A representative of Xu Shi: "Suburban New City" in a higher temperament

Director of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Shizhong, secretary of Fengdu County Party Committee.

Fengdu County Party Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by Chongqing, January 25, in recent years, Fengdu adheres to "ecological priority, green development", goes "ecological industrialization, industry ecological" new path. Fengdu Nan Tianhu successfully created a national-level tourist resort, and the modern livestock and poultry industry base accelerated, hundreds of thousands of acres of fruit forests … During the 2021 Chongqing two sessions, Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Shi, Xu Shizu, Xu Shi, Xu Shi, an interview with People’s Network Indicates that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Fengdu will accelerate the construction of wisdom, sponge, toughness, livable, humanities, green city.

At the same time, with the three major livestock farming industries of cattle, chickens, pigs, and strive to build a 30 billion modern livestock industry base. Promoting 500,000 population "Suburban New City" Construction "We have to speed up the more high value, the temperament is better, and the life is more responsive, and Fengdu will adhere to" Dongjin, Xi’an, Bei Tuo " ", Incorporating 5-10 square kilometers of Nantianhu Resort into the urban planning group, expanded the quality of" one river and two sides of the strait ", focusing on doing big cities.

At the same time, the city has organically updated with the "one river and one river four shore", and creates new landmarks such as Yangtze River Third Bridge, Museum, Park Square and other cities.

Strive for 2035, forming a production city integration, occupancy and balance, ecological livable, convenient transportation, and the population of 500,000 new cities.

  "In addition, we must fully promote the" production city, Jingcheng, Hong Kong City ‘deep integration. "Xu Shio said that one side is a large-green industry, the Komantun industry, the logistics industry, the cultural industry, and Urban economy and other urban economy, realize the city in production, to promote the city; on the other hand, accelerate the promotion of famous mountain scenic spots, Shuanggui Mountain Forest Park, Xiaogan Mountain Folk Culture Park, etc. Multi-product state, food, food, shopping, etc., realize Jingcheng, with city to help seek; Hong Kong Economic Zone, accelerated the formation of "front port gardens" development pattern. In terms of transportation, Fengdu also has to play along the river channel and accelerate the construction of "iron public water" three-dimensional traffic pattern, accelerate the construction of the city’s important transportation hubs, and comprehensively improve the suburban new city and fulfilled cities, adjacent the interconnection of the city. Coordinate the advancement of the mature, Fengpong Second Road, Fengdu Tour Ship and Port – Nan Tianhu Scenic Area – Xianwei Airport Expressway and other projects, strive to launch General Airports.

At the same time, implement the North Shore Industrial Loop, the South Bank Tourism Ring Line and other trimming road upgrade, accelerate the construction of "Tiegonghui" passenger transfer center, travel distribution center, promote railway and high-grade road to enter the park, enter Hong Kong, implement multimodal transport Efficient transfer.

  Fully build a 30 billion modern livestock and poultry industry base as a traditional agricultural county, Fengdu has foundation, and there is also a condition to create a modern livestock industry base. "Next, Fengdu will follow the development of the municipal party committee, the municipal government work, firmly walking green, intensive, efficient ecological livestock and poultry industry, with the three major livestock farming industry of cow, chicken, pig, and strive to build 30 billion Modern livestock and poultry industry base.

"Xu Shio introduced.

  In the cattle industry, relying on national agriculture (beef cattle) technology parks and national leading companies, speeding up the construction of national beef cattle breeding bases, beef cattle science and technology research and development center, good center, national beef cattle processing center, data center, trading center to ensure The county’s beef cattle is stable in 160,000, and there are more than 90,000 heads, and the Chinese meat are all; in the chicken industry, de-Qingyuan, Huayu Agricultural, Wenshi Group and other national leading enterprises, to create a good species Breeding Center, Modern Home and Poultry Incubation Center, Egg Field Processing Center and Chicken Supply Base, ensuring 800,000 stocks of the county, 3.5 million feathers of the county, 1 million meat chicken, to create a highland of chicken industry in southwestern China; Relying on the leading enterprises such as Chongqing farm, Dongfang Hope and other leaders, fully promote the construction of standardization, intensification, intelligent pig farm, and accelerate key projects such as pig species, farm communities, and build key counties in the city, national pigs Daxie.

  In addition to relying on the big faucet, driving the big industry, Fengdu also promotes the efficient and healthy and sustainable development of modern livestock and poultry industry.

  On the one hand, I actively strive for the national modern agricultural industrial park, actively strive to build a cattle, chicken, pigs and other industrial municipal level laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, industrial research institutes, etc., improve new domestic livestock industry, including gold Contains green amount; further polish the "golden sign" and other "golden sign" and other "golden words", and comprehensively improve the brand influence of Fengdu livestock and poultry products, the market share; adhere to the "full chain, full use" product development model, vigorously Implement the development and utilization of livestock and poultry and other livestock and poultry and other livestock and poultry, actively develop craft products, leisure food, and promote industrial cluster intensive development. (Liu Zhengning, Jiang Haitao) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei).

Chengdu Wuhou: One-sided banner incentive law enforcement makes market supervision more temperature

This is a great friendly affirmation … "When Zhong You Environment Testing Chengdu Co., Ltd., the person in charge of the company’s limited liability company will be printed with the" enterprise good fortune law enforcement rigor and rigorous "Jinqi sent to Chengdu Wuhou District Market Supervision Administration Drug and Quality Safety When the law enforcement department of law enforcement, they looked like this. Recently, the reporter learned the story behind the Jinqi in the Wuhou District Market Supervision Administration.

