Beijiao Office opened 81 companies on November 15th

  China Youth Daily, Beijing, November 12 (Zhongqing report, Zhongqing Net reporter Ning Di) reporter learned from the Beijing Stock Exchange ("Beijiao"), the work of the Beijiao Office is ready It is scheduled to open November 15th.

  6 business rules such as "Beijing Stock Exchange" investors and RMB qualified foreign agencies investor Securities Trading Regulations will also be implemented from November 15. The above rules have formed an Beigean Self-discipline Rule System in terms of issuance of listing, financing mergers and acquisitions, corporate supervision, securities transactions, membership management, and investor status. As of 12 November, there are more than 2.1 million investors to make an appointment to open a qualified investor authority in the Beijiao. After the opening of the city, the investors who can participate in the North Exchange trading will exceed 4 million. A total of 112 securities companies were qualified to become a formal member of the North Exchange. Since the establishment of the North Exchange, the selection of layers will be conducted normally, and 10 companies that have completed public issuance and other programs will be listed directly in the Beijiao, and the 71st deposits are translated to the relevant process of the Beijiao. After completing, 81 companies will become the first batch of listed companies in the North Exchange. At present, the technical system of the Beijiao Office has completed the upgrade of the upgrade, and the relevant systems of each securities company, the information and fund company have completed the supporting transformation.

The internal institutions of the North Exchange have been in place.

  Next, the Beijiao will follow the unified deployment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, closely rounding this principal of SMEs, firmly grasp the key to supporting innovation, and always focus on the direction of "main position", and promote the implementation of various institutions. Contribute to the high quality development of the service entity.

British officials to visit China to seek "stability"

[] Britain’s new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt ended his trip to China. British Foreign Office stressed that this visit is important for the first time after Hunt became foreign minister to visit international activities, even before he is scheduled to travel to France and Vienna, extraordinary significance.

  Hunter’s visit the main purpose is to seek cooperation in China-Britain bilateral trade, financial services, regional and international issues such as, generally speaking, is to increase the stability of the cooperation with the world’s second largest economy, hedge "off Europe" to Britain instability brought about.

Hunter from the Minister of Health was promoted to Minister of Foreign Affairs itself is because his predecessor, Boris Johnson because of incompatibility with the Prime Minister’s views on "de-European" problem suddenly resigned. British Foreign Office had said before the visit Hunt, Britain and China have played an important role on the international stage, in the "off Europe" and will be the occasion of the economy more "export-oriented", the UK is committed to deepening and China for 21 century global comprehensive strategic partnership. The British government on the one hand and the EU should strive to negotiate, we must also focus on the long term, to create objective of "globalization Britain" in their eyes to go beyond the EU to embrace the world, which brings huge opportunities for UK-China cooperation. According to the schedule given by the official, Hunter’s trip is mainly to attend the ninth China-UK strategic dialogue. Hunter participation in high-level exchange mechanism chaired the meeting in Britain in the humanities Ren Weisheng minister had, this is the first time he played a key role in the Sino-British strategic dialogue. During the dialogue, Hunt held talks with senior Chinese officials, which is an important part of follow-up talks around June this year, China decided to lift the ban on British beef imports. The Chinese measures to expand imports of openness and widely welcomed by all sectors of the UK, British beef producers have called the "landmark" decision, the media is expected in the next five years the British beef trade will more than 2 billion yuan. China is the world’s second largest importer of beef, beef is the world’s fastest growing market, with beef as the representative of Chinese trade and economic opportunities attracted select the "off Europe" in the UK. Not long ago, Chinese Ambassador Liu Xiaoming when talking about the British side to be held in China, "China International Import Expo" attitude towards the said Britain reacted "very enthusiastic, positive," enterprises are very active, involved in high-end manufacturing , automotive, medical equipment manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, travel services, as well as electronics, clothing, apparel and so on.

This fully demonstrates the Chinese market more attractive to UK businesses.

  It is worth noting that Hunter is "Chinese law", he understand China, China’s rising consumer to know who is destined to change the world, know the importance of English in the British trade development. Hunter’s visit, relations between Britain and repeatedly referred to the "golden age", the Chinese side also called for the "golden age" fineness is greater, more highlights, go more stable. But the "golden age" of the cast depends on the two sides meet each other halfway and work together is not easy.

