The "problem real estate" is "registered", and the tax is 174 million yuan.

Original title: Palestinian resolution "problem real estate" 10,000 households "registration difficult" It is only a bunch of reinforced concrete. In order to effectively safeguard the property rights of the masses, they truly solve the "hurry" of the people’s heart. In March this year, the Six Plenary Sessions of the Four Plenary Section of the Biochong City Commission for Discipline Committee decided to conduct a centralized management of key issues for real estate registration.

  Up to now, in the million people in 221 "problem real estate", there have been 186 real estates who have been looking forward to the long-awaited "Regular Property Certificate", and the rest of the households can always propose to the real estate registration agency at any time. Application for certificates.

  Wan Housen got "this", Wan You can always "cante the certificate" Recently, Ms. Tang, who lived in the Fengzeyuan Community, and registered a certificate of self-employment of the family of family houses in the Pakistanian Citizen Community. "Ms. Tang, who got" this ", excited:" I didn’t expect it so fast, I thought I had to wait a few years! "" In concentration of governance, we have implemented a special person to enter the enterprise, enter the community, enter the household, and enjoy the property Guidance and collect the relevant pre-procedures required for registration, so as long as the real estate, development enterprises and the masses jointly apply for the application, and then actively improve the personal information, we can issue certificates for them, ", Bazhong City Summer sea in Xiahai, the registration window.

  According to centralized governance, the main person in charge of the Palestinian Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, according to the unified deployment of the Commission of Discipline Inspection Commission, the city, county (district) has established natural resources, resource construction, according to the launch of the governance work. , Urban management law enforcement, taxation and other departments have a centralized governance leading group and office, formulated a work plan, and clearly incorporated into a centralized governance project must at least meet the land nature is a state-owned construction land, and housing use is a residential. The masses have already occupied four standards that are not working properly and non-masses, and the "problem real estate" is locked in the city. It involves 840.66 million people in the city to effectively prevent the illegal illegal project to pick up the "ride". It is also based on the centralized governance work.

After the real estate lock, Pakistan in accordance with the "one person, a real estate, a real estate a countermeasure" requirements, take the form of on-site service assistance, guidance information necessary to improve the procedures for pre-accreditation, to ensure as soon as possible to reach the accreditation certificate conditions.

  Since the centralized governance work, the Biochong City Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has carried out the first phase of the "Sunshine Zone" full media to carry out the first phase of the first phase of "seeing" to the masses, the city, county (district) has organized 12 concentrated certificates. activities, currently, 221 "problem real estate" of the masses million, more than 186 million real estate received a long-awaited "real property right certificate" and the rest million at any time with a company to develop real estate registration agency proposed permit application.

  Chasing the land price billion yuan, inviting the warehousing taxi by investigation, 84 real estate in the city is due to the owing land transfer price and related tax, resulting in "regular property certificate" in time.

  In response to such problems, Baschong City Seriously Research and Workshooting the "Notice on Accelerating Solving Recruitment Several Historical Problems in January this year" The guidance of "issues" issues "issues", adopting the administrative means of issuing a notice of resolution, the administrative means of paying the notice, the lawyer’s letter, etc. Mandatory recovery, the principle of "Secondary Separation", and the people’s government will be registered while the people’s government is listed and taxes and fees. Up to now, Pakistan is binding to the "two fees of one gold" special cleaning action, through the "Administrative + Justice", "Secondary Separation", etc. Assets are lost while maintaining the rights of enterprises and masses.

  In addition to the failure of real estate registration, it is not perfect for the registration and use of taxes. It does not perform completion acceptance, and there is no completion acceptance, and the three-class issues such as project construction will lead to problems that cannot be certified. Policy documents issued in 11 departments in Sichuan Province, and combined with the actual according to law. "For the issue of delivery of unauthorized projects, we will be based on Article 16, paragraph 1, paragraph 3, Article 58, and the third paragraph, and 58th provisions, discussions, administrative punishment responsibility main units. Handicap the disposal. "The person in charge of the Urban Management Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of the Bacon City, introduced the disposal of the problem engineering.

  Time limit is compressed to a working day, and the mass satisfaction is 100% real estate registration. It is also an important part of this centralized governance. "The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission" is the guidance of the officers who taken "to take a responsibility to deregulate the cadres’ innovation to solve the problem. At the same time, through the joints of the work promotion lag, the dwelling of the functional department, the ducting of the functional department, deep water, Behavistening.

For the person in charge of the Party Warranty Operations of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission. In order to continue to strengthen the construction of the real estate registration, more than 130 hlicit clues in the city of Bazhong City, 8 key points such as registration review, right investigation The integrity risk of the link is combed, formulated preventive measures, effectively prevent "Eating Card", Series Intermediary, etc. For "problem real estate" on-site "one-stop" service, start green channel, old weak disease special group service More than 20 times in delay work work; promote the new model of "running group service" government service, provide the enterprise and the masses to the whole process to help, agent, lead service, change "people to find services" for "service to find people", comprehensively improve service Effectiveness, "Run Town" service has received a service company and the masses, and the satisfaction rate of the masses reached 100%. For long-term workers, the masses of the real estate registration business have set up "green channel", and take video verification authorization entrustment service Determine the scope of the license, the on-site sign is changed to the video signature, ensuring the legality and authenticity of the approval process.

At the same time, further integrate workflow, optimize the service guide, streamline application materials, integrate 83 real estate registration, optimize 27 items, and the overall speed is compressed from 5 working days. "The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection is undergoing the centralized governance. The main purpose is to focus on resolving a group of people who have reflected in the" registration of the problem "due to historical legacy, and strive to rectify a group of real estate registration. A series of legacy issues, risk prevention, contradiction disputes, mutual supervision, reducing the ‘registration difficult’ in the source, curb ‘registration is difficult’ increment. "Bazhong City real estate registration and key issues centralized governance office He Xiaobie said.

  It is understood that in order to ensure that the remaining "registration difficulties" issues of the remaining centralized governance are timely resolution, recent natural resources, resource, housing construction, urban management law enforcement, and tax department jointly issued "on continuously doing the registration of real estate registration" Notice of Work, and will focus on the long-term mechanism in the next step, and the "increment" will prevent "increment" while resolving "stock", so that the increasing product has perseverance, allowing the masses to give sense, happiness is guaranteed.

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