The national state-made notified 48 typical experience practices Jilin three places

Changchun City, Jilin Province promoted innovation and driving development, and creating a new mutant space to help Yucai realize the dream of entrepreneurial.

The feeding innovation workshop established at the end of 2014, with the concept of "Building Essential Ecology, Growing. Win-Win", forming "Wind Incubation + Incubation", "Zero Threshold, Zero Cost, Zero Pressure" is characterized, " One-stop service "is a special incubation pattern of guarantees, and has come out of a market, specialized and benign.

Qianqiu Base, Talent, "Ji People ‘s Hometown" entrepreneurship has become a new trend in Jilin Province. As the first private "double creation" service enterprise in Jilin Province, the ferreal innovation workshop is fully playing the "Double Creative" platform agglomeration advantage, excavating the specialty of each Chuangke, promoting the "return hometown" innovation. Siping City, Jilin Province, focused on the new model of black land protection, gain praise in consolidating the expansion of poverty and the effectiveness of rural rejuvenation.

"Retention of straw on the land, to the land cover on the" quilt Jilin Province Songyuan City, Guo Ros Mongolian Autonomous County, "Addition and Save Multiphase" to promote the rectification of the lake to achieve ecological protection and ecological tourism.

Use "addition to" to improve the quality of ecological quality, use "subtraction" to consolidate energy saving and consumption, use "multiplication" to develop ecotourism, use "division" to prevent environmental pollution.

Since the beginning of this year, the county receives 10,000 visitors, the year-on-year increase, 31 villages around the Huanhu increase approximately 2,500 yuan, realizing comprehensive tourism income billions, year-on-year growth, and tens of thousands of fishing and tourism People employment income.

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The first "Colombian people see China" short video contest successfully held

Contest poster. The Chinese Embassy in Columbia is available to the People’s Network Rio de Janeiro November 16th (Reporter Wu Jie) Local time November 15th night, the first Huawei Cup "Colombian people watch China" short video contest ended successfully.

Former Colombia President Sanpel, the brother’s TV station Taiwanese, the Chinese Embassy in Columbia, Xu Wei, etc., attended the online awards ceremony and delivered speeches. Xu Wei Dynasty said that the video of the players short, but reflects the deep affection of the people in the brothers, is the messengers of China’s cultural exchanges, hoping to work together, and write a new Chinese chapter of the friendship between China. Former Santell, the president said that everyone uses simple words, real pictures, and touching stories, vividly reproduces the development of China’s various fields to Colombia and the world, reflecting the great achievements of the Communist Party of China to build a unremitting struggle.

Garcia Templeholders believe that the short video contest provides a multicolored cultural exchange platform for the people of the brothers. The players tell the story of China’s touching story, making the audience an eye, opened another new window to understand China and cognition China.

According to the Chinese Embassy Culture, Zhu Xiaoyan, Zhu Xiaoyan, which is strong, 30 judges, including the former ministers, the university principal, the public, the public, and the civil art world. After fierce competition, the founder of the dance studio, Estrida, Cruise ship crew Karlus, Engineers Games got crown, sub-and quarterly.

Elena, the leader in the Queen of Columbia, Dians and partner in the Huami, 13-year-old, middle brother, cross-border marriage, a child, 14-year-old students, Rui Sheng, 5-year-old children, Zhang Yi people, won the best popularity, best creation , Optimal clip, best subject, best performance, etc.

The winner of the champion, Estrada has studied life in China for five years, not only to feel the enthusiasm of the Chinese people, but also dumped by China’s rich music dance, she studses the Chinese national dance, teaching Chinese people Lama dance in Erssa. After returning to Colombia, she continued the exchange of music dance in her dance studio. The contest was held by the Chinese Embassy in Columbia, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese and Foreign Language Cooperation Center, the Chinese Bridge Club Bogota Station, CCTV Visual Channel, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and other units.

The historical name of the historic city of the award ceremony was popular with the audience. Briefhoter Video.

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Sweeping and evil, 亮 – Jilin Channel – People’s Network

The Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Normalization to Sweep the Fighting of the Fighting of the Fight", and arranged the arrangement for normalization.It is pointed out that it is necessary to firmly establish the people-centered development ideas, strengthen system governance, governance, comprehensive management, source governance, and continue to maintain a high-pressure situation against crimes against black and evil forces, form an effective shock.

The province’s anti-evil special struggle summary commendation meeting held in Changchun, commended the advanced collective and advanced individuals in the province to sweep the special struggle in the evil struggle, summarize the successful experience, find short board weakness, arrange the deployment of normalizationSanitary work.The struggle with the evil forces is a long-term job. It is necessary to continue to improve the rule of law, standardization, professionalization, and constantly consolidate and deepen special struggle results.