Just before Hunt’s visit, the British government issued "national security and investment," the White Paper, aimed at tightening the review of large-scale overseas acquisitions, public opinion worried this will affect Chinese investment in Britain.

Chinese officials said at the meeting with Hunter "I hope the British side to provide a good institutional guarantee for UK companies to invest in China", it is perhaps for this purpose. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

A representative of Xu Shi: "Suburban New City" in a higher temperament

Director of Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Shizhong, secretary of Fengdu County Party Committee.

Fengdu County Party Committee Propaganda Department is awarded by Chongqing, January 25, in recent years, Fengdu adheres to "ecological priority, green development", goes "ecological industrialization, industry ecological" new path. Fengdu Nan Tianhu successfully created a national-level tourist resort, and the modern livestock and poultry industry base accelerated, hundreds of thousands of acres of fruit forests … During the 2021 Chongqing two sessions, Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, Xu Shi, Xu Shizu, Xu Shi, Xu Shi, an interview with People’s Network Indicates that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Fengdu will accelerate the construction of wisdom, sponge, toughness, livable, humanities, green city.

At the same time, with the three major livestock farming industries of cattle, chickens, pigs, and strive to build a 30 billion modern livestock industry base. Promoting 500,000 population "Suburban New City" Construction "We have to speed up the more high value, the temperament is better, and the life is more responsive, and Fengdu will adhere to" Dongjin, Xi’an, Bei Tuo " ", Incorporating 5-10 square kilometers of Nantianhu Resort into the urban planning group, expanded the quality of" one river and two sides of the strait ", focusing on doing big cities.

At the same time, the city has organically updated with the "one river and one river four shore", and creates new landmarks such as Yangtze River Third Bridge, Museum, Park Square and other cities.

Strive for 2035, forming a production city integration, occupancy and balance, ecological livable, convenient transportation, and the population of 500,000 new cities.

  "In addition, we must fully promote the" production city, Jingcheng, Hong Kong City ‘deep integration. "Xu Shio said that one side is a large-green industry, the Komantun industry, the logistics industry, the cultural industry, and Urban economy and other urban economy, realize the city in production, to promote the city; on the other hand, accelerate the promotion of famous mountain scenic spots, Shuanggui Mountain Forest Park, Xiaogan Mountain Folk Culture Park, etc. Multi-product state, food, food, shopping, etc., realize Jingcheng, with city to help seek; Hong Kong Economic Zone, accelerated the formation of "front port gardens" development pattern. In terms of transportation, Fengdu also has to play along the river channel and accelerate the construction of "iron public water" three-dimensional traffic pattern, accelerate the construction of the city’s important transportation hubs, and comprehensively improve the suburban new city and fulfilled cities, adjacent the interconnection of the city. Coordinate the advancement of the mature, Fengpong Second Road, Fengdu Tour Ship and Port – Nan Tianhu Scenic Area – Xianwei Airport Expressway and other projects, strive to launch General Airports.

At the same time, implement the North Shore Industrial Loop, the South Bank Tourism Ring Line and other trimming road upgrade, accelerate the construction of "Tiegonghui" passenger transfer center, travel distribution center, promote railway and high-grade road to enter the park, enter Hong Kong, implement multimodal transport Efficient transfer.

  Fully build a 30 billion modern livestock and poultry industry base as a traditional agricultural county, Fengdu has foundation, and there is also a condition to create a modern livestock industry base. "Next, Fengdu will follow the development of the municipal party committee, the municipal government work, firmly walking green, intensive, efficient ecological livestock and poultry industry, with the three major livestock farming industry of cow, chicken, pig, and strive to build 30 billion Modern livestock and poultry industry base.

"Xu Shio introduced.

  In the cattle industry, relying on national agriculture (beef cattle) technology parks and national leading companies, speeding up the construction of national beef cattle breeding bases, beef cattle science and technology research and development center, good center, national beef cattle processing center, data center, trading center to ensure The county’s beef cattle is stable in 160,000, and there are more than 90,000 heads, and the Chinese meat are all; in the chicken industry, de-Qingyuan, Huayu Agricultural, Wenshi Group and other national leading enterprises, to create a good species Breeding Center, Modern Home and Poultry Incubation Center, Egg Field Processing Center and Chicken Supply Base, ensuring 800,000 stocks of the county, 3.5 million feathers of the county, 1 million meat chicken, to create a highland of chicken industry in southwestern China; Relying on the leading enterprises such as Chongqing farm, Dongfang Hope and other leaders, fully promote the construction of standardization, intensification, intelligent pig farm, and accelerate key projects such as pig species, farm communities, and build key counties in the city, national pigs Daxie.

