China Pacific Insurance (601601): Major shareholders continue to increase their holdings for 1 quarter

China Pacific Insurance (601601): Major shareholders continue to increase their holdings for 1 quarter

Event: CPIC Q1 life insurance and property insurance premium income increased by 2 respectively.

8%, 12.

From 7% to 923 trillion and 354 trillion, the group’s net profit was 54.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 46 in ten years.

1%, net assets attributable to mothers increased by 8.

4% to 1621 million.

Major shareholders Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Shenneng Group continued to increase CPIC’s shares in the first quarter.

2019Q1 Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and Shenneng Group each increased their holdings by 0.

17% and 0.

45% stake to 5.

58% and 14.

64%. This is the fourth consecutive quarter that Shanghai State-owned Assets Management increased its shares in the company since the second quarter of last year. (Shenneng Group increased its shareholding by 0 in Q3 and Q4 last year.

02% and 0.

65%, Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission increased its holdings by 0 in the second to fourth quarters of last year.

2%, 0.

47% and 0.

06%), which may indicate that the company was previously undervalued for a long time; the company ‘s Q1 life 杭州桑拿网 insurance performance was average, but the inflection point gradually appeared under the stability of the merger.

1) CPIC Life Q1 new long-term single level insurance.

1% to 155.

2 trillion, the short-term insurance performance is huge and strong, driving the decline in new orders for insurance to reduce to -13.

1%, CPIC Life’s Q1 data is generally mainly due to the late start of the start, the former general manager and the individual insurance company leave from January to February, the business rhythm of the headquarters and branches is not uniform, and this year, the start of the national start to define the pension community(In the economically developed Shanghai area, the payment of new single-term payments increased by 7%), and the annual budget target achievement rate of new business value was 41.

9%, ranked 北京桑拿洗浴保健 first in the branch, and CPIC’s main operating area is still non-urban market); 2) With Ms. Pan Yanhong’s appointment in February as general manager and party secretary of life insurance company, former general manager of personal business department and human resources departmentYu Hua determined to manage individual insurance channels, and after the start-up effect weakened, CPIC’s new order data showed an inflection point. The growth rate of new policy premiums in March and April were above 10%. The focus of 19-year life insurance wasService), marketing and consulting team) resonance, triple empowerment “, as well as institutional standardization and coordinated development of key regions, the growth rate of vertical life insurance Nbv is expected to be about 5%; the company’s net profit growth rate is higher than expected, mainly due to the large increase in investment incomeAnd the replacement rate dropped 1) CPIC’s Q1 net profit was 54.

80,000 yuan, an increase of 46 in ten years.

1%, of which the net profit of life insurance and property insurance subsidiaries increased by 43.

6% and 126.

7%, net assets attributable to mothers increased by 14.

6% and 4.

3%, slightly higher than expected; 2) Group Q1 investment income of 16.6 billion US dollars, an increase of 39 each year.

2%, if 95 trillion floating profit is considered, the actual annualized comprehensive investment return is about 7.

61%; 3) CPIC’s Q1 revenue increased by 25.

1%, which is basically lower than 38 in the same period last year.

3%, which is mainly due to the decrease in the process expense ratio of auto insurance under strong supervision; CPIC Property & Casualty Insurance has shown a relatively high quality growth this year, and the growth rate of non-automotive business of property insurance has reached 28.


Among them, the growth rate of emerging businesses was 45.


The heavy passenger business grew at a rate of 20%, a new high in recent years, and the drag on P & C’s assessment of the group will gradually diminish; we expect CPIC Group’s gradual growth to be about 17.
89%, life insurance ev growth rate is about 20.

74%, the current corresponding estimate of A shares is 0.
83 times, continue to give a Buy rating.

Risk reminder: Equity market drops sharply, long-term risk-free returns continue to fall sharply, and health insurance new policy premiums are not growing as expected

Perfect World (002624) Semi-annual Report Review: Mobile Games Performance Exceeds Expectations, New Games Continue to Launch

Perfect World (002624) Semi-annual Report Review: Mobile Games Performance Exceeds Expectations, New Games Continue to Launch

The performance of key investment points grew faster than expected, and new mobile games continued to boost performance.

1) Revenue of 2019H1 is 36.

560,000 yuan (0% year-on-year.

29%), excluding stripped theater lines, affecting revenue growth of 12 per year.

44%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies10.

300,000 yuan (+30 compared with the same period last year).

50%), deducting non-net profit 9.

7.3 billion (+ 37% YoY).

67%); 2) Revenue for the second quarter of 2019 16.

1.5 billion (yoy-13.

39%), net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies5.

3.4 billion (yo + 26.

70%), deducting non-net profit 5.

100,000 yuan (+23 compared with the same period last year).

96%); 3) Net cash flow from operating activities is 1.

67 trillion, -2 in the same period last year.

41 trillion, due to the net reduction into the main reason for the company’s performance growth and film and television project investment funds decreased compared to the same period last year; 4) 2019H1 net profit exceeded the upper limit of the performance forecast range of 1 billion, mainly “Perfect World”, “Yunmeng”Four Seasons Song” and other mobile games online, including “Perfect World” mobile game performance exceeded expectations, boosting performance.

High-end mobile games have been launched in turn, becoming the main force for performance growth.