On July 8, 2021, Chengdu Market Supervision Bureau supervision and inspection team to the SME environment test Chengdu Co., Ltd. launched the "Double Random, One Public" supervision and inspection work, discovered that the company has problems, and will be on July 30th The case matters were handed over to the Wuhou District Market Supervision Administration. After receiving the case, the Wuhou District Market Supervision and Administration attached great importance to the immediate organizing relevant law enforcement officers to investigate the company. During the survey, law enforcement personnel patiently communicated with the company’s person in charge of the "Double Random, One Public" Supervision and Inspection Process, and Seriously Sedatched the case, and inferently launched inquiry and taking a lot of evidence, Part of the existence of differentiations, law enforcement officers carefully study relevant regulations, report parameters, etc., and actively communicate with experts.

After a rigorous and fair investigation, it was finally determined that some of the company’s illegal acts were not established, and issued the case of the case to make orders to correct the notice, actively guide the company’s related laws and regulations, and guide the company to exist the problems and rectification. Exquisite to corporate solve problems and boost enterprises healthy development.

"For us, the biggest joy is too much to support the support and recognition of the enterprise and the people.

"The relevant person in charge of the Bureau said to the reporter," Next, we will continue to deepen the service, in-depth promotion of flexible law enforcement and inclusive care, earnestly, do practical things, and solidly promote Wuhou District stable fair and camp The commercial environment construction project is carried out, stimulating the market vitality of the jurisdiction, promoting the high quality development of social and economic in Wuhou District.

"Reporter Wang Jingyu (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

De dertigste vergadering van het Permanent Comité van het People’s Congress hield een gezamenlijke vergadering

Beijing 22 oktober (Reporter Zhang Tianpei) hield een gezamenlijke bijeenkomst in de Great Hall in Beijing op het Comité van de 23e National People’s Congress-Comité op het 22e National People’s Congress om het National People’s Congress-Permanent Comité Wet Enterprise OVER INSPECTION SOLD te overwegen. Het verslag van de implementatie van milieupreventie en controlewetgeving en voert speciale onderzoek uit. De voorzitter van het Guo-boek was aanwezig en spreken. De plaatsvervangend voorzitter van Ding Zhongli presideerde de vergadering. Het Comité van het National People-Personeelscongres, de speciale commissie vormt een persoon Lu Caixia, Zhang, de Shun Meng, Yuan Wei, Wu Lixin, Wang Jinnan, Tan Lin, het congres van het National People, Yang Lan, rondom Hoe te implementeren "Three "Principes van de wet, bevorderen leven Garbage classificatie en bouwafvalverwerking, versterking gevaarlijk afval, medisch afval, uitdrukkelijke afleververpakking en ander beheer, versterken de landbouwplichtige milieu-governance en bevorderen de kwestie van vast afval" omgezet in schat "om vragen te stellen" . State Councilist Wang Yong, Ecological Milieu Afdeling, Nationale Ontwikkelings- en Hervormingscommissie, Huisvesting en Bouw, Ministerie van Handel, Nationaal Gezondheid, Ministerie van Industrie, Landbouwplichtige Ministerie van Landbouw, Staat Postbureau, enz. Verantwoordelijk voor kameraden en het Hof van de Allerhoogste De procuratoraat van de Supreme People is verantwoordelijk voor opmerkingen om naar meningen te luisteren, het onderzoek te beantwoorden. In zijn toespraak werd de vervuilingspreventie van vast afval ontkoppeld en een hoofd van koolstof is een belangrijk onderdeel van de constructie van ecologische beschaving. Het is ook een belangrijke taak om een ??goede preventie van verontreiniging en controle te maken. De ecologische beschaving van mijn land is de richting van het focussen van de focus op de groei bevorderen, de groei van decontaminatie en de verminderde koolstofco?rdinatie bevorderen, de ontwikkeling van de economische en sociale ontwikkeling bevorderen en het verbeteren van de verbetering van de veranderingen in de milieukwaliteit van de massale verandering. Om diepgaand te studeren, oefen dan de ecologische beschaving van XI Jinping, het juridische denken van Xi Jinping, uitgaande van de positionering van de beurs van mensen, het houden van de belangrijkste besluitvorming van de partij, de centrale partij van de partij, de belangrijkste besluitvorming, continue inspanningen, Bescherm het groene water groene bergen. Het LANCEL-boek benadrukte dat dit wetshandhavingsexamen het onderzoek is van de wettelijke uitvoering van het Comité van het Nationaal Volkscongres voor het vierde opeenvolgende jaar. My Country’s solide afvalverontreinigingspreventiewerk heeft grote vooruitgang geboekt, maar het mandaat is nog steeds erg moeilijk. Diepgaande implementatie van wetten en voorschriften, zoals vaste afvalverontreiniging milieupreventie en controlewetgeving, een om de uitvoering van de wet, hulpbronnen en onschadelijke beginselen, het hele proces van preventie- en behandelingswerk, alle aspecten ten uitvoer te leggen.