  In addition to relying on the big faucet, driving the big industry, Fengdu also promotes the efficient and healthy and sustainable development of modern livestock and poultry industry.

  On the one hand, I actively strive for the national modern agricultural industrial park, actively strive to build a cattle, chicken, pigs and other industrial municipal level laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers, industrial research institutes, etc., improve new domestic livestock industry, including gold Contains green amount; further polish the "golden sign" and other "golden sign" and other "golden words", and comprehensively improve the brand influence of Fengdu livestock and poultry products, the market share; adhere to the "full chain, full use" product development model, vigorously Implement the development and utilization of livestock and poultry and other livestock and poultry and other livestock and poultry, actively develop craft products, leisure food, and promote industrial cluster intensive development. (Liu Zhengning, Jiang Haitao) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei).

Breaking the "tightening"

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Central Talent Work Conference, the country’s development relying on talents, national revitalization relying on talents, we must enhance the sense of urgency and accelerate the establishment of talent resources competitive advantage. In order to break the bottleneck of talents, Zhang Wei in the western inland area, insisted on hardware, reform, deepening the reform of talent development system mechanism, breaking the system of talent training, use, evaluation, service, support, incentives, etc. Authorization, loose, funny, and resolutely break the "tightening", "sinterletence" of the talents, and excite the experts to save the experts to sink to the rural line, with talent "venting service" to revitalize "Acceleration". Authorization is focusing on stimulating vitality. For a while, the problem of talents have been dying, and there are too many problems, some departments and units are accustomed to the management of the management of cadres, introduce the policy to the tube, talents, and constrain talents. The release of vitality.

Solving this problem, on the one hand, the administrative department should be decentralized as needed and actually, the administrative department should be put, and the employer can decide by the employer; on the other hand, to make people The subject gives full play to subjective initiative, establish effective self-constraints and external oversight mechanisms to ensure that the decentralized permissions are connected, and it is well used. In the past few years, Zhangye City launched in-depth development of talent policy "bigwork", and developed the reform of deepening talent development system, strengthening the introduction of talent training in the new era, encouraging guidance to flow to the grassroots level, accelerating the revolutionary documents of rural talents. In the province, the privileges will be the first to discharge the employer, the title review, open recruitment, position setting, limit external employment, etc. I have said it; in the assessment of the industry, the establishment of the industry, the division, the segmentation, and the species are evaluated, and "the judges do not use people, the people’s misating", and maximize talent vitality. Loose talent pain points. For a long time, talent evaluation has problems such as Wen, Words, only academic qualifications, and prizes, etc. The masses hope to be seriously detached and become a big pain. "The generals are not painful, and the pain is not passed." The pain must be trick, and the lower medicine is solved from the institutional mechanism. Zhang Wei’s actual situation in the country, deepening agricultural promotion agencies, and the researchers of research institutes, "venting service service" reform, and the municipal government to encourage agricultural science and technology talents to engage in agricultural industrial development services, allowing scientific and technological personnel in research institutes. Free flow between the seed enterprises, breaking your identity, academic qualifications, title, discipline, the subject group, etc. 61% of researchers achieved "two-way part-time", received good results, was rated as typical cases of national cultural talents development and scientific research results. Introduce the competition mechanism of the scientific and technological talent project, the introduction of the "Management Measures" and "Work Plan" of the unanmetric projects, and promote the pilot project of the major technical research in the city, and focus on solving the technical problem of the key industry "card neck".