1) 2019H1 game revenue 28.

RMB 780,000 (+8 compared with the same period last year).

06%), accounting for 78% of total revenue.

10%, gross profit is 21.

110 thousand yuan (+17.

75%), of which mobile online game revenue was 16.

890,000 yuan (+39 compared to the same period last year).

42%), accounting for 46 of 杭州桑拿网 total revenue.

21%, PC-side online game revenue 9.

8.5 billion (15 compared to the same period last year.

00%); 2) In 2019, the company will successively launch the “Perfect World” mobile games, “Four Seasons Songs in Cloud Dreams”, “The Condor Heroes 2” and other boutique mobile games. The follow-up reserves include “New Demon Land”, “Dream”Gathering Cygnus”, “New Swordsman”, “My Origin” and other games cover MMORPG, turn-based, two-dimensional, sandbox, SLG, ARPG, open world and other games.

Film and television drama projects have abundant reserves.

1) Revenue from film and television business 7.

8.8 billion (-22% year-on-year.

42%), with a gross profit of 3.

9.7 billion (+ 1% year-on-year.

12%), due to the transfer of the cinema business, excluding its impact on revenue growth32.

25%; 2) Year-to-date “Little 北京夜网 Girl Flowers Never Abandon”, “Youth Fight”, “While We Are Young”, “Building a Dream Love”, “God Dog Seven” Season Three, “July and Ansheng”Broadcasted one after another; 3) The film and television drama project reserves are rich, including: “Old Tavern”, “New Year After Year”, “Heshan” and so on.

Earnings forecast: Taking into account the pace of TV series going online, we lower the company’s EPS to 1 in 2019/20/21.


03 yuan, the closing price on August 9 corresponds to 15/13/12 times PE, the company’s mobile game product line is rich, at the same time the rich TV drama business reserves, help promote the company’s rapid growth in performance, maintain a “prudent increase” rating.

Risk warning: product launch is less than expected; policy supervision is intensifying.

GEM refers to standing at 2100 points, which is a bit fierce.

GEM refers to standing at 2100 points, which is a bit fierce.

Source: Xiaoji Quick Run Today (February 17) A shares have risen strongly, and the GEM is ahead.

GEM index rose 3.

72%, a new high since May 25, 2016.

  GEM index performance in the past year 20190218-20200217 Data source: Many people in Wind have raised the GEM today, “attribution” to the new rules of refinancing.

  On the evening of February 14 (Friday), the CSRC issued the revised “Administrative Measures for the Issuance of Securities by Listed 杭州桑拿 Companies,” the “Interim Measures for the Administration of Securities Issuance by Listed Companies on the Growth Enterprise Market,” and the “Implementation Rules for Listed Companies’ Non-public Issuance of Shares” ((Hereinafter referred to as “the new rules for refinancing”).

The amendments include lowering the issuance conditions, releasing restrictions on holdings, optimizing the non-public issuance system arrangement, and extending the validity period of approval documents.

  Source: The website of the China Securities Regulatory Commission actually introduced the new rules for refinancing, which is conducive to improving the construction of the capital market system, enriching related financial products, and boosting the popularity of market investors. The scope of application includes the entire A share.

  But why 夜来香体验网 does GEM stand out?

  Under the new rules, how many companies can be added that meet the requirements of the new refinancing rules?

  Which industries might benefit from this?

  Which companies are more market-focused?

  Today, we find the latest opinions of brokers for reference.

  1 GEM has become the biggest focus of the new refinancing rules Why is the new refinancing rule good for GEM?

  One of the main points of the new refinancing regulations is to moderately relax the refinancing of the GEM.

  Source: Monita Industrial Securities believes that the GEM has become the most important point of the “new rules for refinancing”, and the New Deal may help this round of market.

  Since the beginning of this year (February 17), the GEM Index has increased by as much as 19.

36%, the previous Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, CSI 500 rose significantly.

At the same time, the New Deal has reduced the performance of GEM companies’ participation in refinancing, which is conducive to expanding the refinancing function of GEM enterprises, supporting physical financing, and has a positive role in promoting corporate development.

  Industrial Securities also calculated the average increase and decrease of major indexes since 2018, 5 days, 10 days, and 20, 60 days after the release of favorable policies related to refinancing.

Can be polished, GEM refers to relatively speaking, the average gain is the best performer.

Combined with the moderate loosening of GEM refinancing by this policy, GEM refers to the current round of market is expected to continue further.

  May be able to “unbind” 419 GEM companies Tianfeng Securities statistics show that for the GEM companies, after the release of the new rules, there are mainly the following effects: For public offerings, the old rules require that both the profit andAsset-liability ratio requirements. After the new regulations cancel the asset-liability ratio requirements, it will be able to untie 347 GEM companies.

  For non-public offerings, which do not involve changes in asset-liability ratio requirements, the new rules have cancelled the last two profit requirements, and the new rules have modified the terms to unbundle 72 GEM companies.

  On the upper limit of the issuance scale, the new rules have made significant changes earlier in the draft, from 20% to 30% of the total share capital.

This is an incremental benefit for improving the liquidity of GEM companies.

  Earlier consultation draft, the interruption of the new and old cut off from the approval of approval to the completion of the issuance, meaning that more cases apply the new rules.

