“Since this,That’s more, you can’t stand by.,A small life,A big life。”Tang San Tibetan Minds a Buddha No.,Purplexia fairy that is unconscious。

Liao Wenjie saw a frown,Not blocked,There are some small entangles before,I feel that I will throw Zixia to the Niu Deyu.,In case the old cow feels a chicken, you can take a light day.,Does he become an Ouyang crazy?。
He is pure love God god!
at the moment,Tang San Tibet is willing to shoot,Just take my mind for him,By default, Zixia Fairy。
What later,Guan Yin also said,Follow him,Don’t be afraid that the script has collapsed.。
Think of this,Liao Wenjie,Various opinion,Behind the merits,He raised his hand and put it at your feet.,Change into a lotus table。
Tang San Tibet hooded,Great shock:“Liao Show,You are so messy,Guanyin sister will be angry。”
“Your Guanyin sister said,I am happy.。”
Liao Wenji mouth,哼 子 观 观 观 道 道:“The poor pass is very clear,Monkey is your apprentice,What do you think, what should I do??”
“Wukong is only a born naughty,Nature is not bad,The world misunderstood him,Only because of his five senses,Nothing is willing to understand his three views。”
Tang Sanzang:“I am getting along with him.,See him every day.,Bullying,Also forced Xiaobai Long Women’s Wear,I found that he is actually a child.……”
Liao Wenjie shouted directly,Very no sign:“Be,So far,Besides, I am standing on the monkey.。”
“Liao Show,you understood?”
“understood,I will understand when I was young.,Monkey falls to this point today,Do you have a unbacked responsibility。”Liao Wenjie vomiting。
“Yes,I blame me for taught it.。”
Tang Sanzang is annoyed:“If I don’t mean I only say three times a day, I have said three times.,Too little to his homework,Wukong will not be more arrogant,If it is not his arrogance,I will not grab it to the King of the Niu Devil.,Will not be by Guanyinjie……”
MD,Why do I want to give him a chance?!
Liao Wenjie wakes up in time,A hairdressing boxing,Lotus in the foot,Fly around Tang Sanzang and Zi Xia Fairy to the monkey。
Desert edge,Firewood。
Supreme treasure, a face, to hold the purple Youth Sword,Because he is not close to the woman’s clinical rejection,Didn’t give Zi Xia tasted the sweetness of the sweetness,The latter ran down。
Zixia ran no relationship,Moonlight treasure box is not bad,No moonlight box,He can’t leave this world.,Save the heart, Bai Jingjing, is not talking about。
Supreme treasure dark swear,If you give another chance again,He guarantees that no one will make a gentleman,No matter what Zixia wants to do,He is lying in place,Let it be。
“I should so early.,I blame my love but my mind.!”
To respect the treasure regret,Fall behind,A little small grievance,Biting the teeth when you are bitten by the dog。
Again,Zixia Fairy is Pan Shi Jimei,That is, Bai Jingjing Master,All,He is filial to respect the elder.。
distance,Shashi is shocked,Rising big dust,Air roll,Blowing fire, suddenly。
Supreme treasure faintly saw a white light drop from the sky,Lift purple 青 宝,All the way is close to,Silent prayer,Ask the old man to see him handsome,Ten million is Zixia crash.。
The situation is not much,Although Zixia did not crash,But people are indeed present。
Liantai descended from the sky,Liao Wenjie who turned into the way to grab the monkey from the sand,Staying it nowhere to escape。
“Sun Wukong,You are born for your sister and the sister of the Niu Devil.,Actually, make your Master Tang San Tibet.,I still have a demon ghost to eat Tang Yan meat together.。Not only that,you……”