Configure the focus industry urgently needed. The industry is an attractive carrier, only the coupling effect of "industrial collection talents, talent promotion development" around the industrial chain layout. Zhangye City is the agricultural market. The technical strength of agriculture has a relatively advantage. It is necessary to organize the strength of the industry through authorization. It is necessary to organize advantageous strength. According to the first line of the industry, let me tightening the fist and focus on the development of the industry. Provide strong talent support. Proposing the implementation of talents to help the country to revitalize the "Ten Industry Society Wancai" plans, surrounded by the top ten special pillar industries such as beef cattle, vegetables, integrate colleges, research institutes, industry sectors, and build 10 expert service groups to the countryside service, focus on support 120 people lead the farmers’ professional cooperatives, using five years of training to create 10,000 rural practical talents, promote the formation of high-end talents to put the pulse will diagnose, operate talents marketing operation, skill talent production management, "Joe Irrigation" rural industrial talent The pattern is rated as a case in the fifth national talent work in this year.

Take it with your heart.

Talent is used for this.

If ignored in "use" to work hard, it is only the introduction and ownership of talents on the side, which is both a lot of talents, which will also cause great talent waste. To give it to the platform, let talents have a chance to develop, develop hopes, use their teach to shake the revitalization of rural industries. To give the treatment, let the first-class talents create first-class performance and get a first-class remuneration.

To be giving policies, implement "babysitted services" for outstanding talents, and effectively solve the worries of talents. In this past few years, Zhangye City improved the practice of purely compete for financial resources, and finally prepared 100 preparations and establishing "talent preparation pool" to ensure the introduction of "fixed pills" prepared by talents.

Relying on the establishment of a one-stop talent service window in key parks, implementing the whole process, "Service Express" system, allowing people to enjoy policy dividends without leaving home. In the province, the province has established a special talent title review channel, which is eligible for 5,443 rural talents and corporate talents. Carry out the city’s talent talents, introduce an excellent talent, create an expert studio, lead a talent team, carry out a technical topic, serve a industry, driving a "six one" event of a industrial development, Implement differentiated assessment and dynamic management exit mechanisms, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the role of talents.

(The author is the Standing Committee of Zhangye City Committee of Gansu Province, the Minister of Organizations) (Editor: Wang Hao, Wu Nan).

Agricultural Rural Department announced the list of 12 villages, 7 towns, 14 villages, 14 villages in Anhui

  On November 10, the official website of agricultural rural parts announced the 11th batch of national "one village one product" demonstration village and 2021 national "1.5 million yuan. Among them, there were 14 villages and towns in Anhui, the 11th batch of national "one village one product" demonstration village town, 7 towns, 12 villages were collected in 2021 national rural special industries billion town Yiliu Village. The eleventh batch of national "one village one product" demonstration village (Anhui list) Huanglin Town, Chaohu City, Hefei City, Hefei City, Huaibei City, Huaibei City, Huaibei City, Huaibei City, Huazhong (Apple), Sunshan County, Suzhou City, Anhui Province Liang Liang Town Liang Lun Village (Pear) Anhui Fuyang City, Fukan County, Yuetai Township, Fukan Village (Liu Xi), Mall, Mall, Mall, Mall, Anhui Province, Fengzhu Village (leisure tour) Ji Town Jingnan Village (Tea) Yangtang Village (Tea), Polar Village, Guichi District, Chizhou City, Anhui Province, Huangshan City, Anhui Province Dushan Town (Tea), Yu’an District, Lu’an City, Anhui Province, Maanshan City, Anhui Province, Dali Town (River Crab), Jixi County, Xuancheng, Anhui Province, Jingzhou Township (Mountain Walnut), Anhui Province, Yuexi County, Anhui Province ) Xuzhen Town (squid) in Nanling County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province (squid) 2021 National Rural Characteristic Industry No. 100 Town (Anhui List) Anhui Hefei City, Hefei City, Anhui Province, Hefei City, Hefei, Anhui Province, Wuhu City, Anhui Province Nanling County Xuzhen Town Anhui Lu’an Yuxi District Shanshan Town Anhui Lu’an City Huoshan County Taipingyu Township Anhui Fuyang City, Fune County, Fuyang Town, Fuyang City, Fuyang City, Fuxing Town, Fuyang City, Fuxing Town, 2021 National Village National Special Industry 100 million Yuan Village (List of Anhui) Anhui Hefei Chaohu Zhongyu Town Xiaolian Village, Anhui Fuyang City Bridge District Xilou Township Tuguxi Village, Anhui Suzhou City Xiaoxihe Town Xiaogang Village Anhui Province Lu’an County, Yushan Town, Linqiao Village, Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province, Anhui Province, Huanfeng Town, Tuen Mun Village, Anhui, Anhui City, Nantar Township Mei Village, Huaibei City, Huaibei City, Huaibei City, Huaibei City The pomegranate community.