The specific benefit is the cases that have been approved within the past 6 months, but have not yet been issued.

As far as non-public offerings are concerned, this change may affect 62 fixed increase cases.

  2 Technology and securities sector or more benefit from the refinancing needs of certain industries. According to the refinancing announcement of listed companies, Monita has divided the refinancing purpose into two categories: major asset restructuring and supplementary cash flow.

  Major asset restructuring: Under this category, it is basically the supporting financing needs for M & A and restructuring.

  From historical data, from 2009 to the present, there have been 116, 92, 84, 80, 67, and 66 refinancings for the purpose of reorganization in the media, machinery, equipment, computers, medical biology, chemicals, and electronics industries, and these industries haveThe amount of refinancing is also higher than in other industries.

  In addition, considering the major assets reorganization of a listed company from the board of directors to completion, it usually takes 6-7 months.

According to calculations, the current industries with a large number of merger and reorganization plans are chemical industry, medicine, machinery and equipment, real estate, media, electronics, and computers.

  Supplementary cash flow: Concerning the replenishment of working capital, the relevant demands of the pharmaceutical, chemical, building decoration, electrical equipment and other industries are contradictory.

  From the perspective of industry demand, Monita believes that refinancing loosening is expected to significantly improve the media, computer, and electronics industries; while the benefits of the mechanical equipment and electrical equipment industries mainly come from the decline in refinancing issuance conditions.

  In some industries, Everbright Securities believes that in the first half of the policy period, certain industries with higher policy sensitivity will generate structural investment opportunities.

  Among them, trade and retail, power equipment and new energy, real estate, basic chemicals, comprehensive, computers, consumer services, securities firms and other eight industry sectors, the change in relative income seems to have a certain relationship with changes in the direction of supervision of the regulatory layer.

  From historical data, when the supervisory authorities tightened the fixed-income market, the eight industries mentioned above underperformed the market significantly within six months after the policy was introduced.  When the regulatory authorities loosen the supervision of the fixed-income market, the above eight industries can significantly outperform the Shanghai Composite Index within half a year, among which the securities companies and the computer industry have relatively high returns.

  Certain industries may directly benefit from the refinancing business. CITIC Securities believes that the marketization and relaxation of the long-established issuance system may further stimulate the short-term market.

  From a short-term perspective, the probability of incremental allocation of funds is an estimated depression that flows to this round of rebound.

  From the perspective of risk-benefit ratio, pay attention to the opportunities for rotation in the securities brokerage, automobile, real estate, upstream industrial products, building materials and banking industries.

  When the market digests the policy, it will realize that the refinancing policy is more structured and market-oriented, rather than treating all companies equally, and the market will return to the mode of physical financing efficiency rather than idling.

  In the GEM and technology industries, industries that are asset-heavy and have positive capacity cycles will benefit more.

In addition, with a large amount of stock financing needs, the income of investment banking and asset management businesses in the securities industry will increase, and the estimated level of the non-banking industry may also increase.

In the long run, technology is still the main line, and adjustment is the allocation opportunity.

  3Some companies are worth watching?

  Anxin Securities: Investors in the secondary market of the three types of companies that are being followed by the market should look for high-quality companies that have significantly benefited from policy support and have reasonable financing needs.

What specific companies are there?

  The companies that have passed the Dingzeng meeting have passed the review by the CSRC. The company is closest to the implementation of Dingzeng. The certainty is relatively the largest and the market can easily find these companies.

  However, since such companies have already been set to increase by wholesale banks, the marginal benefit to the new regulations is not great.

  High-tech companies with fixed-income plans Among the many fixed-income plans, the fixed-increasing plans involving mergers and acquisitions of high-tech companies have attracted much attention.

Historical experience also shows that the constant increase in the direction of science and technology often brings higher excess returns.

  However, similarly, since the company in this category has already issued a fixed increase plan, the overall marginal benefit of the new regulations is not great.

  Those who can benefit from the new regulations can be issued. The better companies were unable to issue fixed gains in the past.

It is expected that the types of companies may have higher demand.

  How to choose these companies?

  One of the screening strategies is to replace the 2017 technology companies that are profitable in 2018, or the 2017 technology companies that are profitable in 2018, but are expected to be profitable in 2019.Since then, the fundamentals will go up for high-quality companies.

  Such companies should have excellent quality, broad industry prospects, and refinancing needs, but they cannot be increased by gradually increasing market rules.

Now that it has become the new regulations, among these companies, there are likely to be some companies that will issue fixed growth plans in the future.

  Shen Wanhongyuan: Adhering to the two investment ideas on February 15, 2020, there are currently 90 existing bidding projects that have passed the conference and have been approved. The total amount of pre-disclosed funds raised is 178.4 billion.

  From the perspective of selected individual stocks, there are two ways to grasp the investment with a fixed increase: discount security mat + stable dividend payout + stable growth in performance; industry prosperity change + high growth expectations + possibility.

  With the increase of market concentration, industry leaders or leading companies will enjoy higher growth.

  In terms of investment strategy, you can focus on the long-term economic boom, the relative certainty of performance growth and the segmentation that has both growth and profitability, as well as the fixed growth opportunities of some high-scoring and high-scoring dividends.

