Full set of viruses,Autofein series

ChestCT:Double lung texture increase,Interstitial change。Upper abdomenCT:Fatty liver。
“CRPandPCTHave some high,It seems more like a bacterial infection。”Ma Dabao facing this subconscious。
At this time, there is only Ma Baibo and Zhou Ye in the office.,Others have not come yet。
Zhou Ye also knows that he is some complained before this horse.,Take advantage of no one now,He wants to alleviate the enemy of the sword between the two people.。
“Big boy,I have a suggestion,You can draw a blood culture,Maybe it will be good.。”Zhou Ye is half jokingly reminded。
Yes,This patient will have a different effect.。
Blood culture can also detect infected bacteria,For patient treatment,Have a certain effect。
Ma Baobo listened to Zhou Niwu’s suggestion,Not only didn’t grateful,Instead, cold miners:“Are you taught me??Have you done a license??”
Zhou Jiwu said so,There is also a bit uncomfortable in my heart.。
Blame me?
Good heart as a liver lung。
Qianlong’s inside is also checked.10Minute,I am tired that I’m looking at the Yuli standing behind.。
He suddenly hurts the horse.
I have encountered this patient who can be oscillated.。
Qianlong is like learning the meaning of cross talk,Always interact with Ma Baobang。
Ma Baobo no matter where the hand is put,Qianlong will look very itchy,While shouting:“Itch”
“Cooperate with,I will check it immediately.,I will check the muscle strength.。”
“it is good,what,How can I have no strength?,I am not no musical strength.。”
After the Ma Baobang checks all the projects,Long Shu,I know that I can’t pick up this order.。
Isn’t his face??Luck!
Ask all the medical history,Everyone will return to the doctor’s office.。
“Big wave,Check and inspect,Waiting for this result,We will continue to discuss the condition。”Chen Riyuan sits on a chair,The case of opening the money dragon refreshed the doctor,I finally didn’t take a doctor。
He wants to leave a doctor to leave this opportunity to Horse Baobo,For small doctors, the most learning is to open a doctor.。
Ma Baobang was originally died of money,I have to hear a doctor now.,Mercure moments are much more。
Since the last male patient, I asked the menstruation history.,He once became a laughter of the department。
Now the opportunity is coming!The chance to turn over, just in front of you
How can he not cherish it?。
“it is good,director,I think the Qianlong may still consider the newGPneumonia complications,I have a lot of new presentations.GPatients with pneumonia also have abdominal pain such as a typical manifestation”
“I will give him an antibiotics and protective gas.,Then make a sputum culture。”
Ma Baobang is skilled in the doctor。
This is the first patient he accepts.,Before, every day is symptomatic support,This time I finally handled a patient.。
“Big wave,A snow shame。”Yu Shiya smiled and said on the side of Ma Baibo.。
Ma Baobo listened to this,The face is green.。
“Let you be old,I don’t allow me to 怼 you.?Falling the stone, this collar is still what you learn?。”Yu Shiya smiled very brilliant,I am proud to look at the horse big wave。
Under this situation,He is really unable to have no mouth.。