Shook his head helplessly,Xiang Chen suddenly discovered,Maybe Han Zhili is popular in the private kitchen,Not just because he is the president of Wanghai University,More over,He can indirectly drive the performance of campus businesses。

Raise the glass and put it down,Han Zhili hiccuped gently,Xiang Chen couldn’t help but be excited。
Not waiting for Han Zhili to speak,Xiang Chen first spoke:“Old man,We will set a date today,I have someone call you the balance!If it is missing later,We all discuss!”
No matter what Han Zhili wants to say,The topic that Xiang Chen throws is alluring enough,Even if it’s not Han Zhili’s ideal topic,As long as it is attractive enough,Han Zhili had to continue。www.5ulc.
Sure enough, I heard Xiang Chen mentioned money,Han Zhili’s spirit is always to revive。Looking at Xiang Chen with eyes shining brightly,It’s like an old hooligan met a big girl。
“The date is naturally the sooner the better,After all, your kid paid the first payment last time,It’s gone,The last payment is now。I don’t believe you,But such a big school,There are too many things to do!How about you set up a student fund?I can name it after you then,My special approval!”
Han Zhili is not at all polite to Xiang Chen,Staring at Xiang Chen with piercing eyes,I’m afraid he will go back。
Xiang Chen was stunned,Pick up the glass and drink it all。
I feel like I dug a hole for myself,I don’t seem to be able to jump。
Everyone around is holding back a smile,I rarely see Xiang Chen suffer in front of outsiders,Now I can’t help seeing him being restrained by Han Zhili,Also very happy。
Chapter Four Hundred and Twenty Nine Lobby
Everyone continued to taste the dishes on the table,Even if the owner of the private kitchen no longer lets the waiter go to the table,Others except Xiang Chen still pretend that the dishes on the table are very rich,Even if you just dip a little soup with chopsticks and put it in your mouth,I don’t want to help Xiang Chen now。
Xiang Chen looked around at everyone,Such a moment,Not even a loyal protector,Finally, I can only turn my gaze to Xiangyang,The latter made an idea if you dare to hit me,I’ll fight you desperately。

“Oh shit!It must be the fool!I have to clean him up!”Wang Yang frowned,Almost stand up,But soon calmed down。

“No way!I’m going to find him now,Too low price!It’s like my girlfriend was snatched away!Keep the image,Have to change。”Wang Yang hesitated for a while,Still can’t find any reason。
at this time,Someone sat down beside Wang Yang。
“Wang Yang,Buddies are in a bad mood now。What do you say?”Talking is a guy who is similar to Wang Yang,tall and big,The appearance of an athlete。
Wang Yang turned his head and looked,Frowned:“go away,I’m still upset!”
Sitting next to him is another handsome guy in the art department,Hao Jianyang, known as one of the Three Musketeers in Hua Cong。
Hao Jianyang and Wang Yang are good friends,I always get together to comment on which girl in the school is beautiful,Then it will launch a fierce offensive,But when the girl gets soaked, she quickly shakes it off,Also called the prodigal heart。
“Oh shit,Someone saw Zhong Liying’s girl
Got together with Xu Ling。You say i’m upset?I haven’t tasted her yet!That Xu Ling looks like a chicken,Why?”Hao Jianyang Anger Road。
“Xu Ling?Which Xu Ling?”Wang Yang didn’t react,Casually asked。
“Is the one who sleeps every day,Pretty good!Oh,I remember,He seems to be the poorest dormitory in history,The silly bird chasing your horse is in a dormitory。”Hao Jianyang shouted。
Maybe the two people speak loudly,The boy in the front row couldn’t help but look back。
boom!Hao Jianyang’s eyes stared,Homeopathy is to kick into the front seat。
“Look again?”Hao Jianyang yelled at his neck。
The boy in the front row was too scared to look back,But the students all around looked over with surprise。
Wang Yang seems to have thought of something,Tugged at Hao Jianyang’s clothes,Get up:“go!Let’s discuss it carefully,I have to show the poor people a little bit of color。”
Three thirty in the afternoon,Sunshine。

Everyone realized,And the more I think about it, the more I feel Wu Hao’s trick is really amazing.,Not only took oneself out of the vortex of power struggle in God City,Occupy the righteousness and reputation,When the time comes, he will raise his arms as the master of magic construct and the favor of dragon god,Quartet help,Just around the corner。