Copper beam: starting money board preaching the spirit of the 19th National Session of the Party

  Xinhuanet Chongqing November 16th (Li Huimin) "One hundred years of vicissitudes of vicissitudes, one hundred years of emotion, the 19th Sixth Plenary Session is very comprehensive …" This entitled "100-year-old party soul" "money board" "The singing is the latest works of He Ji, chairman of the Tongliang District Quyi Association.

On November 16, in the River Village of Tongliang Tuqiao Town, more than ten villagers came to the living room in the village, listened to the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th CPC. Preaching the scene, He Dai smashed the money board in his hand, using the grounding language, vivid image performance, sent a rich cultural meal for the scene, change the traditional preaching form, and let the party’s nineteen The spirit of the Plenary Session is more deeply rooted, and the applause will sound from time to time.

  The 75-year-old river village 9 village Zhang Chengshu sat in the first row, heard the taste of Jinjin.

"Use the back of the back, let us understand more, we have to cherish the unprystable happiness now." Zhang Chengshu said that many changes have occurred in these years, but not only the environment in the village is getting better, old age People have pension, young people have exercise, and the orchard nursery has also built it to increase income. "These we all look in the eyes, remember in your heart. As an ordinary masses, we will always feel the party, listen to the party Chinese, go with the party." Zhang Chengshu said. "Such a form of publicity not only makes the public, but also makes the villagers feel the charm of non-legacy.

"The comprehensive service of Hequ Village said. It is understood that as a part of Chongqing’s non-legacy inheritance, He Deco is known as the Babai folk artist. His money board art is in the era of the era, promotes the main melody, publicates the party and the country Policy. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. He Die wrote nearly ten monetaries to sing, and the non-legacy art is integrated with party history education. The field is promise. He said, next, prepare the art form of the 19th China Plenary Session of the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th National Plenary Session, reflecting the Historical Giants and Great Achievements in the New Era.

Abe government economic policy has not reached the end of the problem

Original title: Abe government’s economic policy has not reached August 28th, Japan Prime Minister Abe once again announced the resignation by health.

In addition to creating the longest record of Japan’s prime minister, there seems to have not left political heritage.

The Abe Government has implemented the "collective self-defense rights" by changing the explanation of the Constitution, and still has a political and legal community.

Abe has claimed that it is necessary to solve the problem of North Korea kidnapping Japanese, Japan, Northern Fourth Isle, but there is no progress, which makes it "extremely painful". During the Abe’s ruling period, although the second 71 month economy in the history of the war, the Economic Policy of the Abe Government has not reached the end. The reporter listened many times, and the "economic" "Development Economic Government" and other slogans, but many of them are not the governance schedule, but the choice of the two hospitals. Therefore, multiple criticized Abe only pays attention to the economy when they are elections. From the data, "Abe Economics" results "Abe Economics" success or failure, a group of data.

At the fourth quarter of 2012, the Japanese GDP calculated as 498 trillion yen annually, and although the "2020 600 trillion yen" is achieved today, the highest peak is 539 trillion in the third quarter of 2019. Yen, the average annual increase of%. Japan’s economic potential growth rate has developed from the percentage of governance to the current%.

The Nikkei Average share price index rose from 10230 yen to 22880 yen.

The yen is depreciated from the yen to the US dollar to the yen. After two taxes, consumption tax increased from 5% to 10%. The substantive salary index is lowered. The full unemployment rate is reduced to%.

The number of jobs for each job seeker is rising from rising, and the employment status is greatly improved.

Many of Japan will be discounted in the execution, even a sluggle slogan.

10 years ago, Japan has developed "IT Strategic Report", which has been proposed to realize e-government within 3 years, but today’s e-government penetration rate is less than 10%, called "e-government developing countries". Abe’s goal of the 2020 GDP reached 600 trillion yen is no honor. The main policy of valued long-term policies and multilateral cooperation "Abe Economics" is the "three arrows", that is, bold financial policies, motor fiscal policies, and evokes to grow people’s growth strategies.

