Ohm “picture Di godson” story

Europe is the mother of the mother of the Northern Song Ouyang Xiu.Northern Song Ouyang Xiu is a prominent politician, writer, historian, but he is also inseparable from the great achievements of his mother’s education.  European mother is a single mother, her husband’s son was four years old he passed away, leaving her son alone to pull hard.  Ouyang Xiu when my father was alive, the family economy is relatively well-off, can be since his death, his family was then plummeted, increasingly poor.  The room was actually to no one, to the point where no one ridge.Widows and orphans living in such a situation, the difficulties can be imagined.  Ohms is a strong-willed woman, her family was poor go rather poor, relying on their own hard work, he raised his son, Ouyang Xiu and teach literacy in the most primitive way.  Ouyang Xiu age of five, ohms will teach him to read and write, a man doing things the truth.  But at that time the family was poor, there was no money to buy pen and ink, paper and ink, the EU had to use reeds instead of the mother, and then to spread some of the sand, the land when the paper, a painting Xiu teach writing.This is the famous painting Di godson.  Children from poor families as early as masters, Ouyang Xiu in her mother’s careful guidance, particularly sensible, so the hard work, academic excellence, his high school examination in Ren-day Saint eight years (AD 1030).  During an official Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan maintain active support of the new law, after being demoted therefore.  But Europe did not complain about his son’s mother and career incompetent, but relieved his son said: You have been demoted for justice, not to say disgraceful.Our family had used a poor life, as long as you thought no burden, the spirit is not bad, I’m happy.  There mother is so, how can he not the son of the great?