Pull away,Let’s go back to this economic crisis,we all know,The favorite thing these damn hot money do in the financial market is to drive up the stock price……Do they want to make money……These have no investment direction、The surplus capital that is unwilling to go out does the same,Went around the United States and found:what?The American financial industry seems to be fun,and so……”

Speaking of which,Chen Geng shrugged:“A large amount of surplus capital poured into the securities market,So much capital,Not only matches the real economy of the United States,It directly leads to rampant investment in the financial sector、flood,Debt is unprecedentedly inflated。
So we saw,Before this stock market crash,U.S. financial markets are booming,But we have to understand,This prosperity is a false prosperity,Is a boom full of bubbles,And such a false、A boom full of bubbles is bound to be unsustainable,Sooner or later the day will be pierced,And this day,Is the stock market、futures、The day the currency market plummeted,We all understand,This is actually the market’s own‘Detox’with‘Error correction’。”
No one speaks,Everyone is thinking about what Chen Geng said。
The more you think,The more everyone discovers,The situation seems to be what Mr. Fernandez said,Is exactly the same,The awe of Chen Geng in the hearts of everyone:The mysterious oriental wizard……Is it terrifying??Even such a deep-seated problem can be observed?
Ji Shengcheng,After some contemplation, I opened my mouth to Chen Geng again:“boss,Since there is the first、The second reason,There should be a third one?”
“Yes,There is a third,”Chen Geng nodded approvingly:“The third reason is a deeper reason,The decline of American hegemony。”
Chen Geng’s voice fell,Inside the huge conference room,Everyone was stunned:The third reason turned out to be the decline of American hegemony.?!
The first reaction of everyone is that they cannot accept it:America is so powerful,In the entire western world, only the United States is the leader,America is not only the leader of the world,In the military confrontation with the Soviet Union for more than 30 years, the Soviet Union was left with only half a breath.,under these circumstances,You said the hegemony of the United States has declined?
What a joke?!
Chen Geng’s view,Even Ji Shengcheng couldn’t accept it:“Mr. Fernandez,I can’t accept your point of view,It’s impossible,America is the most powerful country in the world,Our americanGDPOccupy the worldGDPof30%……”
Speaking of here,Ji Shengcheng was taken aback suddenly,He can’t talk anymore,then,The face slowly showed an unacceptable look。
“You also found the problem?”Looking at Ji Shengcheng,Chen Geng knew where he found the problem:“When was the strongest time for us?no doubt,Yes50The period from the middle of the decade to the end of the sixties,That period,Our americanGDPGloballyGDPOf up to40%!And now,Our americanGDPGloballyGDPOnly barely accounted for30%。
of course,You may have to say,even if30%,America is also the most powerful country on the planet!
Of course it’s true,But I remind everyone to pay attention to a keyword:”Speaking of which,Chen Geng,Then he said heavily:“The key word is:Bretton Woods System!And now,The Bretton Woods system has disintegrated。”
Bretton Woods System?
Everyone at the scene,Jerk!