“Deal!”The young man re-enters the world of gods,Seeing that little fire dragon has come back,Squatting at the door of the Temple of Five Elements,Staring wildly at the big eyes,I’m afraid this little thing has no sputum anymore,Otherwise, I will vomit。

Received the little red dragon,The teenager found that there was an extra person in the bed,Looks exactly like him,apparel、figure、Face wait,Can’t pick the slightest flaw,It’s like a real person under the touch,Young childlike heart,Just punch the opponent hard。
Ouch,The other party was furious,Smashed back with a punch,Bang,The door broke open,Qingtong and others rushed in,See the boy lying on the bed well,Just disheveled,Busy asking,“Young palace master is okay?”
“It’s okay,Had a nightmare。”
Chapter one hundred and sixty seven Explore Nungwi Island at Night
Qingtong and others are strange,Obviously heard the fists and feet in the room,But there is no trace of fighting in the room,I always feel something is wrong,But I watched the boy repeatedly for a long time,Secretly also used divine power similar to insight,But nothing found,Had no choice but to quit。
I heard that teenagers have trouble dreaming when they sleep,It seems that the problem is not minor,Qingtong feels that although the matter is not big,But we must be more vigorous to guard,As long as you stop the teenager from running around, it’s a great achievement。
At this moment, the real Young Palace Master has left the Five Elements Island,Although the defense team has a natural affinity for him,But Elder Qi, who was still on guard, discovered the clues,A light and shadow rushed out of the big array,Does not interfere with the operation of the formation,The whole island can do it except Fire Heaven,Only Young Palace Master Acheng。
Boy go out now,The target is Nungwi Island,Elder Qi dare not neglect,Immediately burn your ass to find Li Yun and the other two elders,After a few people discuss, they will immediately gather all the magicians on the island,Three thousand and five hundred elites were selected from among them,This is the most powerful force that the entire Five Elements Island can use right now,It is estimated that in front of the coalition forces, it is only enough to piece together a square formation。
This is also no way,And leave some strength to defend the island,Really stretched,And the Young Palace Master has been really worried since he took the temple,If you fall into Nungwi Island again this time,The feelings of the people on Five Elements Island are even more scattered。
Qingtong and others were scolded in public,Find the fake Young Palace Master again,There is no clue。
Remember all the punishments afterwards,It’s important for the army to set out to save people,Suddenly dark clouds rolled over Wuxing Island,The dark blue light at the gate is like flashing lightning,Allied scouts wandering near the gate immediately noticed something was wrong,After a little observation, the news of the sudden deployment of troops on the Five Elements Island was sent out using the divine power technique of thousands of miles.。
at this time,The boy just touched Nungwi Island,I was worried that it would trigger an array restriction,So I spent a long time studying and observing outside,Some delay。