After reading this story, you also learned how to live a happy life!

After reading this story, you also learned how to live a happy life!

25 years old.

You are married.

In the bedroom, the living room is full of your wedding photos.

You shouted at her; wife, madam.

Like every little wife who loves her husband, she prepares breakfast every morning, squeezes out toothpaste, and chooses the tie to be paired today.

You will print a kiss on her forehead before you go out.

Going to work, buy some of the fruits she likes.

She loves to eat peaches and hates the outer layer of hair.

You always wash it and give it to her.

After dinner, you always have to compete with her for TV.

She wants to watch the soap opera at eight o’clock, you have to watch the game.

She can’t fight for you, just hang down her head and feel a little wrong.

You will give the remote control to her.

This trick is to try Bailing.

28 years old.

She gave birth to a lovely son for you.

Zhang is more like her.

You always say: How long is it like you, so ugly, what will happen to a wife in the future?

If it is like me, it must be a big guy.

However, every time I hold my arms, I am reluctant to let go.

Everyone will boast: my son is very smart, like me.

In the evening, the little guy cried so badly that she was afraid of affecting your rest and didn’t dare to sleep all night.

When the child moves, he wakes up and gently squats.

She said that when she grows up, she must let her son be a scientist.

You said that to be an astronaut is so cool.

You have quarreled.

You are very angry.

After work, I deliberately asked a few friends to get together and went home very late.

: The door saw her sleeping on the couch.

The dishes on the table are still hot, I don’t know how many times I have been heated.

You suddenly forgot the reason for being angry.

Gently picked her up and went back to the bedroom.

33 years old.

When you get home from work, she is wearing an apron and cooking in the kitchen, or cooking porridge.

You drop the briefcase and pull the tie.

Just walked over and hugged her from behind.

She pats your hand, goes there, goes to the bath, and has a sweaty smell.So, you will pull your son who just went to kindergarten into the bathroom.

She came out of the kitchen and saw that the floor was full of two men’s clothes at home.

One big, one small and two men tossed a small bathroom.

She was trying to blame you for correcting her, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the sound of the fight between you and the children.

On the weekend, you will lead your son to the amusement park.

When the son is tired, he will make you want to hug.

You empower your son with one hand and hold her with one hand.

You feel very great.

40 years old.

Valentine’s Day.

You bought a bunch of roses for her.

She complained that you are all 40 years old and still play the young man’s tricks, no serious.

But he was busy looking for a vase, thinking about where it is best.

You sit in front of the computer and make a file, she will give you a cup of coffee.

You let her go to sleep first.

She said that she is not sleepy and will accompany you for a while.

46 years old.

At night, her stomach hurts badly.

You are scared.

On the 6th floor, you carry her without stopping to take a breath.

In fact, you haven’t turned her back for a long time. She suddenly found that your back is not as broad and thick as before.

She has a distressed pain, insisting on walking, you don’t let it.

She asked you, is it very tired?

You said: Even at the age of 80, I can still move you back.

Just a minor operation, you are very careful.

It is soup and cooking.

She is not allowed to do housework for a long time.

She can only look at the clumsy ones you made a mess of home.

For so many years, you have never changed.

53 years old.

Your son is also married, and the daughter-in-law is very good.

It’s just that they work outside and are no longer around.

She often recites her son, worrying that her son is only busy and does not know how to pay attention to his body. He wants to see him and is afraid of affecting her work.

You blame her for too much heart, but secretly carrying her to call her son, asking him to come back often.

The problem that you fell when you were young, the joints always hurt when it was cold.

As soon as the weather turns cold, she prepares the clothes for the cold early.

Every time you go out, you have to wear more clothes.

You think that she is broken, and every time she does what she says.

60 years old.

Your grandson must go to elementary school.You are retired and she is old.

The white hair cover on the head could not be covered.

You like to play Tai Chi in the morning, sometimes accompany her to buy food, or go to the central square to watch the songs.

When I cross the road, I still used to reach out and pull her.

But she became embarrassed, she said, a young age, not afraid of others jokes.

70 years old.

You sit in the wicker chair and read the newspaper.

