Successful delivery of new energy pure electric city bus

It is understood that the new energy car in China is a successful application of the world’s leading rail transit electrical transmission and control technology in the city’s modern transportation equipment.The delivery model is a new energy bus T11 platform, the highway TEG6110Bev06 pure electric city passenger car.

With the latest research and development of the 12-in-one control assembly, equipped with independently developed "Yun Zhitong" vehicle operation management system, with "intelligent high-speed rail" calculation, analysis, learning, and diagnostic capabilities, via mobile APP or computer client,Multi-vehicle monitoring and active driving safety protection, providing users with super capabilities "big housekeepers"."Safety Control System" is equipped with a medium-car intellectual control technology, from the actual use scenario from the vehicle to ensure the safety of the vehicle.The whole car skeleton structure has been fully upgraded, and the main carrier structure of the frame is high-strength steel. The whole vehicle weights up 800 kg, and the average energy consumption is far a leading industry level.