Han Jiang said helplessly:“The mission goal is in the city,But the specific location is unknown,Who is not clear?,Doctoral notice。”

The goal of the two is the support of the action of the city.,Ai Minstan said that it has been positioned to a dominant movement,Need to quickly break with the same power,At the same time, be careful to prevent the power to follow.。
Free action in humans,And action secret。
So Hanjiang’s goal is likely to be a courier,It is also possible to take out a small brother,Eragons are likely。
Night 11 o’clock,Hanjiang has received the message sent by Ai Minstan,There is also a map on a map。
“let’s go,Task objectives appear。”
At this time, Roshalia will turn the handle on the motorcycle without start.,In the mouth“Beep”Simulated motorcycle sound。
Han Jiang’s mention Roshalia,Into the back seat,Motor boots to take a relatively remote street。
This city is not sleeping at night.,Two generations riding a big power motorcycle night fried street。
Hanjiang launched a special transformation motorcycle,That movement is not small,Let many young men eaten ear to listen to this is the voice。
“Hey,This sound is brought,A few brothers?”Another street gathers gathers start to discuss the sound of Hanjiang。
“That’s going.!”
Suddenly, the entire neighborhood is a roar of motorcycles.。
Each motorcycle sound is different,Han Jiang’s especially special。
After all, it’s not all people who can control the motorcycle with energy.。
“Wow,Sound,It seems that there is any chase。”Roshalia excitedly shouting behind behind。
“Do not。”
Han Jiang’s back,Start acceleration,Direction in Alistan。
Although the noise of many motorcycles is a bit disturbed,But there is a big cover for Hanjiang action.。
Anyway, they can’t catch up again.,I don’t know if my group is doing.。
After contacting the three streets behind,Han Jiang saw the goal。
Located target riding an electric car,Wearing a takeaway,There is also a incubator with other takeaways.。
“That’s the one,did you see it?”
Roshalia’s tail couldn’t help but rock on the big sword behind.。
Hanjiang:“I will later later,Remember not to die,Determine that the other party will try again after the law??”
“Do not worry,When did I get a mistake in the http://www.qqhld.cn mission?,I am relieved to do things.!”Roshalia took the way behind Hanjiang with extremely old way.。
Han Rong is a bit speechless,This gimmick has never had a special task.。
Although I said that a mistake did not appear,Can’t say this,But overall is somewhat strange。
Han Jiang began to accelerate,Motor booth starts to start blue flames。
Sudden speeding, let Roshalia climbed to the back of Hanjiang.,The unicorn on the head is behind him.。
Roshalia adapted to the speed and touched his own head:“it’s okay no problem,You open you,Do not worry about me。”
“I am worried about myself.”
Hanjiang’s back to the back of the back has been opened with a mouth.,If there is still inner armor,Less you less blood。
Roshalia saw the mouth of the Hanjiang underarm,Hurry with your own little http://www.cwyp8888.cn hand to block the mouth of the clothes。
“It’s fine,What is not,You will drive with your heart.。”Roshalia is innocent:“Task,Packed up the guy first!”

You bitch,It’s OK not to attack,Unexpectedly attacked me!

Fortunately, his strength is not touted,Seeing and hearing color is always on,Otherwise you will definitely be hit by Leo,Serious injuries will be minor by then。
An accidental,Will be slashed by Leo。
Judging from the strength of the blow just now,Definitely not a temporary motive,But be prepared。
“Leo,Are you fighting like this?Unexpectedly attacked?”
Leo’s innocent face:“Where did Master Wu Lao Xing start??We are fighting,It’s just a normal http://www.nanninglianlv.cn way of fighting,How could it be a sneak attack??Sir is okay,Shall we fight again the next day?”
“Don’t think about it,I must make the price today!”Clodas’ mouth is already bleeding,As if the tooth was broken。
Slaughter-A million people cut!
Bloody http://www.wx-rdhb.cn skyrocketing,Leo’s eyes are full of blood。
“I haven’t used this trick for a long time,Leo,Die to me!”
Behind Clodas appeared a beast that devoured people,Open blood basin,Bite towards Leo。
Leo looked at the bloody sky,A dignified flash of eyes,It’s http://www.333ct.cn real this time,This trick is really strong。
He can’t guarantee that he can block it。

