Each has been recognized by the origin of the law,Or the endless high temperature in the attack,Can easily ignite a planet。Or maybe the unparalleled edge of the wave can tear the space。

Purely in terms of combat effectiveness,Each has the strength equivalent to the domain master level。
of course,Actually Li Ming’s strength,Put it in the eyes of the three prince-level gods who are watching,It’s also a monster level。
Li Ming is not clear,But these three Fenghou knew,Can survive the 90th wave of attacks,It means that it can be regarded as an upper-middle level among the cosmic powerhouses in the primordial secret realm,If you talk about potential, it will only be stronger。After all, now in the Primal Secret Realm,Or the powerhouse of the great axe,Have already entered the original universe,Chaos City,Highly trained。
Li Ming,Even if it’s a powerhouse at the core of a universe,The training is weaker。
not to mention,The ninety-first wave,Ninety Two Waves,Through every wave,It means that its strength has been improved。
Li Ming broke through the 96th floor,Stop at the 97th floor,These three Fenghou even doubted,In http://www.yupinsilk.cn the core layer of the entire virtual universe,No cosmic genius can do it。
After all, the strongest cosmic genius in the Primitive Secret Realm now,It’s not the strength of the eighth floor of Tongtianqiao,And can get through the 97th wave,Means the strength of the eighth floor of Tongtianqiao。
Li Ming stops at the 97th wave,It also represents the peak level of the eighth floor of Tongtian Bridge,The original mystery with the virtual universe company、There are two or three geniuses at the top of the giant axe secret in the giant axe battlefield.。
And the hundredth final layer,Actually according to‘Cosmos grade primitive Tongtian Mountain’Set by the standard。
Normally,An era(1000era,The limit of the normal life of a realm master),There will never be a super genius who can break through the primitive Tongtian Mountain。
Li Ming,In fact, it http://www.zhengxingguanye.cn has already shown such potential。of course,Just potential。
“It seems to be good news!”Barbata、Opened this newsletter directly。
Just glanced,Babata’s eyebrows were raised with joy。
“Dear Mr. Li Ming,Congratulations on passing the core layer of the virtual universe company‘Application for admission assessment’,And got excellent results,Now I am in the name of my virtual universe company,I sincerely invite Mr. Li Ming to join my virtual universe company。”
“Secret Realm of the Beginning,Have the best cultivation environment than the original secret,In the virtual universe,We will arrange an immortal teacher for you,The most perfect cultivation plan and the most complete practice facilities。”
“And you will have the status and permissions that a member of the primordial realm should have。”

With Wang Teng staring at him a little bit,In this situation,Wang Teng’s heart,I think of a lot。

slowly,Looking at these,at this time,Wang Teng’s whole person’s heart,Is thinking about it here。
“But now look,I won’t talk about other things for http://www.jlgold9999.cn now。”
“but,General Manager Zhao,Leave it to you here,There should be no problem?”
When Wang Teng finished,at this time,Zhao Yingjie even said directly to Wang Teng。
“Chairman,Don’t worry,Leave these things to me,I must be stunned,In no way。”
When Zhao Yingjie’s remarks are finished,Wang Teng is very relieved。
right now,Everything on my side has been handled almost。
In fact, for Wang Teng,Next,On the contrary, there is nothing to worry about at all。
“Since this is the case,Then then,I won’t talk about other issues for now。”
“But as for here,What should I do with http://www.jzjxbb.cn this,I think I can give it a try!”
slowly,With Wang Teng’s words finished,at this time,Those around,They are all looking at here。
in fact,They also think it’s good。
“Chairman, don’t worry,Hand over such an important matter to us,We will take care of it。”
“Is this still necessary?,these http://www.iotsecu.cn people,Really thought,Can threaten us,But then,They will regret it。”
“in fact,They probably regret it now,but now,They may still be struggling to support it。”
But those people around are talking,Actually Wang Teng looked,I feel very interesting。
It’s undeniable,What these people said,Actually still very interesting。

