But let him have never been thought of,These people actually participate in the auction。

Not to run this show。
Liu Xiangzhong is also the position of pulling Li Hui to the front row in advance.。
Li Hui has just sat down,I was pulled up.。
“Boy,Is this position to sit??
Go behind。”
Suddenly, Daiko,Let Li speak with Liu Xiang and Liu are a glimpse.。
I haven’t waited for Li Hui’s explanation.,Strong people quickly let the open position,A very respectful youth, a young man who is wearing a punk style。
Li Hui is a little inexplicable with Liu Xiangzhi.。
Li Hui Feng feels that each other is handsome,But it is not a sun yang,It seems that there is some mother’s kind,Maybe more should be called。
“What is still doing??
Our Xiao Gongzi is still not worth you let your seat or just?”
“Liu Premium,Is this exhibition position??”
Li Hui Feng did not take care of each other,But directly look forward to Liu Xiang。
“Hey-hey,This is where we should sit.,And who is sitting in what position is definitely arranged。”
I heard this,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“This is a master,Let your dog away from me away,Otherwise, I will not be responsible for a while.,There is also trouble, you also lift your noble hips.,This is not the location you should sit.。”
Looking at Li with the wind, a cheap brand clothes,That’s more, thousands of patterns,Xiao Chenzhao is also a little disdainful laugh.。
“There is no name in this position.,Why do I want to get up??
And you know who I am??
Actually dare to be so disrespectful to me?”
“I don’t care who you are.,The position is mine,Then don’t allow anyone to take me。”
Li Hui Feng, just finished,The two big men next to each other are also directly can’t help but:“Boy,Hurry and roll away,Otherwise, we will regret it for a while.。”
Face two strong people,Li Anti-Raw is also nonsense.。
Directly in one hand,Then fly。
Clean actions,No slightest drag,Aesthetic。
Looking at Liu is a glimpse。
Liu Xiang did not know that Li Hui Feng moved to the hands and quickly。
With the two strong people,To a chair。
The scene is also chaos immediately。
All eyes are concentrated in Li Huihe and Xiao Chen。
“Isn’t that when the traffic is small??”
“Hiss!Be careful,His fans can be a fanatic powder,If you are notified, you can become a network exposure object.。”
“Yes,Hearing fans over 100 million,I don’t know if there is a ingredient without water.。”
“do not talk,Let’s silently silently,Playing Xiao Chen,In the future, the bitter fruit is still behind.!”
The discussion of people around people have,Li Hui also listened to some。
Xiao Chen, is more ugly,From the exhibition,No one dares to work with him.。
You must know that the so-called blocked him on the network.,Even the product of the endorsement,And all aspects have not blocked him。
The reason is because he has a background。
And his background is not a general big。