Teeth filling substances can devour nerve health

Teeth filling substances can devour nerve health

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes that using amalgam materials to fill teeth can be harmful to human health.

  According to the British “Independent” reported on the 29th, the FDA changed its previous position that amalgam fillings are harmless, and issued a warning on its official website: “The amalgam mercury particles used for fillings may affect the nerves of developing children and fetuses.The system produces toxic effects.

FDA said that amalgam releases mercury vapor that is harmful to the human body when filling or taking out amalgam and when chewing with amalgam filled teeth.

FDA is in the process of pre-preparing provisions for filling materials that may restrict or ban the use of amalgam in advance.

  It is reported that amalgam is a common material for fillings.

125 tons of amalgam are consumed annually in the EU alone.

Norway and Denmark have announced a ban on mercury and amalgam fillings.

Sweden, Finland and Japan have imposed strict restrictions on amalgam fillings.

  Mercury is commonly known as metallic mercury, and the alloy formed by mercury with other metals is called amalgam or amalgam.

Mercury is toxic, severe mercury poisoning can cause death, and long-term low-dose mercury pollution can also cause damage to the human nervous system.

  Those who oppose amalgam fillings believe that amalgam may make them vulnerable to heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Two taboos for babies to eat milk powder

Two taboos for babies to eat milk powder

Not a big brand of good quality milk powder will definitely be suitable for your baby. The eating method and the amount of consumption are certain. Moms, have you mastered it?

  The pharmacist mother reminded me: Do n’t change the milk powder too often. There are often mothers who change the milk powder because they see that the child is not long or the stool is green. They do not know that changing the milk powder will bring great pressure to the child.

Replacement of milk powder will reduce intake in the early stage, cause indigestion, and some may cause symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid the practice that some mothers may hear that someone changes milk powder if it is good.

Apart from feeding special protein milk powder because of occasional milk allergy, the most important thing is to stick to the same milk powder.

  Do n’t eat too much milk powder. Parents are afraid that the child will be hungry. When feeding milk powder, they always want to thicken the milk powder. Some even think that as long as the child can eat it, the thicker the milk powder, the more nutritious it is.

  In fact, for the milk with too high concentration, the newborn cannot completely absorb it, especially the protein.

Instead, it increases the baby’s gastrointestinal burden, causes bloating, diarrhea, and impedes nutritional absorption.

Therefore, the amount of infant formula must be suitable for the age of the baby.

  The general formula is: within half a month, every 100 ml of milk contains about 9 grams of milk powder; within 2 months, it contains 12 grams, and within 3 months, it does not exceed 15 grams.

  If the infant’s milk intake exceeds the standard, anorexia may occur, or it may become excessive.

Obesity easily increases the abnormal tissues in the body, overloads the heart, causes infants to move slowly, reduces activity, and affects development. If it is 3 months, the infant’s daily intake should be controlled within 1000 milliliters.

If the baby still has a headache, don’t add milk powder at this time, only replace milk powder to increase the glucose intake, which is good for the baby’s growth.

  Under normal circumstances, parents do not need to worry about the baby’s nutritional deficiency. Therefore, any method to strengthen the baby’s food intake is not desirable.

  Milk powder feeding IV. Note (1) Milk powder must be fed as required. Be sure to use boiling water that cools to body temperature or normal temperature.

Use raw or tap water for the water. Avoid mineral water or raw water that is not boiled.

Other soups such as fish soup or sieve bone soup, because of their high mineral content, can overload your child’s heart and must be avoided.

  Milk powder must be fed according to requirements. Adding a spoonful of milk powder to water in Korea means 20cc or 40cc. Foreign products often refer to adding a spoonful of milk powder to 60cc water.

  If you feed milk powder, if you have indigestion, there will be white dregs on your child’s stool, and some mothers will thin the milk powder accordingly.

There are also some adults who mix milk powder so that children can eat more.

In fact, both methods are inadequate. If the milk powder is too thin, the child will have diarrhea, and the milk powder is too thick and brittle and constipated. Therefore, the child’s digestive ability should be considered and the appropriate concentration should be fed.

  (2) Feed immediately, throw away the rest.

  Milk powder should be fed immediately after preparation.

Because there is a danger of deterioration for more than 30 minutes at room temperature.

Throw away whatever you eat.

Because the saliva comes into contact with the milk powder, the bacteria inside it also enter the milk powder and the milk powder deteriorates.

