He is not an investigator,Naturally, there is no need to use evidence to convict others。So Qin Feng didn’t feel any guilt at all at this time。

“Don’t go?”
Qin Feng understands Chu Xiao’s meaning,This guy won’t back down easily。
Even if the situation on the field is not good for him!
“Ha ha,Qin Feng,You came just right!”At this moment,A voice came。Qin Feng saw Zhang Qiang standing in the crowd。He was so ordinary in the beginning,Even in the crowd like ordinary people。Until he speaks,Until he no longer suppresses his temperament,Just for a moment,He is like a king over the world。
He just took a step,Makes people have an urge to bow down。
“I go,Can you reach this point just with aura??Zhang Qiang is so strong?”Qin Feng is very depressed,Because he and Zhang Qiang are about the same age,But it’s in the combat power,Qin Feng knew he was not Zhang Qiang’s opponent。
He had this idea in the battle with Zhang Qiang’s mercenary group.。
“Qin Feng,Don’t look around,Your opponent is me。”At this moment,Another voice sounded。
Qin Feng looked over,I found out that half of the speaker“acquaintance”。
“It’s you?Iron hand?”
Of course Iron Hand is just a code name,This person is the player who was the deputy leader of the Zhang Qiang mercenary group。At the beginning
In the first battle with Qin Feng, it can be regarded as both losers.。