Shanghai Thousands of Goods "Small World" re-opened the new landmark of Yanji community

Thousands of goods "small world" reopening the new land specimen newspaper (Reporter Yellow Tips), located on Jingyu East Road, Yangpu District, is the "Small World Community Business Center" in Shanghai 300 store branch After reopening.

On May 1, 1988, Shanghai No. 300 Treasury Store – Small World Mall opened, is a community business center integrating shopping, entertainment, leisure and service.

In 2001, the Xiaofei Mall became the first multi-functional garden-style mall in the country, and the first batch of community commercial centers in Shanghai. In 2011, Yangpu Trading Group made a transformation of the small world mall through the adaptation and function of the business, and creating it into a new landmark of Yanji community. "The mattress in the family is now bought in the Municipal Baizhou Branch." "When I was young, I often bought a truck in the small world mall … This is the memory of Yanji community residents for" small world ".

This year, Yangpu Trading Group cooperated through regional enterprises, inviting Tongji University Building Design and Research Institute to launch the "small world" overall renovation, and officially renamed "Small World Community Business Center". "The name of the" Little World "was originally called by the nearby residents. Everyone called here is ‘small world’, and we will use this name." Shanghai Yangpu Business Group Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zeng Yi said.

The boxing of the main brand stores such as boxes, Starbucks makes "small world" getting younger. Residents found that in addition to new brands, there are still many "familiar faces", including a small Yang Yang frying for ten years, as well as the "local net red" tasteful pot bibimbap in Yanji New Village.

A "Poetry and Paintings Room" that has been opened in the basement, now reopening the bright environment on the second floor, and children in the surrounding communities can learn to paint in a new studio. Zeng Ke said that in order to better serve the surrounding residents, Yangpu Trading Group waives the rental benefits, opens up nearly 400 square meters of community sharing space on the second floor, and built a Shanghai specialty street, providing a public welfare experience for community residents, public welfare , Literary team performances, interactive games, convenience services and other special community activities. Walking in the wind, just like crossing a time tunnel, painting the scenery, sewing, repairing table, unlocking key, haircut, etc. on the wall, is open along the "Duan Hall", and the owner is in Yanji. The teacher of the year.

Old things and old booths have evoke many people in the past.

Liu Ru Xiu’s "Cao Master Tailor Store" has been held in Changbai Sancun for 30 years.

Master Cao is her husband. The husband and wife have been opened in their own door, and the future will be stationed in the "small world".

"We released your news through the US group, soon there were old customers to find here.

"Liu Ru Xiu said. Jiang Ayi, who lives in Yanji 5th is the old customer of the tailor store. She came early this day.

"The new business center is better than previous environments, and it can be done in the heart of the center, one-stop solution.

"Jiang Ayi said," It is not so busy here, now ‘small world’ "has become more popular.

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Poverty Alleviation Documentary "Infinite Road" caused enthusiastic response in Hong Kong

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, October 13 (Reporter Chen Yuying) Produced and photographed by Hong Kong TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (TVB), a total of 12 episodes of poverty alleviation documentary "infinite road" has been praised since the broadcast, in the Mainland Douban Network The high score of the division has also caused enthusiastic response in Hong Kong.

  The show is the first broadcast on August 21, as of the seventh episode, more than 2.5 million viewers have watched the "endless road" through TV, and the first episode of the first episode of more than 930,000, accounting for the same period of Hong Kong free TV station 60%.

  Many Hong Kong citizens said that the programs were deeply comprehensive, produced well, through the personal experience of the host and the production team, so that the audience and the local people, so that the process and results of the national poverty alleviation work can also be practiced.

  "After reading the first and second episodes, I felt very shocking, and then I lost the remaining programs.

"Hong Kong Special Zone Youth Development Committee" Xie Xiaohong said.

She was praised by "infinite road" to see online evaluation, and even the teachers in the university also recommended this show to her, and decided to watch. She said that the program starts from the perspective of Hong Kong people, the content is very real and grounding, so that the audience is full of people, especially when the host climbed more than 2,000 "ladders" to the cliff village, let her feel deeply affected It is not easy for people in poor regions. "Infinite Road" selection 10 China’s most representative depth poor case, analyzes the different poverty alleviation methods used in each location, such as easy to relocation, industry drive, education poverty alleviation, enterprise help, etc., presenting all local poverty alleviation process The difficulties faced in the face, as well as the hipster and efforts of countless people, the huge achievements of the state in poverty alleviation work. Hong Kong is a big alliance to jointly initiate people Ye Wenbin, saying that there is a deep understanding of the Hong Kong citizens even whispering the mainland’s poverty-stricken regions and poverty alleviation policies. Let people have experienced their distraction, and Hong Kong citizens can understand the country’s poverty alleviation work from different levels. The program group shuttled the country’s six provinces, shooting for two or three months, visiting the Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, also known as the "Cliff Village", Yunnan Nujiang, Ningxia West Haiqi and other places, visiting the local poverty alleviation, doctor Different people such as the prototype of the mainland’s thermal player "Mountain Hairy", telling a lot of poverty alleviation stories that are not known for Hong Kong people. Ms. Hong Kong, Ms. Yu visited the poor mountainous area of ??the Mainland many years ago. When they saw the hardships of the previous life, she felt deep. "I still feel too much at that time, the country is too big, the road to poverty alleviation is still very long, and now I see the country’s fruitful results made after implementing precise poverty alleviation, let me deeply amazed and gratify.