Abe’s pre-financial province official Humida, THOTO, THOTO, THE THO, THOT, President of the Japanese Central Bank, proposed that the amount of currency increased by 2 years and 2%, and the inflation rate reached 2%, completely got rid of the economy of the economy.

To this end, the Japanese government and the central bank have published joint statements in the United States, proposed to strengthen policy coordination in achieving economic sustainable growth. According to this, fiscal policy is to encourage industrial development and effective demand, and the government increases financial investment in financial investment in science and technology research, industrial manufacturing, and pension. In order to support enterprise development, continuously reduce legal tax, enhance corporate competitiveness, and improve business environment. At the same time, promoting the employment of the elderly, women, make up for the lack of labor in Japan’s aging aging.

In terms of specific operation, the Japanese Central Bank adopts a large number of acquisition of national debt to market. At present, the central bank holds a national debt balance of 500 trillion yen, accounting for 40% of the national debt. At the same time, in large quotes of stock market trust funds.

In particular, from January 2016, the central bank launched the negative rate policy, so that more funds flowed to the market and pulled the stock price.

At present, the Japanese central bank and pension institutions have become the largest shareholder of 192 large companies in the Tokyo Securities Market. "Abe Economics" improves the business environment, and the actual tax rate of legal person tax is reduced from 37% to%, and the promotion of technology development and tax cuts has promoted the development of export industries based on large enterprises. The company’s profits have a high innovation. In 2019, corporate profits are equivalent to completion of 2012. This long-term policy has contributed to the above economic effect.

Abe’s government actively promotes international multilateral economic cooperation and reflects Japan’s demand for global economic liberalization.

These include Japanese, US, Singapore and other countries’ transfanta partnership agreements (TPP). After exiting in the United States, Japan’s leading other 11 countries re-signed a comprehensive and progress across the Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP) under the premier of the agreement, which has promoted the agreement in December 2018. In February 2019, the Japanese European Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) took into effect, and the first round of economic and trade agreements were completed. As of November last year, Japan’s bilateral multilateral self-trade agreement has reached 17, in order to deal with the UK, the Economic and Trade Agreement, Japan and the Economic and Trade Agreement has basically laid the foundation. In addition, Japanese participation in regional comprehensive economic partnership agreements (RCEP) are also expected End the negotiation within the year.

As of February this year, the trade volume in the framework of the self-trade agreement accounted for the total trade. The new government will continue to face the old topic Japan’s self-owner party will push the new president in mid-September, and then the Congress will elect the new prime minister.

The new government will still face new and old topics in Japanese economic development.

First, in the spread of new coronal pneumonia, how to do anti-vloarns and maintain the basic operation of the economy, become a top priority.

In the second quarter, Japan’s GDP decreased, and "second wave of epidemic" in July, how to lead the Japanese economy to the first test for the new prime minister. Second, the government has continued to issue trees over the years, which has caused Japanese fiscal burden, and the long-term government bonds owned by the central and local governments have increased from 93. Trill NR $ 118.6 billion, which is equivalent to 207% of GDP.

Originally planned 2025 basic balance is difficult to fulfill, long-term deficit finance is difficult to support the government.

Third, although a series of economic countermeasures have been implemented in recent years, Japanese economic boom has rebounded, but the potential growth rate is less than 1%, how to improve the potential growth rate, need big knife to implement reform.

Fourth, due to the increase in corporate profits, there is no way to increase workers’ revenue, and the growth of consumption growth will turn a lot of profits to internal storage. In addition, the government increases the consumption tax and a variety of social security self-payment ratios, so that residents can support the revenue, resulting in a few domestic consumer markets that account for GDP60%.

The fifth is to promote the development of the national economic and social development, and also focus on reducing the impact of natural disasters on large cities. The Japanese government has proposed "local innovation concept", guiding Tokyo and surrounding people to radiate.

However, today’s Tokyo population has increased in 24 consecutive years. Sixth, Fukushima nuclear power plant accident has not been completed in nearly 10 years, and the reactive reappearance program has not been completed, and the scrap treatment has become a long-term project that requires several generations.

Seven, as the young ages continue to continuity, how to achieve the sustainable development of social security systems, and the Japan needs a comprehensive consideration from the multi-angle of political and economic and social.