Just until now,His identity is still a mystery,Summer doesn’t even know what his name is。

However, there is a little affirmation,The other party should http://www.ds-system.cn not maliciously。
Liu Qingqing is also surprised,Obviously recognized the old man,“You are the last time in Xidan channel in Beijing……Singing……”
For the experience,Liu Qingqing’s memory is too profound.。
It is difficult to forget it.。
She is shopping in Xidan with summer,As a result, I met an old man holding a microphone to sell in the channel.。
And singing or‘Threaded love’。
More than this。
This old guy is still a pit, she is once with the summer.。
Later, it was called a fortune.,To fortune for her,And said that summer has recently have bloody disasters。
“Oh……I was already recognized.,It’s really boring.。”
The old guy stared straight waist.,Hands with hand
(This chapter is not over,Please turn the page)
Mess hair,Rotary reveals a confidence of a face。
“Although old,But http://www.zgxybmh.cn I didn’t expect or so handsome.,Even beautiful little girls can remember me……”
Liu Qingqing suddenly can’t help but laugh。
Why,Although I have only seen two times,And how much does not talk,But she always feels very kind,Full of joy。
Be wrong!
She quickly knew why she would laugh myself.,Because the old people are very similar to this guy in some places and in the summer.。
Sometimes it is so……Mouth!
“Old guy,What happened to stop me this time??”
Summer asked in good luck,Do not wait for each other,Immediately,“I have something to say.,Don’t go around the bend,I have no good things every time I see you.,I feel that you are a scanning star.。”
“What do you say??I am scanning stars?”
Hometown is dancing,I don’t accept it.,“You touched your own conscience asked yourself,Who is a scanning star?。”
Rotate,“Poor my old bones,Also special code gives you a shot every time。”
Summer is not dry,“When did you wipe me your ass??You don’t, I will thank you.。”
“Last http://www.ramboedu.cn time in Longcheng,If I save you a life,Can you still live??”
Old guy directly open,At all, there is no avoidance of Liu Qingqing,“If it is not me,You are only afraid that I have been killed by the guy.。”
Say,He looks to the face of Liu Qingqing,“Women’s baby,I have already said.,This little child is a short-lived ghost,You still leave him early.。”
Summer eyelids,Hurry,“What do you think about?,Go straight。”
“I haven’t dinked for a few days.。”The old guy reached out,A face of the thief,“Give money,See you sincerity,If you can touch me,I will help you once.。Right,I want cash。”
Summer stunned,Gradient to the opponent。


http://www.lyrxjf.cn “?”
Zhou turn around,I saw that the former class leader Zhongxin stood behind him.,Very surprised to watch him,And strive to control yourself not to aim at him.。
Zhou Zhizhi has some headache,Run so far,I didn’t expect people who can meet known.。
“It’s really you!You also come here to eat?”
“Run so far?”
“Yes。”Zhouzhi expression calm,“Don’t you come here to eat?。”
“I came out of the morning,Just ran to this side,I usually have breakfast here.。”Zhong Xin looked at him with his eyes.,“Just, I also think that the Garden Facial Tang is better than us.。”
“”Zhou Zhijing noted her wearing a running clothing,Outlook out of the girl’s graceful figure,Tail,Another youthful vitality,This makes him some pointless,Brain running high speed,“I also feel that I will eat better here.。”
“Is http://www.zsocms.cn it”
Zhongxin whispered,Obviously do not believe,Only turning to see the stalks around him:“This beauty”
What chicken fairy value!?
Zhong Xin didn’t speak,Directly。
I saw a strange girl who didn’t be a nanny to eat breakfast.,Still running so far,She feels not to。Girls are all gossip,She thought a lot in her mind.,Messy,Even the outline of a garbage,But overall, her heart is so happy.。
This either explains the problem of Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge feelings.,Either it means that Zhou Da Shi has no surface.。
Since other girls can,Why can’t she be ourselves??It is also a girl who is dead.!
I think she is also a little goddess who is sought after by many people.,If there is no nanong,Elected as the first beautiful woman in the Department of Sciences should be small,But now http://www.wx-rdhb.cn I see this person in front of you.,She is not only self-defeating,It is still faintly a kind of feeling!
Zhong Xin deeply lowered,Looking at the pointer of the shoe,Take the tiles with your feet。
Zhouzhi still calm,Calmly,Worrying in the heart:“This is my friend,Just encounter。”
Zhongxin lowered quickly。
槐 序 序 她 影,Too long for a long time:“Your squad leader is also quite touched, I should thank me.,I clearly a person who is always alone.。”
“Aunt wants ten bowls of porridge,Ten eggs,The fried dumplings here will have a one。”
Zhou Zhi brush the card,This is only to look into the storm,Helpless little voice:“Really misunderstood,Still a convenient boy。”
“You are really worried about this!”槐 认 道。
“Or after still a boys。”
“no!This is my freedom,I love you.!”It’s serious.,Cannot refute,Although a good show,“This is my demon,Same as free,Holy invasive!”
“Sit in the most corner。”
“You eat too much.。”
“You this person”

