Beijiao Office opened 81 companies on November 15th

  China Youth Daily, Beijing, November 12 (Zhongqing report, Zhongqing Net reporter Ning Di) reporter learned from the Beijing Stock Exchange ("Beijiao"), the work of the Beijiao Office is ready It is scheduled to open November 15th.

  6 business rules such as "Beijing Stock Exchange" investors and RMB qualified foreign agencies investor Securities Trading Regulations will also be implemented from November 15. The above rules have formed an Beigean Self-discipline Rule System in terms of issuance of listing, financing mergers and acquisitions, corporate supervision, securities transactions, membership management, and investor status. As of 12 November, there are more than 2.1 million investors to make an appointment to open a qualified investor authority in the Beijiao. After the opening of the city, the investors who can participate in the North Exchange trading will exceed 4 million. A total of 112 securities companies were qualified to become a formal member of the North Exchange. Since the establishment of the North Exchange, the selection of layers will be conducted normally, and 10 companies that have completed public issuance and other programs will be listed directly in the Beijiao, and the 71st deposits are translated to the relevant process of the Beijiao. After completing, 81 companies will become the first batch of listed companies in the North Exchange. At present, the technical system of the Beijiao Office has completed the upgrade of the upgrade, and the relevant systems of each securities company, the information and fund company have completed the supporting transformation.

The internal institutions of the North Exchange have been in place.

  Next, the Beijiao will follow the unified deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, closely rounding this principal of SMEs, firmly grasp the key to supporting innovation, and always focus on the direction of "main position", and promote the implementation of various institutions. Contribute to the high quality development of the service entity.

Bank of China "Hui Ruyi · BOC E Enterprise Win" platform helps China-pull corporate online negotiation

China – Latinie Enterprise Online Docking Fair is held.

China Bank Chongqing Branch is awarded by China-Lathemial Entrepreneurs Advocated by the China Trade Devilion, so far, it has been successfully held, and the scale of activities continued to expand. The impact has deepened year by year. The economic and trade sector under the Trade Parts Forum is known as "the flagship brand" of China. " This docking negotiation is the theme of "Touching the Difficulty, Creating a Cooperation of China, Creating a New Glorious Work Cooperation", attracted from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Salvador, Venezuela, etc. Yujia Lamei Enterprise and Guangdong, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Chongqing nearly 60 Chinese companies participated in the industry, covering food processing equipment, trade finance, chemical and chemical supplies and medical devices.

On the day of the fair, domestic enterprises have carried out nearly two hours of "one-to-one negotiation" in the Latin American state enterprises that are separated by thousands of miles. The atmosphere is warm. In the context of the customer recruitment, event preparations and organizational and other links, Bank of China’s self-developed "Hui Run · BOC E En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-En-Enterprise" platform provides core system support for China-Latinie Enterprise.

The docking activity spans the time difference and distance, providing remote network video docking services for domestic and foreign enterprises, allowing Sino-foreign companies to exchange cooperation needs through Internet online exchange, effectively expand the regional boundaries of trade negotiations, helping the 14th China-Latin American entrepreneurial summit More fruitful results. Up to now, Bank of China has successfully held 88 cross-border matching sessions, providing financing + burden financial value-added services for nearly 40,000 companies from 125 countries in the world, helping companies integrate into the global capital chain, value Chain, industrial chain, support enterprises without leaving home to achieve interconnection. The relevant responsible person of the Bank of China said that the future will further play a professional advantage, with the "Hui Run, BOC E Enterprise" as the link, continue to take the bridge of trade investment docking, with heart service in the company, give full play to the globalization of BOC Group, synthesis Leading the lead, help more enterprises "go out, introduce", deepen foreign trade investment and cooperation, with financial power to invest new kinetic energy, fully support, and serve local economy.

(Bank of China, Chongqing Branch) (Editor: Huang Ling, Liu Zhengning) Sharing let more people see.