Your eyes are already somewhat invisible and must be worn with glasses.

She is sitting next to you, flipping through the yellowed photo album.

Now you often remember the past.

You know each other and know each other.

You are married and have children.

You said to her, she just thought she was stupid when she met her, like a child who grew up.

You see, the skin is wrinkled now, the waist is bent, and the teeth are loose.

Become an old woman.

She said that when she was in love, her friends always praised you for being handsome and good-tempered.

Envy is incredible.

Only she knows that you have a lot of problems.

You laughed, you said that you haven’t been able to endure for so many years.

When you are young, you always want to be old and what will happen.

Unexpectedly, such a turn, I really came over in my life.

80 years old.

Her body is getting worse.

The brain is also beginning to get confused, and it will be repeated several times in a word.

If you can’t see you for a while, you will panic like a child.

Later, when she was in the hospital bed, she told you that the happiest thing in her life was to marry you.

You said that the luckiest thing in your life is to meet her.

These 6 types of food will make you find a headache

These 6 types of food will make you find a headache

Many people have headaches. Do you know that some foods can cause headaches?

Hurry and follow the Xiaobian to see it!

  Causes of headache: Eating 6 kinds of food can cause headaches, sausages, hot dog sausages, hot dogs, ham, bacon and other marinated bacon, processed meat and other foods containing nitrite.

And foods that contain a lot of MSG will hurt your migraine. It is best to eat as little as possible.

  Second, 3C food cheese cheese, chocolate, citrus food, and pickled sardines, chicken liver, tomatoes, milk, lactic acid drinks and other alternative tyrosine, and tyrosine is the main cause of vasospasm, so if you are biasedA history of headaches, then it is best to stay away from these foods.

  Third, the discovery of sugar substitute food research.

Sugar substitutes can over-stimulate or interfere with nerve endings, increase muscle tension, and cause migraine headaches, while low-sugar cola, low-sugar soda, sugar-free chewing gum, ice cream, multivitamins and many medicines contain aspartame, so it is allergic to sugar substitutes.People who sip a small bit of low-sugar soda can cause headaches.

  Fourth, painkillers painkillers may be an attractive trap.

Many people take painkillers in private in an attempt to relieve pain, and overdosing painkillers can not only relieve pain, but also cause “rebound headaches” caused by drugs, causing you to suffer from chronic migraine if you eat more than one week.2 or 3 painkillers to relieve pain.

Please seek medical attention immediately!

  Fifth, coffee caffeine will stimulate the nervous system, and interfere with sleep, drink more addictive, and triggering a migraine headache when quitting coffee, so the amount of coffee absorbed in a day is best to add 100 microns.

  Sixth, red wine All alcoholic beverages can cause headaches, especially red wine contains more chemicals that cause headaches. If you really want to drink two glasses, then it is best to choose vodka, white wine is a colorless wine.

How to drink tea is the healthiest –

How to drink tea is the healthiest?

Today, tea has become one of the three major non-alcoholic beverages (tea, coffee and cocoa) that are popular in the world. There are more than 50 countries in the world, and tea is grown in the region. Many people have already used tea as a clearingEye, weight loss, diuretic, antihypertensive, lipid-lowering health care methods.

However, many people still know enough about tea.

For example, how much tea should I drink in a day?

Should a cup of tea be soaked for a while?

What is the relationship between my own disease and tea drinking care, and what issues need to be noted?

. let us come together for you.

  Tea has the knowledge and the essentials of rebuilding tea, good water, good tea, and mastering the good tea making technology to get a good cup of tea.

Tea making technology consists of three elements: tea dosage, tea temperature and brewing time.

  There is no uniform standard for each tea used when making tea. The stapler depends on the type of tea, the size of the tea set and the acceptance habits of the consumer.

There are many kinds of tea, and the teas are different and the dosages are different.

Such as brewing red, green tea, put about 3 grams of dry tea per cup, add boiling water 150-200 ml; such as Pu’er tea, put 5-10 grams per cup.

The most used tea is oolong tea, which is 1 / 2 – 2 / 3 of the teapot.