  (3) Milk powder to prevent diarrhea The lactose-decomposing enzymes on the intestinal wall are also lost during the diarrhea of the child. Therefore, the lactose component in the milk powder cannot be broken down.For general milk powder.

This milk powder is used in situations where diarrhea is severe or long-lasting.

Glucose plays a role in promoting the development of the central nervous system headed by the brain, promoting the growth of Bifidox pupae in the intestine, and preventing intestinal obstruction.

Therefore, long-term consumption of diarrhea-preventing milk powder with low lactose content is not good for children’s health. It can be consumed for a short period of time when diarrhea.

The current trend is that even if there is diarrhea, and the proportion of milk powder is fed, breastfeeding and replacement of original milk powder are more advocated.

  (4) After feeding the milk powder, the child will be snored and the air will be swallowed when the child drinks milk powder.

After the air enters the child’s stomach, the pressure in the stomach increases, and the child must feel unwell.

This requires a process that releases the swallowed air through the esophagus, which is snoring.

Sometimes when the child eats milk, the milk will rise and vomit. This is because the air in the stomach rises up through the esophagus and causes the milk to flow upwards. In fact, there is no need to worry.

The muscles in the upper and lower stomachs of an adult are contained, so the food cannot easily be spit out, but the muscles in the children’s upper and lower stomachs are not well developed, so the food tends to flow back.

In this case, the feeding amount can be reduced to some extent. If you snore, stop feeding within 15 minutes, and let the child lie down after holding for a while to slow down the situation.

  Snoring while breastfeeding also swallows air with sucking breastmilk. Because there is no other release channel, it is good to snoring through moderate snoring.
Especially when breast milk is placed in a milk bottle, it will be snoring like drinking milk.
  Point milk powder must be replaced as required.

  Throw away the remaining milk powder after eating.

Make milk, apply light ski skin


Make milk, apply light ski skin

Do you want to have milky smooth skin?

Then try our secret milk and teach you how to achieve your wish to be a beautiful and proud woman.

  First, smooth milk application for a week, your face will become tender and full of moving luster.

The specific method is as follows: Initially, clean your face thoroughly, gently wash your face with warm water and facial cleanser, pay attention to oil control for oily skin.

  In the second step, use the scrub to remove the dead skin on the forehead, nose, and chin.

  The third step is to mix Angelica powder, honey, milk, pearl powder, egg white, etc. into a paste, and apply it evenly on the face and neck.

  The fourth step is to lie on your back for 30 minutes. You can play some light music you like in the room and close your eyes.

Wait for the mask to dry.

  Fifth, gently wash away the mask with warm water. The dry part of the mask should not be pulled by hand, and it should be slowly dripped on the face with water. After the mask has softened, it can be washed with water.

  Step 6. Dip a cotton ball in warm milk and scrub your face and neck carefully.

Before going to bed at night, you can stop using cosmetics.

When you get up the next day, wash off any remaining milk on your face and neck.

  Further reading: In the early fall, thoroughly clean the season-changing skin and sensitive skin battles for two rounds of seven rounds.

Milk + flour method: Mix 3 spoons of milk and 3 spoons of flour evenly, adjust to a paste, cover the face, and after the mask is dry, carefully wash with warm water and follow the steps of washing your face.

  This mask can only be applied twice a week at most, it is too bad for the skin.


Milk + olive oil + flour method: Take 1 tablespoon of milk, add a few drops of olive oil and a small amount of flour, mix well, apply it on a clean surface, and wash with warm water after drying.

  This face pack reduces wrinkles and increases skin elasticity.


Milk + strawberry method: mash 50 grams of strawberries, filter with double gauze, transfer the juice into 1 cup of fresh milk, stir and take the strawberry milk on the face and place a massage, keep the milk on the face and neck about 15Clean in minutes.

  According to records, this beauty milk is one of the ancient Swiss skin care recipes, which can moisturize and clean the skin, has a mild astringent effect, and also has an anti-wrinkle effect.

  Further reading: Finding the key points of skin care for autumn skin care manual for different ages III. Milk bleaching freckle mask 1.

Milk + hydrogen peroxide + flour + water Method: Mix one spoonful of milk, two spoonfuls of hydrogen peroxide, 3 spoons of flour and some water carefully, and then spread evenly with a soft brush. After the mask is completely dry, wash it off with warm water.

  The water added to the mask is preferably distilled water without impurities; avoid touching the eyebrows and eyes when applying.

