Keep in mind 9 body signs for help

Keep in mind 9 body “signs for help”

Core Tip: When the body is under excessive pressure, there are nine healthy physiological reactions, such as urticaria and hair loss.
At this time, paying attention to the body’s “signs for help” and taking decompression measures can be beneficial to health.
  People’s bodies are a complex whole, and problems in one part are usually manifested in other body organs.
Therefore, people should always pay attention to the unusual state that they appear, because this may be a “sign for help” from the body, telling you that you should pay attention to your own health issues.
So, which signals are predicting what kind of problem?
Let us look at these signals from the body.
  1. Frequent urination.
Adrenocortical hormones surge when stressed, stimulating the small intestine and making people want to have a bowel movement.
  2. Hair loss.
Weekday work or study stress can affect human hair follicles, cause hair loss, and last for months.
  3. Mumble.
In a stressful situation, hormones such as adrenaline surge, which can cause headaches or migraines. At the same time, it will affect the normal thinking work of the brain, resulting in it being unable to find suitable words to communicate with others, and only murmuring.
  4. Decreased immunity.
Stress can exacerbate a viral infection, causing a runny nose, cough, or bone pain.
At the same time, stress weakens the immune system, which means that we are more likely to get sick and symptoms can last for a long time.
  5. Nails become fragile.
When people are stressed, the body will release a lot of stress hormones, such as the release of a large amount of acetylcholine silicon, which will cause the nails to become fragile.
  6, the wound is difficult to heal.
In a state of tension, even a seemingly minor scratch or cut may take a long time to heal.
  7, stomach upset.
When people are nervous, a lot of stress hormones are secreted, which directly affects the gastrointestinal tract, causing stomach pain, stomach acid and bloating.
  8. Suffer from skin diseases.
Stress can cause diseases such as hyperhidrosis (sweating), urticaria, allergic dermatitis, and itching of the skin.
  9. Tinnitus.
Stress can cause tinnitus and other hearing problems, causing damage to the hearing system.
  So, in the face of the distress signals from the above people’s bodies, how should we cope with it so that the body can return to a normal state?
I have prepared the following methods for your physical condition, let’s try it together.
  1. The following 3 simple rules can help you reduce your daily mental stress.
First of all, learn to breathe smoothly. When emotions are impulsive, we will hold our breath involuntarily. This will only aggravate the mental stress.
Second, correct posture.
This is because mental stress will gradually make us hump back and straighten it out, as if removing a bunch of heavy objects from our shoulders, correcting our posture can improve personal confidence.
Finally, regulate behavior.
Keep in mind even when there is little hope: you can change the current bad situation and make it better.
  2. Don’t rush to get up.
After waking up in the morning, lie on your back, stretch your body, and then lie on the limbs, stretch your back, and give the spine “wake up” time.
  3. Take fewer elevators.
Go up and down the stairs for more than 6 minutes every day, which will keep you refreshed.
  4. Pay attention to walking posture.When walking at home or in the park, holding your chest up and walking is very effective for maintaining your figure.

If you walk normally, you can consume twice as much displacement.

  5. Exercise every day.

Jumping around, standing squatting, squatting arms around, etc.

Doing these actions every day will help you stay in shape and improve blood circulation.

  6. Pack the kitchen after meals.

Do n’t sit down or lie down immediately after you eat, you can clean up the table, wash the dishes, and then do other work.

In short, forcing yourself to exercise for 15 minutes after a meal.

  7. Don’t sit for long.

Do some simple gymnastics while watching TV.

During work, don’t call coworkers from other rooms, but walk over in person.

  8. Make a lot of contacts.

A person who is good at communication is half less likely to be sick than a lonely person.

  9, smile often.

Laughter has a wonderful effect on strengthening the immune system. It can both consume energy and regulate mood.

In the autumn, the cough lungs are 8 kinds of foods that moisturize the lungs and stop coughing _1

In the autumn, the eight kinds of foods, such as cough and lung, moisturize the lungs and stop coughing.

Eight kinds of foods for the lungs in autumn, 1 pomegranate, have a stimulating effect.

If the fluid is insufficient, dry mouth and throat, you can use pomegranate juice or Jiantang drink, can clear away heat and detoxification, moisten the lungs and relieve cough.

2 Tofu has the effect of clearing heat and moistening.

“Medical forest compilation” cloud: “tofu clearing heat, cough, eliminate phlegm.

“When cough is a wind or heat, it is especially suitable.”

3 white radish radish is a cruciferous herb, the sex is flat and slightly cold, with heat and detoxification, Jianweixiaoshi, phlegm and cough, smooth and convenient, Shengjinzhike, Buzhongzhong and other effects.

4 winter melon winter melon is cool, can eliminate phlegm, heat.

“Southern Materia Medica” said: “Winter melon moisturizes the lungs and relieves phlegm.