The health of the music and soldiers "escort" – Remember the Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Center Health Center Health Management Center Expert Jianliang

[Character Business Card] Jianliang, in September 1986, admission, chief physician, the general member of the Medical Imaging Technical Professional Committee, China Medical Equipment Association CT Engineering Technical Professional Committee of the 4th Standing Committee, Radiation Diagnostic Equipment Quality and Safety Control Member, Zhejiang Provincial Administrative Unit Cadre Workers Health Physical Education Mask Control Expert, Anhui Medical University, Jiangxi Medical College Part-time Professor.

"Where is the" healthy soft rib "of the special service and soldiers? How to use the national physical fitness monitoring results?" Air Force Hangzhou Special Service Center, the Jianliang, a district of the health management department, as the head of the National Health Management Specialist Center, and strive to build the "Health Camp" of the Force for many years. , Use benevolent medical skills to "escort" for the majority of officers and men. Part of the medical road: Jianliang Jianliang, who is born in the healthy needs of the officers and soldiers, is born in the military family, the impact of the military’s father, Yu Jianliang and my brother, my brother from Xiaoli Zhi Zhi, join the army.

After the college entrance examination, he did not hesitate to choose military schools, and he asked his father as an excellent military. This is a red inherit of the blood, and is also a kind of torped home country.

In the strict basic training and professional study of military schools, Jianliang clained his career positioning of his own military doctor. He has completed the internship at the Ninth Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, and started working in the first seven hospitals in the People’s Liberation Army. Jianliang is doing business research. After nearly 20 years of clinical accumulation and academic research, Yu Jianliang gradually grown into an expert, was introduced by the Hangzhou Nursing Center in Nanjing Military Region as a talent, and was assessed by the main Nanjing Military Region as "excellent middle and young science and technology talents."

It is very important to achieve these results.

Once, Jianliang found a small shadow in a Shanghai medical examination. He believes that there is a lesion risk, reminding the patient to make further inspections. This patient has not been lesion to a chest hospital in Shanghai, and there is no lesion and argues to argue in the phone.

However, Jianliang is still a heart-flatter and persuasion to find a review of authoritative hospitals. Perhaps it is the sincerity of Jianliang, who once again arrived at a tumor hospital in Shanghai, confirming that there was a tumor in the lower right lung. This patient specializes in Jianliang to send a banner, praising the team expert "Fire Ophsy Gold".

Surgery is a strong military: the battle of the Weiqian elements should continue to be sorry, "as the war, battle.

"Yu Jianliang became the Director of the Department of Medical Imaging Science, Hangzhou Special Service Center, and began to host the Health Management Specialist Center in September 2019.

He felt that a kilogram is burden on the shoulder, and he felt unlimited power.

"Jianliang led the examination of the department of the department to analyze the typical case. "The cover has a very good job, it will wait very to be very people." Yu Jianliang deeply understood the importance of talents for the development of the department. Cai Da graduated from the military medical university, as a selection of youth backbone selected in the nursing zone, is assigned to the Jianliang Department of learning.

According to the professional and personal advantages of Cai Da and the personal advantage, he sent him to the station of Shao Yifu Hospital. During the Cai Da prepared for the postgraduate study, he took the scattered time to answer him questions.

After the return, Cai Da’s comprehensive quality has greatly improved, and it is possible to propose targeted treatment programs for the diagnosis and treatment of different types of diseases, and gradually grow into a nature of aviation physiological training in nursing zone.

With the support of Jianliang, more and more young military doctors like Cai Da grow rapidly on the training advantage platform of medical talents. Recently, some young military doctors were responsible for the health management of the whole army and the air-based navigator, and fully played the radiation of medical talents.

Superb skills serve. Once, Yu Jianliang participated in the brothers’ unit consultation, and a pilot was verified by the "MR" machine as an abnormal cerebral vascular, and the doctor was imaging according to the film as a cerebrovascular tumor. This conclusion means that the pilot will bid farewell to the blue sky.

It is recommended to further diagnosis in accordance with the attitude of highly responsible for the fighting power of the troops.

So I did the "MR" again to scan for this pilot, and finally diagnosed as a fat tunoma, the pilot’s battle flight occupation continued. Jianliang carefully guarantees academician. Jianliang knows that health care is to ensure fighting power, as a military doctor, should strive to use the professional knowledge you have learned, better serve the majority of officers and men, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Weiqin security capabilities.

The "problem real estate" is "registered", and the tax is 174 million yuan.

