Rabbit sister

Forest, small animals are attentively listening to the teacher goats, suddenly snapped, startled to everybody.What has happened in the end?  I ran out and saw the original monkey broke the vase.Rabbit sister would not stand idly by magic, of course, she picked up the magic wand waved, while pop, pop, pop voice, vase fragments fly, one by one together, rabbits sister vase was repaired with Restoration Magic.She has a finger in front of the monkey, the monkey suddenly motionless.Goat teacher said to her sister rabbit: Rabbit sister, monkey know is wrong, you’ll miss it now!Okay?Ok!Today saw the goat on the teacher’s face put you on a horse.”Ping bang, bang Pingping back!”But still motionless monkey.Rabbit sister very surprised: how magic is not working?Hurry, hurry, you try it again!Goat teacher said anxiously.Ping bang, bang Pingping back!Or not.Elephant suggested that; we still have to ‘mother rabbit magic shop’ go and see!2 km to the mother rabbit magic shop, we asked the mother rabbit, rabbit mother told us that: the forest animals can no magic solution to this, unless the collection to five top alpine snow lotus, giant garden of 10 black rose, 20 lily, 50 jasmine, boiled to make soup monkey magic solution to drink.I want to remind you that within 24 hours if you can not unlock the magic, the monkey will be life-threatening.Rabbit sister listened, head crying.After a long time, rabbit sister sobbed, stammered; I can go pick it?Monkey because I was such a.We all agreed.  After the rabbit sister ready, set off.She came to the snow-capped mountains, hook rope hook ice, and slowly climb, climb to the top is about when the hand slipped and fell down, fell and badly bruised.But rabbit sister did not flinch, still continue to climb.He fell down again and again, again and again stubbornly climb.At the 11th, when my sister finally climbed to the top of the hill bunny, taken to five Xuelian.However, 20 Lily, 50 jasmine, rose in four giant garden, how to be able to pick it?Rabbit sister thought: it is to find a teacher goat.  I go!Panda volunteered raised their hands.He came to the Giants Park, only the first time it was found, was driven out.The second has been discovered giant, giant fists to hit the panda eyes, panda eyes was beaten into a black eye.Panda eventually to pick up those flowers, but always with him a black eye.  In the animals together, the monkey was cured.Monkey forgave rabbit sister, since then, they both became very good friends.