  Fourth, the specific steps of body whitening and skin care are as follows: 1.Bath cleans skin.

Spread the whole milk with a paste of apricot powder.

  3.Massage the body to soften the skin to make the milk apricot honey moisturize and make the skin soft and smooth.

  4.After 1 hour of massage, the steam will expand the pores and exert a deep cleansing effect, while softening the skin and increasing blood circulation.

The chair turned out to be the number one killer of health

The chair turned out to be the number one killer of health

“Get up from your chair!

“This is a suggestion from a professor of psychology to the” sitting generation. ”

Most of the workers in modern society sit in the office and drive around on the way to and from work. When they return home, whether they eat dinner or watch TV or sit .People “sticking” to the chair may be at higher risk of developing high blood pressure, slowing metabolism and gaining weight.

  Why do honest chairs make a healthy killer?

  The passiveness of “sit” is second only to “lying”. The sitting human body has the lowest absorption and consumption, which easily leads to metabolic imbalance.

Many people feel that even eating an apple consumes more transfers than “sticking” to a chair.

On the other hand, “Some people mistakenly think that ‘sit sedentary’ is equivalent to ‘no exercise’. In fact, if someone exercises 30 to 45 minutes in the gym every day and still sits the rest of the time, their lifestyle still belongs to ‘sit sedent’.

“The sitting position changes the natural shape of the human spine, making muscles and bones more and more uncomfortable.

The spine of a healthy person is naturally S-shaped, but the sitting position pushes the waist back into a “C” shape, so that the back and abdominal muscles that should support the body lose their effect.

In the long run, the hip muscles become weak, unable to support the spine strongly, and the pain comes in pain. Someone in the sitting position is bent at 90 degrees. The muscle strength and hip flexors have been compressed, the hip muscles are stretched, and the limb movements will change.No longer free, stretching, pain and injury are more repeated than before.

  After a long period of time, the waistline of the “seat” will gradually increase over time.

“Stand up” can only consume a few calories of conversion at a time, but as long as you insist on doing it once a day, it will gradually become obvious.

Consuming 30 to 50 more calories per day is not difficult, but it is enough to prevent weight gain of 2 to 3 pounds per year.

And if you spend a lot of time in a “sit” state, your weight will quietly fall on you.

  ”Sit” not only does not put a positive physical test on the body, but forces it into a relaxed state, while “correction” can exercise the muscles of the head, shoulders and legs, perform effective metabolism, and adjust the position of the spine in time.

  It is not appropriate to call a chair the No. 1 killer of health, because it will not intentionally harm people’s health. What really should be changed is the sedentary bad habit.

Scientists suggest that people try to move away from the chair as often as possible. Workouts or treadmills are good choices.

Another way is, “Make the right habit when answering calls,” Biddle said, “and constantly switch focus by changing feet.

This way you also burn calories during the call.

Nourishment and Beauty

Nourishment and Beauty

Ingredients: tremella fuciformis 2 to 5 yuan, black fungus tangible 2 to 5 yuan, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper, sesame oil.

  Method: First remove the white fungus and black fungus, remove the impurities, blanch it with boiling water, put it into cold boiling water immediately, remove it after cooling, and drain it into a dish.

Take another bowl and add refined salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, pepper, sesame oil, cold water and mix thoroughly.

  How to eat: Accompany meals.

  Efficacy: nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing kidney and strengthening, nourishing skin, nourishing face, and nourishing face.

Cosmetology application: used for blemishes caused by lack of qi and blood and chronic illness; unkind skin.

Simple movements to get rid of fatigue and relieve stress

Simple movements to get rid of fatigue and relieve stress

Click to buy Everyone hopes to have a healthy body. At the same time, as urban white-collar workers, they often mingle in the office, daily necessary sports, many white-collar workers understand cervical spine and cervical diseases, and have a strong sense of work fatigue.

So for these people, how should we get rid of fatigue?

In fact, in the office, you can do some small movements properly. These simple small movements can help you get rid of fatigue and relieve work pressure, so take a look together!

  1. Take a deep breath to relieve your emotions.

Deep breathing can increase lung ventilation and ventilation, increase blood oxygen saturation, and promote the full function of all organs and systems in the body.

In addition, it may promote blood circulation in the lungs, which is conducive to the smooth discharge of residual gas and other metabolites in the lungs.

