100 -day online recruitment special operations launched cross -border e -commerce, Internet and other special recruitment

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 30 (Reporter Song Zijie, Wen Lu) From May 30th to June 5th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will launch cross -border e -commerce, the Internet, and technical skills talents , Electric Power New Energy, Automobile, and Logistics Delivery 6 special recruitment, with a total of 4,000 employers provided tens of thousands of positions.

Cross -border e -commerce specialized in 3,000 enterprises provided 30,000 positions, covering foreign trade procurement, e -commerce platform operations, short video promotion and other positions.

This week, 10 live recruitment was launched according to the region. Job seekers can participate in Lianmai interaction and submit resumes online. Nearly 100 companies in the Internet provide more than 700 positions, covering IT operation and maintenance engineers, data mining analysts, product managers and other positions.

Provide online direct chat, video interviews and other services, and launch a series of "job search strategies". Technical and skill talents focus on promoting the docking of enterprises with skill talents. It organizes 600 companies to provide 40,000 positions, covering welding technicians, craft engineers, ship repair engineers and other positions. Recruitment information is updated simultaneously through WeChat, Weibo and APP clients.

189 enterprises of Electric Power New Energy provided 5,600 positions, covering positions such as electrical engineers, steel structure designers, and power distribution network designers.

There are 45 companies in the automobile special organization to provide 2966 positions, covering R & D, design, testing, sales and other positions.

Logistics and distribution provides nearly 20,000 positions, covering positions such as riders, grid sorters, and automatic distribution of car cloud control safety officers. Employers and job seekers can pass through the China Public Recruitment Network (HTTP: //), China National Talent Network (https: //), and employment online (https: //) special operation venue pages directly enter the industry recruitment session, or click on Participate in the main venue page to participate in the branch venue to participate.

According to the reporter, from May 30th to June 6th, the special operations of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security’s 100 -day online recruitment will also launch special activities in Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. (Responsible editor: Dai Xiaoling, Deng Zhihui) Share more people see it.

Han Jiang said helplessly:“The mission goal is in the city,But the specific location is unknown,Who is not clear?,Doctoral notice。”

The goal of the two is the support of the action of the city.,Ai Minstan said that it has been positioned to a dominant movement,Need to quickly break with the same power,At the same time, be careful to prevent the power to follow.。
Free action in humans,And action secret。
So Hanjiang’s goal is likely to be a courier,It is also possible to take out a small brother,Eragons are likely。
Night 11 o’clock,Hanjiang has received the message sent by Ai Minstan,There is also a map on a map。
“let’s go,Task objectives appear。”
At this time, Roshalia will turn the handle on the motorcycle without start.,In the mouth“Beep”Simulated motorcycle sound。
Han Jiang’s mention Roshalia,Into the back seat,Motor boots to take a relatively remote street。
This city is not sleeping at night.,Two generations riding a big power motorcycle night fried street。
Hanjiang launched a special transformation motorcycle,That movement is not small,Let many young men eaten ear to listen to this is the voice。
“Hey,This sound is brought,A few brothers?”Another street gathers gathers start to discuss the sound of Hanjiang。
“That’s going.!”
Suddenly, the entire neighborhood is a roar of motorcycles.。
Each motorcycle sound is different,Han Jiang’s especially special。
After all, it’s not all people who can control the motorcycle with energy.。
“Wow,Sound,It seems that there is any chase。”Roshalia excitedly shouting behind behind。
“Do not。”
Han Jiang’s back,Start acceleration,Direction in Alistan。
Although the noise of many motorcycles is a bit disturbed,But there is a big cover for Hanjiang action.。
Anyway, they can’t catch up again.,I don’t know if my group is doing.。
After contacting the three streets behind,Han Jiang saw the goal。
Located target riding an electric car,Wearing a takeaway,There is also a incubator with other takeaways.。
“That’s the one,did you see it?”
Roshalia’s tail couldn’t help but rock on the big sword behind.。
Hanjiang:“I will later later,Remember not to die,Determine that the other party will try again after the law??”
“Do not worry,When did I get a mistake in the http://www.qqhld.cn mission?,I am relieved to do things.!”Roshalia took the way behind Hanjiang with extremely old way.。
Han Rong is a bit speechless,This gimmick has never had a special task.。
Although I said that a mistake did not appear,Can’t say this,But overall is somewhat strange。
Han Jiang began to accelerate,Motor booth starts to start blue flames。
Sudden speeding, let Roshalia climbed to the back of Hanjiang.,The unicorn on the head is behind him.。
Roshalia adapted to the speed and touched his own head:“it’s okay no problem,You open you,Do not worry about me。”
“I am worried about myself.”
Hanjiang’s back to the back of the back has been opened with a mouth.,If there is still inner armor,Less you less blood。
Roshalia saw the mouth of the Hanjiang underarm,Hurry with your own little http://www.cwyp8888.cn hand to block the mouth of the clothes。
“It’s fine,What is not,You will drive with your heart.。”Roshalia is innocent:“Task,Packed up the guy first!”

