Jay’s story: behind the sun than light

Jay’s story: behind the sun’s light is not a young man was brought parents divorced, grew up in her mother put up with hardships of raising.  Primary school, young people are fond of music, showed amazing talent.Mother with over time, Minato was before he bought a piano.Piano player, tap the potential of young people, and slowly build up their own music capital.  After high school, young people do not go to college, only to the restaurant as a waiter, but the boss scolded violence, a salary deduction.  Later, a chance, young people have been spotted Taiwan music boss Wu, Wu’s company to enter the music production assistant.During which he kept writing songs, the results have been Wu aside, some even face to face trash.  Young people not discouraged, Wu was touched by their efforts, and promised to find a singer to sing his songs.However, many are reluctant singer a singing, because he wrote the song too strange.Young people had always, quietly engaged in their own creative.  One day, a young man thrown Wu chance: 10 days, 50 write a song, and then choose their own 10, their own songs, the album.In this way, young people sleepless nights, day and night, brains, desperately writing songs.Finally, his first album come out, immediately pop music sensation.Then the second album “Fantasy” and pop music.  We all know that this is our life: Jay most popular singers in three places.  Bing has a poem: Successful flowers / people only admire brightly when it is obvious / however had its bud / soaked struggle Leiquan / Sabian a shower of blood sacrifice!Jay’s famous journey, not exactly know how to breed the interpretation of this poem it?