Have a loss of obsessive disorder。

Zhou Zhi quickly locked the goal
Many shoes on the shooter,http://www.szdjbbqnwjvqfe.cn Every pair of shoes are filled with socks,Probably allocated according to a ratio of one third,But not allocated,There is still a big group of socks in the corner of the shoe rack.。
There is also the leftovers of Liu Zhengming table.。
It seems to be sour beef meat
Be talent。
Zhou Shaken shook his head,Helpless。
Look up,Also pair again and often,He also saw helplessness from Chang Xiaoxiang’s face.。
Obviously, Xiao Xiang is also no way.,This already belongs to personal life habits.,He can’t help Chen Yang to wash the sock.,It is impossible to put Liu Zhengming may take the leftovers to eat this morning.。
“Grievances。”Zhou said to him。
“I am fine.,I have been used to it.,You are to be wronged.。Oh, there is a group of people.。”Chang Xiaoxiang said,“But maybe you come back, they will converge a little,They all didn’t have this last day.,This semester is simply”
“I talk about them.。”
“who are you talking to”
I came to Chen Yang fasci.,Turn around,I saw Chen Yang straight ahead.,Out of a tendon meat and tattoo,The hair is almost the same as the expression of Huang Wei.。
“Oh, the chamber is coming back.”
“I have brought you a puff package.。”Zhou said helplessly,“Get it, eat it.,There are lessons in the morning.。”
“what time is it?”
“seven thirty。”
“Sequence of lessons?”
“Also earlier”
Chen Yang said and fell down again.。
Not for a while,He also explored his head,It may be hungry,Alert:“The chamber is talked to give me buns.。”
Zhou feels some embarrassment,I don’t know what it is.。He can’t remember the last semester,No,It should be that several people in the last semester bedroom are still full of college life.。
study hard;
Active social;
Diligent exercise;
Be a new one;
How long does it don’t have been in the peak of the college?,How can I become like this??
This is often a small http://www.rendezvousmerryhotelshanghai.cnquestion:“Mainly in the last semester at home for a semester,Be spoiled。Plus this semester lesson,In addition to Thursday,The rest of the day is also two lessons.,Lying in bedroom every day,Also lying waste。”
“Also!”Sound of Chen Yang。
“Also often!”Chang Xiaoxiang supplement,“Also become old fritters,The teacher came to check and didn’t want to come down from the bed.。”
Zhou Zhiye, fortunately, he didn’t live in the bedroom,Otherwise it is affected by them.,His worry is worried whether Nan Ge can save himself,If you can’t, he doesn’t turn it again into a waste male god.?
See Chen Yang just like,That messy hair,Zhouzhi suspected that he was like a male goddess, he could not afford this title.。

“【Shadow transformation】Even Dacheng can’t do this,This mid-level god must be a super-elite mid-level god that incorporates the mystery of the law。”The upper god robber has faintly regretted,I saw only one high-level god elves guarding this metal life,So he called his men to besiege。

