The green pheasant’s face is a bit bad,Is it possible that this guy looks down on my strength??

“Rest assured,This guy is just a little mysterious,It makes me more interested,Rest assured,Leave this to me!”
Xia Chenglong smiled slightly,This is not the time for the green pheasant to die,They have a long life span,But wanting to upgrade is harder and harder,Once there is any damage,Caused this guy to be unable to advance,This is the biggest loss to myself。
Zong Xueqin is still at large.,And my other strong enemy keeps sealing off,These two guys are his biggest threat right now,As for the sect behind that guy,There should be any restrictions,In this case,The guy behind Li Lao is a master,Or do it yourself,Or let the old man Huomu bring more manpower,Why just let this guy complete this dangerous task alone?
Want to know,Maybe this guy’s sect still has some restrictions that are difficult for them to shoot!
To know,It is possible to find two guys who ask the upper level of the gods and even start to approach the higher level.,What kind of behemoth is such a force??
In the red dust,Ask god,Already dominate level!
“Now the whole world is full of guys who ask the gods,But the pattern of the whole world has not changed a bit,Nothing happened to the royal family in the entire Dahua country,Instead, let these god-question powerhouses mess around!”
“And some of them ask the strong of the gods,Relying on your own strength,Actually went directly to the court,But they……All gone!”
Xia Chenglong’s mouth rose slightly,What kind of powerhouses and masters are in the royal family of this great Chinese nation??The stronger one becomes,The more difficult it is to understand where the strongest ceiling is in this country!
“You are the old man Huomu?”
Xia Chenglong pulled out the Xuantian Sword,Soaring into the sky,Came to the old man Huomu,Look at the guy in front of you,The other party did not come to this place to talk to himself,After all, this guy’s brother,I was killed by myself,Still under this guy’s nose!
“Humph!Dragon King,Although you are an important member of the court,But one of the six thrones of the military,But i am not afraid of you!”
The old man Huomu sneered and looked at the guy in front of him,Xia Chenglong’s realm is much lower than himself,And although this guy is a genius,But actually in the perception of artistic conception,Haven’t reached this level of oneself,After all, the time I practiced,It’s actually been longer than this guy’s parents were born.,It’s just the Xuantian sword in this guy’s hand,I’m afraid there are not many people in the world who won’t be afraid!
“Humph,So to say,The forces behind you are very powerful!”
Xia Chenglong looked at the guy in front of him with a smile but a smile,What is the origin of the old man Huomu?,Why is this guy basically unable to find any information about this person in the entire Great China,It’s impossible,This guy is not from Dahua?

For her,This kind of opportunity is too rare。

Just two or three days,Let her accumulate more than 200,000。She can guarantee,My wife’s savings are not as much as hers。Hang out with Brother Hu for a day,I will be able to fight less for a year or two in the future。
As for Qi Hongye,It’s just following Brother Hu’s experience。His family is not very difficult,From now on, rely on ancestral craftsmanship,Can eat and drink well,So I’m not as eager for quick success as Ye Mei。
Even more so。
“That place is quite remote,Go a little further,Almost left Suzhou。”Qi Hongye said。
Populus nodded:“Go back to Yixing,We are going to Yixing after we dig out the old house,Do you want to go together?Not far anyway。”
Ye Mei hardly thinks,Raise your hand immediately:“I go!”
Jizi is temporarily not in class because the college,So I want to go more places with Brother Hu,I just didn’t mean to speak before,Now Brother Hu took the initiative,Is there any reason not to go?
“Ok!I’ll go as well,Trouble brother Hu。”
Only Qi Hongye hesitated for a while,Why:“Hu Ge,Sorry!Tomorrow there is something important in my house,and so……”
Hu Yang smiled and comforted:“Don’t be embarrassed,In the future there will be opportunities to meet,It’s ok!Work at home first,Go to Yangcheng in the future,Contact me,Or Huazai。”
Ye Mei is excited,I can spend a few more days with Brother Hu。
“Then you two girls,Go back and pack two sets of clothes!We are in yixing,Estimated to stay for three to five days,There are friends over there。”Hu Yang and Ye Mei said。
then,The two women returned to pack up two or three sets of changed clothes。
The old house is not what everyone thinks,Located in the countryside,Is an old house,Basically for decades,Even a century-old house。
It is said that,This was once the place where military households lived,Not far from the military camp of the Qing Dynasty。
before,The surrounding areas are all settled down。correct,Almost all the military households in ancient times settled down。
Although they are descendants,But who doesn’t have three melons and two dates?Hu Yang watched the chat of the association group last night,Someone bought good things here。

So Xiao Fan hopes to take this opportunity to find out everything,Su Ran’s parents are innocent,I also hope they can know。