Hebei will strengthen the comprehensive use of the Winter Olympics venue after the game

  People’s Network Shijiazhuang, April 10 (Reporter Shi Ziqiang) The 2022 Hebei Sports Working Conference held by the 2022 Hebei Province was clear that this year Hebei Province will take the opportunity to successfully hold the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity to do a good job of the development of the masses. The Olympic venue uses comprehensive use after the game.

  It is reported that Hebei Province will build a more complete mass ice and snow sports promotion and support guarantee mechanism.

Grasp the "upper level", expand the proportion of directly participating in the number of ice and snow sports and the proportion of the number of people in the real ice and snow directly; organize mass ice and snow competitions such as the Provincial Ice and Snow League and the indoor skating pavilion.

Grasp the "expansion of the standard", promote the extensive ice and snow sports in schools, agencies, enterprises, rural areas, and communities, and normalize the campus ice and snow season and "ice and snow caravan" rural tour experience activities.

Do a good job of "sustainable", strengthen the construction and standardized management of various types of ice and snow venues, improve the level of market -oriented operations, and vigorously promote free or low fees and open fees; strengthen the training of ice and snow talents, increase the training of sports instructors of ice and snow society, and continue to treat primary and secondary schools for primary and secondary school Sports teachers conduct ice and snow sports training. At the same time, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of the Winter Olympics venue, support Zhangjiakou to normalize a single competition with international influence, such as the World Cup of the International Snow Union and the International Winter Alliance World Cup. Waiting for major domestic ice and snow competitions, focus on creating a gathering place for international and domestic brand competitions. In addition, Hebei Province will accelerate the construction of the Jingzhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt, coordinate the establishment of the "Construction Plan for the Jingzhang Sports Cultural Tourism Belt (Zhangjiakou)", and hold the 2022 Jingzhang Sports Tourism Carnival to support the Zhangjiakou High -tech Zone Ice Skin Sports Equipment Industrial Park and Xuanhua The ice and snow industrial park has accelerated the construction and held the second Zhangjiakou Ice and Snow Industry Expo.

You bitch,It’s OK not to attack,Unexpectedly attacked me!

Fortunately, his strength is not touted,Seeing and hearing color is always on,Otherwise you will definitely be hit by Leo,Serious injuries will be minor by then。
An accidental,Will be slashed by Leo。
Judging from the strength of the blow just now,Definitely not a temporary motive,But be prepared。
“Leo,Are you fighting like this?Unexpectedly attacked?”
Leo’s innocent face:“Where did Master Wu Lao Xing start??We are fighting,It’s just a normal http://www.nanninglianlv.cn way of fighting,How could it be a sneak attack??Sir is okay,Shall we fight again the next day?”
“Don’t think about it,I must make the price today!”Clodas’ mouth is already bleeding,As if the tooth was broken。
Slaughter-A million people cut!
Bloody http://www.wx-rdhb.cn skyrocketing,Leo’s eyes are full of blood。
“I haven’t used this trick for a long time,Leo,Die to me!”
Behind Clodas appeared a beast that devoured people,Open blood basin,Bite towards Leo。
Leo looked at the bloody sky,A dignified flash of eyes,It’s http://www.333ct.cn real this time,This trick is really strong。
He can’t guarantee that he can block it。

People’s Financial Observation: Promoting energy integration and development help achieve dual carbon targets

The Boao Forum for Asia 2022 Annual Conference "Energy Convergence and Development, Building a Green World" sub -forum site.