His men,Followed him in the sanctuary period and entered the life god realm together。After a long struggle,He was the first to obtain the lower godhood,Middle Godhead and even higher Godhead。His men,Also refined the middle godhead with his help,Assemble a band of robbers。
Countless years of cooperation,So that his fifteen confidants,Cooperating with each other is enough to fight against http://www.0737shw.cn ordinary high gods。
He will do it himself,Other guards who can easily kill metal life with the help of those who are not directly affiliated。
Thought very good,But I met a strong mid-level god with unreasonable strength。
“Qian~”The sound of weapons crossing。
The spear of the god in the dark collided with his blade,The power coming makes his hand numb,Secretly curse perverted。
The blade of the avatar of the three winds is condensed from the elements and slashes towards the dark middle god。
“Humph~”The dark mid-level god sneered,The body instantly switches to another shadow avatar,The shadow that was attacked at the same time disappeared instantly,And gather one again not far away。
Law of darkness,What he learned is good at saving lives,Hidden。Only the strength reaches the upper god level,His dad let him go alone。
And the strength http://www.jxh08.cn reaches the upper god,It’s more than just a life、Concealment is strong。
Gun Shadow Puncture,Stabbed a wind clone with one blow,This is a material attack that actually contains substance。
“caught you!”The upper god robber leader’s eyes lit up,The Law of Darkness【Shadow transformation】The clone is not physical,Can exert material attacks,That must be the ontology。
A cyan divine power directly forms a space envelope。
【Wind space mystery】,Possess bondage,Suppressive effect。


Lee brother,Tonight, you can’t stay.,You are the key to tonight.,There is another thing I have to tell you.,I heard that I will enter the party before,You have not written,Is there this??”
Chapter VIII, I love you
“Forehead,Shen Da Ge,My situation is a bit complex,I feel that my thoughts are not enough to enter the party.,And and I have a lot of black history,If you are caught, you will sure to discredit our party members.。”
Lee is also a great consideration before speaking.。
Just think of yourself with Qin Ya Ya,There are also Xu Ruzhen,He http://www.shhongxiang.cn feels that it is still good to enter the party.,After all, this is a problem.。
Shen Tianzi heard this, but I laughed.。
“Your kid is to find a reason excuse,How much contribution do you have done in our town??
Just lend the villagers to engage this vegetable greenhouse,Can apply,And once the application is successful,It can also dry a village cadres in the future.,Don’t you want??”
“Forehead,In no mood。”
Li Hui is a bit surprised to look at Shen Tianzi,He is really a little, don’t want to be a village cadre,Because he has no idea。
Shen Tiansi heard the decisive refusal of Li Hui Feng,Also a glimpse。
“Lee brother,I will tell you in the truth.,Originally, I plan to let you apply to the party,Then your Lotus Village is handed over to you.,You are neither a party member,Not cadres,I just want to give you http://www.fjmszx.cn rights.,The most critical is that I am not here.,What will happen?,You have the right to have the right to have no right.。”
“Hey-hey,Shen Da Ge,I really didn’t think about it.,Moreover,If you really can’t do it,I will change the place.,After all, our country is so big.,Where can I go to survive?,And I am actually practical leading everyone to get rich.,If you have problems,Then I have nothing to say.。”
Seeing Li Hui Feng is really do not want to be a cadre,Shen Tian Si finally gave up the layout of his own。
He actually wants to borrow Li Hui’s own way to lay out.,However, Li Hui is not on the wind.,He can’t hardly force the other party.。
“alright,Since you have your own ideas,The old brother is not difficult for you.,However, I must give me a copy of the party.,Talents such as you must enter the party。”
Looking at Shen Tian Si’s face,Li Hui also knows that he can’t hide.,I just nodded。
“Hey-hey,This is right,You go back first.,The rest of the things are good tonight.,I also have to inform the village of several villages.。”
“Forehead,Shen Dafu, I can’t make a call.?”
Shen Tianzi heard this,Also laughing。
“Lee brother,Calling is indeed,But isn’t that a kind of unhealthy feel??
It is an attitude issue personally,I am so sincerely this attitude.,I want people to come.?
Party members are a family,If you really get the top level,Like the order,You are talking about drinking together,What else is there??”
Finish,Shen Tian Si also patted Li Hui’s shoulder,Then wear coat directly,Riding a motorcycle。
Li Hui Feng listened to Xiaosi’s words,It is also caught in meditation.,But I thought about it.,He felt that the good officials such as Shen Tianzi didn’t seem many kinds of good officials.。
People have a selfishness,Private interest,Shen Tiansi also has,However, most people stand in that position to expand,Want to put a shelf,The more the bottom is, the more serious。
But Shen Tianzi is really less,Obviously the level of the village,But still as a friend as a friend.。
If someone else sees the development problem,May I want to think about how to press a little oil。
But how is Shen Tian’s thoughts to expand the scale,Let the villagers get rich。
It’s really less than this year.。
As for more than Shen Tian Si,Also selfless,Li Hui’s heart feels,But it is absolutely very few。
Back to the garden of the orchard,Xu http://www.zbxfgc.cn Ruzhen has also already got up。
Xu Ruzhen is teasing in the yard to make big white and small foxes。
Seeing Li Hui Feng back,Xu Ruhi also appeared in a smile。
“breeze,Several animals you raised are really a spirit.,Look at the gift brought by big white。”

Next second。

Everyone is dead。
“Wait,and many more……do not want,Do not kill me……”
Mu Dong’s fear is shaking in the air。
He completely forgot his pain by this paragraph.,I can’t help but keep it。
Surrounded pungent,Summer steps step by step,Let him feel like the dead god is approaching。
This is not true。
Not imaginable。
this moment,He finally realized that this is terrible for men and women.。
Looking at the summer solo,Still away,Mu Dong is like seizing the last life-saving http://www.xinlanmumen.cn straw,Continuous tape crawling to Jiang Yao。
At the same time, tear the sound,“Jiang Yao,save,Help,help me……If I die,I will definitely find you at home.……”
Jiang Yao and the staff instantly changed color。
Sincerely,What he said is the fact。
If Mo Dong is dead here,And Jiang Yao and others are safe return,So Hong Kong City Mujia will not give good time。
Summer and Yan Yuan naturally fearful,But the other family will definitely retaliate Jiang Yao。
Jiang family is very large in Beijing,Can not extend your hand into Hong Kong。
“Mr. Xia,Can you……”
Jiang Yao is tight,Some people look at the summer。
Obvious,She is very nervous at this http://www.lightera.cnmoment.。
“Let him go?”
Summer turn-witted ginger Yao,The mouth is outlined,Just say, let Jiang Yaojiao tremble,“Are you very familiar with you??”
Next to the waist face, I also appear dissatisfaction。
“You have a poison,I saved you,It is the second time to save you.,You want to get inch it.?who do you think You Are?”
Talk,Jiang Yao is pretty face,Low head。
“You seem to be very afraid of me.?”
Summer eyes swept,“hehe,It should be the sentence.,This world can’t do a good job.,I know that I will not shoot.,Let you be taken away。”
This sentence,Everyone including Jiang Yao,All face。
Don’t want to know,If it is taken away,Those women will definitely suffer,As for Jiang Yao himself,Also fall into the circle of Mu Dong。
“I’m wrong,Please let me once,Put me once……”
It seems to realize what,http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn Mu Dong Shakes, ask for mercy。
Just see the summer is indifferent,Dental bite,No matter where you are rushing to Jiang Yao,It seems to hijack her for the hostage。
However, all this is futile.。
He just ran two steps,Summer is in the past,Surrounded by nonsense,Anxiety,It is like a crisp sound in the air。

Until this time,Mentality is slightly transformation。

I heard the sound at this moment.,Summer turning around。
“We……let’s go?”
Why,Miao Yi feels that the eyes of summer are plain,Subdext。
“Why do you want to go??”
Asked in summer。
Miao Yi Zhang Zhang,I have seen it around around.,Want to say。
She wants to http://www.slmnet.cn tell each other,Hailong will I am afraid it is coming.。
Even if you can play in summer,Can Hailong will more people。
“I promised you before.。”
Summer seems to have an idea of her inner heart,Faint,“Before leaving,Let you have no worries,All questions are all solved。”
Summer sway,Stop her,“I have an arrangement,You are sitting there and watch it.。”
I will not pay attention to it.,Instead, look at Xia Donglai sitting on one side.,“You are afraid not afraid?”
“Me……”Xia Dong is hesitating,Then I have nodded very frankly.,“I have just been afraid.,Not afraid now,But some nervous。”
Summer laughs,“Nervous。”
“Nervous me……I can take the opportunity to defeat two people.。”
“Um?”Summer picking your eyebrows,Asked,“Why is two?”
Xia Donglai scaled his hand by hand,“Tell a big enough,Both are http://www.tj-alt.cn reluctant to lose money……”
Summer is happy to laugh,The sound is especially awkward in quiet space.。
Take a look。
He is not here,揉 夏 东 东 的,“Not bad,Follow me later……”
He suddenly thought,Nowadays, a little guy far in Bachelor。
Single east brother,That equally stubborn single。
Let these two little guys get a companion。
http://www.dlgjgf.cn “Really??”
Xia Dong came to the eyes of the eyes,“Me,Can I learn from Mr. Xia??”
Summer nice head,“But not with me,I will let others teach you.,So,When you are playing,Don’t you kill others?。”
“Reassure, Mr. Xia,My life is very hard。”
“That’s good。”
Summer smile once again,Noodles,A pair of eyes spits up。
The big bar is again quiet.。
Time is a little bit。
But the atmosphere in the bar is getting more and more dignified,More and more pressure。

“Then I can now be so living so.,Because of”Sunny Island’s look of a little complex。

“Be right,Of course your great old,I am afraid behind it.。”Take the thumb to yourself without concealing。
“Be right,Use fortune,I act as a healthy health of the world.,Life is safe, etc.,All in you。”One heart is on the other side of the other party,Looking at the eyes of the opponent’s youthful,“You are my most precious treasure。”
But the face of Qingdao deer has a little difficult:“But this way,Old man, you finally died because of his body.”
Merely,The heart of the face floating over a sadness:“How much less,There may be some relationships,But this is nothing to do with you.,When you have a child, you have a child.,You will know,I didn’t have anything wrong with it. I shouldn’t tell you.,Will be afraid of guilty,But some words,Some secrets,I must say it.,Talence,right?Just like I love you this sentence.。”I’m bounced in the hair of the sun, the hair of the sunny Island deer.,Some strange things like dust。
Mother cats have such habits,The dirty thing on the gang woman is clean, but there is such a habit of the beta.,Have to know。
“In fact, it is mainly what I want to play a hero in your heart.,So I want to tell this secret.,May make you feel unhappy。”Laugh laugh at all heart,But the taste is immediately。
Qingdao looked at each other without saying,I always feel that the other’s figure is on the stage standing on the doormat.。
“That’s it,You are my most precious treasure,As long as you can hold it in this road,I won’t disappear.,I will always live in your chess.。”
“correct,Just now, I have been talking with the Co.,He already admitted that you are what he likes.。”
“Varied、what?啥?”This sudden turn is like a face of the foot from the sky.,I am on the head of Qingdao Deer.。
“Just I have accepted,I will be his father-in-law,And he will become my son-in-law.。”
“This、This turning is too fast.!The previous sentence is still talking about family,Now suddenly become love,Who is suffering?!”Sunny Island commented,The steam of the head is sprayed another mushroom cloud。
“Whether it is friendship,Or love,Finally, it will change to family.,Not?”
The scorpion of Qingdao deer quietly。
“Not only is a science,And your friends,They are also your important treasure,You have no friends when you are young.,I have always worried http://www.beatscn.cn that you are now good now.,More than a month ago,You just won the new star cup champion,There are many friends who are accompany you.,I am very happy。”
Listening to a sincere voice,Yue Island is suddenly embarrassed in his heart.。
What should I say? On the day of the day,In fact, the ingredient is quite complex.,Have you also enemies and friends,There is also justified the enemy,There are mahjong friends, etc.,Suddenly, they didn’t take them into the family.。
At this time,Qingdao is resurgent looks back in the rear.,Precision capture the scientific light under the electric wire。
This person is watching the scenery,But the big probability is installed
“so,You are not as good as the game.,Who is qualified to confess。”
“forget?Chess,Solving the problem only one,That is, who is going to http://www.sankikeiso.cn win,Who is eligible to pass the mind to the other party,One party does not refuse。”
“Is this meaningful?!It’s better to pay it directly.!”Qingdao toast trough。
“Performance,This is very important,And it must also be an important game,The general small competition is not so saying.,Do you understand it?”In the eyes of the heart, it reflects the face of sunny island.。
This,If you don’t look at the people in front of you,Qingdao deer will think that this is a bargaining line.。
A time between,Many slots are blocked in her mouth.。
She imagines the tiredness of usual,I don’t like him.,I also want to move the double horsetail.,Take it when you make a whip but now this moment,These can’t do it out,do not know why。
Do you like that guy??
If you really like it,What time starts??