China CCPIT held a special unit of the party branch organization of life

According to CCPIT "two to learn to do a" study and education arrangements, CCPIT organizations at all levels in between August 22 to 24 dates to branch units held a thematic organization of life. The topics of organizational life will be "self-examination of the implementation of the Party ‘six discipline’ situation" as the theme, party members, organs and units directly under the Party leadership team members are ordinary party members participated in the branch where the organization of life, each party member to carry out the rectification spirit of criticism and self-criticism, to achieve the desired effect. First, we attach great importance to ideology, and solid foundation to prepare. To ensure the results will be the topic of organizational life, party secretary, Jiang Zengwei president held a party group meeting, to hold a special organizational life will be studied deployment. Bureau member, deputy chairman, party secretary directly under the authority party secretary Zhang organizations and members at all levels of the organization on how to make a good organization of life re-refined deploy. Directly under the Party Committee promptly issued a "notice to hold a special organizational life" and the conference content, procedures were put forward. CCPIT to ensure that every party member can participate in the thematic organization of life, in addition to plenary 85 branch held a special organizational life, the organization of B20 during the summit, all party members and cadres in Hangzhou attended the collective work of the B20 Organizing Committee belongs under the three temporary party branch of organizational life. Each branch of this branch are organized all party members focus on learning the "Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party," "Communist Party of China self-discipline guidelines", "Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations", "the Communist Party of China Accountability Ordinance" and other regulations within the party, Xi Jinping total depth study and implement secretary of the series is especially important speech Xi Jinping General secretary in the Communist Party of China was founded 95 anniversary speech on the Assembly to "self-examination of the implementation of the Party ‘six discipline’ situation" as the theme, the actual in-depth personal contact revealing problems, serious conduct criticism and self-criticism, to ensure that the topic of organizational life quote rates for high quality, and achieved good results, formed a positive, General business, being a good political environment Delicate air, to provide a strong ideological and political and trade promotion organization for the reform and development of career guarantee. Second, at the rate of more prominent, solid organizational life will be a good start.

CCPIT party members to take the lead, to establish a benchmark, the layers of the demonstration, calling the shots.

Before the thematic organization of life, Party organizations at all levels to carry out extensive talk heart to heart, party members, organs and units directly under the Party leadership team members taking about, both speak their own problems, but also the courage to point out each other’s problems, especially for the masses are strongly problem, take the initiative claim, reminding each other. At the meeting, each party members and cadres to the party’s "six disciplines" as the ruler, check yourself whether a violation of the "six disciplines", in particular, whether the violations of political discipline and political aspects of the rules; leading cadres also highlighted check yourself to enhance the "four consciousness", to implement the central provisions of eight gaps spirit. At the same time according to self-examination, fill up the implementation of the "six disciplines" concerning self-examination tables. Party members, organs and units directly under the Party leadership team members are ordinary party members participate where the party branch thematic organization of life, in order to establish a benchmark, examine their attitude towards me live, Jieduan bright ugly, do not cover the problem, not avoiding problems ; in criticism of others, adhere to the facts speak, there is one that one, or two that two, reached the red face, the sweat, the rule of treatment desired effect and unity, criticism, unity of purpose.

The third is to insist on problem-oriented, full implementation of the corrective responsibility. For analysis brought to light out of the question, especially the topic of organizational life looks out of the question, CCPIT organizations at all levels adhere to learn while improving, and checking and reform, to make a public commitment to accept their supervision and evaluation.

Efforts to start from the violation of the "six discipline" weak link, that is known that the change, enact legislation to change, especially for the masses salient issues, the rectification will be put in place one by one. (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

3 months increase! "Battery metal" lithium price climbed to a new high or hindered electric vehicle

On November 12th, the Japanese media said that the prices of representative metal lithium used for pure electric car batteries continue to soar and have reached the highest value. According to Japan’s economic news website, the current price of lithium has risen to more than 2 times in early August.