Chongqing multi-district county launched "dark blind district rectification"

  On June 19th, the Chongqing Daily reporter learned from the Municipal Administration of Urban Administration, at present, China’s multi-district and counties are launched "Dark Blind Area Remediation", with light to light the city streets. It is understood that Yuzhong District is continuing to carry out "no lighting area, dark light district" rectification 89, strive to solve the "last hundred meters" night travel problems. Yuzhong District is also focused on the main point of view of the net red attractions and riverside lines, launching landscape lighting projects such as Lake Guanghui, Dongshui, Yangtze River, and the above projects have been completed, and will be implemented in the year, further enhance the Zhong Peninsula. night view. Hechuan District accelerates the energy-saving renovation of urban street lights, and the penetration rate of LED lights has reached more than 98%. Since 2017, Hechuan District has adopted contract energy management model, gradually completing the main road of the city, some back street alleys and bridge tunnel facilities, more than 9,500 LED street light energy-saving transformation, 140 new lighting intelligent control systems.

  Yunyang County continues to improve urban lighting quality, shrink the illumination blind spot, this year has been newly reconstructed, No. 41, Yangjiabao Community, Guihua Road, No. 41, Panlong Street, Yongchang Lotion, Huihe 50,000 Human people. The county also upgrades the original high-pressure sodium lamp to the LED street light, further improve the urban service function. (Reporter Cui Wei) (Editor: Huang Ling, Zhang Wei).

Based on the functions of the competition, the Ningde Municipal Party School has solidly promoted party history learning education.

Since the development of party history, since the Party School of Ningde City Party School, the Party School (Administrative College) has a glorious responsibility of the party school (Administrative College) as a party history, focusing on the main business, playing the main business, and striving for party history and learning education, active Promote the intelligence and strength of the party school for the study and education of the city.

Innovation method, comprehensive inspiration of party history learning education, the ability to adhere to leadership, and do a good job. Give full play to the school to promote school and promote school, through personal self-study, special learning, counseling lectures, discussions, go out to visit, special reading else, etc. .

At present, the 21st Party History Learning Education Study has been launched.

The second is to play the leadership of the party building and achieve the coverage of all members. Play the role of the grassroots party organization, make full use of the "three sessions", theme party day, special organizational life meeting, etc. One branch, every party member. The third is to create a preaching, and go deep into the grassroots level. The 16 business capabilities, a strong middle-and-child school, forming a school theory to preach the small packets to the grassroots first line, carry out the "July" important speech spirit and the History of the 100-year-old party, the propaganda of the Minadong revolutionary history, as of now, has been 20 More than a thousand party members of multiple towns (streets), villages (communities) conduct theoretical preaching.

Highlight the content of the party, and do a good job in the education and training of party members and cadres to give full play to the main channels and main positions of party members and cadres’ education and training, the main positions, and provide strong teaching and theoretical support for the city’s party history education. First, cooperate with a special training. Relying on the "Fujian Cadre Network" platform, the "Ningde City Management Cadres and Cadres and Cadres" and Training Courses, and there is more than a thousand people in online training.

Undertake the topic training class of the "School Party Zhiliang Party", Ideological and Ideological Works, and the Mission of the Party ", and contribute to the Party School forces.

The second is to give a careful optimization course setting.

As an important part of the party’s theoretical education and party spirit, the "four history" is included in the content of the city’s party members and cadres’ education training. Dictionary, carefully creating the "Centennial Party History Revelation", "The Reform and Opening and Opening", "Socialist Development History and Its Enlightenment". The third is to create a high quality teaching line. Fully excavate the red resource of the DVD, focus on the three red party sexual field teaching lines under the party, Bai Zhuyang, Taohuaxi Baizhangyan, and Zhouning County Lingfu Shun Memorial Hall, Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, Fu Baiyang Red Exhibition Hall, Xiaojialing Red Cultural Center And Jiaohua City, Taohuaxi, etc., build a live teaching base, with physical, real scene, examples, practical things as a carrier, and build a big education in the classroom. Carry out theoretical research, continuously promoting the teaching of party history and education achievements, teaching and research staff, closely combined with their respective teaching and research key areas, and promoting valuable experience interpretation and ideological theoretical results transformation. One is to do a good job in theoretical interpretation.

