Newcomers in the workplace are susceptible to class fatigue

Newcomers in the workplace are susceptible to class fatigue

“Thinking of going to work every day, my legs are like being filled with lead and I can’t lift them!

“Xu, a graduate student from a school that just graduated, complained to a psychiatrist.

After working for one month, a large number of college graduates received their first salary after formal work, but due to the bearish salary situation and the pressure of survival, psychological problems such as anxiety frequently occurred in the workplace.

After only one month of work, many newcomers in the workplace have suffered from “exhaustion from work” and a monthly salary of 1,000 yuan caused internal and external pinching. “Although there are certain psychological expectations, I did not expect so few.”

When it comes to the first salary, Xiao Xu feels a lot of emotion.

He graduated from a prestigious university graduate and now works for a publishing house with a monthly salary of 1050 yuan.

“Before I struggled while working, I used to work as a teaching assistant at the make-up center on the weekend. I had 250 yuan in two days.

Coupled with doing odd jobs, life is nourished!

“Xiao Xu was very depressed.

  ”Especially when it comes to my girlfriend’s birthday, Qixi, I feel that I am short of energy, and I can save it, but the classmate party is basically missed, and I feel chill when I think of it.

Recently, due to excessive worry, Xiao Xu has been losing her appetite and often cannot sleep at night.

Every day when I go to work, I think of my income that I can’t make ends meet, and I feel frustrated all day. I don’t want to contact the outside world.

  For Xiao Xu, the most painful thing is his parents’ incomprehension.

“My mother wants me to pay 1,000 yuan a month, how can I live!

Xiao Xu complained to the author.

Parents do not believe that graduates earn only so much money, and insist that he misrepresented his salary.

Xiao Xu tried his best to explain, and the parents finally threw down a sentence: “So little salary, don’t make it!

“Yes, family wars happen daily.

  When Xiao Xu came home from work every day, he had to pour out 100,000 courage before he dared to enter the house.

Because he knows that his parents must be greeted by guns. “The children’s school is not as good as yours, and the salary is higher than yours. Don’t do it!”

“Repaying the nightmare, crying and waking the dreamer, on the evening of the 16th, Chen Yi (pseudonym) awakened from the dream again.

In the dream, the bank staff told her that because the loan had not been repaid for three months, the house was re-mortgaged, and even she tried hard to yell that the staff and the house were still farther and farther.

After waking up and touching the pillow, it was wet again.

“Similar dreams have been done four times this week.

“Chen Yihong’s eyes are swollen.

  Last Thursday, Chen Yi received her first salary after graduating from graduate school to take part in the job-a salary of 1,100 yuan. Looking at her parents’ wrinkled cheeks, Chen Yi didn’t even know how to tell them the amount of her salary.
Because she has been studying for her, her parents have not changed houses for 20 years, thinking that her daughter has started to make money. Finally, her parents gritted their teeth and mortgaged a commercial house for a monthly payment of 2,500 yuan.

  Originally, he had an illusion about his daughter’s salary, and the second elder decided to spend 1,000 yuan from Chen Yi.

In this way, Chen Yi can only continue to eat her parents at home.

I thought I could honor them well after graduation, but I didn’t expect that they would eventually be reduced to “the old people”.

Every day at work, Chen Yi is humble and poor.

  Expert opinion: Faced with a stress-adjusted mentality, how do newcomers in the workplace alleviate the pressure of survival, Chen Jingwei, a psychological consultant at East China Normal University, and the protagonist in the above two cases reduces the severity of depression.

Therefore, she suggested that when faced with the pressure of survival, newcomers in the workplace must think about the problem from a different angle, face the reality with a positive attitude, and often make positive psychological suggestions for themselves.

For example, “It’s amazing to be able to gain a foothold in Greater Shanghai!

“I’m much better than someone who can’t find a job!”

“Otherwise, increasing mood will eventually trigger depression.

Only with an optimistic attitude can you get more opportunities for salary promotion and promotion.
  In addition, senior professional counselor Wu Bingbin believes that the immediate pressure is a good thing and can help students who have just come out of the ivory tower to understand the workplace and adapt to the workplace.
When a student leaves school and enters the workplace, the first thing that must be solved is how to adapt to the environment and how to become professional. From an unconscious professional to a conscious professional, one should not only focus on the current salary, but also pay attention to development.