In addition, deep breathing can also stimulate the alveolar stretcher, causing parasympathetic nerve excitement, which can relax the body and relieve tension.

  2. Stretching your waist is the best way to relieve stress.

“Stretching up can help you relax.

“Stretching your neck and raising your arms is a local waist, moving your bones, and relaxing your spine. In just a few seconds, you can drive a lot of stagnant blood back to the heart, increase blood circulation, and improve blood circulation.

In addition, stretching can also unblock the blood vessels, allowing it to smoothly transfer blood to the brain, so that the brain is adequately nourished, thereby reducing fatigue and invigorating the spirit.

In addition, it can make the whole body muscles, especially the waist muscles exercise in rhythmic expansion and contraction, gradually develop and strengthen, can prevent lumbar muscle strain, timely cut off the spine and bend forward, and maintain a healthy body shape.

  3, chest expansion exercise chest expansion exercise, relieve muscle fatigue.

When people are tired from work, they may wish to do a few chest expansion exercises.

This can not only exercise the chest muscles, but also increase lung capacity, improve respiratory function, and improve work and quality of life.

At the same time, chest expansion allows the chest muscles to move, stretch and stimulate the thymus, and promotes the secretion of more immune substances, thereby improving the ability to resist disease and cancer.

  4, bathing hands This is another good method.

Bath hand is a kind of health massage.

Take a habitual position, eliminate distracting thoughts, stay calm and calm, don’t listen to your ears, don’t look far away, keep your belly button, and rub your hands from slow to fast.

  5. Rubbing the ears to stimulate the acupuncture points of the ears is also beneficial.

There are many acupoints on the auricle.

Use your index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and three fingers to rub the auricle back and forth, stimulating the various points on the auricle.

The number of times depends on each person’s situation, generally around 20 times as the degree.

  6, rub the face rub the face, you can also rub the nose part.

Place the kneaded hands flat on the skin, with the fingers of both hands going down from the front nose to the sides of the nose, and rub repeatedly until the face becomes hot.

Then close your eyes and massage the eyes and surroundings with the tips of your two fingers.

  7, rubbing the neck and jaw position, frequent rubbing, but also multiple healthy.

First use both forefingers and ring fingers to repeatedly massage the wind pool and wind acupoint at the back of the neck. The strength ranges from light to heavy until local fever, and then alternately rotate left and right.

  8. Yawning Yawning is a good way to relieve fatigue.

Yawning is a physiological need of the body.

It is a signal of nervous fatigue, indicating that excitement is about to reach or has reached its peak, reminding people that they should take a break at this time.

In addition, yawning helps relax the muscles of the eyes, promotes blood circulation in the eyes, and makes the eyes feel brighter and more comfortable.

Scientists from the American Health Association also predict that, considering that people working in computers do not prevent yawning when tired, to relieve eye fatigue.

  If white-collar workers often do not exercise, some diseases are likely to come to you, such as obesity and various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

These simple little movements, free time, do not hinder trying, improve fatigue, and stay away from sub-healthy state.

White-collar workers, come and exercise together!

  Through the above simple actions on alleviating fatigue, I hope it will be helpful to the office family.

How to choose the right oat product


How to choose the right oat product

Oatmeal is good nutrition, which has almost become a common sense of the public.

Some people have heard that its vitamin content is very high; some have heard that it contains beta glucan, which can help prevent cardiovascular disease; some have heard that its blood sugar rises slowly and is the best food for people with diabetes;Others have heard that it is not easy to feel obese after eating it, and it is extremely distorting to the weight-loss person and faces various “oatmeal”, “oatmeal”, “oatmeal” products on the shelf, which one would you choose?

After you buy it, how will you eat it?

This is not clear to everyone.

If you don’t make it, you may not be buying oatmeal at all, or you cannot meet all the expectations above.

  Are oatmeal and oatmeal a thing?

  Not a thing at the same time.

Pure oatmeal is rolled from oat grains and is slender, with a diameter about the size of soy beans and a complete shape.

The instant oatmeal treated with instant food is a bit crushed, but still polishes its shape.

Oatmeal is highly viscous, which is the result of beta-glucan healthy ingredients.

Its effects of lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, and high satiety are closely related to this sticky substance.

In general, the thicker the oatmeal of the same amount, the better the health effect.

  Oatmeal is made by mixing a variety of cereals, such as wheat, rice, corn, barley, etc. Among them, oatmeal only accounts for a small part, and does not even contain oatmeal at all.