“Whenever wind-heat cough or lung heat cough, you should use winter melon soup to eat.

5 pears have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, moistening the lungs and promoting fluids, relieving cough and removing phlegm, raw food, juice, stew or anointing, have a good therapeutic effect on lung heat cough, measles and elderly cough, bronchitis and other symptoms.

If it is mixed with sputum, honey, sugar cane, etc., the effect is better.

6 Almond fall is easy to be hurt by the autumn dryness, causing dry mouth and sore throat.

Almond can moisturize the lungs, relieve cough, has no effect on dry cough, and has a certain alleviating effect on lung deficiency and chronic cough.

Almonds are divided into sweet almonds and bitter almonds. Among them, sweet almonds have better lungs.

7 Lily Chinese medicine believes that lily can replenish heart and lungs.

Have a lung deficiency cough, dry cough without sputum or feel dry and cold in the autumn and winter, cough, are suitable for eating lily.

There are many ways to eat lilies. You can eat them. For example, the leek is fried into a lily. The leek is cut into the end and fried with the lily. It is a delicious dish, which is especially convenient for patients with lung diseases.

8 loofah loofah is good at clearing away heat and phlegm, especially for cough with thick cough and thick yellow.

This is due to the fact that the loofah’s plant mucus contains a saponin that has the effect of removing bismuth.

Anyone who is a cough of lung heat or wind-heating lungs often spits purulent sputum.

Yoga exercises specializing in obese limbs

Yoga exercises specializing in obese limbs

These problems can be completely flexed through yoga to achieve complete relaxation, thereby creating uniform lines and beautifully shaped limbs.

  Always listen to the MM who wants to lose weight. Don’t think that you are obese because of the muscle relaxation of your arm!

This view is very wrong.

Many women think that their arms, especially their upper arms, are loose. In fact, this is not fatness, but exercise of arm muscles.

  And a large number of office women working in the military civilian work all day in a chair. In order to show the best manners, they still sit with their legs bent from time to time, which slows down the blood circulation in the legs and the muscles of the tibia and hind legs.The longer, the stiffer and more tense, the leg muscles will lose their elasticity gradually. No matter you are sitting, you will always feel tired and fatigued. More importantly, it will affect the shape of the legs and buttocks, resulting in bloated and obese lower body.
  Action 1: Create an exquisite jade arm in a mountain style. Action 2: Anterior fracture of anterior compression: Exercise the lines of the big arm, and exercise the entire front side of the body.

  Mountain style: Disperse the misfortunes in the big arm area and stretch the extra meat in the big part of the big arm.

  Train long legs with beautiful legs: exercise the back of thighs and hips.

  Side angle bending: outside the thigh and waist, the curve of the ribs will be more perfect.

Bathing has a university question

Bathing has a university question

Bathing is probably a prelude to our farewell to a busy day. At this time, you can enjoy yourself, enjoy a full private space within a few minutes, sing inside, jump a macho show, and narcissistically face the mirror to overcome the excessive expansion of the spleen.Or enjoy yourself the thrill of a thousand miles. It doesn’t matter if no one will see you, but the foreplay of these baths will only let you relax the tight spirit and mood of the day. The point is that you are cleaned.No?

  Teach you a few tricks to take a good bath: the washer should be soaked in the tub or specially designed mineral bath, preferably with water immersed nipples.

The time depends on the situation.

The water temperature is above 42 °C, the bathing time is 10-20 minutes; the water temperature is 35-37 °C, and the soaking time can be longer than 1 hour.

Regardless of the length of time, whether it is combined with underwater massage method, also known as bath and rubbing method, also use a soft brush to gently brush the part.

  Half-length: Bather in a semi-bath or bath, if necessary, the surface of the water is flat or flat, soaked in the mineral spring.

Cover your upper body with a large towel to avoid getting cold.

  Shower: It refers to spraying a part of the body with a special water pipe to achieve the purpose of treating diseases.

The nozzle is about 20 cm from the skin, gradually moved to 15 cm, the water temperature is 40 to 50 ° C, each injection is 5 minutes, and then bathed for 10 minutes.

Now, some sprayers spray water from different directions to the body, which is actually a kind of “massage” for acupoints.

  The benefits of showering are twofold. One is to prevent cross-infection; the other is to “massage” the acupuncture points.

Nowadays, the surf bath, the water rushes from different directions to the human body, and is also a “massage” for the acupuncture points.

The benefit of the tub is that you can add fried Chinese herbs.

  Massage in the bath: bathe in the bath for five or six minutes while massaging the body.

The pressure of hydrostatic water can be utilized, and the buoyancy of water activates the limbs and affected parts.

When bathing, you can combine massage and back.

The best tool for backing is the loofah, which itself is a traditional Chinese medicine that has the effect of passing through the vitality.

There is also a sea pumice in Chinese medicine, like a coarse grinding wheel, which has a scorpion effect.