In short, new and old topics require new ways. What new policies will be launched in Japan’s new government, people will wait and see. (Editor: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).

China CCPIT held a special unit of the party branch organization of life

According to CCPIT "two to learn to do a" study and education arrangements, CCPIT organizations at all levels in between August 22 to 24 dates to branch units held a thematic organization of life. The topics of organizational life will be "self-examination of the implementation of the Party ‘six discipline’ situation" as the theme, party members, organs and units directly under the Party leadership team members are ordinary party members participated in the branch where the organization of life, each party member to carry out the rectification spirit of criticism and self-criticism, to achieve the desired effect. First, we attach great importance to ideology, and solid foundation to prepare. To ensure the results will be the topic of organizational life, party secretary, Jiang Zengwei president held a party group meeting, to hold a special organizational life will be studied deployment. Bureau member, deputy chairman, party secretary directly under the authority party secretary Zhang organizations and members at all levels of the organization on how to make a good organization of life re-refined deploy. Directly under the Party Committee promptly issued a "notice to hold a special organizational life" and the conference content, procedures were put forward. CCPIT to ensure that every party member can participate in the thematic organization of life, in addition to plenary 85 branch held a special organizational life, the organization of B20 during the summit, all party members and cadres in Hangzhou attended the collective work of the B20 Organizing Committee belongs under the three temporary party branch of organizational life. Each branch of this branch are organized all party members focus on learning the "Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party," "Communist Party of China self-discipline guidelines", "Chinese Communist Party Disciplinary Regulations", "the Communist Party of China Accountability Ordinance" and other regulations within the party, Xi Jinping total depth study and implement secretary of the series is especially important speech Xi Jinping General secretary in the Communist Party of China was founded 95 anniversary speech on the Assembly to "self-examination of the implementation of the Party ‘six discipline’ situation" as the theme, the actual in-depth personal contact revealing problems, serious conduct criticism and self-criticism, to ensure that the topic of organizational life quote rates for high quality, and achieved good results, formed a positive, General business, being a good political environment Delicate air, to provide a strong ideological and political and trade promotion organization for the reform and development of career guarantee. Second, at the rate of more prominent, solid organizational life will be a good start.

CCPIT party members to take the lead, to establish a benchmark, the layers of the demonstration, calling the shots.

Before the thematic organization of life, Party organizations at all levels to carry out extensive talk heart to heart, party members, organs and units directly under the Party leadership team members taking about, both speak their own problems, but also the courage to point out each other’s problems, especially for the masses are strongly problem, take the initiative claim, reminding each other. At the meeting, each party members and cadres to the party’s "six disciplines" as the ruler, check yourself whether a violation of the "six disciplines", in particular, whether the violations of political discipline and political aspects of the rules; leading cadres also highlighted check yourself to enhance the "four consciousness", to implement the central provisions of eight gaps spirit. At the same time according to self-examination, fill up the implementation of the "six disciplines" concerning self-examination tables. Party members, organs and units directly under the Party leadership team members are ordinary party members participate where the party branch thematic organization of life, in order to establish a benchmark, examine their attitude towards me live, Jieduan bright ugly, do not cover the problem, not avoiding problems ; in criticism of others, adhere to the facts speak, there is one that one, or two that two, reached the red face, the sweat, the rule of treatment desired effect and unity, criticism, unity of purpose.

The third is to insist on problem-oriented, full implementation of the corrective responsibility. For analysis brought to light out of the question, especially the topic of organizational life looks out of the question, CCPIT organizations at all levels adhere to learn while improving, and checking and reform, to make a public commitment to accept their supervision and evaluation.

Efforts to start from the violation of the "six discipline" weak link, that is known that the change, enact legislation to change, especially for the masses salient issues, the rectification will be put in place one by one. (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

College student physique testing and diploma directly linked, it is time to really

In the survey, please wait.

If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page "Physical test hook diploma", it is time to real grid, if you are the big new life of this "double first class", your middle and long run, pull up, sit-up Sitting, standing long jump, sorry, 4 years later, you will not get a diploma! This is not a joke.

The university issued "the most strict sports school rules" is Yunnan University. The school began in the fall of 2021, and the physical fitness test and diploma were directly hooked.