Foreign products like to add dried fruits, nut pieces, legumes, etc., domestic products like to add maltodextrin, sugar, creamer (vegetable cream), flavor, etc.

Below this, adding fruits and nuts and legumes for extra health can greatly supplement the source of fiber; adding sugar and dextrin will reduce nutritional value and increase the rate of blood sugar rise; adding creamer is not good for cardiovascular health becauseContains partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in which the “trans fatty acid” component promotes the development of plasma.

  Am I buying sweet cereal properly or is it not sweet?

  Of course, it is preferred to choose oatmeal or oatmeal without sweetness.

Natural cereals, without a doubt, are sugar-free.

If you make a small bag of 40 grams of oatmeal in a small bowl, it has the right sweetness, which means that it contains 20 grams of sugar. Then, half of the oatmeal you buy is actually white sugar!

Can you expect such products to have high nutritional value?

  So what about sugar-free products?

Still not optimistic.

If it has a sweet taste, then it must be added with some high-efficiency sweeteners such as cyclamate, acesulfame, aspartame and the like.

These things are mainly chemical synthetic products, and children under the age of 2 cannot eat them.

Although aspartame is a peptide substance, its safety is still too much controversy internationally.

The most important thing is that high-efficiency sweeteners only need to be added a little bit, so what should be used to fill it?

It is usually added starch crushed matter, such as maltodextrin.

Dextrins, like sugar, can raise blood sugar quickly and contain almost no other nutrients.

People who need to control blood sugar should not be confused by the word “sugar-free”, but buy pure oatmeal!

  They say that whole grain foods are particularly good, why ca n’t I see whole grain oatmeal?

  Oats and wheat are two different grains.

Wheat is usually ground to “white flour”, which loses a lot of nutrients in the outer layer.

Pure oatmeal itself is whole grain and has not been removed from the outer layer, so it does not need to declare “whole wheat” or not.

Moreover, the nutritional value of pure oatmeal far exceeds that of whole wheat flour.

It is important to note that if the proportion of oatmeal in the product exceeds, the nutritional value of the product is increased.

Containing ingredients rich in rice flour, corn, etc., the nutritional value will be reduced.

  Some oatmeal claims add other nutrients, indicating high calcium, high iron, high protein and the like. Is such a product better than pure oatmeal?

  The nutritional value of oatmeal itself is high enough, it is very good to make staple foods without even adding other nutrients.Adding some nutrients to a business can be a sincere hope to improve the quality of the product, and substitution is a way of publicity that attracts consumers to buy it first.

Some “oatmeal” products themselves contain a small percentage of oats, and even adding other nutrients, such as calcium, protein, etc., is actually no more nutritional value than pure oatmeal.

Do not assume that after adding some nutrients, processed products will definitely outperform natural products.

  Some poorly packed sacks of oatmeal are often rarely asked, and these seem to have no other nutritional ingredients and added ingredients. Is such a product good?

  These products are not really flamboyant marketing, nor do they add any synthetic substances to make them truly natural oatmeal.

Natural oatmeal, protein content is as high as 13% -15%, among which calcium and potassium are very high, β-glucan is very rich, and there are a small amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

These plain and plain products are not attractive, they may not taste so delicious and are more troublesome to cook, but please note that this is the characteristic of pure natural products.

  It’s a pity that many consumers don’t know what is called pure oatmeal. They don’t know that the taste is so light and the taste is so sticky.

They are attracted by the slogan of “natural”, but they only love to add all kinds of sweet and processed products.

Because after years of infiltration of processed foods, many people can no longer adapt to that rough, light natural taste.

The taste itself is unhealthy.

  Many oatmeal products have the “fat cream” ingredient. What can it do?

  Creamer can improve the taste, but it contains partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, which contains a lot of trans fatty acids and saturated fatty acids, which is not good for your health.

The adverse effects of trans fatty acids include increasing LDL indicators while reducing LDL plasma, increasing the risk of diabetes, adversely affecting children’s nervous system development, increasing the risk of infertility, and so on.

  Many oatmeal products are priced without cooking, so are they cooked or washed?

  From a health perspective, it’s better to cook it yourself.

Because boiled oatmeal can provide maximum satiety, blood sugar rises most slowly.

At the same time, there are no added ingredients in these oatmeal to be cooked, such as sugar, creamer, maltodextrin, flavor, etc.