Especially for the elderly, because it is relatively hard, it can wipe off the thick skin of the heel and eliminate the phlegm.

These natural bathing appliances are better than the current chemical fiber bath towels.

  It is very important to choose bath products, soap, shower gel or shower gel to wash all the way, as long as it is suitable for your skin, and find a unique manly that Okro!

When men choose bathing lotion, the space is actually quite large. There are open-type shops such as Watsons, Kao, or BOOTS imported from the UK. There are commercial cabinets for men, because they are open shelves.There will be no clerk sticking to your recommended items.

  More sophisticated people can go to the body shop or department store counters, such as some of the counter brands we have introduced in the street popular unit (BIOTHERM, ORIGINS, AVEDA, etc.) also have products designed for male skin.
  Recently, these natural body cleaning products, which are advertised as natural ingredients, are mostly plant-based, such as tea tree oil that focuses on bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, lavender, rosemary oil with skin-lifting effect, aloe vera with moisturizing effect, etc.Ingredients, it can be considered as a variety of things, to figure out who should use that kind of eager to try, do not hinder to go to the counter store, they give you advice to make a decision.

  There are a large number of bathing supplies for men that are expected to be a can, which is shampoo and bath. These products are quite suitable for business trips, unless the product is marked with a dual-use word, or elseIt is not ideal to replace shampoo or shower gel.

  When the products such as shower gel are not so popular, soap is a memory in the process of many people growing up. If you are a man who insists on the original taste, there are many urban surfaces, highlighting pure natural oils.Bath soap can be used to exfoliate or bactericidal products.

  The exquisite nephew man may want to try it out, the famous “flower bath” in the bath, but you don’t think that the kind of washing in the TV film, the petals floating on the water is the flower bath!

To clean up the petals after washing, it is enough to make you sweaty and need to wash again!

  The friends who want to experience have the following two methods to choose from. The first is to buy the flower bathing agent directly, and pour it into the bathtub according to the instructions. The other is more exotic. It is to buy special dry flowers and flowers. After wrapping with cotton cloth,Put in the bath and wait for the aroma to be extracted from the leaves.

  The benefits that different flowers and plants can have on the body can be different!

For example, people who often suffer from insomnia can use “Western Chamomile”. If they want to promote blood circulation, they can use “rosemary”, while “Wild Rose” can alleviate nervous tension. There are other flowers with different therapeutic effects. If you are interested,You can ask the counter service staff more.

  Bath Tips Chinese Medicine: Don’t bathe with too hot water.

  From the protection of the skin itself, people should not bathe too much in the fall, even when the autumn has just arrived, when the temperature is not very low, it is only possible to wash the bathtub at most once a day or twice a day.

Otherwise, the skin is more susceptible to bacteria after the protective layer of the skin is destroyed.

Therefore, it is also appropriate to talk about hygiene.


It is not advisable to over-clean the skin. It is advisable to take a bath for two days.

  2.Do not take too much water to bathe.

If we take a bath with hot water, it will make the skin drier, redness and even peeling, which is not conducive to adapt to climate changes.

  Bathing and bathing: The normal skin surface has an acidic protective film formed by sebaceous glands, sweat gland secretions and displaced epithelial cells, and the stratum corneum, only 0.

1 mm thick, weakly acidic, but it is the first line of defense to prevent germs and harmful rays from invading the human body.

This layer of “dead skin” changes slowly, and it takes more than ten days to accelerate.

  If you use a towel repeatedly rubbing on the skin during bathing, it is easy to damage the skin, so that the keratinized layer of the epidermis is replaced too much, the skin will become dry, and even itching of the skin may cause pathogens and harmful rays to enter.It is easy to suffer from various skin diseases such as folliculitis and carbuncles.

  Friends who like to take a bath have a few things to pay attention to. If you take a hot bath immediately after eating, the blood will continue to concentrate on the skin, and the boots will affect the operation of the digestive organs. After the intense exercise,It is best to wait until the body has eased and then go to the bath.

Stomach weight loss reduces appetite of dieters

Stomach weight loss reduces appetite of dieters

Xiaoxia, 24, is a shot putter who has won rankings in national competitions.

After the end of her sports career three years ago, the biggest problem she faced was a rapid rise in weight, from the original 80 kg to 105 kg.

The girl did not love the beautiful, bid farewell to the sportswear Xiaoxia want to buy a satisfactory clothes are very difficult.

Serious problems caused Xiaoxia’s parents to relieve. Xiaoxia’s mother had high blood pressure and diabetes. They were really worried that Xiaoxia would cause diabetes early, so she took her from Harbin to Dalian to do surgery to lose weight.

  Why must I have surgery?