“Bai Qi is sleeping,It is now Bingchen Bailong。”Zhu Minglang said。

First132chapter Reincarnation sting
I wish Minglang came to see Mr. Koi,Actually, it was for Bai Qi’s business。
And about dragon robbery,Zhu Minglang vaguely remember that I heard it from Mr. Koi。
Mr. Koi’s seven-step memory returns to seven-step memory,Its knowledge of dragons far exceeds many academic scholars,And it seems to have some knowledge of the world that has been shrouded in a void of sea and mist.。
In the past, Zhu Minglang felt that what Mr. Koi said was irrelevant.,But lost,Experienced the border of this continent,Zhu Minglangcai feels that Mr. Koi is a real learned ghost!
If its memory is not so disordered,Is simply an excellent teacher。
Now,Zhu Minglang also explained Bai Qi’s situation to Mr. Koi in detail。
Degenerate into ice worm,To pupa,And then transform into a Bingchen White Dragon,Zhu Minglang is still not sure whether Xiaobai’s degeneration is due to the dragon robbery。
How can Xiaobai sleep soundly and soundly?,Even if you summon it from the spiritual realm,It still can’t open its eyes,I just wrap my tail around Zhu Minglang’s body,He fell asleep on Zhu Minglang’s shoulders again。
Mr. Koi was also surprised。
Because it sees Xiao Bai,It is clearly a white dragon。
Even after some advanced、Metamorphosis,Or leap the dragon gate again and survive the dragon catastrophe,It’s impossible that the original white dragon bloodline just disappeared,It became the bloodline of Yinyue Yinglong and Xingfeng Ice Dragon!
This is totally incompatible with any kind of dragon’s advanced method。
“how is it?”Zhu Minglang asked。
“Not dragon robbery,The ability to degenerate,It should be called reincarnation sting。It is a combination of stinging dragon veins and butterfly transformation and phoenix dragon nirvana rebirth,But one more life cycle。Can tell you clearly,Xiao Bai with this ability,There is no need to survive the dragon catastrophe,Reincarnation again,It can easily cross to a higher level。”Mr. Koi said。

Liu Ying glanced at Wang Youcai secretly,Suddenly lowered his voice and said:“Du Xiaohong from Baishui Town。It’s nominally to ask for payment,I think I’m here to seduce you,She is the same as Ma Hongfang”

Wang Youcai heard Liu Ying suddenly mentioned Ma Hongfang,He couldn’t help but breathe out:“You don’t care about my business,and also,I tell you,Ma Hongfang is dead,Don’t mention her anymore”
“what!You mean Ma Hongfang is dead?She is so young,How could you die?It’s a pity“When Liu Ying heard Wang Youcai said that Ma Hongfang was dead,She suddenly felt very sorry。After all, this is a woman she knows。
Chief Wang Youcai asked in a breath:“How is Wang Xiaomei doing?Can i help you?If she is lazy,You can directly find Tianwa”
“Her!Work hard。But I found,She may not be here for long”Liu Ying said,A weird smile。
Wang Youcai’s face changed and roared:“Just say something,Fart。What is God doing secretly?She did a good job,Why not do it?”
“Damn!You are so rude。I said she quit,Not the reason here,Because he is pregnant,The response has been huge in the past two days,Vomit when you see oily”Liu Ying said,Wang Youcai gave Wang Youcai a hard look。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Bastard stuff is pretty capable,So tired during the day,I don’t do anything wrong at night!Planted really fast”
“how?Envy?Hurry up!Don’t let Chunni sit idle”Liu Ying is joking,One turned and left。
Wang Youcai just remembered,I have been out of home for several days。I didn’t make a phone call home,Is he too sorry for Yao Chunni for doing this??
Hey!Coincidentally。He just thought of here,The phone on the desk rang。He didn’t even look,Grab the phone:“Hey!”With a。
“Manager Wang!There is another list of a thousand young saplings,Tight,You have to arrange it”Hu Huiru’s a little worried voice came through the phone。
Wang Youcai was upset when he heard it,He froze for a moment and said:“President Hu!This is a good thing,But it’s not good to have all urgent orders”
“I know your workload is heavy recently,But am I not to cater to customers?!such,Hold on,Within two days,And then let everyone rest for one or two days。You can also go home and have a look”Hu Huiru said with a smile on the phone。
Wang Youcai sneered:“Not President Hu,We can’t just know to dig。There is now a vacant lot,If you don’t make good use of this spring to transplant or plant seeds,Will there be saplings to be dug this time next year?”
Tian Wa said this to Wang Youcai。Nowadays,Wang Youcai just told Hu Huiru。or,She thought the sapling would never be dug out。
“Yes indeed!What you said is very important。Don’t worry,I will ask them to airlift the seedlings in the near future,And let the special car take you there。But what about this thousand little trees??I am waiting for your answer”Hu Huiru immediately changed her tone during the call。