Digging in the red resources of Minyi, in-depth study of local historical materials, and publish more than 10 related theoretical articles.

The second is to in-depth research.

Focusing on the research results of "weak birds first flying, drip-wear stone – research on the spirit of promoting the spirit of the Ministry of Jane," East Sound. The third is to play an inquiry role.

Taking the National Social Science Fund special entrusted project research as an opportunity to promote "getting rid of poverty" and China’s reduction in poverty, and China’s characteristic rural revitalization research, published on the "Decision Consultation Reference" publication "on the successful implementation of the village branch secretary" shoulder "Recommended" "The Suggestions on Equipped with Mobile Book Cars Solving Rural Students Lack of Extracurgia Reading Books". Strengthening the training of teachers, and focus on improving the level of school-profired teachers to adhere to the principle of "educators must first be educated", and integrate party history and education into teachers training, further enhance party history party history of party history. One is to hold teachers training.

The city’s school system party history study and education will be held, and well-known experts in the education of the provincial campus, the famous experts and scholars are taught for the full-time teachers of the party school. Organize full-time teachers to participate in the central party school (administrative school) system "Party history education" special network live broadcast Teacher training courses, watch the series of programs on the series, enhance the theory of party history of full-time teachers. The second is to match the strength of teachers.

Comprehensive analysis of the professional structure distribution of the existing teacher team, focusing on the construction of Marxist philosophy, party building, long-term layout, step-by-step implementation, batch introduction to the Party history, China’s modern history, China’s history, etc. It is urgently needed to have three professional teachers, and we will enrich the education of party history education.

The third is to optimize the structure of the teacher. From the parties, enterprises, colleges and universities, choose of rich practical work experience and solid theoretical basic leading cadres, enterprises, management personnel, expert scholars, etc., have served as part-time teachers and enrich party school teachers. Up to now, 19 lead cadres, experts and scholars have been invited to teach, and further guide the teachers and students to cultivate the initial mission in the education of party history. (Chen Lijing) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Zhang Zijian) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.

Agricultural Development Qinghai Province Branch "Three Focus" promotes "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities

Agricultural Development Qinghai Province Branch is closely combined with party history education, focusing on rural resolution solutions, customer service is raised, and employee look forward to doing practical things, actively promoting "I am doing practical" practical activities for the masses. All over the jurisdiction of "I have implemented 352 pieces in the" I have implemented 352 pieces, and the completion rate has been implemented.

Focusing employees looking forward to doing practical things.

The line through the lectom reception day, in-depth grassroots and employees talking, holding a symposium, etc. In response to the branches youth employees generally propose suggestions that wish to learn from the provincial branch, formulate a class learning program. Further strengthen the branches of employee reading room, the construction of the activities, and form a special team of various sports interest in employees, build innovative, learning employees, and enrich employee cultural life. At the same time, condolences to difficult workers, help, send a warmth in traditional festivals and employee birthday, so that cadres employees will cut the body to the party organization. Gathering customer service and then upgrading.

The bank set up a party member pioneer service team, through vigorously promoting online silver transfer, electronic return, electronic backfelt, etc., special people to enjoy "real-time payment, real-time arrival" financial services, truly implementation Multi-run road, let customers run less legs. " In response to the actual number of network operations, actively adopt "live training + online guidance" bilingual service method, effectively improve customer service experience, effectively improve the service efficiency after online banking. At the same time, reduce the service charge standard, provide financial services, streamline the integration of service charges, and minimize the burden of the company’s burden, gain benefits from agriculture, and benefit from enterprises. Focus on rural resolution. The bank fully supports major strategies, key areas, and key project credit funding needs as "I have a practical thing for the masses" task list, and actively carry out marketing docking visit.

Members of the party committee team deep into the grassroots research more than 30 times, focusing on the business development slow branches, guiding and help breaking through the bottlenecks of business development.

Actively report on the local government, convene a political and silver enterprise project negotiation, and actively "go out" "send the door" and provide financing and burden.