Original title: Palestinian resolution "problem real estate" 10,000 households "registration difficult" It is only a bunch of reinforced concrete. In order to effectively safeguard the property rights of the masses, they truly solve the "hurry" of the people’s heart. In March this year, the Six Plenary Sessions of the Four Plenary Section of the Biochong City Commission for Discipline Committee decided to conduct a centralized management of key issues for real estate registration.

  Up to now, in the million people in 221 "problem real estate", there have been 186 real estates who have been looking forward to the long-awaited "Regular Property Certificate", and the rest of the households can always propose to the real estate registration agency at any time. Application for certificates.

  Wan Housen got "this", Wan You can always "cante the certificate" Recently, Ms. Tang, who lived in the Fengzeyuan Community, and registered a certificate of self-employment of the family of family houses in the Pakistanian Citizen Community. "Ms. Tang, who got" this ", excited:" I didn’t expect it so fast, I thought I had to wait a few years! "" In concentration of governance, we have implemented a special person to enter the enterprise, enter the community, enter the household, and enjoy the property Guidance and collect the relevant pre-procedures required for registration, so as long as the real estate, development enterprises and the masses jointly apply for the application, and then actively improve the personal information, we can issue certificates for them, ", Bazhong City Summer sea in Xiahai, the registration window.

  According to centralized governance, the main person in charge of the Palestinian Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, according to the unified deployment of the Commission of Discipline Inspection Commission, the city, county (district) has established natural resources, resource construction, according to the launch of the governance work. , Urban management law enforcement, taxation and other departments have a centralized governance leading group and office, formulated a work plan, and clearly incorporated into a centralized governance project must at least meet the land nature is a state-owned construction land, and housing use is a residential. The masses have already occupied four standards that are not working properly and non-masses, and the "problem real estate" is locked in the city. It involves 840.66 million people in the city to effectively prevent the illegal illegal project to pick up the "ride". It is also based on the centralized governance work.

After the real estate lock, Pakistan in accordance with the "one person, a real estate, a real estate a countermeasure" requirements, take the form of on-site service assistance, guidance information necessary to improve the procedures for pre-accreditation, to ensure as soon as possible to reach the accreditation certificate conditions.

  Since the centralized governance work, the Biochong City Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has carried out the first phase of the "Sunshine Zone" full media to carry out the first phase of the first phase of "seeing" to the masses, the city, county (district) has organized 12 concentrated certificates. activities, currently, 221 "problem real estate" of the masses million, more than 186 million real estate received a long-awaited "real property right certificate" and the rest million at any time with a company to develop real estate registration agency proposed permit application.

  Chasing the land price billion yuan, inviting the warehousing taxi by investigation, 84 real estate in the city is due to the owing land transfer price and related tax, resulting in "regular property certificate" in time.

  In response to such problems, Baschong City Seriously Research and Workshooting the "Notice on Accelerating Solving Recruitment Several Historical Problems in January this year" The guidance of "issues" issues "issues", adopting the administrative means of issuing a notice of resolution, the administrative means of paying the notice, the lawyer’s letter, etc. Mandatory recovery, the principle of "Secondary Separation", and the people’s government will be registered while the people’s government is listed and taxes and fees. Up to now, Pakistan is binding to the "two fees of one gold" special cleaning action, through the "Administrative + Justice", "Secondary Separation", etc. Assets are lost while maintaining the rights of enterprises and masses.

  In addition to the failure of real estate registration, it is not perfect for the registration and use of taxes. It does not perform completion acceptance, and there is no completion acceptance, and the three-class issues such as project construction will lead to problems that cannot be certified. Policy documents issued in 11 departments in Sichuan Province, and combined with the actual according to law. "For the issue of delivery of unauthorized projects, we will be based on Article 16, paragraph 1, paragraph 3, Article 58, and the third paragraph, and 58th provisions, discussions, administrative punishment responsibility main units. Handicap the disposal. "The person in charge of the Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of the Bacon City, introduced the disposal of the problem engineering.

  Time limit is compressed to a working day, and the mass satisfaction is 100% real estate registration. It is also an important part of this centralized governance. "The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission" is the guidance of the officers who taken "to take a responsibility to deregulate the cadres’ innovation to solve the problem. At the same time, through the joints of the work promotion lag, the dwelling of the functional department, the ducting of the functional department, deep water, Behavistening.

