Artistic Square: Take the most lovely people with real narrative

  Today, 63 years ago, the Chinese People’s Volunteers returned to China.

After 2 years, the bloody battle, the Chinese People’s Volunteer, which is composed of China’s outstanding children, won the great victory of the anti-US aid. Recently, the film and television works of several anti-US aids are welcomed. The viewing heat of "Changjin Lake" is still continuing. The box office has exceeded 5.3 billion yuan; the first unit of the thermal player "merit" "Can Weilong "Recommend" Subcommittee "netizen recommended to connect hot search; documentary" 1950 them is young ", with the old soldiers to go back to the years, let many viewers take the initiative to fight for them. The audience uses the "N brush" way, pays tribute to the heroes of the United States.

  True, in the case of aesthetic, more and more demand, more and more diversified, the main melody film and television work can be broken, especially in the hearts of young people, it is not easy.

This shows that the director’s schematic begins to tell the story, and the actor is also good to play.

The most important thing is to tell everyone the gesture of all beings, but will feel the right to reflect, and give it to the audience.

From "You must do this", you will be "what should I do", this kind of "overlooking" to "flat", gave the young people enough respect, naturally, the main melody works and Distance of young audience. Many director scriptwrites tell the main melody topic. I like to express my eyes, like "Wei Guangzheng" expression, and Ignore the more details, the more you can share. "Great" is anti-apex, starting from the small place, putting the story daily time, turning into the heart and heart.

In the "Can Weilong Wu Li Yu" chapter, in the face of the fleeing small Andong and the soldiers, Li Yannian has united the military heart with three rustic but strong heuristic issues; he asks the instrument to write down every warrior in the "Battlefield Log". The sense of the war, the honor of the soldiers; in order to improve the success rate of the soldiers "blockade zone", he only ventures to go to the artillery test rules … The whole narrative process did not deliberately show "high light", but Li Yannian is brave and courageous. The image is so stereoscopic. "Changjin Lake" also tightly built this kind of people-oriented "true", the protagonist is different, but there are blood and meat. There are all kinds of freshness in the details of people. We can always find with them. Characteristic person. In fact, film and television works, especially the main melody film and television works, and the most demanded people-oriented, greatly small and simple. The higher the image, the more you can find true feelings in ordinary; the more you have a movie story, the more you can get the charm of chewing. This generation of young people growing in the flu drama, the true feelings of the story, can say "no truth".

There is a vital force with a real talent.

"1950 they are young" through different military species, the veterans of the veteran veterans, showing the youth and dreams of their prime blood in a variety of words, and still restore the real battlefield.

We have a strong history. This is the weight of life accumulation of life, the depths of history, still have a lot of moving red stories waiting for our excavation. These anti-US aids movie works, with real history, presented one detail, let the spirit of the volunteers will become more like, just gently open, let us break, tears .

  71 years ago, they are also a vibrant young, their lives, psychological trajectories, their pursuit of ideals, for the direction of peace life, the deep love of this country, can resonate with the current young people. The times changed, the environment became, but I was eager for a better life, and the hearts of the hard work never changed.

Those who have worked hard, those who say "lying flat", in fact, the struggle for the moment, in understanding the story of these deep-tibble and name, will be more determined and calm, anchor Indicate the direction of life, sail voyage.

  In fact, young people never reject the main melody, especially the main melody of such "moisturizing fine." This kind of "acceleration" that can make our country’s efforts, the kind of essence of the kind of spirit, deep into every audience. For young people, true stories, self-cultivation, and true emotions, they will go directly to the depths of mind.

"A hopeless nation cannot have no hero, a promising country can’t have a pioneer," this sentence throughout these excellent main melody works. As long as the audience read, you will understand that it will naturally be in my heart naturally. I saw a comment, "" Awakening the age "has been sequel.

Your current happiness is a sequel.

"The former generations use life and blood for us to go to the national revival, it is worth remembering forever.

Birth, we should shoulder the heavy responsibility, must be courageous, fight for new work, practice "invasion of the party, strong state-owned me" vows, can not be negative, no time.

(Lu Xuan).