According to the report, the electric trend accompanying the decarburization caused the demand for lithium to increase, on the other hand, the supply of growth could not be matched, which produced a situation that competes for battery metals. If stable procurement is difficult, it will hinder the popularity of pure electric vehicles.

The proportion of pure electric vehicles accounted for the overall car is currently%, which has risen than about 4% of the previous year.

The EU proposes the policy of banned the sales of new cars and diesel engines by 2035, and the proportion of pure electric vehicles is expected to increase in the context of rapid steering from the pure electric vehicles.

If the sales of pure electric vehicles increase, the demand for lithium will be huge.

Taking Tesra Model x as an example, the battery capacity required for each car is 10,000 times to reach the battery capacity required for each Apple iPhone.

In addition, the rise in manufacturing costs also has become a background of rapid rising prices. The price of lithium concentrate as a lithium carbonate is rising.

Collie Montgomery, United Kingdom McKentz Consulting, is in a very crazy level, which is difficult to continue, he believes that the price increase will drive the market to return to the market.

In the future, if the market is restarted, the market is increased, and the price of the price is likely to be alleviated.

Datang Huayin Electric Power full prevention and control of the epidemic to fight the epidemic prevention and control

People’s Network Changsha on July 30, in the past few days, Hunan released the latest epidemic notification, and epidemic prevention and control faced a serious situation.

Datang Huayin Electric Power Company quickly responded, starting the prevention and control of the epidemic, and striving to ensure the safety and stability of safety production and staff.

Up to now, the company has no infection and suspected cases. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, the company’s party committee secretary, chairman, general manager Liu Zhihui advanced, brought by the former command, timely convening the topic to deploy epidemic prevention and control, demanding early, preventing the disease, preventing no longer, rapid response, scientific response . He said that the company system should effectively and prevent this normalized epidemic to prevent this string to ensure the safety of the people and the company’s system safely and stable.

On the evening of July 28, the company quickly issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in Current Epidemic Prevention and Control". On July 30th, the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Emergency Notice" is issued again, and the grassroots companies are required to resolutely press Really prevention and control responsibility, improve the investigation and management of the pastoral personnel, and accelerate the urban vaccination of new crown virus vaccination and implement self-protection measures. At the same time, strictly implement measures such as public places, plant, and family district wearing masks, temperature measurement, scanning code to ensure that they should check, should check, prevent and control without dead ends. In addition, the system allocated to implement the subject responsibility of the epidemic prevention and control, and the employees must not travel to the risk zone and risk warning zone. It must be strictly fulfilled in the examination and approval procedures and do personal protection. For Zhangjiajie City, a serious epidemic situation, the company requested Zhangjiajie Hydropower Company to further improve the prevention and control of epidemic, against Zhangjiajie City and Group Co., Ltd. . The company system has once again carried out deep health cleanliness, strengthens ventilation, disinfection and epidemic prevention management, and uses weekends, and uses weekends. At the same time, strengthen the canteen, catering and health management, and strictly clean and disinfection, standardize operations to ensure food safety. In addition, the company requires all units to meet the amount of epidemic prevention materials to meet the amount of 30 days.

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Another pilot shopping mall realizes the upgrade of the princess grave, the department store new debut

  Cuiwei Building reloaded, creating "Technology Landscape +" multi-channel experience, sculpture digital light and shadow, AR yuan universe, cultural display light and shadow, digital screen and other technical applications bring to consumers’ new shopping experience.

Our reporter 阎 彤 摄 技 感 品 品 品 品 品 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改 改

As one of the traditional shopping malls of this city, one of the upgraded projects, the princess of Cuiwei Department Store has become more fashionable in the image, the business is more abundant, the newly stationed brand reaches nearly 100, and consumers have more Yuan’s shopping experience. The Cuiwei Department Store, opened in 1997, once known as "Jingxi’s most luxury department store", is one of the preferred land of Jingxi residents.