Since Xu said this,Obviously I don’t want to drive away Ajie。

Perhaps in his eyes,Summer genius is the person who will eventually leave.。
“What should I do if you do this?,I have no opinion。”
Heard this sentence,Xu father is too self-reliant,Exposes appreciation http://www.sxkexing.cn in the eyes,色,“Ager,What is it?!Not apologize to Xiaoxia!”
Ajie,大 大,Hurry,“Summer brother,Thank you very much.,My Ajie knows wrong.,I don’t dare again in the future.。”
“Hope so。”
Summer sky shaking head,对 道,“Xu Shu,I am tired.,Want to take a break,Can you?”
“Good,Go to rest and rest,It’s tired of these days.。”
Xu father squeezes smile,Implicit。
He thought this is a summer day in expressing his dissatisfaction.,I don’t have a sigh in my heart.。
As the summer day,In Xu Father,Summer day will eventually leave,And Ajie is an old employee.。
Originally, the night is hitting in the store.,But because of his ability,In the end, let him live in a small house with Xu Long.。
When the summer day enters the room,Go on the door,Low head,Silently watching……Snake knife。
He doesn’t care how Xu is how to http://www.sz-wss.cn deal with this matter.。
But just now the snake knife is inexplicably,Let him shock inexplicably,Familiarity,Even。
“That moment……”
Summer Tian brows,Strive to recall the feeling of that moment。
At the same time,His mind is faintly about about a familiar and unfamiliar picture.……
For a long time。
Summer day staring at the snake knife,Whisper,“Collect!”
Snake knife silk does not move。
Still of silk。
For a long time。
Summer days have some entangled 揉 揉 揉,It is still unbelievable。
At this time,Slightly knocking outside。

A group of 谪 谪 is awkward,In the dumb laugh。

“Row,I don’t have a problem for you to solve the seal.,But you still can’t use everything in the storage
Secret treasure and jarobats to kill the enemy。”
For the fairy,Unlock the storage ring seal is not what。
Who let him be his own student?。
Always have some preferential treatment。
Just limit his means to。
“no problem!”
Summer is very happy,The face is coming in the face。
His good things,In fact, all in the respect。
but,He needs to unlock this step of the storage ring.。
“First said,We don’t accept the ingoin to buy。”
Su Yu talking room,Single-handed print,Flexion。
A white http://www.iyuhuashi.cn light,Put into the summer hand in the store。
Summer heart,Hurry,“There is also a depression space。”
“what?Your kid has this http://www.jintianquwanr.cn stuff,good。”
Everyone was surprised again.,But only this is only。
Now,Sui dance arms,Constantly playing a mysterious method,Falling on the right side of the summer。
After a moment,He stopped,“Be。”
A cyan big bow that is completely created by some kind of green wood appears in the palm,The bow of the bow is like a rune like a rune。
at the same time,Left hand,And two fingers,Toward。
“call out。”
His eyebrow glitter inch,Continue to meet the wind。
One hand flashes the colorful rays,Knife non-knife like sword,Appear in the palm。
Such a scene,In the eyes of everyone,Future these lives, don’t know how many years,Rare。
They look at the green wooden bow in the right hand in the summer,Snake long sword in the other hand。
Are you silent。
Heart is swaying。
Summer laughing,“teacher,I use these two five-character props to exchange the stone,How do you see。Changes in the interior of two-five-product programs,Add up to thousands,Almost the quantity of the gaps in the Lingshi。”
Sui and others continue to be silent。
Look at summer,Two two-piece instruments in his hands。
The eyes keep switching on the three。
Dueord in look,Fully shocked。
A true five-character,More precious?
http://www.banyn.cn Even if they are,Also quite moving。

But it can be seen from the expression of my aunt.,I have been here so many young people.,They are very happy。