Yesterday, Xiaoxia, who lived in the second department of the Central Hospital, told reporters that as an athlete, she is very hard-working. It is especially easy to lose ten pounds and eight pounds. After a few tons of hungry, it is often a certain rebound. The key isYour appetite has long been stretched, and you have to eat a lot of things every time to have a feeling of fullness.

General Manager Zhao Guohua, general manager of the second division, told reporters that fat people like Xiaoxia have two things in common. One is that eating too fast, and the appetite reflects the signal of fullness to the brain for 20 minutes.Too fast, in 20 minutes, fat people will eat more than others.

Second, when the food reaches the bottom of the stomach, there is a substance called doping that tells the brain to be full.

And because the fat person’s appetite is too big, it takes a lot of food to reach the bottom of the stomach.

Therefore, in the long run, from weight loss to rebound, it is often a vicious circle.

  Yesterday, the doctor had to use a laparoscope to bundle a strip of tape in the stomach of Xiaoxia, so that the stomach can be bundled into two sections, so that when she eats, she can fill the small appetite with a little bit of food.

At the same time, the food can fill the bottom of the stomach, stimulate secretion and secretion, and give the brain a signal of fullness.

In this way, Xiaoxia’s appetite suddenly decreased.

She had the first meal in the operating room, as long as the two dumplings were full.

The doctor said she needed to shorten her ideal weight to 70 kilograms in one year.

The reporter learned that at present, some elderly people who weigh more than 100 kilograms are choosing to lose weight in order to avoid the chronic diseases caused by obesity.

How do white-collar men lose weight?

How do white-collar men lose weight?

According to the survey, the physical condition is generally weak and weak, often susceptible to flu, headache and other symptoms, and because their body “dynamic” is not enough, over time, the unfortunate organizations under the skin often carry out “collection” very arrogantly, causing their lower abdomen to bulge.Obesity symptoms such as hypertrophy.

  Japanese clinicians point out that obesity is too much to damage the appearance of white-collar men, and poses a great threat to health. For example, adults with liver-related habits, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are likely to findCome to the door.
Therefore, weight loss is a must.

  Office white-collar men are especially at risk of getting fat.

The reasons are as follows: (1) sedentary office for a long time, lack of exercise due to work stress; (2) depression in food or alcohol; (3) weight and pressure on you will form a vicious circle: the average person is under pressureUnderneath is easy to overeating, indigestion and overweight, so it is more susceptible to stress; (4) Some people think that “heart is wide and fat,” fat is a carefree performance.

From a psychological point of view, this argument is not unreasonable, which is one of the reasons why most men get married as quickly as the balloon is blown up after marriage; (5)About 30 billion unfortunate cells, these cells will heavier as they age.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier than before when he is 30 years old.

And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism all began to affect his abdomen.

  Reduce the waist and thin abdomen to help white-collar men lose weight here, we teach you how to use the TV or sleep before the air, a few easy floor movements, definitely give you a sexy and strong waist.

  Formula 1 is the first formula.

With your limbs on the ground, your hands are flat on the ground, your back is straight and level, and your eyes are looking straight ahead.

The back is slowly raised upwards and held for about 10 seconds (the back and forth movements are repeated 10 times and the second formula 1 is repeated.

The feet are bent flat on the ground, adjacent to the ground, and the hands are crossed into the chest 2 .

The lower body posture remains unchanged, and the head and shoulders are slowly lifted up and stayed for about 10 seconds (the back and forth movements are repeated 10 times and the third formula is 1.

The feet are bent flat on the ground, adjacent to the ground, and the hands are opened in a large shape to insert the double sides 2.

Raise the buttocks with the waist strength, and the hip muscles stay inward for about 10 seconds (the back and forth movements are repeated 10 times.

Naturally lying on the ground, feet straight 2 .

Lift the lower body, tighten the lower abdomen muscles, and keep it for about 10 seconds (doing back and forth 10 times) 5th.

Lying on the ground, helps support the head to maintain body balance 2 .

The upper body posture remains unchanged, slowly raise your right foot, and stay for about 10 seconds before changing sides (reverse action is repeated 10 times, the sixth formula 1).

The feet are bent flat on the ground, adjacent to the ground, and both hands are opened and inserted into the sides 2 .

Using the strength of the legs and the waist, let the feet rise up across the head, and the toes forward and forward to help the white-collar men lose weight in order to prevent the unwanted growth of the body and prevent them from being enchanted in the body. Japanese sports medicine expertsWhite-collar men have arranged an effective simple and freehand operation. As long as they practice 2-3 times a week, the place where the lower abdomen is easy to generate tissue will produce strong and strong muscle tissue, so that the body will become fit and people will feelEnergetic energy can enable people to cope with daily work efficiently. The specific methods are as follows: First, lie flat on the back, tightly close your feet, and lift 10 cm, keep this action for about 10 seconds, then put your feet down.Repeat this set of actions 50 times. If you do 100 times, it will be more ideal.