However, with the rise of other business districts, the online shopping tide shock, the Cuiwei Department Store Princess Tomb Store is slightly old, and it is urgent to transform.

On March 28 this year, the Cui Min department store has temporarily closed the store, launched the upgrade and transformation, and the B is working properly.

  The reporter visited that the Cuiwei Department Store Princess Tomb Store has just begun the trial operation, the shopping malls 1 to 4 layers and the underground layer have appeared, mainly the retail industry.

The relevant person in charge introduces that the mall will also create a gourmet city at 5 floors, and introduce a cinema; a layer will introduce an electronic bookstore, in addition to paper books, and e-books for readers. After the upgrade, the new introduction of the princess of the princes, including 37 brands in which the department store has introduced 37 brands. There are 12 brands for the first store in Beijing or Haidian, and the shopping atmosphere is more international and fashionable. Catering industry has introduced Ding Taifeng, Deichuan family, etc. "I saw it again, I saw it again, so I came in, I used to feel tradition, this time I opened a lot of new brands, the whole is more young.

"Ms. "Strolling in the retrofitable shopping mall, you can see the technology element everywhere. On the column of different floors in the mall, the number screen is embedded, and the flowing picture forms a cool" technology landscape ". Future can hold a digital light and shadow, cultural display light and shadow Show, etc. In addition, the 4-storey patio forms a public leisure area, not only poses a table and chair, but also sets a screen, consumers can play games through the pedals. Future, shopping malls will continue to implant Multi-dimensional cultural series activities.

  The princess grave businesswood will accelerate the promotion of overall upgrading.

According to the preliminary design of the Haidian District Bureau of Commerce, the princess of the princess will realize the transformation from the traditional department store to the integrated experience of integrated business.

Among them, Cuiwei Building and the North side of the urban and rural Commercial Building planned to build a night consumption gathering area, and the South side plans to create quality leisure blocks, combined with a diversified manner, reshape the "Beijing West First Business Circle".

Panorama Review: The 3rd Loyong Jianfengling Tropical Rainforest Tent Festival Wonderful Instant

People’s Daily November 15th (Li Hao Rong, Mao ") November 14 The east came in. This event was guided by the People’s Government of Landong Li Autonomous County, the Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Bureau of Le Dong Li Autonomous County, hosted by the People’s Network Co., Ltd. Hainan Branch.

More than 200 outdoor fans from the country registration. It is understood that the peak ridge is from the low to high from the low to high, and the natural resources such as mountains, mountain rainforests, mountains, so that visitors here feel a fresh natural and tropical climate. In addition, the organizer of this tent is carefully planned to arrange the tent camping, open concert, outdoor product draw, scenic romantic hike. Director of the Travel Authority of Le Dong Li Autonomous County told reporters that the "Londe Jialong Tent" has successfully held two sessions, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year, this year is aimed to create a big influence and attractive peak. The tent festival is branded, which makes it a brand project that becomes Lream Tourism Culture.

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Chongqing Metro Line No. 9 Phase II Project enters the paving stage

Trough the track site. Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee is supplied by Chongqing November 6th (Hu Hong) on ??the 6th, Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee issued news, Chongqing Metro Line 6, second phase project, successfully completed the first paragraph , Officially enter the layout phase. The second phase of the No. 9 line building construction from Chongqing Rail Transit (Group) Co., Ltd. is located in Yubei District, Chongqing, started from Xingke Avenue, stopped in Huason Station, full length, and 1 flower gutter parking lot. After the completion of the line, the first phase of the track No. 9 will be operated in series in Shapingba District, Yuzhong District, Jiangbei District, and Yubei District, and further strengthen traffic contact between urban centers and relieve the construction area. Traffic pressure.

  In order to speed up the construction of the second phase of the line No. 9, Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee strengthens the coordination, and Chongqing City Traffic Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Chongqing Rail Transit (Group) Co., Ltd. and China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and other subjects, jointly solved the impact of unfavorable factors such as venue transfer, weather, and epidemic situation, and smoothly enter the paving stage according to the construction plan.