“This magic spar vein,According to my investigation,The longest point is 20 miles。And the depth is deeper……According to my estimate,This magic spar vein,Hundreds of billions of gold coins are definitely there。”

“God。”Dia suddenly felt breathless。
“and so,You must never reveal a trace of information,I’ll go back and tell you that you are Master”。Wright said very seriously“You hurry up and beat down the two nearest cities,Completely conquered this area。”
After explaining to the disciple,Wright flew quickly,Return to Giant Bear City。
Chapter Thirty Door
“what?”Cromwell Saint Magister is shocked。“Wright,You read it right,Twenty-mile long magic crystal vein!”Not finished,Cromwell Saint Magister calm down,He knows the calmness of this disciple,Even less likely to deceive。
“Wright,Do you know,Alchemists once analyzed the magic crystal vein,It is impossible to naturally generate magic crystal veins over twenty miles!”The Cromwell Saint Magister was a little thoughtful。
Lei Feature nods,And said:“I am not sure about this,But I see that vein,The shape is also very regular,I also wonder if there are any treasures inside!”
Cromwell Saint Magister nodded,“go,Let’s go see。”
A few minutes later,Cromwell、Both Wright and Cecilia appeared above the veins。
“Master、teacher、Master!”Dia led a team of elite soldiers to surround this place。Saw three strong sanctuary flying here,The soldiers were very surprised and even scared。But Dia’s title made them excited,It turns out that there are still three sanctuary powerhouses behind us!
“Dia,Take all your lads away。”Wright Voice。
A few minutes later,Cecilia’s face is a bit strange,“Wright,I didn’t find anything like this,Did you find something?”
Wright says“I did not find!”
Cromwell Saint Magister’s face is solemn,Shook his head。

“Deal!”The young man re-enters the world of gods,Seeing that little fire dragon has come back,Squatting at the door of the Temple of Five Elements,Staring wildly at the big eyes,I’m afraid this little thing has no sputum anymore,Otherwise, I will vomit。

Received the little red dragon,The teenager found that there was an extra person in the bed,Looks exactly like him,apparel、figure、Face wait,Can’t pick the slightest flaw,It’s like a real person under the touch,Young childlike heart,Just punch the opponent hard。
Ouch,The other party was furious,Smashed back with a punch,Bang,The door broke open,Qingtong and others rushed in,See the boy lying on the bed well,Just disheveled,Busy asking,“Young palace master is okay?”
“It’s okay,Had a nightmare。”
Chapter one hundred and sixty seven Explore Nungwi Island at Night
Qingtong and others are strange,Obviously heard the fists and feet in the room,But there is no trace of fighting in the room,I always feel something is wrong,But I watched the boy repeatedly for a long time,Secretly also used divine power similar to insight,But nothing found,Had no choice but to quit。
I heard that teenagers have trouble dreaming when they sleep,It seems that the problem is not minor,Qingtong feels that although the matter is not big,But we must be more vigorous to guard,As long as you stop the teenager from running around, it’s a great achievement。
At this moment, the real Young Palace Master has left the Five Elements Island,Although the defense team has a natural affinity for him,But Elder Qi, who was still on guard, discovered the clues,A light and shadow rushed out of the big array,Does not interfere with the operation of the formation,The whole island can do it except Fire Heaven,Only Young Palace Master Acheng。
Boy go out now,The target is Nungwi Island,Elder Qi dare not neglect,Immediately burn your ass to find Li Yun and the other two elders,After a few people discuss, they will immediately gather all the magicians on the island,Three thousand and five hundred elites were selected from among them,This is the most powerful force that the entire Five Elements Island can use right now,It is estimated that in front of the coalition forces, it is only enough to piece together a square formation。
This is also no way,And leave some strength to defend the island,Really stretched,And the Young Palace Master has been really worried since he took the temple,If you fall into Nungwi Island again this time,The feelings of the people on Five Elements Island are even more scattered。
Qingtong and others were scolded in public,Find the fake Young Palace Master again,There is no clue。
Remember all the punishments afterwards,It’s important for the army to set out to save people,Suddenly dark clouds rolled over Wuxing Island,The dark blue light at the gate is like flashing lightning,Allied scouts wandering near the gate immediately noticed something was wrong,After a little observation, the news of the sudden deployment of troops on the Five Elements Island was sent out using the divine power technique of thousands of miles.。
at this time,The boy just touched Nungwi Island,I was worried that it would trigger an array restriction,So I spent a long time studying and observing outside,Some delay。