  Second, the body is lying flat, feet are close together, the knees are bent, the hands are crossed and placed behind the brain, the rotation is aligned, the face is sloping, the head is slightly lifted up, the line of sight is cast to the knees, and the head moves upwards 50-100 times.

  Third, sitting face forward on the chair, the upper body is straight, the hands are tight and the chair is pointed, the feet are close together, the face is lifted up, the support is kept for 10-20 seconds, then put down, this set of actions is repeated 100 times.

It’s not hard for a thin person to get fat

It’s not hard for a thin person to get fat

After the thin person removes the cause, it is beneficial to choose the supplemental medicine together with diet therapy, but it is also necessary to adhere to physical exercise to promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, strengthen the function of the organs, and improve the body’s disease resistance.

  Thin people, except congenital, are mostly caused by acquired disorders, such as chronic disease damage to the spleen and stomach, tracking and dying, undernutrition, overwork injury, loss of nursery after childbirth, physical fitness, etc., but these factors should also be dividedFor the spleen and stomach qi deficiency, spleen yang deficiency or yang deficiency and other different triggers for nursed back to health.

  Chinese medicine believes that “the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow”, and the stomach is the main food, the spleen is transported to nourish the muscles of the limbs.

When the spleen and stomach are weak or yang, the food cannot be digested and transported well, and the human tissues and organs and muscles are not nourished, resulting in malnutrition and thinness.

  Therefore, the treatment of spleen and stomach qi deficiency, appropriate qi to nourish blood.

For those who are yang deficiency, the principle of warming yang and qi is the principle.

Generally, it can replace ginseng, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Huai Yam, Atractylodes, Glutinous Rice, Pork Belly, Lamb, Beef and other tonics, tonics, Shuijianbi or stewed bone soup.

In addition, you can also choose Sijunzi Decoction (pill), Shenqi Baizhu Powder, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction (Pill), Guipi Pill (Tang) and other drugs, which have better curative effect.

  ”Skinny people are more yin and anger”, therefore, common dry mouth, dry hands, feet, heart, heat, constipation, etc., can choose sand ginseng, polygonatum, milk, duck, turtle meat, pork to nourish yin and reduce fireTake a stew as well.

At the same time should not eat spicy and hot products, so as not to consume the Yin fluid, aggravating the condition.

  In short, fat people, thin people after the removal of the cause, the appropriate choice of tonic drugs, with diet therapy is beneficial.

But we must also adhere to physical exercise to promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, strengthen the function of the organs, and improve the body’s disease resistance.
If physical exercise can be sustained, obese people will lose weight, their feet are light and fast, their shortness of breath disappears, and their energy is strong; while those who are thin can gain muscle, long strength, strong body and strong spirits.

Eight kinds of embarrassment in bed in sexual life

Eight kinds of embarrassment in bed in sexual life

In the face of sex, it is inevitable that there will be some abnormalities, occasionally embarrassing, and even show the inexplicable ideology.

Li Jundong, a sex expert, wants men and women to easily experience the “sexual tri-state” and avoid stagnation!

In fact, everyone has more or less perversion, but only to a different extent.

Metamorphosis is easy to flash, and it is difficult to prevent.

Abnormality has no solution, but you can definitely avoid it!

The following “bed state”, please pay attention not to lose state: First, boast a lot but break the power to talk about a love regardless of men and women, boasting to show off nothing.

A-level women want to add a look, if you don’t want to open the knife, add a magic bra, and use the dumpling padding method, it is a good way to upgrade to the sea Mimi.

In the 21st century, the bra has become a top technology product, breast cancer fraud group!

Focusing on the effect of the high support, the little tits instantly become a big breast girl, letting you think that you have reached the best Boba, and the bed inspection is in the dark.

The bra of the “two forces accomplice” has become a public enemy of men who are unwilling to be fooled.

This year, women are happy to shake their bags on the chest, and also motivate manufacturers to develop male magic underwear, so that men can become more powerful and powerful!

  However, the illusion of making a big package can only be regarded as an alternative “masturbation”. When a man and a woman love an intimate relationship, they must replace the camouflage.

Xiao Yannan still has to face the reality, the “unexpected” woman put herself up for a long time, when the time to pull out the dumplings, remove the silicone “self-acquisition of milk” action, add self-deception.

  Second, after drinking vomiting and vomiting, I admit that I can be courageous after drinking, but don’t believe that relying on alcohol can help, and drinking too much before intimate relationship is very easy to create “tragedy”!

There is one example: Brian, a colleague of Lan Jiaotou, is a gentleman. He has volunteered to escort the female friends who have already drunk.

Unexpectedly, the drunken lady mutated into a beast, grabbed him like a fire, and violently pulled down his crotch and pulled out his guy, saying that he wanted to blow up his fire.

He just wanted to enjoy this sudden happiness, suddenly “vomiting”, his words are all her vomit!