Cangzhou City after class lapse service charges clear

  At the beginning of this fall, Cangzhou City fully promoted the post-class service after the primary and secondary schools. On November 17th, the Cangzhou Municipal Education Bureau, the Cangzhou Development and Reform Commission, Cangzhou Finance Bureau, Cangzhou City Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the "Notice on Further Regulating the Service Work of Primary and Secondary School Students", requiring each county District Education Bureau, Municipal Zhidi School, etc. Clear: Do not use the post-class service time to carry out collective teaching, not allow new classes, complement classes and examination training, and must not increase the student’s assessment, and clarify the charging standards for post-class delay service.

    "Notice" pointed out that schools in all counties are fully implemented in the national and provincial "double minus" work deployment, according to the principle of "genus management, public welfare, voluntary participation, security and order", and comprehensively promote the post-class service after the primary and secondary school students. Ensure that after the start of the 20021, after school after school, the compulsory education school is fully covered, and strives to achieve the full coverage of the needs of the students, promote the comprehensive development of students, and grow healthily.

  "Notice" clearly, the service time after the primary and secondary school students will begin from Monday to Friday afternoon.

Compulsory Education Schools must carry out post-class services every week. At least 2 hours a day, the end time is not as good as the normal get off work hours in the local area, and the specific service time is determined according to the actual situation. For students with special needs, schools can actually provide specialization services, and actively create conditions to solve their difficulties in parents. Self-study classes can be opened at night.

The school can arrange the teacher to implement "elastic top-off work". The "Notice" requires the school to make full use of the good service time, and guide students to complete the operation, conduct tutoring counseling and answers to students who have difficulty learning, and expand their learning space for students, carry out colorful science, style , Art, labor, reading, interested groups and social activities.

Do not use the post-class service time to carry out collective teaching, not allow new classes, complement classes and exam training, and do not aggravate the student’s lesson burden.

  After class service is divided into two models of "basic services" and "featured services", students can choose independently.

"Basic Services" is based on the participation of school faculty, mainly providing basic services such as safety care, and the school combines actual arrangement of job counseling, self-reading, labor practice, sports art activities, community activities, etc.

"Featured Services" is carried out by technical, sports, manual operations, popular science activities such as third-party professional institutions such as non-disciplinary school training institutions.

Third-party professional institutions participate in the post-class service, the county education authorities are responsible for organizing primary elections, reporting the city’s education department for approved for school choice, and establishing assessment and exit mechanism; Provide services, disturbing the training institutions such as school education teaching and enrollment order, and resolutely cancel its training qualifications.

The school must strictly control the service content of the third-party institution, and shall not carry out discipline teaching.

    "Notice" pointed out that the school should fully listen to students and parental opinions, according to the school resource status and the actual needs of students, parents, and formulate post-class service work programs, and report the authorized departments of the education authorities.

To take the initiative to open service time, service content, service form, safety measures, charging, etc., etc. Students, parents and social supervision.

  The "Notice" requires clear funds and standards. The county districts should raise funds based on the quality of the service subsidies, paying service charges or charges, etc., and effectively guarantee the effective service work in primary and secondary school students. Post-class service funds is mainly used to participate in the post-class service teachers and related personnel subsidies.

Students participating in the "Basic Services", each semester is charged according to the charging standard for no more than 360 yuan; the students who participate in the "special service" are signed by the school and third parties in accordance with the cost accounting and non-profit principles, and they are settled. It is necessary to strictly implement the publication system, will be publicized to the public information disclosure, standard, etc. according to the post-class service charge item, standard, etc. according to the prescribed authority. The school must set up a fixed publicity card after the post-class service charge standard, the fee basis and complaint report calls in the eye-catching position, and the publicity column is publicized. If the publicity or publicity content is inconsistent with the prescribed policy, the post-class service fee shall not be charged. For families, students participate in the class after class, they must be reduced.

  After the class, the service fee must be specially special, and the actual expenditure of the service after class.

It is strictly forbidden to use the post-class service fee to other expenses. It is strictly forbidden to intercept, misappropriation, and crowd the service fee after any reason.

At the end of each semester, the school should take the initiative to advertise the post-employment of the service fee after the post-class service fee.

After the after-school service fees are charged in semester, they shall not pre-semester. It is strictly forbidden to charge in the name of after-school service. It is strictly forbidden to enforce or change students to participate in the post-class service and charge.