Even the wind can’t help but move,I think Wu Hao’s idea is bold,But it’s very likely to happen。
“right now,Do you still have questions?”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Everyone promised,Everyone is smiling,Even the wind doesn’t say anything。
Because Wu Hao set a clear goal for everyone,Like a lighthouse in the night sea,Pointed the way for everyone。
Three days later,Lu Menglin with Liu Wenzhang,Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming,With the cooperation of Xiao Ning and Zhao Liechu,Leading three thousand black blood guards,Starting from God City,Go to Hongliucheng to take office。
But the wind and the flow are only on the way,With Wu Hao’s token,Go to Bairimen。
Lu Menglin didn’t worry about the wind flowing to Bairimen,What secrets will you discover,Or what a mess。
Because Bairimen not only has a large number of strong men from Zhongye Fu and Longzhanye,And the Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu sits secretly,Whether it is wisdom or martial arts,All stabilize the wind flow,He went there,What I can do is probably to train for myself obediently!
Lu Menglin didn’t even think about subduing the arrogant figure like Feng Zhongliu,Just need to separate him from the black blood guard,Separated from the Three Masters of Black Blood,Leave him alone,Just be polished slowly alone。
After all,The people at the day gate,Although everyone is powerful,But it’s not suitable for reorganizing into an army,And they are used to being free,Really want to enlist them into the army,Restrain them with military discipline,Will only cause backlash from those scattered people,It’s better to keep the free features of Sin City there,It is enough to continuously send masters and resources to yourself。
Master Wu Hao and his party go out,Thousands of people,He took away the entire Black Blood Cavalry Guard,It also took away the ardent hopes of the wealthy families。
And Wu Hao did not hide his purpose,He is going to travel on the border,Go to the town for his friend Liu Wenzhang,He has to fight the dark race,Hone and complete magic-building skills in battle。

The boss is pretending to eat and water,A boy coming down the elevator。“Zhang Die,I help carry water。correct,Have you bought instant noodles??”

“Bought。”Butterflies carry and eat,Let the boy carry water,The two of them took the elevator together again,Several people eating and drinking,Continue to play the counting game。
then,The butterfly accidentally made a mistake,It just changed so it didn’t exist。
Chapter Ninety Six Inappropriate,Know too much
Chen Wenjin finished the phone call with Butterfly,When back to the roadside,I heard Abao was talking to Wang Shuai about buying a car,The content is basically the same as when in the car。
Got in the car,Wang Shuai said something different from before。
Wang Shuai asked curiously:“What the golden god is doing mysteriously?Suddenly left the meeting alone in the afternoon,Just walked away quietly。”
“Is your curiosity too strong?”Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing。
“Stocks?”Abao speculates,He didn’t think it was a big deal,And think it can help Chen Wenjin,Followed by:“Wang Shuai, if you have money, you can give gold to help you fry,I gave 20,000 yuan to gold。”
The tank is slightly startled,Can’t help but look at Abao,It’s hard to believe,A student can call the shots of this kind of digital money。
“Leopard, you are so awesome!”Wang Shuai praised,Ask again:“Gold is so powerful?You trust him so much,Not afraid of loss?That stuff seems not easy to play?”
“What friendship do I have with Jin??He wants to play stocks, of course I believe him,He said I can support him as much as I want,Wang Shuai, would you like to take some out for fun??”Abao is very proud,I almost believed the cowhide I was blowing。He is pretending to be happy now,I think this is in line with the majesty of his millions。


