implement the delivery personnel, and ensure that the supplies are sent to the residents’ homes in time.

Early special needs such as residents’ emergency medical treatment and essential medicines to formulate guarantees to implement guarantee personnel, and ensure that the needs of medical treatment and buying medicine in a timely manner will be implemented. Aiming at the maintenance needs of the normal life of residents, such as water and electricity damage, emergency maintenance measures are formulated to implement maintenance personnel.

Yang Beibei said that the residents were asked to report the initiative to cooperate with the implementation of centralized isolation, home isolation, nucleic acid detection, and health monitoring measures. During health monitoring, you will be reduced to go out, no gathering, no meals. If there are 11 symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sputum, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, abnormal taste, abnormal smell, abnormal smell, etc., immediately take the initiative to report. Do a good job of personal protection and go to the hot kidney treatment. According to Yang Beibei, in the next step, Chaoyang District will continue to compact the "Quartet responsibility", act quickly, quickly accurately, strict investigation and control, and go all out to prevent the epidemic prevention and control early , Fine, complete, and implement, continue to ensure the protection of regional services in the control control. At present, all units need to fully implement the responsibility of the Quartet and weave the epidemic prevention and control network.

Citizen friends are requested to actively cooperate with the implementation of various prevention and control measures, and strictly abide by the testing policies for returning to Beijing nucleic acid testing, such as those who have intersecting or receiving the prompts of health treasure pop -ups with cases. Report to cooperate with relevant prevention and control measures.

Entering public places must actively perform temperature, verification, registration, and code scanning, do a good job of personal protection, pay attention to personal hygiene and health monitoring, reduce or avoid densely places in the crowd, and consciously abide by various prevention and control requirements.

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“real or fake?”Two people actions。

“Probability。”Old week nod。
“what is it now?”I wish the double question。
“how could I know,Look at the Ministry of Education or your school can not introduce any policy。”Old Zhou said,“do not worry,It is also affected by the country.,But for those who consciously,Self-cultivation,Or students with educational resources at home,This is a good opportunity for corner overtaking.。”
The two sisters have fallen into thoughts.。
I wish you a lot of thoughts.,I only know that her achievements and wish are almost the same.。As for the two,He is the first three old ages in Yancheng Middle School.,It is possible to impact Tsinghua Northern http://www.jabakery.cnUniversity.,More than weeks。
Lao Zhouqon,Say:“If you are willing,I can try it, I can find a teacher for you.,Of course, this also wants to see the epidemic situation of Yancheng.,Seriously definitely。”
“Even if there is no teacher,You can also help each other.,Two points better than one person。”Jiang Yi supplements,“And there is a problem, you can still ask my brother.。”
“cough!”Zhouzhi is a bit uncomfortable。
“correct,Sister, don’t panic.!”I wish the double nodes,“What should I do if I am infected by Jin?,Let’s go together to Peking University.。”
“I want to take Qinghua。”
“I ask my father.。”Ipret。
“good,I also communicate with him.。”Jiang Yi also said,“Hey, he should be finished.。”
I didn’t find anything reason for the rice.,Fortunately, he secretly opened the takeaway software.,I feel that the take-out industry has not been influenced by the epidemic.,So he gave a top spot,The address only fills in the community。
“Wait for yourself,Don’t be seen。”
“rest assured。”
The Zhou is flat.,Open WeChat to see the public number of the Danzan Garden,I have seen it in Yizhou。
Yizhou is not subject to the disaster-stricken area,But not light,However, most of the diagnosed cases are concentrated in Jinshi,Now there is more than half of the small cities that have not been diagnosed.,Among them, it includes Yancheng.。
But can’t fall。
And the demon is very strange,Don’t look at the people’s model,The group is also a mammal,But the essence of their essence and the difference in humans may be better than human and a stone.。This difference is even bigger to make them can’t for this world.,They now look almost all borrowed this world.,This is actually a camouflage。
Zhou heard red dyeing,Originally, they can’t even use words to describe,That is not something that belongs to this world,Natural world has not created their text。
Just like there is no word to describe a color never appeared,Or never been the feeling we recognize。
So the demon cannot be infected。
“嗡嗡~~” The phone suddenly shook,Zhou took the phone,Tell the stalk after a moment:“Go to the entrance of the community。”
槐 序,Wear a mask。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 213 Don’t worry about checking up.
Today’s weather is not good,Overcast,Always in addition to the weather in Yancheng outside the summer。However, this time before the impression of the New Year will be out of the sun.,The weather is also starting from this time.。
Sitting in the bedside。
Some people raise pigeons in the sky,The river is covered with a thin layer of fog,There are few people on the road.。
The whole city is extra clear。
序 is sitting behind him,The trash can also remains in the take-out package box,The air is also floating incense,It is a game that is too long.,He also feels some boring。
“Ugh……Nan Ge is not online!” “Nan Ge went to the mountain。”Zhouzhi eye mobile phone screen,“Her homes are not available,Can only smashWiFi。”
“The trick is not black.?”