   "Notice" proposes to optimize resource allocation, broaden the source channels, and improve the incentive mechanism. All primary and secondary schools must fully explore the potential of our teachers and give full play to the professional and hobbies of our school, and provide students with a rich class of personalized courses.

The education authorities of various counties and districts must strengthen our faculty planning, and there are existing teachers resources in the district, and organize the outstanding teachers in the region to teachers and weak schools. Support retired teachers, sports coaches, folk artists, can work hard, intangible cultural inheritors and social enthusiastic people, parents, college outstanding students, etc. have qualified social professionals or volunteers to provide students with a variety of specialized courses, Improve the service skills and appeal after school class. Under the guidance of the education department, you can provide services with qualifications, standardized social organizations and professional institutions such as (Green) Juvenile Palace, Youth Activity Center, Women’s Children, Science and Technology Museum, Community Activity Center.

Educational departments and schools in various counties and districts must strictly implement the "Regulations on the Protection of Minors" and must not use unsuitable to participate in school post-class service staff. The school is actually practical, determined that the labor payment of labor payment after school after school is reasonably issued; The financial department must implement the special funds for the post-class service, used for the shortage of after class, and strengthen the supervision of post-class service funds.

When applying the total amount of performance salary, the human resources social security department shall, according to the actual situation of post-class service, the total amount of performance salary is increased according to the local primary and secondary schools, and the total amount of performance salary, special for participation in the after-school service teacher. distribute. Teachers participate in the performance of post-class services should be an important reference for the distribution of science assignments, pragmatic rewards and performance salary.

    The "Notice" requires the establishment of the leadership, government leadership, departmental linkage, and strengthen the organization leadership of post-class service. Establish and improve the coordination mechanism of education administrative departments and related departments of the development and reform, financial, human resources and social security, and condense the strong cooperation between the attack, increase the security efforts of the post-class service work resources, funds, personnel teams, and strengthen supervision .

The education administrative departments of each county and district must guide all the "one school case" to develop the technical specific implementation plan for post-class service, do a good job in the preparations for staff departments, service content arrangements, funding guarantees, safety management, and ensure that the autumn semester will be Compulsory Education Schools fully launched after-school services. To establish a school responsible, social participation, parental support work mechanism, establish a pre-planning, medium-term examination, annual assessment, and ensure standardization, institutionalization, and normalization of post-class service.

Incorporate the situation of post-class service work in the assessment and supervision of various county education work, incorporating the supervision of the school, as an important reference indicator of the evaluation of the evaluation of the evaluation.

For schools and individuals who refused to provide post-assembly services as required without justified reasons, cancel the annual evaluation qualifications, and the circumstances are seriously processed according to relevant regulations. (Wukui reporter Zeng Yingying).

2018 Nationale website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition eindigde met succes

Op 30 november, gehost door het Central News Network Office, China Internet Development Foundation, Jiangsu Provincial Party Network Network Office, Jiangsu Radio en Televisie Trial Association, 2018 National Website Platform Knowledge Skills Competition Final eindigde in Nanjing.

Na een felle concurrentie won een netwerk van Wu Qian website de GUI Guan, krachtig Shenzhen-website, WU Yan Feng Website Joint Team won de tweede prijs, het UC-team, de locatie van de Henan-website, Zhejiang Laba Site heeft een derde plaats toegekend. Het is duidelijk dat de Nationale Website van 2018 National Website Knowledge Skills Competition is "mooier voor het online huis". Gedurende 4 maanden, alle lokale netbriefkantoor zorgvuldig georganiseerd en de platformplatforms hebben deelgenomen, in totaal meer dan 2.500 websiteplatforms, 10.000 Veel spelers nemen rechtstreeks mee.

Voorafgaand hiernaar heeft de wedstrijd alle lokale selectie, innerlijke Mongoli?, Shaanxi, Guizhou, HEEEI 4 resort en Guangdong semi-finale, een felle, opwindende concurrentie toegewijd, een leerbedrijf, solide foundation, verbetering van een sterke sfeer toegezonden . De laatste finale werd gehouden in de "One Stop" van Jiangsu Satellite TV. Zorg voor de concurrentie.