But let him have never been thought of,These people actually participate in the auction。

Not to run this show。
Liu Xiangzhong is also the position of pulling Li Hui to the front row in advance.。
Li Hui has just sat down,I was pulled up.。
“Boy,Is this position to sit??
Go behind。”
Suddenly, Daiko,Let Li speak with Liu Xiang and Liu are a glimpse.。
I haven’t waited for Li Hui’s explanation.,Strong people quickly let the open position,A very respectful youth, a young man who is wearing a punk style。
Li Hui is a little inexplicable with Liu Xiangzhi.。
Li Hui Feng feels that each other is handsome,But it is not a sun yang,It seems that there is some mother’s kind,Maybe more should be called。
“What is still doing??
Our Xiao Gongzi is still not worth you let your seat or just?”
“Liu Premium,Is this exhibition position??”
Li Hui Feng did not take care of each other,But directly look forward to Liu Xiang。
“Hey-hey,This is where we should sit.,And who is sitting in what position is definitely arranged。”
I heard this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“This is a master,Let your dog away from me away,Otherwise, I will not be responsible for a while.,There is also trouble, you also lift your noble hips.,This is not the location you should sit.。”
Looking at Li with the wind, a cheap brand clothes,That’s more, thousands of patterns,Xiao Chenzhao is also a little disdainful laugh.。
“There is no name in this position.,Why do I want to get up??
And you know who I am??
Actually dare to be so disrespectful to me?”
“I don’t care who you are.,The position is mine,Then don’t allow anyone to take me。”
Li Hui Feng, just finished,The two big men next to each other are also directly can’t help but:“Boy,Hurry and roll away,Otherwise, we will regret it for a while.。”
Face two strong people,Li Anti-Raw is also nonsense.。
Directly in one hand,Then fly。
Clean actions,No slightest drag,Aesthetic。
Looking at Liu is a glimpse。
Liu Xiang did not know that Li Hui Feng moved to the hands and quickly。
With the two strong people,To a chair。
The scene is also chaos immediately。
All eyes are concentrated in Li Huihe and Xiao Chen。
“Isn’t that when the traffic is small??”
“Hiss!Be careful,His fans can be a fanatic powder,If you are notified, you can become a network exposure object.。”
“Yes,Hearing fans over 100 million,I don’t know if there is a ingredient without water.。”
“do not talk,Let’s silently silently,Playing Xiao Chen,In the future, the bitter fruit is still behind.!”
The discussion of people around people have,Li Hui also listened to some。
Xiao Chen, is more ugly,From the exhibition,No one dares to work with him.。
You must know that the so-called blocked him on the network.,Even the product of the endorsement,And all aspects have not blocked him。
The reason is because he has a background。
And his background is not a general big。

“I really don’t understand your name!Where did I hear the name Barry,The puppy of a colleague before me,Called Barry!”

Fang Yu slowly said。
Barry looked cold,I’m all annoyed。
Fang Yu dared to scold him!
colleague,He still feels pain in his right hand。
Fang Yu’s strength,How could it be so big!
“Shirley……Time is almost up!We should go!”
Fang Yu feels Guo Xueli is embarrassed,Reminded。
“You are leaving so soon?”
Barry is a little depressed。
He still wanted to be alone with Guo Xueli。
But never thought,Suddenly a Fang Yu appeared。
Changed the way and scolded him!
“Yes,Coffee you can enjoy slowly……Barry!”Fang Yu said。
“I am not a dog!”
Barry displeased。
“Mr. Barry,I never said that!”
Fang Yu finished,Pulling the stupefied Guo Xueli away。

Xia Jian weighed the 20,000 yuan in his hand and said:“Captain Zhang!This is 20,000 yuan。Let’s hang out here from now on,You have to cover us”