  For high-grade green tea, especially the famous tea with various buds and tenderness, it can not be brewed with 100-degree boiling water. Generally, it is suitable for 80 degrees (referring to boiling water and then cooling), so that the tea soup soaked must be green and bright.The taste is fresh and refreshing, and tea vitamin C can also be destroyed.

Soaking all kinds of flower tea, black tea and medium and low-grade green tea should be brewed with 100-degree boiling water. If the water temperature is low, the permeability is poor, and the active ingredients in the tea are leached instead, and the tea taste is light.

Soaking oolong tea, Pu’er tea and scented tea, each time using a small amount of tea, and because the tea is thicker and older, it must be brewed with 100 degrees of boiling water.

Sometimes, in order to maintain and increase the water temperature, hot tea set with boiling water before brewing, after pouring, drench the water outside the pot.

  · A cup of tea The degree of foam resistance of the tea is determined by the method of tea processing, in addition to the tenderness.

When the tea is chopped in the initial process, the tea juice is easy to brew out. The coarse, old and complete tea leaves are slow to brew.

  No matter what kind of tea, the first time brewing, the amount of leaching accounts for 50% of the volume of soluble matter?
55%; the second brewing is generally about 30%; the third is about 10%; the fourth is only 1% 3%.

From its nutrients (vitamins and amino acids in tea), 80% of the first brewing is leached, about 15% of the second brewing, and almost all leaching after the third brewing.

The aroma and taste of the tea, the aroma of the tea is rich and the taste is fresh and refreshing; the second tea is rich in flavor, but the taste is not as good as before; the aroma and taste of the three-bubble tea are already lacking; if it is brewed, it has no taste.

  Generally, black tea, green tea and flower tea are brewed in 3 times.

Oolong tea has a large amount of leaves when brewing, and the tea leaves are old and can be brewed several times.

Teabags made from red crushed tea are usually suitable for one-time brewing.

The practice of a cup of tea from early to late is not desirable.

After repeated brewing, the tea leaves can gradually leaching some insoluble and harmful substances (such as some extremely small residual pesticides), which is harmful to the human body.

The ideal way to drink is to have a cup of tea every morning and a cup of tea in the afternoon, both fresh and teay.

  Drinking tea to drink · Different seasons of drinking tea, there are differences in drinking tea, pay attention to the four seasons, namely: spring drinking tea, drinking green tea in summer, drinking green tea in autumn, drinking black tea in winter.

The reason is: in the spring, people drink tea, can distribute a cold evil that exists in the human body in the winter, and the rich fragrance is strong, which can promote the yang of the human body.

In the summer, green tea is preferred.

The taste of green tea is bitter and cold, which can clear heat, cool off, detoxify, quench thirst, and strengthen heart.

In the fall, drinking green tea is good.

This tea is not cold or hot, it can eliminate the residual heat in the body and restore the body fluid.

In winter, drinking black tea is ideal.

Black tea is sweet and warm, rich in protein, can help digestion, complement, and make the body strong.

  · Daily tea 2?
Although 6 grams of tea contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids, drinking tea has a certain effect on clearing oil, enhancing nerve excitement and digesting diuresis, but not the more you drink, the better, not all people are suitable for drinking tea.
In fact, 1-2 times a day, each time 2-3 grams of drinking is appropriate, for patients with neurasthenia, insomnia, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach disease, gastrointestinal ulcers are not suitable for drinkingTea, breastfeeding and pregnant women and infants should not drink tea.

  · Do not suffer from excessive tea tea causing excessive excitability of the human body, which adversely affects the cardiovascular system and nervous system.
People with cardiovascular disease may experience tachycardia or even arrhythmia after receiving strong tea, causing repeated illnesses.

  · Not drinking tea before going to sleep is more important for the early tea drinkers.

Many people fall asleep before going to bed, and it is very difficult to fall asleep, and even seriously affect the mental state of the next day.

People with neurasthenia or insomnia should pay special attention.

  ·Do not drink a lot of tea at mealtimes. It is not a big hindrance to drink tea before or during meals. However, if you drink a lot of tea or you will have too much tea, it will affect many macroelements (such as calcium) and trace elements (such as iron and zinc).Absorption).