Bounce, elk team heeft een bamboe, gestaag vooruitgang; in de vraag Link, concurreren de spelers voor de tweede, zowel de "handsnelheid" en vechten "hersenen", het onderwerp is net begonnen, er is al een team begonnen te antwoorden Het antwoord; Risicoprobleem De link is spannender, en de uitdaging van de uitdaging zal de bijbehorende score van het uitdagingsteam aannemen. Het is de uitdaging om de overeenkomstige score van de uitdaging te winnen. De scène heeft herhaaldelijk het spannende moment omgekeerd; de Spraakvraagslink, het on-site bepalingsetoespraakthema Hoewel de spelers speelden, zagen ze de stress niet, en de prachtige toespraak won het applaus. Dit evenement heeft geleid tot de vorm van kennisvaartvaardigheid, die niet alleen het websiteplatform promoot om de onderhavige verantwoordelijkheid beter te implementeren, meer aanmoedigt en drijft de website van de website-platform om het politieke bewustzijn, verantwoordelijkheidsbewustzijn en positiebewustwording te versterken, en voortdurend het leren van de verantwoordelijkheid, en continu te versterken , en verbetering van professionele vaardigheden. Niveau, verdere promotie netwerksynthese, onderhouden een goede netwerk-ecologische omgeving, om een ??fundering voor de netwerkruimte van de Tianlang te bouwen, de concurrentie te bereiken, om de goede resultaten van de competitie te bevorderen.

(China Net Letter Network Xie Bolong).

Toyota will launch four new SUVs and hurry to see if you like it?

For Toyota Motors, this year is a high-yield year. Not long ago, Crown Lu Anti and the new Hanlanda have just been listed, followed by the Toyota game in the MPV sector, and in the case of the new car, Toyota has once again enabled "lunken trick".

The Guangzhou Auto Show, Toyota will launch four new SUVs, two of which are compact SUVs, which are priced, and two are medium-sized SUVs between honor and Hanlan. Toyota is riveting, let go of the rhythm of life.

Everyone in Carolola should be unfamiliar, this is a global selling model, and Corolla Cross is his SUV version.

Although the new car is called Carolla Cross, but the shape is very different from Carolla. The front of the new car adopted a large smoked black gas grille, the front surrounding, surrounded, the lamination was surrounded by a large "black" panel, and overall looks very thick, full of wild. This is a larger difference in this and fashionable Carolla.

The Carolla Cross body size is 4460/1825 / 1620mm, the wheelbase is 2640mm, positioned as small SUV.

Such a body size is more than a small SUV such as C-HR, Yuze, etc. In terms of power, Carolla Cross will carry engine, maximum power 171 horsepower, peak torque 209n · m, match CVT gearbox.

As for the price that everyone cares, do you think of how much is appropriate? Toyota’s dual-car strategy should be familiar. FAW Toyota has Carolla, Asian dragon, 泽 and honor, then the corresponding Guangqi Toyota has Lei Ling, Camry, C-HR and Willanda. Similarly, FAW Toyota has Corolla Cross, then Guangzhou Automobile Toyota has Fengnda.

Therefore, as the sister model of Carolla Cross, Fengnda also uses the same design elements, including the size of the body, power system, etc., all of the Corora CROSS is much different.

In fact, Toyota has a model of C-HR, Yuze, and other models in the small SUV field, with a price of 14-..2 million yuan. Therefore, the sharp edges of the dimensions are bound to C-HR in pricing. However, it may be C-HR and 泽 造 个 personality, the positioning of slightly small people, the market performance is a bit embarrassed. So size and space larger Crom’s CROSS and Fengnda’s arrival, can you capture more cakes in this segment? In addition to the above two new cars, there are two larger SUVs will be unveiled in this Guangzhou Auto Show. One is FAW Toyota Ling, an air, GAC Toyota Wei.

These two cars are sister models, positioned between honors and Hanlan. Rongji / Wanta is a compact SUV positioned as 200,000 levels, and Crown Lufang / Hanlan Da is a medium-sized SUV positioned as 300,000. Although the two segment prices can just be connected, but for the 25,000-level market segment, there is still a new car to continue to be consolidated, so Ling and Wei are coming.

Both new cars use slipped styles, and also use the current popular running tail light, it seems to have a fashionable atmosphere.

The lingering body size is 4755/1855 / 1660mm, the wheelbase is 2690mm; the long-width height of the might is 4780/1855 / 1660mm, the wheelbase is 2690mm, so the Wei Wei is 25mm longer than the Ling. From the data perspective, the wheelbase of these two cars is the same, but the body size is more than Willanda and honor, so space performance will undoubtedly better. In terms of power, Ling and Wei Wei will carry the fuel and mixed version of power.