For the person in charge of the Party Warranty Operations of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission. In order to continue to strengthen the construction of the real estate registration, more than 130 hlicit clues in the city of Bazhong City, 8 key points such as registration review, right investigation The integrity risk of the link is combed, formulated preventive measures, effectively prevent "Eating Card", Series Intermediary, etc. For "problem real estate" on-site "one-stop" service, start green channel, old weak disease special group service More than 20 times in delay work work; promote the new model of "running group service" government service, provide the enterprise and the masses to the whole process to help, agent, lead service, change "people to find services" for "service to find people", comprehensively improve service Effectiveness, "Run Town" service has received a service company and the masses, and the satisfaction rate of the masses reached 100%. For long-term workers, the masses of the real estate registration business have set up "green channel", and take video verification authorization entrustment service Determine the scope of the license, the on-site sign is changed to the video signature, ensuring the legality and authenticity of the approval process.

At the same time, further integrate workflow, optimize the service guide, streamline application materials, integrate 83 real estate registration, optimize 27 items, and the overall speed is compressed from 5 working days. "The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection is undergoing the centralized governance. The main purpose is to focus on resolving a group of people who have reflected in the" registration of the problem "due to historical legacy, and strive to rectify a group of real estate registration. A series of legacy issues, risk prevention, contradiction disputes, mutual supervision, reducing the ‘registration difficult’ in the source, curb ‘registration is difficult’ increment. "Bazhong City real estate registration and key issues centralized governance office He Xiaobie said.

  It is understood that in order to ensure that the remaining "registration difficulties" issues of the remaining centralized governance are timely resolution, recent natural resources, resource, housing construction, urban management law enforcement, and tax department jointly issued "on continuously doing the registration of real estate registration" Notice of Work, and will focus on the long-term mechanism in the next step, and the "increment" will prevent "increment" while resolving "stock", so that the increasing product has perseverance, allowing the masses to give sense, happiness is guaranteed.

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Pudong awarded the first batch of "one industry one certificate" upgrade version of the industry comprehensive license

Pudong awarded the first batch of "one industry and one certificate" upgrade industry comprehensive license company truly realized "a certificate", "Protection" this newspaper (Reporter Hu Yixiang) Yesterday, a megadownload of Fitness, Manner Coffee, etc. "One Industry One Certificate" Upgrade Edition Industry Comprehensive License.

This is also the first Pudong New Area Regulation "Shanghai Pudong New Area Deepening" An Industry One Certificate "Reform Regulations" issued the first batch of industry comprehensive licenses, marking the new stage of the "one industry and one certificate" reform in Pudong New Area.

"With the ‘one industry one certificate’ enters the Difficulty in the ‘deep water area’, the difficulties faced in the reform practice, the plugging points have become more prominent. For example, it is subject to the specific provisions of the upper law, and the industry comprehensive license cannot replace some single license paper. Certificate, industry comprehensive license and various single licenses have difficulty matching. "The relevant person in charge of Pudong New District People’s Congress said that these issues have been surrendered by the Pudong New Area, need to make full use of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for the Municipal People’s Congress and The authorization of the Standing Committee is appropriately changed by introducing laws, regulations, and regulations by incorporating Pudong New Area. Therefore, "Shanghai Pudong New Area deepened" a certificate "reform regulations" not only cured multiple reform results in the market access field in Pudong New Area in recent years, but also further deepened reform and innovation, "upgraded" for industry comprehensive licenses : The implementation of the industry comprehensive license "monorail system" reform, no need to issue a single license after the comprehensive license of the market main system. After industry reform, the individual licenses involved are no longer accepted, issued, and relevant departments may not require the market entities to provide a single license, and truly realize the enterprise to obtain "one certificate" to "accurate".

In addition, Pudong New Area has also established an industry comprehensive license and unified and validity period system. The comprehensive license of the latter industry is determined to determine the validity period.

A Member of the Manager of the Message Public Relations Department tells the reporter that the gym is operating in need of fire, public health, high-risk sports, and the validity period of each certificate is also different. In the past year, they must be reviewed separately. Once the omissions are not handled before the expiration, they have to be re-verified.

After the reform, just a cycle to go to a window to pay one material review once.

These two initiatives have been made to multi-laws, administrative regulations, and departmental regulations. Pudong New Area adheres to "managed to live" to "put", establish and deepen the industry integrated supervision system that is adapted to the industry’s comprehensive license. The reporter learned that the Pudong New Area regulations clearly, the industry incorporated into the "One Industry One Certificate" reform will rely on "one network system" platform, implement dynamic supervision, risk supervision, credit supervision and classification of the overall life cycle of the market Regulatory, providing a strong rule of law guarantee for the construction of coordinates and efficient, safe and reliable risk prevention and things in Pudong New Area.