  On the second phase of the No. 9 line, the Xunhua Avenue to Lanhua Avenue Station is a mining section. From the three paved bases such as Ji Temple Station, Huason Parking, this shop is implemented from the Rock Temple Station. The whole line is officially entered the construction stage after the station.

  In order to further enhance the quality of rail transportation construction, bring high-quality travel experience to the people, the second phase of Line 9 uses different types of road bed according to different terms. In addition to the traditional vibration crossing, high standard trapezoidal pillows, steel spring The damper beds such as floating plates are added, and the rail sound absorbing board is added, and the maximum reduction in vibration and noise generated by train operations on the effects of surrounding buildings and residents.

  The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Rail Transit (Group) Co., Ltd., currently, Chongqing Rail Transportation has 370 kilometers. The promotion of rail transportation construction, in order to achieve interconnection interconnection within the main city area of ??Chongqing, and to create a "one-day living circle" "one hour commuter circle" provides an important guarantee. (Editor: Hu Hong, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The Eastern Warcas is carried out in Taihai, and further inspects the combined combat combination of multi-military soldiers.

Eastern Avenue spokesperson Shi Yi Arma Army University said that on November 9th, the Organization of the Eastern Warband of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army conducted joint war preparations in Taihai, further inspected the combined combination of multi-military arms.Taiwan is part of China ‘s territory, the military action organized by the war area forces, is a necessary initiative to maintain national sovereignty for serious mistakes in Taiwan issues and "Taiwan independence".The aquarium troops always maintain a high degree of alert, and will take all necessary measures to resolutely return to all the core interests of China, destroying the peaceful and stable stability of Taiwan Sea, and resolutely defend the integrity of national sovereignty and territory.

The 330 kV frame of the Northeast China has successfully changed the construction of the North Ring Road of Xi’an Hub North Ring Road.

Xi’an Northeast 330 kV air-transportation line migration rendered land project, North Round / Reserved Line (B) new double-circuit tower 18 base, including 10 bases, line 8 base, new construction overhead line 5.859 kilometers .

The release section is B1 # ~ B8 #, the length is kilometers, where B4 # ~ B5 # across the Xi’an Hub North Ring Road, the scacing is 335 meters, and the angle is 58 °. The dismantling section is the original North line 51 # ~ 52 #, the gear distance is 446 meters, and the angle is 75 °.

The project is to ensure that the "fourteenth transport" is successfully held, and after completion, it will enable the power transmission capacity of Xi’an to achieve great improvement. The power operation is more stable, and the "14th Yun" escorted. Since the project belongs to the urban power line migration project, the construction is difficult, and the network is needed to pass the two clues in the same day.

The project department is aimed at this cross-pre-planning, and the site is subjected to topographic recording, detailed record of on-site cross-data, and optimizes the seal and dismantling schemes, and performs a detailed inspection of the on-site tools. The process is repeated, and the possible problems can be investigated to ensure that the construction is unloraity. It is understood that the project has been rated as unsteadic scenes in Shaanxi Electric Power Company in China during the National Day. Shaanxi to send substantial participation personnel to the high responsibility, full of work enthusiasm, firm beliefs, and carry forward dare to fight hard. Increasing the spirit, strengthening organization coordination, strengthening on-site control, overcoming difficulties such as fast changes, and more wind and rain, and strict implementation of various safety management regulations to ensure a complete completion of the project.

(Local Contributed Wusheng Wu Rong Feng Jie) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wang Qingku).

Shanghai Thousands of Goods "Small World" re-opened the new landmark of Yanji community

Thousands of goods "small world" reopening the new land specimen newspaper (Reporter Yellow Tips), located on Jingyu East Road, Yangpu District, is the "Small World Community Business Center" in Shanghai 300 store branch After reopening.

On May 1, 1988, Shanghai No. 300 Treasury Store – Small World Mall opened, is a community business center integrating shopping, entertainment, leisure and service.

