Love the full moon is not round (three)

Road and dew a road start white glow of light from the night wandering heart infected with glistening dew afraid of a man on the road, afraid of loneliness that way with me tonight, I can only drinking alone a full moon biting in a foreign land lack dream osmanthus trees screen off the moonlight, bathed in intoxicating wells that Wang home drunk that night cool springs drop of dew from the start tonight wet haggard eyes go home heart full moon moon hovering in the dew only on the roadside flowers above, regardless of the road regardless of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the beauty has nothing to do with the pass yet I shut my shadow in the inside beat themselves with a way home, like a whip, with a drop to drown himself Towers , like a tsunami, like tonight’s way, you go yours, we each irrelevant.  Dew tonight, I stream my, do not make tears dew.    Month and moon like home, where poetry is written but no sun, how bright the moon is not up so the character “” If there is no “Day”, they are still a month as a “good” word, no it does not combine men and women on how it is a poem temple temple temple monks who face their own words to himself, poems.  I’m the guy knocked the wooden fish lamp in the face of the young monk tonal character of the moon over heaven and earth heart is still incomplete, you want to make up for rising sea horizon is bright melancholy and common is when the scenery?  Rivers of water Rivers months, cloudless skies day.  Taking advantage of the moon’s shadow home accompanied only slender as good as I stay, I will not let village touch of pain will not let me smoke wrapped nicknames tonight, I lit a light heart to make eternal moon to make sweet love to come round Mid-Autumn Festival, moon countryside town.    A person’s Mid-Autumn Festival, the dream always successful, as moon cake in town not to touch it round the moon, not chewing it’s always perfect town Mid-Autumn Festival to eat moon cake never eat moon cake eating different individuals missing not just moon cake, there was a round moon I’m selfish, rather than face a crippled man not as good as two people with me Mid-Autumn Festival, my moon, my country has been adamant that the only village will have a beautiful moon Mid-town, not a throttle is a scar.As soon uncover red blue moon, they will not hesitate to flow out