Rosemary is Rosemary,He understood what Chen Geng meant:At the beginning,One for GM and this one“Beast”Similar design,Then move closer to the car a little at a time、Move closer to this car at a time,After five, six or even more collaborations,Gave this design to General Motors……
bossSo sinister,A design,He actually planned to sell it five or six times!but……
I like!
“Isn’t GM intending to make a fortune from us on that Mexican production line?,”Chen Geng reminded:“Then let’s not be welcome,They want to make money on us100Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Will be cut off by us1000Ten thousand dollars in mental preparation。”
Yes indeed,And the production line of General Motors Mexico。
Was reminded by Chen Geng,Rosemary remembered this too,Anderson went to Mexico last month,But the result is not very satisfactory,That scrap production line that can only sell for three to five million dollars,GM opened his mouth wide open120Ten thousand dollars price code,Gritted his teeth,But now?……
Looked at each other with Chen Geng,Rosemary smiled wickedly。
PS:Bros,The second one is tomorrow morning8point。
First107chapter Mix with brother,have a future
As the saying goes, gold always shines,But for American auto giants,Fernandez’s“Beast”It’s not gold anymore,This car is better than one500Carat diamonds are still dazzling!
At first, their reaction was really slow,But when the information is fed back up,The three giants immediately showed a reaction speed that was not commensurate with their huge size:The next morning,Representatives of the three major auto giants all appeared at the booth of Fernandez,Even if Chrysler is on the verge of bankruptcy、Only the last breath left“Giant”not excluded。
Rosemary holds the rhythm firmly,Each one only gave them about an hour,Of course there is nothing substantial to talk about in just a few hours,Not to mention that they are not someone who can make decisions on the spot,But the three major auto giants all got the results they wanted:As long as the price is right,Not only can Fernandez be transferred“Beast”Appearance and interior patents,It is also possible to cooperate on a wider scale。
“So far,Ford gives the best conditions,”Sent away the Chrysler representative,Rosemary never had time to drink,And immediately report back to Chen Geng the results of today’s talks:“They are willing to200Ten thousand dollars bought‘Beast’Appearance and interior patents,Although the price is lower,But they said that after buying our exterior and interior patents,You can authorize us to use this set of exterior and interior for free,And allow us to develop some appearances、Decorative package for the interior。”
The so-called exterior and interior package,To put it bluntly, it’s just a little flashy、It looksBIt’s very tall but it’s actually used to fool people、It happens that many people are still willing to pay for it,Such as BMWMKit,Optional setMTens of thousands more for the kit,Is it installedMAfter the kit your3Tie justM3、Performance has improved by leaps and bounds?
of course not,Except it looks more imposing、More beautiful,Nothing else,This oneMThe biggest role of the kit is to help the OEM get money from the customer’s wallet。But customers like it if they can’t stand it:Just pretty?It’s ok,All I want is to look good,As for performance,I can’t use the current performance。
To some extent,Ford allows Fernandez to target“Beast”Development of exterior and interior kits,It is acquiescing that Fernandez can make more money by selling kits。

Liu Shiwen turned and nodded to Qin Feng,Then walked over and opened the co-pilot door,Not sitting in the back seat。

“Big brother,look,This is your car repair fee。”Mazi is back,Ran over immediately,Holding a wad of banknotes,Very dazzling。
“Not bad。”Qin Feng took it for granted。
“It should be,Should……”
“what,It’s you again!”A very familiar sentence,Interrupt the two people’s courtesy。
“Why is this so familiar?”Qin Feng said curiously,But I didn’t see anyone。
“Boom boom boom。”
The sound of a sports car engine,Howl。
A few vans followed。
The supercar in front is not in a good position,The co-pilot’s door opens,Here comes a bloated mother。
“This,Yes,Aunt Liu?”Qin Feng called,This person is not Liu Manli near Yang Yinyin’s villa?At that time Qin Fengzui almost said something ill of her,I didn’t expect this woman to hold a grudge。
“you。”Liu Manli was so angry,“You kid,Even if you offend me,I didn’t seek revenge from you,Now offend my niece again!”
“Your niece?”Qin Feng glanced at Wang Xiaoyun subconsciously,Could it be that she was watching her fall to the ground,And then I thought I was bullying her?
“I don’t know this pot,I did not offend her,She fell down by herself。”
Qin Feng hurriedly explained,I’m not afraid of this aunt,But did you do it yourself。
Because if you do it yourself,Admit it by yourself,But this is not done by myself,The story of the beating of women was spread,For one’s own reputation……

Xiangyang sneered at Tianyuanfeng,Xiang Chen’s eyes are bright,Longevity,Plagued by diseases。This is a good idea,It’s worth studying and perfecting with Mo Mo in a while。