In 2001, the Xiaofei Mall became the first multi-functional garden-style mall in the country, and the first batch of community commercial centers in Shanghai. In 2011, Yangpu Trading Group made a transformation of the small world mall through the adaptation and function of the business, and creating it into a new landmark of Yanji community. "The mattress in the family is now bought in the Municipal Baizhou Branch." "When I was young, I often bought a truck in the small world mall … This is the memory of Yanji community residents for" small world ".

This year, Yangpu Trading Group cooperated through regional enterprises, inviting Tongji University Building Design and Research Institute to launch the "small world" overall renovation, and officially renamed "Small World Community Business Center". "The name of the" Little World "was originally called by the nearby residents. Everyone called here is ‘small world’, and we will use this name." Shanghai Yangpu Business Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zeng Yi said.

The boxing of the main brand stores such as boxes, Starbucks makes "small world" getting younger. Residents found that in addition to new brands, there are still many "familiar faces", including a small Yang Yang frying for ten years, as well as the "local net red" tasteful pot bibimbap in Yanji New Village.

A "Poetry and Paintings Room" that has been opened in the basement, now reopening the bright environment on the second floor, and children in the surrounding communities can learn to paint in a new studio. Zeng Ke said that in order to better serve the surrounding residents, Yangpu Trading Group waives the rental benefits, opens up nearly 400 square meters of community sharing space on the second floor, and built a Shanghai specialty street, providing a public welfare experience for community residents, public welfare , Literary team performances, interactive games, convenience services and other special community activities. Walking in the wind, just like crossing a time tunnel, painting the scenery, sewing, repairing table, unlocking key, haircut, etc. on the wall, is open along the "Duan Hall", and the owner is in Yanji. The teacher of the year.

Old things and old booths have evoke many people in the past.

Liu Ru Xiu’s "Cao Master Tailor Store" has been held in Changbai Sancun for 30 years.

Master Cao is her husband. The husband and wife have been opened in their own door, and the future will be stationed in the "small world".

"We released your news through the US group, soon there were old customers to find here.

"Liu Ru Xiu said. Jiang Ayi, who lives in Yanji 5th is the old customer of the tailor store. She came early this day.

"The new business center is better than previous environments, and it can be done in the heart of the center, one-stop solution.

"Jiang Ayi said," It is not so busy here, now ‘small world’ "has become more popular.

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Like this nuclear submarine project,Always under his watch。

He just learned that there was a problem with the nuclear submarine program,Hurry over and prepare to solve this problem。
Liu Shiqiang is no better than Ye Zhenxing。
not to mention,What Qin Hao didn’t know was,Liu Shiqiang was a student of Ye Zhenxing。
Only from here,You can tell Ye Zhenxing’s ability。
“Ye Lao,”Know the identity of Ye Zhenxing,Qin Hao also bowed respectfully。
“Not bad,not bad,Can be a big responsibility,Worthy of being the grandson of that old man。”
suddenly,Ye Zhenxing said in his excitement,Then he realized what,Changed the subject。
“Qin Hao,Would like to stay and join us,You must know that the contribution of our scientific research is definitely not smaller than yours。”
“not to mention,you need to know,Generally speaking, people in our scientific research field will not encounter danger。”
What Ye Zhenxing said,Make Liu Quan and others look ugly,Isn’t this a blatant snatch??
But facing Ye Zhenxing,They can’t stop with words,After all, what Ye Zhenxing said was the truth。
Qin Hao may really be able to achieve a career in scientific research,You can tell from what just happened。
But even knowing what he said is true,But it makes them feel very uncomfortable。
“Don’t you think what my old man said is not good,This kid is a piece of research material,I am willing to do everything,Take him to a career。”
Liu Quan and they heard Ye Zhenxing say this,Even more embarrassed while shocked。
Although Qin Hao’s performance in scientific research is not bad,But Qin Hao’s performance is not bad among them.!
When everyone is in distress,Qin Hao spoke up。