Zhang Donglin smiled:“Easy to say!Easy to say!I have the final say on this place。As the saying goes, a strong dragon can hardly crush a local snake,I admit it this time”Xia Jian was a little angry。
Zhang Donglin snatched the banknotes in Xia Jian’s hands,I shook it in my hand and said:“Easy to say,As long as you don’t take the initiative to cause trouble,I promise you guys are safe here,You can go now”Zhang Donglin said,Quickly put the banknotes into his pocket。
The corners of Xia Jian’s mouth just moved,Opened the door and strode away。After Longdong GroupSTWhen the branch office building,Xia Jian couldn’t help but stop。He raised his head and took a good look at this five-story office building。
“President Xia!Where do we go next?”Bai Li quickly followed,Asked quietly。
Xia Jian thought for a moment and said:“Find a place to have a meal first,Find a place nearby。Zhang Yong went to drive,The car is a little broken but it’s quite convenient to drive”
Zhang Yong responded,Just walk away,Bai Libian and Xia Jian went to find a place to eat nearby。This place has just started to develop,So there is no business circle。Nothing is matched,They looked for a long time just to eat,Finally saw two restaurants at the intersection of a small village。
But when I walked in,Xia Jian felt like he wanted to come out。But passed this village,There really is no such shop。Xia Jian sat down a little helplessly,So Bai Li called Zhang Yong。
At this moment,Two young people with dyed yellow hair also came in,Sat diagonally across from Xia Jian。
First2188chapter incite defection
“Oh shit!I’ve been so busy all day,To earn this little money,Which Huang Qiang do you see。Except for coming to the construction site twice a day,The rest of the time,Either drinking or playing with women,You say how smart people live”Two yellow hairs,Suddenly a person said something injustice。
One of the yellow hairs took a peek at the shop,Then lowered his voice and cursed:“He Huang Qiang is a fart,At best, it is Wu Xiong’s dog”
Although the voices of these two people are a bit small,But Xia Jian still knew it clearly。It seems that they didn’t come here for nothing,At least he knew the relationship between Huang Qiang and Wu Xiong。
Logically,Xia Jianhe Baili’s advanced hotel,The boss should serve them both first,But the boss didn’t ask,I served the cooked noodles directly to these two yellow hairs。
Bai Li has a look,A little dissatisfied,But Xia Jian whispered to her:“Not in a hurry,Anyway, Zhang Yong hasn’t come yet。Let’s sit here,Can listen to them”
Bai Li,Only then did Xiajian nodded silently。When two yellow hairs eat noodles,Did not serve,But everybody ate a piece of garlic,Eat very well。

“Hey!So who?What is Song Fang’s situation now??How’s it getting along with Lao Wang’s family??”Xia Jian said,Suddenly remembered this。He came to match up last time。

Ma Yan sighed and said:“Song Fang moved back anyway,Other things are invisible。It’s just that Song Fang asked Wang Youfa to open a farmhouse”
“Oh!I should find something for Wang Youfa,Otherwise someone like him,I’m going to be idle”Xia Jianyi talked about other people’s affairs,I feel better。
Tong Jie seized this opportunity,He lowered his voice and said:“Just now in Zhangyang Village,It is not convenient for me to ask you。What is your situation now?Don’t let people worry about you anymore, okay?”
Seeing Tong Jie’s serious look,Xia Jian couldn’t help but move。He took a breath and said:“Had a big fight with Chen Jiang,I verbally said I quit,So I’ll be idle for now”
“Also good!As soon as you start work,Like it’s dead。Take this opportunity to have a good rest,If not, go to Bucheon,Go see uncle and aunt。You probably haven’t been to Bucheon for a long time, right?!”Tong Jie can really chat,A few words stretched Xia Jian’s frowning brows。
Mentioned Bucheon,Xia Jianma thought about Xiao Chenchen,This little guy should have grown a lot taller now?I don’t know how many words he can write now?
Thinking of Xiao Chenchen,Xia Jian was distracted。Ma Yan ghost and clever,She saw through Xia Jian’s mind,And asked with a smile:“Xiao Chenchen is in kindergarten, right?!This kid is very smart,Should be able to learn a lot in big cities”
“Yes indeed!Already in kindergarten”When Xia Jian said this,,A happy smile appeared on his face。
Tong Jie smiled and said:“The day after tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival,Shall we live together??”
“The day after tomorrow is Mid-Autumn Festival?Then you should go back to your hometown to see your sister-in-law。You haven’t been back for a long time, right!”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Tong Jie sighed and said:“Don’t want to go back,Go back,They just introduced me to my boyfriend,Really annoying”
“Marry if you have the right one!Your women can’t compare with our men”Xia Jian said,Just smile。
Tong Jie glanced at Xia Jian,I swallowed it to my lips。Yes!Her age,Is the golden age,but…Thought of here,She felt upset。
Ma Yan said with a smile at this time:“With the looks and abilities of Mayor Tong,I can’t find what I want?So the family is in a hurry。This kind of thing,Unforgettable”
“well said,It seems that Chief Ma has the experience,But you are younger than me,Still a bit smaller,So you are even more so there is no need to rush”There is something in Tong Jie’s words。
But Ma Yan, this girl is snowy and smart,She immediately understood the meaning of Tong Jie’s words。She laughed and said:“Not always,You must catch it if you encounter it,Never let go”
Listening to the conversation between two women,Xia Jian felt a little confused。Sometimes he really doesn’t understand women’s hearts,This and their men,It’s really different。
One afternoon,Just spent in the small chat of three people。Xia Jian knew,Tong Jie has a lot of things on hand,Chat with him all afternoon,She goes back at night,I must work overtime again。He is here,So he knows these things well。
I really had dinner at Ma Yan’s house。Ma Yan wanted everyone to drink,But Xia Jian said he wanted to send Tong Jie back to town,So I didn’t drink a drop。