Xiang Chen has slowly stood up,Anyone who knows him can see,The one named Tian Yuanfeng is in bad luck,Just Tianyuanfeng, the ignorant are fearless,Seeing Xiang Chen get up,And stood up without showing weakness。
“Ouch,I said why don’t you go back,Turns out to be teasing girls here!”
When Xiang Chen was about to do it,Lan Youmeng and Long Qi appeared behind Tian Yuanfeng,A look of resentment,It’s like taking her daughter to find out the wife of her husband。
Xiang Chen’s expression is like eating a fly,Half of my eyes turned out,After seeing Lan Youmeng,Sit down with his head weakly。
Lan Youmeng’s posture is extremely like the original partner who came to catch the rape,And Xiang Chen’s appearance is also defined by Tian Yuanfeng as regretting。
“Miss,I didn’t expect you to speak Chinese so fluently。”
Before Xiang Chen wants to speak,Tian Yuanfeng gives full play to his love experience。At the same time, the resentment towards Xiangyang has also grown to the extreme,Guarding such a foreign beauty,To compete with myself for domestic production,This is not what shameless is?
“I am a PhD in Linguistics,Super interested in Chinese。”
www.zhexianfeng.Lan Youmeng’s eyes are faint,But still answered Tian Yuanfeng’s question。
Xiang Chen rolled his eyes completely,As for the dialogue between Lan Youmeng and Tian Yuanfeng,Just skip it for a while。
“It seems that your husband doesn’t like you anymore,He is protecting the two girls beside him now!”
Tian Yuanfeng instigated,At the same time, he put his hand on Lan Youmeng’s waist。
Looking at Xiang Chen provocatively,Tian Yuanfeng’s eyes are clearly saying that you are helping other women,Lao Tzu will take your woman upright!
Listening to Tian Yuanfeng,Lan Youmeng’s heart has blossomed,But on the surface,Still pretending to be soft and weak,Abandoned look。
This time it’s not just Xiang Chen,Even Long Qi kept rolling his eyes,Secretly:This fool,I can’t save it!
Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Play big
Look around the world,How many people dare to be like Tian Yuanfeng,Flirtatious molesting God-armed deputy captain?

Lu Menglin nodded,Follow behind the wooden knife,Four people go through the cave tunnel together。

The light in the passage is very weak,Only the shining moss on the rock wall can bring the flickering light,Light the way forward for the four。
This cave passage is the path that the wooden knife once walked,The gang boss in the day gate,The reason for being qualified to be the boss,Many of them are because they live long enough,There are many information resources in my head,Just like this passage in front of me,If not for the wooden knife to lead the way,It is difficult for other people to choose this route。
“We called this road the valley secret road back then,There are not many old people in Bairimen who know this road。Go through here,Arrived directly near the entrance of the Chiyue Demon Cave,No need to meet the spiders,Very safe。You three remember,I’ll rely on you from now on。”The wooden knife got a holy war necklace,I feel that I owe too much to A Lu,I just hope to tell them more secrets,It’s kind of a favor。
The four walked along the secret road in the valley,The light ahead gradually became brighter,Vaguely heard the sound of fighting。
The wooden knife frowned,Shen Sheng:“I’ll go out first,You come out slowly!”
Lu Menglin took the initiative to take two steps forward,Passing by Huang Shaotian,Took the initiative to walk behind the wooden knife handle。
“I go out with you,You two come out slowly。”Lu Menglin said lightly。
The wooden knife nodded,Some things don’t need to be said,Everyone knows。
The front is the bottom of the Chiyue map,The entrance of the Scarlet Moon Demon Lair,Able to enter this level,Know without thinking,It’s definitely a hard hand in a hard hand。
The wooden knife let others come out slowly,I’m afraid they will be killed in seconds when they show up。
“Less than forty level,No less than Chiyue”,This is a well-known experience in Bairimen,This is the truth。
The wooden knife knows that Alu’s strength is unfathomable,Not too worried,But the last two,One just advanced to level 38,Another swordsmanship is fast,But it is the strength around level 38,Rush down,I’m afraid it’s not too safe。
quickly,Lu Menglin and the wooden knife passed through the other end of the valley secret road together,The scene in front of you suddenly opened up。
In the valley below,Someone is fighting with dark creatures。
Corpses everywhere,Among them are the red moon spiders,There are also gods,Obviously just experienced a fierce battle。
The center of the battlefield,Two gods warriors,One battle together,There is also a summoned beast,Trinity,Is surroundingbossClass creature,Fight endlessly。
The wooden knife looked over,I can’t help but my shoulder trembles slightly,Hurriedly lowered his voice:“That is the double-headed King Kong!”
Lu Menglin takes a look,Can’t help but be overjoyed,It’s really two-headed King Kong。