Among them, the pure fuel model is equipped with an engine, a maximum power of 171 hp, peak torque 209n · m, matches the CVT stepless gearbox. Mixed version of the model is equipped with an engine-based THSIi mixing system. This is also a power system that is honored and Wanta.

The SUV market has always been a must for the vehicle enterprises. For the joint venture brand, the 15-300,000-level SUV market needs to strive for "treasure". From this time, the Guangzhou Auto Show Toyota’s lineup, for 150,000 SUV market, Toyota is about to launch two rooms in Carolla Cross and Fronta, with a larger compact SUV, to supplement C-HR and 泽 空 房 短.

In the 250,000-level SUV market in the defensive slightly weak, Toyota is about to launch two models of Ling and Wei. Since then, Toyota 15-300 million SUV market will be more stable.

The story of Xiaogang Village moved on the campus stage drama

"We have a household, each household signing, if you can do it, each household is guaranteed to complete the annual transfer and public food, if our cadres are in the killing, and will be willing …" "" Good! Take the printing, this Even if it is set! "On the stage, several" small fellows "appeared around, and finally pressed the hand.

On Friday afternoon, the students of Xianyang Road Primary School in Nankai District were renowned according to the "18th Handprints" adaptation of "" Red Memory "Series Comic Story", and the performances of the small actors were tender, but they were full of Tong Zhen.

"The Red Memory" Series Comic Story "was launched by the Municipal Education Second Committee, Tianjin School Original Sizheng Art Works Criterion Criterion, through the" Horn of Revolution "" The Spring Tide "" Surge " The fire "4 series 12 stories, vividly show the great personality of the Chinese Communists, the Chinese people’s innovative national spirit and the touching story of the Chinese Communist Party in the hard quenching. Not long ago, the municipal education two committees conducted the "Red Memory" series of comic story results report activities in junior high school and primary schools, encourage students to choose the story of the story into a stage drama. Xianyang Road Primary School selected the story of "Reform Thunder Xiaogang Village" to adaptation. During the adaptation process, the master team combined with primary school students practically, and made careful ideas and design. Guide the teacher Gao Li, Mei Hongyue introduction: "We use the cherished food as an entry point, relying on the rice field painting of the Qing Gang, the roughing of the students and the in-day story of Xiaogang Village, thus coming to the moment of happiness. It is not easy to have a personal experience.

"Teacher’s careful counseling, students’ enthusiasm, let this small short play will soon start the scale.

Some of the students have a small hoe, some have a small bag, most of which make farmers look. More than a dozen characters in the play are played by students from the second to fourth grades.

Let these grow in the new era "10" back to the 1970s, it is very far away, and the students seem to be unfamiliar with the old story. "My mother is Anhui people. She is Fuyang!" Wu Fei, who played a small farmer, a more intimate sense of the story of Fengyang, Anhui Province.

"I have seen the movie" 18 handprints ".

My mother let me see these previous stories, I have an impression on this matter.

"The little girl Zhou Zi is actively answering. At this moment, a special guest is usher in in the school rehearsal room – the author of the story in the book, and the famous episode of the year, Zhao Deming, who is going to" say "." Inhibition, the situation is embarrassed, the stage of schedule, the position of the stage, Zhao Deming is detailed and easy to understand.

If the "Grandpa", Li Yi Xuan, who is "grandfather", has been thinking again, and there is progress.

Zhao Deming said: "Despite the big gap between the characters and the students, the experience of the characters in the drama has not experienced, but the serious expression, fluent lines make people feel children’s pure .

"The school principal Liu Hui bond said that with the landing of the" double minus "policy, everyone will pay more attention to the students’ aesthetic education.

Decuting the "four history" stage play, let the students "move up" "play", can make them feel in the aesthetic practice activities, have obtained, not only exercise, but also experience the hardship, inheriting the red gene More love to love the party patriotic love hometown.

(Our reporter Liu Lili).