Some instant oatmeal just need a minute or two to heat, they are also a good choice.

  Those ready-to-eat products cater to consumer demand for convenience and deliciousness, and this demand is not necessarily consistent with health value.

For example, most of these products are added with sugar, which not only reduces the nutritional value, but also reduces the advantages of low blood sugar rising speed and high satiety of oatmeal.

There are also many types of convulsions added with creamer (creamer), which discounts the benefits of oatmeal in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Love hair in summer?


Love hair in summer?

Why is the hair greasy in the summer? The situation is not good in the winter and worse in the summer. I wash it in the morning and I have oil on my head in the afternoon.

Actually, you have more hair because you don’t know how to care for it?

Hair care can improve the oil head radically.

  Reasons why hair loves oil 1. Improper selection of shampoo There are many types of shampoo products on the market. Good shampoo products play a key role in the health of hair and scalp.

Some more moisturizing products can cause hair, scalp can not get comprehensive deep cleansing, long-term use can cause hair health problems.

  Solution: Most shampoo products now contain silicon.

Silicon is a kind of sealer. It is often added to hair care products. People feel good after using the hair, but because of the closed nature of the silicon, the subsequent hair care products cannot enter the hair, and they will also adhere to the scalpCauses oiling and hair loss.

So if you have serious oily hair, be sure to choose a shampoo without silicon, pure plant and oil control effect.

  The reason why hair loves to oil 2, replacement of shampoo will increase the oil output situation alternately, continuous washing will lead to oil (this continuous means 1-2 days, if you do not wash 1-2, then you can not(Watched), but if you wash your hair too often, it will actually produce oil.

We know that sebum is secreted based on information feedback, just like our skin, the more water it gets, the more oil it produces.

Wash your hair gradually, clean the oil on your scalp, and even take away the oil that protects your scalp. Sebum will get the message of “oil deficiency” and then secrete sebum further.

This will cause more and more oil to be secreted and hair to become more oily.

  Solution: The number of shampoos should be controlled within 2-3 days, but it must be ensured that each shampoo can be cleaned thoroughly.

When shampooing, it can be divided into two times. The first time is dedicated to cleaning the scalp, and the second time is also used to clean the scalp.

If you get up in the morning with messy hairstyles, you can rinse with water and use conditioner to smooth your hair. You don’t need to use shampoo.

  Reason 3 for hair love, the use of conditioner and hair mask is incorrect. It is possible to use conditioner and hair mask to moisturize hair after shampooing, but this type of hair care product can only be used forApply to the hair, taking care not to touch the scalp.

Because the nourishing ingredients in the conditioner and the hair mask have just been cleaned, the scalp becomes “dirty” again, and the boots lead to oily hair.

In addition, it is easy to wash and get dirty on the scalp.

  Solution: When using conditioner and hair mask, avoid the beginning of the skin, just apply between the hair, especially the dry and frizzy part of the hair.

  Reasons for hair to oil 4. Excessive use of chemical hairdressing products such as hair sprays, sprays and other styling products will cause hair to stain the air, which will make your scalp more oily.

In addition, if you use the hairdressing product excessively, it will not be washed thoroughly afterwards, and the product will easily accumulate on the hair and scalp. If this is the case, the hair will become oily and oily.

  Solution: If your hair is very oily, avoid using hair styling products extensively before conditioning to healthy hair.

If you must use it, choose a clear and refreshing spray, and thoroughly wash your scalp and hair before going to bed at night.

  Reasons for hair to be oily 5, diet and rest and normal diet Greasy, spicy, or frequent consumption of fried foods, junk food, will make sebaceous glands active, strong oil secretion, resulting in serious hair oil; and often stay up late, lack of sleep,Excessive mental stress can also cause problems such as severe oil production or yellowish hair.

  Solution: In modern times, we must ensure adequate sleep, regular work and rest, eat less high-fat, high-conversion, spicy food.

Also exercise more, maintain a good attitude, and avoid too much tension.

Comprehensive conditioning of the body will not only improve the problem of oily hair, but also good for your health.

  Written at the end: If you have done all this and the hair is still serious, it is recommended to see a doctor.

It may be seborrheic dermatitis, or it may be an allergic scalp that is irritated.

In short, it is really awkward to have oily hair in summer.

Hurry up and correct the problem mentioned above.