Especially Nange and order。
Nan Ge will speak very much,Kind your aunt without your mouth。
槐 can be eaten,Eating also exaggerated,Aunt cares,He taught him according to Nan Ge.,Said to be a kind of dishes made by my aunt.,He has never eaten such a delicious dish so long.。So some skeptical life next to the aunt。
Nine o’clock in the evening。
Zhou Zhi Help packed the residence,I just left to my mother.。
Buns send them to the car,After returning home,She walks straight to the front,Height,Staring at him,Not sound,Just look at him。
Until, I can’t help but,Ask“What?”
“to reimburse。”
“Oh,How much is you spent?。”
“You give a thousand.。”
“What is called one thousand??”Smile,“Not a reimbursement??Reimbursement should be rigorous,How much is you spent?,How much is I giving you?,This is called reimbursement,Otherwise it is called money。”
“Oh。”Nodding bun,“Ask for money。”
“How much is it?!”
“104372Yuan,I will give you a zero head.,You turn me one thousand.。”Bun surface does not change color。
“How much is you again??”舅 舅 口。
“……”Buns are silent。
“OK,What have you played??”舅 舅 二 二 郎,Take out your phone,“Let you make a little earn a pen。”
“Sitting and ate something,Drank tea,Ice cream,Rice wire。”
“These things are so expensive?”
“The rice noodles are Jianxinyuan。”
The buns have received transfer,She looked http://www.0755kobelco.cn down with her head.,The heart is very satisfied.,But the face still does not move,I am busy turning and walking into the bedroom.,Solve stuffing。
But don’t know why,She actually has some guilt。
Remember,Buns decided,Give thempWhen the map is charged。
Unless they are hard to give……
At this time, the voice from the adults from home is passed.“You bring it back today, the other two roommates are very good.,Objection,Mouth is sweet,Still very beautiful。I mean it,Certainly,You need to learn to others,Talk little,I will find my boyfriend in the future.。”
Buns don’t scream,Look at the phone。
Mother, adults,“It’s very handsome, which is very handsome.……”
Buns frown。
槐 序 看 看 好,But too much to eat,Her double twelve flowers are now more than a hundred dollars to get together.,I know http://www.shanghaokeji.cn that I just report it.1132Piece3NS。
The buns are discouraged.,Unable to sit on the sofa,Looking at the time on the phone。
I have a good New Year.……
Chapter 494 Night words

“Sorry elder,I didn’t stop”Wang Yukun appeared at the door,A face was burnt black,Obviously when Lingxi was blocked,Burned by Lingxi。

Lingxi saw Fuming sitting on the bed,I rushed over and hugged my life,Fuming was a little overwhelmed by this move。
“Ha ha,really interesting”Ren Feng shook his head and smiled,Turned and left the room,Qingling sees and embraces Fuming Lingxi,Eyes are a little dim,Li Le is like http://www.huaxinmf.cn discovering big news,The mouth grows big“I go,Fuming, this stuff is okay”
“Cough,Let’s leave first”Wang Yukun coughed twice,Three people closed the door wittily。
Fuming slowly pushed Lingxi away“Ah,Am I okay?,Don’t worry”Comforting Lingxi,Ling Xi’s eyes stared at Fuming,Looked up and down,Just stepped back。
Fuming suddenly remembered the energy agent,Look towards Lingxi“Lingxi,You get out,I have something to do”Ling Xi nodded and sat aside obediently。
Fuming injects three energy potions directly into the body,Pull the energy to the level of Longyuan,Energy slowly enters,The tower flashes a faint blue light。
With energy injection,Fuming began to gradually condense into a figure,It’s Ultra Electric Blue Dragon,The dragon body slowly condenses and winds around Fuming,A huge coercion spread around。
Lingxi watched all this,There was a http://www.justadidas.cn red golden light in the eyes,The energy in the body began to resist this coercion,Coiled with golden flames,Extremely gorgeous。
“Wailing”A weak dragon chant spread out from Fuming’s body,Ling Xi was shocked by this dragon chant,Face pale,People can’t help but pity。
“Kid,Pretty fast”Longyuan’s voice sounded,Fuming’s mouth shows a smile“You finally woke up,It’s fine”Long Yuan raised the dragon head,The electric light flashes around me。
“okay,You don’t need to pull these energy,I can absorb it myself,You should look at that little girl,He seemed to be affected by the energy I just emitted”Longyuan absorbs energy,Remind Fuming。
Fuming opened his eyes,Sure enough, I saw Lingxi who looked ugly on the side,Get up quickly“Lingxi,How are you,Are you ok?”Worried face,Ling Xi seemed to show a slight smile,Shook his head。
“my fault,I won’t let you be so close”Fuming’s heart is full of self-blame。
Fuming’s hand suddenly felt warm,Lingxi’s little hand caught Fu Ming,Xiang Fuming smiled and shook his head,Fuming tightened the catkin in his hand。
Qingling and Li Le are walking on the road,But Qingling didn’t speak all the way,Lingxi hugged her life,Every time I think about it,My heart is empty。
“Qingling sister,Are you OK”Li Le noticed Qingling’s unhappy expression,Qing Ling was awakened,Shook his head towards Li Le,Gave a smile more ugly than crying。
Li Le doesn’t know what to say。