"The" Infinite Road "program host Chen Bai said that she regards herself as a white paper to explore and learn, so the rendeneration in the program is the most authentic, and the initial heart of the production team is also hope to The feeling does not add modified to the audience.

  "The friends around me have sigh ‘Tianda’ and the sorcerer of the Nujiang Village. It is very dangerous. I feel that I am very courageous, but I think these are very valuable life experience.

"Chen Bai said.

  The most satisfying documentary producer is a sense of response.

  Tvb News and Senior Situation Program Manager Yan Xiaoxue said that many viewers reflect the show very nice to her, "these evaluations make me the most satisfied". "

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The waters have become good, and the porpoise is back.

  Tumble, nod, spray, 10 tits, when you jump out of the river, sometimes sneak into the water … There is a Yangtze River porpoise named "Water Giant Panda", and recently frequently appeared in Nanchang, Minjiang. "The return of the porpoise, gave the Natural Natural Rehabilitation Work in Nanchang City.

The relevant person in charge of the Poyang Lake Fisheries Bureau of Nanchang County, Jiangxi Province said.

  "Will n’t I have a rare animal such as elk, peach and water in the Nangchang ‘sea and green, and marked that the ecological environment quality of Jiangxi Province and Nanchang City has been further improved.

Sang Diongh, Dean of the Jiangxi Academy of Sciences, said. Nanchang water system is developed, and the water area accounts for nearly 30% area.

Since January last year, the Yangtze River is fully arrested in Jiangxi section and the Poyang Lake region; from May last year, the provision of all-round arrest in the Lijiang and Fuhe Nanxiao … The returning task is heavy, the arbitraries are wide, and the self-pressurization of Jiangxi Province. Provincial Agricultural Rural House and other relevant departments and Nanchang City work together to refine measures. Nanchang City New District issued 26 measures to implement accurate help of returning fishermen’s transition, Xihu District focused on building a returned regional environment, ecology, resources continued to long-term mechanism, Qingyun Zone strictly controlled the ban on fishing acquisition Market, flowing to the dining table … Jiangxi completed the return of the arrest of the prohibition in advance, realizing the disposal rate of fishing boats, fishermen’s refrigeration rate, age-age fishermen’s participation rate, labor capabilities and employment will fishermen employment rate 4 100%. Nanchang City strengthened the protection of rivers and shorelines such as Poyang Lake, Lijiang River, adhered to the repair of the waters, from January to October this year, and the water quality rate of the section of the Qingjiang, Fuhe Nanchang section reached 100%. Governing the water kung fu in the water, more on the shore, in the sky.

Nanchang City has a comprehensive rectification of water and water and gas environment in Nanchang City, and the total value of the unit production is 5 years aggregated.

Carry out the whole city’s solid waste pollution control, clean up, realize the closed-loop supervision of industrial solid waste; establish visualization, intelligent monitoring system, and retrospectively retrospective; strengthen the control of pollution of rural environment, and contaminated farmland safety utilization rate of more than 93%, The safety utilization rate of pollution blocks is more than 90%.

  Nanchang City continues to enhance the fineness of the gas management, scientific level, control and ozone synergistic control, and implement the "one park and one strategy" for the volatile organic governance of the Nanchang Economic Development Zone, High-tech Zone, Lijiang New District and other key parks. Key industries such as oil storage and marketing have implemented points to direct directors, emission reduction, tubes, dust, bans, cured smoke multi-pruning … This year, the average concentration of the city decreased year-on-year, ozone concentration decreased year-on-year %, The number of air quality is more than the number of days. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Our school employment guidance center staff participated in 2022 Guangxi University Graduate Qualification Review and Training Work Conference

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the 2022 graduate employment statistics, the school employment guidance center went to the Beihai Campus of Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology to participate in the 2022th University Graduate Qualification Audit and Training Work Conference.

At the meeting, Wang Wei, the second-level inspector of the autonomous region, comprehensively analyzed the employment situation of college graduates in 2022, emphasized that we must improve our ideological understanding, attach great importance to this graduate qualification examination; we must seriously treat training, further do 2022 ordinary colleges and universities The newspapers and management work of the health data; must be rigorous to review the audit work to ensure the accuracy, scientific and normative normative of employment data.