Special care should be taken not to drink tea while drinking milk or other dairy products.

Theophylline and tannic acid in the tea will combine with the calcium element in the milk product to form a calcium salt which is insoluble in water and excreted from the body, so that the nutritional value of the milk product is greatly reduced.

  · Excessive drinking of tea is not good for digesting the large amount of supplemental acid contained in tea. Once it is synthesized with protein, meat, egg and seafood, there is a convergence of acid protein, which causes the intestinal peristalsis to slow down, which is not only easy to cause constipation, but willIncrease the likelihood that toxic or carcinogenic substances will be absorbed by the body.

  · Green tea and wolfberry can not be mixed with green tea and wolfberry can be brewed separately with boiling water, which has great potential for the human body.

There are too many people who just put them together and brew.

However, a large amount of a large amount of acid contained in green tea has a function of astringent adsorption, and it adsorbs trace elements in the sputum to form a substance that is difficult for the human body to absorb.

Therefore, experts suggest: drink green tea in the morning, appetizer, wake up; in the afternoon, you can improve your health and sleep.

  · After drinking alcohol, the alcohol in the wine enters the blood through the dialysis channel, is converted into acetaldehyde in the liver, and the acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid, which is then decomposed into carbon dioxide and water.

Drinking tea after drinking, theophylline in tea can quickly exert diuretic effect on the kidney, thereby promoting the premature entry of acetaldehyde into the kidney.

Acetaldehyde has a contractile stimulating effect on the kidney, so it will affect the kidney function. People who drink tea after drinking are prone to kidney disease.

In this case, the alcohol in the wine is very irritating to the cardiovascular, and the tea also has the effect of exciting the heart. The two are combined to enhance the stimulation of the heart, so the cardiovascular patients drink tea after drinking.Big.

  · Tea is not as fresh as possible. From the nutritional point of view, the most fresh tea is not the best nutrients, because the so-called new tea refers to the tea that has been picked for less than a month. These teas have not passed, and some have bad health.The substances affected, such as polyphenols, alcohols, and aldehydes, have not been completely oxidized. If you can drink new tea, there may be uncomfortable reactions such as diarrhea and bloating.

Too fresh tea is even worse for patients, like some people with stomach acid deficiency or elderly patients with chronic stomach ulcers, who are less suitable for drinking new tea.

New tea will stimulate their stomach mucosa, cause stomach upset, and even worsen the condition.

Quick recovery of 30 diet rules

Quick recovery of 30 diet rules

Every new mom wants to be able to recover the body before the birth quickly enough, but this desire is sometimes not so easy to achieve.

What should I do?

The following 30 diet preventions help the new mommy realize her wish as soon as possible-1.

If you don’t breastfeed your baby, you can absorb the same speed as before pregnancy, which can help the unwanted meat of the cheekbones and maintain your strength.


Drink 2 cups of milk a day, the amount of milk is only 3%, it is easy to produce a feeling of fullness after drinking, not easy to make people fat, but also make the body become excess protein, calcium and a lot of vitamin B, A and other nutrients.
It is also a good idea to replace skim milk. The protein content of skim milk is the same as that of whole milk, but it leads to a slight excessive intake.


Eat 5 dark green vegetables every day, dark green vegetables and supplement fiber, carotene, vitamin C, calcium, iron and other nutrients, such as kale, broccoli, pea sprouts, cabbage, spinach and so on.

It is best to eat these foods at the time of eating, which can increase the cumulative consumption.


Eat at least 3 staple foods a day. If you don’t eat staple foods, you can consume a little body, but it will produce too much metabolic waste, which is not good for your health.

It is best to have a coarse grain in the staple food, such as oats, corn, millet, sweet potato, beans and so on.

These coarse grains are rich in starch fiber and B vitamins. After eating, some people are not prone to obesity and do not eat too much.


In order to satisfy the appetite, the fruit contains 8% sugar, sometimes the sugar content can reach 20
%, and the banana also contains high starch.

Therefore, the amount of fruit eaten every day should also be limited.

The number is preferably controlled below 300 grams (after peeling and nucleation), and more than 2 are eaten with bananas.


