First0303chapter Something big
“Hahaha,Qiao Tianyu,I have to say that you are really a talent,The vision is indeed vicious,It’s not easy to lie to you!”Lily is not upset after being exposed,Suddenly raised his head and laughed。
“But then again,What if you know I’m lying to you?I admit that I lied to you,I also admit that we have set up a net in the international foreign exchange market,Just waiting for you to vote!”
“Lily,Thanks for telling me the truth,In that case,Then I don’t have to be polite to you anymore,Let’s see the winner on the investment field!”Qiao Tianyu’s face suddenly became gloomy。
“Win or lose on the investment field?Qiao Tianyu,You look down on me too?”Lily glanced at Qiao Tianyu contemptuously。
“Qiao Tianyu,I am a woman too,I also know makeup,I also know that some makeup masters can indeed、Body type、Two people with similar appearance pretend to be the same person,So only one of you four Qiao Tianyu can be true!”
“Qiao Tianyu,You just kept saying how much you know me,How much do you know about Yamaki Kobayashi,But don’t forget,My behavior and trading tactics,As well as analytical and coping skills。”
“Just listened to your analysis of the whole incident,I also have a full understanding of your analytical and coping skills and trading techniques。”
“Now I have very confirmed,You are the real Qiao Tianyu,New York、Chinese、The three Qiao Tianyus in Dubai are all fakes!”
“Hahaha,Lily,I’m underestimating you!Unexpectedly you found so many!”Qiao Tianyu raised his head and laughed,“and then,I would like to know,Even if you know that I am the real Qiao Tianyu,What can we do?”
“then?Hahaha.”Lily is suddenly a tiger,I snatched the phone next to Qiao Tianyu。
“And then this!”Lily shook the phone triumphantly,。
“Qiao Tianyu,Don’t forget,Your only contact with the outside world is this phone,I believe that the fake Qiao Tianyu in New York can imitate your appearance,But it can’t imitate your trading ability。”
“As long as I take your phone away,Your contact with the outside world is completely cut off,Then that fake Qiao Tianyu can only catch blind,Just wait to collect the dead bodies from the top five investment banks on Wall Street and a group of international hedge funds.!Haha.”
“Oh?is it?Then let’s wait and see?Hahaha.”There was a cold smile across Qiao Tianyu’s face。