  In the past two days, the news of Yunnan University issued "the most strict sports school rules" caused attention. According to reports, the new sporting regulations of the school, all grades of undergraduate were opened in sports must be repaired, and the four years of total 200 hours.

The content of the sports class exam in the semester is divided into "sports skills + physical test + usual results", if the total score is not good, even if you have achieved good results, you can’t get the cloud big diploma.

  "Physical test link diploma" is not the first initiative of Yunnan University.

In 2007, the Ministry of Education has proposed this requirement. In 2014, the Ministry of Education issued the "basic standards" of higher education institutions ", clearly stipulates that" the "National Student Physical Health Standard" management system is established, and the student test score is included in the student file. Evaluation, the important basis of the evaluation. When graduating, the student test results can not reach 50 units. " However, this provision has not been fully implemented, some universities are worried that if strict implementation, it will lead to a considerable number of college students can’t graduate, so they often have only eyes, or use physical examination instead of physical test . Despite the continuous improvement of social living standards, the continued decline of college students is not struggling. In September this year, the Ministry of Education issued the 8th National Student Physical Quality and Health Survey. Compared with 2014, there are many indicators of the national 19 to 22-year-old college students in 2019, and men and women have different degrees of decline in different degrees of decline in men and women. Representing the 800m of girls with endurance quality and 800 meters of the girls fell second, seconds.

  The root cause of college students’ physical health level continues to decline is the life of life and poor life. On the one hand, the courses in the primary and secondary schools have been heavy, health awareness has not been formulated, causing students to form a long-lasting behavioral habit, lacking awareness of health care for physical exercise.

Unhealthy lifestyle that is insufficient, insufficient sleep, irregularity, and dietary unreasonable, affecting students’ physical fitness, affecting physical and mental health.

At the same time, the development of the Internet has made many college students into the virtual world, and there are very few time to go outdoors.

As the Dean of Yunnan University, Wang Zongping said: "Now college students need to enhance their physical fitness, they are willing to play games in the dormitory, and they are not willing to go out.

"Enhance students ‘physical fitness, contain continuous decline trends, in addition to strengthening publicity, more need to be transferred to the system, stimulate students to strengthen exercise, develop good habits. The status quo of college students’ group mass, shelving" physical test hook diploma "The implementation of the rules seem to be love for college students, the fact is a kind of harm.

Over time, it has formed a vicious circle, and colleges and universities are increasingly daring to be realized, college students are increasingly paying attention to physical health. Yunnan University is worth promoting, it is time to really grid.

"Physical test link diploma" is not a flood beast. As long as you open the sports class, make full use of the good sports classroom main position, plus the active cooperation between students, actively exercise, students’ physical fit can be effectively improved, realize the "small goal" of the graduation certificate. There are college teachers’ direct words, "99% of students can pass after exercise." The standard acquisition certificate is only one aspect. More importantly, through this "good fortification" to help college students develop exercise habits, they will benefit for life.

3 months increase! "Battery metal" lithium price climbed to a new high or hindered electric vehicle

On November 12th, the Japanese media said that the prices of representative metal lithium used for pure electric car batteries continue to soar and have reached the highest value. According to Japan’s economic news website, the current price of lithium has risen to more than 2 times in early August.

According to the report, the electric trend accompanying the decarburization caused the demand for lithium to increase, on the other hand, the supply of growth could not be matched, which produced a situation that competes for battery metals. If stable procurement is difficult, it will hinder the popularity of pure electric vehicles.

The proportion of pure electric vehicles accounted for the overall car is currently%, which has risen than about 4% of the previous year.

The EU proposes the policy of banned the sales of new cars and diesel engines by 2035, and the proportion of pure electric vehicles is expected to increase in the context of rapid steering from the pure electric vehicles.

If the sales of pure electric vehicles increase, the demand for lithium will be huge.

Taking Tesra Model x as an example, the battery capacity required for each car is 10,000 times to reach the battery capacity required for each Apple iPhone.

In addition, the rise in manufacturing costs also has become a background of rapid rising prices. The price of lithium concentrate as a lithium carbonate is rising.

Collie Montgomery, United Kingdom McKentz Consulting, is in a very crazy level, which is difficult to continue, he believes that the price increase will drive the market to return to the market.

In the future, if the market is restarted, the market is increased, and the price of the price is likely to be alleviated.