Ten tweede moeten we doorgaan met het doen van goed werk in nieuwe systeemmaatregelen en wettelijke wapens gebruiken om het belangrijkste probleem van vaste afvalvervuilingspreventie te kraken.

Ten derde is het noodzakelijk om de wettelijke verantwoordelijkheid van de partijen te vergelijken en de vorming van het groene actiesysteem van de overheid, ondernemingen en het publiek te versnellen.

Ten vierde moeten we de ondersteuning van de wetenschap en technologie versterken, de specialisatie bevorderen, schaalontwikkeling van vaste afvalverwijderingsindustrie?n, en continu bevorderen van de preventie en controle van vaste afvalvervuiling op de rechtsstaat. Wang Yong zei dat de afgelopen jaren de preventie en controle van vast afval actief is, maar het vaste afval is hoog, de toename is groot, en de preventie en behandeling is nog steeds voor de druk.

De Raad van de Staat en de relevante afdelingen moeten zich houden aan de begeleiding van het socialistische denken aan Chinese kenmerken in XI Jinping, volledig implementeren van de ecologische beschavingsgedachten van XI Jinping en de rechtsstaat van Xi Jinping, met deze wetshandhavingsexamen als een kans om het toezicht te versterken Kort bord, enz. Implementatie van reductie, hulpbronnen, onschadelijke vereisten, verbetering van het alomvattende beheer van vaste afvalverontreiniging, systeembeheer, bronbeheerniveau, bevordert de toename van decontaminatie en koolstofco?rdinatie en versnelde de ecologische beschaving "14e vijf jaar" constructie en vervolgens op de nieuwe trap. Wang Chen, plaatsvervangend voorzitter van het Comité van de Nationale Volkscongres, Wang Chen, Cao Jianming, Zhang Chunxian, Shen Yue, Ji Bingxuan, Ai Li, Yi Ming Bahai, Wan Hao, Chen Wei, Wang Dongming, Bai Madlin, Hao Mingjin, Cai Dafeng, Wu Weihua, Secretary Chang Yang Zhenwu woonde de vergadering bij.

Basin BBQ production skills are selected in Xichang City Non-legacy

  The brazier grilled ingredients pork flower meat Xichang, a small city in southwestern Sichuan, the famous Haihai Lushan Scenic Area is here.

To Xichang Tourism, in addition to traveling sea, many people will taste Xichang burning.

Walking in the streets in Xichang, you can see the barbecue shop everywhere, there is a brazier barbecue, bamboo stick barbecue … Therefore, Xichang is also called "BBQ City".

  Today, "BBQ" has become a business card in Xichang City and has become "intangible cultural heritage".

Recently, the reporter learned from the Xichang City Cultural Center that Xichang City’s second batch of non-legacy project directory announced, Xichang Furpress BBQ production skills, 邛 邛 邛 虾 制 制 技 艺 艺 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目 项目"Selection" BBQ, the sea drunk shrimp production skills were selected as June 8, and the reporter learned from the Xichang Cultural Center that Xichang City launched the city’s second intangible cultural heritage census.

The Census Working Group went deep into townships, streets, and rural first-line visit to excavate representative intangible cultural heritage projects. After nearly a year of census, 15 intangible cultural heritage projects were finally recommended for review.

  In December 2020, Xichang City held the second batch of municipal-level intangible cultural heritage declaration project review, seven experts from Liangshan, Xichang, participated in the review.

  At the auditor, experts strictly control the specific requirements of the "Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Regulations" of the People’s Republic of China "Sichuan Intangible Cultural Heritage Regulations, through watching the project pictures and video materials, review written materials, etc. The "Typical and Representative" "Typical and Representative" "Regional Original" "Regional Original" "Regional Original" "" "" History, Literature, Art, Scientific Value "in the" Typical Inheritance Principles ", and finally recommended 15 project. The staff of the Xichang Cultural Center introduced to reporters that the project was published in January this year. After the publicity has no objection, the Xichang Municipal People’s Government will be announced in the form of a batch, "the martyrdom" "Face" "Face" "Xichang Fur Barbecue Production Skills" "邛 邛 虾 制 制 技 艺 技" The second batch of non-material cultural heritage representatives in Xichang City. On June 12 is a culture and natural heritage day, these representative projects have been awarded. "Behind" "Barbecue" has become a famous BBQ shop in Xichang, there are thousands of streets in Xichang, and various barbecue stores are very eye-catching. "In Xichang, eating barbecue has become a kind of eating habits. When the relatives and friends in the field come, basically have to take them to eat the barbecue." Many Xichang citizens said to reporters. The reporter interviewed that in the late 1980s, this kind of "brazily barbecue" of the local folk is beginning to appear in the streets and the lakeside of Xichang in the capital of Liangshanzhou. At that time, the baking table was very simple. A small wooden table was dug in the middle, and a simple brazier made of a enamel basin under the table. On the desktop, put a wire on the desktop, all ingredients can be placed on the barbed wire, Therefore, the brazling barbecue is also known as "iron barbecue". In 2006, Xichang was created as an excellent tourist city in China, and Xichang Tourism industry ushered in rapid development, and also promoted the "hot" development of Xichang BBQ Economics.

According to statistics from the relevant departments of Xichang City, in the heyday, every street in Xichang has a barbecue store.

There are thousands of large and small grills in the city, and their scale is very rare nationwide, and the conservative estimate has brought more than 100 million yuan per year.