A reporter from the People’s Daily Online, Li Tong, "At present, more than 130 countries and regions have proposed carbon neutrality. Green and low -carbon and sustainable development have become international consensus. The energy industry is the key to achieving carbon peaks, carbon neutrality, Fields and main battlefields.

"Li Baodong, Secretary -General of the Boao Forum for Asia and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, said that promoting the energy revolution, accelerating the green low -carbon science and technology revolution, the need to promote the complementary complementary energy of energy, accelerate the development of energy, construction, transportation, and industry, and innovative energy numbers. Conditions and international cooperation with energy integration and development.

Liu Jizhen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and director of the National Key Laboratory of the New Energy Power System, said that at present and in the future, the main path of my country’s energy transformation and development is the cleaning of fossil energy cleaning, clean energy, and comprehensive energy of multiple energy. Comprehensiveization is the development of energy integration, and gradually enables new energy to replace the main position of fossil energy, and then achieve the goal of zero carbon. Liu Jizhen further explained that one is to be more capable of complement each other, give full play to their own endowments and advantages of traditional energy and new energy, and make it integrate into a stable, reliable, and safe energy for supporting the development of living production. Traditional energy should play a role in pocketing and support the development of new energy sources. Essence The second is to interact with supply and demand. Traditional power systems have the problem of "re -issuing light supply, regardless of use".

In the future, it is necessary to realize the user -side interaction through technology and market. The third is to use modern information technology to make energy flow, information flow, value flow, and multi -flow integration.

Xiang Haiping, the chief engineer of the National Energy Administration, believes that promoting the development of green and low -carbon in my country’s energy field, first, to develop renewable energy, support scientific and technological innovation, and gradually increase the proportion of non -fossil energy. The second is to achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutrality and targets on the premise of ensuring energy security, and do not engage in "sports" carbon reduction. Traditional energy and renewable energy should be optimized and combined.

Third, the energy industry should improve the efficiency of energy conversion, reduce carbon emissions, and develop coordinated with ecological governance.

Fourth, the energy industry should support the development of low -carbon transformation in the energy industry, and the supply side and the consumer side must develop two -way force to achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutrality. In the process of achieving carbon peaks, carbon neutrality, and targets, Xiang Haiping believes that in addition to the role of industrial policy guidance, incentives, and constraints, corresponding supporting policies must be adopted to further deepen the reform of the power marketization and play the role of market mechanism. Provide support for the development of renewable energy; in terms of strengthening the protection of land and space and optimizing the layout of land and space, it is also necessary to have supporting policies to support it; to accelerate digital upgrades, provide protection for energy system planning, energy project development, and power system operation; Patients are inclined to low -carbon, carbon -reducing energy projects, and providing support for low -carbon and carbon reduction projects to ensure support for energy projects, and guide financial institutions to invest more funds into low -carbon, carbon reduction projects, and energy projects that ensure national energy security. It is worth mentioning that at present, more and more enterprises are actively taking measures to help achieve carbon peaks, carbon neutrality, and make green the background of high -quality development of enterprises.

"Energy fusion development is the organic value symbiotic system formed by the development of energy green and low -carbon, highlighting cross -border integration, factor integration, industrial integration, and regional fusion ‘four major integrations’.

"Song Hailiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd., said that China can build the" seven nets "of the" seven nets "of the energy network, transportation network, digital network, water conservancy network, ecological network, industry network, and cultural network. Energy provides a "new infrastructure" solution to create a "new energy construction" business development system with "large integration" characteristics, and builds new energy, new infrastructure, and new energy to build "three new" platforms. There are more than 60 ports in the world and more than 1,000 berths. When each ship is parked at the dock, its auxiliary machine is driven, with more than 10,000 tons of ships stopped for 12 hours. Carbon emissions.

Now, when the ship stops at the pier, we turn off the auxiliary plane. At the same time, the slope, slope, and isolation bands on both sides of the company operated more than 10,000 kilometers can be used for solar power generation. The installed capacity reaches 200 MW, and the annual power generation can reach 200 million degrees. "Hu Jianhua, general manager of China Merchants Group Co., Ltd., said that the next step of China Merchants will cooperate with power generation enterprises and clean energy transportation equipment enterprises to contribute to the achievement of carbon peaks, carbon neutrality, and targets. It is proposed that the changes brought about by the energy industry, especially the power industry, have brought three challenges to the power industry: First, solar power generation, wind power randomness, very volatility, and difficulty in power safety guarantee. Second, with the continuous development of renewable energy, the entire power grid, including the physical form, technical foundation, and operating mechanism, including the power system, has undergone fundamental changes and needs to be researched.