  GF Securities: Give priority attention to democratically determined increments. Enterprises can focus on companies that meet these conditions: free cash flow is higher than the average in the same industry: swap and acquisition capabilities; low PE value: market size management space size, estimated and fixed value appreciation rate historyThe negative correlation law presented above; the high proportion of major shareholders: the smaller the shareholding change, the appeal conversion; the low proportion of pledged deposits: low implementation defects; growth stocks: growth stocks with higher performance growth in the next 1-2 years, flexibilityCoefficient, historically small and medium-sized market value-added growth rate win rate; priority attention to emerging growth enterprise two types of fixed increase plan companies; priority attention to advanced manufacturing, national reform and other national strategic directions, especially “light assets, high research and development” enterprises Tianfeng Securities: NoSmall companies can grow indifferently. Small and medium-sized companies in the technology sector after 2016 have almost no opportunity. The industry cycle has declined, financing, and merger and acquisition policies have tightened. Eventually, the prosperity has fallen for three consecutive years.

  Beginning in the second half of 2019, experiencing a resonance explosion in the global cloud service, semiconductor, and 5G industry cycles. Both head companies and small and medium-sized companies can enjoy dividends, overlapping mergers and acquisitions, and financing. The prosperity of the technology sector will show a trend of diffusion.

  But not all small companies can grow without differentiation.

The current liquidity environment, market size, and investor structure are significantly different from 2014-2015. Considering that the market has undergone a round of ups and downs from “M & A Feast” to “One Place Feather”, small and mediumThe company has reasonable participation in screening.

Westone (002268): Thirty core backbones settle in companies to expand and strengthen listing platforms

Westone (002268): Thirty core backbones settle in companies to expand and strengthen listing platforms

Event: The company issued an announcement of the resolutions of the board of directors and the adjustment of the management team. At the same time, the 36th meeting of the board of directors convened and approved the “appointment of director candidates for the seventh session of the board of directors.”

Investment key points Thirty core backbones settled in the company, clearing the obstacles to the distribution of research institutes and listing platforms: In January this year, the group appointed Qing Yu as chairman of China Net Security, secretary of the party committee, chairman of Weishitong, director of thirty directors, and party committee.secretary.

This time, the company’s board meeting appointed Qing Yu, Wang Wensheng, Duan Qiguang, Lei Limin, 南宁桑拿 Wang Zhonghai and Wang Hu as non-independent directors of the board of directors, Cao Dejun, Zhou Wei, Feng Yuan and other three independent directors of the company, and Wei Hongkuan was appointed as the company.Deputy General Manager, Dong Guishan is the company’s chief engineer, and Liu Zhihui is the company’s chief financial officer.

At the same time, controlling shareholder China Net Security recommended Wang Zhonghai as the company’s general manager.

At present, the company has completed the new appointments or appointments of many senior executives such as the chairman, the board of directors, the general manager, the deputy general manager, the chief engineer, and the chief financial officer, and the collective replacement has reflected the country’s high awareness of the company’s leading cyber security leaders.深圳桑拿网; Instead, the new executives are basically 30 core backbones. This time, they noticed that several of them were settled in Westone. With the introduction of Chairman Qing Yu, they helped clear the obstacles to business and profit distribution between the Institute and listed companies.Bigger and stronger listing platform.

The Group’s first quarter results were well-received and gradually realized its growth: According to China’s Wangan Public Account 1, the Netan Subsidiary Group signed a new contract of 1.3 billion US dollars in the first quarter, an increase of 30%; the revenues of the North China Netan Corporation and Kaitian Corporation increased each year in the first quarterBoth 393% and 300% achieved substantial growth.

In addition, Weishitong won the electronic document system business, Xiamen Yaxun completed the latest test vehicle and launched a large-scale commercial vehicle T-BOX project. Shanghai Sanwei Guards successfully deployed new business and launched the construction of an industrial Internet security service platform.

Waiting for insurance 2.

Driven by 0, the prosperity of the company in the industry continued to be verified. In the first quarter, the Wanganzi Group focused on management and innovation. Under the direction of the new leadership team, Weishitong promoted vitality and accelerated growth.

Completion of the industry chain commanding heights: So far, the company has occupied almost all the strategic high points of the network security and cyber war industry chain: 1. The localization of cryptographic chips and algorithms has accelerated, and the company has taken the lead to promote as a leader in the field of encryption; 2.Alibaba Cloud has cooperated to create an independent and controllable “Internet security Feitian” high-security private cloud platform. Westone is the actual implementation unit of the project. The demand for secure cloud is around 6000, and the company is expected to expand its leadership., The company merged the background of the central enterprise and the advantages of the lead unit is expected to reduce the ownership by half; 4, to seize the 5G security commanding heights, become the main lead unit in the formulation of 5G security standards, and promote the move to secure communication operators in the 5G era.

Earnings forecast and investment grade: We raised the net profit for 2019/2020 to 4, respectively.


90 trillion, EPS for 18-20 years are 0.



94 yuan, corresponding to 191/65/34 times PE. Considering the company’s network security central enterprise platform cascading, encryption localization and central enterprise network security operation and maintenance year accelerated, autonomous and controllable Netan Feitian Cloud entered the landing period, maintaining “buy”Into” level.