2021 Guangzhou Auto Show | Vervang 12-inch suspensie CNC FAW

HUALONG-netwerk – Nieuwe Chongqing-client 17 november, vandaag, Kond Faw-Volkswagen de nieuwe Sagitar-sieraden aan op de offici?le Weibo, de nieuwe auto zal een nieuw 12-inch hangende centrale controlescherm vervangen dat de cabine er jongere en modieuze, en meer technologisch uitziet, Het is erg in overeenstemming met de e-mail van de esthetische en intelligente technologie.

Tegelijkertijd, volgens de belichtingskaart, zal de nieuwe auto de Guangzhou Auto Show gebruiken.

Eerder is de nieuwe Sagitar verschenen in de nieuwe Car-verklaringcatalogus van het Ministerie van Industrie en Informatietechnologie. Het heeft het ontwerp van Olderse Originele Jetta. Het grote netwerkgrill gebruikt de horizontale keten verchroomde breienstrook van de bovenste en Lagere lagen om te verfraaien. Ontwerp, het auto-logo vervangt ook naar een meer beknachtig openbaar digitaal logo. Nadat de buslengte is verhoogd tot 4791 mm, is de lichaamslijn ingevuld, en de zijkant ligt dichter bij de auto van een B-klasse.

De verandering in de staart is geconcentreerd en de verchroomde strip wordt toegevoegd aan de lagere twee uit de bilaterale pseudo-uitlaatdecoratie. Tegelijkertijd verhoogt het ook de reflecterende stroken van het throuwe ontwerp, verbetert de veiligheid, En de achterlichten zijn nog steeds uitgerust met led-achterlichten van het adelaar..

In termen van stroom, laat de aangifte-informatie zien dat de nieuwe auto nog is uitgerust, twee motoren en het transmissiesysteem ook overeenkomen met de DQ2007-sneldrogend duplex-versnellingsbak. Geachte gebruikers, "Chongqing" -klanten hebben officieel herzien om te upgraden naar "New Chongqing" -client. Voor later gebruik scant u de bovenstaande QR-code en download de nieuwe versie in de tijd. Meer kwaliteitsinhoud, meer handige ervaring, we wachten op u in "New Chongqing"! .

The volatility of US stocks will increase after the V-type rebound

[] Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic has made the United States’s longest bull market and fell into the bear market in March, unprecedented currency and financial stimulus measures quickly rebounded in the US stock market.

Up to now, although there is slight difference in different indices, the US main stock index has come out of clear V-type rebound trends. As opposed there is that the US economy and corporate performance did not synchronize the V-type rebound, even the expectation is not strong. The US stock market has set up a historic high in the near future and recovered to the past. The data shows that compared with the highest point before the epidemic on February 19, only 38% of the S & P 500 index constituents have risen.

Among them, 43 stocks have increased by more than 25%, while the number of stocks fell more than 25% of the stocks reached 126, and the decline in the stock of more oils and recreation is still more than 60%. From different plates, the proportion of three sections of the required consumer goods, medical and information technology are 50%. Even in the same sector, the performance differentiation between different stocks is also relatively obvious.

  Apple’s market value broke through $ 1 trillion in August 2018. August this year broke through 2 trillion US dollars in the United States, became the first market value of the United States to break through 2 trillion US dollars, which was only 20,000 in Saudi Aomei One hundred million U.S. dollars.

  Similar to the situation of Apple’s share price, some investors are incredible, and the rise of scientific and technological leaders has been overdrafts a lot of future performance growth expectations, and the market’s performance is getting more and more vigilant to these stocks.

  Ruiyin Group believes that investors holding a large number of large-scale Bao Technology stocks should consider scatter investment into a broader field, including 5G, China’s new economic, automation, and robots.

  With the rise of the share price and the sharp deterioration of the company’s profit, the deviation of the two causing the attention of the market. This aspect shows that the stock price is obviously separated from the fundamental support, and on the other hand, it also shows that the current stock market rose is mainly benefited from loose monetary policy and irritating fiscal policy.

  Therefore, judging the next trend of the stock market more to observe the fed and other major central bank’s monetary policy towards, as well as the irritating policies continue to new crown vaccines.

  Macroeconomic Research Institutions MRB Partners Executive Partners Philip Colmar said on the 20th that there will be a significant impression of the economic recovery or decision makers to stimulate the economy. The negotiations of the US Congress on the next round of financial stimulus, the deadlock is expected to bring volatility to the market. Autumn school start school, the arrival of the influenza season, the US election and geopolitical tension is expected to increase the volatility of the market.