“Hahaha,There is no white living.,Contains a big master……Sure enough。”Some excitement。

Chu Deirers are silent,Afterwards:“Congratulations to the teacher。”
Be right,Chu Dee people probably have already guess,I can’t dream of ordinary dreams.,Should be the will of the solo teacher,Pulling the tetus,This is the“In a dream”See him。
And if the solitary state is normal,It will not be used to see yourself in this way.!
Ten eight nine……
“good,This last battle,Indeed, I have a wish for many years.,Just a pity……”Said to say a little sorry。
“What is the regret??”Chu Deiren asked quickly。
“Unfortunately, there is still a half trick.,I didn’t make it out.,Otherwise, maybe you can win.。”Although the lone defeat is“Assume”,But http://www.shinanmusic.cn I don’t want to hope,I have nothing to defend.。
The reason is just a little regrettable.,Because this last trick,This is the solitude of solitude and solve in the duel.,So even if there is a half trick,I can’t do it.,Defined still。
“A life of the teacher,Due to the defeat,There is no disciple……Since you call me a teacher,After that, the things in the sword,You look at the process.!Carved follow me for many years,If you have a chance,You bring it back to Tianghan。
Unfortunately this tenth sword,I didn’t use it out for the teacher.,I don’t even know that it is not available.,Also taught you……Can you pass it?,Only the last sentence:Skill……
When you can understand this layer,Go to find Zhang Zhen、Or Zhang Zhen people challenge some,Not a generation of teacher challenge,For the teacher’s wish,But you or you can take a look at the scenery at that time.……”
Solitary,The figure is getting more and more。
Perhaps it is because there is no disciple in your life.,Not long time with the Chu Dee,But the solitude of the unlike, I feel that after a thousand miles outside the tire,Still pushing with the Chu Deirers“Meet each other”,And the same as the true masters who are in peace of mind,Exchange to Chu Deirers,as well as……Tenth sword。
After the figure of the unlike, the figure is completely disappeared.,Chu Deirers also“dream”Wake up。
“Respect!How are you??”Mei Jian saw Chu Deiren opened his eyes,I am busy asking。
“nothing……kindness?It’s already dawn.?”Chu Deee is surprisingly found,I feel clearly awake,But that is not too long“dream”,Actually。
“Last night, three times later,We arrived in Jiangling,See the main entry and not wake up,Song Gate, they will go back to Wudang first.,Said to be in Wudang, you are waiting for you.。”Mei Jian said before,And conveyed the words of Song Duanqiao。
At this time, the Chu Deirers are still on this.,The four swords have bought the ship.。
When the Chu Deirers and the four swords came down from the boat,Attract a lot of eyes on the pier——Mainly the four swords,After all, the four cents are still very rare.!
As for the Chu Deirers……
Because of the four swords,By the way, it attracts a lot of envy and hate.,I also think about the darkness in the heart.:No wonder lying on the boat,I can get up at noon!
Chu Dee people probably guess the results of the duel——The solitary defeat is finally lost.,And the body that should have been dead.,I am also letting go after a war.,Completely demise。
And Zhang Zhen should not be good,After all, a big age,and……Since the defeat of the defeat, since it is regretted half,That illustrates that you can make it halfway,Not necessarily no chance。
However, Zhang Zhen certainly has no danger of life.,Otherwise, you will not tell the Chu Deirers.,I realized the tenth sword in the future.,Let go to challenge Zhang Zhen,In this case。
It can be seen that the life of Zhang Zhen is,Very high estimate……
The reason why the reason is to be lost,The fierce battle is the one hand,On the other hand, it is because of his body.,already“funnel”,After that, I still don’t care.,Forced to maintain the best state,After breaking, go to Zhang Zhenman’s battle,Naturally unbearable。
Since I know the result,Chu Deirers have not been anxious to go to Wudang,But first, I have set some candle paper money in Jiangling City.,Prepare to pay homage。
Although I saw what I saw in my dreams,Chu Deirers feel……Solitary spirit,In the end, it should be thoroughly sublimated.、dissipate,Don’t involve any ghosts and gods,But the sacrifice is to give me sad for giving birth.,I don’t think so deep。
For their own respect of the Lord God,Instead of not paying for a long time,After waking up, set the behavior of the argument paper money.,The four swords have not doubtful,Instead, follow the busy advancement。
Finally, Chu Deirers hire carriages.,And the car said his own purpose,The driver took the initiative to recommend the mountain post outside the East 12 Miles.——The necklace of the solo teacher is not、Diendal is not,This belongs to the remote fear,Can you not be in the street??
Specially, I went to the grave post outside the city.。
The Chu Deiren fell to worship.,Take the rules at this time,Should not pay attention to,After that, I will blow Su Wu Sheep.、Thousands of paper、Cry,Look at the night,Chu Deirers are only prepared to go back to the city to find a home in the city.。
But just at this time,In this grave,Suddenly there is a noise!
“what!”The chrysanthemum is scared.,I can’t help but hide behind the Chu deer.,Then I stood up and blamed.。
Other three sisters are also a little panic……
“Who is a ghost?!”Mei Sirius is afraid to drink the direction of the eradicate,I really saw the figure.!
Look carefully,Meijian said indignation:“Respect!Someone http://www.51knock.cn is in the tomb!”
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 658 revenge