Chapter 597 Confrontation
It didn’t take long for someone to tell Xiao Fan that things were almost checked,Have found where they are,And all the evidence of crimes over the years has been collected。
to be frank,For this result,Xiao Fan still felt very surprised from the bottom of his heart,Because the speed of this matter can be said to be quite fast。
not long time,Work efficiency is extremely high,This is also something that makes Xiao Fan very pleased。
Although they have been squeezed out,And did a lot of wrong things,But they didn’t get any good results,I have received a lot of punishment in these years。
It’s all because of them,Xiao Fan doesn’t seem to think they are worthy of pity,Instead they feel that these things are what they deserve,In fact, they did so many detrimental things。
Xiao Fan didn’t delay anything else,Just left and went to that place,He wants to find out the truth of the year,See if the cause of death of Su Ran’s parents has anything to do with them。
As friends of their parents,Now consider yourself a friend,Want to marry Su Ran,Did they fulfill the responsibility of a friend,Still watching Su Ran’s parents die。
Or maybe they contributed to it,Want to take over some of Su Ran’s parents’ property。Xiao Fan thought of these clenched fists,Because he thinks these people are really hateful。
It’s obvious that Suran’s parents are kind to them,And always treat them as their friends,Many things help them,They also accumulated a lot of wealth。
For many years to come, I can live without worry,But they are excessively extravagant,And pursue material vanity,Ruined all his wealth。
Now I am thinking of using some other means to obtain material satisfaction again,Their son is also unbelievable,Under the education of the two of them, nothing was done at all,Eat and drink all day。
Still squeezing my parents,Want more money。This time I heard that I might have a very beautiful and very rich daughter-in-law,Even more happy,Then let my parents do everything possible to marry this daughter-in-law。
Can make him worry-free for the rest of his life,I heard the feedback from the people below,Xiao Fan only thinks this family is really disgusting,Originally he thought that the child was innocent。

Early next morning,A-mei Chen got up early,To a strange place,Compare bed selection,Wake up earlier。

Open to609room,Knock on the door。
“Dong dong dong”,A series of knocks。Then ring the doorbell,Listen to the door,Nothing happened。Thought,This girl,Will the doorbell be set to do not disturb mode?,It’s too heavy to sleep。
“Tian Lu,Get up too early,Have a breakfast of marine biological products this morning。”Chen Amei shouted the door。
Still no one answered,Back to the room,Head sideways unintentionally,Seeing Tian Lu walking in the corridor with her messy hair,A-mei Chen greeted in surprise:“So early,Dear,Where have you been?”
Tian Lu forced to answer with a smile:“I visited a premature place,pretty good,I’ll be too early with you。”
Chen Amei wondered for a while,Tian Lu went into the room to bathe her body,I can’t restrain a peach blossom smile on my face。
Say906room,Ding Kelan woke up and found that there was nothing beside him,(Last night’s picture readers can freely brainstorm,Not suitable for children,Male in the misplaced room.Huan story)。
He was thinking,Must not be an illusion,There was a satisfying evil smile on his face。
Chen Amei and Tian Lu after breakfast,A tourist attraction that continues to experience with the cruise。
Looking into the distance,Listen to the guide next to you:“There are rich tourism resources here,Also a good diving spot。Perfect underwater scenery,Clear water,Very high visibility。The water here is mild,You can clearly observe the underwater world regardless of deep sea or shallow sea,Corals of various shapes、sea anemone,Green turtles and hawksbill turtles in groups,Just dive into the sea,Have the opportunity to swim with the cute turtles。”
Tian Lu and Chen Amei are infinitely yearning to experience the clear underwater world,The guide continues to introduce:“There is also a wonder that divers can’t miss,Thousands of sea fish gathered together to form a spectacular sight like the eye of a hurricane。The number of people diving into the sea has to be booked,But everyone is lucky today,Can enjoy this experience,Because of the good weather。”
“Clear water,Save a lot of seabed resources,Diverse marine life,Ship sunk in World War II,Has become home to beautiful underwater creatures,Whether it is colorful coral,Still all kinds of tropical fish are amazing,It’s a beautiful underwater world to enjoy,You can also watch them eat green plants with their long flat noses。”
The tour guide gives a detailed introduction based on the scenery in front of you,Make Chen Amei and Tian Lu full of longing for the diving sea,I feel like I can’t wait to jump down and experience it。


“30USD。”Chen Geng’s attitude is very clear:You don’t agree,I’ll change someone。
Black buddies hesitated,Finally nodded:“Deal。”
Only walked in,In order to realize that each one is twenty to thirty meters long、When the huge 34-meter plane was dismantled and placed in front of my eyes,How spectacular is that scene,Chen Geng feels very kind of apocalyptic decadence,It’s just shooting《resident Evil》Excellent location for filming。
The black buddies said to Chen Geng and his group as they walked:“I heard from Onis,In theory, an aircraft can recover more than80%,The actual degree of recycling exceeds60%,Like a meter、landing gear、engine、Hydraulic line……All these things,As long as it is intact、After testing, it can be used normally,Boeing and McDonald·Douglas will recycle……”
“You wait,”Chen Geng was a little scared:“You mean,On a brand new plane,Actually installed a lot of old parts?”
“wrong,Are refurbished old parts。”The black buddies are serious about correcting the mistakes in Chen Geng’s words。
Chen Geng:“……”
Refurbished old parts are not old parts?
I thought I had bought a new plane,The whole plane is new from the inside out,Dare to have some、In other words, quite a few are second-hand parts after refurbishment?!
I have a sentenceMMPI don’t know who to tell!

Nezha said calmly,He has no expectations of Taiyi now,I just hope he can not drag himself down.,I can help myself without asking。

“amount,Little nezha what do you mean?”
Madam Taiyi asked curiously,He still wanted to see what kind of reasons Nezha could give to explain his overweight intentions。
“No other,Only strength。”
Nezha said calmly,Next second,An inexplicable wave emerged from Nezha’s body,A powerful pressure enveloped the entire small courtyard,Can’t feel any movement outside,but,Small courtyard,Madam Taiyi took a few steps back under this pressure,The whole person looks very shaky。
“Real person,I’m really curious about how you practiced?You and I should be at the same level,Why,Just coercion,You can’t take it anymore?Real man, you are on the battlefield like this,Do you think your life span is too long??”
Nezha originally just wanted to further improve his strength before the war,did not expect,Just released the momentum,Madam Taiyi can’t bear it,therefore,Nezha said with emotion。
“Little Nezha, don’t squirt,I am a Taoist,Longevity,Fighting and killing is secondary,and so,Just not proficient,I am not weak。”
After Madam Taiyi heard Nezha’s emotion,The whole person was flushed with shame,Excuse,There is still a lack of confidence in the words,but,There was a touch of surprise in the eyes of Nezha,Obviously I didn’t expect Nezha to be stronger than myself。
“I can feel,Far away,There is an inexplicable call,Especially after my strength has reached the current state,Listen to you,I’m part of Hun Yuanzhu,Magic Maru Reincarnation,Presumably that call is Lingzhu,As long as I fuse the spirit orbs,that,I can definitely go further。”
Nezha looked far away,Said in a leisurely tone,Would he not know the current situation of Human Race??Do not,he knows,just,He has no habit of leaving the trouble to posterity,not to mention,I joined the chat group,If you don’t want to rely on other people for everything,Nezha has asked some big guys to help,but,Think about it,Still gave up this method,Choose to enhance your strength,As long as I am strong,All obstacles will not be obstacles。
“Can it still be like this?Magic pill and spirit orb merge again after reincarnation?Little nezha,road,Step by step,Don’t be impulsive。”
Real Taiyi stared blankly at Nezha,I feel that I and Nezha’s thinking are not on the same level,but,Still can’t help but persuade,I’m afraid that even Zha accidentally disperses my soul,Fusion is simple,Really do it,The consequences are hard to predict。
“I have been thinking about this issue these days,Do you want to merge,but,Till today,I finally made up my mind,because,You can’t always get used to relying on others,Tian Xingjian,Human race should strive for self-improvement。”

people,not worth it!

“official?It’s official,Who told you I’m an official person?”Qin Feng looked skinless at this time。
And when Yao Gui was so angry that his face changed,Another group of people came out,Heroicbī)people,Bring the breath of a superior。Even when he comes out, he brings his ownBgmof。
Qin Feng guessed at a glance,This should be the so-called Patriarch of Medicine Family?
It’s just more shocking,The few people who followed the pharmacist,With a submachine gun in his hand。
“amount.Underestimate you!”Qin Feng is a little helpless,I thought these ancient tribes would not be equipped with these things before!But I think it’s normal。
After all, their pharmacists are going to join the WTO to help Zhang’s family,It’s no surprise that this firearm is fully equipped。
At this time, the Patriarch finally spoke,“Me,I don’t know why the little brother went to our pharmacy to make trouble?”
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Nine Ancient Gunfight
Facing the question of medicine dust,Qin Feng gave no face,Hand pull,Just pull Agay in front of you,It’s not obvious that the bomb is tied to the body,Qin Feng simply took off his coat。
Yell after doing all this,“come,Hurt each other!”
Yaochen swallowed,I greeted Qin Feng’s family a long time ago。no way,It was Qin Feng’s actions that made him so angry that he was about to vomit blood。
This year,Who would have thought that someone would like to tie a bomb on himself??
“If you detonate, we will all die together,Aren’t you afraid of death?”Yaochen Fury Road。
“Hehe,The lives of your ancients are much more expensive than ours。Whether it detonates or not depends on how you choose!”Qin Feng’s hippie smiley said。

“What are you laughing?”

Yuan Mu turned his head and glared at the person behind him,The laughter stopped abruptly。
“brother!my hand……”
After a long time,Yuan Ye still cried when he spoke again,Raise the fingers that Xiang Chen has held,Already swollen。
“Kid,Now the gods can’t help you!”
Yuan Mu stared at Xiang Chen,The way Xiang Chen gritted his teeth while speaking made Xiang Chen worried whether he would have muscle cramps。
“From the looks of everyone,Isn’t it black??”
Xiang Chen’s tone is casual,There is no fear in his expression。
“You don’t want to tell me the teacher,Or find mom?”
Yuan Mu smiled angrily,At the same time he does not need to give any hint,The brothers behind him who are living with him have surrounded Xiang Chen。
“Have difficulty finding the police!”
When Xiang Chen looked towards Yuan Mu,With a smile on his face。Raise the mobile phone,110The three Arabic numerals are very eye-catching。
“Are you going to retreat strategically??”
Xiang Chen asked with a smile,Make Yuan Mu’s expression as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly。
“Before the police arrive,Dispose of him for me!”


Chapter five hundred and fourteen Smash the sky
Lu Menglin has a vague premonition,Although the enemy behind the scenes was found,But it is possible that the enemy has also begun to show its fangs,Keep fighting,The best,Still unknown。
And what Lu Menglin can do now,Is to try to avoid losses,Especially casualties,He can’t allow the people around him to reappear like Zhou Min,Hurt by those wicked。
“I can’t go,You need help。I asked Wang Shaoxiao to take Qiuhong back to the mainland。”Chen Jiannan shook his head。
Lu Menglin thought for a while,Nodded:“No need to!Go and warn Jiang Qizhi,police,Chai and his son have a problem,They are likely to be related to Hainuo Lab,very dangerous。”
Chen Jiannan frowned:“how about you?What are you going to do?”
“I have my own way,Wait until you leave Hong Kong Island first。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Said。
It’s another drizzle weekend,Weather forecast from next week,The temperature on Hong Kong Island should be a bit cold。
Office of the President of Legendary Pictures,Lu Menglin put down the phone in his hand,Can’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly。
just now,Another well-known media on Hong Kong Island rejected his request,Unwilling to expose this bloody suicide note。
This is already the sixth media’s reply,Their calibre is unified,Don’t dare to offend Chai’s Pictures,Even more dare not aim at Chai’s father and son。
“no solution anymore,They have a strong presence on Hong Kong Island,Cover the sky with one hand,Almost controlled all media channels,Only use our own channels。”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly,I dialed the child’s mobile phone number。
“Follow the plan,Hang up the suicide note。”Lu Menglin ordered。
“Ok,Menglin brother,Be careful yourself。”The child said on the phone。
A moment later,Lu Menglin’s phone rang,A call from a child。
“Menglin brother,You play the game over there。Seems something is wrong。”The child’s tone is a bit anxious。

“what?What do you call him?Oh my god!What magic did he cast you?You weren’t like this before!And don’t you hate others for stupid??”Girl Li shrieked。

“Since Lu doesn’t want to say,Then don’t ask!Everyone has his own secret,We have to trust our teammates!”Carlo suddenly spoke。
Xiaojie nodded too,A look of approval。
“Since it’s a teammate,Of course you need to know each other’s strengths!Otherwise how to cooperate?”Li is not convinced,But stick to my own opinions。
Lu Menglin smiled slightly,Open road:“I already know the secret of the mutant,Do you want to listen?”
“what?What secret?”The girl Li was attracted to this topic at once,Asked quickly。
It seems she is not really sticking to the principles,Just like gossip,I just want to know the secret habitually,This is probably due to the nature of women。
“Those high-level mutations are not naturally mutated,But through the hemodialysis of mutant organisms into serum,Reinject into the body,So as to gain capacity。”Lu Menglin smiled。
“what?So awesome!”Girl Li was surprised,This secret is really amazing,Attracted her at once。
Carlo couldn’t help but squinted his eyes,Can’t help but ask:“How did they solve the foreign body rejection?”
This question,It shows that Carlo is no stranger to this secret,And quite research,I asked the key point all at once。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Said:“We got the serum of high-order mutant creatures in the jungle,Now only need to break the nest of the Snake King Gang,Will know the answer。”