Today, Xichang Barbecue has become a business card in Xichang, and some people call Xichang as "BBQ City". On June 10, the reporter found that there is 1710 barbecue shops that contain the "Xichang BBQ" keyword. In the interview, many barbecue shops revealed that there is less than 10,000 yuan per day, more than tens of thousands of dollars, and individual large barbecue stores can reach 100,000 yuan. However, with the increase of the number of barbecue, the problem of cigarette, noise, etc. becomes a hot spot of resident complaints. Xichang also tried to ban charcoal grill, changed electric bake, liquefied gas, but the implementation was not good. In 2017, Xichang City launched a special rectification of the main urban key area and the street open-air barbecue and occupation operations.

Through the form of the government, the large barbecue store has installed the oil purification equipment, retaining the charcoal, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of Xichang BBQ industry.

  "Discussion" is worth a rated non-legacy? Does "a dish" worth such protection? Wang Xiuqin, director of the Office of Xichang Cultural Center, introduced to the reporter, Xichang Fur Bast Barbecue was originally from Liangshan Folk.

"During the publicity, there are also such questions. The barbecue is a dish. Why can I rank it? In fact, food has been rated as a precedent, such as Dongpo, back to the pot, and more. Experts participating in the review Consistent Xichang Furpress Barbecue became a non-legacy project in Xichang City. "Wang Xiuqin told reporters that the evaluation experts believe that Xichang Basin BBQ production skills are constantly created, providing identifiable and persistent feelings of society and groups. The cultural heritage of cultural diversity and human creativity. "Xichang fire bubble production skill is the practice and innovation of the local people’s life, it is not only a unique eating habit, but also a local national culture, representing the enthusiasm of Xichang, unrestrained character temperament, bold, straightforward Humanistic personality. The BBQ of Xichang is not only a kind of food, but also a spirit of Xichang people, but also shows a tourist culture of Xichang. "Wang Xiuqin said, compared to state, provincial, national non-legacy, Xichang fire bobbin As the county-level non-legacy, the production skills should be low in the evaluation standards. Value. "BBQ store inheritor Zhou Bing told reporters that at least hundreds of apprentices he belled.

"Inheritance is to let more people know that Xichang Barbecue and fall in love with Xichang barbecue, contribute to the development of the Tourism in Xichang.

"(Chengdu Business News – Red Star Journalist Jiang Long Photography Report) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei).

Bouw voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse Shengjia Cathedral Hoofdgebouw Capped "Lightning Star"

Bouw voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 // : /// N / Tech / 5_Ori / Upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 / / DECEMBER 9, 11:01 Lokale tijd 8 december, Spanje, Barcelona, ??Spanje, Sanjia National Cathedral Capped, Lord the Top of the Tower Virgin Mary Tower heeft een twaalfgelijke star toren, en de St. Jiaotang-ster is aangestoken. 117352 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 // : /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491a5e34 / 212 / w2048h1364 / 20211209 / / december, 11:01, het is gemeld dat de Star Tower Tonne bereikt, de Maagd Maria nadat de tip tot 138 is ge?nstalleerd meter.

117353 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 // : /// N / Tech / 5_Ori / Upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 // DECEMBER 09, 11:01 Volgens Rapporten Hall Of Hall, wordt "het gebouw van God" genoemd.

De kerk werd gebouwd in 1882, en na Antoniogaudi nam ik het over in 1883. 117354 Bouw voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw Capped "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 206 / W2048H1358 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 206 / W2048H1358 / 20211209 / /: /// N / Tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 206 / W2048H1358 / 20211209 / / op 09 december 2011 11:01 Dit gebouw beleefde oorlog en brand, is onderworpen aan de UNESCO De organisatie is geselecteerd als het werelderfgoed. 117355 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 // : /// N / Tech / 5_Ori / Upload / 491A5E34 / 212 / W2048H1364 / 20211209 / / DECEMBER 9, 11:01 Lokale tijd 8 december, Spanje, Barcelona, ??Spanje, Sanjia National Cathedral Capped, Lord the Top of the Tower Virgin Mary Tower heeft een twaalfgelijke star toren, en de St. Jiaotang-ster is aangestoken.

117356 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw Caps "Lightning Stars" http: /// tech / 5_IMG / Upload / 491A5E34 / 213 / W2048H1365 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 213 / W2048H1365 / 20211209 / /: /// N / Tech / 5_Ori / Upload / 491A5E34 / 213 / W2048H1365 / 213 / W2048H1365 / 20211209 / / DECEMBER, 11:01, het is gemeld dat de Star Tower Tonne bereikt, de Maagd Maria nadat de tip naar de toren is ge?nstalleerd 138 meter. Volgens rapporten wordt de nationale kathedraal van Shengjia ook wel "Heilige familiekerk" genoemd, "Shengjiaotang" genoemd, bekend als "het gebouw van God".

De kerk werd gebouwd in 1882, en na Antoniogaudi nam ik het over in 1883.