Rose,“I just didn’t think,You will also appear here.,What to say,You don’t want me to leave today.?”

Gasker sighed,“Rose,You are a smart person,If you leave you,Then I and the end of Christina are only afraid that they will come soon.……You won’t let us,
http://www.mirrorquick.cn Right??”
Rose snorted,But not。
This is a established fact,Everyone is a smart person,There is no need to say some hypocritical words to cover up.。
At this time,Gaskel sighs,Turning to see the summer in the door of the lobby,“Lord,I am inadvertently with you.,When the Rose proposed the alliance, the major power wanted to kill you.
Time,I have never been approved,This time is the grievances of our family.,I hope you don’t intervene.。”
Summer 龇 龇 smile,Stand up,“Good,I give you http://www.zx-power.cna face.,Now I am walking,You continue。”
After the end,There is no smile stop,Turn away。
Christie stunned。
Ross stunned。
Also stunned, Gaskel。
Three people did not expect,Summer will really leave。
Gaskel and Ross actually came out while。
The looks of the two are all,Oppose each other,Immediately look at the summer。
“What happened?”
Summer stop,Smile,“You will not join us to kill me.?”
Ross,Face is yin and yin。
Gaskel is also similar。
Summer mouth hook,The eyebrow is full of madness,Smile short,In addition, if you drink the most evil glass of the world。
Laugh,His eyes swept than two people,The face is not a hidden sarcasm。
“Why don’t you talk?,Needless I need to say it for you。”
He looks to Gaskel,“You have to kill Ross,http://www.ningbodianqi.cn If he does not die,You and Christina will die,But……You lack a reason and motivation that kills him
Welcome Gaskel’s flash face,Summer does not stop,“So,I must also die.,Because I kill Rose,And you revenge Rose,This way
As far as the name is coming,Right?”
This sentence,Let Gaskel’s faces change,It’s hard to keep the gentleman smile.。
His face is gloomy,Surging in the eyes。
“Killing God is really not a common person,Since this,Then I don’t have anything to say.。”
Fall into the voice,He suddenly opened his mouth,A sharp thist。

