Chapter five hundred and twenty seven First call

Li Tianchou was shocked,Just now*He knows the strength of hitting the opponent,But it’s like hitting a rock,My hands are numb,Not only did not cause any damage to Yuan Hua,Also inspired his ferocity。
Facing a swift volley attack,Li Tianchou’s first reaction was to avoid using both hands and feet quickly.,That kind of jade rabbit and eagle’s moves are absolutely useless,The opponent is too fast,I won’t have time to kick off my legs,I might be broken by the sharp claws。
After the fishy wind,Li Tianchou can roll three or four meters away,Suffocated again,The other party is like a ghost, and seems to violate the laws of gravity,Stepping on a tree trunk,Pounce again in midair,Sen cold eyes are bright and scary。
Can’t hide,Li Tianchou burst out,The dagger in his hand shot out,At the same time the lower abdomen and waist contracted suddenly,The power of the whole body is concentrated on the feet,A winding dragon kicks the opponent’s arms。
“Bang bang”After the muffled,Brief collision,Body shapes separate again,It seems that Li Tianchou is a little bit cheaper,The dagger was inserted into Yuan Hua’s armpit,It seems that the strong skin after mutation is not without weaknesses,At least the key joints still have a chance。
And Li Tianchou also discovered another weakness of Yuan Hua,That is, the upper limbs are far less flexible than the lower limbs,All the feet he just kicked out hit the target,Although it cannot cause substantial harm to the other party,But it can effectively destroy the opponent’s attack。
of course,Li Tianchou doesn’t take advantage,The left calf was scratched by the opponent’s claw,Suddenly blood flowed,By coincidence, the old wound was also torn open,The piercing pain instantly calmed him down。
After this clash,Yuan Hua seems to be a little weak,Not tireless like a machine,Its body is so good that it rolls a few times,Back to the place where I just crouched,Shrunk into a ball,Quietly watching Li Tianchou look embarrassed,The dagger inserted under its armpit seems to be nonexistent。
ferocious、flexible、Abnormal speed and strong defense ability,This is the characteristic summed up by Li Tianchou and Yuan Hua in just three interviews,But I don’t know what I’m thinking,Seems to have lost the desire to attack,Squat quietly,like a statue。
“Yuan Hua,Do you remember your name?”Exit a sufficient safety distance,Li Tianchou tried to communicate with each other,“Or old Wu,Wu Fang, you should always have an impression?”
The other party does not seem to respond,But Li Tianchou caught the imperceptible head tilted,So he was very excited,“Wu Fang,Your old buddy,Stupid one,Scold you every time,In Fukuyama,Did you forget?”
“Bang!”A gunshot,Instantly broke the short silence in the forest,The sound source is from the direction of Taniguchi。Yuan Hua suddenly raised his head and screamed,Body suddenly rises into the air,Like a big bird, pounce straight on the low slope not far away,Extremely fast,Going far in a few ups and downs,Li Tianchou almost yelled at this damn gunner。
Almost awakened Yuan Hua’s memory,At the critical moment, a gunshot caused a loss,The fucking bastard in Li Tianchou’s mouth is Hu Dehai。
It was so easy to get to the periphery of the opponent’s encirclement,I didn’t expect the messy gangsters because‘Predator’Suddenly left and quieted down,The idea of fishing in troubled waters is temporarily suppressed。
Hu Dehai did not see Yuan Hua clearly in the distance,I don’t even know where Li Tianchou is hiding,But I accidentally saw a middle-aged man in black。
He recognized the other party’s identity almost at a glance,Face down,But standing like a javelin,And a black dress,Mottled flower hair,It was the mandrill-like opponent who raided him by the mountain road at night,Hu Dehai, who suffered a great loss, subconsciously covered his mouth,Buried his head deeply in the grass nest。
As a senior agent,Hu Dehai never frightened the enemy,But now it’s an extraordinary period,This person has strong perception,You will be found if you are not careful,It’s fine to find death by yourself,Li Tianchou will die if he is tired。