117357 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw Capped "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 210 / W2048H1362 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_Ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 210 / W2048H1362 / 20211209 / /: /// N / Tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 210 / W2048H1362 / 20211209 / DECEMBER 11:01 Dit gebouw heeft oorlog en brand ervaren, is onderworpen aan de UNESCO. De organisatie is geselecteerd als het werelderfgoed. 117358 Bouw voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw Capped "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_img / upload / 491A5E34 / 267 / W1707H2560 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 267 / W1707H2560 / 20211209 / /: /// N / Tech / 5_Ori / Upload / 491A5E34 / 267 / W1707H2560 / 20211209 / / DECEMBER 11:01 Lokale tijd 8 december, Spanje, Spanje Barcelona, ??Sanjia Cathedral Capped, Lord de Top of the Tower Maagd Mary Tower heeft een twaalfgelijke star toren en de St. Jiaotang-ster is aangestoken.

117359 Bouw voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_IMG / Upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 // : /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 / / 30 december, 11:01, het wordt gemeld dat de Star Tower Tonne bereikt, de Maagd Maria nadat de tip is ge?nstalleerd. Toren tot 138 meter.

Volgens rapporten wordt de nationale kathedraal van Shengjia ook wel "Heilige familiekerk" genoemd, "Shengjiaotang" genoemd, bekend als "het gebouw van God".

De kerk werd gebouwd in 1882, en na Antoniogaudi nam ik het over in 1883. 117360 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_IMG / Upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 // : /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 / / Gedurende 09 december, 11:01 Dit gebouw beleefde oorlog en vuur, was onderworpen aan de UNESCO, de organisatie is geselecteerd als het werelderfgoed.

117361 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw "Lightning Star" http: /// tech / 5_IMG / Upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 /: ///n / tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 // : /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 215 / W2048H1367 / 20211209 / / DECEMBER 2, 11:01 Lokale tijd 8 december, Spanje, Barcelona, ??Spanje, Sanjia National Cathedral Capped, Lord the Top of the Tower Virgin Mary Tower heeft een twaalfgelijke star toren, en de St. Jiaotang-ster is aangestoken. 117362 Constructie voor meer dan 130 jaar! Spaanse San Family Cathedral Hoofdgebouw Cap "Lightning Star" Http: /// tech / 5_IMG / Upload / 491A5E34 / 265 / W1705H2560 / 20211209 /: /// N / Tech / 5_OrI / Upload / 491A5E34 / 265 / W1705H2560 / 20211209 / /: /// n / tech / 5_ori / upload / 491A5E34 / 265 / W1705H2560 / 20211209 / / DECember 09 toren tot 138 meter.

Volgens rapporten wordt de nationale kathedraal van Shengjia ook wel "Heilige familiekerk" genoemd, "Shengjiaotang" genoemd, bekend als "het gebouw van God".

De kerk werd gebouwd in 1882, en na Antoniogaudi nam ik het over in 1883.


The concept of knowledge window organization processing and history

Organizational handling is an essential means of educational cadres and management cadres, and it is also an important measures to strictly govern the party.

Our party has always attached importance to the role of organizing organizational and supervision and cadres in education.

The party is in the early days of its establishment, although there is no formal expression on organizational treatment, some cadres management supervision measures taken in nature are similar to some of the current methods.

Article 11 of the China Communist Party’s Third Correction Regulations in 1927, "Anyone who is expected to be members of the Branch meeting and the provincial supervision committee resolution and the provincial committee’s approval can take effect …; in the provincial party committee The provisions of all rights and works have been unapproved before, as well as article 66, the punishment methods of party members who do not implement higher-level agencies and other damages of other damages, including "temporary cancellation of their party," national party , The provisions of the national government and other work have mentioned the way of handling or canceling the work of party members, which is the first time in the party’s articles of association. Since then, some parties in the party have also mentioned some organization handling methods. For example, in 1929, "The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China gives it to the mechanical forced discipline." For the comrades who make mistakes, "the first thing to be educated should be explained to him, pointing out his mistakes, Let him correct his mistakes. Only when the education method has been invalid, and his mistakes have a lot of political significance, then you can stop working with the organization’s way or expel the party.

"In 1940, the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China" Requirements: "Local Party and Army In reviewing cadres, if a cadres are politically untrustworthy, they must resolutely revoke or mobilize their work; The traitor should be firmly cleaned; but for some past mistakes, and now the work performance is active and faithful to the party’s route, it should be educated. "The two documents mentioned" Stopping with the Method of Organization "" Move their work "are all adjusted by cadres and positions.

After the founding of New China, organizes processing as a special representation in the relevant party documents. For example, in 1963, the "Central Supervision" report on the "Five Anti-" movement of the "Five Anti-" movement "in 1963 mentioned the report" "In view of the above situation, we believe that for corruption, speculative behavior People, when conducting tissue processing, you must insist on ‘past, now strict, frankly from wide, conceal from strict, retreat from wide, do not refund from strict "policy, must be principled, Flexibility. "Rethius," The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on October 11, 1983 "clearly" clearly, "Treatment to party members, generally put it in the later party. …… Treatment of party members, It is necessary to adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, and strictly abide by the procedures specified in the party constitution.

Don’t limit the proportion in advance. "Since the 1990s, organizational treatment has been included in some party regulations, including the" Chinese Communist Party’s Leading Cadres "," Regulations on the Supervision of China Communist Party " China Communist Party Disciplinary Ordinance, etc. In 2008, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Organization Department on the investigation and punishment of funds in violation of party disciplines (Trial) "(China Jifa [2008] No. 19) Investigate and deal with the provisions of the provisions of the Party’s case and strengthen organizational handling work, and the first time the organizational handling will be defined in accordance with cadres management authority, the necessary positions, the organization, the necessary position, and the organization of position adjustments. ".