It turned out that Brian’s behemoth was holding her throat and vomiting for her in disguise.

Remember, in addition to drinking and not driving, be sure to add one more: “Do not blow the horn after drinking.

“Three, bad breath, body odor, body odor, sweat odor, foot odor and other stinky odors, odor, body odor, body odor is even more scary!

The mouth is as stinking as a morgue, so people can’t breathe.

People who smoke and inhale alcohol are prone to odor, oral hygiene is not good, and the sputum that does not brush your teeth before making love is even more annoying.

Especially after eating the onion ginger and garlic, the mouth can be said to be stinky to the highest point!

The use of oral spray to cover the bad breath has a limited effect, and thoroughly brushing the teeth to highlight the freshness can be cut into the focus; found that the root of the smell can be the right medicine.

A small amount of urine, sweat and other body fluids in the genital area, such as not good to wash down the left 揉 right 揉 揉 keep clean, intimate contact is really sweet and sour bitter and salty “five flavors mixed” people can not compliment, some people’s private parts taste like custard, Natto and salted fish, stinking like “three moms stinky pot” that makes you want to dry up!

Unless you are sure that the other person likes “smell”, you should deodorize yourself before you make love.

  Fourth, bald sex makes hair fall and affects the man’s self-respect.

Women voted for men’s “five bad”: bald and poor, ugly, “bald” ranked first.

In real life, men find that the blows of their baldness seem to be higher than the pain index of being stolen by the company or being abused by their girlfriends; the secret of hiding baldness is revealed by cruelty, and it is better to die than to die!

My old colleague Xiao Tang is so handsome that he is forced to attack Tom Cruise, but his true face is a bald man with a wig and a low self-esteem.

A few days ago, he made a new girlfriend on the Internet with the nickname of Tom Cruise’s “Little Soup Soup”. The two of them loved each other and went to Weige for Valentine’s Day. They were ready to have a sweet honey and kiss, but they didn’t expect to play.His entire dark-button wig was accidentally uprooted by her!

His girlfriend is taking a closer look, my mother!

She couldn’t help but laugh, Xiaotang Tang instantly became Su Shichang, and he was hurt on the spot.

The soup with serious hair loss problems was so anxious to ask people to ask for remedies to save baldness. A kind person told him that he could wash his hair with salt. He also washed it down and lived like a pickled head every day!

Later, the scalp was red and swollen, and he had to go to the hospital for help. His ignorance was stung by a dermatologist.

In fact, if the head shape is good, with the desire to cover it, it is better to be shaved and shaved to be a bald man.

  Five, premature ejaculation people are very sad men erect ejaculation is the climax of the tip, the pleasure is in the moment of ejaculation; but women have to do the foreplay to reach the climax.

In order to climax with a woman, men have to learn to control ejaculation.Initially the initial sexual experience is always too fast to believe in, super!

If someone screams that he has the potential to “head” for the first time, maybe he is really talented, but it may be that he is jealous of you!

The earliest men were trained from the accumulated experience of “sudden horror” into “slow lang”.

The psychological factors of premature ejaculation may be environmental stress, or it may be excessively concerned about the performance and heart pressure, if again, again and again, the “Fast Gunman” drama code, beware of premature ejaculation into a habit.

  Some drug-selling stations say that masturbation in Taiwanese Rap can lead to premature ejaculation, and there is actually no absolute connection.

I have heard of adults intimidating children and said: playing “lazy cars” will rot, and now growing up is not a hero!

Continuous ejaculation is awkward, don’t always want to “shoot” when making love, digital figures also help to distract attention from ejaculation.

When you feel a quick shot, you must skillfully pull out, temporarily buffer the thorns, breathe and adjust your breathing, do a few Kegel exercises, and wait until there is no more ejaculation impulse to continue.

  Sixth, the tidal blows are not the result of the loss of control of the woman’s G point due to excitement and expansion, often through the stimulus can reach the tide of the realm, there is one said.

Women’s eruption in the joy of sex, the Japanese language is called “flush”, many men hope to experience it.

My friend A Chao, who is an AV male Kato Eagle as a sex instructor, he hopes that he can go to the tide to reach people!

A Chao is extremely obsessed with the tide of women, and every girlfriend is always looking forward to personally experience the tidal taste of the outbreak (but no woman has promised to let him do this)!

Last month, on Valentine’s Day, he took a lot of money to buy a new bag of Hermes to his new horse, and finally got the experience ticket.

  ”I can say that my girlfriend finally let me use my fingers to work.

I didn’t expect that it wasn’t long before I got rid of it. I really thought it was a source of living water. I think I am a genius!

“However, it was not long before I was happy. The thick urine smell made A Chao feel that something was wrong.”

His girlfriend blushes that she is “a fake tidal blow, really urinating.”

“I see you look forward to it, don’t want to sweep you up.”