The market that has significant callback in the US stock market has become more strong.

  Colmar believes that from the end of March, the rebound has been obviously improving in front of the fundamental, especially some stocks in the United States.

The V-type rebound may soon will continue to step in a more volatility digestion.

  Ruibin Group Wealth Management The Chief Investment officer Mark Blackfer said on the 20th that with the rise and performance expected decline, the S & P 500 Index 12 months long-term P / E rate has risen from February this year to the current times . However, the decline in real yields makes this valuation level reasonable. Since this year, the national debt yield has dropped by about 1 percentage point, which allows the reasonable level of the price-earning ratio to 3 to 7. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Ruisi, Zhejiang, Zhejiang: I have passed "unaverage", Zhejiang new start!

  In addition, there are some bright words in the Zhejiang Provincial Government Work report in 2021. Among them, the reform refers to 50, high quality, 48 service, 46 people, 44 innovation, 30 times, consumption, 55 times … Every word is a strong and deep people’s livelihood .

  At the same time, the hotspots of netizens are also related to people’s livelihood.

The rapid development of Zhejiang economy, most netizens also expressed their delight, but also hope that the people’s interests have been guaranteed, and economic income is improved.

  The people are hopeful, and the government is right. In the 13th National People’s Congress, the keywords, high-frequency words throughout the government’s work report, the "people", "the masses".

Through the "Minsheng List" in the report, it can be clearly seen that in the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, Zhejiang released "starting from the people who care about the masses, and do the best thing to do". Signal. Zhejiang Governor Zheng Gangjie said: "Always keep in mind the first word of the" people ‘"of the government, and develop for the people, develop relying on the people, development results are shared by the people." In this year’s government work report, the common prosperity is the component One of the heavers. Promoting the development of the mountains, is an important part of Zhejiang accelerated regional coordination and promoting common prosperity.

Some netizens said that Zhejiang is not only developing well in large and medium-sized cities, but also a rural situation is also enviable. Zhejiang is green, green hills, is the birthplace of Jinshan Yinshan concept and take the lead in practical land.

In the past 16 years, Zhejiang adheres to a blueprint to paint, and writes the beautiful chapter of the construction of ecological civilization. The people have achieved real interests. Although the epidemic impact, Zhejiang "13th Five-Year Plan" development successfully closed.

The Government Work Report pointed out that in 2020, the total production value of the province reached 64.61 billion yuan, grew by the year, general public budget revenue growth, and the income of urban and rural residents increased% and% respectively.

The total economic quantity jumps 6 trillion yuan, an average annual growth rate; the per capita expected life is raised from the age of age; the people’s safety satisfaction rate is stable in more than 96% … The three major attacks, high-level comprehensive construction of a well-off society to achieve decisive achievements , Ten aspects of the people’s livelihood is successfully completed.

For these five years, Zhejiang is fully implemented in innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing new development concept, development kinetic energy and quality, and the coordinated development level of urban and rural areas continues to improve, the ecological environment is significantly improved, and the external open level is accelerated. The masses have a steady improvement.

  In 2020, Zhejiang Science and Technology Innovation Industry Upgrade has also made important progress. Under the influence of the epidemic, the added value of the number of digital economy core industries in the province still increased by 13%. At the same time, "Internet +" Life and Health, New Materials, Three Capital University Accelerated Construction, the first province laboratory launch construction forms 73 independent controllable import replacement results to consolidate the fattle

In 2021, Zhejiang Provincial Government Work Report will push "innovation" into a new height. From the perspective of all kinds of performance, although it was full of uncertain in 2020, Zhejiang still handed a beautiful transcript.

The more difficult it is, the more it is, Zhejiang is the powerful toughness in this time.

  2020 is extremely incapacitated, in the face of profound complex changes in the situation at home and abroad, especially the sudden new coronal pneumonia epidemics, each step of progress, every achievement, it is not easy. Into the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening, the new journey of modernization is open, 2021 is destined to be a special year, Zhejiang’s development is worth looking forward to! .

