Where we go to eat eat goods constellation

The world Strictly speaking, there are only two people, one is eat goods, other goods patients with mild to eat.As a food goods is happy, because there is always a strong appetite, gluttonous than.However, as food goods entourage, it is suffering, not only mental torture, as well as physical destruction.So the question is, in the end who is the constellation where they go to eat it?Let small one by one.The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  TOP3, Pisces: stroll eat, eat stroll in fact, is very rational constellation Pisces.Their quick thinking, but superior wisdom, this image, basic food goods and not take sides.However, they have two important character traits: love and unfettered.The former lay their extensive recipe, whether Durian, or smelly fish, whether insects or large intestine, can make them a taste.The latter ensures that they can be calm and free to play, do not mind the views of those secular laity.Two combined direct result of this cargo will eat stroll stroll eating the essence to maximize the final standings eat food goods in third place.  TOP2, Libra: Libra pressure Alexander’s character in the zodiac almost perfect.They compassionate and acted and everything.Treat anything, are showing mild, goodness.Is such a constellation, their potential food goods index is close to the burst table.As far as scientific research shows that the more workload is relatively large, to consider the issue more comprehensive, their pressure is greater; relieve stress by eating, it is a common practice.In fact, in the habit after small meals, Libra whether it is not the pressure is relatively large, will then tend to eat more, eat much more certain.  TOP1, Gemini: eat goods!  If, Pisces and Libra habit of eating the goods, and also some relationship to their environment, the Gemini is a natural food goods and food goods players are tricks.In their wit’s mind, it seems that everything can be one way to handle it, and then into his mouth, and then the stomach to digest.It’s just their extensive recipe, secondly, they are still more tricks where they go to eat.In different areas, they will be based on different customs, combined with local characteristics, and their preferences, processed into eating right for you.Such feeding, either for himself or his companions taste, taste buds are definitely explode.In addition, While this is to eat food goods intestinal hypertrophy, and efficient, and will not be making himself appear potbellied state.  Together, these goods are eating food goods patients with severe zodiac, the rest not on the list of constellations, more or less have some food goods properties, the human face of eating is really no resistance.The so-called man-made financial dead birds killed for food, I think in the final analysis is to eat it.  You might also like: constellation matching: Crystal Liu Song Seung admitted that when the performance of 12 stars love women, love becomes ambiguous constellation of 12 brilliant idea to play LOL, too funny!  12 constellations of love worth?