Everyone saw this change,Can’t help but be dumbfounded。

Some people think that this Venerable is really wise and brave,Don’t hesitate to ruin the baby,I don’t want to have more disputes over it。
Some people think it’s a pity,If you take that thing outside,I’m afraid I can sell for 100 million,Just ruined,Heartbreaking。
but,This group of people didn’t think that Lu Menglin had already used this crystal mine to improve her skills.,They didn’t reach this level at all,Don’t understand the mystery,Everyone saw the fate of that old man,I don’t even believe that you can use crystal ore to practice exercises.。
Now,Gang Jin master Pei also died,Baby is gone,Everyone present felt a little at a loss,Seems lost,One after another secretly looked at the young venerable。
Lu Menglin noticed everyone’s reaction,Smiled and waved at Luo Li,Tao:“You are the leader at this level, right?come here!”
Luo Liyi heard this,Scalp numb immediately,Stiff hands and feet,The face is even harder to see the extreme。
He knew that this Venerable was brought down by Hu Tianbiao,Most likely towards Hu Tianbiao,Maybe he pinched himself to death as soon as he raised his hand。
But he didn’t dare not obey the instructions of the Venerable,After all, the disobedient end,It’s just two more steps,Come here to pinch him to death。
Seeing Luo Li twitching like a big girl,Step by step passed,Those of his men inevitably feel a little embarrassed。
At this moment,Lu Menglin beckoned again,Tao:“Brother Hu,You too。Bring your boss here too!Everyone come here,I have something to say。”
Upon hearing this,Hu Tianbiao hugged Boss Huang quickly,Stride forward,The people around also gathered around。
“Tell me everything,You come to this island,Drill into this mining area,What is it for?”Lu Menglin smiled puns。
Everyone looked at each other,I don’t know what the purpose of this Lord is。
Hu Tianbiao is still the most upright,He touched his mouth,Replied loudly:“Brothers Venerable,I mark Hu Tian on the island,I started to make a fortune!The more you practice, the poorer you practice,I don’t want to do the crimes,I had to try my luck on this island。”
What he said,People around nodded,At the same time, I sweated this idiot。
Brothers Venerable,Can these four characters be called casually?Why do you Hu Tianbiao call a venerable brother??If it makes people unhappy,,Stab you to death with one finger!
But these words,Everyone just thinks in their hearts,But I dare not say it。
“How about you?”Lu Menglin obviously didn’t care,Instead asked Luo Li。
Luo Li felt that the venerable did not want to take his life,I’m three points bolder,Can’t help but smile:“Even if you want to be a rapist outside,!You are a police officer。No matter how high martial arts,Also afraid of guns。”

“Ok,You understand。Thank you for being so kind to me,But i never fell in love with you,Not even a day。I just want to go home,do you understand?”Su Yi sighed quietly,Said。

“Never?what a pity!I will never forget my youth,The first time I saw you。”Great Venerable Jiang Chuyu looks at the sky with his hands,A look of carefreeness and calmness。
Although the conversation between the two is casual,It can even be called a short-term parent,Ramble,But in the ears of others,But it feels completely different。
Tu Ching’s expression is solemn,Because he has faintly felt it,The great sage above is about to shoot,Although no murderous aura leaked out,But the most terrifying murder。
But after Lu Menglin heard the conversation between the two,I can’t stop shaking slightly,This is an instinctive action from the inside out,Does not accept Zhi’s control at all。
Because he understood the conversation between the two,So-called variables,Is crossing!Su Yi is the same as herself,Are not people who originally existed in this world,She is born again?
but,Lu Menglin quickly dispelled this idea,Because of Su Yi’s every move,It’s really not like being reborn from decades later,Because if it is reborn from the future,How could she be willing to stay in Liufang’s ordinary and ordinary land for more than ten years?
Then,What is this so-called variable?
and also,She said she wanted to go home?Where to go back?Where is she at home?
Since Lu Menglin’s rebirth,Never thought of going back to the future,Because the future is ahead,As long as the time is up,Come naturally,And the advantages of the reborn are obvious,Who would want to go back to the future and be an ordinary person?
“I’m going to die!You love me,Do not love,None of this is important anymore。Let me take you along!”Jiang Chuyu twisted his neck,Got up and said。
“You want to kill me?He won’t let you succeed。I just want to go home,But don’t want to die。”Su Yi chuckled。
Jiang Chuyu suddenly burst into laughter,Pointing at Su Yi Road:“Woman!woman!I only have this one request and will not agree to you,You miss me dead?”
“Yes!You won’t let me go home,You have to die!After you die,I will open the way home。”Su Yi said seriously。
“I know,I’m dying,Can’t stop you anymore。”Jiang Chuyu paused,Turned his face,I glanced at Lu Menglin and Tu Lingling below,Can’t help but smile again。