According to the characteristics of the project and the reality, the exclusive financing program, the whole process counseling financing project, and the loan approval and delivery will be achieved as soon as possible. From January to July, the accumulated loan billion yuan, the last loan than the end of the loans, increased from 100 million yuan, increased in the beginning of the year, in order to fully promote the promotion of Qinghai rural resolution. (Source: Agricultural Development Qinghai Province Branch Sodonard) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the 12th Hanchain Festival

  On November 6th, on the 12th cream festival held at the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the hospital organized a multidisciplinary expert, and accepted the health consultation, guiding paste. Fang health.

  The cream is the scene, and the director of the hospital’s Women’s Center, Liao Huihui, guided female autumn and winter health.

She said that women are dominated by blood, using blood, and in winter, it can play a good nourishing and nutrient role. Liao Hui, introduced that the weather gradually became cold after winter, especially in winter, in the winter, for women, first of all, to prevent cold evil.

The problem caused by cold evils to women is phlegm and blood stasis, no blood, gynecology is common with dysmenorrhea, after the menstrual delay, postpartum pain, etc.

Treatment is mainly Wantong, the blood is rushed, and also pays attention to keeping warm, not suitable, do not drink herbal tea, eat ice cream and other cold foods.

Second, you can eat some food supplementary food, such as a birth ginger mutton soup, a better diet on the dawn crowd people. Autumn and winter, this season is easy to dry, you can use sand ginseng, jade bamboo, Mai Dong soup, and nourish Yin Yinjin.

  The feature of the cream is convenient. The cream opened by the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has a bowl of bowls, and there is also a separate package of the film, which is convenient to carry.

Liao Hui said that women now generally realize the importance of physical conditioning, and more and more hospital consultation is also more and more.

For professional women, you can carry 2-3 piece cream with you when you work, as a small snack. In general, the amount of ointment takes place according to the status of personal status, and the physical condition is stable to be used.

If you have a cold, fever, destinus, and properly reduce the amount.

She suggested that it is used under the guidance of Chinese medicine.

  Chen Zhili, deputy director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that the cream is from Jiangsu Zhejiang, and the Lingnan Paste is improved on this basis. The dose is small, usually the amount of two weeks, and the overall will not Too much tired. The cream is in accordance with the concept of non-illness, unsatisfactory priority, combined with specialty diseases, individual situations, clinical applications, in addition to gynecological tempering, and chronic gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and nicknamic chronic diseases, tumor patients, etc. At present, there are more than 60 cases of the hospital’s agreement, including the two major categories of the health cream and special disease cream. It is basically able to meet the crowd, and there is special demand for personalization.

The national state-made notified 48 typical experience practices Jilin three places

Changchun City, Jilin Province promoted innovation and driving development, and creating a new mutant space to help Yucai realize the dream of entrepreneurial.

The feeding innovation workshop established at the end of 2014, with the concept of "Building Essential Ecology, Growing. Win-Win", forming "Wind Incubation + Incubation", "Zero Threshold, Zero Cost, Zero Pressure" is characterized, " One-stop service "is a special incubation pattern of guarantees, and has come out of a market, specialized and benign.

Qianqiu Base, Talent, "Ji People ‘s Hometown" entrepreneurship has become a new trend in Jilin Province. As the first private "double creation" service enterprise in Jilin Province, the ferreal innovation workshop is fully playing the "Double Creative" platform agglomeration advantage, excavating the specialty of each Chuangke, promoting the "return hometown" innovation. Siping City, Jilin Province, focused on the new model of black land protection, gain praise in consolidating the expansion of poverty and the effectiveness of rural rejuvenation.

"Retention of straw on the land, to the land cover on the" quilt Jilin Province Songyuan City, Guo Ros Mongolian Autonomous County, "Addition and Save Multiphase" to promote the rectification of the lake to achieve ecological protection and ecological tourism.

Use "addition to" to improve the quality of ecological quality, use "subtraction" to consolidate energy saving and consumption, use "multiplication" to develop ecotourism, use "division" to prevent environmental pollution.