This document will be organized into suspension, adjustment, and disappointment. Since then, the Party’s internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party internal laws and other party within the relevant provisions of the Organization Treatment.

Among them, the "Ordinance Leading Cadre Selection and Evaluation of the Party and Government Leading Cadres" issued on January 15, 2014 will be divided into disposal, resignation, and dealties.

"The Chinese Communist Party Papets (Trial)" stipulates that organizational handling methods include order written inspections, notification criticism or adjustment, free, deductive. In 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the organization of the "Communist Party Accountability Ordinance], including suspension inspection, adjustment, ordered to resign, disappointment, ordered.

After long-term historical practice, organizational treatment has developed into a special cadres management supervision measures.

However, there have been partial laws and regulations, and the document has no comprehensive definition of organizational treatment, applicable cases, methods, etc. Tissue handling methods, there is no, and it is not fully listed, which is not conducive to the application of standardized tissue processing. On March 19, 2021, the "Regulations on China ‘s Communist Party Organization (Trial) (Trial)" issued by the Office of the CPC Central Committee (hereinafter referred to as "provisions") are the first part of the party’s internal regulations specially specified for organizational processing.

"Regulations" earnestly concurrenqual on organizational handling work experience, connecting with the relevant party regulations, will organize the project as the position, position, positional adjustment measures taken by the party organization on the illegal and discipline of violations and dereliction of loss. "

In addition, the "Provisions" Article 3 is fully listed in the manner, the way the organizational processing is limited as the hoping inspection, adjust the position, ordered resignation, disappointment, and deduction, etc. Resignation is listed as organizational processing.

Order written inspections, inform criticism, Caossos clearly in the relevant provisions of the daily management supervision method, the resignation and leading cadres actively obligated, although these methods are not listed as organized, but as cadres education management supervision can be based on other Relevant regulations are implemented. In summary, the "provisions" on the concept of organizational processing clarifically, the organizational subject, applicable object, applicable situation, and means, and the organizational processing methods are related to positions, positions, position adjustments, reflecting organizational treatment. "Organization" features, and the species is clear and clear. These new regulations on tissue treatment avoid the generalization, expandment of tissue processing methods, facilitating accurately use tissue processing, improving the standardization, precision level of tissue treatment, and provides strong and powerful Organization guarantee. (Yangping Author: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Institute) (Editor: Wang Wen, Liang Qiping).

Securities collective litigation system in Guangdong icebreaker

Original title: Securities collective litigation system in Guangdong Breaking on April 16, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court issued an announcement saying that Kangmei Pharmaceutical (hereinafter referred to as ST Kangmei) false statement civil compensation is converted from ordinary representative lawsuit to special representative lawsuit, sign The first case of China Securities civil compensation collective lawsuit was officially born.

  "This is the first time I adopted a special representative to trial false statement of civil compensation lawsuits, and created the primary river of my country’s securities history. It is a landmark incident in China’s capital market. It is a milestone for investors’ protection.

"Associate Professor, the Economic and Finance University of South China University of Science and Technology, pointed out to the reporter. As the" China Edition Securities Collective Litigation System ", the Special Representative Litigation Mechanism can maximize investors.

In the first year of the new "Securities Law", the system finally broke in Guangdong.

How do it work? What impact on the capital market? Can I help investors success in the Kangmei Pharmaceutical case? The reporter interviewed many legologists. Collective lawsuits Cast "Delicate" pain points early in October 2019, the 19th National Committee of the 19th CPC has been put forward, strengthens consumer rights protection and explores the establishment of a collective litigation system. In the new "Securities Law" implemented on March 1, 2020, the securities civil compensation collective litigation system was officially unveiled.

  Article 95 of the Law stipulates that investors have filed a civil compensation lawsuit such as a false statement, and the lawsuit is the same kind, and the number of parties is numerous, and the representative can be prescribed by law. Investor protection agencies (insurance institutions) are entrusted by more than 50 investors, which can be used as a representative to participate in lawsuits. According to the principle of "inspiring, expressing the exit", the right to confirm the rights of the securities and settlement agency registered to the court and participated in Civil compensation lawsuit.

  "In order to join, it is clear that exiting" is the largest highlight of the system.

"By default, it is necessary to express it, which means that any investors who meet the conditions of claims, even if they do not participate in lawsuits, there is also a chance to obtain compensation, greatly reduce the threshold for litigation rights, and maximize the sort of investors into the relief range.

Luo Jianxin, a lawyer, Jinqiao Baixin Law Firm, Guangdong, pointed out.

  In the past, "difficulty" in the past is the pain point of small and medium-sized investors. They have weak self-protection, lack of legal knowledge, even because of the violation of the laws and violations of the listed companies, it will also be complex by a series of complexity, proof, proof, and warranty. The cumbersome processes choose "silence", because the cost of litigation is long, and the rights will be given up. In securities group litigation, investors’ litigation is not only handled by insurance, but also supports public welfare litigation.