After verification, the number of people in the 2022 ordinary colleges and colleges, a total of 1744, and the number of graduates of each college are: 349 accounting and audit colleges; 301 colleges and business management students; tourism and public management The college, a total of 196 colleges; 2,53 colleges in Computer and Information Engineering; 190 Economics and Trade Colleges; 237 Civil Engineering Engineers; 172 Schools College; 46 Foreign Languages ??and International Education College; The whole school has 207 people, and 1537 vocational students.

Graduate qualification review work is an important fundamental work in graduate employment, follow-up of our school will strictly follow the spiritual requirements of the conference, continue to carefully and more and more Help the 2022 graduates to graduate successfully.

Sports Arbitration: China and the World

Wu Wei, a few years the state has adopted a series of sports industry development of the New Deal, it is foreseeable sports industry will enter a period of rapid development, the need for appropriate dispute resolution mechanism to improve top-level design. Sports arbitration body not only to deal with disputes, but to promote the development of the whole industry, the lack of this part of the development of the industry will be limited. Zhang Xiaoshi Sports gradual opening of the market, a large number of disputes will naturally increase, the use of other methods to solve the department, encountered considerable difficulties, there is the special nature of the industry sports disputes, with its own special rules. I have seen a sports infringement cases, the decision as to what approach to road safety injuries, sports law applicable angle assumption of risk principles, the controversial sports conduct detrimental. Jiang Xi establish a foothold sports arbitration system is mainly based on the special nature of sport disputes, on the other hand sports disputes generally require a more rapid solution, because the athlete’s sports life, playing opportunities are at a premium, a case in court long period time cost athletes, the opportunity cost is too high.

In addition stimulants difficult to resolve the dispute by the court or general commercial arbitration institutions. Wu Wei, two Chinese Olympic Winter Games and the Asian Games to be held soon, the future will definitely have more international events in China, and will further promote more individual sports union set up branches in China to carry out more extensive cooperation with China.

Arbitration for Sport is a part of sport running, after more events, cooperation projects landing, will inevitably bring demand arbitration. Zhang Xiaoshi establish an arbitration mechanism similar to a CAS fully independent, is not the possibility of a short time.

But you can try to use other alternatives, such as under the General Administration of Sports, China Sports Federation or to set up an in-house agency, after gradually to expand its influence, so that we see there is no good mechanism to solve this in the future then consider the need for independence. Jiang Xi China no country has such a large body mass sports legislation, with the exception of missing Chinese, the biggest short board and biggest regret is that sports arbitration body or sports dispute settlement mechanism is not established. In the new era, and comprehensively promote the rule of law, sports law reached a new level of Arbitration for Sport should as soon as possible to fill up the short board.

Wu Wei three of Arbitration for Sport has three characteristics: professional, efficient and economical.

Professional reflected behind it follow strict procedural law, requires high professionalism of arbitrators, in addition to foreign language also have higher requirements, high efficiency is reflected in, CAS case processing time is generally 6-10 months or so, there is a small part of the extension and set up temporary arbitration during the contest, and the relative costs are relatively low.

Zhang Xiaoshi I value most advantage of Arbitration for Sport is its professionalism, including the selection of arbitrators, when defense lawyers in court choice, professional characteristics are reflected very clearly. But it also brings another problem, because the professional is too strong, resulting in the selection of arbitrators surface is too narrow, senior arbitrator more popular, more likely to be selected, the arbitrator get a lot of opportunities coming few. Kang Hee-speed sports arbitration to resolve disputes fast, flexible, saving time and greatly reduce the time and opportunity costs athlete.

However, due to the scope of the decision strictly limited, can not exceed the CD, the legality of some of the cases in the field of sports involve some rules, CAS arbitral tribunal generally choose not to cut. Four Wu Wei 2011, I, as a CAS arbitrator, responsible for liaison with CAS and the Shanghai Sports Bureau to coordinate the two contracts, the first outside the CAS hearing centers around the world in Shanghai. Shanghai hopes the hearing center can play a greater role in the future, to explore the international sports arbitration organic combination of domestic, to expand its influence in order to have more of the parties to choose it hold a hearing to resolve the dispute.

Zhang Xiaoshi CAS in the international sports community is a relatively mature, fair and independent arbitration structure, China, as a latecomer to the participants, should respect the rules of the game in this system.

Hope that through our joint efforts, more can CAS hearings into Shanghai, even in the future to establish a CAS branch in China, is bound to further enhance the related right to speak Chinese. Jiang Xi CAS can also run more independent and transparent, CAS positioning in the end is the "highest international sports court" or an ordinary arbitration institutions are required to self-assess.

