Pull away,Let’s go back to this economic crisis,we all know,The favorite thing these damn hot money do in the financial market is to drive up the stock price……Do they want to make money……These have no investment direction、The surplus capital that is unwilling to go out does the same,Went around the United States and found:what?The American financial industry seems to be fun,and so……”

Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged:“A large amount of surplus capital poured into the securities market,So much capital,Not only matches the real economy of the United States,It directly leads to rampant investment in the financial sector、flood,Debt is unprecedentedly inflated。
So we saw,Before this stock market crash,U.S. financial markets are booming,But we have to understand,This prosperity is a false prosperity,Is a boom full of bubbles,And such a false、A boom full of bubbles is bound to be unsustainable,Sooner or later the day will be pierced,And this day,Is the stock market、futures、The day the currency market plummeted,We all understand,This is actually the market’s own‘Detox’with‘Error correction’。”
No one speaks,Everyone is thinking about what Chen Geng said。
The more you think,The more everyone discovers,The situation seems to be what Mr. Fernandez said,Is exactly the same,The awe of Chen Geng in the hearts of everyone:The mysterious oriental wizard……Is it terrifying??Even such a deep-seated problem can be observed?
Ji Shengcheng,After some contemplation, I opened my mouth to Chen Geng again:“boss,Since there is the first、The second reason,There should be a third one?”
“Yes,There is a third,”Chen Geng nodded approvingly:“The third reason is a deeper reason,The decline of American hegemony。”
Chen Geng’s voice fell,Inside the huge conference room,Everyone was stunned:The third reason turned out to be the decline of American hegemony.?!
The first reaction of everyone is that they cannot accept it:America is so powerful,In the entire western world, only the United States is the leader,America is not only the leader of the world,In the military confrontation with the Soviet Union for more than 30 years, the Soviet Union was left with only half a breath.,under these circumstances,You said the hegemony of the United States has declined?
What a joke?!
Chen Geng’s view,Even Ji Shengcheng couldn’t accept it:“Mr. Fernandez,I can’t accept your point of view,It’s impossible,America is the most powerful country in the world,Our americanGDPOccupy the worldGDPof30%……”
Speaking of here,Ji Shengcheng was taken aback suddenly,He can’t talk anymore,then,The face slowly showed an unacceptable look。
“You also found the problem?”Looking at Ji Shengcheng,Chen Geng knew where he found the problem:“When was the strongest time for us?no doubt,Yes50The period from the middle of the decade to the end of the sixties,That period,Our americanGDPGloballyGDPOf up to40%!And now,Our americanGDPGloballyGDPOnly barely accounted for30%。
of course,You may have to say,even if30%,America is also the most powerful country on the planet!
Of course it’s true,But I remind everyone to pay attention to a keyword:”Speaking of which,Chen Geng,Then he said heavily:“The key word is:Bretton Woods System!And now,The Bretton Woods system has disintegrated。”
Bretton Woods System?
Everyone at the scene,Jerk!

The other one is,heat.Expansion and contraction,The same is true。

Some kids didn’t believe this,I used a hydrogen balloon I bought to experiment。
That’s a doraaDream hydrogen balloon,Little girls like it,But playing,Don’t know how to do it,The hydrogen balloon without any damage,Collapsed。
Little girl feels distressed,But there is no money to buy another one,So the clever little girl thought of a way。
Is based on heat.The truth of expansion and contraction,In the strongest noon of a scorching sun,Little girl with her own DoraaDream balloon,Come to the sun。
Clever little girl,Know how to protect yourself,She hides herself in the shade of a tree,Put the hydrogen balloon tied up in advance under the hot sun,Holding the rope in my hand。
Start,The little girl is a little impatient,Just put down,To see if the hydrogen balloon is based on heat.The principle of expansion and contraction,Swell up again。
but,The result after reading,But very disappointed,She even felt,This is just a lie。
Even so,The little girl still put the hydrogen balloon there,I hide in the shade again。
unconsciously,Time has passed,And the hydrogen balloon that the little girl has been watching,Actually flew again。
Little girl happy,Hold the rope in your hand,Jumping around pulling the hydrogen balloon and running in the yard。
Thought of this,Qin Feng smiled,It’s really hot.Expansion and contraction,Current self,People are quiet,My heart is cold。
Finished a cold shower,Qin Feng came to Jiang Yan’s bedroom again,Qin Feng didn’t think about anything this time,Watching Jiang Yan sleeping,Qin Feng sitting on a chair,Also went to sleep。
in fact,Jiang Yan is not the only tired person,In contrast, Qin Feng is more tired than anyone these days,Fortunately, he is Qin Feng,If you change to someone else,I’m afraid I can’t hold on anymore。
Continuously do not eat or sleep,I’m afraid no one can stand it。
A few hours later,Jiang Yan woke up in front of Qin Feng。

Curse。“What dog thing,You can say this?”

I heard Qin Feng’s words,Angry Xiao Hei rushed to Qin Feng again。
The latter has already been prepared,When you see Xiao Hei moving。
However, Qin Feng placed the submachine gun and sniper rifle in the inner courtyard when he came here.,Just brought a pistol。
But this time,Qin Feng discovered that Xiao Hei was able to completely avoid his bullet trail。
“Humph,What about modern industrial equipment?Firearms have a certain trajectory,Which is the trajectory of the shooting。Old men like us have long been able to take a serpentine pace based on the direction you swing the gun.。You want to hit me!”
Elder Xiaohei just finished speaking,Then he already came to Qin Feng and slapped out again。
Qin Feng was photographed flying again,He doesn’t want to get up now。Because he felt that his internal organs were about to shatter with a palm。
Let this attack come again,Qin Feng felt that he could only go to see King Yan。
At this moment he wants to escape,But it’s hard to get up。
Subsequently,I don’t know why,His ears started to ring in his ears again。
“I go,It’s really negative,Will it continue to become negative after another??”Qin Feng couldn’t help but complain about his own body function。
I always feel like I have discovered something extraordinary。
and so,At the moment when Elder Xiaohei wants to make up,Qin Feng made a relatively rolling motion。It happened to avoid the opponent’s attack because of this action。
Qin Feng stood up trembling again。
“Old thief,I warn you,If you come again,I will let you see God!”Qin Feng said with a serious face。
However, Elder Xiaohei doesn’t agree at all,“Haha,Just because you want to kill me?come,I want to see if young people today have this ability to speak big words。Let me see if your catty is enough!”

So even if you catch up,Can’t change the fact that Su Xuehen left。

Lu Menglin knew this clearly,That’s why I suppressed this impulse,Take heavy steps,Back home。
Three days later,Lu Menglin received a letter from Su Xuehen,Look at the postmark from the Shanghai Stock Exchange。
My dear classmate Lu Menglin,Hello there!When you read this letter,I’m probably already on the plane to the other side of the ocean。Please forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye,Because life has hurt farewell since ancient times,I don’t want to see you sad and sad。
very sorry,I can’t complete the agreement with you。Because of family,I have to go abroad to study,I can’t accompany you in the best college time,This is my regret。
Please forget me!Because i will try to forget you too!High school is an important life stage,But we will have more lives,I will make new friends,Maybe in a foreign university,I will try to socialize with boys,In the distant future,I will get married and have children,Be a happy little woman。
and so,Please forget me!You will have a more suitable girl than me,Please forgive my parting gift,You can think of it as the last self-willedness of the same table in high school。Leave without saying goodbye,I regret that!
treasure!Hope to hear good news about you in the future,Goodbye!
text Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Eight Leave without saying goodbye
now,Su’s living room,Mother and daughter stand one by one,One sitting,It was silent for a long while,As if a silent film is being staged。
“mom!”In the end, Su Xuehen couldn’t stretch it anymore,Can’t help but shout。
Mother Su glanced at her daughter calmly,There was a touch of worry between the eyebrows。

Li Jiaxing let go of his arrogance,Completely convinced。

Seeing Li Jiaxing’s reaction,Everyone in the Massachusetts Hall was shocked,They quickly asked the organizer to post all the answers on the big screen。
Results ten sets of solutions,All accurate!
Oh my god,I really met a genius!
A more powerful genius than Li Jiaxing!
Mathematicians must pay homage to Qiao Tianyu again,But I don’t want Qiao Tianyu and Li Jiaxing on the podium to have disappeared without a trace.,Everyone feels sorry。
the next day,This explosive news has been published in major American newspapers.。
“The teenager Riemann was defeated by the mysterious youth of China,Another legendary mathematics master is rising!”
Department of Mathematics, Harvard University,Li Jiaxing Research Room。
“what?Let me go with you,Be your little brother?”After Li Jiaxing learned of Qiao Tianyu’s request,Shake your head like a rattle,“No way!No way!Definitely not!”
“why not?The bet we just made,But all the mathematicians in the United States testify,Do you want to deny?”Qiao Tianyu said triumphantly。
“Who wants to deny?!”Li Jiaxing gave Qiao Tianyu a white look。
“Qiao Tianyu,Don’t you think I’ll be pretentious after winning a game by luck,You can win just now,It can only show that you are good at middle school math,On mathematical attainments,You are far inferior to me!”
Whoops,It seems that this buddy wants to lie to the end!
“OK then,It seems you are still not convinced!”Qiao Tianyu smiled and shook his head。
“Speak,How can you be convinced of losing,Willing to follow me?”
Li Jiaxing frowned and thought for a while,However, when he looked down and saw the piles of draft papers on the desk,A cold smile suddenly appeared on his face。

“you……”Ouyang Wuji is an old man after all,After hearing Wen Tianli’s relentless words,I was immediately trembling with anger。

Ouyang can have today,I don’t know what Ouyang Wuji paid,and so,Ouyang Wuji absolutely does not allow the thing that Wen Tianli said just now to happen。
Absolutely not!
Wen Tianli saw Ouyang Wuji’s body trembling with anger,Even laughed,He even said to Ouyang Wuji in a caring tone:“Ouyang,I advise you to control your emotions,otherwise,I’m afraid you won’t see the day when Ouyang’s house is over。”
Ouyang Wou-ki is almost out of breath from Wen Tianli,But there is no way to refute,Because of what happened back then,Indeed, he betrayed the Wen family。
But Wen Tianli obviously has no intention of letting go of Ouyang Wuji.,Even continued:“Ouyang,do not worry,I still have more important things to do,So I won’t deal with your Ouyang family for the time being!and so,You can still be king for a few more days!By the way tell you,Pass and cherish!”
Ouyang Wuji spent a lot of effort,So Shun calmed down the anger in her heart,After knowing that Wen Tianli didn’t come to trouble her home,Just asked:“What are you here for?”
Wen Tianli saw Ouyang Wuji calm down in such a short period of time,Smiled,Keep saying:“Auction business!”
Ouyang Wuji was taken aback,Asked rhetorically:“Auction business?”
“of course!Your grandson Ouyang Jianfeng did not bid for the ring at the auction today.,after come back,I should have told you about this?”Wen Tianli asked。
“Yes!”Ouyang Wuji returned to it immediately。
“well,In that case,I’m afraid with your grandson’s arrogant temperament,I lost my face in front of so many people,I’m sure I won’t swallow this breath plainly, right?!”Wen Tianli continued。
“Yes,Unexpectedly, Master, you would even know such little things。”Ouyang Wuji satirically Wen Tianli arranged someone in their home。
Wen Tianli seems to know Ouyang Wuji’s thoughts,Speak:“rest assured,I’m not boring enough to get someone in your Ouyang home。But?Regarding the conduct of your grandson,I’m afraid few people don’t know,Such a simple question,I think with my heels,The answer you can think of,I’m for such a small matter,And spend more money like that,To buy people from your family??”

“You can’t get out!Am I going to come and drive away tomorrow??Don’t want to take the bus,Taxi cost money again,Why bother?I promise to open the first gear slowly,You supervise,If you find that I’m driving fast, just punch me,Is this the head office??”A Bao is so sincere,Chen Wenjin thought it would be more dangerous to leave him alone and drive back,Agreed。

A leopard is still talking,Walk slowly,Although I am impatient, I have no regrets,Take the initiative without waiting to ask:“After the butterfly went to you,I kissed the little fish,Hehe!The relationship is so settled。What do you think of Xiaoyu?”
“pretty good,Pretty cute。”Chen Wenjin is not surprised,Xiaoyu seems to have a certain affection for Abao,Plus Abao is an activist,Clearly did not give Xiaoyu a chance to hesitate,Just saw them come out,I expected the relationship to be finalized。
“I think she is actually a bit fierce,I’m afraid she will take care of me……Hey,wrong!How could I be a big man tied up with a woman?I dumped her when I was upset!rich,I’m afraid there is no beauty?”A Leopard suddenly changed his tone in the middle of speaking,Chen Wenjin laughed and said nothing,I’m too lazy to expose。
In my memory, Abao Zhenger was in charge after talking about his girlfriend.,Chen Wenjin was also suspicious for a while,I think it’s not in line with Abao’s character。I found out later,In fact, it is almost inevitable。A leopard will only be held by the opposite sex with a stronger personality,Being weak will make Abao unscrupulous。
The teenage boy was full of ideas to attract the opposite sex,Even if there is something on my lips, I will change the beauty one by one in the future,Rarely put into practice。Most of the fantasies originate from repression and are unavailable,Actually, I really have a stable relationship,But not so many strong thoughts,Occasionally stealing fishery is the lower limit of most people。
So many singles say all kinds of unbearable things,After really getting rid of being single, he became a dedicated boy,I was turned into a good baby when I got married,A man after having a child,Many are reduced to the point of waiting for the wife to send out pocket money every month。
After all,People are emotional animals,Depression when dissatisfied with desire is pathological,All kinds of abnormal fantasies came out。After leaving this state,Usually recovered,Looking outside, the beauty is so pretty,But in my heart I always think about the one who has shared the joys and sorrows at home for a long time,The strong men outside also let the women at home,Also called leadership,Boss or something。Kind‘afraid’,After all, it’s the love accumulated over a long time,Willing to make the other half feel valued in this way,Be cared。
Chen Wenjin is letting his thoughts go,Abao suddenly said:“It’s so expensive to open a hotel!How nice to rent a house in their school community?Hey,I just don’t know if I’m willing to rent it to us……How about finding a friend who is over 18 years old to put a name on the rent?。It will be convenient for me to meet Xiaoyu in the future,No need to open a hotel when not going back to school,Sure to save it。”
Rents are cheap in this era,It’s enough to open the hotel a few times,This idea is cost-effective。
Chen Wenjin suddenly thought about the cold wind,It is indeed possible to clean up that guy faster by creating a suitable environment,So said:“Half the rent,Use together。”
“Hehe,I still can’t help but prepare to make an appointment with Hui.?”
“That’s not,For one thing,I need your help at that time。”Chen Wenjin has already figured out a solution,It makes it easier,faster,Based on his knowledge of the cold wind,There is no reason to be unsuccessful。
“what’s up?”Leopard pondered,Suddenly,Guess that:“I know!You want to find a chance to do the butterfly,Let me help don’t let Hui know, right?”


First406chapter Ambition and fixed point“Sniper”
unfortunately,These data found by Mirren,In other words, media platforms that may be invested by themselves,None of them satisfied Chen Geng:Considered by Mirren to be the most valuable for acquisition,Is a local newspaper in Alaska,Single issue is less than20Million copies……Chen Geng is definitely not satisfied with such a newspaper company,Not to mention the single issue of this newspaper,The scope of coverage alone also makes people inevitably raise a kind of“A small newspaper in a remote country where birds do not shit”a feeling of。
Mirren is not blind,Of course I can see the dissatisfaction of my boss,But she feels wronged,Can’t help but defend himself:“boss,You know,Those big newspapers、Radio and television,Are firmly controlled by those large media groups,It’s okay for us to buy some tradable shares in the stock market,But if you want to meet your requirements……
with all due respect,Even if the tradable shares we acquired have reached the height of entering the board of directors,Those media that have been operated internally have become monolithic,May not be willing to listen to you,Even if you won’t interfere with their operations,Just ask them to speak for you when necessary。”
Chen Geng agrees with this,For example, the domestic second automobile group,Although Dongfeng Motor holds Frenchspagroup14%Shares of,With the French Peugeot family、The French government tied forspaThree shareholders of the group,But Dongfeng Motor isspaDid you say something inside??Or,Does anyone care about Dongfeng Motor??
Look at the performance of the car in the domestic auto market,I know the so-called Dongfeng MotorspaHow does one of the three shareholders of the group have a say in the group?。
“You’re right,”Chen Geng nodded slowly:“Of course I know what you said,So……”
“I……”Mirren took a deep breath:“Since these media platforms don’t take us to play,Have you ever thought about,Like Mr. Murdoch of News Corp.,Acquire one or several medium-sized media first,Then slowly grow by yourself?”
“Of course I thought,”Chen Genghui didn’t know what Mirren said?Of course he knows that investing in those large media platforms is not a matter of overnight,If there is a possibility,Who doesn’t want to have one、Listen to yourself“Pro-military”?But it’s not that simple?“But i don’t understand the media,I don’t have anyone who understands the media……”
“I……”Mirren hesitated,But soon,Her expression became firm:“boss,I want to try。”
Looking at Mirren,Chen Geng was surprised:This girl in front of me、Own assistant,She clearly stated to herself that she wanted greater rights?
Xu is that Chen Geng did not stop his actions for the first time and gave Mirren more courage.,She took a deep breath to strengthen herself,Repeat again:“boss,If you are willing to give me this opportunity,I……I want to try。”

“Ok,Sister Yan,We will be there soon。”Moi and Yunyan who got Yan Communication replied,Then they changed their original directions,Fly to earth。

And Morgana in Huangcun,Watching the resurrected demons,very good mood,Can’t help laughing。
only,After laughing for a while,Her face suddenly froze,Immediately raised his head to the sky。
“queen,what happened?”I saw the happy queen,Look ugly,As the most loyal Atto,Asked quickly。
“These bitches,Coming so fast!”Morgana looked at the sky and cursed,Then he turned his gaze back and said to Atto“Who else,Kesha, that bitch’s subordinate。”
She just resurrected her subordinates,Don’t wait to make yourself happy,I came here,The original good mood suddenly vanished。
“That queen,Shall we fight?”Atto Wen Yan,Asked again。
“Against?by,Atuo I didn’t say you,Is your head getting water?,What shall we fight with those bitches?”Morgana heard Atto’s words,Suddenly cursed。
Just these demons just resurrected,Except for being bigger,Looks fierce,Can bluff the life of this pre-nuclear era at best。
But in front of the angels there is nothing!One sword can split you into several pieces!
of course,If she does it herself,It’s not that the angels who came here,But it is bound to attract Kesha。
Before she was fully prepared,Never face angels,Besides, she has more important things to do。
“That queen,we?”Was yelled at by the queen,Atos didn’t realize what was there,Instead, I think I said something wrong。
“What else,Hello these demons,Temporarily evacuate and wait near the Chiwu star system。”Morgana waved and finished,Looked at the sky again,Scolding“Really her mother’s bad luck!”

Now he has nothing to do,Just look at Qin Feng,“There is really no way to live together peacefully?”

“Why can’t it do??Didn’t I say,Pay,Then you take it back!”Qin Feng smiled。
Taishizi’s slumped mouth,“The company does not have so much liquid cash。”
“You just don’t want to give,People don’t want。What do you say so magnificently??”Qin Feng directly exposed the other party’s lies。
Taishi Ziyi did not panic or change his mind.。Everyone is smart,Although you can see it through,But Qin Feng’s failure to follow the rules is basically clear in the industry。
So he has nothing to fuss about。
“We have always been sincere to you。Actually falling out, it’s not good for us。”Tai Shi Ziyi’s face is realistic。
“I didn’t mean to be your enemy。Obviously you were sent here,He said he was going to deal with me or something。of course,After all,I am sure that I will unite with the Killer League。If you feel ashamed of it,Then you can continue to find someone to deal with us。But if you use some tricks that are not on the table against the people below,I’m going to make a big move!”
“Big move?”
“Yes indeed,I asked Yinsang to do you guys!”Qin Feng took it for granted。
Tai Shi Ziyi was a little speechless。
“Ok,Tell you the truth。We have different voices inside,Actually, I don’t care,What is more important than making money these days?But the forest is bigger and there are any birds,The old school is thinking about maintaining the glory of the mountain gate。I don’t want to care anyway,Just don’t anger。”Taishi Ziyi is underpinned,I don’t want to go around with Qin Feng。
“Okay,You give me a list。I will help you clean up the hidden dangers?”Qin Feng said jokingly。
After all, he knew that this kind of thing could not happen。
Because if he did,What is the difference with a betrayal organization?Although he Taishi Ziyi has achieved the position of elder,But it doesn’t mean that the guards will not trouble him because of him。
of course,If the guards have to attack the elders, there must be several captains and even the person in charge must sign in person.。
After all, the elders are already the highest personnel of their priesthood。