"Don’t have the case of the case acceptance fee, greatly reduced the cost of rights protection of investors, solved the problems of the victims, dispersing, and small prosecution, and prosecution." Yu Xiajian pointed out. There are currently two insurance institutions that have been qualified to litigate the representative, which is the Securities CDM Service Center Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Jade Center") and China Securities Investor Protection Fund Co., Ltd. The insurance institution involved in this Kangmei Pharmaceutical Litigation Activity is the center. The advantages of the collective litigation system are quite advantages, such as improved rights efficiency and saving judicial resources.

"In the past, a securities litigation requires 2 to 3 years from submitting sued materials to trials, it is necessary to continuously referencing a batch of identical cases, and use a special representative lawsuit system, only a complete proceedings can be batch. Solve the dispute. "Luo Jianxin said. At the same time, relying on the information technology means to carry out registration, litigation documents, announcements, notices, rights registrations, implementation payments, etc., can also achieve "Let’s run more run, let investors run less legs", for investment Provide more convenience.

  For illegal crimes "zero tolerance", Guangdong "breaking ice" but many legal people also mentioned that as an innovative system with Chinese characteristics, the special representative’s litigation system is still pilot, need to explore and constantly improve . Guangdong became the starting point of the system.

  According to the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s Notice on Doing a Good Job of Investor Protection Agency to Participate in Securities Dispute Special Representatives: "For civil cases of typical major, social impact, investor protection institutions launched a special representative in time according to law litigation".

  On May 15, 2020, the Securities Regulatory Commission issued a punishment decision to the Kangmei Pharmaceutical, and found that it implements financial fake about 30 billion yuan through a huge amount of business income, monetary funds, fixed assets, etc. during 2016 to 2018.

The company and related personnel suspected of criminal act have been transferred to the judiciary.

  Aiming at the civil compensation lawsuit against ST Kangmei also kicked off: On December 31, 2020, Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court accepted 11 investors to jointly sue St Kangmei and 21 Directors of Director of Director of the Communications of the Command of Economic Supervision, the plaintiff requested The court decided that the defendant compensation was about 410,000 yuan and filed a regular representative lawsuit.

  On March 26, 2021, 11 investors sued the case of Kangmei Pharmaceutical false statement of responsibility disputes to obtain new progress, and the annotation of the investors accepted the investor, such as the commission of more than 50 applicants in the statutory time. Will apply to the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Hospital to convert the case to a special representative lawsuit, the so-called securities group litigation.

  Listed company financial fraud is the cancer of the securities market, which should be strike from severely strike.

The Kangmei Pharmaceutical case has seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of investors, destroying the order of the securities market, and the social impact is bad.

The special representative of the Kangmei Pharmaceutical, is an important measure to "zero tolerance", maintenance of the capital market, and optimize the rule of law of the business environment. Zhong Yu, a partner of Beijing Kangda (Guangzhou) Law Firm, Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association Securities Legal Professional Committee, pointed out that the company’s civil compensation collective litigation system took the lead in implementing the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, and knocked the alarm of listed companies In the face of illegal violations, you need to bear higher legal risks, how to compliance, improve information disclosure, and strengthen the wind control is the urgent need of listed companies.

  Can investors can lose their suspense for the majority of Kangmei pharmaceutical investors, the most concerned is the problem of compensation. When the case turned into a collective lawsuit, did the possibility of investors have greatly improved? The answer is not necessarily. Many lawyers pointed out that although the collective litigation reduced the threshold threshold, it simplified the process, but this does not mean that damaged investors will be successful, and the compensation results are also constrained by multiple factors. "On the one hand, it is not all investors to meet the qualifications of claims. Even if it is a suitable investor, the systematic risk factors will be considered when the referee is lost; on the other hand, the actual payment amount is also limited by the defendant listed company. Delicate, if the company has no payment capability, even if the claim is effective, it is difficult to obtain compensation.

"Zhong Yu reminds investors to pay attention to the possibility of practical payment, can’t blindly optimism.

  According to the information disclosed by ST Kangmei, the company faces a serious business financial crisis, a large amount of debt is overdue, is being implemented.

However, it is worth looking forward to, in the Collective Industry in Kangmei Pharmaceutical, the design of the audit institutions and the directors of the auditors and the directors of the auditors are jointly defendants, assume the liability of investors’ losses.

"This increases the amount of money and possibilities of investors’ actual compensation, but also compacted the responsibility of the intermediaries of the capital market ‘Goalkeeper’ and the responsibility of the board of directors of the listed company of ‘Help’." Luo Jianxin analysis pointed out This initiative has a large deterrence of illegal violations. Lawyers believe that ST Kangmei as the special representative of the first securities will establish a typical case, play a strong warning effect, so that the market will fully recognize the compensation effect of the Special Representative’s Litigation System, "Jacheng Tower, Jujube", Effectively curb the "cancer" of fraud, financial fake and other capital markets, and earnestly maintain the order of capital market.

(Reporter Zhang Yan Zhou Mei Lin) (Question: Liu Xiaoying, Li Lang).

The Central Different Directors of the Central Committee, the Shencheng Luoada’s Guizheng Processing Team Education Cutting

From September 24th to 26th, the national political and legal team education rectifies the central 15th supervision team under the leadership of Mazheng, and went to Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to open the political and legal team education to supervise the supervision.