The time to eat fruit is not negligible, which is important for controlling excessive overlap.

It is best not to eat fruit after a meal. The correct way is to eat fruit before a meal.

In this way, wait until the meal has been in the belly, there will be food, not too cold.

This is not easy to eat too much, helping to control weight gain.


Eat more fresh fruit and drink less juice.

Because eating fruit is more than full of juice.

As a reminder, it is best not to eat salad when there is fruit, and the fruit mix with salad dressing and sugar will increase.

If you have fresh fruit, try not to eat dried fruit. After the dried fruit is removed, the transmission density rises linearly.


Always eat some foods that require more chewing to play.

Nutrition experts believe that people start to feel full when they chew 300 times, which also helps control food intake.


Choose foods that are both nutritious and controllable, such as multi-select low-fat and low-protein foods, such as soy products, milk, chicken, fish, etc.; choose fresh vegetables, seaweed.

If it is the same type of food, you should choose a variety that has less heat and lower heat, such as chicken instead of pork.


Eat only natural foods, and choose less synthetic ingredients and processed foods.

Because these foods often add too much artificial coloring and chemical additives, not only pollute breast milk, but also do not have much nutrients, it will increase the burden of liver and kidney. If you choose French fries, it is better to choose fresh potatoes.

Food ingredients and condiments should also be developed into quantitative good habits. You can have a small scale at home to call it at any time, which can help control the amount.

Eat less sweets, including sugar on fruits and cereals, as well as cakes, biscuits, bread, food pies, etc., will make the new mom inadvertently ingest too much sugar.


Some foods do not contain sugar on the surface, such as salad dressings, hot dogs, hamburgers, canned foods and some frozen vegetables, but they may contain sugar, glucose, honey or corn sugar. When eating, please pay attention to the label on the package to avoidI don’t know how to eat a lot of sugar.


Do not fry food. If you fry, you must hang the pulp outside the food, and hang the pulp to reduce the oil absorption.

At the same time, pay attention to controlling excessive consumption of animal oil, even if it is limited to vegetable oil, it is best to choose trendy cooking oil, such as olive oil, corn oil and so on.


When cooking, please be careful not to take too long to avoid water loss.

It is best to leave the remaining water so that it can increase the volume of the increase and eat it for better satiety.


Pay attention to controlling the amount of oil used for cooking. It is best to choose steaming, boiling, boiling, simmering, simmering, mixing and other fuel-saving methods so that the daily cooking oil consumption does not exceed 30 grams.


When you lick the soup, be careful to re-wash the oil on the soup.

If the meal is inseparable from the soup, it is best to broth, do not make soup, the soup contains a higher content.

  18 years old

Don’t refuse to eat potatoes, think it is fat food.

Although the potato contains a lot of starch, most of it is water, about 70% of the volume. It is important to replace the fiber with a lot of satiety. Therefore, replacing the staple food with potato has the effect of losing weight.


You can use potato instead of staple food, but don’t use it as a vegetable.

Because the amount of potatoes is less than the staple food, it is a big double compared to vegetables.

People are always accustomed to eating more food when eating. If you eat potatoes as vegetables, and do not pay attention to reducing the amount of staple food, it is easy to overdo it.

Drink some warm water every morning after getting up in the morning, which will help reduce appetite and reduce food intake. If you can maintain warm water before three meals, it will have better effect.

  twenty one

Do not drink too much water, do not feel bloating after drinking, do not feel nausea or affect appetite is good, otherwise it will induce obesity and increase food intake.

  twenty two

Three meals a day should be timed, quantitative, and pay attention to nutritional balance.

Don’t eat too much, eat evenly on three meals, and have a scientific order when eating. For example, you can eat soup before meals. When you eat, you should eat light food and vegetables with large volume and low heat.

  twenty three.

During the meal, concentrate on the food, and do not touch other foods while chewing.

Brush your teeth immediately after a meal to avoid the desire to eat in the mouth.

  twenty four

Usually, pay attention to the temptation to stay away from food, such as often placing food in a place that you can’t see or pick up.

  25 years old

Don’t eat fat, sometimes eat two or one meal a day, or even eat one day; or eat more food when you eat it, lose weight the next time, and don’t eat food that you don’t like.