Risk warning: The information security market is lower than expected, and the construction of secure cloud platforms is lower than expected.

Teeth filling substances can devour nerve health

Teeth filling substances can devour nerve health

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes that using amalgam materials to fill teeth can be harmful to human health.

  According to the British “Independent” reported on the 29th, the FDA changed its previous position that amalgam fillings are harmless, and issued a warning on its official website: “The amalgam mercury particles used for fillings may affect the nerves of developing children and fetuses.The system produces toxic effects.

FDA said that amalgam releases mercury vapor that is harmful to the human body when filling or taking out amalgam and when chewing with amalgam filled teeth.

FDA is in the process of pre-preparing provisions for filling materials that may restrict or ban the use of amalgam in advance.

  It is reported that amalgam is a common material for fillings.

125 tons of amalgam are consumed annually in the EU alone.

Norway and Denmark have announced a ban on mercury and amalgam fillings.

Sweden, Finland and Japan have imposed strict restrictions on amalgam fillings.

  Mercury is commonly known as metallic mercury, and the alloy formed by mercury with other metals is called amalgam or amalgam.

Mercury is toxic, severe mercury poisoning can cause death, and long-term low-dose mercury pollution can also cause damage to the human nervous system.

  Those who oppose amalgam fillings believe that amalgam may make them vulnerable to heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Ten personality tips to ease your workplace

Ten personality tips to ease your workplace

Excellent speaking skills, such as courting important people, avoiding troubles on yourself, handling difficult matters, etc., can make your working life easier, and it is easier for you to gain both fame and fortune.

Keep the following ten sentence patterns in mind and come in handy at the right time. Raises and promotions will not be far from you.

  Passing the bad news sentence pattern in the most gentle way: we seem to encounter some situations.
You just learned that there was a problem in a very important case; if you immediately rushed to your boss’s office to report the bad news, even if it didn’t do your job, it would only make your boss question your ability to handle the crisis.It also provoked a curse and let your breath out.

  At this time, you should calmly say this sentence in a tone without emotions, don’t panic, and don’t use words like “problem” or “trouble”; make your boss think that the thing is notThis cannot be resolved, and “we” sounds like you will be standing on the same line as your boss and fighting side by side.

  The boss summoned his duty when he called: I will deal with it immediately.

  Answer this calmly and swiftly, and your supervisor will intuitively think that you are an efficient and obedient subordinate; on the contrary, hesitation will only cause the boss who is already responsible to be unhappy.

When you can’t sleep well at night, you may be angry at you!

  Show teamwork: Angie’s idea is really good!

  An Qi has come up with a wonderful plan that even his superiors admire. You can’t wait for your brain to move faster than others; with the lengthening of your face, it’s better to sneak in his light.

Here’s how: Speak this sentence while your boss can hear it.

In a society where everyone wants to compete, a subordinate who is not jealous and jealous of a colleague becomes a supervisor who feels that he is pure in nature and has a team spirit, so he looks at it differently.

  Convince colleagues to help with sentence pattern: This report can’t do without you!

  There is a tricky job that you can’t do on your own. You have to find someone to help you. So you find the colleague who is the best at this job.

How can you let people help you willingly?

Give a high hat, indulge in soup, and guarantee that he will return in the future; and the kind person will usually answer your request in order to live up to his reputation in this area.

However, don’t forget to write down others when you have credit in the future.

  Perfectly dodge things that you don’t know. Let me think about it carefully. Will you reply before three o’clock?

  Your boss asks you a business-related question, and you don’t know how to answer it. Don’t say “don’t know”.

This sentence pattern will always help you temporarily.

It also makes your boss think that you are attentive to this matter, and you don’t know how to open your teeth for a while.

However, you need to do your homework afterwards to hand in your response on time.

  Intellectual harassment sentence pattern: This kind of words don’t seem to be suitable for speaking in the office!

  If the yellow cavity of a male colleague makes you intolerable, this sentence promises to shut them up.

Sometimes men do like to open the yellow cavity, but you can hardly judge whether they are unintentional or intentional. This sentence can make unintentional people understand that it is enough.

If he hasn’t shut up yet, that means sexual harassment, you can report it to the person concerned.

  Sentence pattern of relief workload without trace: I understand that this matter is important; can we first check the work at hand and replace the most important one with a priority?

  Better to quit now.

First of all, experts, you understand the nature of this task, and then ask your boss’s instructions to inherit the priority of the new task and your own work. Let your boss know that your workload is actually very heavy. If you ca n’t, you have to delay some things.Post-process or forward to others.

  Pleasantly appropriate sentence pattern: I really want your opinion on a case . Many times, you are in the same room with high-level dignitaries, and you have to say something about these cold and awkward situations.

However, this is also a great time for you to win the favor of senior management.

But what to say?

Every day’s routine business is definitely not suitable for being moved out at this time, to talk about the weather, and it will not let the senior management leave an impression on you.

At this time, the most appropriate topic is a thought-provoking topic that is related to the company’s prospects.

Ask a big boss about serious and serious questions, but when he talks about his experience, you can not only make a lot of things, but also let him be amazed at your knowledge and motivation.