Qianjiang Century City, the annual financial revenue is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan

  Original title: EIC Super Complex Project. Recently, the reporter learned from the Qianjiang Century City Management Committee that under the promotion of a batch of quality industrial projects and key industrial platforms, as of July, Qianjiang Century City Finance Income realized billion yuan, increased%, and it is expected that the whole year will break through 10 billion yuan; general public budget revenue realizes billion yuan, increase%, and far exceeds last year. In addition, major economic indicators such as fixed asset investment have maintained two digits growth for 7 months, and they have handed over a bright "transcript". Industrial platform aggregation planting platform carriers are the main position of the project. Since this year, in the "3 + 3" industrial system specially characterized by "Finance, Headquarters, Science and Technology" and "Sports, Exhibition, Digital Content", the Century City is constantly strengthening "a city, one town, one community, one town "The construction of the focus industry is promoted to promote the platform aggregation.

  As of July this year, Qiantang River Financial City has landed five financial license agencies, 5 provincial and above financial institutions, more than 200 financial investment companies, realizing industrial tax exceeds 200 million yuan (excluding banks, securities ,insurance). Tuling Town accumulates 30 commercial buildings, producing 7 billion yuan, with a industrial space of 3.68 million square meters, and revenue is 29.1 billion yuan.

The International Talents Community has introduced three major government service platforms such as Xiaoshan International Talent Service Center, Hangzhou Global Youth Care Center, and Hangzhou Immigration Service Center. It is stationed in 17 overseas agencies and enterprises, initially formed "project cultivation, government affairs coordinating, local Ecological circle mode in incorporation. Zhejiang National Music Industry Base Xiaoshan Park has settled in more than 20 digital content enterprises, with a total output value of 3 billion yuan, forming a digital content industry ecotry circle led by Netease cloud music as a core. Major project accelerated promoting major industrial projects is an important traction of the specific results of the common prosperity of the new era of the new era.

Since this year, Century City has been built around the construction of key industrial projects and expands effective investment, full platform, pushing projects, agglomeration, excellent service, and project construction. Good situation, in order to build a new new source of Hangzhou City, the new cover set of Metropolitan Province gathers high quality development new movements.

  As one of the "4286" industry carrier projects in Xiaoshan District, the EIC Super Comprehensive Item is located in the Village of Qianjiang Century, with an overall capacity of about 500,000 square meters. It is the Zhejiang Construction Group’s Huanglong Business Circle EAC. Future Science and Technology City EFC Third City of Century City.

The project is designed by the world’s top design team, the core industry of Foster architectural affairs, integrates new financial, digital economy, medical health, technology innovation, etc., to create high-end integration with skyscrapers cluster, Internet headquarters itmall, international fashion commercial neighborhood Industrial carrier.

The project established a new benchmark for high-quality development in Xiaoshan District, and will also become a new benchmark for the high-end business office complex of the Century City. "In the next 8 years, EIC will be committed to introducing 10 stocks, 20 listed companies, 30 new financial companies, 40 Internet headers, over 5,000 high-level talents, truly realize the top enterprises and talents of energy Super micro city vision. "The project unit considers the person in charge of the Industrial Real Estate Group. In 2021, Century City is included in the "4286" industry carrier project in Xiaoshan District, and the total plan has more than 6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the total investment in the region. In addition to the EIC, the second phase of the International Expo Center, a number of investments such as Hengjing, Provincial Trading Financial Center, Hangzhou SKP, the radiation driving strong, the development prospects, good projects , Becoming a strong engine in the industrial energy level of the Century City.

(Correspondent Liao Weihongmena Reporter Fang Liang) Responsible Editor: Zhang Ling.

“I really don’t understand your name!Where did I hear the name Barry,The puppy of a colleague before me,Called Barry!”

Fang Yu slowly said。
Barry looked cold,I’m all annoyed。
Fang Yu dared to scold him!
colleague,He still feels pain in his right hand。
Fang Yu’s strength,How could it be so big!
“Shirley……Time is almost up!We should go!”
Fang Yu feels Guo Xueli is embarrassed,Reminded。
“You are leaving so soon?”
Barry is a little depressed。
He still wanted to be alone with Guo Xueli。
But never thought,Suddenly a Fang Yu appeared。
Changed the way and scolded him!
“Yes,Coffee you can enjoy slowly……Barry!”Fang Yu said。
“I am not a dog!”
Barry displeased。
“Mr. Barry,I never said that!”
Fang Yu finished,Pulling the stupefied Guo Xueli away。