In this way, some bodies can not make full use of the amount released by the burning of food, and even too much will cause it to be stored, thereby increasing the food intake, and it is easy to accumulate accidentally under the skin.


It is best not to drink a table drink when eating, usually pay attention to drink less.
Drinks and water do not seem to be much different, but the birth of intemperance makes people unwittingly gain weight.

When you want to drink, you can drink some new sweet drinks with low or no conversion.


Only cook enough food for each meal, and then take a bite after the meal, to avoid restraining yourself from eating too much and eating too much.


Density in fruits, vegetables, and pure cereals, high in animal protein and a small number of foods.

Processed cereals, especially dry processed foods such as biscuits, breads, and dried fruits, are also highly variable in conversion density.

Therefore, pay attention to reduce the bulk density of the recipe during cooking, such as adding some vegetables when frying sausage.

In this way, eating and eating in the United States and the United States can reduce the total migration rate.


Foods with low levels of density are usually not hungry and often have a high temperature 2-3 hours after a meal.

You can add some low-migration snacks between meals, such as small radish strips, celery sticks, etc. to fill the hunger, which will not make people gain weight.
  30 years old

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, weighing your weight on time is the best way to know if your replacement is high or low.

If you don’t achieve the desired results, adjust the conversion on your diet at any time.

Milk scrubbing makes furniture new

Milk scrubbing makes furniture new

Life is a matter of learning. If you can learn to be “lazy,” you may become more fun.

“Life care tips” teach you smart life.

  The furniture is new and three-method milk scrub: use a piece of cloth dipped in milk, wipe the furniture such as tables and chairs, not only to remove dirt, but also to make the furniture bright and new.

  Vinegar water scrub: add a small amount of vinegar (1/4 of water) with a half cup of water, wipe the wooden furniture with a soft cloth, and alternate the furniture to reproduce the luster.

  Rubbing with a cup of tea: After soaking a large cup of strong tea, let it cool down, soak a piece of soft cloth, scrub the wooden furniture two or three times, and then wipe it again with the floor wax, alternating the paint surface of the furniture to restore the original luster.

  The indoor toilet of the scented vinegar in the deodorant residential building, even if it is washed clean, will often leave a smell.

As long as a small cup of balsamic vinegar is placed in the toilet, the smell will disappear.

Because the odor is caused by ammonia in the urine, after a cup of vinegar is put, the acid molecules react with the ammonia molecules to form an odorless substance, and the odor does not exist.

It is valid for six or seven days and can be changed once a week.

  Nail polish to polish the refrigerator If you find a thin and shallow crack on the surface of the refrigerator paint, apply white nail polish on it, and repeat it so as to avoid cracks and cracks.

If the crack is too large, apply varnish or real paint.

  The optimal temperature of the initial tea is good for the human body. It can be dissolved at a water temperature of 60 ° C.

Vitamin C is destroyed when the water temperature is 70 °C.

Tea tannin and caffeine gradually dissolve out at a water temperature of 70 ° C. If the water temperature is too high, the taste of the tea is too bitter.

Therefore, in order to maintain the nutrition, taste and aroma of the tea, the water temperature of the people to re-tea is preferably between 70 ° C and 80 ° C. Generally, the boiled water is first poured into the thermos bottle, and then the tea is better.

Elderly constipation diet conditioning is very important

Elderly constipation diet conditioning is very important

Many elderly people have experience of constipation. Although constipation is not a disease, it brings a lot of pain to the elderly. The age is serious, the more constipation, and more women than men.

Has anyone ever made statistics, there are 1/2?
One third of the elderly have been damaged by constipation for a long time.

So, how should the elderly constipation be treated?

  Chinese medicine believes that the reason why there is difficulty in defecation, there are many reasons, one is that the “river” is dry, can not “boat”, that is, dry heat inside the knot, hot burning liquid, so the liquid is exhausted, or the human body is yin and anger, leading to YinInsufficient fluid, less blood deficiency, less loss of water, so that the ship can not “transfer”; Second, although there is water in the river, the ship lacks power and flows slowly with the water.