Third, the supporting policies require all parties to work together. "Pang Xiaoang, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation, said that during the" 14th Five -Year Plan "period, the State Grid Corporation should promote the steering of the traditional power system to the energy Internet, build a new type of power system, allow energy to integrate and develop, and jointly build a beautiful green world. (Responsible editor: Yang Xi, Lu Yan) Share let more people see recommended reading.

Just until now,His identity is still a mystery,Summer doesn’t even know what his name is。

However, there is a little affirmation,The other party should http://www.ds-system.cn not maliciously。
Liu Qingqing is also surprised,Obviously recognized the old man,“You are the last time in Xidan channel in Beijing……Singing……”
For the experience,Liu Qingqing’s memory is too profound.。
It is difficult to forget it.。
She is shopping in Xidan with summer,As a result, I met an old man holding a microphone to sell in the channel.。
And singing or‘Threaded love’。
More than this。
This old guy is still a pit, she is once with the summer.。
Later, it was called a fortune.,To fortune for her,And said that summer has recently have bloody disasters。
“Oh……I was already recognized.,It’s really boring.。”
The old guy stared straight waist.,Hands with hand
(This chapter is not over,Please turn the page)
Mess hair,Rotary reveals a confidence of a face。
“Although old,But http://www.zgxybmh.cn I didn’t expect or so handsome.,Even beautiful little girls can remember me……”
Liu Qingqing suddenly can’t help but laugh。
Why,Although I have only seen two times,And how much does not talk,But she always feels very kind,Full of joy。
Be wrong!
She quickly knew why she would laugh myself.,Because the old people are very similar to this guy in some places and in the summer.。
Sometimes it is so……Mouth!
“Old guy,What happened to stop me this time??”
Summer asked in good luck,Do not wait for each other,Immediately,“I have something to say.,Don’t go around the bend,I have no good things every time I see you.,I feel that you are a scanning star.。”
“What do you say??I am scanning stars?”
Hometown is dancing,I don’t accept it.,“You touched your own conscience asked yourself,Who is a scanning star?。”
Rotate,“Poor my old bones,Also special code gives you a shot every time。”
Summer is not dry,“When did you wipe me your ass??You don’t, I will thank you.。”
“Last http://www.ramboedu.cn time in Longcheng,If I save you a life,Can you still live??”
Old guy directly open,At all, there is no avoidance of Liu Qingqing,“If it is not me,You are only afraid that I have been killed by the guy.。”
Say,He looks to the face of Liu Qingqing,“Women’s baby,I have already said.,This little child is a short-lived ghost,You still leave him early.。”
Summer eyelids,Hurry,“What do you think about?,Go straight。”
“I haven’t dinked for a few days.。”The old guy reached out,A face of the thief,“Give money,See you sincerity,If you can touch me,I will help you once.。Right,I want cash。”
Summer stunned,Gradient to the opponent。

Early "silent" experts of digestive tract tumors were discovered early

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 10th (Reporter Lin Miao Miao) Gastrointestinal tumors such as colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, and esophageal cancer, ranking among the top in the tumor’s onset list. Experts remind that early gastrointestinal tumors are often "silent" and lack of specific symptoms. Especially for high -risk people, we must enhance screening awareness to avoid the best time to misunderstand premature discovery and early treatment.

  Liu Yulan, director and professor of the Department of Gastroenterology of Peking University People’s Hospital, pointed out that due to the structural characteristics of the digestive tract, many patients have no feeling in early cancer.

When most patients arrived at the hospital, their condition had developed to the late stage. Not only did they have more surgical trauma and increased treatment costs, but also the patient’s 5 -year survival rate was significantly reduced compared to early cancer.

