The dream is never too far from the road

Beiji La very early age wanted to be a long distance swimmers, but extremely poor family, so that he not only could not get the training fees, even the most inexpensive plain can not afford running shoes.    That day, Beiji La imperceptibly training the sidelines, looked at the running figure on the runway, both envy his heart, and sad.  A hurdle coach Beiji La listened to the talk, he will be brought before a group of very low railings, so he ran all the way over, he easily crossed the one railing.Coaches and pointed to a group 1.5 meters of railing let him try.He tried several times, failed to cross over.    At this time, coaches told him: you those difficulties, like in front of the railings, it will cross in front of everyone, though now you do not cross over, may, after a time of trying, you will eventually across them you only need to take aim in front of you aspire to, strive to run forward, I believe that nothing can stand in your dreams.    Coach’s words ignited the hope of Beiji La, since then, he started his firm and persistent running barefoot training, vast wilderness, muddy mountain road, hard Gobi Desert everywhere he ran figure.A few years later, he became Ethiopian marathon runner.  1964 Tokyo Olympics, he won the gold medal in Olympic history to become the first player won the champion.    Reporters flocked to the face, Beiji La laments: everything is as simple as standing on the runway, nothing can stop running ambition, just forward, then forward, went all the way forward to a dream end.