The supervisory group listened to the work situation of the Guiluo Police and Legal Team Education, and held a symposium to listen to the grassroots people’s representatives, the CPPCC members, rural cadres, lawyers, school principals, retireies, and corporate, sanitation workers, herders representatives, etc. Rechent the personal feelings, in-depth departments of the police station, the Malan County Court, and the grassroots political and legal police and cadres, to understand the problems of social governance, the wishes and needs of the people, and the difficulties of the grassroots .

Mazheng is fully affirmed by the effectiveness of the rectification of the Guilozhou political and legal team education.

He emphasized that he should take measures, improve the system rules, and use the system to curing the first batch of education rectification results. To always adhere to party loyalty, continue to strengthen political construction, enhance "four awareness", and firm "four confidence" to do "two maintenance". We must conscientious performance, focus on the main business, and reflect the results of education and rectification and improve the political and legal work. We must carefully serve the people, deepen the practice activities of "I do practical things for the people", and try to solve the people of the masses "urgent expensive".

It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the political and legal team, establish a good image, build a diligent, pragmatic, integrity, and efficient political and legal organs, and create a political and legal iron army who is loyal and clean. The supervisory team also went to the Banma County Red Army Memorial to accept revolutionary traditional education, and cherish the revolutionary martyrs.

(Editor: Chen Mingju, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Secretary-General of China Female Photographic Association Liu Hai Mushan Military Tastern Works

Liu Haishan resume Liu Hai Mountain, Secretary-General of the Chinese Female Photographic Association, Second, 3rd Secretary-General, the original armed police force, a high-level reporter, and the school police rank.

In March 1978, he served as a reporter of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Political Department of the Armed Police Branch of the Political Department of the Political News Agency.

From a troop grassroots newsman, to the very accomplished professional photographer, Liu Hai Mountain strive to explore, persistent, constantly surpassing self, use the lens for the construction and development of the armed police force and the people’s struggle to leave countless precious history. He is a recorder of the storm of the Armed Police Force. It is a witness for major historical events, which is a universal communicator.

He used more than 10,000 works to spell out a legendary light and shadow world, using more than 100 awards to interpret the connotation of photography, and use his all passion to leave a valuable spiritual wealth for us.

The "Chinese Armed Police" "Chinese Armed Police" "" China Armed Police "" is engraved in the Wenchuan Earth "," Shengshi Feng "," 砥 中中 ", etc. 10 photography documentary album has become a literature. Liu Hai Mountain is a warrior. He personally experienced the "Wenchuan Earthquake", "Zhouqu Desert", "The Yangtze River Flood Flood", "Daxing’anling Forest Fire", "Beijing Senior", "Beijing Olympics", "Shanghai World Expo", etc. Series major news events and military activities, honor second-class work, three-class work 4 times, was awarded the title of "Excellent Photographers" by China Photographers, and awarded the "Yushu Earthquake Disaster Relief" "Title, I have been rated as" Ten Photographic Journalists "by the PLA in the PLA in many years.

Wang Guilan’s husband sees it,Rushed up,Chao Xiajian shouted:“Give him to me,I am going to abolish him today,Let him die off”

“slow!He hit my car,Crashed my car。So you are chasing him,Just let him hit my car。I don’t care about his injuries now,But I need you to pay for my car repair,You all want to run,I’ll call the police”Xia Jian said,Let go。
Wang Youcai is really smart,Plop and crawl on the ground。Pretending to be seriously injured,My husband Wang Guilan panicked。
“This guy slept with my wife,We still need him to settle accounts,Best if you call the police”Wang Guilan’s husband wants to scare Xia Jian。But he forgot,People who can drive a big run are naturally not low。
Xia Jian sneered and roared:“joke,He slept with your wife, you drove him into the car?Another point,It’s hard to tell who is sleeping,As the saying goes, one slap can’t make a sound,Just wait to tell the police!”Xia Jian really took out his mobile phone。
This frightened Wang Youcai who was lying on the ground,What if Xia Jian really called the police,Isn’t he finished?。
Who are the people with Wang Guilan’s husband?,Xia Jian really wanted to call the police,They came and ran away。Wang Guilan’s husband, who has lost the support of everyone, has no square inch for a while。He made two turns in place,Also ran away。
Wang Youcai squinted half his eyes,Lying on the ground and humming。Xia Jian walked over,Kicked him and said:“Get up and fuck off,These people ran away“
Wang Youcai was overjoyed,Hurriedly got up from the ground。He didn’t even say thank you,But I looked around,Suddenly bowed,Opened Daben’s car door and got in。
First1475chapter Kiddy
Xia Jian received a call from Qin Xiaomin early in the morning,Let him come to the city government for a meeting。He just walked here in the car,Unexpectedly, someone hit his car,He was really taken aback。
When he finds out that this man is rich,Xia Jian felt angry,Feel funny again。What happened in this world is really a coincidence,He never expected,The person who hit his car turned out to be Wang Youcai。
“What do you mean?Are you trying to corrupt people?“Xia Jianla sat in the driving position,He is going to the city government for a meeting,Can’t hold this person。
Wang Youcai smiled awkwardly and said:“You saw it too,I must not get off,You better drag me to a safe place!“
“You really can’t change eating shit。So many unmarried women in Pingdu,Why do you sleep with someone else’s wife?I’m not afraid that people will castrate you”Xia Jian started the car,No angry scolding。Anyway,The two of them belong to the same village,Situation like this,Xia Jian couldn’t bear to drive Wang Youcai out of the car。