The inter-school sports in Hangzhou, I have a creativity!

Original title: The class movement of a primary school in Hangzhou is intentionally creative! 10 minutes in the class, can students do? Return the job, on the dathroom, or take a break at the table? Yesterday (March 17), the reporter saw in Hangzhou Shenglan Experimental Primary School, 10 minutes from the class, the children came to the corridor, they stood together into a row, the back is on the wall, do half-squat .

Don’t look at them lightly, the reporter tried, less than 30 seconds, the thigh has been sour. Why are children who are doing this look very "strange" sports? It turns out that this is the "1 square meter" activity advocated by the new semester school, which is to make various sports with 1 square meters of space. According to different grades, the project also has a difference: First, the second grade students are in the same place, the walker half-squat; the three to sixth grade students are quiet, relying on the wall push-ups.

At the two sessions this year, the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the principal of Xishan Senior Middle School, Jiangsu Province, mentioned the problem of modern high and middle life, triggering a hot discussion. He did a sharp research – the male boy can only be an attractive up; 893 students wearing glasses. "How to enhance students’ physical fitness is a national education issue.

"Cui Jianjun, the principal of Shenglong Experiment Primary School, said that the school has always put the students in the first place in the year, and there is half an hour of the event after the second day in the morning, there is a branch after the second day in the afternoon. "Play" running activities, plus each other in the afternoon, in the afternoon, the daily physical education class or sports class.

"But we feel not enough, you should use the inter-class time.

"Yang Sen, secretary of the school party branch, said that the class time is relatively short, the students don’t have to hurry to catch the work, and the classroom should go out of the classroom.

But short time, let the children go downstairs to the playground, do not realistic, running in the corridor and dangerous. Therefore, the school planned the "1 square meter" activity in the class. On the one hand, students can stretch the bones and bones, and on the other hand, they can also overhead in the hallway, relieve it to use eye fatigue.

"The school also prohibits teachers to swollen to protect students’ inter-class activities.

(Editor: Guo Yang, Zhang Liwei).