  "Taking gastric cancer as an example, when the lesions were just appeared, if they could be discovered and treated in time, the patient’s 5 -year survival rate could reach more than 90%, but the 5 -year survival rate of patients with advanced gastric cancer was only about 10%." Liu Yulan introduced Therefore, early cancer screening is crucial. As far as the current means, endoscopic examination is the most effective way to detect digestive tract tumors in the early stage. Who should do endoscopic examination? Feng Guijian, deputy chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology of Peking University, introduced that the first is the symptoms of bleeding from digestive tract such as vomiting and blood in the stool; second, there are diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and weight loss of unknown causes; third, there is a family history of tumor family. These groups are recommended to evaluate gastroscopy. In addition, if the symptoms of gastritis with upper abdomen discomfort, or symptoms such as the number of stools and intestinal obstruction, you should also go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  Experts suggest that people over the age of 40 must have at least one digestive tumor screening. Doctors will manage and formulate individualized diagnosis and treatment plans based on the test results.


http://www.lyrxjf.cn “?”
Zhou turn around,I saw that the former class leader Zhongxin stood behind him.,Very surprised to watch him,And strive to control yourself not to aim at him.。
Zhou Zhizhi has some headache,Run so far,I didn’t expect people who can meet known.。
“It’s really you!You also come here to eat?”
“Run so far?”
“Yes。”Zhouzhi expression calm,“Don’t you come here to eat?。”
“I came out of the morning,Just ran to this side,I usually have breakfast here.。”Zhong Xin looked at him with his eyes.,“Just, I also think that the Garden Facial Tang is better than us.。”
“”Zhou Zhijing noted her wearing a running clothing,Outlook out of the girl’s graceful figure,Tail,Another youthful vitality,This makes him some pointless,Brain running high speed,“I also feel that I will eat better here.。”
“Is http://www.zsocms.cn it”
Zhongxin whispered,Obviously do not believe,Only turning to see the stalks around him:“This beauty”
What chicken fairy value!?
Zhong Xin didn’t speak,Directly。
I saw a strange girl who didn’t be a nanny to eat breakfast.,Still running so far,She feels not to。Girls are all gossip,She thought a lot in her mind.,Messy,Even the outline of a garbage,But overall, her heart is so happy.。
This either explains the problem of Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge feelings.,Either it means that Zhou Da Shi has no surface.。
Since other girls can,Why can’t she be ourselves??It is also a girl who is dead.!
I think she is also a little goddess who is sought after by many people.,If there is no nanong,Elected as the first beautiful woman in the Department of Sciences should be small,But now http://www.wx-rdhb.cn I see this person in front of you.,She is not only self-defeating,It is still faintly a kind of feeling!
Zhong Xin deeply lowered,Looking at the pointer of the shoe,Take the tiles with your feet。
Zhouzhi still calm,Calmly,Worrying in the heart:“This is my friend,Just encounter。”
Zhongxin lowered quickly。
槐 序 序 她 影,Too long for a long time:“Your squad leader is also quite touched, I should thank me.,I clearly a person who is always alone.。”
“Aunt wants ten bowls of porridge,Ten eggs,The fried dumplings here will have a one。”
Zhou Zhi brush the card,This is only to look into the storm,Helpless little voice:“Really misunderstood,Still a convenient boy。”
“You are really worried about this!”槐 认 道。
“Or after still a boys。”
“no!This is my freedom,I love you.!”It’s serious.,Cannot refute,Although a good show,“This is my demon,Same as free,Holy invasive!”
“Sit in the most corner。”
“You eat too much.。”
“You this person”

New infected infected by the Suburban Suburban Tourism Group Beijing Strengthening Team Tourism Epidemium Prevention and Control

From 16:00 on April 22 to 22, 4 cases of new local new crown pneumonia virus were added, all of which were confirmed cases.

There are another 1 case of nucleic acid rearrem positive personnel and 9 cases of first -sieve positive personnel.

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Disease Prevention and Control Center and a member of the National New Type Coronatte Pneumonic Pneumonic Pneumonia, said at the epidemic prevention and control conference on the evening of the 22nd that after the preliminary flow, the new infected person involved the elderly tourist group and decoration personnel of the suburbs of Beijing And students in the school; infected people with a wide range of activities and involving multiple dense places for personnel, and preliminary judgment of high risk of future communication.

Zhou Weimin, a first -level inspector of the Beijing Cultural and Tourism Bureau, said that the current global new crown pneumonia epidemic is still in the stage of popularity. The domestic local epidemic is frequent. Epidemic prevention and people’s health, ensure that diversified, personalized, and high -quality tourism needs, effectively prevent epidemic prevention loopholes related to tourism activities, resolutely block the risk of epidemic dissemination, and release to strengthen the Beijing Travel Agency "Beijing People Touring Beijing" team tourism Promotion of epidemic prevention and control management.