Some people do suspect that tidal blows are female urinary incontinence.

Whether she is blowing or not, if you are sleeping on a top Simmons mattress, make love or don’t forget to prepare for flood prevention.

  Seven, do you have a noisy experience and you have a sudden fart experience when making love?

When I experienced sex, the other party suddenly slammed into the sky and thundered me.

  ”I have had a super anal experience.

It was a man I liked very much. He asked me for anal sex. I want to please him, don’t talk about anal sex, and I am willing to punch!

“Ma face Kelly said: “I didn’t expect that I had a bad stomach that day. His fried rice action had a great stimulation to my stomach.”

“He was intoxicated, but she pulled a bed full of stools and made him stunned on the spot.”

  Some people especially like anal sex (perhaps a miner in their previous life, so they pay special attention to the development of mysterious gold tunnels).

A netizen told me that he loves “anal fists” (this is not one of the twenty-four filial piety “for the pro-testing feces”?

According to the physiological structure, the anus is covered with about half of the nerve endings in the pelvic area. It is easy to arouse sexual desire after touching. People who pick the active offensive will also feel irritated. It is no wonder that many people “know that the anus has convulsions and prefers to squat.”.
However, the anus is a “big hall”, shocking trepidation, excessive chrysanthemum and rectal germs, “kiss flower” or “flower arrangement” have to be clean; professional enema and rinseLiquid can help clean up the portal.

  Eight, A film action do not mess A film non-teaching film, but there are too many whimsical men in real life to take A film as a standard.

Gigi said that she had had the experience of being sprayed with semen. So far, I still have a lingering fear: “On his birthday, after cutting the cake, he made a wish to ask me to give him a blowjob. That is the last thing I like to do.

I was very uncomfortable that day. I thought that since the day was inconvenient, it was his birthday to say how good it was. I was so reluctant to reach his wish.

“Gigi didn’t expect him to ejaculate in her mouth without any psychological preparation!”

When she couldn’t get back to him, he fluently pulled the words out of her mouth, licked a few times on her (slap in the face), and ejaculated on her body.

He was obviously overjoyed, but she felt that she was being humiliated.

She was so angry that she rushed to the bathroom, looking at herself in the mirror, her mouth full of smell, her face full of wolverines.

  Both “mouth burst” and “beauty shot” are in Japanese. Those who have seen Japanese A films must know that this is the way men ejaculate at high tide.

“Mouth explosion” as the name suggests is “intraoral explosion”, ejaculation in the mouth of the other party through oral sex.

The man wants the other person to swear by the mouth, and the climax shoots the semen into the woman’s mouth.”Beauty” means “face ejaculation”, which is a casing that shoots semen in the other side.

  ”Breakout” and “Blood Shoot” are mostly women who succumb to or highlight the male-oriented AV world. The ideology of men’s respect for women is such that when men watch A films, they produce a thrilling projection effect.

  In the face of sex, we sometimes have some abnormal behaviors, even accidentally taking some embarrassment, or holding an ideology on sex, inadvertently stepping on the other side of the mine.

  Some things in sex always happen naturally; it is difficult to explain this desire.

Learn more about a person from a sexual attitude. Sexual love is the enjoyment of each other. It is considerate and caring. It must be in a state of pleasure and relaxation, from tolerance, tolerance, and advancement to enjoyment.

  Like a person, barely cooperate with each other’s quirks and preferences, eager for the other side to echo their own ideas; love itself is not only a morbid state, but may even be a perverted behavior.

There are various embarrassments in the process, and even want to express your own ideology. It is not easy to find someone who can talk about love and sweet love.

The love of love is staggered like ice is turned into water, and the water evaporates into water vapor. The love is fortunate and unfortunate. In the possession and loss, the traces of walking will be like the love ing that May Day sang:”In the future, a certain day of the month, some time, some time, some time, somebody, somewhere, somewhere, forever, will not forget.”

Counting data is as fierce as a tiger, and when you look at the five major players who are scumming, the health is double on the list!

Counting data is as fierce as a tiger, and when you look at the five major players who are scumming, the health is double on the list!

The NBA is a place of special attention to data, so we can always find some stars suspected of brushing data, but these stars are also divided into two types, one of which is like Wei Shao, although he blatantly brushed the data, butThe personal abilities of the people are there, and there is no need to mention the essence of the team.

But the other is to brush very beautiful data, but it is actually not as good as a substitute player. Today we will take stock of such stars inside the league.

Devin Bookbuck is the youngest 70-pointer in NBA history, and last season he was able to hit 24 per game.

9 points and 4.

5 rebounds 4.

7 assists.

He has just turned 22 this year, and his abilities are still rapidly improving. The future is limitless.

Although Booker’s personal data looks so good, why can’t he still get on the table?

The most important reason is his defensive attitude.

He is a typical player who is as aggressive as a tiger and defensive.

