“Ok,Put my coat with your brother,Let us start.。”

Say,Li Hui Feng is also the clutch of the hand.,Motorcycle is slowly driving out。
All the way,Li Hui ride is not fast,He is afraid of riding a few children.。
If the two children are purely walking back,It is definitely not cold,But on the motorcycle,The calories on the body will definitely be blown away by the north wind.,Especially the thin body with thin clothes,It is even more let Li speaks from the wind.。
Under the command of the little girl,Li Hui also came to Yao Jiawang。
Yao Jiawang is located at the foot of a hill,The surrounding land is not as good as Lotus Village。
And the little girl’s home is the last side of the village,It’s just about the hill.。
The little girl’s home is still the soil wall.,The gate is also a wood door,Even the house can also see that it has not been repaired many years.,Even the land is obviously collapsed.。
This is very dangerous in Li Hui’s eyes.。
Little girl is somewhat happy in front,Push wooden door。
Entered the yard,Li Hui Hui saw that the yard was cleaned up.,There is also a string of hot peppers under the roof.,As well as corn。
“grandmother,I will take someone to see you.。”
Little girl’s voice revealed happy,This is completely different in front of Li Xiangfeng before Li.。
Such a girl actually knows how to make advice.,Li Hui’s heart is also very touching。
When he was at school,Also hidden parents don’t let parents worry,And each call,It’s all expressive,Never say bad。
“Cough”“Small peace,Where did you find a doctor??
Does our doctor not say to give one hundred??
Grandma is not looking,Waiting for the spring yourself.。”
I heard a somewhat old voice,Li Hui is also a little curious.,But soon he is stunned.。
Because the old man from the door,Actually trembled with the body and went out,What is the most surprised is that the other’s eyes seem to have been blinding.。
The same single thinity,Patch patch patch。
Such situation,Li Hui Feng is also the first time.。
Immediately don’t wait for the little girl talking,He took the initiative to help each other.。
“grandmother,I am a doctor brought by Xiaoping.,Not charge,Just come over to see the disease,I will walk after reading the disease.,And I am a rivers and lake.,You have to rest assured,I will give you a look.?”
“willing,willing,I am not willing to have a old lady.,Come,Fast entering house,I am this eye.,It’s not as good for a day.。”
Holding the house by Li Hui Feng,The old lady is also directly letting Xiao Ping to pour the water.。
Xiao Ping is also very well。
Li Hui Feng see each other’s eyes,The heart is also a sigh,His heart suddenly did not grasp。
“Grandmother,Your eyes go to the hospital to have seen it.?”
Chapter 699
“no,Go to the hospital too expensive,You can buy three packs of instant noodles to children.,And I will not be able to cure it.。”
I heard the other party, Li Hui Feng felt some sour。
“Hey-hey,Grandmother,Then I will show you,You can rest assured?”
“rest assured,rest assured,I can’t see it.,But my heart is the same as the mirror.,You are a good child,And I am worthwhile to be deceived.。”
Li Hui also felt some of his own questions.。
I immediately laughed:“Hey-hey,Then I will give you a pulse first.。”
Soon, Li took the wind and frowned.。
He didn’t think that the old lady’s rheumatism is so serious.。
Especially the other eyes are also a long-lasting day month.,I want to cure,The root is not a thing in a short half.。