Even the second woman also paired the eye,It seems to reach what agreed。

“breeze,Since you come over,So you are alone.,Just we also want to verify that the other party is not so accurate.。”
Say,Lei, Li Hui, refused,I took Li Hui and took the wind.。
When I am rolled with Li Hui,Just twelve o’clock,Because this temple also has the rules of Temple。
That is not given after twelve o’clock.,Every day in the first one, all the days, don’t give out people.,That is, this rule will make the temple to break down.。
Otherwise eloquence,It is a lot of money to make a lot of money.。
“Long,You gave us this friend.,He also wants to see marriage。”
Xu Ru smiled and pushed Li with the wind to the front。
Zhang Qiling has a bit of wondering a look,When he saw Li Hui Feng,The expression is a horror,Then slowly become fear,Finally, there is a bit respectful。
“Little brother,But the person of cultivation?”
Chapter 779 Zhang Lingling
I heard Zhang Qiling.,Li Hui is laughing.。
He knows that this place is actually faster.,Then the people in this temple are definitely not ordinary people.。
I can see that he is cultivation.,He is even curious.。
“The road is also cultivating people?”
Li Hui is not directly nodded,But this question is directly proved a lot.。
“Can haha little brothers can tell me to the backyard,I am also a young man who hasn’t met you many years.,Seeing your bones should be twenty-three.?”
“Taoist is really god.,I am just twenty-three years old.。”
I heard Li Hui Feng so recognized,Zhang Qi Ling is also a breather。
He is most afraid of others come to find trouble,Smashing a sign,However, Li’s bones faintly faintly,This makes him surprised。
I want to know people ‘s life and death.,Skeleton is a crucial part。
If Li Hui’s bones are permanent in twenty-three years old,Then it is possible that Li Hui is likely to have a long life.,But this kind of thing seems unlikely。
He knows the ancestors of the ancestors seek to be more than 30,But not permanent,The last specifically the feathering is flying or really driving the crane.。
Most of the Taoist people think that Zhang Sanfeng is really a realm.,However, the ordinary people in reality are considered that Zhang Sanfeng has found a Feng Shui treasure.。
What is the specific situation, no one knows?。
“Little brother,Hoi He?”
Zhang Qiling invited Li Hui Hui and two women arrived in the backyard.。
Then take out the tea of the tea, please。
Take water,It is also the water in the backyard.。
“Hey-hey,Unforgettable,Is a self-made one。”
Li Hui is also very ideal for Zhang Qiling.,Many things in cultivation are also known.,But Jiang Shuyan said with him.,The world he doesn’t know is in the world.,A lot of people,Many things are no longer talking through modern science.。