Tian Dong nodded and said:“Mr. Guan is right,I will arrange for you to go in tomorrow。I don’t know which department Mr. Xia is going to investigate?”

“Put me in the warehouse,It is best to have access to the computer。Two of them,At least one should be on duty near the warehouse。In addition,I need a company structure table,Must have photos and introduction。Please send it to Mr. Guan’s mailbox,I want to watch tonight”Xia Jian thought,While telling my plan。
Tian Dong took out his mobile phone,Save the phone numbers of Xia Jian and Guan Nan’s bodyguards,Then turned around and left。
Not long after Tian Dong left,Guan Nan opened his laptop,I found that Tian Dong had sent the company’s organizational chart over。
Xia Jian sitting in front of the computer,Which two bodyguards are calling,Let’s acquiesce in what Guanbei and Kansai look like。Of course,Xia Jian used to be a super memory。Although the memory has lost in the past two years,But compared to ordinary people,Still has a strong advantage。
More than ten high-level,From vice president to some managers,Xia Jian remembered almost。After he finished,I also helped these two bodyguards to remember。
Guannan’s bodyguard,That was invited from a formal security company。So these people apart from having a kung fu,They also learned some other knowledge。So let them look at the pictures and remember the names,I remember it was pretty fast。
Finished the organization chart。Xia Jian called the two bodyguards aside again,How to make them cooperate with his work,He explained them one by one。These two people are very studious,Something you don’t understand,Will ask immediately。Xia Jian is not bothered,Give them a detailed explanation。
Seeing that Xia Jian is so reliable,Guan Nan smiled and asked her daughter Guan Tingna:“Such a good son-in-law,Why don’t you take him home early?”
“Don’t want to take it back,It’s that simple”Guan Tingna hates her dad asking such questions most。So Guan Nan asked,Guan Tingna hit him directly。
Lin Ruoyun saw something was wrong,Stood up and stopped immediately。She said with a smile:“All right!Where are people busy,But you guys are bickering here,Excuse me?”
“exactly!We better not influence others”Guan Nan just accept it。He quickly stood up,Went to the balcony to see the night view。
After Xia Jian assigned Guannan’s two bodyguards their work,Everyone was going to eat at the restaurant。To avoid unnecessary trouble,Xia Jian informs the waiter,Gave them food to the room。
While eating,Guan Nan looked at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“We missed a link,Forgot here isTcountry。What do you do in language?”
“Most of the company’s managers speak Chinese,I can communicate with them in English”Xia Jian said very confidently。
Lin Ruoyun heard Xia Jian say this,Asked with surprise on his face:“can you speak English?Did you learn it at school??”
“No,I paid for a self-study class when I was at work。I went to America,I find that what I learned can still handle”Xia Jian was eating,Said with a smile,He is very low-key。

Chen Xiu approached cautiously,I saw this middle-aged man with a beard,All scars,There were no less than 30 scars。

“It turns out that he was seriously injured when he came down from the waterfall!”
“I don’t know how he managed to get through and even made two moves with me,Most people are afraid that they have already died!”
“Fortunately, he was hurt so badly before,Or it was me who died just now!”
Checking the scars on the beard,Chen Xiu’s heart moved:“This guy is only half of his strength after being injured is no longer my match,Such a terrifying cultivation base, I’m afraid Ge Hong can’t resist his move!”
“It’s even more secular,Isn’t he a worldly person?”
“Only people from the secret realm have such a terrible cultivation base!”
“If you really are in secret,The pill that he brought casually on his body is also a treasure for us in the world.!“
Chen Xiu for murder、search、Jie Bao is also a veteran,Soon there was a palm-sized box found on his face,There are some mysterious lines faintly painted on it. I looked at this box.。
“This box is exactly the same size as the tip,Did you use the gun head??”
Put in the tip of the knife that I had been holding in my hand,This box is really a magical thing,After putting the broken tip into the box,The faint coercion disappeared without a trace immediately。
“This spear head is really evil!”
Chen Xiu remembered the scene where he shot himself with the head of the gun,Still have lingering fears:“But this can be a killer for me,You can use it to sneak attack next time you meet Wu Tingfang,Kill the old pervert by surprise!”
Followed by,Chen Xiu found out a few bottles of pills,There is no label on it,I don’t know what medicine,Unplug a bottle and smell,A pungent smell is coming,Almost vomiting,Hurry up and hold your breath,Thrown into the river。