The large intestine has no pneumatic peristalsis and push, that is, qi deficiency or qi stagnation, qi deficiency has no driving force, gas stagnation can not creep, it will cause the feces to stay in it for too long, the water is absorbed, and the stool will become harder.

This is generally seen in the elderly, who always feel uncomfortable with bowel movements, and even sweaty, and some elderly people with high blood pressure will die at the time of bowel movements.

  It can be seen that constipation can not solve the problem simply by using laxatives, but also rooted in different causes of the disease and prescribe the right medicine to solve the problem fundamentally.

According to the syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, there is generally a certain situation: dry heat internal knot type, dry population, bad breath, red tongue and yellow greasy tongue, with heat and dampness drugs, such as berberine, astragalus, cork, that is, “three yellow”Tablet; Yin deficiency internal heat type, dry mouth and drink, hand and foot heart fever, night sweats, red tongue and less moss, you can use yin and clear heat drugs, such as Lily Gujin Pill; qi and blood deficiency or qi stagnation, with replenishing qi and bloodDrugs that are qi, such as Maziren Pill, Astragalus, Huangjing, Zhishi, Magnolia, etc.; and those with difficulty in defecation caused by yang deficiency, accompanied by chills, cold limbs, hot and cold, pale tongue white, the pulse is weak, you can use the method of warming and laxative treatment, with Cistanche, Congyang and other drugs to warm the intestines.

  For the elderly, the simple medication is not enough, but also through the diet conditioning, perseverance, the effect is very significant.

Older people with qi and blood deficiency and constipation are more, qi deficiency and constipation can be used 60 grams of black sesame seeds, 60 grams of honey, 18 grams of scutellaria, sesame smashed into a paste, boiled hot honey, fried with scutellariaJuice, blunt, divided into two, one dose per day, the effect is good; blood deficiency constipation can be used 60 grams of fried pine nuts, honey 40 ml, add glutinous rice porridge to eat; if it is yin deficiency, then can be used 6 grams of white fungus, rock sugarAppropriate amount, jujube 10, first soak the white fungus for 12 hours, wash into a bowl, add rock sugar, red dates steamed for 1 hour, morning air service, once a day, continue to take; if it is yang, thenUse walnut kernels, sesame seeds as mud, and wash with boiling water before going to sleep.

All of the above methods have better results and can be easily implemented without hindering a try.

Vegetarian weight loss pandemic rouge over addiction

Vegetarian weight loss pandemic rouge over addiction

Do not eat well and drink every day, plus sleep well, is your body shape a big circle?

Xiaobian recommended the most effective weight loss recipe for you, the most vegan strategy, and you are used to the big fish and meat. It is a good strategy to eat vegetarian food.

Come and learn this most effective weight loss recipe.

  There are a lot of vegetarian benefits, basically healthy, and detoxification to lose weight, it is a multi-pronged.

MM who loves the environment and loves the earth, please stand up and everyone will come to eat vegetarian!


The four basic benefits of vegetarian diet: vegetarianism, eating culture and vegetarianism, showing the return to nature, returning to health and protecting the earth’s ecological environment.

Vegetarian, in addition to the natural and pure balanced nutrition, but also to experience the joy of the city’s ambiguity and desire.

  Vegetarians eat low levels of saturated fat in healthy vegetarian diets, which lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Germany has done a research, and occasionally vegetarians who eat meat, the probability of getting high blood pressure is the accumulation of the average person, and the prevalence of cancer is half that of the average person.

Moreover, vegetarian food can also eat the therapeutic effect.

I want to eat beautiful.

It is quite effective to use the vegetarian method to lose weight. The vegetarian diet can make the blood under slightly alkaline and promote metabolic activities, thereby burning the accumulated feces and sugar in the body to achieve the purpose of natural weight loss.

Frequent vegetarians are full of life, the organs are lively, the skin is easy to soft, smooth, rosy, and vegetarianism is a kind of beauty from the inside out.

  People who eat smart foods often feel refreshed, and people seem to be smarter.

In fact, this is not just the result of psychological suggestion, but a scientific basis.