In addition, the selection of CAS arbitrators should be more transparent, arbitrator source can be more diverse legal background, such as common law, civil law backgrounds must be considered. Click for more background of this issue is a dispute of Arbitration for Sport sports activities both parties, the dispute matter to voluntary agencies of Arbitration for Sport ruled that the parties automatically fulfill obligations sports dispute settlement ruling the way, it is based on arbitration laws and regulations Sports set up a system, it has a professional, efficient, and economic characteristics. my country’s sports arbitration legislation is still in perfect stage, has not built a professional sports arbitration body. International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), is an international arbitration body specifically for the settlement of sports disputes headquarters are based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has a branch in New York and Sydney, arbitrator of the Arbitration Court is a high level of jurists, get high recognition in the international sports community.

Roundtable introduced in September 2019, the State Council issued the "Outline of the construction of sports power," an explicit proposal to promote the rule of law in the field of sports and professional style building.

How to further promote the rule of law, strengthen the Franco-Prussian propaganda to escort Chinese sports, sports community and the legal profession have joined forces, the depth of integration.

Recently, the People’s Institute of Sport and the Chinese University of Politics and sports law work together to create "reinforce the base of the rule of law as a sports power" series of round-table forum will invite representatives of the national committee, sports authority officials, legal experts and other sports, then sports the rule of law hot topics discussed.

Shenzhen market, national medical security information platform

  On August 17th, Shenzhen City launched a national medical security information platform, and synchronized the implementation of the 2021 version of Guangdong Province diagnosis, supplies catalog and medical service prices, marking the national unified national medical insurance information platform in Shenzhen landing application, Shenzhen medical insurance informationization Get a new stage of standardization, integration, integration.

  The national medical insurance information platform is unified and constructed by the National Medical Insurance Bureau, with efficient, convenient, compatible, security, etc. The coding standard, the medical insurance data specification and the medical insurance operations have three unified services, promoting the cross-regional of medical insurance public services, laid the foundation for the direct settlement of the insured people in different places.

  According to the unified deployment of the National Medical Insurance and the "Digital Government" construction requirements of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen has followed the principle of "unified top design, unified organizational management, unified demand management, unified work procedures, unified coding standard", and promoting online. National medical insurance information platform.

At 8:00 on August 17, 2021, Shenzhen City launched a national medical insurance information platform. According to statistics, as of 17:00 on August 17, the city has set up 10,000 people in real time, settle 2546 medical institutions, medical expenses million, medical insurance policy payment of 10,000 yuan, platform overall operation is stable, insured in designated medical institutions Pharmaceutical medical insurance accounting is normal.

  After the national medical insurance information platform will override 7266 medical institutions in Shenzhen, providing more convenient and high-quality medical insurance services for more than 16 million insured people in the city. Next, the Shenzhen Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau will closely follow into improve the convenience function of the national medical insurance information platform, and promote the multi-level refined management services of medical insurance work, and constantly meet the new expectations, new requirements of the people on medical security work, and constantly enhance the people. The masses’ sense, happiness, safety.

The inter-school sports in Hangzhou, I have a creativity!

Original title: The class movement of a primary school in Hangzhou is intentionally creative! 10 minutes in the class, can students do? Return the job, on the dathroom, or take a break at the table? Yesterday (March 17), the reporter saw in Hangzhou Shenglan Experimental Primary School, 10 minutes from the class, the children came to the corridor, they stood together into a row, the back is on the wall, do half-squat .

Don’t look at them lightly, the reporter tried, less than 30 seconds, the thigh has been sour. Why are children who are doing this look very "strange" sports? It turns out that this is the "1 square meter" activity advocated by the new semester school, which is to make various sports with 1 square meters of space. According to different grades, the project also has a difference: First, the second grade students are in the same place, the walker half-squat; the three to sixth grade students are quiet, relying on the wall push-ups.

At the two sessions this year, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the principal of Xishan Senior Middle School, Jiangsu Province, mentioned the problem of modern high and middle life, triggering a hot discussion. He did a sharp research – the male boy can only be an attractive up; 893 students wearing glasses. "How to enhance students’ physical fitness is a national education issue.

"Cui Jianjun, the principal of Shenglong Experiment Primary School, said that the school has always put the students in the first place in the year, and there is half an hour of the event after the second day in the morning, there is a branch after the second day in the afternoon. "Play" running activities, plus each other in the afternoon, in the afternoon, the daily physical education class or sports class.

"But we feel not enough, you should use the inter-class time.

"Yang Sen, secretary of the school party branch, said that the class time is relatively short, the students don’t have to hurry to catch the work, and the classroom should go out of the classroom.

But short time, let the children go downstairs to the playground, do not realistic, running in the corridor and dangerous. Therefore, the school planned the "1 square meter" activity in the class. On the one hand, students can stretch the bones and bones, and on the other hand, they can also overhead in the hallway, relieve it to use eye fatigue.

"The school also prohibits teachers to swollen to protect students’ inter-class activities.

(Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).