  Admitting negligence without causing dissatisfaction with the boss: It was my oversight, but fortunately . the mistake was inevitable, but the way you state your mistakes can affect the way your boss thinks of you.

It is very important to admit your negligence, because shirk responsibility will only make you look like an annoying, weak and incompetent person, but this does not mean you have to apologize to everyone for this. The trick is not to let allPoint the finger at yourself, admit to but downplay your faults, and shift everyone’s focus.

  Be calm in the face of criticism: Thank you for telling me, I will carefully consider your suggestion.
  When the results of my own hard work are revised or criticized, it is indeed a distressing thing.
You don’t need to write your dissatisfaction on your body, but let the person who criticized your work know that you have received the message from him.

The performance of being humble and overbearing makes you look confident and worthy of being respected, letting you know that you are not a tough person or can’t stand frustration.

Nirvana can help you effectively wrinkle


Nirvana can help you effectively wrinkle

Although still very young, it is expected that with age, when the wrinkles outline the cruel and ruthlessness of the years, the mood naturally falls to the bottom.

Don’t let wrinkles enter your beautiful territory so casually, the fortifications will naturally do their best.

To combat wrinkles, the twelve tricks you must learn to make wrinkles nowhere to hide.


hzh {display: none; }  第1招 认真洁面令肌肤变得湿润、细腻  清洁,也是防止皱纹产生的重中之重.

Due to the harsh external environment, a lot of exhaust gas and dust are easily attached to the skin, and the radiation of the computer screen is also a major hidden danger.

These dirty things will make the skin lose its essential elasticity and easily grow wrinkles.

Therefore, we must pay attention to cleanliness, and we can use cleansing products suitable for our skin type to clean the skin.

During the cleaning process, you can also use the steam meter to moisten the pores and expand the pores to completely clean the skin.

  Although still very young, it is expected that with age, when the wrinkles outline the cruel and ruthlessness of the years, the mood naturally falls to the bottom.

Don’t let wrinkles enter your beautiful territory so casually, the fortifications will naturally do their best.
To combat wrinkles, the twelve tricks you must learn to make wrinkles nowhere to hide.

  The second recruitment of beauty cosmetics using vitamins and vitamins, from the whitening of vitamin C, to the antioxidant and aging of vitamin E, and the most popular vitamin A derivatives, can make the skin fresher and brighter.

Therefore, you should always choose to apply nutritional creams suitable for different vitamins to give skin a rich nutrition.

  The third step is to remove keratin and massage, to reduce wrinkle lines. If the horny thickens, it will definitely affect the appearance and wrinkles are easy to appear.

So exfoliating is also a key step in anti-wrinkle.

In the skin care process, it is necessary to add a cosmetic massage of the skin and hot compress to lighten the lines of the skin wrinkles and ensure that the skin care products penetrate better to improve the overall skin condition.

  The fourth measure focuses on maintaining the eyes to prevent wrinkles in the eyes. Watching novels continuously, playing computer on the Internet, watching Korean dramas all night, and carnival all night long, happy and happy, but the most suffering is the eyes.

Under normal circumstances, excessive eye fatigue easily causes wrinkles around the eyes, and dark circles, bags under the eyes, and puffiness appear.

Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the eye massage and apply eye cream to relieve fatigue and provide nutrition for the eyes.

  The fifth measure is to prevent and prevent wrinkles on the forehead, eye corners, and lips, and it will always leave ruthless wrinkles on people’s foreheads, eyes, and lips.

And generally speaking, once these wrinkles appear, it is difficult to remove them even if you redouble your efforts. Therefore, you should pay attention to using anti-wrinkle cosmetics in these areas before wrinkles occur. In particular, you should choose preventive eye cream and eye makeup remover.To prevent the first wrinkles.

  The 6th trick is to use anti-wrinkle makeup, bright and at the same time to block wrinkles. There are many makeup products with anti-wrinkle functions on the market. This is the best choice for women who like to make up every day.

Like Revlon, Nuxin’s new models are good.

  The seventh trick is to remember to protect vulnerable lips. Lips do not have sebaceous glands that secrete oil like ordinary skin to maintain alignment. At the same time, lips are part of the mucosa and contain only a small amount of melanin, which is not enough to prevent sun damage.

Therefore, the lips are also extremely vulnerable to the damage caused by environmental pollution, which makes the lips dry, cracked and wrinkled.

At this time, in addition to remembering to always apply lip balm containing sunscreen factors, remember to protect your lips when applying makeup.

Lipstick or lip gloss with saturated moisturizing ingredients or sunscreen ingredients is recommended.

  The eighth trick is to perform hands and feet maintenance before going to bed. Beautiful hands and feet are also important standards for beauties, so remember to provide them with sufficient nutrients.

hzh {display: none; }  干燥的空气和去油性较强的碱性皂都是手脚护理的天敌,它们极易造成肌肤的老化和角质层的增厚,令手脚龟裂粗糙而且手指变得越The thicker it gets, the more the surface skin becomes more and more wrinkled, affecting the appearance.

Since there is almost no secretion of sebaceous glands in the hands and feet, you should try to choose a slightly acidic moisturizing body wash when cleaning your skin, and even wash it with water. After cleaning, apply moisturizing nourishing hand and foot cream.

  The ninth trick takes dry and sensitive skin seriously. Dry skin is relatively dry, and the pores are not obvious, so it is easy to produce fine wrinkles.

Sensitive skin has shallow capillaries and thin skin, which is more sensitive to external stimuli.

Therefore, skin care should be targeted.

If you are allergic to using ordinary skin care products, you should use special cosmetics instead.

For example, sensitive skin should be supplemented with exfoliating creams or gels that are less irritating to the skin.

Extremely sensitive skin does not require exfoliation.   The tenth trick is not to forget to apply sunscreen. The ultraviolet rays in the sun that resist wrinkles are the most stimulating. Although tanning is only a matter of summer, the sun and autumn wrinkles are caused by the sun.

Don’t hesitate to stick to sunscreen throughout the year to make sure your skin fights wrinkles later.

  The eleventh trick is to prevent wrinkles. From now on, lying down and sleeping can prevent wrinkles.

Sleep on your stomach, your face will be oppressed, and the skin will be wrinkled. Over time, wrinkles will inevitably grow.

Remember: To prevent wrinkles, it is best to change your sleeping position frequently.

  The twelfth trick is to get enough sleep and normal work and rest to ensure normal metabolism. Wrinkles are the manifestation of skin aging. There are many reasons for skin aging. Sleep is one of the important reasons.

Normal people need to sleep differently according to age, adults need 7-9 hours a day.

Lack of sleep, especially for long periods of time, can easily cause wrinkles on the face.

When sleeping, using night cream to increase skin nutrition can improve the effect of sleep and the anti-wrinkle effect will be better.

Workplace Coward Breaks Self Limits

Workplace “Coward” Breaks Self Limits

You have to be brave to acknowledge your personality defects. The so-called field fright is a symptom of nervousness, so sometimes you can exert the power that you can’t reach normally, but in most cases, the power cannot be exerted normally because of excessive excitement.
  People who are overly shy and frightened are prone to split personality.
In this situation, it is difficult to adapt to the occasion with many people and the work that requires frequent and direct contact with people.
  Schizophrenic personality is common in those who are overly introverted. Some people may stay for life, and some of them may become the morbid personality foundation of schizophrenia and develop into schizophrenia.
  The main cause of split personality is the individual’s inability to adapt to the environment.
People with a split personality generally have strong self-esteem and aggressiveness in their teens. Like Xiaohan, they may have both self-esteem and setbacks and humiliation. As a result, inferiority, cowardice, timidity and other characteristics have gradually developed and strengthened.And consolidated, becoming a stable personality trait on him.
  In fact, “field fright”, shaking, forgetting words, etc. are too nervous performance, and too nervous is due to lack of self-confidence, usually lack of self-confidence stems from lack of preparation.
  心灵处方  分裂型人格常从童年期形成,有这种人格症状的人不要自卑,要勇于承认自己的人格缺陷,注意多与他人接触,不要老是担心会被人耻笑或误解,而要尽量轻松Talk and interact happily with people, get to know each other with others, and strive for understanding and help from others, and replace loneliness with friendship.
As long as you choose the direction of struggle that suits your strengths and conditions, with your own efforts, you will be able to achieve something.
  Overcome the psychological obstacles of “field fright”, targeted training, such as: proficiently recite speeches before the speech; fully understand the relevant situation of the speech venue, environment, order, etc .; understand in detail the important information such as the number, composition, and level of the audience; such asIf possible, you can do a good rehearsal; develop the habit of planning and planning in advance, and consider more possible situations and countermeasures based on the actual environment.