Because the nutrients that make the brain cells active are mainly glutamic acid, followed by vitamin B, and cereals, beans and other vegetarian dishes are the “rich mines” of glutamic acid and vitamin B, and the energy is extracted from the “rich mine” three meals a day.It can enhance people’s wisdom and judgment, making people easy to relax and improve their concentration.

  Vegetarians eat an economy. Usually, vegetarian food is cheaper than foraging, and there are few “big dishes” that are vegetarian.

Therefore, the vegetarians do not have to pay for the “big dishes”, and the burden on the wallet is reduced.


Vegetarian shaping ABCA.

Don’t just refuse meat, thinking that you can get a vegetarian effect without a touch of it. This is actually a misunderstanding.

Being vegetarian does not mean completely cutting off foraging. From a nutritional point of view, completely rejecting the inevitable health benefits of foraging, meat can provide the high energy that the body needs.

It is necessary to properly supplement high-speed foods. Therefore, it is best to adhere to the dietary principle of mixed foods, and the nutrition will be more comprehensive.


To ensure a balanced diet, you must ensure that your daily diet contains essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin B2, calcium, iron and zinc.

Protein is mainly supplemented from beans, cereals, and milk; eggs are supplemented with vitamin B2, if you are a vegetarian who refuses even eggs, even from yeast, soy products, artificial pastes and cereals;Products, whole wheat bread, dark green leafy vegetables, beans, nuts, sesame seeds, etc.; milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products are excellent sources of calcium; dark green vegetables, seeds, nuts, dried fruits andTofu rot improves the body’s zinc content.


Vegetarian diet to be natural If you want to lose weight through vegetarian diet, you should pay attention to natural vegetarianism, rather than the refined processed white noodles we see on the market, namely food noodles, cakes and other digestible foods.

Natural vegetarian diets include natural cereals, whole wheat flour products, beans, green or yellow vegetables, and more.

For natural vegetarian foods with high sugar content and high fat content, they should be eaten modestly.

When you are just eating vegetarian diet, don’t rush to make progress. You can start from eating two dishes of vegetarian food every meal. After adjusting, gradually reduce meat and refined food, and slowly turn to natural vegetarian diet.

Avoid exposure to sunlight. Some vegetables (such as celery, lettuce, rapeseed, spinach, pakchoi, etc.) contain photosensitizing substances. Excessive consumption of these vegetables and then exposure to the sun can cause erythema, papules, edema and other skin inflammation.The disease is medically known as “vegetable solar dermatitis.”

Therefore, a large number of vegetarian vegetarians should try to avoid exposure to the sun after meals.


Control the total energy of the diet Vegetarians should pay special attention to controlling the total energy of the diet, especially sugar, cooking oil intake, try to eat less sweets, cooking light.

Pick the food to help you lower the fat and clear the intestine oatmeal to lower cholesterol and lower blood fat.

Because oats contain rich soluble dietary fiber that is not found in other grains, the fiber is easily absorbed by the body and has low radiation, which is beneficial to both weight loss and heart, and has the need for high blood pressure and diabetic diet.

  Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E and carotene, and fiber may also be added.
Regular consumption of corn can lower cholesterol and soften blood vessels, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on cholecystitis, gallstones and diabetes.

  Onions, garlic and onions contain compounds such as allicin and methionine, which help to dissolve the thrombus.

Onions contain almost no traces, so they can inhibit plasma elevation caused by high-concentration diet and help to improve atherosclerosis.

Garlic can lower serum total cholesterol, and the secondary metabolite of allicin, methyl starch trisulfide, can prevent blood clots.

Yam’s mucus protein can prevent micro-deposition of the cardiovascular system, maintain blood vessel elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fecal deposition, and avoid obesity.

Dopamine in yam has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

  Natural vegetarian food includes the following foods: natural cereals – barley, coarse rice, corn, oats, wheat, etc.; whole wheat flour products – whole wheat bread, etc.; beans – green beans, peas, soybeans, broad beans, sweet beans, red beans, mung beans, etc.;, yellow vegetables – lettuce, cabbage, kale, spinach, celery, broccoli, etc.; fruits and vegetables – cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.; root vegetables – radish, sage, lotus root and so on.