In fact, Booker’s height and physical fitness should give him a strong defensive ability, but his attitude is still his fatal flaw. If he wants to be a great player, he must correct his attitude first.

Tobias Harris Harris scored 19 last season.

3 points, 6 rebounds and 3.

1 assists, but also barely counted as “attack kaleidoscope.”

From the data point of view, he is definitely a player close to the All-Star level, but no one can win the eye, the main reason is because of his defense.

The defensive attitude is not positive enough, plus his thin body, so he has nothing on the defensive end, often let the opponent easily score on his head.

He can score 20 points in a game, but he can also get 30 points for his opponent.

Tyreke Evans Evans is definitely a debut player, and he can average 20 points per game during his rookie season.

8 rebounds 5.

3 assists and won the best rookie of the year.

However, the team did not improve its overall strength because of his arrival, but it was getting worse and worse, and continued to stay in the bottom of the West.

At the same time, he is also a typical “glass physique”, easy to hurt Evans has never been favored by any team in the league, so that he is still only able to hold a basic salary.

Downs and Wiggins said the data, the Timberwolves’ two champions can not lose to anyone at all, and Downs averaged 21 per game last season.

3 points and 12.

3 rebounds 2.

4 assists 1.

At the beginning of 4, and Wiggins can also hit 17.

7 points and 4.

4 rebounds and 2 assists, plus an All-Star player Butler, the Timberwolves should have been the team’s semi-final team, but why do they have to work hard in the playoffs?

This is the reason why Butler is clamoring for the Timberwolves this summer. Wiggins and Downs are the famous “health basketball” fans in the league, and they are the cornerstone of the team. Each game has unlimited shots.Although he can cut a score of 20 or so, but there is basically no defense, especially Wiggins, who has super talent, the defensive level is not even as good as all of them.

In addition to the above 5 people, who do you think is such a star?

Choose health points according to different physical constitutions

Choose health points according to different physical constitutions

First, Yin physique: This person’s physical characteristics are the body weight loss, the hands and feet are hot, the heart is irritated, sleepless, dry, yellow, not heat, and more like cold drinks.

  Health method: 1.

People with mental health and yin physique are in a hurry, and should follow the regimen of “darkness and emptiness, spiritual self-defense”.

Strengthen self-cultivation and develop a calm, calm habit.

Less participation in competitive entertainment, temperate life.


The principle of diet and diet is to eat light foods such as glutinous rice, sesame, honey, dairy, tofu, fish, vegetables, sugar cane and so on.

People with conditions can eat some sea cucumber, turtle meat, crab meat, etc., hot and spicy products should be eaten less.


Physical exercise should not be excessively active, focusing on nourishing liver and kidney.

Tai Chi is a more suitable sport.

  Second, yang physique: this kind of human body is puffy, or pale white, cold hands and feet, long urine, thin stools, cold and warm.

  Health method: 1.

People with mental health and lack of yang often show poor mood and sentimentality.

Such people should be good at adjusting their emotions, listening to music and making friends.


Eat and eat more aphrodisiac foods, such as lamb, dog meat, chicken, venison, etc., to strengthen the body’s yang.


Those who exercise physical yang deficiency should strengthen physical exercise and take steps such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, and Wu Qin.

Sunbathing and air bathing are the methods of strengthening the body and strengthening the sun.

  Third, phlegm physique: excessive body shape, muscle relaxation, addicted to fat, God tired and heavy, is a distinct feature of phlegm and physique.

  Health method: 1.

People who are mentally ill and have a wet body are prone to fatigue. They should make more friends, participate in social activities, and listen to some rhythmic music.


Diet regulation should eat more spleen dampness, phlegm and damp food, such as white radish, lentils and so on.

Eat less fat and sweet taste as well as drinks, alcoholic products, and each meal should not be full.


Physical exercise, dampness, excessive polymorphism, heavy and easy to wear, it should be long-term walk, jogging, all kinds of dance, ball and other activities, the amount of activity should be gradually enhanced, let the vibration of the muscle gradually transform into a strong, densemuscle.
  Fourth, bloody physique: Anyone with dark complexion, dull lips, dry skin, and dark eyes are mostly bloody physique.

  Health method: 1.

People who have a mental health and blood stasis have many symptoms of qi and blood stagnation, and it is important to cultivate an optimistic mood.

If the spirit is happy, the blood and blood will be smooth, and the normal operation of the meridian qi and blood will be beneficial to the change of blood stasis.

On the contrary, depression, depression will increase the bloody condition.


Diet and nutrition often eat foods that have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, such as peach kernels, black beans, etc., often cooking some hawthorn porridge and peanut porridge.

Also use some medicines that promote blood circulation and nourish blood.


Physical exercise and more activities to promote blood circulation, such as ballroom dancing, Tai Chi, health massage, etc., so that all parts of the body are active, help blood and blood.