Since the beginning of this year, the county receives 10,000 visitors, the year-on-year increase, 31 villages around the Huanhu increase approximately 2,500 yuan, realizing comprehensive tourism income billions, year-on-year growth, and tens of thousands of fishing and tourism People employment income.

(Editor: Wang Hao Yue, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.

The front line of Hong Kong: the police "blue vein"

"The reporter on the spot, please give the police to make some work distance, please calmly, now it is not the time to answer questions.

"Recently, in the Qingfang action of Mong Kok, in the face of malicious enlarge, some journalists, Hong Kong police public relations, police divisions, have always maintained restraint, calmly and professional prime front line police and report reporters.

As a deputy authority of the Hong Kong police media contact, high Zhenbang has been in many coordinated media events in front of the front line.

Since June, the wind wave in Hong Kong has continued, and many parade demonstrates often accompanied by extreme violence, and the scene is more dangerous.

In a field storm center, you can often see the "Blue Wind" Hong Kong police figure. They shuttle in the first-line confrontation and conflict scenes, guarding reporters report safety, coordinate a reasonable work space for police and journalists.

The professional name of "Blue Rest" is the Hong Kong Police Media. Guardian reporter reported on July 28th, in the illegal rally of the West Ring, due to the violent impact, the police were forced to release the tear-playing mob, a reporter dressed in fluorescent vests was accidentally used in the scene, the eyes Stinging, difficulty breathing.

After the policeman of the police media contact team, he immediately took the reporter to the nearby building to find a water source and flush in time. "This is our work. If there is a reporter being surrounded by violent molecules, or in danger, we will take them away from the scene to help them leave safely." As a "blue vest", I originally engaged in paperwork Police workers have participated in many media contact work in front.

The Hong Kong Police Media Federation was established in 2015. It is merged by two independent media contacts. In addition to the public relations department of the police headquarters, the part-time work of the police officers, including civilian police officers, traffic police, First-line police officers, etc., they continue to work in front of the first line after completing this job during the day. In many cases of violent impact, extreme violent molecules use gasoline bullets, bricks, iron bars, steel bars, etc., which makes the police and reporters in the first line and the journalists in a very dangerous danger.

Gao Zhenbang said that "our work is to replace the front line police and the media to communicate, let the police and reporters open a reasonable, safe work space, on the one hand, ensure that the police’s law enforcement is unabsmured, and on the other hand provides the on-site reporter. A relatively safe working environment.

"However, guardian reporters are safe and equipped.

They usually do a normal "blue vest", "loud public" (Cantonese, means speaker) is their unique "weapon". "Whether to the police or reporters, the scene is very dangerous. Many times, the mobs thrown into the gasoline bomb, just fall in front. On the evening of August 3, high Zhenbang was hit by bricks near Tsim Sha Tsui. Be sent to hospital treatment.

The warning work is the most charm of the Hong Kong Police Media. The headache is mixed in the conflict, and more and more fake reporters are mixed. They are somewhat for the mutual holiday, "wearing a vest as a reporter, take off the vete. When they often disseminate the obscurity, they block even the police, hinder the police law enforcement to help the thug escaping.

They displaced the police, destroy the warning relationship, and even hurt the police and real reporters. "On August 5th, in Tai Po, the reporter gathered in the direction of the cluster to suddenly flew the beads, hit my helmet, but we couldn’t determine that the reporter or misconduct is." Yi police official said. The police officer pointed out that "the real reporter has professional literacy, generally cooperating with the police’s law enforcement work, after using the persuasion method, can successfully open the work distance between the reporter and the police, and those who stick to the dangerous zone, Most people who don’t listen to persuasion are fake reporters. At this time, we will go to see his reporter certificate, confirm its identity, take a warning, dispel, etc. Next measures.

"Hong Kong police have seized a large number of fake reporters at different live sites." Social sports people and people who don’t have interested people will be mixed in the reporter, but only how they conduct demonstrations or obviously not the behavior that the reporter should do, we can find it.

Real reporter I believe it is very professional. "Gao Zhenbang said. In addition to fake reporters, some political figures appear in dispersing the site, often attracting a large number of reporters to aggregate, and some reporters have a tendency to shoot and interview, and more problems can be brought to communication.

Gao Zhenbang believes that whether the other party is friendly, the police officers of the Media Contact team must always maintain professional and restraints, maintain on-site security, and avoid conflicts.

Professional restraint guard Hong Kong "Our police officers are now working more than 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no life, there is no time to accompany her family.

The summer vacation has passed, unfortunately, we have no time to accompany your family during the summer vacation.

"Gao Zhen Bang said. In addition to the heavy working task, the unprecedented pressure of the Hong Kong police comes from the side. It has been unreasonable, and the family is harassed. There is a police dormitory that has sprayed" the mother and children ", as well as the child’s children To bullying. On August 22, Hong Kong police revealed at the press conference that a total of 1614 police officers and their families were released online, including name, ID card, residential address, photo, etc. These police officers and their families have suffered. The nuisance and intimidation of all aspects. Gao Zhenbang wrote in social media, "Hong Kong, my home."

"I am a Hong Kong police, just selfless, professionalism, and care.

Regardless of race, age or responsibilities, everyone will continue to maintain social security and share safety cities with citizens.

"Despite the heavy pressure, the" blue vest "in the center of the storm is still full of confidence," Every police officer is working in the attitude of serving Hong Kong people, Hong Kong police is a professional police, we believe in Hong Kong. The peace and stability will be returned.

"Subsequently, the police officers who have received the interview have rushed away and continue to devote them into the work of Hong Kong. (Yan Yilai faults Xue Yuqi).

Poverty Alleviation Documentary "Infinite Road" caused enthusiastic response in Hong Kong

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, October 13 (Reporter Chen Yuying) Produced and photographed by Hong Kong TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TVB), a total of 12 episodes of poverty alleviation documentary "infinite road" has been praised since the broadcast, in the Mainland Douban Network The high score of the division has also caused enthusiastic response in Hong Kong.

  The show is the first broadcast on August 21, as of the seventh episode, more than 2.5 million viewers have watched the "endless road" through TV, and the first episode of the first episode of more than 930,000, accounting for the same period of Hong Kong free TV station 60%.

  Many Hong Kong citizens said that the programs were deeply comprehensive, produced well, through the personal experience of the host and the production team, so that the audience and the local people, so that the process and results of the national poverty alleviation work can also be practiced.

  "After reading the first and second episodes, I felt very shocking, and then I lost the remaining programs.

"Hong Kong Special Zone Youth Development Committee" Xie Xiaohong said.

She was praised by "infinite road" to see online evaluation, and even the teachers in the university also recommended this show to her, and decided to watch. She said that the program starts from the perspective of Hong Kong people, the content is very real and grounding, so that the audience is full of people, especially when the host climbed more than 2,000 "ladders" to the cliff village, let her feel deeply affected It is not easy for people in poor regions. "Infinite Road" selection 10 China’s most representative depth poor case, analyzes the different poverty alleviation methods used in each location, such as easy to relocation, industry drive, education poverty alleviation, enterprise help, etc., presenting all local poverty alleviation process The difficulties faced in the face, as well as the hipster and efforts of countless people, the huge achievements of the state in poverty alleviation work. Hong Kong is a big alliance to jointly initiate people Ye Wenbin, saying that there is a deep understanding of the Hong Kong citizens even whispering the mainland’s poverty-stricken regions and poverty alleviation policies. Let people have experienced their distraction, and Hong Kong citizens can understand the country’s poverty alleviation work from different levels. The program group shuttled the country’s six provinces, shooting for two or three months, visiting the Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, also known as the "Cliff Village", Yunnan Nujiang, Ningxia West Haiqi and other places, visiting the local poverty alleviation, doctor Different people such as the prototype of the mainland’s thermal player "Mountain Hairy", telling a lot of poverty alleviation stories that are not known for Hong Kong people. Ms. Hong Kong, Ms. Yu visited the poor mountainous area of ??the Mainland many years ago. When they saw the hardships of the previous life, she felt deep. "I still feel too much at that time, the country is too big, the road to poverty alleviation is still very long, and now I see the country’s fruitful results made after implementing precise poverty alleviation, let me deeply amazed and gratify.

"The" Infinite Road "program host Chen Bai said that she regards herself as a white paper to explore and learn, so the rendeneration in the program is the most authentic, and the initial heart of the production team is also hope to The feeling does not add modified to the audience.

  "The friends around me have sigh ‘Tianda’ and the sorcerer of the Nujiang Village. It is very dangerous. I feel that I am very courageous, but I think these are very valuable life experience.

"Chen Bai said.

  The most satisfying documentary producer is a sense of response.

  Tvb News and Senior Situation Program Manager Yan Xiaoxue said that many viewers reflect the show very nice to her, "these evaluations make me the most satisfied". "

(Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see.

NS1089chapter The pen stop is not as good as a gun(superior)

Ah,You are on,Why can’t you??
At this moment, Li Delin wants to express it.,Is the face of the sole plate fan Yang Wei。
Since you can’t be responsible for the Political Agency of North Qi,So,Don’t say some extra。You have to refuse Wang Lin,I have to have the ability you refused.!Otherwise, what big tail wolf is installed?!
Li Delin finally was made by Gao Baoyi“Scare”Someone,But in fact,Then give Li Delin to solve!If it is in the future, Yang Wei retals Li Delin,It will be considered by the world.“Brain”。
Convinced:Prime minister can support the boat。Your belly is so small,How to make a slaughter?,Wash and sleep!
One time,In addition to Gao Baoyi,All ministers present are asking yourself a question。If Wang Lin really turned his face,Northern Qi Zheng earthquake,Can yourself in this earthquake?“Safe and sound”?
problem occurs,Always accountable,Now jumping,At that time, the clearer is。Fine arm thin legs,Still don’t participate in it.?
“Just now Li Di Cao Li Delin’s official position has just been said.,You don’t have worry,Just intentionally。No matter what Wang Lin gets out,This king,He can’t turn out,Will you go to the front line to talk to those squid。”
Gao Bao said unresponsible。
His surface is talking“Laozi hooded you,When the spray of peace of mind is”,Mean behind,In fact, it is said“You can’t use it all.”!
Magnification you also。
“Yang Zauxian,How to reply Wang Lin,what do you say?”
Li Zuyi saw the situation stalemate,I have a doubt.。
“Back to the ever,Ministers think,Although Wang Lin is accompanied by government affairs,But this man holds tens of thousands of soldiers,It is a member of a member。Minishen did not speak in military affairs,It’s better to let Greetor Chen talk about your thoughts.。
Even if there is repeated,Gao Caalthuo also has a way to share。”
Yang Yu’s words,It can be described as soft belt hard。
You said that I can’t do it.,Then I will let you come.。
“Chu Wang,what do you say?”
Li Delin’s fancy“Soul”,Gao Bo Yi’s intentional avoidance,In fact, this is this sentence.!
“Too,Allocate,Wang Lin held heavy soldiers,and,At present, there is also a courter who belongs to me.,at this point,We can’t deny。
In the truth,Wang Lin is the courter of Qi Guo,So,We have no reason to reject him into the hinterland of Qi Guo.,at this point,I think there should be no controversy.。”
Gao Baoyi’s words are very calm,Falling in the group of ministers,It is not as a thunder.!
This,I want Wang Lin to enter the attitude.!
only,Wang Lin,What is the benefit of him??Many people in the scene don’t understand why。
Seeing that many ministers have no standing to refute,Gao Bao continued:“If we reject directly,Wang Lin will definitely have actions。
He is not a person,He is gone,All are Huainan Huaibei,Directly refuse,It is equal to saying that it is broken their minds.。
Wang Lin, even if it is modest,He wants to give him a meeting,This,Can only be in Qi。”
Gao Bo Yi put Wang Lin’s situation,Said that the minister who was present,Some deeds including Wang Lin,The introduction of the summary。
This,Originally uncomfortable,I also serve now.。