US unexpectedly cut short hair like this?!Sharp thin 30 pounds of clothing Q good God,

US unexpectedly cut short hair like this?!Sharp thin 30 pounds of clothing Q good God, how ugly duckling on to evolve into a white Fu-mei, I just clothes her!      This article is reproduced with permission micro believed in the name of beauty evolution: a fashionable panacea, ID: biubiubee the United States is not the same with people recently saw Justin Bieber and Selena sauce Qi Chuan composite news eat a whale!Jelena (Justin + Selena) really be resurrected yet!First, the two men were photographed paparazzi eat breakfast together, go to church together, but according to eyewitnesses and no intimate act, it would just assume that just eat well among friends, after all, had just finished Na silly face kidney transplants.         Nitrogen!The latest news immediately mercilessly slapped me naive!The two men together was photographed riding a bicycle, silly face Na Bieber also holding hands, innocent girl leaning on his shoulder.This, Is not it a real hammer it?!         Love arrival was silly face peace talks Na just 10 months of potted weekend brother broke Bieber was the wind came, said to break up the grounds or busy with work for a long time apart, silly face, I felt the lack of a sense of security.Single reason to say the dog stars can go snack break when public grounds, such a sense of model workers really nothing new okay…         In fact, lovers compound is not surprising, but Qi sauce shocked that you two have been like tearing at X can reunite?!Is it because Cancer and Pisces perfect match?!         They once forced to publicly tear on the plug-in last year, Bieber accused silly face Na Li with his host, silly face Na Bieber has repeatedly accused the derailment, anyway, I believe.         Bieber is not a fool, and she immediately asked Zayn that crop.(Zayn Malik is now her boyfriend Gigi Al-Hadidi, and appear in front of Gigi, it has been rumored, your circle.Awesome) Do not really silly face Na popular idol and rely on just a speculation rose pink female stars do?Qi sauce do not think so, but he is properly properly a child star, 10-year-old debut, was excavated in the national talent contest Disney.         Round face, sweet smile, she starred in the Disney TV series turns pink when a large number of “young magician”, also since then, quickly became popular.         Her new album, there will always be kept on the list of singles, “Love will remember”, “Love you lilke Love Song” is definitely a young man out of the mouth can sing hit single.New song “bad liar” very nice, MV also looks good.         Now also won the Puma coach and a variety of big-name endorsements, the United States for words!She was one of the first Instagram has 100 million fans people!         But silly face Na’s success can not happen overnight, and she just Bieber together, then she does not feel beautiful, even can not believe this is a star.Before she dress sense is very general, not very clean look, there is little fat.         But through these years of hard work, she became thin, tall and convex, cut a stylish short hair, clothing goods is getting better.Now she had thrown to the childish Disney princess turned into a sweet and sexy star.As a fashion blogger gossip, Qi sauce of course, to talk about her outfit, little fairies hastened her 92 years to learn it?Key 1: face face face retro style in the Coachella Festival HVN home wearing a blue floral dress, fresh and bright, definitely eyeful tassels, Bra, music festivals reveal a stomach filled in shares clean.         Face face is definitely HVN home diehard powder, in the song “bad liar,” the MV is also photographed wearing a skirt it home Oh, the picture is retro, lazy and beautiful.Q bomb little face people really want to poke a poke, Nie Yinie, a kiss?Single product recommendation HVN HVN is a commitment to use advanced fabrics do retro dress brand, its simple home clothes worn, cut fine, so you can easily put on in a hurry in the morning, the United States was no burden.A variety of cute and retro patterns and fresh colors together to make a woman look lively and agile.In many street shooting stars have appeared, Abiao also like fried chicken.      FallingFloral Nora dress Price: 545.00 USD official website: https: // at the beginning w ^ WW.hvnlabel.Blue Floral tape hollow COM selection of alternative Topshop dress double 11 carnival price: 179.00 yuan Amoy password: ¥ f7Qr0Tsphrn ¥ Rouje Rouje home skirt silly face Na also through many times, deep red retro classic, fresh and vibrant blue sky.This is a full French style French niche brand, distinctive style, affordable, high degree of recognition, lazy casual sense is very strong, very suitable for mature wind fairy.         Face face face more rounded, so wear retro V-neck dress very nice, the neck stretched lines there will be little face effect, coupled with aunt color lipstick, perfect!Fall outside plus coat is very fashionable.      Garbin dress with dot printing Price: 190.00 USD official website: https: // at the beginning WWW.rouje.COM / RoujeMatis dress Price: 170.00 USD official website: HTTP: // WWW.rouje.COM (This is no longer the official website, we need to help purchasing a treasure and France) 2 key points: a short section of the more high if you often look silly face Na beat the street, find that she really likes to use a pair of jeans to match each every type of modeling, in particular paragraph nine straight and short shirt.Because silly face is not high in crooked nuts inside, you can make money through nine slender ankles exposed, look thinner and more lightweight.Appropriate exposed skin and some delicate parts of the body will make you thin and fashionable.      This is to be a short paragraph wool vest to wear silly face na fire, color beautiful for words!Miss Chung from Alexa Chung’s own brand.          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Striped mohair vest price: 265.00 pounds official website: https: // at the beginning WWW.Alex Chung Sa.COM (This is no longer the official website, you need to help purchasing a treasure and France) featured alternative FOREVER21 striped sweater vest Price: 8.00 euros official website: HTTP: // WWW.Forever 21.COM / EU (the European network have only this, also discounted, there will be sea Amoy purchasing and beauty can buy it) This is the recommended single product chain bag with a silly face on the map Na appear in, very wild, recommend to fairies.      ?.W.Anderson mini shoulder bag Price: 975.00 pounds https: // WWW.First, Farfetch.COM (First of all, you can buy the Farfetch this, however, and Europe will spread, lotus root starch color is kind, very beautiful tired) Key 3: use silly coat to match students face Na autumn and winter also firmly, not It will become bloated, and very level.Qi found that she was going to pick the sauce coats and sweaters, wild style, and mix within close together, not only highlight body curves, but also highlights the level.Sometimes the side arm exposed from the coat, sometimes directly draped over the shoulder, bursting gas field.       Featured alternative Topshop white thick needle sweater Price: 34.00 pounds official website: HTTP: // WWW.Topshop’s.COM / EN Zara cardigan double jacket 11 Carnival price: 149.00 yuan Amoy password: ¥ hhBY0TG9ty1 ¥ SNIDEL waist lace coat double 11 carnival price: 1112.4.00 yuan dual 11 Amoy password: ¥ OLmY0TGoaJt ¥ coach Selena Grace bags Price: 395.00 USD official website: HTTP: // key 4: Long jacket with skirt silly face Na though not high, but wearing a long coat not only will not have to feel do not hold up, but she looks slender body type.A BIU will think the key is to take, short stature, then we must with high heels, or mopping the floor is very embarrassing ugly.Secondly, thin legs, then with short skirts or shorts, it will not look bulky.The following figure, the same is she, is not it look better and more lean to the right of it?Featured replace Zara plaid double-breasted suit jacket Price: 699.00 yuan Amoy password: ¥ QINY0TsMz2e ¥ Zara Plaid Jacket Price: 499.00 yuan Amoy password: ¥ pzPz0TsN3z1 ¥ featured alternative Zara denim jacket zipper Price: 515.00 yuan Madewell denim long coat reference price: 1420.00 yuan official website: https: // at the beginning WWW.Madewell’s.COM