Oats-a new healthy staple

Oats-a new healthy staple

Oatmeal (oatmeal) is one of the few healthy foods, not only with high protein and fat content, good quality, but also contains dietary fiber that is especially needed by modern urban people.
However, many consumers have no experience with how to eat oats.
For most urban consumers, oatmeal is just delicious food that can only be enjoyed at restaurants such as Mino Village.
It is true that traditional noodle food requires certain skills and experience whether it is made or cooked, but it is not something that can be enjoyed casually.
Moreover, due to the long processing time, the average consumer does not have the time and patience to process oatmeal foods by themselves.
  However, it is different now. Through the efforts of entrepreneurs and scientists, you can easily enjoy the deliciousness and health of oats at home.
Moreover, this enjoyment is not as decorative, but as a staple.
  First of all, northerners love pasta, so oats can be easily added to pasta.
You can buy a bag of oatmeal (mostly marked as loquat flour). Don’t buy too much at one time, it is best to eat and sell.
After you get home, whether you are making dumplings, making noodles or steamed buns, toasting or even making a slice of soup, you can and should add 30 ~ 40% oatmeal to the flour in front of you.
Of course, because oat flour lacks the gluten that forms the “strength”, it is better to choose high-gluten flour (dumpling flour) appropriately when purchasing flour.
  At the same time, because oat flour has a significantly higher water absorption than flour, it is necessary to appropriately increase the amount of water when mixing noodles.
The strength of the dough behind the dough is the same as that of the whole flour.
When making steamed bread and bread, after adding oat flour, the dough fermentation time can be appropriately extended to ensure that the dough is more fully fermented and the volume of the product is larger.
In the modern oatmeal processing industry, the oatmeal must be treated with enzymes before milling, so that the oatmeal that is particularly prone to rancidity can have a certain period of safe storage, and citizens of non-main producing areas can also enjoy oatmeal at home.
It should be noted that although the storage characteristics of oat flour processed by modern technology have improved, compared with other cereals, the content of very healthy unsaturated fatty acids-linoleic acid in oats is high, but it is easy to deteriorate.
Therefore, oat flour must be stored in a cool and dry place, and stored with other odorous materials to prevent its taste and deterioration.
  Many friends in the south who eat rice as their staple food should think that pasta has nothing to do with me. Is it impossible for me to enjoy healthy and delicious oats?
It is true that most cereals can not be used to make rice for pasta, and those who can make rice are rarely seen for pasta.
But oats are different. Our research found that when oats and rice are cooked at the same time, the rice has the best texture and texture of miscellaneous rice.
In other words, the hardness and viscosity of oatmeal after cooking is the closest to that of rice. At the same time, because oatmeal also has a certain elasticity, the chewing head of oatmeal is very sufficient.
Many consumers who have tasted oatmeal believe that oatmeal is indeed the best companion for rice.
At present, there are nearly 10 companies nationwide specializing in the production of oat rice for rice. The annual output has reached thousands of tons. It can be seen that the oat rice has a good development momentum.
  It should be noted that although they are all called “oat rice”, the oat rice used for making rice is essentially different from the “oat rice” in bulk in the supermarket.
Although it is also called oatmeal in bulk, it has not been processed in any way. It belongs to oatmeal, which is like rice.
Due to its hard shell, it has difficulty in absorbing water, long cooking time, high hardness of the rice, and poor taste.
And the oatmeal rice that we can process has lower hardness, higher water absorption, and significantly improved taste. It belongs to the refined white rice.
Of course, you can basically tell which is the “rice” type oatmeal from the price and which is the “rice” type refined oatmeal.
The price of raw grain oats in the supermarket generally does not exceed 5 yuan per catty, while the price of refined oatmeal must be more than 15 yuan per catty.
  There is no need to add too much oatmeal to rice to make rice.
According to our experiments, adding 20 ~ 30% oatmeal to rice is the best in terms of taste and nutrition.
  Some people mistakenly believe that oats are high in calories and can easily make people fat.
Indeed, the calories of oats are as high as rice or wheat.
About 2 times, it is a high-energy food, but it is true that oats can lose weight.
First of all, the rich dietary fiber contained in oats makes oats not digestible and can maintain satiety for a long period of time. In the end, it reduces the energy intake, and at the same time it can clean up intestinal fat and reduce absorption.
Also, oats contain more resistant starch (about 20%).Resistant starch is not broken down after eating, so it can also replace the feeling of fullness and weight loss.

  For our health and slimness, we recommend adding a little oatmeal to both pasta and rice.

I enjoy the four music in the housework.

I enjoy the “four music” in the housework.

When I was doing housework, I felt awkward.
Wiping the table, mopping the floor, dumping the garbage, lifting the water, and washing the chopsticks three times a day, it is really “the fly flies in the eyes of the old bulls – eating tired (tears)”, not only difficult to produce results, but also boring,If you get it wrong, it will go wrong.
When I washed the dishes, I accidentally broke the bowl. My wife immediately turned his face and said: “If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it!”
“I made it hard to say.”
I want to say in my heart: “I didn’t mean it. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t do anything, and no one would criticize me!”
“Thinking of this, I feel a little regretful about my initiative to do housework.”
Later, I turned to think carefully, and I was criticized because I didn’t do enough to do my best, and my wife couldn’t stand it.
Therefore, since then, I have done everything seriously for every household chores, and I have made achievements slowly. I have been praised by my wife, and I have enjoyed the joy of health.
Specifically, there are “four music”: First, the combination of the kitchen and reading and writing is a joy.
I cook and cook in the kitchen. Although it doesn’t take much time, but I have time to spare, I use it to read or write articles.
For example, it takes more than half an hour to cook a porridge with a pressure cooker. During this time, I can write hundreds of words by simply conceiving the article: it is cooking, and I can also read some short articles published in the newspaper while cooking.Message.
  Second, while watching indoor hygiene while watching TV is also fun.
When I am doing housework such as mopping the floor and wiping tables and chairs, I can also watch TV.
When I see something useful, I can stop and make a record and use it as a material for future reference.
I do this better than sitting there smoking a melon to watch TV.
  Third, going out to open the water is also a pleasure.
I went to the house three times a day to open the water, and there was a fixed period of time for water.
I have developed the habit of drinking tea for many years. In the past, because water was not played by myself, I couldn’t pay attention to it.
Now standing in front of the boiling water furnace, how many degrees of water burned, I have a number in my heart, and then make a cup of tea, so that the tea soaked is tasteful.
In this way, you are not a healthy one.
  Fourth, the reception guests have the pleasure of chatting.
It is a nuisance to receive guests at home. It is necessary to have a banquet and make tea and smoke, but there is also fun. That is, I can chat with the guests and hear all the new things.
Exchange each other’s views on the world.
This is the fun to send to the door, which can open up the horizon.
Conducive to health, give up a pity.
  Housework is the wave of life. When I retire at home and do more housework, I can enjoy more of my life and make my wife happy.
So, why don’t I have it?