Detailed analysis: six illusions of breast milk replacement

Detailed analysis: six illusions of breast milk replacement

All publicity emphasizes the need for confidence in breast milk intake, which must be based on relevant nurturing knowledge.

Without foundation, as long as the child cries a little, this confidence will completely collapse.

In fact, after the baby is born, the mother often thinks, “Is my milk enough?

How do I know if my child is full?

“There may be many artifacts, and the two doctors explained to us how to correctly understand these artifacts.

Illusion 1: It takes more than an hour to feed each child, and the child is always full.

Children are not breastfeeding, but sometimes they are holding their nipples. Some elders say this is a bad problem.

Experts explain: In fact, if a baby does n’t eat this, he will also hold a towel and be horned, which is a bad thing.

Myth 2: At first, breast milk was enough, but after a few days the child kept crying and seemed to be full.

Experts explain: 1 week, 10 days, 1 month and a half to 3 months after the birth of the baby, a rapid growth period will occur, and it is easy to be hungry. At this time, breast milk may not be able to reproduce, not because the breast milk is reduced, or because the child eats too muchAlready.

At this time, the new mother should feed the previous child more every day. As the child sucks more often, the milk volume will definitely increase.

Illusion 3: Other new mothers have more milk than me.

Experts explain: Because of different physiological structures, the amount of milk for each new mother is different.

Your milk may not be as good as other new mothers, but it is definitely enough for your child.

Imagination 4: My milk is very thin, not as white and thick as some people’s, and it looks like there is a layer of oil floating on it.

Experts explained: The milk that the child eats in the first 10 minutes belongs to the former milk, which is relatively thin and penetrates the water.

Later milk is called post-milk, and the post-milk has a rich aunt and is milky-white.

Therefore, breastfeeding advocates breastfeeding for 20-30 minutes at the initial stage. If it is changed too quickly, the child will always not be able to eat nutritious postpartum milk.

Illusion 5: The child has sucked my nipples, he must not eat enough.

Experts explain: Scientific placement is important. The baby’s and mother’s abdomen should be attached together, and the child’s chin should be close to the mother’s breast.

And you must suck the areola. The areola exposed above is more than the bottom, because the milky sinus is under the areola. It is difficult to suck the milk with the nipple alone, and the nipple is easy to break.

Imagination 6: The child fell asleep without eating two mouthfuls of milk. After a short sleep, he woke up again and had to eat again.

Experts explained: Babies fall asleep after eating milk. In fact, they are not really asleep, but they are dozing off after being tired. They often have to eat for a while and then sleep for two times.

Whether the amount of breast milk is sufficient can be seen by two indicators. Experts point out that once the new mother is affected by the illusion of “inadequate milk” and prematurely adds milk to the child, this illusion will become a reality.

There is a significant characteristic of milk secretion-the more the child sucks, the more it is secreted.

In recent years, it has been advocated that infants should start to suck their mother’s breasts within half an hour of birth. There are two factors: they must be able to get precious colostrum, so that the mother’s breasts are fully stimulated.

Experts provide two indicators to help new mothers determine whether the amount of breast milk is sufficient: 1. If the newborn is exclusively breastfed (without drinking water), the urine can reach 6 or more times a day, there is no problem with the amount of breast milk;After the child is full, he can gain 1 pound.

EQ game Mom, where do I come from

EQ game “Mom, where do I come from”

Preparation: Fetal growth Practice: 秘密 The secret of their own birth often makes children curious. Parents should not evade this, but also take the opportunity to develop the child’s sociality.
  1. Look at the fetal growth chart.
Tell the child: “Mom and Dad are married, and a seed is planted in the mother’s belly. This seed grows up day by day, like a fetus on the picture. See, this is you.”
  Look at the fetus picture with the child, find the smallest fetus, and then look down in order. This will cause the child great interest and will send many questions to the adult. The adult will follow these questions to guide the child, enrich the relevant knowledge,The child understands his origin.
  2. Talk about the situation of the mother during his pregnancy with the fetus picture. It is best to show a picture of the mother’s pregnancy. Combine the picture with the fetus picture. Talk about the baby’s movements in the belly.Hard and uncomfortable, talk about father and mother’s hope and love for the baby, and talk about various preparations for the baby’s birth.
  Tip: If the child does not ask about it, it can cause the child’s curiosity, “Where did the chick come from?
It was scooped out from the chicken mother’s eggs. Where did the baby come from?
“This will promote children’s self-awareness and enhance parent-child relationships.