The first is to strictly implement the main responsibility of the travel agency’s epidemic prevention and control. Zhou Weimin said that in order to compact the "four -party responsibility" and implement the "four morning requirements". , Credit wearing masks in the dense of the car and outdoor personnel), to wash their hands, maintain a safe distance, regular detection and health monitoring of employee nucleic acid, all employees vaccine and immunization to enhance vaccination, environmental ventilation, disinfection and disinfecting, and prepare for epidemic prevention materials Establish a series of normalized epidemic prevention and control measures for the establishment of tourists’ accounts, non -organization or reception of Beijing Health Bao Health Code abnormalities. The second is to strictly detect the nucleic acid testing of employees of travel agencies.

From April 23, Beijing Travel Agency, which organized a "Beijing Ren Tour Beijing" team within the 14th. Its tour guides, drivers, and other employees must immediately add nucleic acid testing. , Do not engage in the service business of the "Beijing People Touring Beijing" team travel with the group. The third is to strictly implement the team’s tourism information filing system. Beijing Travel Agency engaged in the tourism business of the "Beijing People Touring Beijing" team. Zhou Weimin said that the "May Day" holiday is approaching, the liquidity and aggregation of personnel have increased, and the risk of epidemic transmission has increased. It is necessary to fully understand the importance of epidemic prevention, master the knowledge of epidemic prevention, consciously abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention, and strengthen self -protection. (Xu Jing).

Have a loss of obsessive disorder。

Zhou Zhi quickly locked the goal
Many shoes on the shooter,http://www.szdjbbqnwjvqfe.cn Every pair of shoes are filled with socks,Probably allocated according to a ratio of one third,But not allocated,There is still a big group of socks in the corner of the shoe rack.。
There is also the leftovers of Liu Zhengming table.。
It seems to be sour beef meat
Be talent。
Zhou Shaken shook his head,Helpless。
Look up,Also pair again and often,He also saw helplessness from Chang Xiaoxiang’s face.。
Obviously, Xiao Xiang is also no way.,This already belongs to personal life habits.,He can’t help Chen Yang to wash the sock.,It is impossible to put Liu Zhengming may take the leftovers to eat this morning.。
“Grievances。”Zhou said to him。
“I am fine.,I have been used to it.,You are to be wronged.。Oh, there is a group of people.。”Chang Xiaoxiang said,“But maybe you come back, they will converge a little,They all didn’t have this last day.,This semester is simply”
“I talk about them.。”
“who are you talking to”
I came to Chen Yang fasci.,Turn around,I saw Chen Yang straight ahead.,Out of a tendon meat and tattoo,The hair is almost the same as the expression of Huang Wei.。
“Oh, the chamber is coming back.”
“I have brought you a puff package.。”Zhou said helplessly,“Get it, eat it.,There are lessons in the morning.。”
“what time is it?”
“seven thirty。”
“Sequence of lessons?”
“Also earlier”
Chen Yang said and fell down again.。
Not for a while,He also explored his head,It may be hungry,Alert:“The chamber is talked to give me buns.。”
Zhou feels some embarrassment,I don’t know what it is.。He can’t remember the last semester,No,It should be that several people in the last semester bedroom are still full of college life.。
study hard;
Active social;
Diligent exercise;
Be a new one;
How long does it don’t have been in the peak of the college?,How can I become like this??
This is often a small http://www.rendezvousmerryhotelshanghai.cnquestion:“Mainly in the last semester at home for a semester,Be spoiled。Plus this semester lesson,In addition to Thursday,The rest of the day is also two lessons.,Lying in bedroom every day,Also lying waste。”
“Also!”Sound of Chen Yang。
“Also often!”Chang Xiaoxiang supplement,“Also become old fritters,The teacher came to check and didn’t want to come down from the bed.。”
Zhou Zhiye, fortunately, he didn’t live in the bedroom,Otherwise it is affected by them.,His worry is worried whether Nan Ge can save himself,If you can’t, he doesn’t turn it again into a waste male god.?
See Chen Yang just like,That messy hair,Zhouzhi suspected that he was like a male goddess, he could not afford this title.。