It is understood that the Pudong New Area will implement the "Shanghai Pudong New Area to deepen" reform regulations in the "Shanghai Pudong New Area", which is closely to the market main body life cycle development needs. Improve system perfect, accurately integrated system supply model, launch market-wide commitment to enrollment, etc. .

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Successful delivery of new energy pure electric city bus

It is understood that the new energy car in China is a successful application of the world’s leading rail transit electrical transmission and control technology in the city’s modern transportation equipment.The delivery model is a new energy bus T11 platform, the highway TEG6110Bev06 pure electric city passenger car.

With the latest research and development of the 12-in-one control assembly, equipped with independently developed "Yun Zhitong" vehicle operation management system, with "intelligent high-speed rail" calculation, analysis, learning, and diagnostic capabilities, via mobile APP or computer client,Multi-vehicle monitoring and active driving safety protection, providing users with super capabilities "big housekeepers"."Safety Control System" is equipped with a medium-car intellectual control technology, from the actual use scenario from the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle.The whole car skeleton structure has been fully upgraded, and the main carrier structure of the frame is high-strength steel. The whole vehicle weights up 800 kg, and the average energy consumption is far a leading industry level.

The 21st China · Anping International Silk Network Opening

This exposition is based on "Innovation and Creating" as the theme, the session, the exhibition area, the exhibition area, the upgrade standard exhibition area, the machinery exhibition area, the business negotiation area, etc., together with a total of approximately 300 booths. During the exhibition, the scientific and technological achievement straight train, welding new equipment, new technology seminars, metal wire weaving net new equipment, new technology seminars, screen industrial development and international economic and trade situation analysis lectures, "Anping 2021" " Ju Zhi Bing · Painting Future "Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition, Stabilized Foreign Trade Service Legal Escort Special Training Association and other series of characteristics.

On the day of the opening, signing ceremonies have also held a signing ceremony, involving 13 key investment projects such as wire mesh industry (Anping) Shenzhen Electronics Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base Project, total investment billion yuan. According to reports, at present, there are more than 10,000 wire-net working companies in Anping County, with more than 21,000 employees.

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The Central Different Directors of the Central Committee, the Shencheng Luoada’s Guizheng Processing Team Education Cutting

From September 24th to 26th, the national political and legal team education rectifies the central 15th supervision team under the leadership of Mazheng, and went to Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to open the political and legal team education to supervise the supervision.

The supervisory group listened to the work situation of the Guiluo Police and Legal Team Education, and held a symposium to listen to the grassroots people’s representatives, the CPPCC members, rural cadres, lawyers, school principals, retireies, and corporate, sanitation workers, herders representatives, etc. Rechent the personal feelings, in-depth departments of the police station, the Malan County Court, and the grassroots political and legal police and cadres, to understand the problems of social governance, the wishes and needs of the people, and the difficulties of the grassroots .

Mazheng is fully affirmed by the effectiveness of the rectification of the Guilozhou political and legal team education.

He emphasized that he should take measures, improve the system rules, and use the system to curing the first batch of education rectification results. To always adhere to party loyalty, continue to strengthen political construction, enhance "four awareness", and firm "four confidence" to do "two maintenance". We must conscientious performance, focus on the main business, and reflect the results of education and rectification and improve the political and legal work. We must carefully serve the people, deepen the practice activities of "I do practical things for the people", and try to solve the people of the masses "urgent expensive".

It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the political and legal team, establish a good image, build a diligent, pragmatic, integrity, and efficient political and legal organs, and create a political and legal iron army who is loyal and clean. The supervisory team also went to the Banma County Red Army Memorial to accept revolutionary traditional education, and cherish the revolutionary martyrs.

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The national population is less ethnic, and the poverty of the poverty of the country.

On July 18th, the national population of the country is universally poverty, and the Guangkang Site Promotion will be held in Haidong City, Qinghai Province.The Vice Chairman of the National People’s Political Consultative Conference, director of the National Civil Affairs and Commission, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.Battel has fully affirmed the results and experience of supporting the growing national development of the population, emphasizing the "unforgettable, remembering the mission", and comprehensively implement the party’s 19th National Spirit and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the spirit of the spirit, all the best,On the way, solve the problem of "two unfamiliar three guarantees", connect to the poverty and rural revitalization strategy, closely around the new era of the national work, prepare the "fourteenth five"National Work Special Plan, ensuring full construction of well-off, and a nation cannot be less.

The meeting was hosted by the National Civil Affairs Commission.21 related ministries, 20 provinces and districts and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the responsible comrades of the relevant departments of the National Civil Affairs Commission, attended the meeting.