See here,at this time,Li Huo speaks here subconsciously。

But after what Li Huo said,,At this moment,Wang Teng looked at him。
While seeing here,Wang Teng’s performance is very direct。
“Actually now,No need to say anything。”
“As for the next,How to solve it,Actually this,It’s very clear。”
When Wang Teng finished,He quickly came to Li Huo。
“tell me,Who sent you to deal with me!”
Wang Teng knows,Such a thing,It’s not as simple as it seems on the surface。
So next,Wang Teng is even more rude,I started to ask directly here。
The more so,In fact, after Wang Teng finished。
Now,Li Huo in front of him looks at Wang Teng,Gritted his teeth and said:“Humph,I am anyway,I will never tell you。”
With Li Huo in front of him, he finished,Now,Looks at Wang Teng,The whole person is very calm。
Nothing more?
Apart from these,What else do you want to say?

“Um,I must say,After all, this walk may not meet again in this life.。”

Sun Yarn’s words made Liu Yanfeng.。
“How can you see it in your life?,Just don’t want to see it。”
“Yup,I have nothing to do with him.,This time I bid.,Go back and find a male marriage,I must cut off these.。”
After experiencing too many things,Sun Yaru also opened it.。
Even sometimes she is thinking,Standing at Li Hui’s position,I haven’t killed her.。
What’s more, Li speaks from the wind to her, although it is not cold.,But at least not do something else.。
Liu Yanfeng chatted with Sun Yawu,It also has its own misfortune。
According to Sun Yaru,,Husband does not go home for half a year,Going home is basically throwing thousands of pieces.,Such a husband stayed with?
Why not divorce early?,Now far-breeding crabs earned more than your husband.。
There is a school in the village.,Hospital,School from primary school to junior high school。
At the door of the house,Her woman can do it better。
Think of Sun Yaru’s words,She feels some sudden feeling。
Just thinking that if you divorce,The style of the village,She feels some tolerate。
But these seem to be afap in Sun Yaru.,As long as you are all right,Why do you say something?。
Originally Liu Yanfeng wants to open to Sun Yaru。
The result is reversed by Sun Yaru.。
When she returned to her little bamboo house,Liu Mountain is also just after the test is complete.。
See your sister back,Liu Youshan is very happy。
The expectation of the eyes is to let Liu Yanfeng have some can’t bear to tell him the truth.。
“sister,How about it?How did she say?”
“What can I say??
Do you have any numbers in your own heart??”
I heard Liu Yufeng’s answer.,The expectation in Liu Yoshi is also slowly turning into a loss.。
“I know it should not work.。”
“Hey,People Jialu said,You are very good,you deserve better,Her situation is more complicated,You can’t afford it in the root,Understand?”
“People stand in the top of the mountain,Now we are just temporary here.,after a while,She will leave,So what do you have to talk to her?,After all, she will go again.,You may not see it in this life.。”
“A rare girl can make you like this,But I also like it very much.,To look like,Want temperament,Key or college students,Such a girl will not like it.。”
Liu Mountain does not listen to Liu Yifeng’s praise.,I listened to Liu Yanfeng so boasting Sun Yaru.,He is even more sitting.。
Directly get up:“Then I will talk about it.,It’s not a success.。”
“Um,After all, I have already checked it once.,You should also understand you.。”
Liu Mountain nodded,I will run directly towards Sun Yaru’s lotus pond.。
Sun Yarru is sitting in the Hutang,Quiet look at everything around。
Everything around this is so familiar with her.,But then so strange。

“You up,It’s best not to lie down in this place”Zhao Hong followed in from behind,She didn’t say angrily。

Xia Jian sat up,Asked with a smile:“what do you mean?”
“Means nothing?Think about it yourself,How much love did you leave outside?How many children are there in total,Tell your parents early,Let them have some preparation in their hearts“Zhao Hong said with a smile。
Xia Jian was anxious when he heard it,He jumped over,Took Zhao Hong in his arms。Zhao Hong was struggling not to let Xia Jian kiss her face。But Xia Jian has his tricks,Don’t let me kiss,He just touched。When his hand touched Zhao Hong’s part,Zhao Hong is honest,She was just panting,Not struggling anymore。
“You just tell me,What’s the matter with the little boy in my family?Why did he become my son??He should be almost two years old, right?!“Xia Jian hugged Zhao Hong and sat on his lap,Then asked in a low voice。
Zhao Hongyi listen,A sharp twist,He broke free from Xia Jian’s arms。She said coldly:“Own seed,And asked others what’s going on,You are ridiculous“
When Xia Jian heard Zhao Hong say this,He is completely confused。I want to say to be merciful outside,He really stayed a lot,But there should be no children!Xia Jian can’t think of it anymore。
“Humph!I knew it,You are too romantic,Seed everywhere,Now suddenly a son appeared,You don’t even know who gave birth to it.!“Zhao Hong put his hands on his shoulders,A gloating look。
It’s no use Xia Jian is worried,People don’t say what he can do。As the saying goes,Women are coaxed by men,He Xia Jian seems to be a counselor in front of Zhao Hong this time,Who told him to be merciful before,If this leaves a problem, I can only blame myself。
Xia Jian walked gently to Zhao Hong,Picked her up again。Unexpectedly, his big lips were covered,Zhao Hong can’t do it,Kissed by Xia Jian。
Zhao Hong struggled for a while,But Xia Jian held her tightly,Gradually, Zhao Hong’s pile of dry materials burned。So many days,The lump in Xia Jian’s body*Finally broke out。
He hugged Zhao Hong to the kang,He pressed it down hard。Zhao Hongjiao panted and said:“do not!Embarrassed in broad daylight“Although the woman said so,But her body betrayed her a long time ago。
Soon,The two people rolled together like glue like knees。Heavy、The shy gasp rang for a long time。Finally both of them finished,Zhao Hong was lying charmingly in Xia Jian’s arms,There was a hint of sweat on her forehead。
“red!What the hell is Chenchen??You have to tell me“Xia Jian took this opportunity,Asked softly in Zhao Hong’s ear。
Zhao Hong sighed,Said with a faint breath:“On the second day you go to the provincial capital,Suddenly a woman with a child came to the village,She found me,Said he came to see you。I took her to your house,Unexpectedly, she said this child belongs to you“

Hu Huiru said,He personally pressed the elevator for them,And brought them to the meeting room,After sitting down in the best seat,She just went busy。

Guan Tingna sitting next to Xia Jian whispered to Xia Jian:“Why did Hu Huiru suddenly seem to have changed another person?。She is so kind to us,It’s really uncomfortable”
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps outside the door,With the entry of Dongsheng Group staff,There are a lot of people behind them,It seems that all companies are here to participate in the bidding。Xia Jian never thought,Such a big project,There will be so many companies bidding。
Among these people,Xia Jian saw a familiar face,That is Xiao Xiao bringing Dragon Ball and Xi Zhen。What he never expected was the team at the end,There are as many as seven or eight people,The leader is Zhou Li。
Xia Jian’s heart suddenly lifted,Xiao Xiao and Zhou Li bid separately this time。Is there a problem with their cooperation??Or they say this is a strategy?
quickly,People from Dongsheng Group are here。The chairperson is still Hu Huiru sitting,I can see the turmoil of the Dongsheng Group,Did not affect Hu Huiru’s leadership。
The host made some kind words to welcome everyone,The bidding begins。But when Hu Huiru announced in public,When these projects in Pingdu City cannot be divided,Representatives of several companies got up and left。After all,Such a big project tied together,I can’t eat without a big appetite。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but look back at Xiao Xiao,he knows,With Xiao Hong’s current strength,It’s impossible to take down all of Pingdu’s projects,If she and Zhou Li join hands,Maybe this is possible。But from the current situation,The two of them are separate。
Shortly after the bidding started,Two more companies are gone,There are only four companies left。Xiao Xiao Xiajian is not afraid at all,He is afraid of Zhou Li,After all, there is a huge consortium behind her to support。And the other is a well-known enterprise in the province,Not bad in terms of strength,But Xia Jian is not optimistic about them。
Where did Xia Jian sit without saying a word,Guan Tingna and Chen Lan are busy nervously。Read the documents over and over again,Xia Jian can’t hold it anymore。He brought it over for a review,Then she whispered a few words in Guan Tingna’s ear。
Guan Tingna nodded,Make slight changes in the tender,Finally, he was the first to submit the tender。Xia Jian moved here,Zhou Li can’t sit still,She asked to submit the tender for the second time。
Xiao Xiao has been sitting still,And which well-known provincial company abandoned the bid at the last minute。Thus,It directly evolved into a duel between Xia Jian and Zhou Li。
This ending,Xia Jian really didn’t expect。Hu Huiru leads his team,Bid review began on site,The whole process is frightening。
Xia Jian closed his eyes and listened to his heartbeat,Time goes by,What a torment。I do not know how long it has been。Hu Huiru’s voice came from the conference,She said loudly:“Congratulations to Hongjian Group for winning the bid”
“what?I don’t believe they can get so much money”Zhou Li biao on the spot。
First2458chapter Take it all
Xia Jian looked at Zhou Li’s anger,He did not speak,But sitting still。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Don’t worry, Mr. Zhou,If Hongjian Company can’t spend so much money within our stipulated time,The winning bidder will naturally fall on your Lilong Group”
“President Hu!Do you Dongsheng Group and Hongjian Group have any tricks??Our price,I believe that among the many bidding units,Should be the only one,Then why is Hongjian Group winning the bid,Do you Dongsheng Group and the RMB have a grudge?

“Can you prepare goods for us right away?I’ll let China transfer the money to you quickly“Xia Jian smiled and said to Jack。

Jack shook his head and said:“No way!No money,We will not prepare goods,This is the premise of cooperation“This old guy finished,People stand up,Look like going to work。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian and said:“ How about I let my company give you a turnaround point temporarily?“
“no need!Still use Alice’s money,And Ruth,Lend me all her money,We return to our country and then liquidate,Doesn’t this save a lot of trouble??“Xia Jian smiled and said to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Or you are smart,I will call them both now“Wang Lin said,Took the phone and walked out of Jack’s office。This is Wang Lin,She started,Never leaked。
“how about it?You should not speak Chinese in front of me,It’s kind of rude to me“Jack said a little unhappy。
Xia Jian laughed and said:“I’ll send you the money right away,All dollars。And can you swipe your card here?“Xia Jian knows,Alice’s money is all four hundred thousand dollar bills,And Ruth’s money should be all on the bank card。
“Hi!You really underestimated us,I am a big farm,Have everything“Jack sent it when he heard that he had money,People are immediately happy。
Soon,Wang Lin came in,She nodded at Xia Jian and said:“Delivered in 20 minutes“
Wang Lin is speaking English this time,She just wanted to listen to Jack。Jack sees this business is about to close,He happily made coffee for Xia Jian and Wang Lin。
Twenty minutes later,Alice brought her four hundred thousand and came with Ruth。The one with the ribbon is a bank card,She took out her bank card without saying a word,It seems that Wang Lin has made it clear to her on the phone。
Once the funds are in Jack’s account,He immediately called the warehouse,Ready to ship to Xia Jian。This is the American,Business is always so smart,As the saying goes。
Once Xia Jian’s business is finished,Everyone discusses how to leave here。
“SMWe can no longer use city transportation,If i guess right,Tompu must have sent someone to guard the airport,Railway station and coach station“Xia Jian whispered。
Ruth was anxious:“Then we can’t stay here forever?“
“Ask Jack to send us to the neighboring city,So we are out of Tompu’s control,And then toNYcity。Such a route,I must kill him Tom Mupu,He would never think“Xia Jian whispered。

Li Fengzhu,Stood up happily,She smiled and said:“You are right,I’m listening!“

“By your age,In our rural areas, it’s time to talk about marriage,So I want to introduce me to our Xiping Village。You also know the current Xiping Village,As long as you get married,Didn’t we arrange the work?!“Xia Jian smiled and said to Li Fengzhu。
Li Fengzhu blushed,Whispered:“Xiping Village is good,But this married man can’t say you want to marry,It must be agreed by both parties“
“Don’t worry about this,I’ve already thought about it for you,There is a guy named Guo Baocheng in our village,Is also a cadre in the village。Be honest,Ambitious。 I made an appointment for you to meet first,I’ll stay for a while if I feel it,Both sides feel almost done,About you getting married again“These things,Xia Jian had already thought about it on the train。
Li Fengzhu,Said happily:“Thank you, Mayor Xia!You are really my benefactor“
“Don’t just thank you,It’s noon now,How about we both invite Mayor Xia to have a meal outside?“Zhao Chunling said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。
Li Fengzhu hurriedly said:“OK!This is what it should be“
“No way,I appreciate your kindness。Come to Japan,There are still plenty of opportunities to eat,But not today,As for why,You should be able to think of“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke,He opened the door。
Zhao Chunling saw Xia Jian’s order to chase away guests,She was too embarrassed to say more,So he smiled sweetly at Xia Jian,Take Li Fengzhu and walk quickly。
Damn!All day long。Xia Jian reluctantly lay down on the big swivel chair,He wants to rest for a while。But Tong Jie walked in with a smile。
“I think you are too tired to eat anymore。How about this!What do you want to eat,I’ll call you to the office“Tong Jie smiled and said。Xia Jian’s secretary was transferred,No one is in charge of him yet,Tong Jie had to take over this task。
Xia Jian thought for a while,A little embarrassed to say:“Then you can order a dish,Let’s have two more buns!The noodles in the cafeteria are not well done“
Tong Jie nodded,Then turned and left。Xia Jiangang closed his eyes,The phone on the desk rang,He saw that the number shown above was the phone number of the city government,He couldn’t help but shrink。
Xia Jian stood up first,Close the door tightly,Then I answered the phone。Qin Xiaomin’s beautiful voice came on the phone:“how?Do you want to eat??“
“Hi!No appetite,But you can’t eat it“Xia Jian looked extremely helpless。
Qin Xiaomin laughed and said:“This is not your character,Let’s eat first!I have to get off work too“
Xia Jian originally thought Qin Xiaomin was calling to tell him something,Unexpectedly, she just hung up the phone after asking casually。Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling strange,Can think about it,Only then did he understand Qin Xiaomin’s intentions。This is Qin Xiaomin who doesn’t worry about him,I called to investigate whether he was at work。
Xia Jian suddenly felt,I am a lucky person,At least there are so many women caring about him。
Had lunch in the office,Xia Jian was too lazy to even return to the dormitory,He lay down on his desk and rested for a while。He didn’t go to work these days,There is indeed a lot of work at hand。Because there are things that Tong Jie can’t replace him,Fortunately, Xia Jian is quite familiar with these businesses。
It took about two or three hours,A pile of signed lists on the table,There are some documents for him to review,Was completely wiped out by him。Xia Jian took a breath,When I got up and stretched my bones,Someone knocked on the door and came in。

He is not a good impression on extinction,After all, when I was a child, my parents were,There is a selection of extinction,After that, I got out of the butterfly valley to kill Ji Xiaofu.——Although not familiar,But when Ji Xiaofu is the only couple in Zhang Cuishan to die.,A big disciple who apologized to Zhang Wuji。

Not long ago,He also got extracted three palms……Anything is not good to impress。
However, there is no more affection.,Instead, I feel that I am fine and throw it too much.。
Chu Deirens simply explained a few words,After that, Zhang Wuji is more worried.。
Previously in the bright top,He has already recognized Zhou Zirui,Zhou Yuli may also recognize him,However, the situation at the time,The two naturally have no narration。
“That……Is it not too fierce??”Zhang Wuji is worried。
“Not,I will go to Xiaoyao this time.。”
“what?Chu Da Ge has also been sent a penalty?”Zhang Wuji shocked。
Chu Da Ge is so good,Actually“Penalize”?Sure enough is the island!
“Do not,I am picking up a good order,It is the initiative,As for the hometown of Heroes Island……I don’t want to disclose Zhang Zhenren.,After you see the teacher,Can ask yourself。”Chu Deirers don’t know,Zhang Wuyi can’t go to Heroes Island。
According to Zhang Wuji, the protagonist……
Specifically, Zhang Zhen people are judged.!
After that, the Chu Deiren has not been resting.,I will start with the people of Tianying.,Ready to go to Emei……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 655 Crane
Chu Deiren came to Emei all the way,I found it on the road,Already gradually lively。
After all, it is not before.,Various gangs from all walks of rivers and lakes are in the Western Region,At this time, return to Central Soil,Most of them are all walking of Sichuan。
When I listened to the death teacher, I was too dead.,Jianghu people who are crane,Number count……
Although I have previously extinct,Ironically, everyone is fear of death.、Is the same as the magic,But everyone is an adult rivers and lakes.,How can I revenge??
“Hey!Diki teacher is too good,How do you say death??”
“Yes,Extinction teacher is too……Cough,But the people of the Heroes is too overbearing.。”
“Can’t do it.,I have to give the extinction……Teacher too,Upper column。”
“good,Dienie Tai Chi,We can’t lose a gift。”
“Just, you are not saying that there is a new wine in Leshan.,We gave the destruction of the teacher.,Drink a few more cups!”
“It is extremely extreme……”
Many people on the way are talking about this matter.……
It is because of a large number of rivers and lakes,Before the western region,At this time, the road is passing through the Sichuan,So the extinct hang is very lively。
Chu Deirers and Yin Yinwang、When Zhang Wuji came to Emei,Just in the mountain, I met Wu Xian, such as Song Yuanqiao.,There are also a little one of the disciples.。
Both sides respectively,Chu Deirers also found,Wudang and Tianying’s relationship,Mitigate many,Especially now Zhang Wuji is also。
Originally, Song Yuanqiao and others,I hope that I will bring Zhang to go back to Wusang.,But Yin Tian is not allowed,I don’t want to Zhang Wuji to the Skywear.,After all, Yin Tian is Zhang Wuji.,At that time, it was in the Western Region.,I don’t want to go, I am in Chukawa.,Direct return to Wu Dang does not say。


Evil spirit、Blood gas、I don’t know why the smell,Blocked by the high rock wall,No trace of it floats into the city of steles。
Beicheng is as usual,Except for a mess in many places,Bloody outside,Not many people realize that behind the monument is such a terrifying sight。
Zhu Minglang returned to the mansion,Found the steward of this vassal clan。
“Lord Zhu,What do you want,The outer court has already told us,Everything is arranged by the son。”Asked Shoubin。
“Slave market,Unsellable slave,How to deal with Beicheng?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“This one……Did you see something??”Shou Bin hesitated。
“You know the rules。”
“Son,Although our Shou family does business in Beicheng,,But never participated in the slave trade!”Shou Bin was shocked,Hurriedly said。
“Then answer my question。”
“All the time,The slave camps in Beicheng,They killed slaves that couldn’t be sold,In order not to stain the city of stele,So there are people in Wupao at night,Take away those unwanted slaves from the slave owner,Unified slaughtered behind the monument,As for how to deal with the body,We don’t know。”Shou Bin said。
“Why kill??”Wen Mengru asked inexplicably。
“Miss,Slaves have to eat and drink,Also get sick,Also need a place to settle,Since it can’t be sold,They don’t want to waste a drop of water on these people,A bite of food,Not to mention carry,Have to incur expenses,So it’s better to just kill。”Shou Bin said。
Ling Tu stood aside,That face is more dull and dull。
Although he was still a slave in the end,But domestic slaves are much luckier than slaves。
In fact this way,Ling Tu saw too many inhumane scenes。
Among the slave crowd,As long as someone gets a leg accidentally,Can’t walk,The people in the slave camp cut off their heads with a single knife,Then throw it away on the roadside……
First209chapter Throw stones for directions