“Hey!Mr. Guo,Didn’t you tell Xi Zhen not to go to Qingshan County??Why haven’t you let it go?”Xia Jian couldn’t help asking。

Guo Meili took a breath and said:“Work here in Qingshan County will take a few more days,Basically come to an end。Only then can Xi Zhen’s work focus be transferred to the fruit industry base,Don’t worry,I’ll take care of this”
Xi Zhen poured herself a glass of water,Then sat down beside Xia Jian,She lowered her voice and said to Xia Jian:“President Xia!Donna has asked me many times,When are you going to Qingshan County recently?”
“Donna?She asked me why?You tell her,Won’t go this year”Xia Jian laughed and said。
Lin Wei glanced at Xia Jian and smiled:“You’re wrong, Mr. Xia,Hangs Donna’s heart,But you won’t go to Qingshan County,This is too much!”
“okay,What does the little girl know,Hurry up,Let’s go out to sing tonight”Guo Meili said and stood up,Start organizing things on the table。
Xi Zhen and Lin smiled slightly,Got up and ran。Xia Jian couldn’t help but smile:“Mr. Guo!You usually control them too tightly,You look,Don’t you just sing a song?What makes them happy“
”wrong!They are not happy because they can sing,But because I sang with you,you got it!“Guo Meili said,Xia Jian paled with her talking eyes。
Woman going out,It’s always slow。When everyone is downstairs,It’s almost half past seven。At this time the sun is hanging diagonally on the top of the mountain,Give off the last afterglow,Looks very beautiful。
Xia Jian is accompanied by three beauties,Walking slowly on the street,The passers-by who led me looked back。Xia Jian knew,The crowd is definitely not watching him,But these three women are so beautiful,And the beauty is different。
”President Xia!Let’s find a place to eat something!Is it too early to sing??“Guo Meili gently pushed Xia Jian and asked。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:”Then I will take you to my classmates,She cooks well,Let’s just eat some。The key is that her backyard environment is particularly good,It can be said to be the fragrance of birds and flowers“
”Stop blowing!Where’s the bird at night“Xi Zhen said,Can’t help but laugh。
Cai Li saw that Xia Jian brought three more beauties,She is happy,I still feel a little upset。This is a woman,There will be jealousy,What’s more, her relationship with Xia Jian was once hazy。
”No one in the backyard!Few of us go to the backyard“Xia Jian smiled and asked Cai Lidao。
Cai Li looked at everyone,Whispered:”Backyard,Keep it for you“Cai Li finished,Take the lead and walk everyone inside。
A small square table,Four people just sit。Sit down,Guo Meili couldn’t help but smile:”Mr. Xia is right,This is really a rare place。If it’s morning,Make a good cup of tea,Get a good book,Lie down on this wicker chair,Isn’t it beautiful as a fairyland“
”Haha!Mr. Guo,I’m afraid this wish of yours may not be realized,Didn’t you hear it just now?This place is reserved for President Xia”Xi Zhen said,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian。