When will you get married measured

Do you have for the, to the marriageable age, family give you all kinds of blind date arranged fret yet?Whether there is in, and that they are gonna be left men / women left to worry about it?In fact, everyone marriageable age are not the same, some people end up very early, some people will have to be very late knot.So, do you want to know what age would you get married in it?Here’s a small series quickly followed up to see it be a love test.  Topic: If there are 15 bottles of drinks on the table, what would you take a bottle?In the first time, pick out, you have the feeling that most bottle?  (1) Coke (2) Sprite (3) Fanta (4) wanglaoji (5) Orange (6) black (7) Green tea (8) Seven (9) water (10) catching (11) the pulsation (12) Coffee the test results (13) tea (14) nutrition Express (15) no drink: 1, choose “Coke” friends, will be in 20?Married about 30 years old these people live very fun, really know how to enjoy a variety of romantic life, sometimes also a little naive and childish.  2, choose “Sprite” friend, 20?About 27 years these people will be very popular in life, looks outstanding and they are still very talented, where all have a lot of followers of the opposite sex.  3, select “Fanta” friend, 20?About 28 years old these people are generally low-key life, they pursue careers is a simple and warm happiness.  4, select “Wong Lo Kat” friend, 30-year-old great importance to these people live in life, the pursuit of quality of life level.Self and the other half have ultra-high requirements.  5, choose friends “orange,” the 25-year-old people can not afford this type of storms in life, normally not flamboyant, like an ordinary man, sit safely live.  6, choose “black” friend, 28-year-old people have such great achievements in the cause of life, under normal circumstances, they all have had some achievements in the field of their career.  7, choose “green” friend, 35-year-old these people are successful people in life, there is a lot of people chase, but undecided, always feel this good, that Hao.  8, choose “seven-up,” the friend, 24-year-old star-chasing these people belong to the people in their lives, they will have to give up a good old-fashioned thinking is always very advanced and very avant-garde.  9, select “mineral water” friend, 22?24-year-old these people will be very dull life, but very sincere, like, simple, smooth and stable way of life.  10, choose “smart” friend, 24?27-year-old man of such great passion in life, but not for long, just about anything is only three minutes to heat, not enough stick.  11, select “Pulse” friends, 30 of these people later in life dull but stable life, but also the pursuit of some of the more plain and simple lifestyle.  12, choose “coffee” friends, 28-year-old these people in life, life have a very positive attitude, but also for the future is full of hope and vision, willing to live after the first bitter sweet life.  13, select “tea,” the friend, 24-year-old these people in life, like colorful life, their life is full of a lot of drama in romantic plot.  14, choose friends “Nutrition Express,” the 23-year-old these people in their lives, it is focusing on first impression, I like to do hot mom marriage, love their children and live like sisters.  15, select “do not drink,” the friend, late marriage these people will get married very late in life, but there has appeared the most love in order to love we must grasp!  Latest Articles: How to Teach a man to learn what kind of woman you love him most attracted to marriage you will become what type of woman mid-2015 you will love what the problem?