Grey hair is an important symptom of physical illness

Grey hair is an important symptom of physical illness

Medical research proves that both the loss of sperm and blood, the degradation of the liver and kidneys, and the disorder of the organs are the root cause of white hair.

  Is your symptom like this?

↓↓↓ If you replace your hair with a lot of whiteness and early yellowing, it is unfortunate to tell you that it may indicate that there is a problem inside the body. You must pay great attention to it and take measures in time to prevent the disease from spreading further.

  ▲ It’s too difficult to accept me. The two spots are white and the liver and gall blanched. The liver and gallbladder are in the reflex areas corresponding to the two organs on the head.

  People with hepatic and gallbladder fires who are either irritable or sullen, often accompanied by dry mouth, bitter mouth, dry tongue, sore eyes, etc., are caused by liver and gall fire, commonly known as fiery, long spleen and stomach injuries.

  In this case, you should eat light meals. You can eat more Babao porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus seed white fungus porridge, lotus seed heart tea, rose tea, hawthorn tea.

If your mouth is bitter and dry, eat more lotus seeds and bitter gourds.

Bad moods can also easily get angry.

  Therefore, to maintain a relaxed mood and carry out activities that can increase the interest of life, you can relax the liver and biliary, and open your chest and profit!

  The back of the head with white hair and kidney qi deficiency is the bladder meridian.

  Bladder qi deficiency is often accompanied by frequent urination, recurrence, enuresis, urination, or poor urination.

Because the main function of the bladder is to store and urinate, it is not easy for such people to urinate.

  The urinary function of the bladder is closely related to the rise and fall of kidney qi.

Renal emphysema, urine can be secreted in the bladder in time and replaced outside the body. If the kidney is weak and the forceps cannot be fixed, the kidney deficiency and qi will occur and cause the above symptoms.

  Forehead gray hair and spleen and stomach are not good. Forehead gray hair is the reflex area corresponding to the spleen and stomach.

  People with a bad spleen and stomach often have bloating, abdominal pain, sour stomach, weak and thirsty mouth, and thin stools. Others often have bad breath, strong appetite, or swelling in the limbs, chills and warmth, long or unfavorable urination, and women with vaginal dischargeThin and much.

  The main cause of spleen and stomach deficiency is poor eating habits, such as uncontrolled diet, often caused by cold or cold food.

Coupled with the fast pace of life and high mental stress, it is more likely to cause stomach problems.

  Therefore, it is necessary to develop good eating habits. Patients with spleen and stomach deficiency can eat pepper pork belly soup and ginger water.

Pepper and ginger are condiments for strengthening the stomach and warming the stomach, which can regulate the symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency and restore the healthy spleen and stomach.

  Grey hair has a lot of troubles and poor emotional self-control. If you have grey hair, it means that you are a very intelligent person, your brain is more flexible, and you are more likely to be excited in your life.It happened in vain.

  At this time, you must pay attention to the hidden dangers in each of the internal organs of your body. Traditional Chinese medicine tells you that anger hurts the liver, it hurts the heart, it hurts the spleen, and it may hurt the kidney.

Such people should learn to control their emotions and try to maintain their emotional stability.

  ▲ I’m angry!

  ▲ With a smile, there are people who have less white hair and less white kidneys, but have no kidneys, but some people have strange injuries. Some people are very strange, their hair is white, and their beards are not white. How can this be explained?

The first chapter of The Yellow Emperor’s Canon states that the beards are mainly controlled by the Eight Classics of Qijing.

  If the kidney is weak but the Qijing is not injured, the beard will not be white. Such people will show poor spirit, dizziness, forgetfulness, insomnia, inattention, lack of energy, lack of enthusiasm for work, life without passion, irritability, Irritability, worry, depression.

  Other aspects of the body include premature facial aging, dull skin tone, wrinkles, stains, and inelastic skin; waist and knees are sour, fatigue-resistant, vision and hearing loss, hair loss, or early whitening.

  White hair but no white Ren Du Chongmai is injured. If his beard is white and his hair is not white, Ren Du Chongmai is injured. Such people often have hot flashes, sweats, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess, depression, and irritability.Anger, loss of appetite, etc.

  We can massage the reflex area of the head, scrape, the reflex area of the stomach on the forehead, and the reflex area of the small intestine of the bladder on the back of the head.

The reflex area of the heart and liver is four inches vertically upward in the ear. We shave 50 times each day against the meridians of the head, and with the daily bubble foot, your mental state will obviously improve after three months, and the viscera function will be repaired.Then the health of the hair is also guaranteed.

  Prove your white hair, do n’t take it seriously. White hair has an inseparable relationship with viscera and meridians, so hair is a barometer of your physical condition.

This means that hair is a sign and external manifestation of a person’s health.