“I added!”Girls temporarily changed ideas。

“I added!”
Girl looks up at the turnover,But I found that if there is no smile on my face.,It seems that he has already expected his answer.。
Girls are more embarrassed。
Zhou took her back to the booth of the probability,But not fill it immediately,Instead, it is waiting in line behind waiting for four boys standing before.,It should be the same bedroom,Nan Ge is talking to them。
“Also reviewed??”
“How to review it??”
“See what you have?,Personality is not intensified in our http://www.qmysl.cn appetite。”
“Other agency is not reviewed!”
“Oh。”Nano is positive,“Not,We must not only review,And the charge is still expensive,Do you have any comments??”
“Why is it??Is it a girlfriend??If the package is assigned, I will enter。”
“You can take a look at the mirror before you say this.?”
The four boys were scared by the tone of Nange.,I am busy。
Zhouzhi is close to the girl,Helplessly:“Your attitude,Some people have been scared by you.。”
Nan Ge does not care:“colorpYet,I have seen more.。”
Turn around,Introduce you to you:“This is my high school teacher.,You can call her little flower.。”
The small flower is another embarrassment。
Obvious,This name is she is chaotic.。
She quickly gave the weekly eyes,Two seconds,Also make several eyes,But there is no see。At this time, several http://www.feiyuehx.cn community veteran have begun to welcome her.。
A pen is put on her hands。
A registration table is placed in front of her.。
Small flower is helpless,Downturn。
Her name is Xie Minqing,Gender: Female,School school,student ID2020002。
Guirong Guizhou。
Pick up the registration form,Some strange:“Are you Guizhou?,How to run to Yizhou to read high school?”
The little flower is low in the head.。
Chapter 378 Strawberry is very acid
“So,Officially welcomes you to join us,Sparkle。”Zhouzhi Zhengzhong’s registration form,This is the second member of their society.,Do not solemnly,“Our community activities are generally about a meal.,About a milk tea,Have a good-looking movie may also be a wave,There is also to play around,Probably。”
“Adventure?”Small flower。
“We can also play cards、board http://www.yiqiaohaishen.cn game、billiards、basketball、Badminton,As long as it is fun、interesting,Can,Don’t limit it in a box。”Nan Ge is very leading the style of lead,“We must carry forward innovation spirit,Strive to play new ideas,Play a new height。”

Take a look at Xia Jian’s weird eyes,Chen Xia laughed and said:“Don’t be surprised,I’m used to living alone,It’s like this at home。wait for me a while,I will add another dress”

“Nothing,Come whatever you like!”Xia Jian said,Put the fruit in my hand on the coffee table。
In a while,Chen Xia walked out wearing a coat。Chen Xia who has just taken a bath is like a lotus,But his face without makeup is a bit sallow。
“What’s wrong with you?I have to go to the hospital if I feel sick!Lying at home is not an issue,How about I accompany you to the hospital now?”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。
Chen Xia took a long breath and said:“I was a little tired from a business trip the first two days,Add a cold to make it worse。If I heard that you are here,I may have to sleep till night”
“look at you,Can’t take care of myself at all。That does not work,Have to find someone。Such a big room,What a waste of you living alone”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Chen Xia smiled and http://www.adorn168.cn said:“I’m used to living alone,It’s annoying to live with one more person。My mother came to see me two days ago,I feel very uncomfortable after living for a few days”
Chen Xia hurriedly stood up,She patted her head and said:“Look at me,You came to a glass of water and didn’t know to pour it”
Seeing Chen Xia panicking,Xia Jian couldn’t help laughing。This is a typical professional woman,In the workplace,But little things at home can make her sometimes at a loss。
Made a cup of tea for Xia Jian,Chen Xia just sat back,She smiled embarrassedly and said:“Listen to Wang Lin,You do it alone now,And it did a good job?”
“So-so!It’s a small company after all,There are many things in all aspects”Xia Jian said,A little helplessly shook his head。
Chen Xia smiled slightly,Took a breath and said:“People will change。Which two live treasures came back http://www.lpfamily.cn from the United States,Now it seems to have evaporated from the world,I can’t get in touch at all”
“Yes!Maybe married!”Xia Jian said,Took a breath。Because he is married,So I have a deep understanding of people who have become a family。
Chen Xia looked at Xia Jian a little disappointed and said:“I heard Wang Lin say,You also married?how about it?Feel pretty good!”
“Don’t ask about this,That’s the same thing。How is your current job?But then again,The body is first”Xia Jian said,I split the topic。He doesn’t want to talk about his marriage with others。Because he doesn’t think he knows what to say。
Chen Xia got up and stood by the window and looked out.:“I am now promoted to vice president of the company,Main sales。Work pressure is even greater,But people are free”
“That’s good!In short, there are gains and losses”Xia Jian said,Picking up the tea Chen Xia made for him,Take a sip。
Chen Xia thought for a moment,Suddenly said to Xia Jian:“You take me to the beach!So many days,I’m almost suffocated”
“Okay!I don’t know if your body can hold it?”Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。